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Living in the Light B

Grace To You / John MacArthur
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November 23, 2021 3:00 am

Living in the Light B

Grace To You / John MacArthur

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November 23, 2021 3:00 am

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Below he says luck if you are walking as children of light there is to be the light toward others, for God is going to be able to examine your own life to see if you don't, while those things can be monumental. There is only one event with the power to turn you into a radically new person both inside and out to transform your decision-making, your behavior, your relationships, I'm talking about coming to faith in Christ. Specifically, though, what will your new life look like when you become a Christian, how will it differ from your old life. What new desires and ambitions and goals should you pursue. Consider that today on grace to you as John MacArthur continues to study, he calls the portrait of a new life and now here's John with the lesson Ephesians 5 verses 8 to 14 not possible to tell us five things we need to know for a walk as children of light. Five things we need very practical number one. The contrast, the contrast of children of light is very simple, beautiful contrast verse eight for ye were once darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord walk as children of light. You were now you so much you are. That's the that in fact could be stated as the thesis of the epistles of the New Testament you were now you are what you are. That's always saying only showing something comparing these two giving you the contrast for characteristics of people who are darkness can be observed ready to come by real quick.

They do the deeds of darkness under the dominion of the Prince of darkness that results in coming under God's judgment on darkness, which is an eternal hell which is outer darkness. But look at verse eight.

Now where light is. This is the point is making this tremendous contrasted by the way, this is germane to his whole thought is trying to show you the absolute contrast. That's why he picks, light and darkness. They are the absolute opposite goes a step further. Point number two is given the contrast of the children of light now gives the characteristics you say are right path, I'm with you if I'm not in the kingdom I should mess with one of the characteristics of children of light.

Oh that's easy says in verse nine for the fruit of light best manuscripts, a light, not the spirit for the fruit of light. That's what he's talking is in all goodness and righteousness and truth. That's pretty simple wasn't. You don't need some great Bible teacher to unscramble that mystery goodness, righteousness and truth.

Those of the marks of those who walk in light, so I'm a Christian.

What you characterize my life. Goodness, righteousness, truth, that's terrific. You know, there were a lot of people and still are claimed to be in the light. I asked where the light we made a decision for Christ. We been born again or go to church for years on very religious murders. I give a lot of money to buy bidders or denominations. As I was baptized Chris and confirmed her. Who knows what or yes I remember when I received an award for learning Bible people got all that stuff on the church member, but you know what the real test is you see the chip the children of light are made manifest by the fruit of light. The children of lata made manifest by the fruit of light needs to be some fruit. That's what he saying here and he says the fruit is this look at it goodness first and I think I think this is just a beautiful picture of how you relate to other people.

There's a word in the Greek Colossus, which means good transit good. It means free from defects and beautiful bike that's a good painting or that's a good jar.

You may that's a good it's a good day tapestry it's free from defects. Good then there's the word Christus which means useful that's that's good for that's good for digging all that's good for hold nothing together useful, but then as I got us on the thoughts and means.

It means over all moral excellence and one Lexington says, especially active in behalf of others isn't just free from defects isn't just useful for certain things just good and it touches everybody in that same way with a very positive moral excellent effect.

That's where uses here. This is what Paul meant. First Thessalonians 515 when he said just to good everyone and I think this is the first element of the fruit of light and that is that it touches other people with goodness look at yourself, your child of light in walking light and you walk as a child of light and the first thing should be goodness in terms of others. Second thing I think points more toward God. Righteousness, that has to do with your relationship to God never did deviating from his pure path of holiness in the third term is true and as I checked out lexicons and that I find it interesting thing one said it means integrity once it means honesty once it means reliability once it means, trustworthiness, and that has to do with my own cell first goodness and relating to others.

Secondly, righteousness in writing to God and thirdly integrity as I view myself as I am what I say, honesty, reliability and contrast of the sham and the falseness of the hypocrisy of the old life. This is God's desire for us and blah.

He says luck if you are walking as children of light there is to be the fruit of light toward others, toward God. Even within your own self. You are to be able to examine your own life to see if you're really in the light other people. As I said, who claim to be in the light but that there's 1 Good Way to tell in Matthew chapter 7 and verse 15 Jesus said, beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are riveting rules, you shall know them. Watches went by there what fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles in other words, if there a thorn in a thistle, nothing will grow on even so every good tree brings forth good fruit. Now assuming people all Christians bear to get that there's no such thing as a no fruit.

