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November 21, 2020 12:18 pm

Heart Health

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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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Heart Health Radio
Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

Welcome to heart health, radio, cardiology specialist, Dr. Franklin will never information purposes only. Talk to your doctor. This is part health radio I'm Dave Alexander, one of your hosts for today's foray into the most important hers and I'm just a guy who knows what how to turn the microphone never basically a microphone or we fall right Dr. Franklin we fall right here here's a qualified medical doctor and internal medicine specialist or cardiologist and the radio guy were arming warriors hard with most referring you think because radio not only to be spontaneous taking life that you're not well and we've made a decision in that direction.

What is your doctor entertaining and I left my patients fit for you. Laughter is the best medicine well on today's show are going to talk about vaccines specifically for covert, but there's some also some information about MMR vaccine and I think it's any vaccine actually really talk about why a member woman called a month ago and asked me if the influenza vaccine would protect somebody from covert and I sort of brush it off. I think I was wrong and I'll explain what the mechanism is that makes any vaccine helpful against any other viral infection.

We have some top hospitals in the state of North Carolina. It's not just the state of North Carolina. They were named for top North Carolina long time and I understand now it's the whole US survey, top 50 in the whole US in this world and talk about okay is there in this area shout out Ben Carson and were going to shame Robert F. Kennedy Junior and yeah go in the form of government, you know why I have to tell you your people in Virginia and South Carolina and North Carolina listen to this. They've gotta say that occasionally they do catch the news from New York State and I know the people are shaking their heads because overnight shut down all of the schools in New York City and at least now.

How should Connecticut shutdown school for two reasons. Number one inner-city kids in the rural kids, especially the young ones are losing a huge bonus for their life which is a good education.

I have a woman in my office, my assistant, Dallas Tompkins, whose kid is now out of school Johnson closer school and she worked his working mom how you get a first grader to operate a complex computer and yet the push a bunch of buttons to get online resume to your classroom and keep her attention to learning and the other thing is that the transmission in schools is extremely low right and I don't know this for fact that you know what I think the impetus for closing schools is what sin Democrat states are governors Democrats teachers unions and their huge nine. I'm not saying this is true this is my opinion but in New York, especially the teachers unions are huge contributors to the campaigns of Democrats. I think they're scared of getting it themselves from kids and I want to close that that is happening.

Okay, if you look at the Catholic school system and my daughter goes to Catholic school system and how they're open another open in a hybrid manner. They do some online early, but they do a lot of in classroom's the advantage they have is most these kids have money so they can afford really complex. You know person system right.

They've already paid tuition to the school, so the kids the kids have the wherewithal to get a decent component really BMWs Land Rovers Mercedes-Benz.

These kids drive these cars embarrassing talk to me about vaccine exit so the vaccine by mode burner which is the one that they are trying to get but did the FDA emergency approval on Friday. I hope to get it Monday. That is a different vaccine. It's a revolutionary vaccine. All vaccines and the vaccine you get like the example the MMR they are approaching vaccine. So these are the proteins that are the targets of your immune system T cells and antibodies are the T cell killer T cells. They are standing around ready to go to chomp on these viruses because they been activated by the proteins. Now the mode burner Pfizer viral vectors. I jump retirement to the summit of the mixup vaccine and virus. When I say virus I mean vaccine that's not a good thing to do now, Nguyen did it and now they're saying that Trump was good to spread the virus what is good is for the vaccines. Nevertheless, new vaccine is different is covered in a lipid circle speaker which is basically fatty sphere inside the genetic material of the virus. Now the sphere is absorbed by your own human cells that messenger RNA are the genetic material for the virus starts to make approaching the spike protein which is the initiator of the immune response and I can make a ton of it in very short period of time and so you've got people will talk about who they are saying this is a dangerous virus you become, you know, a mutant because you got genetic material from somebody else and yourself just what you that's how covert works right yeah so it's a virus gets into your cells. All viruses that's how they reproduce themselves. They are parasitic materials that get into your cells that use your own genetic material and they make themselves like from you right it's no different from how the vaccine works is that happening every day because we are world burdens with viruses going on in your body right right bombarding us. It's sort of like when genetic engineering first came out right and they said we don't want any genetically modified organisms so they won't eat the GMO it's called GMO corn why you be eating strange DNA sure okay never had a steak. Yes, Greene County, and a brother, and my really well yeah it's a muscle in the muscle. I thought they removed all the know they don't so vaccine works like the virus does, but there's only one protein being made about the entire virus okay. 95% effective. They have a figure that out. This is really an interesting way. They look for the first hundred people who got covert who participated in the virus right and I'm sending 100 Mike better than 1095 of them got the placebo right that's how they figured out it works.

