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The Mighty Angels of Revelation

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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February 27, 2021 2:00 pm

The Mighty Angels of Revelation

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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February 27, 2021 2:00 pm

Nathan Jones of Lamb & Lion Ministries is today's special guest. Join us as we discuss his book, "The Mighty Angels of Revelation."



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Welcome to God first, with wavy, when committed to encouraging you to put God first, while viewing life the window in the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob left doing fine. See Thomas for today's message will greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Brian C Thomas I am so delighted that you have joined me today as I have a special guest that is going to talk on the subject of angels in this guess he certainly special as he is actually the inspiration for me in the ministry. Many years ago when I had the call to my life to go in ministry. One day as I was browsing the Internet like often did a nice enough article over to my wife within a matter of minutes.

She called me and asked me the question had I ever considered being a web minister to which I had not and so I sat there for moment for moment and I thought you know that is a great idea and so we immediately began planning a website and as they say the rest is history.

And so that God is she sold the website they gave her.

That idea was Nathan Jones of lamb and lion ministries so Nathan, he's someone that you know he's a trailblazer for Internet evangelism and I'm just so delighted to have him on to reconnect with him to speak today on the book, the mighty angels of Revelation. Nathan is good to speak with you again. Welcome to the program introduction like that.

Yeah. Right now you know I was thinking earlier I said you know when we look back on history at Internet evangelism. Your name is going to be there as the forefather because you definitely lead the foundation and I see so many others that are following in your footsteps and you deftly inspired me and so we want to talk about your book, the mighty angels of Revelation here briefly but if you could share with our listeners about your role who you are and what role you play at lamb alignment because of course is a stated you, you evangelize over the Internet but you wear a lot of hats as well.

Lamb and lion ministries were a Bible prophecy teaching ministry mission to proclaim the return of Jesus Christ. A number of different ways to our television program now wanted taking Coke rights in property Dr. David Ragan at the lead program but I asked what reaching out 4.45 billion people over the Internet right now that my coding the Internet and so I probably reach out to our website and after of information about Jesus return what are ministry excited about what we preach. We cover the 31% of the Bible and Bible prophecy. Check out a website, social media group that you can join a newsletter many many articles longer than we do lots of short videos like your inbox. An art new series called prophetic perspective. You know you game insofar as what so many ministries and churches will be forced to do today due to cuvée 19 you been doing this for a number of years and as a stated you been inspiration to me and to so many. So again I'm glad to have you and we had you today to talk about the mighty angels of Revelation.

So can you tell us what was the inspiration behind writing this book about accident that happened in my family a number of years ago my parents were driving a big old caddy down the North Carolina Rd. and that father noticed the woman was driving, but her head was back what she was looking in the back of the child in the backseat. She drifted into their lane and crashed head on right into my parents. The force of the impact pushed the car engine into the after compartment and crushed my mother burn the thought of her body and she was really hurt my father got banged up and he crawled out the window and passed out on the asphalt of the road. Well, in and out of consciousness. He heard a Harley-Davidson copy of the big motorcycle wheel comes rolling up next to his head, lifted off the hot tarmac and put in the cool graph.

He heard the sound of a ripping door at the store was ripped off.

That's my mother's side guy finally told look like a biker bandanna jacket but haven't angels on the back. He checked on the other car. My father passed out, and when he woke up in the ambulance.

Yet the paramedic could you please think that biker for rescuing paramedic like I don't know what you mean about a biker that we thought through their same thing no idea about a biker and to this day my father would convince that an angel came and had rescued them not remember when my father called me from the hospital that night and told me I was really skeptical.

I am skeptical about angels in the Old Testament you hear about angels in the New Testament, think well we have the Holy Spirit that we don't need angels helping out so I can talk to a good buddy of mine, Victor, Pete, you know and and I do a weekly podcast called the truth will set you back. I want to learn more about Angel. Why don't we teach through the book of Revelation earth 72 angels or groups of angels found in the book of Revelation. Sure enough we talked through per year, and I blogged. For another year, our founder Dr. Ragan said to the two of you guys put a book together on that very subject them and we did call the mighty angel. The Revelation and at the one thing I learned is that yes angels are indeed active in the world today. Well, that's a fascinating stories and you know what we think about angels is subject that a lot of people are fascinated by time I hear stories like what you shared it just sends chills over me, because angels are definitely alive and will and in this quite interesting when you think to yourself how often may you be coming across are entertaining an angel unaware and so you touched on the group of angels and one thing I did not know until you wrote this book is that you stated there are 72 different groups or classes of angels in Revelation, is that correct correct.

