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May 8, 2021 2:45 pm

Heart Health

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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

Welcome to heart health review board certified cardiologist and infernal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin with old radio cartel radio radio radio.

Radio is never information purposes only. Talk to Dr. this is heart health radio, heart health, radio network on Dave Alexander, here is Dr. Frank that we fall.

We are loaded for bear yelling a lot of things that we can come to talk about you. We plan with what I wrote really work that your calls yes like an address your concern and that's what we're for. Otherwise will be stuck talking about my health issues. Not that we couldn't do two hours three hours or my health issues. Your health issues exactly telephone number between noon and two on a Saturday afternoon, 91986097839 or 19 or 860-9783 in Vermette might be a great treatment for covert could be the magic pill, according to the way down. According to some really good doctors from really good places in a really good journal. I think that we need to start thinking about it I mean this is the thing that's always bothered me about these curved medications you look for the word were not supposed to speak any more.

What's a you know the H work H work the hydroxychloroquine because if you do say that your cancel and you know it's funny because late-night host that is always controversy always hated everything Republican Jimmy Kimmel yeah I think that's right he was screaming that people poisoning themselves they were going to die from taking hydroxychloroquine I tried to tell him although he would listen, that was you shouting at the yeah I got to think that he should've ever heard me, myself and maybe serve millions of people take hydroxychloroquine every day for much with arthritis and the poison so fibronectin was mentioned in your okay you know there are some countries were using it routinely and the FDA is actually on their website posted which don't take it. I guess if you read the fine print there saying don't take the heart that's what apparently have Americans also took antiparasitic hundreds of parasites, a little tiny animal that lives in your body and you know the worms shall picture some guy in Vietnam went to the bathroom and there was of 20 from fibronectin is used in situations like that.

Well, somebody long time ago, symbolist Triton, and there were a lot of studies that showed it worked on their people come into the emergency room had decided to swallow the talks part that was a bad idea. So the FDA basically said them to chiropractor and when what they really meant to say was, don't borrow Fido's pills right now.

Go to the doctor. Well, it fell by the wayside. But now in the Journal of the American Journal therapeutics and I just looked it up as I don't normally read it. But there is a scientific agency that ranks journals and it's very hard and rent provided for the sake that's indispensable for physicians to learn about new therapeutic and they reviewed hundreds of studies scores of studies, a bunch of studies. Some of them are retrospective which means they look back in time and saw it was covert or taken fibronectin and how they did also looked at 15 prospective studies that work done in the US they were done. Other places in it. All these things came together ensure that it was a game changer that it would your staff reduced the length of illness and make people feel a lot better.

So maybe this is true.

I am not saying to go out into the government because one of the things they said in this article was that it was also preventive that it people who took it had fewer cases okay among them.

But what I am saying is that we need to shout from the rooftops and get our officials to tell us. Do you believe the study for this paper that was published in a very reputable journal, or do you not I am on the website for I think the US food and drug of military history are the FDA. When I searched for the word I Vermette.

This was among the top which things don't take it right, why you should not use. I Vermette them to treat or prevent covert, 19, and that if you read the article awesome yeah if you read through it. It says, well it hasn't been proven. Number one and number two, but their people came to the emergency room, really sick from taking our director and what the big do they went over to the cabinet where was Mark Fido's pills right and they decided instead of taking mom and dad's pills. They decided to take Fido's pill and Fido sure because he said to be heartworm, dousing my pill but anyway that's the whole point and the study also showed that it was safe when given by the physician and appropriate doses right so now I'm in a bring up another point that again I'm not saying that this article should be taken as God's truth is an article that was by reputable physician who need to be put through the ringer in terms of the FDA in terms of Dr. Satoshi and let us know. The other thing that bothers me about hydroxychloroquine, which many people said worked. I didn't actually do the studies. Now I Vermette turn which people are saying works which we don't use when we use render severe now that's it worked but didn't do much and you had to give it a very restricted time window months in antiviral render severe has a patent so if you use render us if you companies to hold the patent. Yes, neutral Dell because the government is paying whatever they want. Yeah, what's the problem with hydroxychloroquine and I Vermette under generic drugs there made by 5060 companies cost pennies until tell again I'm not saying this are not a conspiracy theorist, except it comes to the show. Sure, that is a conspiracy.

So sure was a conspiracy to entertain and inform its exact right myself, but I'm just saying it's interesting to think about. Okay, let me let me twist the subject a little bit else was my subjects do you know what the preparations are all orderly proffers the doomsday properly target about her ordering iPhone to the one by clicking listen to heart health on their vodka. They do that this date order fish, antibiotics really they order veterinary okay ionic. The entry right hoping that they can just store it forever and then in case of a gunshot wound in him what you would consider the immuno apocalypse, they could just take the fish antibiotics and it would take care of what you know.

