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Doctrines of Demons

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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April 23, 2022 2:00 pm

Doctrines of Demons

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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April 23, 2022 2:00 pm

1 Timothy 4 tells us in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. Join us today as Brian addresses the fact that doctrines of demons have infiltrated the highest office of our land and the church.


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God committed you to put God first, while viewing life through the window now only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let's join Wayne see Thomas for today's message. Thursday, March 30 international Verde in the USA are gender clear family and relationship creator God. So they pray a prayer for this pronoun raises a great line, the one identifiable as God I am and say the great day EE and she the God of Tran being and fragmenting Marion father God breast-feeding many breath you shadow you shatter all stereotypes making every single person mail and female male and female energy that not in your image. Exactly in your image.

The program is Brian Thomas agreed you in the name of our great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And as always it is a joy and honor and privilege to join you each week. I want to thank you for 20 million will I just post what would you an apology for welcoming you to the program with that so-called prayer, but that is the reality of the days that we are living where we see this type of thing going on, even in so-called churches, and you may say why use it that you tend to focus on these matters, why don't you talk to us about things that make us feel good phones God has called me to be a truth seeker and the truth lover and a proclaimer of the truth.

That is what God has called me to SOI have to highlight these matters because of my love for the truth in Jesus Christ himself said that he used truth the way and the life. No one comes to the father but by him so I am a lover of Jesus Christ will, therefore I am a lover of the truth in the book of first Timothy chapter 4 tells us that in the latter times some will give heed to doctrines of demons in verse one and two. First Timothy four now the Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith given heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscious seared with a hot iron and what we hear from that opening clip is just that, we see that right before our eyes. That was a prayer from a Presbyterian Church USA that we often hear it referred to as PC USA that denomination following the March 31 international transgender data visibility and you heard the woman in the prayer she was saying things like, God of pronouns and referring to him as the great they the God of Tran's being. She said the breast-feeding God of many breasts. That is how she is speaking of our holy God goes on to say he is intersex and non-by Marianne. All of these things as she goes to talk about. This is the image of God. This movement that is taken place in our nation is the reason why we now have a Supreme Court justice.

That's will not give the definition of a woman because people have fear. Because of this movement in which we see this push to not speak truth. The truth of how God truly created us in his image, and so there are a lot of people out there that out of fear, including those in the church, including those in pulpits that will not speak up out of fear. What I want to do today is share with you some clips from a sermon from one of the few preachers out there who does speak on these matters and I don't know of anyone who speaks more powerfully more eloquently and more consistently. Then this pastor. I'm referring to the pastor. The upper room Church of God in Christ, and Bishop Wooding in the sermon. He doesn't speak directly to this prayer. What he does speak to is a proclamation from the White House concerning transgender data visibility, some going to play a series of clips I really don't need to add any substance to it. His words speak for themselves. But as the host of the show. I do have the chime in from time to time, so I do apologize in advance for the interruptions but let's begin by listening to again. Bishop Patrick Wooding, Senior the upper room Church of God in Christ speaking August proclamation from the White House in clip one going on in this nation that deeply concerns me and Laura have shown me talk about this Thursday night I will move as expeditiously as I possibly can. Last week 30 March from the White House proclamation was given on transgender data visibility transgender data visibility, 20, 22, March 30, 2022 presidential actions, the president of the United States of America president Joe Biden appears his proclamation to everyone celebrating transgender visibility, transgender Day of visibility. I want you to know that your president sees you the first lady.

The vice president second gentleman and then tell administrations see you for who you are made in the image of God. So there you hear the bishop in these opening with this proclamation and keep in mind folks, this proclamation is coming from the highest position in our nation from the White House from Pres. Joe Biden Celeste continue to listen as he talks about the purpose of the point of this movement is the whole point of the transgender movement. The whole point that God got it wrong is part of the movement and they are trying to remake themselves into a image that God didn't make me that not the man is trying to be all along that he is not celebrating that image that God made him the he is trying to remake himself. I mean, I can be no debate about what we hear is the bishop is speaking of the point of the movement and not echo those words this whole movement years to really say in essence that God you got it wrong and we as mankind can change ourselves into whatever gender that we would like to, and folks we know again that this is deception. This is a lie from the enemy does continue to listen to the bishop as he talks about the fighter. This is not celebrating the image of God but trying to be God for estrogen, some long three-inch needle Apple shaven celebrating the image of God.

You try to obey God and create your all version of yourself. You said we see you for who you confuse about who they that's the whole point of the transgender movement, and transgender people who have made the transition back to the way they were before they lost their minds.