All of my working. Then we find no they only wanted one that was 50% effective because she should get that the entire population get her immunity so these are excellent viruses.

Now there's only one problem.

These are excellent vaccine vaccine that I say excellent virus in Gaza is wrecked from faxing and the bottom line is that there's only one problem with what the special lipid genetic material vaccine has to be stored in his 70°. Oreo breaks down so you don't have -70 refrigerators in my office. Yes I would say oh no oh no, what have you ever gotten some like a food thing frozen food mistakes from Omaha steaks sure delivered yet by said yeah how do they keep a -7. Dry ice so Pfizer has already developed these packages that there keep it 7-70. It's withdrawn.

So don't worry about that begin to teach people how to immediately take it out and put the rest back and add more dry ice comprises everywhere and these are not works out ever think that this virus is critical dangerous. It's just not that it's going to save us. The vaccine is not attractive viruses during the vaccine is not going to know I want show out there to have the debt.

How many times I say, virus versus vaccine. This is, you know, this is almost like your date and two women, one named Laverne and Shirley and you'll keep calling Laverne and Shirley and Shirley Laverne. It's is it bad to well that's actually a lot safer if you goof up on the show that invests in real life artwork to talk about that purgative talk more about vaccines to find out you know are we at the end of the beginning at least, or we at the beginning of the end for this thing. I think Brett the beginning and I really really do were to talk about Thanksgiving yes and were going to talk about how other faxing are good because they can protect you from covert Austin for the fourth time. Talk about playing in the dirt. When you really okay good. Listen Rachel to take your phone calls. If you've got a telephone thereby dial us up. There's a question about anything related to what we've already talked about, that's great. But if you want to talk about your particular situation. That's fine. 919-860-9783. This is the heart health radio network you listen to heart health radio has shamefully help were never shared for sure the reason I merely shamed an option for reason we play that song is because every now and then you bring back that element of you should be ashamed of yourself for this thing that you said publicly will we shaming today writer Robert Robert F Kennedy I think was a great man because he was Atty. Gen. under Pres. Kennedy. As Sen. ran for president very eloquent shame. His son based on some good things in our river keepers.

She's trying to keep the environment of rivers good. He's cleaned up the Hudson okay and so Kennedy on the Hudson has worked but now he's an anti-vector and the interesting thing is Tyler family tells him to shut up shut up all realize that we talked recently about you know the genetic material virus. The one vaccine, one that's coming out is gonna make you a mutant, and he's the one that's pushing, and he talked about a study were they gave it to us to rats or some kind animals and some of them died. WHAT they were experimenting okay and then they found a way to make it so those rats didn't die. That's the one were using so shame on you. And he also was an anti-boxer for other faxing.

So let's stop this nonsense. Now the second person we are shame before machine again is Gov. Cuomo. He is telling New Yorkers that he is not good elective. The vaccine promulgated and distributed in New York because it's a crop vaccine and he doesn't trust it because it's produced by Pres. Cronk that he loves Soucy how she has officially said this is good vaccine and it needs to be distributed so what is going on and I think he's trying to push it back so that Biden gets the credit okay and he'll say.

Well now, Biden's Pres. Boggs looked at it and it's okay and I think that's shameful you don't think there's any Democratic versus Republican cuisines.