I guess reversion will happen to be found floating upside down without a fish that lived antibiotics are not here is the funniest thing when I read this. My reaction was, wait a minute somebody has developed an antibiotic for us is absolutely fish fishing feelings think They cost a buck and 1/2 so the same antibiotics return so my dog has had a biotics postoperatively yeah and you know it's actually more expensive than human. Upon is why not a bucket from that yeah and then there are some vets you say can I get a prescription like a call one 800 pet but receives a lot of money on their overhead. Not every vet if you're that listening.

I love you you save my dog Lebowski you know most of the meds for animals with assignments for humans and what is a tell you were animals and we have the same types of problems in animals to we look at heartworm's.

So taking. I Vermette them prophylactically for heartworm's doesn't make a lot of sense.

Okay, but I want to know. Does it make sense and please tell me Dr. fashion you've read the literature, you know all of his scheduled yes five minutes for literature, reading, and 17 hours a day for being on TV so the radio program today working to address some very important topics, including green leafy vegetables are going to save your life.

Everything make you happy to enjoy nutritious and wonderful life… As we believe, agree with you vegetables really kill you. I don't want people to think about the answer to longevity. There's no answer longevity, except the one thing that the right parents okay if you pick the right parents and they have lived €200 and little hundred or less.

Should the correct colors to write.

You want to talk about something called inspire now, which is some sort of implantable device.

Listen if you have sleep apnea in your listening call us Katella smothered you have it. I do yeah can you tolerate the CPAP. I love the CPAP.

I look ridiculous in the CPAP small children are afraid of me when I'm wearing the mask supposed to refer to you right now yeah but the point is I don't mind the whole thing about your unusual really. Most my patient and they can't tolerate it or delete exposures of her leaked yeah Lisa my face in here. I think that I'm getting dry skin because the new mask that I have leaks air does work well, but the book, the point is not leaking a lot about everyone I can work that pressure has to be exact. This will talk about this in the Buyer is inspiring for people with sleep sounds good to talk about Tucker Carlson and the fact that he says 30 people a day are dying from covert vaccine. What he actually said was after they took the vaccine they died okay and you fill in the blanks and do you remember the story about's religious the motorcycle rally being a super spreader event. Sturgis was there was for Kevin or Mr. John no surcharges. They said it was a super spreader event and they even calculate the billions of dollars across the US and that turns out not to be true that's going there next heart health ready on the heart health radio network. This is heart health radio that was he with me. On the commercial that's pretty good run. We had back to back commercials, one with you and then another one but my pharmacy Beecher show yet hands down my pharmacy Beecher sure, let me let me play for a moment. This recorded portion of Tucker Carlson talking about covert vaccines between late December 2020 and last month a total of 3362 people apparently died after getting the covert vaccine in the United States 3362.

That's an average of roughly 30 people every day are not easy write about the number she was very careful what he said not what he said was all these people died after they got the covert vaccine. Yes, he did not say. And although I'm still mad about this. He did not say because the dog because of the vexing writings of the died after I like a lot of what talk process. But this is reprehensible because it implies that they died from the vaccine and note what he could've said was that you know 3000 people are dying the day after they turned the ignition on their car after it happens all the time know what you need to know about. This is why it's reprehensible because there's no causality and you know he gets away with it because he doesn't make the causality. How many people died the night six of America. A lot of people 7900 7900 diabetic sellers 300 million people… Rounded off 300 million people in the good old US of yeah so we get 3 million people vexing today, the axis vaccinated. I got up if you're a teacher. I did go to school million. So do the math and I'll just do it for you.

That means after the vaccine. Okay, we expect about 79 people died a day just on the basis of who dies and who doesn't run right and so we could twist the facts and say we expect 79 deficit after the vaccine that we only get what, 30, 30 ~vaccine saving 49 lines a day bull.

Okay, people die every day. I mean it. It's almost as though were not supposed to have doubts and and it's a sad fact of life.

Yes 7900 people in the United States of America die every day right. I want you to know out there if you've heard Tucker you can believe a lot of things are Tucker says. But this is on helpful and just terrible to imply that we do. He's implying that the vaccine is killing three people.

