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Lion King Long Term Care  

Finishing Well / Hans Scheil
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December 14, 2019 8:30 am

Lion King Long Term Care  

Finishing Well / Hans Scheil

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December 14, 2019 8:30 am

This week, Hans, Robby, and guest Tom Griffith, CFP, talk all about the objections people give when discussing long term care. It is so important that you have a plan for it, no matter how rich or poor you are, no matter how healthy or sick you are, and no matter how much you think your kids will step in to take care of you.  

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Finishing Well
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You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome to finishing well brought to you by Cardinal guy Certified financial planner belonged to child best-selling author and financial planner helping families finish well over 40 years of finishing well will examine both biblical and practical knowledge to assist families in finishing well, including discussions on managing Medicare IRA long-term care life insurance and investments and taxes. Now let's get started with finishing well, finishing well certified financial planner on trial today show. Very excited. The third alternative being actually long-term healthcare insurance that you may not actually thought about.

We want to, just think what was the minute you might remember Simba when Rafiki took him out of the water and said look the way that we can look deep. I know some of that sin no you're not, you become we got these common ideas that we think about and I really would've thought of every single one of these is reasons I should get help from healthcare insurance and and I wonder how Jesus would respond literally because you may know, in Matthew five when he did the sermon on the Mount, he was showing people. 1/3 alternative. He said you've heard that it was said, do not commit murder right and so there's two alternatives I commit murder.

I don't commit murder but he said no. There's 1/3 one here you go deeper you not even supposed to call somebody a fool as if you do be in danger of hell and so Jesus is opening up is that you have a reality based on sort of a two dimensional thing he wants you deeper into the situation and so as we look at these common ideas are surrounded around long-term care in a listless look a little bit deeper and see if there's something else that would be wisdom that would calm that would be helpful to us so that first objection on his my kids will take care of. We hear this all the time from the good families right. These are the good people with no with family and they know they can count on their kids and their kids will take care your situation exactly an interesting event. We have Tom with us this morning to was also a cargo guide which were very excited to have him. But Tom I am 27.

So if you can imagine Tom 27 years old and and you found that this alternative. This this is two-dimensional is in your own right. I may not have started this impact shows that I had some serious health stuff about a year ago where I was, you know, in the hospital in a wheelchair for about a month or hostile threat of a wheelchair for longer than that and my wife's and having to care me. And of course she's going to help take care of me and she's young and healthy as well but this is really hard to take care of someone when you don't have the training and it is incredibly hard one. One thing that comes to mind. I was in the hospital for about a week after admin and I was ready for a shower. You can imagine weakest link in the bag, you get kind of a a Congress over that time. So I was ready for shower. I was convinced myself that I can make it to the shower and in the lots are short. I just couldn't get halfway there and my wife to get me back in the bed and getting into the shower. We are stuck. The nurse comes in and is able to knew what she was doing silly getting back in bed pretty easily, but when you don't know how to do some of the stuff you really you know you get on the training. It is really hard for them to do the heavy lifting your family just can't do's and I think Rob you had somehow thinking my dad came home from the hospital.

One of the times you know I'm 6 foot five and the strong young man. I thought, but oh my goodness I needed to get into bed and we couldn't get them up in just from his chair to the wheelchair. You know I had a wheelchair there and I figured I could get them transferred the wheelchair to bed. I couldn't get them from the chair he was sitting into the wheelchair and almost dropped to three times and make him sit back in the chair and I was really never forget it and the you you think your kids can take care of you, but that the reality is that certain levels of care unit is just not you, not you don't have the training you don't have it that necessarily you know in that situation to do, but there are alternatives to conviction getting ready for the show is even lightning me this morning getting ready for the show is like I sent. What are the five major objection that I get from potential clients coming into the covenant to meet with us and these are very frustrating. I sent these out to everybody that's here on the radio to Tom and you and really there frustrating. My kids are going to take care of me. A lot of people say first thing you say I'll just pay for long-term care. I have enough money on Mr. big box and I'm just gonna pay for it on my own money. People say I'm never going to a nursing home. I just I don't want any part of that insurance because I'm never going people say I can't get long-term care kits. I just I can't get it.