There are 108 references to angels in the Hebrew Malik or Greek Angelos word angels messengers hundred and 76 reference the New Testament the Bible there were 284 references the angel 300 and you'll find most of them in the book of Revelation work apocalyptic so Revelation means an unveiling in here. The Lord unveiled spirit world around us so we can see the spiritual worker going on behind the scene and when he pulled off that veil, then you can see that angels are indeed hard work is quite interesting very very extinct. What about the angels to the seven churches. I'm actually right now doing a study in which I'm doing the series on the letters to the seven churches enough of read and heard opposing views out there.

When the Scripture makes the reference to to the Angels of the church so can you speak to that as far as what that is referring to what back to Revelation chapter 1 printed the beginning of that John the apostle John is an old man 97 years old, sent to the Isle of Patmos to be in exile given up hope and the angel of the Lord Jesus Christ himself comes down to him and say Ahriman like you to record what you see now what will be in the future. The church age and then what is the far future, so we get the timeline and outline there. Revelation 1, and what John is given is a revealing Angel and Angel to connect travels with him and popped up. Merit throughout the Revelation story to tell him what's going to come of the future and primarily Revelation is given to John to write it down and send it to seven different churches in these churches were in Asia minor at the time, which is also today be western Turkey and each of the messages the Lord has a message about the church, what you doing right what they're doing wrong how to fix it, and how to be overcome or and it interesting that as we've gone through each of the churches throughout Asia minor that we can look at the now at back of church history and see that the main features of each of these churches represent kind. Within the church and the Lord said to John to send me to the stars or to the angel over the seven churches outside of interpreted starts to me after and some of interpreted starts to me, Angel start is actually a bowl of angels that you see throughout the Bible so I believe that what the Lord is doing in you. Thank you for addressing the seven angels. The guardian angels were over the seven churches and over the time. As well, and I agree with you as well. So this quite interesting to know what about how to angels look you know if I was a needless go out one day in this walk around town and I want you to point out in Angel to me.

Could you tell me where in Angel easel, who in Angel is how how do we identify them how they look well like biker dude, man. I I grew up with books from probably the 1950s very Americana. They look like giant need all white guys with blonde hair and metal ring that somehow flowed through the big feathery sling where Tokyo can carry giant sword that kind of Americana 50s view of what angels look like I'm a biker clone trooper they all look alike, and I like and think alike. But when you get into the book of Revelation, you realize that there are such a variety of angels. Clearly they come looking like man princes. When Abraham was greeted by the angel of the Lord to other angels.

They look like men. Other encounters with angels in the Bible that they look just like and they can map themselves to look like human, other times when again that veil is torn away. They see them in all their glory in this, quite a variety I we read about the myriad between the millions of angels out there. There just is unique and different as the animal kingdom print you got the sheriff from the four living creatures that stand before the throne of God. They each have a different faith.

One of an ox Eagle one of a man and one of a lion. They had wings and their bodies are covered in online and glory glory glory holy holy moly to the Lord God Almighty. You have the cherubim not chubby little baby's list those scenarios actually carry the throne of God through the universe got up four faces each and were waiting read about other angels that are elemental. They control the winds or the water that are consumed by fire. We also have one bitter giant that can step across ocean. We have the date is described as a seven headed dragon to the very much of a description of Satan is always reptilian, so there is all sorts of different type style and color animal human looking option merit type mixture of forces of nature brother I think would blow her mind. One day when we actually get to see with the angelic "beliefs always will. And because you know as I study you read the book of Revelation and I see the description of the Angels like what you just described and I think to myself, that's nothing like what I see depicted often times a society like you say little chubby babies on clouds and things like that and so where do people get these ideas, but what it brings me back to is the fact that there are a lot of people today, especially Christians, even Christians, I should say and pastors they just simply ignore the book of Revelation.