It is not now have people died up to the vexing yes have people died tied to the vaccine, yes, but it's far far less than the percentage of people in United States. Americans died of covert summaries. Vaccines induce blood clots and they can induce blood clots in the brain, but it's only certain people who are genetically predisposed and unfortunately right now we can't tell who they are part of 3 million, how many, what percentage 0.008% are going to have about outcome and I just want people to know that it is one in a million chance that you're going to have about outcome is probably greater than winning the lottery, but it's about the same as being struck by lightning vexing. Don't believe what you hear on Tucker Carlson don't believe what you read or see on Facebook. It's safe, it's effective and it's gonna help you help the country to given the choice between riding the elevator unvaccinated with somebody who has covert sneezing and getting the vaccine wishes that a healthier option that the vexing get the vexing out of ex-employees and when somebody tells you that it's horrible, say, did you go to Princeton. Did you go to Johns Hopkins. Did you go to Duke save my radio guy did). After digesting all the scientific evidence he is urging everyone to get the vexing North Dakota. I don't know whether it's Christine norm is North Dakota or Suffolk to South Dakota South Dakota Chris or Noam is a she's a politician with the future, you can just tell but at the same time she's now talking about the Sturgis rally that motorcycle rally that we were told at the time was a super spreader. People were coming into town didn't cope with the driving back right to their own homes. Here she is on a radio program what you want people to know about the Sturgis rally in August. Well that the media lied about the event for a year. They labeled it as a super spreader that was not true. We continuously pushed back and I'm glad that some of those facts are coming to light today so was still just a superscript know it was not that when the real study was done in the monitored related telephone tracings of the people who went in and came went went back home. There was no evidence that the spreader to anyone else. And yet what happened in the New York Times that reporter who didn't get any data he just made some assumptions and said well we can assume the spreader to eight people. Balaban may assume that every single person in Sturgis was infected with carbon and they said it would cost the United States 64 billion or something like that and they had the craziest thing is that we just it should've given everybody $30,000 not to go with what is not the same money and have fewer people and so the saying that's a lesson from this is don't believe the stories that are so sensational and he returns, especially because they have what's called an agenda we have is called a narrative know in the narrative is that states like South Dakota horrible not remember one thing to have the praise they praised all the blue states they praised New York for what they did. Yes, they praised New Jersey and if you look at poor South Dakota.

They have better outcome. Overall than any of those of the states to yet South Dakota is killing people and it's just a shame it's just a shame that were more wrong. We tell your will and that's how you can tell somebody's trustworthy, not because they say the tell the truth.

In time, but you can tell someone's trustworthy when they say that nothing I said I was wrong and we do not assure several times in a couple minutes were getting help from Rose Hoban from North Carolina health news on heart health, radio, AOC, Alexandria occasional quartet.

She's she has said she is a Planned Parenthood baby right so what is that mean Planned Parenthood is an organization that was founded by white supremacists. You also believe in eugenics because of the biggest thing for this woman who found it was to kill black goodies and to kill babies that had something like Down syndrome or suppress the truth if you don't believe me look it up one now AOC is painting the picture that they provide free prenatal care.

I think they do. In some rare instances but if you look at the numbers they did about a thousand prenatal care cases last year and abortions are good for about half a million. So what I want to say is don't believe that Planned Parenthood really plans for parenthood. They plan for our new parenthood link so you have to happening here she is and she should know she does know better, but she just wants you to believe something else because she wants US government to fund Planned Parenthood. This is heart health radio coming up. Christie Brinkley got a Well-placed oh my gosh, that makes me feel old… Does. She's older than you. She's older than me and chart a lot better than now, back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall.

Call 919-8609 73. This is the heart health radio network on with us right now is Rose Hoban from North Carolina health news hi Rose, how are you gentlemen how are you doing all right here doing all right. He's a silly headline on your website. HIV cases are up in North Carolina while testing is down. This sounds terrible. Well, you know it. It part of a wider phenomenon that we saw throughout COBIT that you folks weren't getting their regular care. They weren't getting your regular screening and were also seeing things that advanced cancer cases right are going up, and that's because people haven't been able to get in to have their mammogram at a cancer screen and so now that people are starting to get the screening test done there coming up and it's like oh my gosh, I have a states to recant their didn't do it for two years thing with HIV but being that there was left testing throughout the pandemic because it just was not as much access to basic primary care Rose, how are we doing with this covert discount long starting at the same place about the same number of our positive cases. There about where we were in late September of last year that same thing with hospitalization at about a thousand capitalization one day, etc. thousand 30, another date down to 988. But it's coming right around thousand order of those people are in use about 15% of the COBIT hospitalizations are on ventilators, though. You still have folks who are getting think I would. We were having dinner with friends last night and everything our friend the thing you know that guy. He just died.

COBIT Mel in an instant. He got it and he'd been in the hospital for a month that we had been able to get vaccinated. Gannon got Internet. After about a month in the hospital he died so we have now, eight, 10 week, which is a lot less than we had 38 and update me with a lot less than we had back at the peak in January when you're having 120 – the day people are still getting it. It still initiate a process for younger people, greater percentage of total policing that North Carolina yeah absolutely. The folks are getting it now the largest number of books are getting it now or between the ages of 24 and 54 and note that there some of them are still running up in hospital rate and that's probably a big part of the reason why the death rate got down it because he spoke. They are more likely to survive a case the COBIT but the hospital you know it pretty debilitating.

You might end up being one of the COBIT people. I think I think that's probably true for young bad case of comfort, you're more likely to get long curve that is to say long term side effects and it's a side effect.

Long-term problems from having it and it's really sad not limit any sort of plateaued and set their vaccines going begging and talking get more people to get vaccinated. It's just really frustrating to me is time to start paying people to get vaccinated. We think well I think part of the availability right now you talking early on that you are having a hard time get back. Now you don not their vaccines that are just everywhere.