She's the only one doing this Answer trumps is okay and will give it to your committee gets mad like you don't want them there vaccine where you met the trumps not to give it to you. Shame on you. There is an article that might come across your Facebook timeline uses a weird word. It says will overfeed covert vaccine make you trends human. That's what Kennedy is saying and and it has to do with genetic material going into you.

There is a character. I only want people to be critical, not dismissive when you see an article like this. If you see that it's written by a fella, but the name of Dr. Joseph Macola investigate the person that who who has brought this up because Dr. Mark: is an anti-vector which you have a perfect right to be. Even if you are done, the perfect right but stupid okay and he's also against coronation mammography and vitamin K shots for newborn is against part of regular and welding were against him and II. The only thing I would tell you is that sometimes these things that come across your Facebook there there just written by people of gotten agenda this guy makes a lot of money on alternative medicines nutrition style new alternative medicines and has undergone the People's pharmacy. He fits well with their attitude performs he I'll tell you who let us know that he's you know he's got a problem is there's a website run by a doctor in this area. Stephen Barrett, who's been on the show and is called quack watch and just be careful of the health information you're getting fish oil there some sort of study that went on fish oil.

After all this time know is apparently not well prepared. Here's the thing. Remember court coffee? Yeah the article saying that coffee is good for you next week about a concern conference is bad for you now for sure the reason why they have promulgated for sure were promoted is that the Italians Italians eat a lot of cold water fatty fish that contain special okay and they have a lower incidence of purchases, even though no a lot of stuff pasta so fish oils are thought to be good.

It deftly lowers your triglyceride which is affecting her blood never remember we talked about the sleep of the AICPA.

Now that is not for sure.

Okay. I've had some insurance companies when I write the Cipro try to switch at official bases, but is it purified single component EPA because something telecasts sure they did the study used mineral oil as a placebo, so that was the fake pill they used, they sleep at the dose that is given 2000 mg twice a day. I hope not only to define the lower incidence of heart attacks and everything else they showed that it regressed the amount of plaque for each get 50% plaque in two years and 30% plot.

Okay, very promising data. So there's a guy who I really respect in many ways although it's come down a little back is hurting Steve Nissen and he is the head of cardiology. I think now he may be the head of the whole Cleveland clinic and he did a study where he did fish oil versus corner will okay so it didn't show any difference in terms of the fish oil helping her remember this is not purified fish oil is diminished on my mom used the term uncommitted – I think that's Yiddish but it's for a collection of junk and your mom spoke a little Yiddish. She smoked everything okay yeah I'm sure. Chinese Mandarin Chinese, French name which spoke I would've paid all of it with the Chinese accent right right or our pity with few strivings have time please note that I know anyway so what so the diminish did not help corner.

So what it Nissen said he said well then then they see but can't work either sure and then the other thing he says that there placebo was mineral oil. The mineral oil was killing people and that the EPA they see but wasn't therefore look better than mineral oil well I'm sorry I just looked it up. There was a very good study from December 2019 which Nissen should've seen that specifically said is mineral oil bad for you.

Will it cause more cardiac events, so they did mineral versus water and mineral oil did not cause more cardiac events than Watergate. Okay, so they see but I promoted. I don't get paid for. I take lower your risk of heart disease and stroke and stroke. That's a prescription think it is asleep and I wish it wasn't yet the company that makes it is got a double cancer yes big study which showed fewer heart attacks your coronary events and regression of plaque 50% to 30% but they lost a patent yet so this is why it's $5000 a year or whatever it is, it's usually expensive on lot insurance companies recovered okay, but they gotta make some money before this patent thing is all settled now. What about fish oil only can I it's itching every I'll on the heel of the health food store where my going to say today that this study didn't show that it worked and it was a very good study now I don't know what to say.

I think if you want protection from some fatty fish compound evasive because that's proven definitely to be beneficial.

I still don't know what to eat. Okay, we said this before greens and be or what you should eat greens and meanings in me or what you should eat. You don't want to eat white flour products.

I don't want to eat sugar sugar. I lecture not even Crystal's anti-you can take a break and have served and go back and eat the whole box of ribbon candy because I love that limited our experiment the other day last week.

