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Medicare for Ordinary People  

Finishing Well / Hans Scheil
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October 19, 2019 8:30 am

Medicare for Ordinary People  

Finishing Well / Hans Scheil

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October 19, 2019 8:30 am

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment is upon us and Hans and Robby dig into what you really need to know to come out with the best outcome. This season can bring a lot of confusion for Medicare enrollees. If you don’t have a good picture of where you currently are in Medicare, it is only going to make it harder. Find out how to identify what   plan you are on and what you need to do before December 7th!  


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You can contact Hans and Cardinal by emailing or calling 919-535-8261. Learn more at  

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Welcome to finishing well brought to you by Cardinal certified financial planner belonged to Schild, best-selling author and financial planner helping families finish well over 40 years of finishing well will examine both biblical and practical knowledge to assist families in finishing well, including discussions on managing Medicare IRA long-term care life insurance and investments and taxes. Now let's get started with finishing well well certified show Medicare for ordinary folks, ordinary people, and you might of heard my mother used quote of all time. Rogers said that God must really loved ordinary people because he made so many of which I think is so true. In the end you know when it comes to Medicare. It it it just seems really, really complicated and you know, for me it's not easy to admit that I don't know something you know I always want to be the expert, especially when you're on the radio with negative show the world that you don't know nothing. But you know it's interesting to me that when God made the alphabet like ordinary people eat heat in the Hebrew alphabet. There are three letters that are very distinctively meant to show humility and their the relish in the valid and the none but of those three, the one that fascinates me is that is the one that's the none and that there's one on there that there's two different forms of that letter. One of them shows humility that it's been it's been over on both hands and it shows this person you know that was fairly humble but then there's another one that stands quick sort of erect and actually goes below the line. It gives the lowest letter in the Hebrew alphabet because you kinda dip into evil. When you begin to believe that you know something that you don't know and and it's most illustrated actually with the Pharaoh because God was seen when are you humble yourself as you look at that word humble in Hebrew. You're gonna see that none way below the line like in the Pharaoh was proud like you know something that you know he got a real education and welfare got education that.

But the interesting thing is that in order to find out stuff about Medicare right Hans, we got admit to begin with. It probably some of what we know is misinformation and and clearly not helpful to know McMaken some good decision. So if we can get really, really basic is where ending into am sure right now people are hearing commercials and the insurance companies got their plan out what you know I taken a lot of new clients on perhaps the first person talks over the second person talks to them when they're just on the way to becoming the client and a lot of our clients meet us through Medicare so that's the first thing were serving in just something that strikes me is just about all come to me and they tell me some things that they believe about Medicare and they're usually part right, but part wrong coming in there. They're just hearsay, and they've usually their source of their information is not the government it's not some book.

It's not some seminar but it's it's hearsay that they have picked up from somebody else that has limited knowledge about Medicare like which that's how we buy things in the United States of America. That's probably how you buy things you asked your friends and with their experiences with this that or the other thing is nothing wrong with that but it starts people off many times and just kind of the wrong place so they'll throw all the stuff at me and I listened, and sometimes it's correct. Many times it's off-base and so there there throwing that in their as a way to really become making a request when you do your plan for me or you quote this price you know I heard this, and I heard that and I think this is fact. And so make sure that my plan that you recommend addresses is that of the other thing just becomes real clear to me that a lot of folks a lot of ordinary people as were saying, which are most of our clients there really with their Medicare and their knowledge of Medicare and how they're receiving their Medicare. They they're not real clear of like where they are on this complex Board of options not only where they are. But when the SEC is it insight or is there an open enrollment thing and don't have to do this at a certain time and time to meet these requirements and so that there is a sense of shame almost like wow I needed to be doing something about this and I just don't feel like I've got all the information or the maintenance is if you can use a map like and once found men using the first step on the map is to figure out where you are at this point time on the map right in the next thing you want identifies were you trying to get okay she got that you get those to plan to take his way back.

You know you know that was the basic idea behind navigation. My dad was a sales executive with an insurance company way back when I was a kid. Okay, so I've been in this business a long time but my dad used to sit copilot with the company pilot those two guys are out there flying the plane and I was in the back just in the sea was pretty close to the cockpit drinking all the cokes and you know the candy bars and occurred in looking out the window and watching them.

And when I realizes this pilot. He would dip down and read the water towers were out in the Midwest to find out where he was in the lifetimes. They'd have me read it because I have Verizon negative effects and a scary story but this is a searcher who had Medicare J a little bit about my child took is different now you know I'm thinking of my Medicare.