I would've 200 next week. That's just something unheard of and I'm just wondering what we can do were not to reach 70% of what we are now 30% and will come on a 30% really .3 people had had one. Okay, maybe it was 32, but we doing well and that you heard about the ink that was going to talk about this and how they beat it by doing something our people are telling us they won't do this to give everybody the first dose and then wait and right now I think they had two deaths in England yesterday. Their numbers have dropped like a stone in the British variant, which is what were worried about is in Britain and is dead too so I don't know about you, I would like to address some of our state officials asking that you look into this because they're not required to do with the USS in Mandy Cohen can say okay nevermind were given everybody.

The first is, come on down and then will give you the second is once everybody said the first and met in the real world that worked did you now have died after your question that at the press conference development that went on my list yet famous.

If she says okay that's a good idea. I doubt it. But we all knew that there would be this strange sort of lush to get the vaccines very early people were company line doing all these. It's almost like those of post-apocalyptic you know movies were people rushing forward for bottles of water or food. New people would want this unit would help because your website is so good and influential. If you get an attorney with right sort of right what you may have heard, that's bad about the vaccine. And what's really true, like it doesn't have a great idea doesn't change the DNS case is not putting a microchip course he doesn't have time to put it on my mom microchip need to be to get good it's there all Bill Gates invented, it would be much smaller, much smaller than the microchip the aliens put in my nose just say that one is just coming out I listened. There's also a great article Greg Barnes is written, it is North Carolina health about harmful chemicals in North Carolina waterways want people to read that.

Thank you Rose is usually on been wonderful love having bedroom great fun bye-bye so Christie Brinkley got a hip replacement and issues that wearing those high know that the bathing suits that show your whole hip. Yeah, the teeny-weeny score really yeah so what happened was just when she was getting divorced from Billy Joel and that's what 20, 30 years ago. She was with her boyfriend she thought was rich, turned out not to be so originally helicopter hadn't been properly maintained in a crash in the mountains they were going to do some helicopter skiing and jump out of a helicopter and skied down the mountain will crash the sheep yell.

She cracked her head up and she had what I had which is just no weight bearing for six weeks but she's older than me and she sure looks a lot younger and a lot better than him, and that's James but anyway so finally got so bad in terms of the arthritis that the ballot that she had a hip replacement. She's doing great. It's amazing people out there most important thing to remember is you gotta get the right surgeon.

Okay, so there are surgeons in this area who have great great and is not just one. There's a whole bunch, but have somebody put in your hip is state-of-the-art.

It does hips all the time and to do well most likely that as you see her Band-Aid. She was on to rezone what was it stress not Facebook with Instagram yeah you know she's in a bathing suit.

So a couple weeks after she looked great and there was a bandit. It was the Flintstones bandit had little Barney rubble on you mean it was like a small incision real a little bandit incision. I'm not kidding. I know people have that replacement is Lysa risking right there scar is 68 inches long but not right now.

When your nice word maybe with a call when you mess up the photos you mess around with Photoshop yeah maybe she photoshopped all the roof except for the Goodby Erica in Raleigh. Thank you very much for calling heart health radio hi Erica, hey what's up what I Erica am having a hard time understanding slow down just a little bit but speak up and ask that question again. Yes, sunflower seeds, is that your question Erica about confidence yes okay so what are the benefits is that if you get really good at it. You look really cool. Spigner's cross and know they are good for you because number one fiber okay so they are the seed they are the husk and you choose that you're going to get even if you spit it out. You're going to get a lot of the husk of a lot of the fiber in your system number two, they they do contain a lot of nutrition lot approaching B vitamins that have a lot of vitamin C so I think that pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are great snacks which had to be careful.

If you have high blood pressure, and if you have congestive heart. Further, we fill up with fluid on your watchlist are not salted heavenly light. I don't really do them.

I don't do the seeds.

I know a lot of people who do and they love them feel good in your mouth that gives you the comfort sort of activity, and I think they're great and if you choose to sunflower seeds and if you spit out most of it. You're getting a lot of nutrition and one of the things that I really think is great is the fiber because we don't get enough fiber. You look at our dots were designed for two things. Number one needs number two plants that were not processed whole grains and what is a whole grain whole-grain has the husk so even if you chew it and spit out most of the husk. Okay, you still get the benefit, because all that fiber that you have children swallowed consumer system to send help you Erica.

Thank you.

Appreciate it.

This is heart health radio telephone number between noon and two on Saturdays 919-860-9783 this inspire thing for sleep apnea is this really an implantable now is that worth it yeah let me say this. Sleep apnea is one of my biggest bugaboo's because as a cardiologist no idea what atrial fibrillation I do with high blood pressure ideal with one of the biggest complaints is Dr. we found. I'm just tired right now I've got no get up and go by get up and go.

Gotta send it.