If you didn't remember the are you got this special glucose meter freestyle libre yeah and it measures your glucose instantaneously with your cell phone and we gave you what can be how much candy and not enough apparently didn't was a large amount. What we should do next time is give you one slice of bread white bread Wonder Bread. That's 5 teaspoons of sugar help white flour is converted to sugars of biscuits, white bread snack crackers anything yeah those all things made of white flour are essentially sugar diabetic or you're not sugars the enemy because it raises inflammation, are jumping on this conversation at any time. 919-860-9783 is our telephone number on heart health, radio, now back to heart health have a question for Dr. we fall. Call 919-8609 73 get better stay healthy and spot medical misinformation just by listening to this radio show heart health radio with Dr. Franklin we fall Jenny in carrying him to put you one of them really talk to Rose Hoban from North Carolina health hi Jana how are you not done in the how are you can dump your firm. We did never make that mistake in real life. No problem whatsoever. Think I got a quick bite. A male five years old pretty healthy. What vitamin that I take. I know you don't you talk about many vitamins on their what would you recommend that's an excellent question. Ken wants to know about vitamin C is what did you say 55 or 6555 five 555 years old.

What should he be taking for vitamin the first of all, your still yard 55 is 35 okay and the question of vitamins is very interesting because there are a lot of studies that show people who take a lot of vitamins don't actually live longer, live better by they really haven't done the studies correct nearly to give somebody, so sugar pill, flicking somebody up an innocuous pill to get people vitamins and see who lives longer problem with that is immediately this study for 50 years right right so here's what I do and I do it because I think the one thing that has been shown for coded the vitamin D protection so your vitamin D level is normal then you have a lower risk of getting a serious infection from coded so they're doing the studies now about supplementing her remember your vitamin D level could be low and your vitamin D level could be high but does that mean giving yourself vitamin D capsules, pills really works felt she says to take vitamin D takes vitamin D. There is some evidence that think works to boost your immune system and that; a vitamin or mineral, whatever you want to call it B12. I am finding a lot of people be 12 deficient and it's very amazing and we didn't used to check B12 levels on a normal blood screen so taking a B vitamin may help others no evidence that it really helps. Doesn't hurt. Okay, so if you want to take a mega be. You will notice one thing. Your urine will turn lower and I mean really bad.

It's just the vitamins are going straight to your system so be vitamins don't hurt because of water-soluble vitamin D is partially fat-soluble. So what I recommend if you're gonna take vitamin D just take a couple those things every day and if you're gonna take a B vitamin that really matter. Take a big heavy dose one and then check B12 and I'm not so sure why there's people being B12 deficient my theory is that were taking so many antacids and you have to have acid in your stomach tubes were B12. It's kinda complicated, but there's a protein that absorb the trials and has to be acidic and then latches onto B12 and you absorb in your lower gut and sometimes you have to take a shot for the tour so when you take tell you whether it's any good or not. Okay I take a multivitamin sure I vitamin that's okay I take out milligrams of okay that doesn't hurt you, and it may help you there's there's conflicting evidence. Vitamin C helps vitamin C doesn't help as long as you're not taken. 4 g or 4000 mg that could cause kidney stones. So I think that's fine. Well, like little like my aunt is purple yeah yes that's B12 right that's okay okay oh, they call it like Leeper joint pain, Clint Drayton. One morning I met a lady that kidney failure, head of the kidney transplant. There are certain people and it is proven that react badly to concrete so check with your doctor. I don't know if there's a medical reason I that's why I don't recommend people take that it's 110,000 but if you don't want the women's 10,000 and I don't know, and you may be able to tell me that it's deftly proven to help joints. The best thing to take for joints is to Marek Ginger and milk thistle. The column vitamins or herbs or herbs or whatever you want to say they don't hurt and they reduce inflammation and the joints are hurt by inflammation is thought the chondroitin code.

