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Our Resources in Christ, Part 2: Is there Something More?

Grace To You / John MacArthur
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November 27, 2020 3:00 am

Our Resources in Christ, Part 2: Is there Something More?

Grace To You / John MacArthur

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November 27, 2020 3:00 am

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Christianity is not designed to appeal to the emotions.

Emotions are designed to do this, they are to respond to the mind and when your emotions get in front of your mind you're going to run while in any brand of Christianity that appeals at the emotional level and bypasses the mind is only asking for trouble generates responses upon upgraded appliances all the extra features you'll see that's not the case when you enter the Christian life.

It's a complete package with infinite spiritual riches.

From the moment you're saved.

So what are those riches and how you tap into them, and how should those resources affect your decision-making, your relationships and your worship. Get answers today on grace to you with John MacArthur as he continues his study richer than you think. Now with the lesson.

Here's John like a father through a let's look at Ephesians chapter 1 Ephesians chapter 1 and were examining verses 15 to 23 in our current study looking at the resources that the believer possesses in Christ the resources of the believer that Polska three things in line that he wants us to understand three magnificent incomparable truths.

One that we would understand the greatness of his plan to the greatness of his power. Three. The greatness of his person.

Let's look at verse 18 first phrase the eyes of your understanding being enlightened. This introduces us to a very important thought the word here in the Greek for understanding is the word Cardenas from which we get cardiac.

The word means what heart literally the Greek says the eyes of your heart being enlightened now that's most interesting.

The source of spiritual enlightenment is God.

We know that in verse 50 to 70 because that's Paul's prayer to God. He knows God is the source of this understanding, the channel of that understanding to us as soon the Holy Spirit the object of it is at the end of verse 17. The knowledge of him. Paul is saying, God, you do it through the Holy Spirit that they may have the knowledge of him, you may really know God. And now here is the origin of that understanding the sources God the channel the spirit the object we may know in the organ of it is the heart is the heart that must have understanding now. We got a problem with this terms. I have to explain it to because for us the heart refers to emotions.

American culture has so designated the heart to refer to emotions how we feel, but that is not the way the ancients looked at it and that is not the way the Jews approach the little in the heart proceed to the Hebrew mind did not mean feeling it meant sinking thinking that's why the word Cardenas can be translated either heart or understanding as a man thinkest in his what heart so is out of the abundance of the heart. What mouth speaks to the heart is the thinking process. The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked who can know it's the thinking it's the will the thinking the understanding that's true all through the Scripture. So watch this, the organ of comprehension for the believer is the thinking process not the emotions God is not trying to appeal to the emotion is trying to appeal to the mind and the will and the thinking and that's what the term Cardenas me.

Christianity is not designed to appeal to the emotions. Emotions are designed to do this, they are to respond to the mind and when your emotions get in front of your mind you're gonna run while in any brand of Christianity that appeals at the emotional level and bypasses the mind is only asking for trouble because it generates responses apart from truth when the Holy Spirit works on the believer's mind. He enriches that mind to understand divine truth that is deep and profound, and thus to related to life. That's exactly what Paul meant when he said to the Colossians in chapter 3 verse 16.

You don't need human philosophy. You don't need human wisdom. You don't need legalism, asceticism, mysticism. This is what you need, you let the word of Christ dwell in you, what rich +360. That's the whole point all tastes. If the Holy Spirit doesn't quicken the truth.

It doesn't have the same effect. That's why Paul is praying God do this in their hearts they know it. Maybe it's there in skeletal form. Oh God by your spirit drive deep in their understanding maybe good illustration of the 24th and is just another trend will just remind you the disciples on the Emmaus Road.

Remember their walking along Jesus is right beside him and they been with Jesus for three years and what happened they did know I'm right they doing that they didn't know it when they knew they didn't know they all information there was, but they didn't know and finally it says in verse 31, and their eyes were opened and they recognized and he finished out of their sight. And then this comment they said one another… Did not our heart was at me reminds our wills burn within us while he talked with us along the way and open to us. Scripture she sees to have the Scripture to have the information doesn't make your heart burn.

It's when the Christ of God takes it and drives it deep in the heart, but their heartburn and the same is true.

Now Christ is not here, but his spirit is here and his spirit comes to us who possess the word and he makes it burn in our mind, that's his work. That's the eyes of your heart being in latency and what is you want us to understand where enlightened.

The first thing I told you the greatness of his plan. Look at it verse eight that you may know what is the hope of his calling in the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints. I don't know what else to say about that folks. Except that says everything there is in the whole Bible. And I can start in the beginning of the editorial pieces.

I hope they understand what you got planned for hope they understand what it means that you elected them and redeemed them and promised them an inheritance.

I hope they understand what it means to have been called from before the foundation of the world. Chapter 1 verse four chosen in him to have been redeemed in order to inherit all that there is in the kingdom of God that God could conceive for his children to understand the plan man. We understand what's going on. That's what Paul's pre-role God made the understand this is not some afterthought in human existence.

This is the master plan of the eternal God forever and ever and ever. You been master-planned and from before the world began that love is your identity.