So if they ignore the book and don't read it. All those descriptions of angels and the other, they're never going to hear about how absolutely know what the real tragedy that after ignore the book of Revelation because Revelation 1328 black liquidity to read those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written at the time Eric you're guaranteed a blessing. If you read the book of Revelation that went after them. I don't blame them. It can be a scary book, but if you follow the Golden rule of interpretation of the plaintiff and make them for no other sense but you end up with nonsense and unfortunately a lot of people interpret the Bible that way and end up with nonsense that scare people away from Renee of course. Revelation covers the seven year tribulation time. What God will pour out 21 judgments upon the world and can be scary reading as well, but I do not I both know Brian that that's not the main story.

The main story is Jesus. Victoria is returning to defeat evil to set up his thousand year kingdom and on into the eternal state that the book of Revelation is all about God's special burden or passion though my heart from from the time when I was a child of the book of Revelation and so I have just dedicated in ministry to put an emphasis on it. No matter what message I'm teaching or preaching on I try to get something in there about Bible prophecy about Revelation because, as you stated is about the return of our Messiah that he's coming back to rule and reign on the earth and as believers in Christ as follows of Christ. We should all be excited about that and looking forward to it.

And so when it comes to the Angels now angels. Of course, we think of them as beings that are supreme to us as humans but first Corinthians chapter 6 verse three states do do not know that we shall judge angels. What can you say to that verse before the cross were called sons of God. They were ranked higher than humanity. When Jesus Christ died on the cross and provided salvation for those creatures which were made in his image humanity then you see that term split that often humans become God we become higher rank in the Angels we are servants with the Lord during the church age. But one day the Bible think that the those who are saved will rule and reign with Jesus Christ family over the nations of the world, but also over the angelic realm as well. Fascinating that when it comes time for the great white throne judgment and maintenance. Finally, To help the demons are judged they will be judged not only by the son of God, but by those who are saved as well. So yes, at some point in time. Audit horrors that have been unleashed by Satan and his demons upon the earth and the real entity is not a idea about what evil is our symbol or representation Jesus addresses them with personal pronoun that we know then that they think the demons will finally meet their demise and we will participate somehow in their judgment, yet the total reversal of power and authority.

Satan note that we will have the power and authority over him. That's why he works so hard to rule over this world and force people to worship him because, in turn, we should all be worshiping God. Yes yes amen. A man will say it will say it now. You stated in your book that angels escort people that are saved when they die me those were born-again believers in Jesus Christ. Upon death of that angels escort those individuals to heaven can you speak to that many features that angels have a job and obviously Angela's messengers.

They are messengers but also serve other capacities or guardian angels of the seven churches date our rescuers that are sent to rescue people other warriors.

They find among against Satan and demons bake worship the Lord. We see so many times like paper and think that the shepherds called angels worshiping God for keeping the evangelists like the gospel angel which will go around the whole world share the gospel during the tribulation time. Third, four, Thursday and force God's will and God's law upon the earth. Eight. Serve the Lord and they serve as a servant may also act as leader, not executioners. They will be the one to throw Satan into a pit and then eventually those who were condemned into the lake of fire, but I loved what you said. They also happen to be escort one of the stories I included in my book of page 21 after Morgan was sharing stories from his church and there was a woman who was on her deathbed 95 years old. Her name was Agnes Frazier and she was quickly dying and etchant coming in and out of consciousness. She asked the pastor she said. Who are these men at the foot of my bed and he looked around he didn't see anybody any kind hesitantly thought for a moment and she capture will can you describe Michiko's mother.

Two men dressed in white from head to foot and while he didn't know what to say so I said will tell them that you belong to Jesus you know she was real satisfied with that answer the big mile on her face. She passed away and he believed that the two angels were there. He couldn't stand, but she could corridor up into heaven, there is references in the Bible to say that angels escort that the first thing the family got that bright light the people talk about the angelic world coming to take you to the well. Reminds me of my grandmother's he passed away in November.

She was 90 years old.

Matter fact she just would've had her 99th birthday on Mother's Day, and weeks preceding heard her death, she would tell us about stories of where she went to a place and see Smeal.