Sleep apnea is so common right and one of the things that I learned over time for my own personal experience. When I didn't sleep when I was enough time never slept as a solo by the practitioner for 10 years I got time external time. I felt bad and sleep is essential. Great sleep and that's what life is all about. Not really, but you can think of it that way anyway so sleep apnea is so common it's when our slopes don't stay open when you're trying to breathe and you have to brief your nerves while you're in deep deep sleep that your body is paralyzed. Everything shut down except your midbrain and you gotta please if you can't your body which you up and you don't get that rejuvenation inspire what does it do okay so the CPAP mask, searching her face and forces pressure down your throat opening up the muscles in the fat tissue that's closing off your airway so somebody was inspired to think about. If you can't wear a mask is not much we can do so. A pacemaker will activate muscle and activate your horse and ego electrical signal so they spent years and years and years developing the pacemaker to be modified so that it puts out a tiny little signal to the muscles in your throat so they implant electrodes than the proper places in your throat. I'm told you can't feel them when you swallow normal you don't feel wires and stuff that's what some might question Freda, but when it does it senses when your body is trying to breathe and in coordination opens up the muscles of her throat, so you don't have sleep in, so I had three patients get it, Blue Cross Blue Shield and I can. Don't quote me on this. The two of them were Blue Cross Blue Shield are paid for. Yeah, I do not know whether Medicare for.

I haven't had a Medicare patient get one but they've all done well and I'm not to say it's the be-all and end-all material, but these are people who could not tolerate their CPAP even tried Ashley's which is man's not necessarily arson that are the one with the actual data could afford it.I slid the device object should draw your job while in so one of them. It had that it did work yet so. Duke University Medical Center puts it in you can call them to get a referral from your physician if you really wiped out from sleep and you can't wear the mask look into it. I'm not saying it's going to be perfect, but I'm really excited at this alternative I could talk to Tom and Felix in just a moment. Also, green leafy vegetables going to help you live forever and stay, kill you that's it's a nutrition news of the week coming up on heart health radio on the heart health radio network, you know, this is heart health radio show June and Thomas will really listen last week was sitting there with limitations for 15 years. I will go into details about why they see me but I can tell you right now they're both doing really good Jews go to get some surgery. Tom is been hanging in there just had some great news about some his test, but I'm shouting out because I love them.

They're great people, very are just got hearts of gold and they get together for a long time and I've never heard him say negative thing about their health for just chatted with advice take their medicines and they get better and I'm really excited that their new listeners to show that's great, and the decision really happened was apparently last week they had some plans and so they were to listen to. Just a little bit of the show that I miss her plans and they listen and they Listen they canceled the plan they could listen to the rest of the show even sent me a text show yes I do give my phone number and my patients are due because it's the best way to communicate. So June and Thomas if you're listening rely on nightly get Tom in Forks on the Linehan child how you doing good. How can the doctor help you to well yeah the super dog or smart man. It even a good good flock to Selena week and militant, but the program and tried to move several going to walk away. I don't like the radio last couple hours would do, click here. We just started you out.

Yeah, this is a quick microphone. I do about my job. So you pull me out. Doing the I'm doing much much better than the medication.

It will be only play. As noted by his widow, Matt also yes or oddly enough, he had already called in.

So it's not like he called as he heard his name. They took depositors listen to talk about this articles are appearing that say green leafy vegetables will save your life. There are also articles.

Probably every year saying steak will kill you hold on just a moment Dr. because were going to hear from respected nutritionist well one of my favorite respected nutrition. I forgot his name. Oh Jim Gaffigan. With the kale propaganda spray can of bug spray said real kale. That's the latest health threat is a new one every six weeks when I was little kid cottage cheese, cottage cheese was considered healthy.

I'm on my 50th wedding writing this type of care has to be manually things that look like life. So the notion is every six weeks. There is something new I will say this green leafy vegetables are good for you and why nutritionist vitamins everything we talk about the fiber, yeah, but don't think that's the secret to longevity. Yes yes enjoy them on asparagus on it is only one bad side effect of asparagus in certain individuals. Cassie, that's not what you remember one become smelly, but it's good for you and you know the Noto diet motto is greens and leader what you should eat because there's no sugar and it has been shown to reduce inflammation, but the only way you're going to know the green leafy vegetables. Prolong your life is what we call a prospective study where much people who even much. People don't have the same demographics. That is to say no age and sex, and racial background and see if those you live longer, but like I said, you know, keeping your weight down non-smoking. Keep your blood pressure under control. Really, in my mind it doesn't matter how you do it exercise you cannot do the best you can to keep you war body living as long as it can still search for the fountain of youth from in spinach may have helped Popeye yeah it may help you.

But don't latch onto these things is the secret to life concern. Don't eat kale just because you think it's gonna help you in that trident I have made me sick to gather about Gaffigan's right, it does taste like bug spray. I like spinach yes like it all steamed up and smirking sure Brussels sprouts got to be done right, you know lots about her asparagus. I like and broccoli. Those are three things that for poor things for me taste good. Right now they're good for me I think so. I legitimately live longer and I don't think so. I think that longevity. Uno is genetic and doesn't mean that you can't make yourself live a little bit longer by using well and exercising but don't think that even kale is limited to hundred and 14 years old someday. Okay, I seriously doubt now we have to spend about 1/2 a minute reminding other folks about the other thing that can help you live longer.

