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Beast from the Sea - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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October 16, 2021 2:00 pm

Beast from the Sea - Part 2

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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October 16, 2021 2:00 pm

Just as God uses man to accomplish His objective, Satan uses man as well. We will see this displayed in chapter 13. Satan has been cast to the earth and he is standing on the "shore of the sea" and observing this "beast", contemplating how he will control it for his purposes.


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God first program committed to encouraging you to put God first viewing life through the window of the Bible in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Isaac, and Jacob. Please join us for the day greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My name is Brian Thomas and is always joy and honor and a privilege to join you each week you and I want to thank you for tuning you will folks I don't know about you but when I look around at what is taking place in the world today and then I look at the Bible have a couple of different thoughts that come to mind. A couple different feelings that come to mind. On the one hand I get sort of frustrated when I see evil being pushed and promoted and celebrated.

The only other hand I look at what the Bible says in the Bible says that there will be certain things that would happen just before our Lord comes back to the earth, and I see the things taken place in the world today unfolding right before our eyes, so that gives me excited and you see the signs that we talk about.

These are things that point to the second coming of Christ meaning when his feet literally touch the earth but the rapture of the church thus assigned this event. No signs, nothing has to take place before the rapture and so we see already B signs are pointing to our Lord second coming when his feet touched the earth. Then we know we are even closer to the time in which our Lord is going to descend into the clouds and we will be caught up together with him to meet them in the air we were going to heaven to ride out the seven year tribulation so I'm excited about things that are taken place even though there again is a lot of wickedness that is being promoted and pushed and I heard a pastor talking the other day and he said he was talking to a man who said he wished that he lived during the Bible days, he said that would be so exciting.

The pastor told him he said man we are living in the Bible days because the things of the Bible said would take place. We are living in that time we were seeing these things happening right before so it is truly an exciting time.

Even in the midst of the darkness that we see that continues to grow in the earth. The Bible tells us also that there is a time coming which there will be a totalitarian rule over the earth that will be this one that we call the antichrist. Who's going to rule the entire earth were going to continue looking at it this week as we continue to look at the beasts from the sea. In Revelation chapter 13, so please turn your Bibles there with me were going to began with verse seven it was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them in authority was given him over every tribe and tongue and nation. This passage tells us that during the tribulation, the Antichrist will have authority over the entire world.

This means a one world government and the philosophy of a one world government is extremely popular even among nations leaders of today, which lets us know the things prophesied in the Bible concerning the coming of the antichrist are on the horizon, the groundwork, the foundation is already being laid because they believe that a one world government is the solution to the world's problems. It will come to pass through the tribulation. Here is what Henry Kissinger had to say about Barack Obama as he was come to office in 2009. He stated quote the President-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is a people in many parts of the world simultaneously.

This task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this. When really a new world order can be created is a great opportunity. It isn't just a crisis" that I was over a decade ago. So we fast-forward to our present day. There are some buzz words and phrases from the world's elites that she calls our ears to perk up when we hear phrases like build back better reimagine the great reset that there should be alarm bills going off in our minds loudly.

We should sit up and pay attention because these are all codewords for the new world order, which equates to one world government, which equates to the global government of the antichrist. This passage tells us that the antichrist will unleash tremendous persecution on Christians and Israel.

Daniel 725 says he will wear out the saints. These will be tribulation saints.

Those who miss the rapture because they were not truly saved but they become say you become born again during the tribulation to receive our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So is important for us to understand that there will be individuals who will reject him that he is the antichrist and receive Jesus Christ as true Savior as true Messiah but the antichrist will still have control over the entire year world's a time that is coming that our Lord says will be the worst time to the world has ever seen or ever will see we again will see this totalitarian control of the evil one known as antichrist, and then in verse eight of chapter 13 it says all who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

You see, human beings desire to worship what they can see we see this displayed in idols throughout the world people worship celebrities and athletes and material possessions and money we've have a television show titled American Idol will during the tribulation. Satan will provide a visible God with seemingly divine powers is known in the Bible as the antichrist and most will worship him and reject Jesus Christ.

But just as the Hebrew boys refuse to worship Nebuchadnezzar's image, the ones whose names are written in the book of life belonging to Christ will refuse to worship the antichrist see whenever a person is born. Their name is written in the book of life. But if that person dies without accepting Christ as Lord his or her name is blotted out will. Apparently there will be those who were still physically alive during the tribulation that will have their names blotted out because they accept the mark of the beast, although they will still be a fit be physically alive.

They become spiritually dead because it is at that moment that there is eternal damnation become sealed in verse nine tells us in Revelation 13.

