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Olympians & Abortion

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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July 31, 2021 2:00 pm

Olympians & Abortion

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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July 31, 2021 2:00 pm

The Olympic games is a time of pageantry as the entire world comes together for friendly competition. But there is a dark side to the Olympics that we want to make you aware of in today's episode.


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God first program viewing life through the window of the Bible in honor of the only true God, the God of Jacob today, but it was more for me about the spiritual and emotional part of the experience. I wanted to share because it was not so even I started this trend I uncovered some of the hurt that was still daring you know and really try to forgive myself.

I knew that God had forgiven me for really forgiven myself for that choice and really moving on. And now I'm going to be a mother and now that God has blessed me again. I felt like I needed set to purge myself of that. Hopefully help others do the same look into the program is Brian Thomas and he was always a joy on privilege to join you each week. I want to thank you for will the Olympic Games are underway and it is a time of great excitement, in which athletes are trained for number of years for this moment is a time in which people who rarely if ever watch sports will tune in to see what's going on is the time in which enemy nations will put their differences aside to come together for friendly competition. So is the time of again great intrigue and excitement in the lower people tuned in to the Olympic Games. There is also a very dark side to the Olympics that I want to talk with you about today and that is the topic of abortion under some out there may be sale. Why are you always talking about those type of topics want to talk about things that make us feel good and will, in all honesty, I think there's enough feel-good messages out there. You know those messages that the Bible says will come in the last days of tickling itching ears better if I got think there's too much of that out there to make people feel good things that they want to hear God's call me to be a watchman and I will argue that God is call all Christians to be a watchman to declare that if we do not turn from seeing that there will be grave consequences. So I want to talk about this topic today and the voice that you heard in the opening was that of Sonia Richards Ralston.

She was speaking on an abortion that she had prior to the 2008 Olympics, I'm going to begin by sharing some excerpts from a New York Times article that was published on July 1, 2021 is titled an abortion, a mistral test and altered records and up to trouble. It begins Rihanna McNeil, the 2016 Olympic champion in the 100 m hurdles that qualify last month, her second US Olympic team after qualifying the Olympic trials last month.

She stated quote I want to cry right now. You guys don't understand how much I've been going through this year. I'm just very emotional."

Well, it has been revealed that Rihanna McNeil recently had an abortion. She had no intentions of ever making this public, but she stated she felt compelled to die voles. The personal information in order to fight a doping ban and to clear her name.

It turns out that Rihanna McNeil who's 29 years old was suspended for five years for tampering within the results management process in connection with her missing a doping test two days after she had the abortion. The report states that anti-doping officials arrived at her home January 12, 2020 and no one answered the door or her phone. She claims she did not hear them because she was in bed recovering from the abortion, the Court of arbitration for sport in Switzerland uphill her five year ban, meaning that McNeil will not have the chance to defend her Olympic title and will miss the next two summer games of the decision. She stated quote right now I feel excommunicated from the sport itself and stigmatize into me is unfair. I just don't believe that this was warranted as a suspension at all, much less a five-year suspension just for a technicality, an honest mistake during a very emotional time. They say they are protecting athletes that are clean, but I don't feel protected at all. I just feel like I'm being judged for this very big decision I made that really affected my life." Let me say folks that it is not against the rules to have an abortion in the sports. I wish that it were, but that is not against the rules but Rihanna McNeil received a five-year suspension because she had received a year-long band four years ago for missing three drug test units will month. On two occasions. She claims she forgot to update her whereabouts in the system that tracks athletes for testing on the third occasion she claimed she made a mistake of entering the time she would be available so we see that there is a history of noncompliance when it comes to drug test and this young lady. She decided to reveal the abortion so people would know that it was not drugs as to why she was suspended so she explained to investigators that she had undergone what she described as a surprise medical procedure that left her medicated and in bed.

She requested a doctor's note from the abortion clinic confirming an unnamed medical procedure. According to McNeil, she mistakenly thought that the clinic got the date of the procedure. Wrong. So she change the date from January 10, 2022 days after her mistral test to January 11 the Athletics integrity unit. Notice the change and asked for further documentation. McNeil submitted two more notes from the same doctor changing the date on both of them.

Investigators notice those changes as well, and after pressing her. She revealed she had had an abortion at the clinic surrounding the dates in question. So in his case against her will.

