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How to Keep the Faith in College - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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August 7, 2021 2:00 pm

How to Keep the Faith in College - Part 1

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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August 7, 2021 2:00 pm

College students are faced with many pressures to conform to the world. leading many Christian parents to worry whether their children will keep the faith in Christ when they arrive on campuses. We talk today to two Christian college students who explain how to stay on the straight and narrow path.


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God first in line when the only thing I am doing today. The program my name is Brian Thomas and it is always a joy honor and a privilege to join you each week. I want to thank you for tuning in.

I am very excited this week about the program that we have laid out for the last several months I've had a normal heart. I been thinking about the young generation and how the devil is really after our young people, even at a very young age. Preschoolers the devil is after them and there is so much indoctrination that is going on trying to get our young people. Young generation to turn away from God and so is Vilma Hart to address it and I reached out to my friend Elder James facing, who heads up the God first campus ministries and asked him if he would come want to talk about some of the things that the college students are facing. So he made the suggestion to bring on some college students to actually come want to talk about it because will live in this distinct day today you there in the trenches and I thought that was an excellent idea and so for those out there, parents, grandparents, I know there are those of you who are worried about was taking place on college campuses. We just pray that this message will give you some encouragement and and and show you.

There are those out there who were standing true to the faith even in the midst of this wicked society so I want to welcome Elder James facing to the program again. He is the leader of the God first campus ministries and and I want to James again, thank you for coming on and and would you do us the honors of introducing our college students today are all on the world and honor to join your college student warriors on territorial very widely during or at none other than Carolina University character on fire for the Lord in operation active in the ministry of a truly novel of power young college and the college of Nürnberg will not lose our burning graphic harassment also another great accounting majors arrive at your hospital chapel universe. Dual enrollment program with the Army reserves the also the Lord.

So glad you're true example of that number look up toward will order your also thanks to Ms. James into audience. James is going to drop off but this is the first in a series that we want to do on this topic. In the end we're going to title this series how to keep the faith in college so this is part one will have the Elder James facing he's going to be joining us later on in the series tube to discuss these matters even more, but I want to welcome Charis Williams and Caleb always thank you so much for joining us today will talk about all right with thank you so much again. I know you have busy schedules you're excited about school, about to take place when you took the time to come.

Want to talk with us so I am very grateful and I want to begin again.

As I said in the opening.

There are so many things that college students are facing, you know, I am over 20 years removing college, myself, and I remember some of the things that I face and and I can only imagine what it is today because I see things in the news the indoctrination that is going on, and so much my heart goes out to the things that college students, young people are having to face today, so I want to begin with the question of sororities. The topic of sororities and fraternities through want to go ladies first. Charis will you share with us your feelings. Your thoughts about Christians and sororities increase in Christian art boarding or fraternity organization and body mode by the majority of sororities and fraternities on required number language. I'm really reasonable level of devotion and wish to expand and disseminate areas of the life and you call yourself a Christian and thank and claim that you obey God, cried where way your child to a group of people who make oh that are ungodly and fighting now and your loyalty something that is not only viable Christian on the college can't be held for 14 88.

Whether we ran rampant the Lord to be die die and we are not of the world by what we do think what you go back right, we should be devoting our time. I can I energy, commitment to Christ especially and Dane like now working and fraternity be a part of the Christian know you're already part of the body of Christ. Yoga looking people who join fraternity parties and are looking for something to build a pilot but the chicken filling our time and cried right will said. Will said okay Caleb I'm going to come to you with the same question about fraternities. What what is your perspective on what to make sure but I think the big black master guide organization is being there's a lot of polluted spirit for better body.