Christian is a lot a little fruits got nothing. But if you shrivel raisins hanging on, but there's no such thing as a no fruit. Christian if there is life there of W product every good tree brings forth good fruit. A corrupt tree brings forth bad.

A good tree cannot bring forth that fruit in the can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

Every tree that brings not forth good fruit is cut down, cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them. The point is this. If you are a child of light.

There will be the fruit of light you see. So when somebody comes on as well. This is fine on the next text in Matthew seven he says you can say, Lord, Lord, all you want so you cast out demons.

You did this she did this she did this, but I never knew you. No fruit, no life, so something to be walking as children of light, but there's no fruit and they live now from time to time. You know we were Christian sin. When we sin our product drops and maybe the look a long time in your life to find some fruit because your life is what it ought to be the expression of your life at this point is sinful. In some ways Christian who walks as a child of light will produce fruit. And as you sin even as a Christian.

Fruit diminishes what he saying here is this, if you're really walking as a child of light will be some fruit.

There the be goodness, righteousness and truth, and this will verify your life. Look at verse 10 really great proving or verifying the what is acceptable to the Lord, what is he saying here.

You shouldn't just teach what is acceptable to God, you want to live it. You want to verify in your life. This is the joy the Christian to be a living example of God's truth to be living verification of what is pleasing to God to say, well how I know I'm a Christian, or how I know this person is a Christian it's verified in the fruit it's verified in the fruit you have to sit down with yourself and so unlawful, Christian or see well yeah I guess I am a minimum religious church a long time and I member when I made a decision. If you are speculating philosophize you not do it the way the Bible says you can prove what is acceptable to the Lord should build a verify by looking at your life and I'll be there. If you do the deeds of the light.

The light is in you, child of God will bear some resemblance to his father when the East was in Damascus one time and that these little tiny streets and the streets are dark because not because the sun doesn't shine the because over every little shop.

There's no windows really just an open shop. They hang all this material so you can't see anything it's dark in there and they do it little narrow streets of the simultaneous triple light going on a mill the street between all these things and that when you go whenever we wanted a place to buy some linen for my wife and and that in order to tell whether the subsidy good. You gotta take it outside and find a little bit a light hold up, see if there's any flaws I guess maybe that's the idea. You know will I would only purchase something.

It passed the test of light. I guess maybe that's only way to really evaluate our lives.

We can't determine that were Christian because of some past thing.

The only way to do it is to short up to the light see if it stands the test to expose a reaction to expose every decision to expose every motive to the light of Christ and see whether it's jet so I says lack the contrast is clear you are not that anymore. You are light now live in and if you're really here are the characteristics goodness and righteousness and truth and these will become the verification to you and everybody around you that you are walking as a child of light. But beyond that, there's a command to look at that in verse 11. There's a command.

The contrast in the characteristics lead to a command just in case you need some negative he says in verse 11, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness and you can stop right there. This, in case it isn't clear you yet what I'm saying based on the contrast is that you're so different and so far hello your verify the life of God in you, you're very involved with goodness, righteousness and truth you that now the point is, have absolutely no fellowship with that uses the word soon because I don't know quite on elements fellowship you had a preposition to the front of it intensifies it have no really fellowship. In other words, don't you get involved at all in sin, the unfruitful activity of darkness go get involved in the ignorance of the world toward God. Don't get involved in the immorality of the world we been saying the so many ways people, there's no place for that. There is no place we have no part there was that many don't ever go near anybody know because it we gotta touch the people of the world.

We just gotta leave their sin alone is a well for going to witness to.

We have to get along well now the only way to write witnesses to not get involved will destroy your test know it says in verse 20 it's five that were not that were not the fellowship with fornicators and trumpeters and idolaters know that minutes says those in the church, not those in the world goes in the world need us just don't do what they do reach out and love them but don't do what they do were to be non-participants in the world's fair. Why don't how you relate that your life that's pretty practical stuff. Do not fellowship together with the un-fruitful works of darkness.

The system is sterile.

See, it bears nothing.

You have no part in it. It's a dark system. Don't waste your time.

You say Lola and I just follow my little hole deliver peak know you don't participate you got a peak because the next thing is, the commission look at this.

The contrast leads to the characteristics which lead to Paul's command.