I it's time to dip down out of the clouds and read the water tower yeah I just going to winter out where you are on the map or you need let me do it for you. And so the analogy there is I just fine and especially during the season is you got all these Medicare advantage and boy they start and they get a lot they pump a lot into that 62nd and get all the words up on the screen and they all make sense to me because I know what the story is behind the story, but I just try to put myself in the people that are watching this with serology listeners and it's like you know what in the world are they talking about and I'll they're talking to you like you already have a Medicare advantage plan and that you understand you have a Medicare advantage plan and they're just showing your one option of there's the end that might not even apply and then if you call up that 800-number there just to start enrolling in that plan and explain the benefits and so some of this is brought on by the messaging so what would like to do today. If we do nothing else, is to try to get you to give you a framework to understand where you are on the map right now is where yes it time. The water to work for the compass.

Absolutely. I couldn't agree with you more so, what are some ways that I can know where I met and what we do with a lot of our customers were my associates in your wishes. Explain this to me what you know what I do what mother associates to do is we ask more questions like are you paying a premium every month and who is it to like is it to Mutual of Omaha at nine and how much is that premium because if you're paying hundred to 200 bucks a month to an insurance company and its you name off one of those that sells Medicare supplements, you're probably on original Medicare. You probably have private Medicare supplement insurance. If you don't have a premium or it's a small premium like climbing 2030 bucks a month 40 bucks a month. This is an absolute, but it's a pretty good guide. If you have no premium that you have to pay monthly. If it's just like free pretty good chance you got Medicare advantage plan you're already on one now you can get that little cart out of your pocket. You listeners when you pull please pull over before you do this, but you get your wallet out and you get out your old card.

If it says United healthcare Humana war at nine or Cigna or Blue Cross Blue Shield and then it still could be a Medicare supplement for not paying much in premium and then you know it has a bunch of copayments and different things on their that's a good thing to have out when you call me, but you could just look at that you need to figure out whether you're on a Medicare advantage plan, which is getting Medicare privately from an insurance company or if you're on original Medicare and sup and I'm telling a lot of people to call us don't know which tractor and you're on is the original Medicare track you get part a and part B and most likely have a private supplement, and you get a separate part D plan for drugs making a payment, so if I am following years I get down to read my water tower here and at so I'm pan say hundred and $80 a month to Aetna and I have another thing that I'm doing for my drug plan that's like hundred and 60 amateur drip 20 bucks a month or so that I got another one that so I'm paying 100 and some over here and I got another one is 20 $30 month so I'm probably on original Medicare right and I also have a plan D that's helping me with co-pays, etc. on my prescription medication okay correct and that's one whole side that's original Medicare really means you're not on Medicare to and is really important to know which side you're on. Because if you start processing all this information that comes at you get this limited. To do something about it. If you don't even know where you start in on the map. It's going to be extra confusing really.

So that's the very first landing they live. If I'm in That Place Where You Know I Got a Medicare Supplement until I Make a Payment of Hundred and $40 $200 a Month to Aetna and Implanted Drug Cart Plan/Prescription Medication for like 20 or 30 Bucks. Then Open Enrollment.

Doesn't Have Anything to Do with Me Right Does Kind on the Drip on the on the Prescription and We Don't Want to Get into All That Because Were Still Trying to Put a Bunch of People in the Map. The Certain Word to Get up in the Second Part of the Show Here Were to Get into like Once We Figure out Where You Are Depending on Where That Is Them Going Take the Next Step, but I Think It Will Be an Accomplishment on This Show. If We Can Just Position People First and If We Can Get or Give Them a Framework to Get in Positioning.

These Give Me a Call Cardinal Two Words Put I'm on Style, We Work All 50 States and the District Of Columbia Do the Stuff by Phone Go on the Website, You Can Send Me a Message or Phone Numbers on Their You Can Reach Me a Whole Bunch of Ways You Get My Books but I'll Be More Than Happy to Sit down with Anybody. This Confused or Your Parents Got These Questions with Your Parents, Parents and Get on the Phone and We Can At Least Get Right Back with More on Medicare for Ordinary Hans and I Would Love to Take Our Show on the Road to Your Church, Sunday School, Christian or Civic Group. Here's a Chance for You to Advance the Kingdom through Financial Resources and Leveraging Harms Expertise and Qualified Charitable Contributions Veterans Aid and Attendance IRA Social Security Care and Long-Term Care. Just Go to Cardinal and Contact Tom to Schedule a Live Recording of Finishing Well at Your Church Christian or Civic Contact Contact Cardinal That's Cardinal Welcome Back to Finishing Well with Certified Financial Planner Hans Shaw. I Was at You.

By the Way, by Cardinal Today Show Is Medicare for Ordinary People. As We Talked about Will Rogers Quote That God Must Love Ordinary People Because He Made so Many of Them and We Are Trying a Bit about the Difference in the Nuns like There Is It Upright and Then That Would Be Pharaoh Who Is Standing up like He Knows Everything and Interestingly They Say That Moses Was One of the Most Humble Man When You Picture the Scene between Pharaoh and Moses Now How Would You like to Try to Sell Pharaoh Anything Versus Trying to Explain Medicare to Moses Is Moses Can Beat Paying Attention Because I Don't Know What in the World and and and and There You Go, That You Know That Position Is, Where God Had Wanted to Take Some Humility to Understand Just Doesn't.