The thing that comes with all of the court will be war that knowledge would be folded a lot of partying and drinking a lot of things that go against Scripture and Christian nations that will call Bobby David about word about it in my heart especially on the content will keep us from John that will boggle all on on that kilobyte she broke talk about how you carry on the overt sexuality blackmail and out of boredom toward what he bragged of Altman are iconic patient that not only departed God disrespect Scripture so critical to have been knowledge of Scripture so that we a lot of the activities that are embodied in the audience that we probably ruffling some for this year because they are people in the church a lot of people in the church that are in sororities and fraternities, but these young people speaking truth and I love the fact you both gave answers that are rooted in the Scriptures that that is what we call have a biblical worldview. Your your foundation is the Bible and a love Charis. The fact that you said our allegiance is to Jesus Christ. Okay so we don't need an allegiance to anything else, and Caleb, you made mention of how their there are things in there that is deceptive and Jesus spoke about the last days. He said be not deceived. Matthew chapter 24 he said that multiple times and so there's so much deception that is going on and it made me think about when I was in college like a sitter with 20 years ago and I had no interest in fraternities, but the guys that I had became friends with my freshman year, they were interested and I don't want to be a part of it and so I will confess that I allow peer pressure to cause me to go to the interest meeting. I did say okay I'll all go and listen but all I heard about was partying and drinking. How many girls you did with and I said no I'm not having any part of this and so they went ahead and play as they became part of the fraternities. I did not did remain friends with them. But over the years. My relationship with them just gradually grew apart because they were doing things in the fraternities that as a Christian I could be part of what my stance was. I'm staying faithful to Jesus Christ and it just warms my heart to see young people like you two that are still doing the same, which I know today the pressures even more so to sort of follow up on that. Charis have you face any pressure from peers to get involved in sororities peer pressure.

Want to join any authority on what my parents had eluded me for something that enticing to me and play even as I work on And I think with China, people ran toward that interest me one bit walk toward the table with the people I knew in the date I think I need to be a partner and I knew that I will find what I need in the organization. Well, well, this is great to hear about you Caleb pressure from peers at all much peer pressure for what character will doubt I will, and that when I got the Company knew that I would give because I grew up in the church. Christian and I will forget who I was in college And my mom.

She would place me to you, college as well and they were able to teach me some of the things that made him think that maybe they felt they were able to avoid so that you get too much depression about both parents to God that is so awesome to hear. Well folks, you are listening to Charis Williams and Caleb Owens.

They are college students who were standing true and strong for the faith and religious unity encouraging that you are there college student you can do the same. Parents your children can do the same so we want to encourage you all out there to come back on the other side of the break and continue.

So don't go away you are tuned into the God first program you are listening to God first.

If you believe in what we stand for God.

Fellowship would you consider God for this program is based on Matthew 633 but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added on to what was going to relational $6.33 per month you can help us share the message of placing God's commands when viewing the issues of our culture is visit our Bible Fellowship, PO Box 266, Niceville, NC 27545 for more information let's return to the conclusion of the program back to the golfers program as we are discussing today. How to keep the faith in college, joined by two wonderful young people. Young lady by the name of Charis Williams and a young man by the name of Caleb Owens, both in the third-year college both stayed true to the faith. So I want to go next.

I have to give sort of a preference disclaimer sort of upfront before I go into business questioning that for those who are listening on radio. You cannot see us but we are all brown skin people here talking okay so McCall is black so McCall is African-American. We are all of that ethnic group. Alright so what I want to ask is what you speak to the black student movement first came to one of you define what it is, what is the black student movement. King agreed that the majority way of formation of application who wanted to warn of the flow growth in population and the back where I how their boy.

They created black and so Charis can you continue to to telecine should should Christians get involved in this part. I think I shouldn't be a part of, but she would not agree with that and what you will.

Boy, I think it also were talking about. If you're going to be a part of that your book by Ortho. What do you know what you believe what the Bible belt people are now so on separate quality of our Christian vote that Christian where I fight that for every 7:59 PM and for related that all about back by all. But what they believe what they ought their neck out for you and people you make your point for chocolate. I will keep silent part that I don't like going forward… I don't know what you know what you know allow them to you because that was not around when I was in college, but I can imagine the way is being pushed now, especially within a movement like the black student movement, and in critical race theory.

I gave a talk last week on those subjects, and there is so much wickedness tied into those things so you're right. People need to know what it is they're getting involved with. There is there's witchcraft or summoning spirits of the did any and all of those things. This is antithetical to the Christian faith. And so we want to educate people to know what it is that you're truly getting involved with social thank you so much for pointing those out all right Caleb, what about you what is your perspective the black student movement, I think were all caught up because we are part of the black body Christian will call why practical comes to taking think the difference between a bag article. Basically what they're fighting for quality schools.