And since were to have absolutely no fellowship. We might all bail out and so he adds this, but rather reprove them in the word reprove his expose was don't do what they do expose what they we are the spiritual CIA folks in our job is not to be involved, but to expose the crimes of darkness every one of us is called by God to do that and the agent of the tool that does that is the Bible the word of God. All every word is inspired by God and is profitable for doctrine, for correction, for reproof, we do reprove. That means to expose the evil you can say well I don't like the singing about what they're doing. You better say some that your commission by your life and your words sometimes just the way you can expose people to never walk into a conversation that was really filthy and I know your personal listener just gets real nice and clean house church going. I know you go to church a lot house church tonight. I remember playing golf with people about the fifth holy find out I'm a minister and changes their whole game they can't because they can't hit you know it's amazing you know you I know the Dino certain people who have lived a life of godliness in an ungodly environment and there such a rebuke to the system that cannot tolerate and I'll be fired. There's more is not just what you live is what you say. Gotta be honest you are commission by holy God to expose the evil of the world to diagnose it to confront it and to offer the solution $0.40, reprove it expose it. It's a cancer to be remove your helping anybody by hiding it. We can't go waltzing around the world. All this lovey-dovey stuff never ever acknowledging said you can't say well we just want to love everybody all the time will that's not evangelism. I told you before you got make people feel first. Then they can feel good you feel bad and they know they need to feel good, were not only not to fellowship were to expose a list of people know what's wrong with us. In most case. As Christians, you know were not were not that we don't see this contrast is dramatically as God sees just like darkness. We are just out of that system altogether.

But here we are. Worked him around playing around with the deeds of darkness miles from being a spiritual CIA from really going after uncovering you know we should be so mature and so far along that we can expose evil that we can search it out and expose and offer the diagnosis and the cure, but instead most Christians are barely hanging onto the edge for their own life, let alone try to deal with somebody you visit.

Well, I certainly can't help anybody else get out of the single I get over so my own problems. Thus, you will that's way back people that take care that part and then we gotta be out there really exposing evil takes a mouse. If you're busy exposing evil have an impact on your life right journal. We are to speak to sinners where to tell him it's evil why looking for some 12 for it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret. I mean the stuff that they do is so rotten and so wretched and so vile isn't even to be spoken about, let alone desperately needs to be reprove you see you can't just let it go on it's evil. It's vile things they do are unspeakably evil and this is the heart of God talking here and here we are in our world were drowning in a sea of media stuff that pops into us that there's no such thing as evil and we say well it's not so bad, evil. It shouldn't even be talked about.

It shouldn't even be entertained in a conversation so wretched and needs to be dealt with and exposed and yet sometimes know by just turning on your television in your home you expose your child to a tolerance of the very thing that shouldn't even talk about thing that you should exposes evil choices.

The things that they do in secret are shameful to even talk to me talk and I read a book on the homosexual problem written by Christian this week the talked about the problem of homosexuality in such lurid terms that it was like pornography but that is right.

You need to do that you can give God solution without portraying every evil thing that could possibly go on that relationship that's not necessary. These are wretched things but the world's and they are to be reproved there things to shameful even speak of, let alone to tolerate and so he says like you are commission in this world you want to be beyond struggling yourself so that you cannot only get beyond that hang up, but that you can be a reprove or of others that you can be one of exposes evil for verse 13 watches for all things that are reprove know what this is fabulous are made manifest by the light. In other words, listen, if the light doesn't get on never be made manifest to see what he say anything that is manifest will be manifest by light. For whatever makes manifest is like and if you are the light and you don't make it manifest that it will be made man this is your commission. People get out there reprove soon expose them because you're the light. If you don't do it will never be expose because it is the light that manifest light is that which manifests and whatever makes manifest as light people. We've got to realize, as were back to the basics again. Nobody gets saved unless they come to God, repenting of sin. Nobody knows what sin is, unless somebody exposes it right. It is not evangelism to tolerate people and just love them and never talk about their evil it is evangelism to make the face the fact of sin. For whatever makes manifest as light. The only hope they have is that the light would shine and make manifest, so we gotta do it people. That's why were the lights of the world. So he says the contrast is clear darkness and light the characteristics if you walk as a child of light, goodness, righteousness, truth, the command don't have anything to do with the things they do. The commission expose what they do because it's shame. And you're the only life there is to expose and finally closes and closes with an invitation. I guess the apostle Paul felt there would be some people who read Ephesians 2 who didn't know Christ and he wanted to throw an invitation, so he says in verse 14.

Wherefore, he said, and I believe that the he saith here the reference to Isaiah chapter 60 in verse one. Isaiah chapter 60 in verse one.