If anyone has an ear, let him hear. Throughout the book of Revelation Jesus Christ wants to listen to hear his warnings also have a warning for us all. Concerning this time that we're living in, as it relates to the prophecies in Revelation know I've said numerous times that I will not tell anyone to take the covert shot nor will I tell them you want to not take the covert shot is a private matter between you, your doctor, and God will you feel the shot is right for you, individually or not, you should be concerned about covert shot mandates. You should wonder why people cannot have freedom of choice visit.

You should ask yourself the question, why are American citizens being required to vaccinate under the threat of losing one's job, while our nation allows illegal immigrants into the country without requiring that they have a shot. You should wonder, why is that many of the powers that be really want to stop the spread of the virus.

Why are immigrants who test positive for Cova 19 loudly and dispersed throughout our nation. We should have things going in our minds and say why is that what is really going on. When the light of that, I want you here now New York Gov. Kathy Holcombe. This is a governor who took the place of Cuomo and she speaking at the Christian cultural center in Brooklyn where A.R. Bernard is pastor in clip one. I prayed a lot to God.

During this time. You know what God did answer our prayers.

He made the smartest men and women the scientists the doctors the researchers, he may then come up with a vaccine that is from God to us and we must say thank you God thank you and I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time to set unvaccinated all of you. Yes I know your vaccinated to the smart ones that you know there's people out there who are listening to God what God wants you know this. You know they are. I need you to be my apostles. I needed to go out and talked about it and say we only this to each other we love each other. Jesus taught us to love one another. How do you show that love but to care about each other not to say please get vaccinated because I love you I want you to live. I want our kids to be safe in their in schools. I want to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or hospital and are treated by somebody you don't want to get the virus from them already sick he wouldn't be there. We have to solve this, my friends, I need every one of you. I need you to let them know that this is how we can get fight/flight.

This pandemic come back to normal and then start talking about the real issues that we have to fighting systemic racial injustice which exist today and if there's a giant denier. I will take you on any day because I've seen it. I know it exists, we are not can have a blind eye to this ever again will you heard her say she prayed a lot to God, he answered our prayers by making the smartest ones come up with a vaccine and she wears her vaccination necklace proudly in claims that those who take the shot, all the smart ones, while those who do not are not listening to God and what God wants folks, this should be alarming to us. She then calls on the people at the church to be her apostles and I say what in the world is going on with his woman. She calls on them to go after the unvaccinated to convince them to get vaccinated. She claims that taken the shot is showing the love that Jesus taught.

And then of course he cannot conclude without injecting the telltale woke narrative of systemic racial injustice is like these people are drunk on this idea of systemic racism. Everything is racist now. No matter what takes place. They have to put that in their narrative. So again, folks, regardless of whether you feel the shot is right for you are not you should be concerned about this type of propaganda coming from a governor and we see this is just going throughout our society and you should ask questions about what really is going on. What is this really all about. So she's not alone and so were going to take a quick break but on the other side want to come back I'm going to share more with you and others who speak it out concerning these things that are taken place. What really is happening or how should we as Christians process was going on all the way you are tuned into God first program you are listening to God first. If you believe in what we stand for God first Bible Fellowship, would you consider partnering with us, our God first bought this program is based on Matthew 633 but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added on to forward coagulation of $6.33 per month you can help us share the message of placing God's commands when viewing the issues of our culture, please visit our website God from the Lord God first Bible Fellowship, PO Box 266, Niceville, NC 27545 for more information that let's return to the conclusion of the program back to the programmer name is Brian Thomas I want to thank you for joining me today is we are looking at the beast from the sea. In Revelation chapter 13 where take a look at things that are currently taking place. So before the break we heard New York Gov. Kathy Holcombe and and she's calling on people to be her apostles and to go out and evangelize the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. We should be asking ourselves questions as to to really what is going on with this this movement and let me be again clear folks that if you have taken the shot if you have made the decision that that is the right thing for you and in you have have have talk to God about it. Not here to to knock anyone for doing that nor my here to mock anyone who is not taken the shot. I am not making a statement or stance to say you should or should not.

What I am saying is, why is there not a freedom of choice for something that well for those who do not have pre-existing health conditions. You have a 99% chance of surviving the wise that is great push to try to get everybody to do this no matter what wasn't said earlier Kathy Holcombe is is pushing this issue is she's not alone.

I want you here now. Sen. Rand Paul, as he was challenging Health and Human Services Sec. Javier Becerra on the science of covert, 19 shot mandates in clip number two with an Israeli study that had to 2.5 million patients and found that the vaccinated group was actually seven times more likely to get infected coded in the people and gotten covert. Naturally said I have to get back to him, that when I'm not familiar with the study will you think you might want to be if you travel the country insulting the millions of Americans including NBA star Jonathan Isaac who have had covert recovered look at a study with 2.5 million people and say you know what it looks like my immunities is good is a vaccine are not in a free country. Maybe Ottavio to make that decision instead your chosen travel country calling people like Jonathan Isaac and others, myself included, flat Arthurs, we find that very insulting because against the science. Are you a doctor or medical doctor. I've worked over 30 years on foot else I want to hear you are not a medical doctor give a science degree you travel the country calling people flat Arthurs who have had covert looked at studies of millions of people and made their own personal decision that their immunity they naturally acquired a sufficient but you presume somehow to tell over 100 million Americans who survive covert that we have no right to determine her own medical care. You alone are on high. You've made these decisions, a lawyer with no scientific background no medical degree.