Some so that prevents the damage from inflammation right. What's next Ken, thank you very much. We got to Rose Hoban from North Carolina health news hi Rose carried around and doing still disappointed in our numbers still supported tell us what's going on with Carolina now. I think I think what Sec. can't wait to get together. They're like people, there are plan really up and in the New York Times where a guy with two kids did a really quick back of the envelope as to how they bubble is when he takes into account like number of kids and kids know and then their family and their contact and you you now who could be transmitting the did it like it if you're not careful it can't get large really quickly is still the kids 2022-year-olds were split amongst themselves not getting sick and and bring it home to grandma's that was left with nursing and younger people who are now more hospital than older that were still saying that and mean there still older people right. I think right now, people who are over 80 out right now. 41 people were over 80, out, out, out 1800, the small proportion of that number.

It really people you know. 22 about a who are making up 20 to 70 who are making up the bulk of it and of course no you are to get around like you say thank you can't come home from college reason children are not children but young adults should go home from college. I think that's the stupidest thing. Okay you know the colleges want people out of there because they will be responsible but they're sending him home to grandma and mom.

Well, now you hit the nail on the head doctor we saw when you have an hammer, everything looks like a male right of the hospitals overwhelmed and on the purely stories about you know the running of the beds in certain states in the high season full story are we experiencing that here in North Carolina so you know we just started doing the alert we have learned by counting it out a map and you see that on their dashboard for a long time but last week they will doubt how the alert that combine that county prevalent with hospital happening and there were two counties that are really really struggling right now.

One of them is Wilson County out in the Eastern part of the state. That means that there prevalent hi there any rate high and they are having challenges with their capital capacity and the other county that like that and County which is just west of Charlotte Johnston tell me I'm not seeing Michael Gaston Gaston. Pardon me, virus vaccine, Gaston Johnston, right, and any other area that really having double yesterday in the press conference. Dr. Cohen said that they were going to have to update the map whole Triad area of which is the site County Iredell County north and west of their ended up talking to the guy that medical had Iredell Memorial Hospital who said that they calculate and he said, taking a very sharp uptick in patients without and if you look at that that 20% of the population and they currently have food date of admission and 1/3 of the state new admission, so there really there really disproportionate part of the day and there really working hard now to get the word out to yell kinda mapped out time for us a physically distant and really rethink your Thanksgiving plan. I mean you know about the church in Charlotte that had a big tent revival got a month ago and now this.

I think it hundred cases that the word of life church and hundred. With that part revival and now – just listen thanks to you and you know your information is great. Your website is great and will talk to you next week. Rose Hoban from North Carolina health news.or you can get a daily reminder of what's up on the website in your email if you want, sign up for North Carolina health get padding wake forest and stretch from Zebulun wait to get the patent stretch will talk to Pat first high how are you Pat what's going on you go-ahead for Dr. we fall. Yes.why for some reason were having a hard time hearing you. You are 65 you have a flu shot twice. Well, some of us do that. Yeah. And did you have them twice in one year.why why right okay after the okay is there any validity. She gave Patty it's hard for us to work as every now and then you fade into the distance. I think you essentially got the flu after the flu shot flew after the flu shot would let me talk about the flu shot first is not 100% effective. Remember we talked about like the coven vaccine. 95% effective, it depends on the you I haven't heard the baby yet but sometimes the flu vaccine is 70% effective, sometimes only 30% effective. So yes you can get the flu after the flu shot.

The flu shot does not cause the flu. It is a dead piece of me know is approaching. So it doesn't cause the flu but you can get influenza even if you got the flu shot because it's not 100% effective. The reason why the ticket is it reduces the risk and it reduces the severity of illness. So Jeffrey believed you to get influenza shot sure don't think the shot cost.

You can get achiness and fever low-grade from the shot. That's an immune reaction.

That's not the influence shot you saying you got 48 hours after the shot you got sick okay so I would say yes it's possible your influence, I would. I would definitely say if you believe you do get a test to see if the virus is doing really knows. But influenza is high fevers, severe muscle aches, a really bad cough, headache, the reaction to the virus is actually the best thing I can't do it, anywhere. So the reaction to the vaccine aches a little bit maybe a little fever and soreness in her arm. That's not the flu restaurant influence so I don't sure I have to talk to you and your doctor live and in person, but I'm not sure that getting minor symptoms is influenza and definitely vexing because it Pat from Wake Forest.