Black black faculty.

All racial bias in the classroom have equal treatment of black faculty at school so that the battle is very different now for Christian believers being out for God be submitted something. But I thought about any young person we are directly know a lot of people out old a lot of quick audit out of the car go to.

So movement could be why you pick and choose what battle are being taught now day of the Christian gospel light on for the.all the why question will call why cannot you call people at the cortical teaching doctrine, body will see you because you know there are a lot of people that unfortunately believe they've made an idol of their their ethnicity of their race and am so glad Charis that you mentioned you said will do Christian first. Everything else is secondary.

Christian comes first. But there's so many that went when you look at their decisions and how they approach things politically. What they do. They put the race first till going inside with the one who has the same color skin looks like them even though what they stand for their principal, their policies go against the Bible and we should not do that and then like you said Caleb.

I try to share with people's will look at where God has brought us from and I think back to a class I had in college was a religion religion class and it was a black guy married and he's, studio B because what I said like he was going to combat me because I thought I said will look at the blessing that has came out of slavery, black community slavery this country and and I wasn't condoning slavery but II share the story of Joseph in the Bible look at what Joseph went through. Look at what God brought out of it that the nation of Israel. The Israelites and not only them but really the entire world at that time was saved from the famine because what God was doing and so God will turn evil for the good for those who trust in him so so good to have that that perspective. And again that's why so important to be rooted in the Bible when we approach these issues social. Thank you both for those responses that the last thing I want to talk about today is when it comes to professors. We know there are a lot of liberals out there. They are hostile toward Christianity. When I sanded there all their there are some good professors out there who are Christians. But we know that there's a great movement to indoctrinate students to go against what the word of God says so what are some of the areas in which you will have experience where professors are pushing against the Bible and would you face that how should Christians addresses socialist go to you first.

Charis encountered you I got what I believe, however, I do think future for future identify myself writing trade date. What I believe I am all for attending the state when and neck with Barry Christian.

Not ashamed to say that I am a Christian hi Blanche, the body of Christ and the bottom line.

I got out that are afraid to cut fat that may bring a great down on how your work project in the corporate height and by have to be made. Being a Christian.

Anthony hi, I think it chapter 3 verse 12. Now that will live godly in Christ Jesus South Africa persecution. The way of living for God is a lonely road. You didn't have to walk around sometimes you have to be the only one that everybody being quiet up by anybody else is sitting down and at the Christian intimate time college campus. The boat before Christ.

The courage of your own conviction because effective book I met you. I know for fact people that I do know the Outcome against them for their believe and it was a long part, but she didn't back down, but it is getting an amazing grade in the class but I think I will look at you all worry about going to get great that you think you gonna get a God will make away – it was more important to get all the collected short that you give God the glory that you set up for him when the time is right because God will take that right you to experience at all with professors trying to get you to go against the Bible talk about experiences trying to get you to go against the Bible take a shot Christian whatever embodied their electromagnetic and I think they saw not only Christian but a young black man about and make a comment contract with everything we as believers can calculate that by almost being modeled. People are more liable to respect that you respect your perspective. If you're caring for you always wait to file this class, your target at that point. So think for the relationship of outing. Of the backlash. Backlash to be a Christian discussion in place by the Scriptures to become what you say God will take care of think anybody needs a lot of packing. Living the Christian life. Welcome Christian walk will open door couple are proud problem you believe that opening well will I tell you those wonderful Christians I'm so encouraged just having this conversation with you both want to thank you for taking time again the component talk with us about these things and I think that many people will be blessed by you will be encouraged and just keep standard for the play. So I pray that God will bless you both. As you are continuing your journey in college and keeps the intruder to the face of thank you both for coming on today absolutely Charis Williams and Caleb Owens to mighty warriors of the faith who have really blessed my spirit today. I am so impressed and encouraged by these two young Christians folks remember this is part one in a series will be on the lookout for part two later this month and please come back and join us next week as we continue to encourage you to put God first. 12 he would live through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of the Muslim bless God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever

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