And Once We Get There so What Is What the World's Going on with This Whole Season, October 15 to December 7.

A Lot Of People Can't Name It like Damage Starts in the Fall and I All These Commercials, and People Calling Their Friends Invite Them to Seminars down to Church and It's Just the It's Just Kind of Nonstop and Most of Those Things That Are, Nancy Is Just One Plan over in the Medicare Advantage Area. There You Gotta Make a Decision You Gotta Make a Decision and They Might Be Correct about That but You Don't Have To Make a Decision to Buy Their Plan and You Certainly Don't Need to Do That without All the Facts and with the Facts That I Need Is You Need to Find the Right Place on the Map so Let Me Just Lay This out Quickly.

Medicare Has Four Parts to Today Is Your Hospital Coverage. Part B, Which Is Your Dr. Outpatient Medical Two Parts.

Everybody That's on Medicare Is on Part a and Part B Is Called Original Medicare.

Many People Have Chosen to Go on a Part C Plan in All Parts He Is Is You Receiving Party in Your Part B You're Electing to Receive It from a Private Insurance so It's like a Government Outsourcing Humanitarian United Healthcare Sing Our Blue Cross or Somebody by Your Election. And so You're Now Instead of Getting Your Claims Paid Directly by the Government. You're Going to Receive Services through That Private Insurance Plan.

And That's Medicare Advantage Test Medicare Me Which Is Not Necessarily an Advantage That Can Be for You to Decide Were Just Trying to Find You.

So Those of You That Have Made That Election in the past You're Already There. You're over on a Part C Plan. By the Way Most Part C Plans Area Include a Part D so If You're on a Medicare Part C, You Outsource Your Staff You Made That Decision in the past Year. There Then You're on All Four Parts of Medicare You're in a Be See in That It Includes the Now That's about Half the People That Are on Medicare Is Medicare Advantage Little Short.

The Other Half Are Little More Than Half Are on Original Medicare. So They've Never Messed the City. They've Got a and They Get B and They Get There. Medicare Directly from the Government.

Most of Them Have Purchased Separate Medicare Supplement Policy.

That's What We Offer and That's What We Sell Here at Cardinal.

We Also Could Help You Move from Original Medicare Part a and Part B over to a Part C Plan so We Sell Them As Well so We Can Take Y'all around the Map, We Can Get You Anyplace You Want to Go and We Also Represent Several Different Part C Plans Medicare Advantage. So If You're Already on One of the That You Want to Consider Some Others, Now's the Time to Do That's with the Open Enrollment Is All about Safety Been on One with Everyone You Pick He Has Stayed There All Year Someone Adheres That This Interest Is a Private Consumer and Retirement Enough from My Perspective It It It Sounds like It Kinda Comes down to Whether Urine Part a and Part B Original Medicare Earlier on Medicare Advantage You're Dealing with the Government Versus Dealing with an Insurance Company Right and in My Experience in Dealing with Insurance Companies for Medical Purposes Is That They Have Networks They Do and That's How They're Able to Offer More Benefits Than Original Medicare Set by Holding You to These Networks Natalie Managing the Care and Then They Offer Some Other Stuff That Looks Real Attractive Especially to Healthy People and and and by My Actual Experience with My Mother-In-Law Who Hot. Who Hasn't a Medicare Advantage Plan and Oh Boy Do I Wish He Didn't Know When All Of A Sudden Answers in the Ditch and We Needed Help and We Couldn't Find Anybody in Your so Now She Has an Opportunity from October 15 December 7 If She Wanted to Reverse That Decision and Go Back to Original Medicare.

You Can Do That and Then She Would Most Likely Need to Buy Two Things She Would Need to Buy a Medicare Supplement Policy to Supplement Original Medicare, and Then She Would Need to Buy a Separate Part Deeply That When I Compare the Two.

As My Father Had Original Medicare, Which Was Part a Part Beginning at a Supplementary Blue Cross Blue Shield and I Mean Oh My Gosh Means Hospital Bills near the End of His Life. Hundreds of Thousands Pharaoh and His Admin You Know and All That and There Was Never a Question like, Is This in System or Out Of System or Can We Fit You Know We Never We Never Struggle Even Though He Lived out in the Rural County of Rockingham.