Thank you very much for the pickup with stretch in Zebulun also good to hear our shout outs in just a moment. This is hard health radio on the heart health radio network what you know, get better stay healthy and spot medical medicine patient health radio show. Now today Dr. Ben Carson. I love the guy is liberal press hates him because he's African-American or black supports Republicans he got covered.

I'm sure most of you knew this was really sick and got admitted, but Regeneron got the Regeneron that's the antibody that monochrome little body that's absorbs all the virus and persistently got better quickly.

That's what Pres. from God and its emergency approval was made so, but apparently Trent had a call to get him to emergency drills, but let me just say certain that Dr. Ben Carson I operated with him once I was a student at Johns Hopkins medical Johns Hopkins University school of medicine.

Yes, he was the head of pediatric neurosurgery.

I've never seen anything like his hands. He wrote a book called gifted hands because it is it doesn't gifted him. I urgent, but it read this story is amazing grew up in the inner city got shot once in a gang fight if wasn't for heavy belt buckle.

He would've been dead and not turned his life around and became one of the greatest physicians the United States has has produced. I just want to shout about good man. Now the other shout out is to wake med you know that I'm affiliated with with medicine of my patients there. I don't practice.

There were on semi retired but I only work in the office but we we talked about how they were named one of the top heart health hospitals in the state. Yes, IBM's member jeopardy and the computer Buchanan Jennings same computer was programmed and it produced the list of the top two for top 50 heart Hospital in the country based on inner success rates. Severity of illness. Complication rates weightman is not only in the top state it's in the top 50 in the United States. So shout out to wake med my my people. Francis would Brian Bolton and Judson Williams Johnson is now the head of the cardiac program that they're doing a fantastic job of not only the doctors but the nurses the administrators the technicians shout them all out because we got one of the best hospitals in the United States were the best heart hospital service.

I go there for my cardiac issues and they just you look great.

I look good. They went ahead and the they did a series of tests on me some sort of photographs and I had to lay on the bed made you and let me just tell you that it was a rotation of women who were there technicians, nurses or whatever education they had every single one of them just knew what they were doing next six servers use it right. I know that sounds simple to say but there wasn't anybody who seemed less than 110% competent at what they were doing and they handled multiple patients efficiently in a short amount of… Plus I as opposed to us were really people waiting for 20 minutes at a time stretching Zebulun how you doing Regeneron heart health radio. Finally, what can we do for you. I care quite tell me again what kind of flower all out. Still, I don't know were seated again ST ELT stilts you know what it's made of. I agree that White is a brown well it will II think I might know, but being shot out one day you just looked it up.

Don't know stilts is not uselessly here is a whole brain great. It's an ancient grain is not, so it's not a different characteristic that's not enough, say this if it is made out of whole-grain and if it is not processed bleach ground and only uses the inside of the husk, then it's right.

It's a species of somewhat my patient site. If I can eat Wonder Bread and whole-wheat bread whole wheat bread most times is dyed white bread want to eat bread whole brain line because the whole thing is made out of the whole piece of wheat right so they grind it up and it contains the husk and that is a complex carbohydrate that is not turned in the sugar in your system so if one would whole-grain bread is little say whole-grain you look at it it's got little bits of seed that's quick. This stealth flower sounds like you to resources some more, but it sounds like it's made from the whole gray and it's a different kind of week so look it up and I'm in a get back to the listeners next week, but it sounds good. I and it doesn't raise her sugar right. I don't know when you get it right. I think the lawn like whole foods by one medicine on the Internet and find out the concept is the glycemic index right because glycemic index which you look for the glycemic index means how much of the bread is turned into pure sugar stretch were very glad you called us, and I learned something stealth bread.

Let's sit heart health radio done for the week. Can you believe it. We need to go to Sweeney's okay we need two hours. Maybe one day we will go to ours between now and then you will meet back here a week from now, heart health, radio, heart health radio is for information purposes only.

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