Paul knows well that when you understand that you be more apt to act like choices.

I pray that they would understand with their minds, the eternal destiny of the Christian ordained in eternity past, possess in time and heard in the eternity at the Paul wants us to understand you know what it ultimately means to me all everything about us. Someday I will be like who Jesus Christ the debt to me is inconceivable that I would be conformed to the image of his son, that I would be like him when I see him as he that I would be a joint heir with Christ. That's God's plan. The greatness of his plan and not only is it a great plan, but it's a rich boy.

Look at verse 18. He just tells you what's involved, the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints were saints were the hot gas for the holy ones made holy in Jesus Christ and there is an inheritance not only an inheritance, but again the glory of it is of his inheritance. Not only that, but the riches of the glory of his inheritance wasn't mean, it just means that whatever God's got for us there aren't words to describe too much, just as if Paul says it's it just goes on and on the inheritance, the glory of the inheritance, the riches of the glory of the inheritor you never hit bottom. It's a marvelous magnitude of the blessings of salvation that he wants us to understand when you get an understanding of this. You realize also who you are. You are a child of God. And that's the beginning and the end of every in the nothing more to seek from this is that folks will soon asked for. Besides the riches of the glory of the inheritance of the saints; is it well I think there might be a little more out there.

We better seek more weavers must understand the resources that's the beginning. What a plan and we're part of secondly, Paul prays that we not only understand the greatness of his plan, but the greatness of his power, the greatness of his power. Verse 19 and what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe, according to the working of his mighty power.

Now this is really getting humorous Holy Spirit wrote this, but he always use the human agent and Paul here is trying to describe how powerful we are, and he just throws in every word you can think.

In fact, there are four different words for power in verse 19 alone four different Greek words for power first to see the word power.

What is the exceeding greatness of his power. That's due to miss from which we get the English word. What dynamite then there is that it says power toward us who believe, according to the working notice this powers only for those who believe it's it's for all those who are saved, is no more power to get. I buys me so much when people seek more power, more, more power is no more to get folks the greatest. The exceeding greatness of this power is toward us who believe not, who believe plus have a vision who believe plus keep certain rules who believe plus do this. It's just to those goes on to say, according to the working and use another word. The word and arrogate which is the base of our word energy and then he goes on to say, according to the working of his mighty and the word mighty is crap. Toss another word.

It could be translated. Power is sometimes translated dominion, and then he ends with another word power, which is is clues isn't the same as the other words the first word due to miss means inherent power. The second word enter gay armies operated power.

The third word criticize means ultimate power. The fourth word is truth means endowed power. What Paul is saying is there's power power everywhere you cut it is yours just about meters and processing know if I have the power to do. Paul would say that's one praying for you friend that you will know that we have power, inconceivable exceeding great power to evangelize. So I'm afraid I don't have power to witness for the other part of it is with us and I'm ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God under what salvation you have that you have the power to evangelize the apostle Paul in the Thessalonica chapter 1 Denise is our gospel came not in word only, but also in what power and assurance power for evangelist.

Secondly, God is given to us power to suffer and endure victoriously in second Corinthians 417 we have this treasure in earthly vessels, that the excellency of the power may not be of us, but of God.

Therefore he says we may be distressed but were never cast down goes on to say all those things and finally sums it up by saying we may bear in our body the dying of Jesus all the time, but we also know what it is to have that resurrection will power to evangelize power to suffer power to do God's will. People fear they don't have the energy to resource to do God's will in Philippians 213. It says it is God who works in you two willing to do with his good pleasure. The powers there power to serve. Colossians 129 Paul says it's his power working in me mightily as I labor say are on welfare. That power you should you ask what it says but you shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit is come upon you and the Holy Spirit came upon you with your see you have the power like you got so much car, your dangers. Ephesians 320 says now on the him was able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works where in us credit in credit power just in that uncle run around looking for something more. That's in the front to the gracious total love of God, who in Christ has given us everything every.

In fact he wants us to get a good understanding of this parser gives an illustration. Verse 20 is the same power which he wrought in Christ when he raised him from the dead and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly. He says what you may question the power of God would look at this. It's the same power that raised Jesus and took him to his coronation in case you're worried about whether or not God is going to be able to come off.

What is promised whether or not God's will to get you out of the mess year of the glory there.

Just remember he did in Christ that he will do it to you because the power is still the same. That's really what he say the whole message here is not so much that we understand the power for service as we understand the power for his keeping is securing this and fulfilling the marvelous hope is ours in Christ. I suppose all of us doubt and wonder whether God really be able to pull it off. He pulled it off with Christ. He raised him out of the grave.