I tried before and they told me that I got this health condition. I can't get it and then the last one is I can afford that I can afford it. It's too expensive it's too much money to kick in so what you enlighten me with this morning is that you know that the third dimensional weighted look at things and people. These really frustrate me and they have frustrated me my whole career because I also don't I'm not too fond of the way we react so I'm sitting across the table from some people and they just say to me I have all just pay for. I have enough money. I'm not real happy with them, saying that and I'm not real happy with what I'm going to say to you, don't answer that objection or something.

So I really want to get these out on the air because I know you are listening out there are thinking. All of these things, or some combination of them, and Robbie brought in for me that the third dimensional right way of looking at things. So yeah you take that one like acting out. I'll just pay for defiantly not have enough money on this paper, which was actually what my dad if you asking that question. Fact I did any so I got plenty money on just pay for all of the time came and he was you know we were my wife and I were given full-time care and we needed to go do something with Mariah college in Alabama and I said that we had to leave for the weekend when he found out how much long-term care was to be in the home healthcare to come in and just for that one weekend and it was like it was $675 or something.

He was like that's outrageous. I can't say that Michael Dan what what we get a daily all he said he had plenty we got ago you know and and and so you know it. It looks two-dimensional, like I'm gonna pay it or I'm not going to pay it. But the question that that I think is the way you can look deeper is what would you do with the money if you didn't spend it on long-term care coming if you got plenty money in your your sitting there in that position right this minute. The question I should've asked my dad, which I actually didn't do stand what what what would you plan to do with the money and I think what he probably would've said Constance. I would, I would like to leave it in my estate to my kids to my family right was sure that's what most people say when they say they can't afford things in retirement that can afford it.

I don't want that.

They don't want to spend the money on this kids will take care of me. There their desire with their funds or the residual of their funds after they spend their money on their retirement is to go to their family so and and I can tell you right now if you talk to the kids who have experienced this, like Robbie my concierge where I went through this with my mother and my father. I can't think of a better thing for them to spend their money on then getting proper professional care and the end of their life. I'd much rather have and have that than me get a boatload of money or even a small amount of money a minute. Most kids that I work with the next generation care too much about how and then there's all the guilt that comes with GA that I take care my dad well the last known and was I doing everything you know, because again you're not skilled. This is something you were trained in your whole life and it would've been nice to have both mind staying with him. I went same with my I'm I'm glad I got to spend that time with them and I wouldn't trade it for anything. However, it sure would've been nice to know that he was getting everything he really should have been getting and and and get in the quality of care because the perfect example would be Tom is you know it's time to change in many was at that point were in a conference was a problem of if I changed it was a complete disaster. I mean you know it was I was is not good at it but I would see you know when when the nurses came in the stuff they would do that in an one third the time. One third of the effort and he went through nowhere near the struggle of me for that. In this way and flip it in that way. In doing this that the other man. It's just it's awkward and it's disturbing and he's not get the level care of it. I wish he was get her man. I think a lot of times people will think about getting this care.

They'll argument that my family will take care of me. I found that sometimes people feel like they get the care that families not to be involved in the kind of want that time with her family, which is is not the reality of your your family will be there when you needed care. They're going to be around them negatively then take care of you like Robbie what you're saying is, is having to do that. The heavy lifting.

The hard stuff that the thing that takes in training some skill being able to put that onto professionals just released a huge burden from the kids and it allows the kids really to enjoy that time and really be there for the parents of the family the way that they want.

They show long-term care. As you can tell what were talking about is right there available at the you just go on the seven worst have a lesbian long-term care and they find out all sorts information on long-term care in into me now that you know if that was the ideas that you use the money to give to your state on Z's hybrid life insurance policies like wow if you can use it here. I got a great way you, your kids can get the money right that there's all kinds of wonderful solutions, affordable solutions and that's what we do is we plug in any one of about 100 combinations to finance the stuff before you start financing it. You need to have a plan for when it's going to happen and a lot of these five objections essentially that people give to even discuss in the subject there about denial manages 666E a person if there really going to do their family right here and finish well. They need to get beyond these objections and investigate this and really just prepare for the NFL. So maybe her disaffection on Hans (before Neo and got my will.

Guess what the next segment of the show we will get hard if you just get the book, the complete cargo guide to planning for and living retirement is also available there cargo when we come back quickly got a few more actually looking at the third alternative.