Next taking your doctor's advice and instruction. Yeah, now I know a lot of people like me. Diabetics who are ignoring okay or not taking their meds.

Wishful thinking, whatever it is all just eat stuff that does raise your sugar right it's almost impossible. It is impossible and type II diabetes is a genetic condition what it is that your body has insulin but your insulin is not efficient and why is that because you are accursed about this person make a personal yet about four second okay what your body was designed to store fat so that in times of famine you would have sugar to power your brain and now there's no famine and avoid this is heart health radio welcome to heart health radio certified cardiologist and infernal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin was a heartfelt day and it was never information purposes only.

This is heart health radio FM 98, 5 AM, 680 W PTF telephone lines are open at 919-860-9783. Sometimes people don't want to call us.

Rather, the thinker, maybe just maybe reimburse themselves. You can't yeah and you have to have a pressing question were all about internal medicine which means heart lung kidneys brain interacts with internal medicine and in case you don't know what cardiologist don't just go to her school right to do for years about school you go to three years of what internal medicine is an people think once internal medicine that's everything okay. Why would think everything is all on a physical yeah everything is nonsurgical and you know it because you got a good board certified right before you become a cardiologist and then cardiology was for years and let me tell you if you ask a physician. 70% of what they see in general practice is something to do with our right, high blood pressure. Or, you know, coronary artery disease, diabetes, for all related so ask away. If I don't know something about us. I don't know but this letter that I know something you know about what people call it fun to because you may have preconceptions that are leading you to know control your health in a certain way that may not be true and you know your cohost here his head.

Two thirds of anything. All the diseases that people call up about, so if you need to commiserate with somebody was a guy if you're a diabetic. A hard stance, or you just wobbly when you walk are you doing well.

But you know that everything is used for your example of how life better through medicine interpreter. Your honey I hate to say that you're lucky or boring the signage you were born in 1881 of those people died at age 45 right. More smoke more than likely yeah I know I had a hard stance. You know five years ago. So you really talking about a moment in my life when I could've had a heart attack right very easily right and yet they put the stance and now I've I haven't again had a heart attack, but the they notice that there was a blockage that that's a procedure which is relatively new in the course of history that they would determine that my blood vessels are not working right and they go ahead and fix it so the first intervention against coronary disease or blockages within the 60s so David's abstinence to some of the first people to do bypass surgery and would allow that was the ability to stop the heart and run it through an artificial heart-lung machine and then that of the early angioplasty which was the first thing a balloon treatment there there there was Aaron and Andrea's grandson and he was a German guy working United States and he just put together as a little bluesman found a guy who was willing to do it and found a medical center I can't member was on the assembly line under the wrong and the ballooned up in the skies blockage and you will know something angioplasty scan.

The blockage came back from a scar. 70% of the time. Last I heard the guy the first angioplasty never came back and he was doing very well and then came in June I cardio second when Daniel came in.

Maybe the guys he was listening to that that wheeled vehicle that went around know your pet stood on it in your move around almost Safeway's Segway segued before he did that invented the stance the corner really is a pretty smart guileless leg was gone the way of the data book but anyway the point is, it's really been 50 years the last 50 years that there was a heart has been something we can work on and I don't know who invented the valve artificial valve on the who invented the balloon treatment for valves on invented the clip on the mitral valve to keep it from leaking but it's just an amazing time that we live in. The number one reason why people are living longer through heart disease, statin unhindered cholesterol medicines, Lipitor, Crestor, all the other chores I think it's just amazing time in which we live and Larry in Raleigh. Welcome to heart health, radio, how you doing Larry is going on about what quick quick book contracted from it and then were vaccinated or developing wall 11 and my other question would be way to be vaccinated. Adequate excellent question just released.

He says my people haven't called it recovered from it. Get the vaccine and then their lymph nodes swell so was a lymph node. Your body is constantly fighting invaders. Okay, space invaders and bacteria and viruses. There are little channels teeny-weeny things that carry a clear liquid out of your arms and your legs in regard to your heart and they're called lymphatic channels and what they are, are the clearer sometimes murky liquid of Jed -like cells that have killed about two and sacrifice themselves for your help and they travel up these channels and they go through things called nodes know what her nerves nodes like a fortress where you have other immune cells that sit there and wait and attack things that cut through. You can have a swollen lymph node when you have an infection so I don't know that if you've had a bad king just to do anything about it for months and that your God separates and I like that word that's means it's full of bacteria in the lymph node get swollen and tender. Why because it's full of bacteria that are in the process of dying and so your node will swell elders extra immune cells usually isn't a big deal no and so a lymph node can swell because you have lymphoma in our lives. Node can swell because it's fighting off infection and yes if you had converted your body is prime to fight off that spike protein and fighting off on the fact that you get the vaccine. Rare cases, your immune reaction to the vaccine will be so intense that your lymph nodes will gather up a lot of that spike protein word is just beaten all get out by your new system and it's not a dangerous thing. It's uncomfortable. It's not dangerous and it is something that you're to recognize and you go to your doctor here. She may confirm this, but a painful, swollen lymph node is almost always an infection, a large rubbery non-tenderly nonpainful lymph node can be something else that needs to be looked at. The second question is how long you wait and here's the answer. I don't know and nobody knows, because there's not enough data. I generally tell my patients 3 to 3 months or so. But here's the kicker that that is maybe a reason for you to get earlier and there are some people with long because it is shortness of breath and see their brain fog. Some of them and I'm not sure the percentage is not actually gotten better with the vaccine.