I just heard a podcast over young lady who tried to be a transit man and found out that Justin workman oh. She talked about what she went through. I mentioned this to you after just shooting megadoses of testosterone in her body.

She had more testosterone in her than a bodybuilder hands extraordinaire amount 90 putting this male hormone, artificially putting put in your female body so that is a clash going on in you. There is nature a man chromosomes biology saying, woman, woman, because that's what she is what she put something in her that says man may make in the end he later said every time.

The time came to take the shot again and then she said parenthetically and they don't tell you that you take the shot put a free-agent leader that that's going to live a simile right now three-inch needle that you got Jan Daniel Claude and then I'll call our you put in that and work it and get a D in the muscle and she said every time the time roll around you. John the time roll around, take that shot again. She said everything in her instinct her inner voice body would start screaming no don't please don't tell, don't just describe to you demonic activity.

And yeah, that kind of activity activity gets a presidential proclamation all God, no. You do not hear this type of truth telling in many poop is today you not hear this type of truth telling on a lot of podcasts were a lot of radio programs but I am right now I am begging preachers, begging pastors, evangelist teachers, we need you to speak up on these matters because as the bishop said this is demonic activity and we are to be lovers of the truth.

If you love Jesus Christ, you are to be a lover of the truth and you should want these people delivered from what they are living in.

So I'm urging you to to speak up for the truth of God's almighty holy word continue to listen to the bishop love remember me and saw you and the people said a man when you get ready to move on this stuff.

When you read to visit this stuff just the Lord. Not everybody in America was for, have mercy alone.

Yes, we cry out to God for mercy because not everyone is in agreement with these things that are taking place the highest position in our nation calls for short announcement, but please don't go away were going to come back with more on the other side. From this it would begin on this vital issue of our don't go away you are tuned into the God first program you're listening to Brian.more crying brown library. There you will find articles and downloads on various topics such as salvation, marriage is just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit with God in the third paragraph of the proclamation is really going despite this progress, the progress of transgender American.

There were no women's despite this progress, channel, transgender Americans continue to face discrimination, harassment and barriers to opportunity this is this transgender women, which men and girls, which are bowlers, especially transgender women and girls of color continue to face epidemic levels of violence that was always an angle on ratio one to try to pull our sin and make you think that concern about the sad thing is we both we fall for him, not with this push to make the blackness synonymous with perversion that has never been anything wrong without complexion that have never been anything tomorrow about our complexion, Barry Morrow Blackfoot blackberry more white people in Asian, Hispanic, everyone else but you not more role or tomorrow based on complexion, but they like to try to link it in to make you think that doing something for you.

You know I is I look at these matters and I listen to the words of the bishop and I cannot agree with you more. I have scratch my head over the years in and wondering why is it that so many Blacks do not get upset over the fact that these people will equate your moral behavior and action with the civil rights movement of Blacks. I find it very offensive in and I scratch my head but but you know the reality of it is I do know why so many do not speak up against it because in doing so, they would be speaking against the political party that the majority of Blacks support so you see there is that there's a contradiction there and so they choose to stay quite, but it is offensive because I'm not with as the bishop said this push to equate blackness with your moral behavior.

There is nothing wrong with our skin color our skin color the way in which God created us is not immoral, you will not find that in the Scriptures that our skin color is immoral, but you will find that sexual behavior outside of what God calls between one man one woman as immoral in doing things that are outside of his commands, so I I echo the words of the bishop on this matter less. Let's hear more battles.

These kingdoms get these kingdoms of thought, attention kingdoms, no they know that you got to respond a certain way. Everything depends upon how you respond to what's been placed before you. Let me just say this to you don't read something in the advertisement industry in America tell you something that I know in the advertisement and marketing industry because I will explain to you why you see what you see in the entertainment and marketing industry in America why they make commercials what a market stuff whether things are promoted that have these areas have been inundated, infiltrated, I feel with LB GT kinfolk that that they they they work in those industries, businesses want to sell product businesses hi marketing agents agencies to make their commercials so the marketing agency. They may market you will, but if you notice whether trying to sell you call medicine socks bashers strand of half why always throw in there the same sex. This same sex that the method is that the thing is to make you think everybody's like to make you think all people go along with that stuff and every other person you see is participating in that kind of godless behavior that's marketing for you and they know the longer you see, the more you become desensitized and was the this sensitization have taken place once people no longer desensitized mostly by the sensitized Magi what people do is just simply giving a foal went wherever they fold consciously subconscious whether the well is not that day my really don't get the big deal myself. I like I don't like talks about this we hear stuff like that you hearing it from someone who's Katie so as bishop said there is an agenda out there. There is a marketing it is to water down the issue with us to brainwash us to condition us to accept these things more and more and again folks. I do apologize for interrupting the bishop. I wish that I could just play your money erupted.