Hans and I would love to take our show on the road to your church and Sunday school Christian or civic group. Here's a chance for you to advance the kingdom through financial resources and leveraging Hans expertise and qualified charitable contributions veterans aid and attendance IRA so security data care and long-term care.

Just go to cargo and contact to schedule a live recording of finishing well your church Christian or civic group. Contact time that Cardinal that's Cardinal back to finishing well certified financial planner Hans shy. We also have his trusty assistant, then looked up and today show or talk about long-term care. Specifically, no third alternative.

Sometimes we look at things really to dimensionally like I can. I can't.

And Jesus wanted us literally in way more important retirement would long-term care was you know how we related with other people.

If you notice that in the sermon on the mount. Most of the things he talked about murder versus calling somebody a fool. It has to do with relationships, and that that the other one. He talked about was adultery versus no even looking Leslie on a woman again had to do with how we relate to people so you know clearly when it comes to relationships.

Jesus wanted to look deep wanted us to look deep and look at real reality. Not what we've been told, as he said you've heard minutes at what he was saying you've got these urban legends that that your believing that we we really need to look at a reality that that that he wants us to see in relationship and how we can love each other well and I really think that being able to live my own family well and I got a plan for these things, so don't put them in a position where they feel shame they feel operative.

If you like that didn't know when able to you know you live this every day like what we do and where really want to help people and most of the time when people are considering buying the staff there in their 60s and although we have plenty of people in their 70s that go ahead and get something started.

And they're usually the ones that are common sense and to sick Eric looked at the addict has this condition.

I can't get it or I can afford it. A lot of these objections come out.

People are more practical objections in their 70s people in their 60s are more theoretical and they're gonna just say that I'm never going to nursing home.

I'm just I'm not doing that and yeah our statement that we talked about earlier that my father would've told you he's never going to nursing home, but what you don't know is a hospitalist. Now they change the name to protect the innocent. Emily told him almost dumb. Are you going to rehab when he got to the rehab. It looked just like in Mexico detail it out and asked all the people. It was a nursing home.

I called and rehab but you know and and so you don't know when you're gonna fall or when sent was going to happen and you find yourself in a right there and I know my dad didn't have any idea that's how they kick you out of the hospital Medicare does send you there for 30 to kick you out of there to write and then you know you're going to be faced with the reality of some of these things are brought up like your family is going to have to take care. I have to quit their job or take a leave of absence or you're going to have to pay for your own pocket you have to find a nice assisted living and unity pay the rent or you going to need to set up home healthcare where it's now 20, 25 bucks an hour in their panic. The other guy come out and sit with you and take care of you, me, this is expensive and it's reality for people, especially as I get up into their 80s and 90s and for some people and new in their 60s and 70s and the biggest urban legend that I would've believed coming into this show was. I was just certain Medicare paper all the time and I would've told you all Medicare patient that oh no, it doesn't know that I can.

I sat there with them.

There were like your dad is not improving and organ have to send them home and they get the real time to do this long-term care planning is when you're in your 50s or 40s because I have more for you and so nobody is left out of this discussion and its even younger than that it can be done with life insurance just good financial decision that any age. If you don't have a plan for when you need long-term care and a plan for your family. Any age is a good age to be considering, and I want to talk about one particular client that I've been working with for a little while here, and he unfortunately has just been diagnosed with ALS just got the diagnosis in September and they're not even talking to me about what panel long-term care insurance yet because it's really nothing, but I brought it up and then I bring it up for her because she's in great health.

She 6263, but he's faced with this horrible diagnosis and there's a good chance that she manned up sick. After this thing is over with as I know this person got to know her very well and she's she's quit her job and she's going to be staking here till the days, and that's 24 hours a day for a person with the last stages in South what is amazing is I've done some research and some of these companies we work with what we do have a couple of alternatives for and because he is not yet at the point where he has to answer yes to the question you need any help with bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, continence those six activities of daily living. All of these solutions or they have that question on theirs.

If you need that help now. You can't buy really anything but he is just recently diagnosed with most long-term care insurance. He is uninsurable.

Just asking at this dear that ALS is on, but we got to alternatives for him and I really don't want to get into the solution for the people that are listening if you've got an illness and you're really facing the probability of a lot of this care and it's right in front of you don't dismiss that there are no options and I think they actually expect of even a broader argument and you it said it knows where talk about him ready for the show is gonna trust to help them finish well and they lay out all their financial plans.