So the concept is you still have all these antibodies against the spike protein which got naturally from the illness and they may have an autoimmune function. So like a rheumatic fever, you get a strep throat to get an antibody against the straps you have the genetic susceptibility that anybody also is cross-reacted with your heartfelt you wind up getting rheumatic heart disease were your heartfelt attack. What some people along because of the think it might be him. It's not proven that you have a cross-reactivity with the antibody made against the spike protein against room tissue to the concept of the vaccine helping should get the vaccine.

Billions and billions of spike proteins are formed from the maxing may sop up the spout antibodies and antibodies attached to them and they get sopped up so they can no longer attack your body that this is all supposition, but it goes to the point where people really don't know if you hear somebody who says you should get it X amount of time afterwards. There's no data there's no right answer, but I generally tell my patients why not three months and then you know you gotten over it. For the most part I still get the vaccine because you might be super super Larry what is your status will. I didn't contract it is living with my wife doubt that with white problem is, but she had everything ill like weight, it will foot she would never. We feel like unfortunately some folks from God's yeah but thought that what I find fascinating is that audit right living in the same house with you did not get a listen.

My experience my spirit because it is like nothing I've ever seen before. I give me an example I had a guy who had really bad lungs a bad heart is overweight. The wife was healthy. I mean, you know she had maybe a little bit high blood pressure there.

Both my patients. The only thing that happened her was she was in a car wreck and lost her leg but anyway they both got yes he was asymptomatic.

The guy with all the health condition right. She died in three days.

No yeah so this is the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life. You talk about which factors you talk about those conditions that might make you have a more serious illness and hope for the most part just whatever answer and Larry save Larry's good people in the background and spoons. That's okay. I literally followed what would it what's what's on the spoon a couple coffee little white point of the garden that's nice that's good. Larry got a go. Thank you God. You very much you and is growing green leaf yes you heard our show with all the way to planting green leaf and vegetable account to alright so this radio program, Dr. found she's going to buy from you. They spent money on what well let me tell you know don't see it working to keep it. That's coming up. Also Klotz that's been a big thing in there, but I think it's important to go over there and be 12 – should you go get some B12 are all talk about that okay that's coming up on heart health radio of the heart health radio network. This is where weekly Evelyn champagne King and shame and always how cheese I hate to say it. There was something a gain of function studies and talked before about where they are.

These labs to make viruses more dangerous to study how to freedom. There's a quote for fashion from 2011 or somewhere around that what he says. I think the risk is worth it. And there's no proof what happened with coronavirus was secondary to gain of function study, but I think the answer from all of this mess is that even if covered 19 was not a gain of function virus. It's a bad idea to try to make viruses as dangerous as covered 19 just to see if we can treat it because I listen. People are not perfect and you know there's a lot of evidence of CDC's former city see directorates people seem to see think it came from the Wuhan lab price, but the truth is the money from the rich from how she still thought into the Wuhan line to study these things that are dangerous and we got shot.

Know what else is doing his agency just spent $400,000 on experiments grafting aborted fetal scalps onto mice and rats and I guess her trying to see if they can treat infections of the skin better and I gotta say is what the heck are they thinking, how is that model going to be any better than studying skin cells in a culture or to study human beings. I mean grafting fetal scalps onto a mice mouse and rat I'm sorry that's a waste of money. I just don't see it, and in a lot of research. Every year somebody comes up with a list of research this ridiculous.

I'm certain you if it's both ridiculous and includes the phrase fetal human cells.

You should just say yeah you would pass on that and remember Reagan and Bush outlawed fetal resource conflicts always right.

It was put back in a later administration right and they been doing and I can never forget Reagan's son getting on the Democratic convention same fetal stem cell research will cure all these diseases and my dad died of Alzheimer's leisure, Alzheimer's, and that's just not been true as a matter of fact, all the most study, such as your answers are from skin stem cells therefrom stem cells that are already in existence and that we can transform them with interventions in the lab dish so if somebody tells you that fetal stem cells are important or essential for research tell him show me the proof. Show me the evidence is of interest to me, but be 12 step B12 is so important. It's one of those vitamins that are involved in so many different functions in your body.