He splattered the bands of death is shattered. The change in Christ came bursting forth alive. He drew into his side of heaven, and crown him king of kings and Lord of lords and Majesty forever and you do the very same thing for you. The Bible says you raise you out of the grave and you will sit with him in the father's and it's is just no reason to be insecure because the same power that raised Christ of bottomless coronation will do the same for you choices. I hope God that you helped by your spirit to understand the greatness of the plan and the greatness of the power that will make a plan Many sister that they'll understand the greatness of his person is person and he goes on to talk about Christ. In verse 21 far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that his name not only in this age but also in that which is to come and put all things under his feet and gave him to be the head over all things to the church which is his body, the fullness of him. The fill of all, he just moves from talking about the resurrection and the coronation of Christ talking about the Majesty's light is matched by his Majesty. Not so important that we know who it is. The tennis we have Christ. Christ secures us, Christ empowers us, Christ makes the promises of God. Yeah, you name in this Christ to hold anything to fear. Nothing to lose.

Everything is possible.

Nothing more to seek its Christ hear what could be more give is not the Spirit by measure. Paul said to Timothy. Timothy was getting, Tim Moody was getting beaten down and get discouraged in his ministry. Some of the people were hassling because he was young. Some of them were Hassan about his doctrine of some Ephesian errors were confusing and people were stringing genealogies of an Timothy was kind of Peter and out of his ministry and so he was getting a little bit discouraged.

And Paul says, listen, follow you better fan the flame a little bit man, you better stir up the gift of God that's in you, you better get the act back together. Take the wind get your stomach organized get your gift organizing aces. Above all, do this. Second Timothy 28. Remember the Lord Jesus Christ, born of the seed of David risen from the dead was that mean he saying remember the greatness of the person who lives within you, born of the seed of David that's his humanness.

He understands he is sympathetic, risen from the dead. That's his deity. He is enabling and powerful enough to accomplish all his goodwill. Remember who you and remember he's in you. That's the essence I'd say that's what every Christian folks.

That's why the Bible says to gaze into the glory of the Lord and to be changed into his image by the Holy Spirit. If we focus less on our psychological problems less on our little spiritual problems less on the little ditties that we do and more on the person of Jesus Christ and understood more his power, and understood how it is that he is in us, we would be free from a lot of the hangups bothers me so much that we read so many books all the peripheral things are so few of Jesus Christ was last time you read a book about Jesus Christ.

We is Mike matches his Majesty so he says all God made the understand is person.

He is far verse 21 far above all principality, RK and power exudes the RK is the word for the first leader exudes he is the one for the second leader with delegated authority. He says I don't care whether they're good or bad angels, principalities and powers of dominions and all these other things. Those are all names of angels, all titles and ranks of angels he's far above all the angels she is a brother screen name that his name which means every person in the universe. Anyone with any identity is under him in this age and in the age to come, and he has put all his feet gave him to be the head over all things to the church and the church which is his body, is nothing more than the fullness of him that fell of the beloved, we are with him.

That's really say credible refill with his phones. Tony is to get a grip on the greatness of the plan and the greatness of the power all made possible by the greatness of the person to change what hast nothing supersedes Jesus Christ. There's no greater power but no one can ever change anything that he's my because no one has greater power. No one can love you more. No one can ever do more because he is impotent compared to price.

No one can ever love you more because he is loved by nature solar security retreats. Hebrews 1 tells us above the Angels Philippians 2 tells us he's above every name that is name so that every knee should bow things in the earth and under the Paul reminds us here that he is the one who is head over everything even the church which is the fullness of him that Philip followed all that last verse we had the time to spend our study, you realize that you are the fullness of Christ in his chosen radiators of three so he made a great point, so he energizes the plan so he dwells within us to bring the plan to fulfillment. No wonder Paul says we are who Pere McKay super conqueror's in Christ.

No wonder he says later in Ephesians, at the close of the book in 612. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and silver and so forth. And all we need to do is take the armor of God, and then back up to verse 10 he says be strong in the Lord and the power of his might.

It's all available to us he needs us love it to be his fullness in this world. John Calvin wrote these words. This is the highest honor of the church that until he is united to us a son of God reckons himself in some measure imperfect what consolation it is for us to learn that not until we are in his presence.

Does he possess all his parts or does he wish to be regarded as complete fabulous he is in us now and in that sense he is scattered and one day when we go to be with him. He will be united. Paul prays that we understand that's what I pray for you. Together, my prayer father for these people and for myself as well is not that we would find something more.

That's foolish. There is nothing more but that we would understand the everything we already have and I pray with the apostle Paul. Oh God made these dear people your people called by your name redeemed by your blood indwelt by your spirit may these people have the spirit of wisdom, spirit of revelation in the knowledge of your son. They may live with confidence they may live with power that they may live with a secure face literally transforms their life, prays we offer our sale's is an act of worship solely that you are made manifest to us and receive all the Jesus you been listening to John MacArthur here on grace to you. East Chancellor of the Masters University in seminary both in the Los Angeles area and today's lesson was part of John's study titled richer than you think. Also pivotal day. This is the day after Thanksgiving here in the United States and most people are having a holiday from work so traditionally this has been a big day for Christmas shopping and John for listeners who may be looking to get Christmas gifts for their loved ones today and this weekend I know you have some recommendations that have spiritual value right now this is the day we all eat turkey sandwiches at our house is after they fit and secondly, my suggestion is for this day don't go shopping at a store right.

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