Then there are so many different things that may be available that we really would have no reality and I look back to what I knew, you know it it's 18 months ago and I would completely in the dark so that there are so many things. It is even in your case because dissension to school so to speak. You're like oh man, I got the situation.

I can see what these people are up and and and you started fine and stuff that you don't know about yeah absolutely right. I really things I'd heard about that I didn't trust his disassociation and then I dug it because I want to help these people not gotten and they've turned over all their money in. We talked about them before the show turned over all their papers and documents and I'm preparing a financial plan. Given the fact that he has ALS and getting his care taking care of and our primary objective is her because she's a young, healthy woman and she's been a live on possibly for a long time and so we know what what PTs got fortunately it's real blessing. $200,000 with a life insurance that's gonna come tax-free to her when he passes away.

And so we can spend some of the assets that they have on his care. But I want to do as little as possible.

I want to get Medicare to pay for as much as they can and I want to set up some type of plan in place. Given his condition that he's going to get some of the comfort that we we found some things they can do and that is really cool there alternatives that clearly you know in your case, you wouldn't be able to buy long-term healthcare insurance than on the downturn. I mean if I would have to get their answer these health questions RMI wouldn't qualify either in which is unfortunate that I'm so young. I'm arty facing that. But it's nice knowing that there are other things other ways to plan for this and hopefully this is sometime in the future but is just only God really knows when this is happened. Each of us and there's impact on the objections he notices that can happen to me. You know I would've thought I would if this had happened to me at 26 and healthy young man you just all now and in failing to plan with the hope that is not can happen.

I don't think is is an appropriate plan one. One thing of note is really the people who come in and are in our line of business that come in really wanting this insurance are the ones have dealt with that person taking care of a parenting care, family members that should be telling the people who want this insurance for themselves and the people that had experienced the lack of it, people they loved about sound as camera Rafiki state rising you have that seen him gently asking to see the movie and you know it you know God kinda hit me over the head with a stick. You know with that whole thing like you need to look deeper at this gives you this is this movie will reply itself and I can see it actually. Both my parents that near the end of their lives they found themselves in exactly this position. It was a long time, but in both cases it was about a year where they required a great deal of care that was really awkward for my sister in the case my mother and came and I am in case my phone.

There are an incident at our last one on my list here which we did that, you know what if I don't qualify that what this last one is I can afford it, which really gets back to the city.

If I'm recommending it to you.

I've already researched the chicken and I can make a recommendation something people can sell a lot of the translating I can afford it is really I'm not can pay that amount among something may or may not need it just translates to that and thought like I said I don't really like to debate and I'm not really trying to do that on the air and II really like your taking a look deeper yet you saying I can afford it. You know the question is can you afford to incur 50 $60,000 a year for a few years, unreimbursed by an insurance company and paying for care work in you easier afford three, four, 500 bucks a month in preparation of data. Can you buy life insurance. That's company that an alignment in the Old Testament several times. The prophets told people to break up your fallow ground and the words got hard ground and in Irish. The thing about this week that it and I got some hard ground in my life that needs breaking up. There's no doubt about it, but prayer just simple prayer brings rain and wet grounds all a lot easier to break up. In my opinion know it. In other words wow these very issues on long-term care. I think require prayer, my God, what would you have me do. How can I love my family well seeing what this plan would look like and and and who can you bring into my life that would help me do that. Who could be my Rafiki with us at the sticker.

Whatever the situation is, is it I now understand my own life that wow is number one. I need to be praying about this. Number two, you know wisdom would be really really helpful in areas that I don't know because it is complicated and so on have an insurance company that would be able to help you in that situation again. You know, we believe in my family that that would be Hansson in the name of his website is cargo don't forget the guide after cargo and their unifying long-term care is one of those you got a book that gives you all this information on long-term care and positive elastomer. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed finishing well brought you by cargo is a cardinal for free downloads of the show previous shows on topics such as Social Security, Medicare and IRAs, long-term care and life insurance, investments and taxes as well as constant best-selling book, the complete cardinal guide to planning for and living in retirement and the workbook once again for dozens of free resources past shows going to get Hans book go to cardinal if you have a question, comment or suggestion for future shows. Click on the finishing well radio show on the website and send us a word.

Once again, that's cardinal cardinal

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