Athletics said he didn't believe she was so traumatized by the abortion that she got the date of the perceived wrong. After all, the organization says she continued to post on social media and compete in the weeks afterward she thought was suffering from depression after the abortion and that Wirral Athletics have not been compassionate at all. So the reason that she was disqualified from the Olympics was for falsification of records and missing a drug test after having already been suspended four years earlier for missing tests, Rihanna, McNeil stated in the interview that as a Christian she felt guilt about the abortion which she underwent so she could compete in the 2020 games. She said she was even more crushed when the games were postponed until 2021 because the delay meant she could have had the baby. After all tell you, folks, this is this tears my heart apart. I love seeing the statement numerous times in preparing for the show and every time I see it, it is just there are no words that can describe how it makes me feel because she sacrificed her baby in order to compete in the sport abortion breaks my heart. Under all circumstances. And here she saying that she sacrificed her baby at the altar of track and field. She sacrificed her baby at the altar of the Olympics for the sake of winning a medal or maybe winning an endorsement deal in making extra money. It is just it just rips your heart heart out. I admits that when I first heard about this incident. I assume that this was a single young woman who was living a lifestyle of a fornication, but it turns out she's been married since 2017. So here's a case in which this baby would've been born to a home with a father. We talk so much about babies being born in fatherless homes, especially in the black community where I think now is over 75% are all born outside of intact parenting outside of a a mother and father who are wed and so here's a case in which the baby would've been but yet she decided to abort the child for the reason of being able to compete in the Olympics just breaks your heart, and she claimed that she had been so shaken and disoriented by the abortion that it didn't occur to her that changing the date would be a bad thing that was from the New York Times, another angle from Yahoo that was published on July 4 of 2021 is titled Olympic champion Rihanna McNeil isn't eligible for Tokyo Olympics. After missing drug test due to abortion.

It begins another black woman will not be eligible to compete in the upcoming Tokyo games. So you see right off the bat is coming with the race card goes on to say in the lengthy Instagram post McNeil expressed feeling invalidated throughout the appeal process by the fully meal board over the case for Instagram post reads quote I sat through two hearings, Hill April 2021 in July 2021 and listen to white European men tell me how my experience doesn't match with their perspective. Repose right there.

So you see right off the bat. This is what happens folks when a culture is driven by will gives him a critical race theory because there is not responsibility here is not accountability for her actions, says she's playing the race card.

She's blaming white European men. This is really sad because honestly they criticize me and overly judge my decision-making completely ignore the fact that I was under physical and mental trauma after undergoing an abortion and that I was not in the right mental capacity when making certain decisions. They never express sympathy with my situation and my second hearing. They even brought in a clinical psychiatrist to undermine my mental health I watch them try to discredit my daughter. We used to testify about abortion stigma.

I couldn't stop thinking to myself how could these men tell me what type of experience I should have had.

How can these men who would never in a million years be in my shoes tell me anything I should be going through.

So instead of being met with some sort of compassion and understanding.

I was being interrogated and stigmatized. You see, the victimhood mentality is not only look to her wrongdoing missing drug tests falsify records since there is blaming others and in this case she's putting the race into it and the article starts out with race and he begins by stating that Shikari Richardson was disqualified for testing positive for marijuana use. Who is another black woman will marijuana use is against the rules. You break the rules you pay the consequences.

We are in a society now where people feel like they should be able to do what they want to do and the consequences should follow, but I don't want to focus on the race aspect of this. I want us focus on again the sin of abortion and how this is happening in as were going to hear. Not a lot of people are talking about so that is why I am bringing this to you because we need to talk about it because I want to bring healing to the situation so that we would live lives that are pleasing to our Lord. Don't go away with in a coma, talk about them. On the other side of the brakes don't go away you are tuned into the God first program you are listening to God first.

If you believe in what we stand for God first Bible Fellowship, would you consider partnering with us, our God for this program is based on Matthew 633 but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added on to fully coagulation of $6.33 per month you can help us share the message of placing God's commands when viewing the issues of our culture is visit our website got from the Lord God first Bible Fellowship, PO Box 266, Niceville, NC 27545 for more information. Now let's return to the conclusion of the program will back to the conference program is. Today we are discussing the topic of Olympics and abortion, and when I heard about the story, it made me think about how common is this how common is this among female athletes and I wondered about it, even in the past, but this really really brought it even more to light for me and so it didn't take long for me to do a little digging and I found Sonia Richard Ross who you heard from the opening who is a an Olympic track and field gold medalist she stated in an interview that this is very common in clip one. One of the gold medals that you want to relay was 2008 and prevailed this book that you had an abortion. Two weeks before I became Sarah why did you want to reveal that very personal moment in the. The truth is it's an issue that's not really talked about, especially in sports and a lot of young women have experienced that site. I literally don't know another female title fit athlete who had had an abortion and that sad and so for me I'm hoping that this will open up some discussions to helping especially a lot lot of young women who were in my situation I experience when I did so, you heard her say there that she does not know of a female track and field athlete that has not had an abortion. She said is sad and it is said is heartbreaking. She says a lot of people don't talk about it and again folks. That is why I am talking about it because we need to to make people aware of what is taking place it. It really breaks your heart it just really breaks your heart as to how common this is. And she had an abortion prior to the Olympics in 2008 and again this is very common and is hard for me now not to sit down and watch tracking feel as I watch these women perform and I think to myself she likely had an abortion because this woman Sonia Richard Ross. He knows a lot of track if you athlete, she still very involved in the sport.