But as the hose I have to chime in from time to time, but again he is speaking great truths on these matters. Let's hear more as he continues to talk about how Satan wants us to stop being witnesses for Jesus Christ have in Cuba, astrophysicists say don't care if you become a multibillionaire tycoon devil if you when an Oscar thing that you're all they say most of saints to fail to do is to be Christ's witness. She is the Holy Ghost will come upon you, and you shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and you shall be witnesses unto me to say Satan's goal is not to make you up cussing blue joke comedian you never cuss word just don't witness for Christ wanted he will rob us of our age. That is what Satan does not want us to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. The truth of our great Lord Jesus Christ continue listening as he speaks about the battle for kingdom ideologies in our minds. You see two kingdoms mention right there by Lord I Lord speaks of the kingdom of Satan, and he speaks of the kingdom of God and then he talks about kingdom activity and kingdom rules kingdom. Each kingdom has ideals, ideologies, thoughts, lifestyles, rules saying that they want us to submit to Barry as a of Dems taking place in the world and the battlefield. As I've mentioned formation is your mine is my mind if I hear again and want to get things in it.

They won't change what we believe and understand how the human mind works. You can get the human mind to doubt God when it comes origin you can get the human mind to disbelieve the Bible when it comes to gender, sex okay so I talk about this if you can get you to buy that that I met and imitated an accident if you really if you really have no problem with a man trying to turn himself into a woman. I'm gradualist you really if corporate America you job your family nearby had worn you down to that point and what we will use were worn down. You just wouldn't see the big oak and you already know that the Bible says that God made them male and godly lymphedema right but it's not a big deal with you and imagine this. You believe then that Jesus died and was dead three days and God raised him from the day. If you are all right with these other things and a person can love whomever they want. Love you what they want then do you actually believe that virgin had a baby see Wade if you doubt God.biblical Christianity when it comes to how we got here when I have problem with creationism like I disbelieve in the Big Bang. Okay, so then do you believe that Jesus actually walked toward you believe that he actually fed 5000 with two little fish and five barley loaves mind works sweetie sweetie mom will see if he can attack because of the faith and get you to cave on those issues you are going, you're not gonna believe that he's coming I cannot agree more.

That is what this is all about is about the mine folks. It is about to to get you to did to doubt one truth will cause you to doubt even more truths. So let's continue to listen to the bishop as he addresses doubt you don't trust them when it comes down to these things that were talked about Dale you are you telling me that you actually believe that there's going to be a rapture was going to get caught away. That's is all that is no you don't. If you don't believe these other you won't believe it's time to show you how the enemy works what he does his tax and attack you hold to attack certain pillows certain pillows of thought.

He attacked Porter things anything get you to doubt those things then that leads to you doubting everything and you cannot be saved by down to be a Christian. One must believe appraisal let's wrap things up with one last statement from the bishop a warning to us all. While I was five and 20 that call evil good and good evil that would like to put darkness for light and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. He said then done wallowing to them that call Gould evil that put like five dollars and darkness for light doesn't matter who you may be the big brother United States to behold God said unto them that do such thing.

Are you praying for me. A man and were living in a day where we're putting light for darkness and darkness for light, bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter recalling wrong right and right wrong. Well, those were a lot of clips, but as I stated in my opening. I want you to hear from the bishop because I don't know of anyone who speaks more powerfully, eloquently and consistently on these matters and I've been following him for more than 15 years and his message has not changed during that time, and I've heard others who say they followed him for his entire ministry and his message is always been the same to stand on the truth of God's word and that is what we must do and I was listening to Alex McFarlane just the other day on his radio program and he was stating that if you in a church and the pastor never speaks on these matters. He never speaks on LGBT cueing never speaks on abortion. He says there's a time and when you do need to approach that pastor about these matters and I am urging again preachers out there were all in this thing together.

We need you to stand up and speak the truth of God's holy word for those out there who are struggling with these issues. I want you to know that the blood of Jesus Christ you works.

Jesus died at Calvary for all scenes including the sins that we have been discussing on this program today so I want you to know that you can have deliverance you can be made whole in Jesus Christ. But you must confess your sins and repent and then profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

He will deliver you, so why don't you come to him today if that is you never received them as Lord and Savior battling with this issue come to our Lord Jesus Christ home today will folks that is going to do it for this week as we are all a lot of time but please come back and join us next week as we continue to encourage you to put God first, while viewing life through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, bless God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen. Thank you for tuning into the God first and 20th next week as we continue to encourage God like until next time, like God's greatness

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