When dealt with from the Hebrew text conveys the identical thought. Although this particular verse gives its fulfillment. Isaiah 60 says arise and shine for thy light is come in the glory of the Lord is risen upon the course that look forward to the Messiah and this interpretation of it looks back to what Christ is done and so he says, the prophet says only now that sleepers didn't arise from the dead in Christ to give the light he puts Christ in Isaiah's words because Christ is the fulfillment that I had this most Bible commentators believe that this is a line from an Easter hearing song by the early church.

A line from an Easter him. It's an invitation, so the invitation comes to you as it does throughout history. Awake now that sleep must, and arise from the dead in Christ to give the light and you have that one little tiny verse the whole picture of of the gospel. A whole little Bible. First, the sinner is described as one who sleeps and then the summonses offered to awaken, arise, and the Savior is presented.

Christ shall give the light it shows the dilemma of sinfulness. It gives the invitation to the center and shows who the Savior like Rip van Winkle manner going to sleep through an age only. It will be an age of history will be an age of grace and Elway B too late and so he says awake now that sleepers and arise from the dead in Christ shall give the right light. No more moral darkness. No more intellectual darkness.

There is one ray of light and it's Jesus Christ to sit on the light of the world. It follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. Horatio Bodnar put it magnificently in these words I heard the voice of Jesus say I am this dark world's light look on the meat I mourn shall rise in all thy day be bright. I came to Jesus and I found in the here and my star. My son and in that light of life. I'll walk to traveling days are done this. Father, we thank you for the truth of Proverbs 418. The path of the righteous is as the dawning light that shines more and more unto the perfect day. Thank you father that your God of light, who sent the light into the world that we might become children of light that are lights so shine that we would like the darkness and men would come to the light was so grateful for your ministry in our hearts through this text Christ. This is grace to you with John MacArthur thanks for tuning in today. John is currently looking at how God changes you. When he saves you. It's all part of his study from Ephesians titled the portrait of a new life.

John, you made a point today that is quite simple, but it bears repeating the past you said is passed that which sounds like an obvious statement, but I think we forget about that sometimes we forget that we are no longer in bondage to sin and that with our salvation comes new life. Yeah, you know I think about that often that that new life and that newness is reinforced because what the Bible says God doesn't cleansing your conscience.

It's a wonderful thing to realize that when you come to Christ all things are passed away and all things are new and whereas you lived under the bondage of sin and under an accusing conscience at all times at the salvation moment in your life. Your conscience was cleansed, you are freed up from the things of the past. All sin was forgiven and you have newness of life. II just don't think Christians today so-called professing Christians have any idea about the reality of true transformation and I think that even people who have been transformed. All understand the essential realities of that transformation because not well taught. So much focuses on superficial things, how to have a happy life. How to be more successful more superficially satisfied to do better in your job or do better psychologically, whatever. Some people never get to the deep things that change you from the inside.

But that's what we need. That's where we need to see the sanctifying work of God's spirit. So were talking about that in this series the portrait of a new life.

We need to get into the word of God and see what new life in Christ really is all about and that's what we've done in the series I would just remind you that if your life is not transformed. You're not a Christian because transformation is the essence of the work of God in making a new creation. It's been an important study for knowing what your life is to be and you can pick it up in a six CD album by contacting us and letting us know you like a six CD album we can we can get that to you for a reasonable price. We can simply download the MP3s that GT and you can get that in the audio or you can get it in a written transcript and also remember the special offer.

If your new Christian will send your free copy of my book called welcome to the family just after asked for design help you see the big picture what it means to be in the body of Christ. Contact us now if you've recently come to Christ.

Our joy to send you one. Yes friend, it really is our joy to do that we want you to know how to grow spiritually and honor the Lord in your trials and glorify him in your daily life.

Welcome to the family covers those topics and more and it's our gift to you. If you're a new Christian just request your free copy today. Call our toll-free number 855 grace or go to our website. GT welcome to the family will show you how to avoid the pitfalls that derail many believers and send them into weak or ineffective walk with Christ. As John said, this book is yours free. If you are a fairly new Christian to request your copy of welcome to the family, call 855 grace for visit GT and to download all six messages from the study, John concluded today the portrait of a new life go to GT, in effect, you can download the messages from all of John's studies and hundreds more that we haven't put on the radio. All of John's sermons from 52 years of his public ministry are yours free in audio or transcript format that GT Y.that's now for John MacArthur on Phil Johnson encouraging you to be here tomorrow when John will help you prepare for Thanksgiving by showing you how the gospel of grace leads to a life of gratitude to Union for a message titled, in everything give thanks. It's another half hour of unleashing God's truth set a time on Wednesdays racing

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