The plane both legs and really important is the nerves. B12 deficiency can lead to paralysis and I could I have seen personally, I got called in for somebody who had a heart arrhythmia and he was paralyzed and he was sitting in the insane asylum on sensitive mental health.

Yeah. And because he was talking gibberish and his family doctor said well executions, you know, not office where his office rocker… Put in the mental health and I looked at him and he had the classic signs B12 deficiency pernicious madness. Okay, so what is that that means you have so little B12 in your brain that is not working right there B12 deficiency most commonly manifests itself as anemia happens, your red blood cells get really big, and your bone marrow can't produce enough and so it's really become an issue because there are subclinical B12 deficient patients after not, it's pretty obvious when somebody goes nuts in a new check to be 12 minutes really low you treated with it better.

But there are people walk around fatigued and they don't have sleep out there and their legs are kinda weak and I measure B12 now is a standard part of my lab screening and not so many people B12 deficiency and it's not as though they are doing the right thing by eating correctly.

If you eat meat and fish and milk and cheese and eggs, fortified breakfast cereals and have your cocoa pebbles you know, fortified with B12, but for some reason there still B12 deficient, but now there are illnesses that cause you have B12 deficiency, Crohn's disease, terminal Illy items you can word it, but it should be 12 check if it's really low.

You need shots if it's only mildly low, you need to start taking supplements not get a question about vitamin C in general. I think you can answer this very briefly because Bill is is hanging on the phone if I'm deficient in a particular vitamin hike or if I suspect I am.

Before I go by a bunch of stuff. Can I just ask my doctor to run a panel to the doctor. There's all sorts of odd that I think it's worthwhile.

If you do not. If you Google infected.

Her symptoms are from a vitamin deficiency. Go to your doctor and have him or her check. She Chuck right and see if you're really deficient bill in Raleigh.

Thank you for waiting. How you doing Bill and another great show like to commend you is always thinking typically a great time. What I want to call about was the doctor felt like a whistle referred to gain of function is a good article by Jerry Dunlevy is a justice department reporter about the grant that were given to echo health alliance about this gain of function and the ghetto. When Kobe first broke out I Google are Google a lot on the Internet not I discovered something that I haven't heard recently but that the lab in Houston, Texas.

His work was working in conjunction with Wuhan lab in this this research Dana function and the difference or the combination between animal to animal animal or human transmissions that that's something that was sort of disturbing to me but typically that's how these mega come countries work. Everybody's working in conjunction with one another. Same way with the space program. Another thing the other thing a one dimension is Dr. like to read a good book.

This just recently come out about the inefficiency of our government health agencies by Michael Lewis. He wrote the book new book. The title of it is the premonition and I would through interviews on television, poor is one interesting animal or and briefly in his interviews. He's covered a lot of information, but I think the book of the moon more just to his point of view that how inefficient these large bureaucratic group bureaucratic agencies are and they're just sort of token around collecting paychecks off the taxpayer, I hate to sound so cynical, but he's really hit the nail on the head so that's pretty much yes Dr. lots to think about after the girl talking more about my college with Ms. McKay about the doctors so well-connected and is is a bill we've got the news people actually are requesting some time on the radio and about four seconds before I think you this is hard health lady on the heart health radio network welcome to heart health with board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist Dr. Franklin we phone call with health questions at 91960973. This is hard health telephone number 919-860-9783 by the we were trying to but B12 is the moment I got a call from my doctor. I was low in vitamin D and they put me on the supplement right away. Are you taking the big 50,000 units once or why haven't I haven't actually to what we generally do depends on how low it is. I don't treat until the below 20 on the terms of the balance of what I generally do will start 50,000 units of vitamin D three by once a week for about 12 weeks and then recheck it and see if it's gone back up quite frequently.

It's not… Which means that you don't really absorb it that well.

For whatever reason, right, goes back up to put somebody on a little bit of the supplement everyday because it means that they did really get it right, but vitamin D is made by the sun on your skin right so that's one of the reasons why they think that white people are white is because when they ventured up north into the bearings of the Arctic, so to speak to the melanin in a dark skinned individuals absorb sunlight and makes it a less producer of vitamin D. So she went up north and have dark skin and it wouldn't absorb enough sunlight to produce vitamin D. That's the theory. But anyway, you don't want to just get in her vitamin D from sunlight because you could if you know why does Rice's you are very. You can't burn them and you can get skin cancer little.

So are you sorta prescribing that I sit in the sun a little bit little bit more.

All right. Do you also, even though I'm not ill do you suggest that I I drink plenty of liquids. Yes, okay, okay, lots of water lots and I was so much with lots unless your kidney failure or hurts. I wasn't hinting on water. I was going for the full Monty or the possibly you could suggest I sit with a Margarita ice and rock researcher moving temporarily to where I live. Yeah sort of regular testing third will go through the portrait.

Margarita elected to enjoy what happened I love is a prospective study of prospective study.

I'm willing to do a longitudinal's logic, so that whatever you ask, decades long and then will measure your

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