This is an arrogance coupled with an authoritarianism that is unseemly and un-American to serve the one ignoring the science, the vast preponderance of scientific studies, dozens and dozens show robust long-lasting immunity after covert infection. Ethan, the CDC does not recommend measles vaccine. If you have measles immunity. The same was true for smallpox but you ignore history and science to shame the flat Arthurs, as you call them you should be ashamed of your self and apologize to the American people for being dishonest about naturally acquired immunity you want more people to choose vaccination settle on one unless and vaccine hesitancy so to why you want to have that happen. Quit lying to people about naturally acquired immunity quit, lording it over people acting as if these people are deplorable and unwashed tri-persuasion instead of government cudgels tri-humility instead of arrogance. Try freedom instead of coercion.

Most of all, try understanding that there is no more basic medical right in deciding what we inject into our bodies today after hearing that millions of people in the study prove show without a doubt that there is a great deal of immunity from getting it naturally, you want to apologize to the hundred million Americans who suffered through covert survived have immunity and yet you want to hold him down and vaccinated in your apologize for calling those people flat Arthurs Sarah appreciate your question and appreciate that everyone has their opinion of follow the facts and science at HHS. We use the expertise of the medical professionals assigned to set HHS to make decisions.

It's a team effort and we rely on what is on the ground showing this results, except for the dozens and dozens of studies. In fact, most if not all, of the study showed robust immunity from getting the disease naturally, the CDC says if you had measles and have immunity.

You don't have to be vaccinated. The same was true of smallpox. You're selectively doing this because you want us to submit to your will, you have no scientific background no scientific degrees and yet you are really concerned about 100 million Americans read the seizures wanted tell us do as you're told.

That's what you're telling us you want to mandate this on all that you're going tell survive 100 employees. You're going to put me out of business with a 700,000 are fine.

If I don't obey what you think is a science. Don't you understand that is presumptuous for you to be in charge of all the science never heard of the second opinion.

I can go to my doctor and asked my doctors opinion, this is is is incredibly arrogant combined with this of their authoritarian nature that you think will just tell all of America to do what I say and they better or will find them or put them in jail or not to go to school and all of them travel the sciences against you on this. The science is clear, naturally quite immunity is as good as a vaccine. The Israel study actually showing it better.

This is an argument against the vaccine and it's an argument for letting people make a decision who already have immunity you're not willing to consider natural immunity center.

Our team has reviewed every study that's out there on coded whether it's from Israel from the US or wherever else they have used the facts that have been provided through the rigorous research that's been done to reach conclusions 660,000 Americans had more have died because of covert try to do everything we can to save as many as possible using the facts were following the science of following the law. Nobody's arguing the severity of this for you are completely ignoring the signs on natural immunity says about you so's the whole group.

You're just ignoring it because you want submission you want to register, submit to your will do as you're told, despite the evidence, the large body of scientific evidence that says naturally acquired immunity does work is an important part of our Robin recover from. This shows a vaccine when you add them together were a much different place than if you ignore them hundred million Americans by conservative CDC estimates have had the disease 200 million or more now than vaccinated.

The good thing combined together. It's how the disease is nobody wants to get the disease rot advising anybody to get the disease. As you are lucky enough to get it. Think of the nurses and doctors and orderlies who all bravely took care of covert patients. There was no vaccine for a year and 1/2. They took care of people risk their lives they got it survived and now people like you are arrogant enough to say you can no longer work in the hospital because you've Artie had the disease will force you take a vaccine that the science does not prove is better than naturally acquired. That's an arrogance that should be chastened now that was a long clip, but I want you to hear it all because this is a very important exchange that we hear from here from Sen. Rand Paul, again talking to health and human sciences, Sec. Javier Becerra and as you heard Javier Becerra. He refused to accept the science of naturally acquired immunity.

He calls those who do not want the shot.

The mocking term flat Arthurs and you heard the reference by the senator to Jonathan Isaac Jonathan Isaac is an ordained minister who plays in the NBA.

He's not taken the shot. His stance is that he is already had covert, 19 has naturally acquired immunity is young at the age of 24 in great physical condition. So he sees no need to take the shot, that's just plain old common sense.

We should ask the question why force people to take a shot, who have naturally acquired immunity, which studies show was far better than the shot. Why can't this be a personal choice. I am just asking questions things for you to think about. Is it because they want authoritarianism, as the senator alluded to is this the beginning of the foundation for this be system that we find here in the book of Revelation. I'm not saying that it is. I'm not saying that it isn't. But it should cause us to question things because there are nurses who risk their lives in the beginning of this pandemic.

