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The Great Reset - Part 3

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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January 16, 2021 2:00 pm

The Great Reset - Part 3

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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January 16, 2021 2:00 pm

Dr. Bruce Logan joins the program to break down the real meaning behind "The Great Reset" that so many world leaders are desiring.

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Let's join Wayne see Thomas for today's message greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Brian Thomas and as always it is a delight and a privilege to join you each week on the Gompers program.

Well, as we look around in our society today, there is a lot of tension there was a lot of unrest and as a result of that there a lot of people that are fearful and there a lot of people little worried because we are seeing unprecedented things taken place in our nation, people are concerned about what use yet to come. But you know this is the date of the Lord has made SOI back to the question, are you rejoicing in it because no matter what is going on. The Bible tells us that this is the David, the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it. So are you glad in the Lord today because no matter what is taking place in the world no Matter What Is Taking Pl. in America.

No matter what is taking place with our governments. Jesus Christ is the alone thrown Jesus Christ is going to remain on the throne, and that is why we should rejoice and be glad in his great wonderful day that our Lord has made.

Well, a couple weeks ago we began a series on the great reset with guest Dr. Bruce Logan if you missed the first two episodes. You can listen to this GLD the number one This week we conclude our discussion, so please join us as we pick up where we left off in part three. In the conclusion of the great reset. I read article just a few days ago and in the article is spoke of with this vaccine rolling out and we talked about the vaccine in part one last week, but it spoke of it said will you know banks and different institutions are going to make it a requirement that no one will be able to buy Sealed Air trade unless I have the vaccine. That's almost identical language in Revelation chapter 13 when it speaks of the mark of the beast.

No one will be able to buy or sell unless he has the mark of the beast, and so we see that conditioning that is taken place and another day a few months ago I was walking to the grocery store and I want to say before I I speak on this that I am not folk saying that your wrongful wearing a mask. I'm not saying that it also me. Make sure the best. Very well understood but I was walking into the grocery store.

I did have a mask on the individual behind me did not and so a lady was stationed at the door she stopped him. She said sir, where's your master do you have a mask and I couldn't really make out what he said but the words that she responded to him was that you cannot go in to buy anything unless you have a mask and is really sent chills up my spine because I thought to myself. The conditioning is being underway is taken place right before our eyes to accept the mark of the beast, but again got a little weird making it very clear when I sanded coving 19 in the vaccine is the mark of the beast. The wrist in the foundation is being will is being laid. The conditioning is godly for people to write to easily accepted when that time comes. So, in light of that.a look at what what message do you have for the church today because there are a lot of churches that will not talk about this. If you try to talk about it, they will shut you down the road. Look at you as if you have two head. So what message do you have for the church goal part of the problem. Church leadership get back to a more whole world back to what I like to call more logical goal of the biblical text more because we have to realize almost 2/3 of the Bible build already.

Yet remaining read where one third of the Bible build up some future point guard on the topical Bible then it would seem to church day and time should also play on the subject of Bible property not a lot of my website go back and follow, one of the points that I make out that last major sermon reported that Evan was on the subject of Bible prophecy last major sermon with all of the discourse of fiction work on the subject of Bible and to all chapters in that 2425 on the topic and started talked about on the role of man's role in the Bible tells a really good account of the recorded Luke 24 chapters are reversal 44 to 48 worried that he taught in the law and all we gave them a complete lesson on that were called the greatest Bible study ever know now have to do with the fight will guarantee an old pertaining to himself. Dan pending up into heaven to angels. For men there to cycle reality while you go to heaven. So one day come back in like manner, so the last thing to remember all about what logical that God because God is on the topic date should also be leaders also in light of all the world we more on Jericho biblical teaching topical Bible right now we have a lot of lot of our starting dialectical call, to put it nicely that we all biblical on your topic ideas are all fine package to line up with our our particular object or alignment with our actual difficult start all mind is a blank slate, and we transform our minds. Fundamentally, the lineup would be correct and theologically found interpretation of an original of the word of God.

We have to get back to that I will get back to that of her that they are rated 20 year back that up that the global are not globalist but secularist in the world and in America has become the dominant white television, and I like I like I like watching sports. So commercial American miniature like my time and part of the conditioning that they can click. It really that 30 years ago that was going to build a television article is nowhere violation violation and that never happened. But now it happened again were being conditioned in the body of I need to be the starting time. One example that I like using it was one of the competition with the scribe of that time. We talked about what time by saying your afternoon courtside you're able to start determine what kind of cloud on the planet when the market started to find the time were significant about that that was not reported to the average number in the pew rather are talking directly to the of the data came to try to challenge them so that time where you go that all that I have always been a part. It's always been movement but time they they wanted the outlook of the language that something else now they're just coming out Pointblank right and one other point I want to make that I thought my notes that I forgot to write because were talking about the climate are the climate movement. I want to wear something very important because it's all part of good technically. Climate movement also is nothing new on qualities on YouTube and you can go YouTube called show by letter and call to search, remember that episode in 1978 it was called Joe, I okay put in search of whatever was a long interview people to claim it's all good equipment so all search, recorded in 1978 when one of her care and saying that intended. 12 but I have not by going to have a calming and become the global greenhouse gas and the world we transform our economy get off of fossil fuel use. Now we don't do that will happen to 12 years went by and I think the world are getting warmer so I global warming, Al Gore, for movement. Michael Moore documentary on an early 90 and it will global warming arrived to ensure that we don't transform our economy and you'll be I want to melt away all that bad for 12 year old platform.

None of that metal project and so what to do about climate change. Whatever you get all you'll transform the world economy we are to gleam type, and told told the language of the solution could not name and every time it all on global one world economic formation.