These flowers that had the most beautiful fragrances she'd ever smelled and she was telling us about things they gave us an indication that she was already seeing something in the spirit world and it is just the thought of thinking that when she did pass away. She passed away peacefully writing that the presence of the family that angels came and escorted her into heaven. You know you like so much comfort yesterday. Truly amazing. The author who wrote the forward to the book. James is a prolific Bible prophecy teachers with rapture ready and I attempt to what mine right before because he himself had a near-death experience whereby Three of them get a terrible hearted, technically coming in and out every time he closed his eyes light, he would be all these people and I asked him how were they thought they look like they're in her 20s maybe early 30s and it was like a big family and they were welcome him and they were engaged with him that he will come back out resuscitated him and then he died again and it keeps repeating the story of how you would see the angelic looking face is all welcoming and bringing them to heaven and not some comically back to death stories. You gotta wonder about that. Follow doctrinally and not easily fooled or that this story and I believe it until you hear about stories about the people were there passing the Lord tend angels to collect and bring it up in a fantastic story about your grandmother, that's so comforting absolutely so written already in your opening story that you told about the occurrence with your parents and the accidents we do know that angels are active in our personal lives.

We think about the good angels. But as you've already placed on. Also there all the fallen angels. The demons of the Scriptures the ones who chose to follow Satan so though they were also active right of meaning we have in our daily lives. We we have that battle that is going on. We don't see it but there's a spiritual battle that is taken place and it also influences us as far as trying to get us to tempt us into doing something wrong on the bad angels deeming the demonic's and then on the good side they're trying to encourage us to do right so what can you speak to his far as the activity of angels in our personal lives today to address your first question biker angel that my father saw I have a closing story. I write at 73rd angel, not in the book of Revelation, but another woman who had the same story about breaking down on the Sacramento Highway biker came up to real care. Went to the front of her car and he picked her water pump which you should be able to do by just tweaking a few things started up a don't judge a book by its cover, pointing at the sky and drove off. And ever since I release this book a few months ago. I've had many people right into the ministry and thank you know I biker stop and help me here and out biker stopped and helped the person there and we got very, very friendly, very competent mechanic bikers out there, but since biker angel think the be showing up in a lot of people's lives. And so the Lord deftly had angelic servant helping, but at the same time we also have a demonic world and going back to Isaiah and other chapters in the Bible we learn that Satan was the greatest of the created angels more powerful even than Michael equipping the archangels and he was reptilian informant would appear maybe like the therefrom and he was in charge of leading the worship in heaven and he was God guardian angel speak over the throne and he started being Jesus the Trinity dated father-son Holy Spirit and wanting to worship for himself while at. That's where we see sin entered pride and envy. Satan made the third of the angels corrupt them and have them try to overthrow God now. In comparison between God and Satan. There is no comparison easy enough to be easily defeated Metro And Michael the Archangel warned against Satan and his demons and cast from the earth to make Into the earth. He disembodied them so that they became wondering spirit, and then he also divided another group and kept them in McCall, the bottomless pit its place called Hades work of the dead were not without Christ. Go and pick separate two divisions we read and 2112 about the Angels and the demon. The demons are There in a way to the tribulation time. When they will be released to inflict upon the world. They angelic realm.

The demonic realm is divided into two and on earth, then, thinking prowls around like a whirring lion he's got is demonic realm, organized in a hierarchy structure very similar to military just like the angel part and they are behind many of the principalities and powers and authorities. Human government that are today. Love the battles were same thing with any government or with Planned Parenthood or other evil organization.

You could be sure that the demons of various levels working in the background and so yeah that was my skepticism at first, but as I studied the Bible more I realized how much God uses angel to get his work done. Likewise, Satan the demon to want worship for man spent all their time working towards Satan's goal, creating a global government, a global system of global religion that has him at the center's speaking couple things came to mind, and one is for anyone.