They will own the front lines treating patients before we knew how severe this virus will I was before we knew how they would be affected. They were heroes for doing so for putting their lives on the line for others and now they are being fired for refusing to take a shot.

This should make you wonder what is really going on is this truly about a shot or could it be about compliance and submission Melanie be clear that I can say with certainty. For those of you who have taken the shot whether you regret it or not, and there are some who have taken it and do regret it.

You have not taken the mark of the beast. So if you're wondering about that. Put your mind to rest. This is not the mark of the beast because we are not yet in the seven year tribulation, but could this be something that is laying the foundation for the system.

Is it a dry run is a dress rehearsal for what is to come. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't, but we should ask ourselves questions because Jesus warned about deception being great in the last days leading up to his return. Christians must be wise all the claims. We always hear racism that we are bombarded with those things. Stoke division you are pitting vaccinated versus unvaccinated that Stokes division and division Stokes revolution revolution Stokes new governments and new government paves the road for alignment with the New World order.

Let me be clear that I am not anti-governments.

If I were that would put me in the same category as the likes of antiforeign black lives matter and Marxists who want to overthrow the government and the Bible tells us that God actually ordained government. He he ordained government to keep law and order, but with man's sinful nature. Governments often become corrupt. Are you heeding the warnings of Christ to hear and to pay attention. People heed the warnings of the weatherman, a weather lady when they say to prepare for Bastogne people heed the warnings of a mechanic when he says if you do not change your old regularly. Your motor will go bad. Why is it that people, especially those who profess to be Christians do not hear and heed the warnings of Jesus Christ because our Lord is warning us in the Bible of things that that are coming. He warns us about the spirit of antichrist that we see and again is already come to pass in the earth as we wrap up with verse 10 it says he who leads into captivity shall go into captivity, he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints. Many reject as of the Antichrist during the tribulation will go into captivity. Many will be killed with the sword. It will require patient's faith and trust in Jesus Christ to remain faithful during this time of persecution. Those that endure. By keeping their hands in the Masters hands, even if it means losing their earthly life will receive eternal life. But this verse tells us that God will bring about justice because the antichrist will have his day. He will rule the earth for a while but the Bible declares that he will go into captivity and he will be killed when Jesus comes back and cast him into the lake of fire. At the end of the tribulation. We must remember that Jesus wins and because we are all his side.

That means we win for those of us who have received him as Lord and Savior.

If you have not put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, I encourage you to do so today become born again by his shed blood. The time is near. Folks the signs are all around us. When we look again.

It was taken place in the world. Look at how there is a hatred for the truth. How many incidents have we had just here in our nation in which a police officer because he has white skin and he has a incident with someone who has brown or black skin.

People naturally conclude go by the assumption that there is racism and they run with it. Regardless of the facts.

They don't care about the facts because often times pretty, pretty much every case after things have been looked at in closer detail.

We find that that the black citizen was committing a crime and/or resisting arrest being noncompliant but they don't they don't care about facts they don't care about truth. The Bible says Jesus is truth.

He says he is the way the only way to the father and you see the antichrist.

He hates truth because he hates Jesus Christ and that is why we see things taken place in the world. That is why was he critical race theory and is infiltrating so many segments of society even in the church.

Sadly, that wickedness the doctrines of demons telling people that because of their skin color that automatically raises and we have churches that are embracing those we have to wake up. We have to see the tricks of the devil. Ahead, the mall, we have to understand that the spirit of antichrist that Revelation 13 talks about it is already in the earth and is building towards what is yet to come. The seven year tribulation are you paying attention. Are you hearing are you listening, heeding the words of our Lord because all of this talk about socialism and Marxism. All this is doing is paving the road towards this one world system for this antichrist. Who's going to rule the entire world.

The good thing about it is the great thing about as we saw in our passage is that he will have his date. He's going to be destroyed. Jesus Christ is coming back, back to rule and reign not tell you people. I'm excited today.

Even the light of what is happening in the world because these things tell me that the time is near. Jesus Christ says when you see all these things begin to happen. Look up and watch your redemption draws near. Are you watching for the redemptive coming of our Lord Jesus Christ will be caught up together to meet him in the air.

I'm looking forward to that great wealth is we are all out of time. I want to thank you for tuning in this week. Please come back next time and join us as we continue to encourage you to put God first, while viewing life through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, less God's great nation of Israel.

The only wise God be glory. Jesus Christ, forever. Amen.

Thank you for tuning into the God first program. Please come back and join us next week as we continue to encourage you to put God first viewing life window of the Bible.

Until next time you pray for the peace of Jerusalem black got great nation of Israel and the kingdom of

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