Here's the Deal Is Your Hours If You Can Afford to Make Yourself You Can Qualify for One Typically That's Can Be the Best Route to Go Is to Have Original Medicare. No Networks Are a Part B Supplemental Policy. Separate Property Now Their People Don't Want Pay the or They Can Afford It, or Some Combination of the Two or They like All the Separate Benefits and Get a Gym Membership. Some Things That Discounts at CVS or Walgreens or Something. There's a Whole Bunch of Stuff That Comes along with His Those Are All Attractive and You Want to Get for That We Know Where You Are on the Map Is for. So If You're There. We Know We Found with Humana Then You Still Have Some Options As You Can Say What I'm with Humana, but I Think to Look at with United Healthcare Has Never Liked Look Well Care and I like to Look at What Sing We Can Do That so from Your Experience with Those Different Companies. They Have Different Sizes of Their Networks and Some of Them Are Probably Better in Certain Areas. In Other or Anything Better Is One of Those Words That They Really Boy Just Know San Juan Is Better Than the Other Beverages Say That Different and You like If You Lived Here in Durham You Want to Go to Do, There's Gonna Be Some of Them That Are Going to Pritchett Duke and His Other Ones That You Can Go to the Doctors You and See If You're in Charlotte and It's the Same Thing with a You Know so They're All Going to Have Different Document You Have Different Deductibles Different Copayments They Get so That There's A Lot Of Variations but If We Can Sit down with You and Look at Those Things Now. There's A Lot Of Folks That Are Already on Original Mac and the Supplement and They Think They Can Only Change Their Supplement during October 15 December 7 and That's Is Not Correct. You Can Change Your Medicare Supplement Policy Anytime You Change That Junior Change in April Changed Twice during the Year and Just a Note, Those Policies Are Identical by Law from Company to Company, so If Your Automatic Yourself Paying 200 Bucks and You Might Want to Give Us a Call We Might Go to Get You the Same Thing. Different Company for 100 Bucks 320 Redo It All the Time. The Government Is Least Tried to Simplify That by Their Make and All the Company so Identical. But Again, This Stuff Is Clearly Laid out for You Both. Book the Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for Living Retirement and the Workbook Which Are Available at the Website Which Is Cardinal Don't Forget Guide after Cardinal Cardinal and Then You Get a Seven Worries Today Shows That Medicare There You Can Just Download a PDF of This Chapter Which Outlines All This Information out or Uniting the Start of the Book from Amazon. Or You Can Email John in Order the Book That One Other Time Constraint That I Think We Would Be Remiss If We Did in Our Medicare for Ordinary Folks, Ordinary People Is If You're Turning 65. You Do Have Another Deadline. You Really Need to Pay Attention to. Oh Yeah, and That's Can Be Based upon the Month That You Turn 65. So This Doesn't Apply to You This Season You Get a Different Cities. So Starting Three Months before Your 65th Birthday. Then the Month of Your 65th Birthday and Little Bit of Time after That Which Will Be without Medicare Resistant Social Approaching Medicare Say within 90 Days or Something within Six Months You Get a Different Moving Timeline Depending on Your Birthday and You Can Have All of These Options. That's Your Starting Point with Medicare's This Different Than the Annual Enrollment.

There's Also a Special Enrollment Periods throughout the Year.

When You Move Your You're Able to Change Your Medicare Decisions Different Things That Can Cause Them throughout the Years. It's Not Hard and Fast. October 15 December 7. This Is for Most Ordinary Life to Its Critical Stuff so Again, We Hope That We Know Made This Simple That We Dipped down below the Clouds for Minute and to Collect Each Year Water Tower and in Gave You an Idea Where You Are. Even If You're Coming in Your 65th Birthday. Now It's It's There's a Penalty Involved. If You Don't Share. If You Don't Sign up for It within That Timeframe. So All Those Things Are Reasons in My Opinion, That Is Well Worth the Time to Go to Cardinal and Download Those so That You Can Get More Information or to Simply Call Hans and and Believe Me They Would Be Delighted to Walk You through That and Show You Some Really Amazing Options Because This Is Really Good Stuff Means It's Complicated and It's Difficult but You Know for Us in Its Own Way. It's Manna You Know When You Need a Researching in Most People That Are on Medicare. There Have Especially Original Medicare. We Have A Lot Of Very Satisfied Client. We Haven't Dug Too Deep into Any of the Issues Just Trying to Get People on the Right Place on the Map with Imitative Books and Individually throughout the Year and the Radio Show Venting. All of These Subtopics Really Drove down Five Times. Thanks You Enjoyed Finishing Well Brought You by Cardinal Visit Cardinal for Free Downloads of the Show Previous Shows on Topics Such As Social Security, Medicare and IRAs, Long-Term Care and Life Insurance, Investments and Taxes As Well As Constant Best-Selling Book, the Complete Cardinal Guide to Planning for and Living in Retirement and the Workbook Once Again for Dozens of Free Resources past Shows When You Get Hans Book Go to Cardinal If You Have a Question, Comment or Suggestion for Future Shows. Click on the Finishing Well Radio Show on the Website and Send Us a Word. Once Again That's Cardinal Cardinal

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