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Stock Predictions debunked for the end of 2020!

Financial Safari / Peter D'Arruda
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December 12, 2020 2:00 am

Stock Predictions debunked for the end of 2020!

Financial Safari / Peter D'Arruda

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December 12, 2020 2:00 am

This week on the Financial Safari Coach Pete D'Arruda uncovers

  • November stock predictions accuracy
  • 7 Stocks google is bettong on
  • and the Income Volcano!

If you want more information call 800-661-7383 or text PLAN to 21-000.

Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

I will hello everyone this week on the financial Safari will talk about article that I read that in November 25 starts not right that was wanted by the bed look at seven stocks that Google is betting on this Google has a big venture capital fund to billion-dollar Look at seven stocks. They are heavily invested. Give my things on the will and also talk about the income okay no financial much more this week on the financial hi this is Coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structure your assets until retirement income you're in the right place. Welcome to the financial Safari broadcasting from coast to coast financial Safari with your host Coach Pete and his guests were some of the nation's top financial professionals make it their mission to guide investors in the treacherous jungle of the financial world, showing them how to grow their money for their loved ones is a frequent contributor to FOXBusiness network, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and many other news outlets become the coach for their answers. And now you so stick around and find out how to make it through the jungle of the financial world on financial Safari walking into the financial Safari is a beautiful day here.

Whether it is raining cold hot doesn't matter is a beautiful day because were here in the studio with coach Peter Ruta, best-selling author of America's wealth financial and income codes also in studio with me is Morgan Patrick consumer advocate Fred to mention my name, there I am Thomas Lipscomb here with you excited to get into the show. Now you are teasing me there.

I'm excited about success. Also, funny solo, funny socialism is using these articles all the time will be seen now help it online so anywhere you go to somebody from an article that something will absolutely not like sports, but money you know the sports articles always predict what teams can be better in Kaiser right sometimes or on if they were right all the time and business depends on people being wrong to make money and and same thing with the stock market. Let's just take a look at an article in US news and world report and it was signed in November and was it was that by the beginning of November.

The article came out and said five stocks to sell or stay away from in November. So now when on November anywhere we December think it would be good time to take a look back and see help write the article.

What I like showing who is on this list again. You know you never know what can happen in stock market is going to prove it, and went away again.

Number one stock.

They said to avoid was Royal Caribbean stock ticker RCL okay make sense with the pandemic and everything going on. You would think Tanya anything in the market doesn't make sense sometimes that doesn't know for sure. I've never been on one Royal Caribbean cruise. Everyone I have yet to go on a cruise but want to, and everything safe.

My daughter loves Disney so we been on a number of Disney cruise over the years. Number one, so she could see the characters because it's easier see the characters on the boat because are not millions of people running around chasing the cat here is only a few thousand makes a lot of sense.

Only a few thousand really good cruise line to buy the weight and not too many of them a lifetime. Her daughter has loved my wife always said this. My daughter you think is for my daughter no good excuse. Right now I say when I confront my wife with that, she says I try to Royal Caribbean celeb so I said when my researching suddenly go back right before November so I picked October 29 from five stocks you research entered December 8 so I looked at from from October 29 to December 8 which is a fair little thing with her tell you not to hold it in November and looked at the stock charts will Royal Caribbean back in October 29 when this article came out right around the time was $53.83 a share.

You want to guess where it was on December 8. Can I guess hi you can guess, I guess a number if you would like to say I'll say 65 okay Tom's want to essentially one other thing I was going to be a loser. I'm assuming were going in the other direction, but I would agree as well. I would think that it would go down so so we got a cruise line here yet the election going on all this pandemic stuff if it was a 53 was: 40 okay so you it is as it was going to down because the article said it was sure that we can talk about this of the article is feeling better about my prediction playing advocate of October 29. It was $53.83 and then let's say December 8 it was $83 and 37 say hello hello in the 4% was up in that time. If you believe the article you had with grieving.

Read article said that then you had you get a little Kramer thing out there. You want to sell sell sell. The best time to sell sell sell will know what was in yeah so that was the that was a win for the people who were in that stock and not a win for people work goes looking for.

Think about that Morgan Royal Caribbean did real good job and so the article said that they were going to be affected by covert, 19, but it hasn't been that bad.

I bought carnival myself way back in April when it was way down $11 a share. Wow, that is appreciated cents. That was good. Now you notice I never talked about it on the show because I don't want people gambling like I do when I'm playing around with this money I could afford to lose. We never put many weekend we can afford to lose in the market.

Important point, and we should never trust an article to take our investment by Shirley Morgan know you need a professional number two stock. They said the seller. November get away either sell or don't buy in November with Avis budget group okay car rental symbol is CAR with a creative simple it is to be Avis with anybody. They bought a Masato Avis bought budget. A budget but he was never faces a number two but we try harder was their slogan.

Avis because Hertz was number one) a run to the airport that right exactly right. October 29 car again. Avis budget group was $36.70 okay December 8. Where was Morgan and had to go up when I die. I've already written a couple cars since then for my kids because are taking a trip and they don't want to take their car you can clean the surfaces quite easily. So yeah, I think it goes up okay. Want to guess out for what was number 3670, say $48 want to get flops. There was a 36 nothing is going to go up as well me to go ahead and align with you guys the style say 42. Well, it was only 30 8/15 away from 73 but it still will not seen sell a getaway 3.9% that will when you look at that and end in about little longer than a month was a 3.9%. If you can extrapolate that over here. That's a pretty good day. I agree.