She's a commentator. She saying that she does not know of one that has not had an abortion and so chances are we are watching these women compete. All of these women that we see on the screen have had an abortion and folks is really sad, so many interviews she answers the question as to why this is so pervasive in clip to think it's a pervasively sudden denial. Another female track athlete. I think because at that time in your life when you are in college. He now felt couple talking to your mom and sell a lot of them that information you get from your peers and I mean it's going to sound silly to some people but you know like in our community. People don't want to take the pill because you put water weight on that course as an athlete you want to be able to stay as fit and as healthy as possible and then people tell you about one year when you extremely fit you can't get pregnant because our cycles are shorter. So there's a lot of miseducation that happens to young women in college because were educating ourselves and so I didn't know all of my options and I had been fortunate up until that point has and I have been dating for five years I was engaged to him I had known no mishaps prior and so I was just playing a really, really, really tough situation so she seen the young women in college there.

They're basically teaching them sales because people are not talking about and that's why we need to talk about these issues. To prevent this from happening because she says she does not know of a single female track athlete who has not had an abortion this great suffering that comes with it folks is is and I'm not talking about just physical suffering.

I'm talking about mentally, emotional pain, and she speaks to that in clip three, but it was more for me about the spiritual and emotional part of the experience.

I wanted to share because it was not so even I started this chain I uncovered some of the hurt that was still there and you know and really try to forgive myself. I knew that God had forgiven me for it really forgiven myself for that choice and really moving on. And now I'm getting BMI there now that God has blessed me again. I felt like I needed set to purge myself of that. Hopefully help others do the same. So she speaking about the suffering, the spiritual, psychological suffering that comes from this, but yet the world says is a woman's choice is a woman's right to choose yet there's great suffering that comes with it and is not just from the woman because in order to get pregnant. A man has to be involved but law states that a woman she wants to get rid of the baby that it took a man to help her become impregnated with she can do it regardless of what the man says.

And there are a lot of men who have been against the woman having an abortion and they suffered mentally, emotionally, as a result of it. And then there are some men that have gone along with the woman in agreement with the abortion even in some cases pressuring the woman in the abortion and so they also art are suffering through psychological and emotional pain and so Sonia Richard's role.

She speaks of this as to her then fianc and the husband as to how he was affected by their decision clip for now. I can feel the hurt in his voice, and I mean he was there from. As much as he could be, but it was something that we kind never talked about it was almost like if we don't talk about it. It didn't happen.

And so my mom came with me and down emotionally about it now but you know but us for so much of my relationship. I find I expected by myself and sell when Roth and I finally dealt with it, you know, I've I was able to see his heart you know and he thought for a long time. Maybe we were being punished because we didn't handgun pregnant again and he not a lot of time. Sometimes you believe those lies when you don't make poor choices and you want to live your life a certain way and so it was really freeing for both of us when we said you know what God we really want you to take this away from. I say we are sorry for making this poor choice and it taught us closer together but there was deftly something always kind of underlying that we needed to address and I'm really grateful that we did I wondered to myself for women who make this decision to have an abortion so that they can compete in the Olympics illicitly going to win a medal. If it ever crosses their mind that 20 years from now as they are sitting in their home. Maybe they look over at the Walter trophy case in the sea of metal hanging there. Do they ever think that will if I had made a different decision rather than looking over there, see in the middle I can be looking over there at my child. Right now my daughter, my son, rather than looking over this in a meadow I could be watching my child walk across the podium to receive their graduation diploma rather than looking at a middle I could be watching my child go down the aisle to get married.

I wonder, do these kind of things go through their minds they do they play this over the head. As the years goes by. As to the consequences of their decisions is not to make anyone feel bad is to prevent these kind of things from happening in the future. And another thing that I came across as I was researching this topic is was known as abortion, doping, and now this does not relate to either of these two women, Sonia Richard's Rawls or Breanna McNeil but I'm pointing it out because it is a practice of purposely inducing pregnancy for athletic performance for enhancing benefits with the intent of aborting the baby so these women are intentionally getting pregnant because when you get pregnant your your hormones increase for the sake of nurturing a baby and then they abort the baby so the whole thing is planned to give them sales a.