If you have any doubts about angels and in the demonic world of spiritual warfare taken place I think about the story in the book of Daniel. When Daniel was praying for the nation of Israel. And when the gate the angel Gabriel. Robbie told Daniel I've been trying to reach you and I think he said I was healed up for about 30 days. Any said because the prince of Persia, with withstood me so he was in a battle and you picture like a wrestling match, a hand-to-hand combat going on in the spiritual world and he said that Will he did not overcome mentally cold in reinforcement of another angel, and so we see it taken place in the Bible makes it very clear that it is happening and we we just don't see it in our human nature and another thing on the other side as far as when I think about good angels and not heard many stories of my life of people telling of about angels that entertain children and I recall when my son who is now 11 when he was about six months old. One day I was sitting in our bedroom master bedroom to sing in the lounge chair and we were watching television. He was sitting on my lap and I noticed just after while he was sitting there peacefully. I notice he was looking off into the distance would apply towards the corner of the room next to that the dresser sorted down towards the floor and so I look to see what he was looking and I didn't see anything as well. Look back, Adam, and he sort of chuckled and so I look back again to see what what was there and there was nothing there and then I look back at him and he chuckled some more, and so he went through it several minutes and where he, chuckle for a while then he was stopped and I knew she saw something in the thought came to me. He sees an angel and angel is entertaining him and so I do believe that happens with with little children with babies and in again even with the dose that we have interaction with angels is deftly something that is real Bible references. A lot of times about guardian angels are angels over children. One of the stories I include my book was about two young girls who were walking down the road and all of a sudden one of the girls froze like a hamlet grabbed her back of her shirt and held her tight. She said she couldn't move her other friend kept walking and walked out into the street got hit by a truck and died and it was like that afterward, but in my mind he could hear the Lord wanted one particular child to survive and the other one was ready to be called home to be with him and meter can understand the mind of God, or what is and is or why he would let one die and one live, but there are so many stories like that out there of of angels. There yet being guardian out as parents we know that it's amazing don't all die young read a lot of stupid things that we rescue them all the time and we need angel to help us out because the yet a lot of it all in and erect. Regardless, they survive the yet to note how many times angels have been there to protect her guidance and time that would even know it big someday when were in heaven.

Hopefully will come introduce themselves like you did that die.

I don't doubt there is no one about what easily comes to the Angels how much power do they have anything angels actually control or affect the weather so absolutely we read in Revelation about the wind.

Angel dysphoric pump and they control the winds around the earth, so we hear about it global warming or global cooling or whatever the fat is of that month then yeah that we don't need to be worried about the weather because the Lord controls whether through the job angels at the counter like God BPA to control what we talked, read about water angels. Angels control the waters of this world there's the sun. Angel will refer later he comes out of the sun like fire and so blows my mind about what an angel looks like my illustrator group Ashley Stephen so I hired to draw 12 of the angel that book of Revelation describe did a fantastic job drawing the sign angel of the financial calls the carrion birds of the earth to come and prepare for peace at the battle of Armageddon and the gathered so many different varieties of angels that are ministering only to humanity and animal kind. But they also control the earth like like the earth is a big factory in the angel of the workers in the factory to keep it going.

Since this is a topic that I could go on talking with you for hours about what we're going to wrap it up here with this question and then you can share with our listeners how they can find your book does God have an angel that is the protector or overseer of the nation of Israel. Absolutely we read about Michael the Archangel felt the protector over Israel and you talk to any Israeli who fought the battle and watch missile turn weird or that they were shot at multiple times and missed work. The death toll was always one is really to 10.

Whomever Arab nation with attacking them. At the time miraculous miraculous miraculous protection of Israel even fact in 1948, one all Arab nation came against Israel, which were about the kibbutz workers at the time hello. Although the Army we read about Ezekiel 38 and 39 God himself will step in and Russian Islamic armies from totally annihilating Israel, which is a future prophecy, but I don't think too far off. So again and again.

We know that the Lord uses the top angel Michael the Archangel himself that the defender of Israel obscene documentaries about the wars of these rulings would not talk about things that were back in the Bible days and I and I don't say that to dismiss it, but sometimes you know people have the mindset that will yield that stuff happen.

We back the end, but their documentaries of like you said in 1948 wars in the war 1967 where the soldiers speak of miraculous things happening in the only explanation is you know that God is behind it and that he has his angels. They are protecting the nation of Israel absolute so Nathan again this is just a fascinating topic and I know in this short time that you spoken with those we just scratch the surface and so people are going to want to know more about this so share with our listeners.

If you will about how they can find this book so they can find out more about the mighty angels of Revelation, the revelation that on our click for their protocol to go to Amazon you can get the Kindle version or the Barnes & Noble has a no coercion as well.

If you prefer to read it on your All right a man will Nathan again. It's always good to speak with you.

Thank you so much for sharing this word with our listeners today and I know that so many will be blessed by you to our listeners. Please come back and join us again next week where we encourage you to put God first, while viewing life through the window of the Bible. Until then, remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem is God's great nation of Israel into the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever. Amen. You can blame God for Ryan and I first was protected under our copyright is until next time, well

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