We are discussing the great reset part with guest Dr. Bruce Logan. We will post more shortly. Please do not go away. As we will resume with the other side of this brief announcement, you are tuned into God first program listening to Brian on God for more crime please visit God tour around the library. There you will find articles and messages available and downloads on various topics such as salvation, Bible lesson just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit our web store back to the Gompers program. If you are just now joining us and would like to hear the entire message. Please visit is GLD the number

You can also contact us by mail at God first Bible Fellowship, PO Box 266 nightly of NC 27545. Now let's rejoin Dr. Bruce Logan in part three of the great reset so cold at night, but it really made up yesterday say anything like that all 23rd bullet and mortality rate and mortality rate. Mortality rate never just that we would like like lock everybody down down no abortion clinic open, but you Search right yeah you never thought of so called so earlier that conspiracy will all the evidence and all we talk about more affirmation all over the plate to confirm everything that you have been saying and really want to know really want to be curious to really want to be a thinker, you will examine data going on because one found that the most informed people right that I've noticed in the New Testament wanted to share reported no other thing that will most wanted section over and over to the court," and on and on and on. We wanted to call at night trying to merge it all climate change. In order to bring about their one world government integrated perspective that have traded on on the world. Maybe the guard well well not hyperbole, but well that's where we stand. We are the one where we are not not ungodly carnal mind of man can understand the things of God. We have spiritual discernment. Okay so your motion out of the news media and and and understand perspective and collect the starting perspective, and it will really be able to combat really was going on.

The really church. The church at the church does not stand up, then the world trouble you took the words right out of my mouth is exactly what I was thinking. The church must stand up in these last days the church please listen to these words of wisdom. We must be discerning as mentioned are the Logan Bible prophecy after I saw a recent survey this in 98% of churches never touch Bible prophecy and that is why so many today in the church don't understand what was going on. They are not discerning the size of the times, but we are all out of town for this week, but can you share with the listeners how they can get in touch with you so they can follow your ministry. Learn more about all the great information that you have on my website twitter caller followed along with all those networks are the next week. Last time my daughter why don't you make that spirit of the title to my family and the church and not going to detail my dark way. Wanted to like gradebook out of the mouth, explaining the board to of part 101 is going to be the subject mind wars which is really what were talking about what our mind control. I told somebody by the flapper. That information from the mainstream network works, by the way, like theology from Joel Alomar allowed the air yeah you information on the road at a time, but about the election at all like everybody home and bringing out boxes of valid commodity to table of truck drivers driving from the danger of our truck load of dollars from New York and drive the other way around, will be gone apoplectic exactly like you wake up Amicably because without the church, you know, the country really don't have much of a chance. I absolutely suppose the final words. Do not be deceived. The discerning of the times what is taking place but Logan I want to thank you for joining us these two weeks you have been a blessing and I have, to a listeners. I want to encourage you to follow Dr. Logan. He has so much great material out there, you will certainly be a blessing to you so that Logan think your answer. Many blessings upon you and your ministry has some final words I want to leave with you in the closing minutes prior to Cuba. 19. I would attend my local gym and I would run 3 miles every other day but like so many entities when the pandemic here. The gym was closed and so I with the remainder of the year without running any whatsoever. My conditioning suffered I became sedentary I gained 20 pounds so I decided a week ago because the Jim's been allowed to reopen that I needed to get back to running for health reasons. So being that I had been out for so long. I knew that it was going to take some time to get my conditioning level back to where was so I started out at 5 mph on the treadmill and I gradually work my way up to 6 mph.

The run I did completed but I'm a tell you it was one of the hardest runs of my life. I mean I really really struggle to get through that run and I told my wife about it afterwards and she said maybe you need to start out gradually work your way up since been out for so long which I responded that was working my way up gradually because prior to the pandemic. I would start my run at 7 1/2 mph to complete. To see my physical conditioning has suffered because I have been out for so long. My concern today is that many Christians are suffering spiritually spiritual condition is suffering because you been out of church so long and I want to challenge church leaders today. We need to open churches. Again, there are many who have not step foot into a worship service in almost a year now. We must remember the words of the apostle Paul in first Corinthians chapter 9, which he said we are to run in such a way to obtain a crown. We're not obtaining a perishable crown, but in perishable, one we are to run with certainty to discipline our seals and bring our sales, our bodies into subjection. We are to do the same thing. Spiritual. My concern is that as we approach these last days, many are not going to be able to discern what is taking place talking about the deception of the Greek reset when they find out what is really going on not going to be able to complete the race because you've lost your spiritual conditioning gotten used to stand at home on Sunday mornings and watching the service online not desiring for corporate worship anymore, and we must have a desire to see that is a problem. Many have lost the desire to go to church in the book of Hebrews chapter 12 we find we are to lay aside every weight your two run the race that is set before us. There is a race that is been set before us. There are many who are going to want to quit and not complete the race because you're not going to have the endurance because spiritually or not we used to be. I want to challenge us to get back to church this understandably heavy physical health concerns, but at some point someone told me not to long ago and the God that you say you believe you should step in and say in light of company I'm going to go to worship and serve him.

You know I hear stories about their people in places like India who are losing their lives to be persecuted and killed for their faith in Jesus Christ. Yet they still assemble anything even in light of the fact that there hope to be fueled by authorities and I say to myself, they must look at us and think wow how easily throw in the towel over pandemic in which you have a 99% chance of surviving both intense and won't go to church because of where you think sometime Satan and his demons probably look at us and save me and that was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be probably say this must be some trick you think they would give up that easily. But I want to encourage you folks. Let's get back to church less worship on the list serve him because we need to be spiritually conditioned to survive these last days. Thank you for tuning in. That is going to do it for this week.

Please come back and join us next week and remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem is God's great nation of Israel. The only wise God be glory in Jesus Christ, forever. You can blame God for Brian and I first was protected under our copyright first

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