A physical is folks, this is dark me. This is wicked and in you say how how do we get here and how much further will this goal, we do not repent and turn to our Lord's sin produces more sin you tell one lie and you have to tell another to cover it up in the hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper look at King David in which he committed adultery with Bathsheba and the resulting pregnancy.

Then he had her husband to you.

So he began as an adultery continued on to be a murderer and as a result of that David suffered greatly for the rest of his life. Great consequences for his sins. But King David did repents. So we see the progression of sin.

Like King David Breanna McNeil committed one sin and then try to cover it with another sin which led to the consequence of not being able to compete in the Olympics. The very thing was she was trying to attain from the outset, but also like King David who, although suffering great consequences. He found favor with God by repenting and she too can fire redemption through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. And that is my motive here and share this topic is not to trash this woman, Breanna McNeil, but is to call her to repentance is to call all of us to repentance that have seen because we all have skeletons in our closet know I'm a man so of course I've never had an abortion, but I have committed sins of my life. We've all committed sin is that if they were all broadcast to the world we would all be so ashamed. We wish we could crawl in the hole and never come out. God hates the shedding of innocent blood of the Bible tells us that very clearly in Proverbs 617. But here's the good news folks the blood of Jesus Christ can redeem all sin and he can redeem Breanna McNeil and anyone else that has had an abortion anyone that has committed any sin, and so that is my cry today is to repent and turn to Jesus Christ because he shared blood can make you wail, we can make you whole. He should blood will give you eternal life. But the world says it is a woman's right to choose.

But if that is true, why has Breanna McNeil and Sonia Richard's Rawls widely suffered by the own confession, such great depression and guilt and trauma over their abortions is because Satan is the great larger. He's a great deceiver and he is destroying so many lies with his deception is so my prayer today is that we turn to Jesus Christ, give it to him when he went to the cross. He had Breanna McNeil in mind when he went to the cross. He had Sonia Richard's Rawls in mind when he went to the cross.

He had me in mind you in my all of us and he paid the price for our sins and we can be forgiven of us is if we simply turn to him. So I'm grateful that Sonia Richard's Rawls has repented she's now advocating that other women not make the same bad decision and so I commend her for that and I want to pray that Breanna McNeil will do the same and not blame this on white men and not blame it on race but all I want her to to take responsibility for actions into turn for mercy and uses as a way to save other babies and to save other women.

The trauma from doing the same thing, so let us take a moment to pray.

I will ask everyone listening to to touch an agreement we can't touch physically blessed touching spirit right now for Breanna McNeil, heavenly father, we lift up this young lady to you right now, Lord, you know, her heart you know what she's going through and I asked Lloyd that you would prick her heart that she would repents of the CN Lord and let her know that through your shed blood. She can be redeemed and if she's never truly borne it become born again. The she's never truly accepted you as Lord and Savior. I asked you would touch her right now, Lord, and show her that you are the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through you and so it is my prayer, Lord, not only for Breanna McNeil before anyone else out there who's committed abortions or any other sin is that all will come to know you as Lord and Savior. Receive eternal life via be Lord for your honor may be for your glory in your name Jesus we pray. Amen. Folks, we must have accountability is rampant in our society to not be accountable for our sins because CN in darkness will be brought to light. Luke 817 says for nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light, to think about deadly mold.

It thrives in darkness, but it dies under the light. That is why so important that we confess our sin is a repents of want to leave you a positive note, young lady by the name of Sidney McGlaughlin.

She broke the 400 m hurdles just a couple weeks ago and after doing so, she wrote this on Instagram quote.

I am no longer running for self recognition but to reflect his perfect will that is already set in stone. I don't deserve anything by grace through faith. Jesus Christ has given me everything records come and go with glory of God is eternal. I say a loud amen to this young lady Oaks metals come and go, and are going with you into eternity. If you win an endorsement deal.

As a result of winning in the Olympics that money. That deal is not going with you returning the glory of God is eternal, and so I want to challenge women out there, and men who also going along with it to have abortions and able to in order to enable you to compute sports to repents turn to the Lord's Christ list repent for immoral, immoral laws of our land that allow these kind of things to legally take place in the eyes of man pastors. We need you to address these issues. Our local assembly we talk about these matters. But as you heard Sonia Richard's Rawls states people don't talk about and passes we need you not just in one-on-one counseling, but we need you from the pool.

When you have your your greatest audience. We need you to talk about the Siemens that we can prevent this great destruction that is taken place in our society will folks, we are all out of time.

I want to thank you for tuning in with me this week and please come back next week as we continue to encourage you to put God first, while viewing life through the window of the Bible.

Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem blessed God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen. Thank you for tuning into the God first and join his neck.

As we continue to encourage you to put God first window.

Until next time, like God's great nation of Israel

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