Course stocks don't go up with when here the go up, down, around many times the next when they looked at with CBL properties and are simple with CBL a Q now let me tell you something when you see it you after name. Is that a good thing.

I don't know what is that indicate I would assume it's just another letter means a bankruptcy really okay secret, so that means they get any time to say the stock is worth was no one gets anything going to read issue new stock in a different name risk is CBL properties is a real estate investment trust, otherwise known as a REIT. Now you know what he thinks about rates. I've been on a few of the shows courage. You are not a fan not a big fan of Greentree because of COBIT people are going to the office. They have a lot of companies that are due their going out of business and they were renting from this and in this region where they were.

This rate was depending on them for revenue and not a good thing. So you know what he talked about this in the article, but but at October 29. Guess how much was it was five cents a share .05 and at the end of this little time. December 8 it was five cents a share, so nothing's happened. There is no loss that you must have the fourth when they said to sell in getaway with Shake shack who okay and hungry of thing that is SH a K shake my Morgan $66.18 back October 29 amendment. This article saying get out there and don't don't buy right now we think it was that by December 8 Theodore a lot of things going on. Ordering food on the go up like he has personal experience may be so hustle them on sale five bucks okay Thomas yeah go with you Morgan thing is good prediction right so we look at October 29. It was $66.18 on December 8. It was 477 98% do go wow they have more deliveries. Shake shack is good shakes at good burgers while drivers are cranking right through the cricket.

So again this article writer maybe should consider a different grip of violent Dillards Dillard short, DDS dental office October 29. It was $45.38 a share what he think it was by December to go down 38 but you Thomas yeah I you considering the trend of everything I want to go up by five dollars. I'm going against you. This time her right well so again started on October 29 at $45.38 by December 8. It was $53.04 and 18% okay.

The common trend in this article.

Again, the article said five stock to stay away from her cell in November was every single stock with either the same or went up someone as high as 54% 28% 18% and even 3.9%. The only thing it didn't move at all, was the REIT that was in bankruptcy. Anyway, interesting people are at home there do a lot of online shopping so Dillards would go up doing something right.

You seen a lot of these department stores starting to falter. Turning OU what you've seen over the years trying to rebrand JCPenney, Sears yeah it's a good good job Dillards well. The common thread of my research was. Maybe you should believe love the articles you read anything about that. You really need a real plan from a real fiduciary planning team and and don't make your investments would take your investment advice from articles from people you don't even know who the artist is in U.S. News & World Report. A very respectable newsmagazine. Yes, but if you would sold and I got in you. What you could cut yourself some big money figments of the objective here. We talk about retirement planning to spinning and generalist.

Make sure you have upside potential for your money. Make sure you have income flexibility in the future, make sure you have guaranteed income for life. We call it growth protection and income that we use the court explore philosophy. So our core is that growth protection income and explore part is investing in these companies like we talk about the article. Therefore, if you lost your money. You didn't lose your retirement and too many people I talked to have retirement money has blended into their gambling money week we have to put a stop to that. So here's what I want to do one of the next 10 people call to give you our patented three-step process, folks. It's it's to create a comprehensive financial and retirement plan that aligns with your financial and retirement goals and your values first were going understand what money means to you and more poorly how it fits into your life organize your finances so you have a crystal clear picture of where you currently stand right now I want to say least of the shopping malls of different food court all the time walking to the shopping mall have to find that math the mapping of the little dot in XA you were here right and from here you go there to get the food court fight like dominoes with little time to find a board so we have to help you in your life.

Decide and figure out where you really are, financially, and we have this eight-foot whiteboard. We categorize where your money is in red, green, yellow that we design a plan. From that point, based on what you want to have happen in your life that next minute talk about your financial goals. What your short medium and long-term goals, but more importantly to me what your dreams and let's work together to clarify your goals and your dreams that are crystal clear and tangible, if possible, and finally to create an actual step process to get you on the path towards financial and retirement independence, folks, this is not something we do want to set aside on the bookshelf just like physical fitness your financial fitness needs constant attention throughout your career and beyond. But don't worry will work with you every step of the way to guide you. Make sure that your money is working just as hard for you as you did to get now again, if you are over the next 10 people call will have at least $200,000 dedicated to retirement, to be no cost for this comprehensive fiduciary financial retirement plan strategies do work best for those of you with overbearing safe retirement. But we've never kicked anybody out. Thomas is always a serious loss to get the power zero DVD. The DVD don't worry retire happy in the video retirement as well as the three books that for the next 10 people call come in soon as possible. Are you folks. The numbers 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or you can text the word plan to 21,000 plan PLA into 21000.

This is for retirees and three retirees were often common sense planning and straight talk. As you've heard. Instead of that financial doubletalk the sales pitch. The typical typical folks need to sit down and get a financial roadmap put together. Don't be put off by all the craziness that you hear out there coaching the team here can translate that complex financial world into very clear instructions. That's truly custom tailored just for you and your situation.

So take advantage. This is an excellent chance for you to get that true practical financial review, just call that number I mentioned 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 40 can always text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 and as coast mention when you: you will receive that comprehensive financial review that will show you where you are now more importantly, it's also going to show you a roadmap to get you where you need to be and when he commands we have that set of DVDs there. That coach mentioned as well, including the power of zero great resource. There is a number against 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 Jim Cramer and comment on some of his, financial Safari consumer advocate Thomas Lipscomb here in studio alongside Morgan Patrick my co-conspirator in the consumer advocacy will also with us, though, is the man of the hour, America's well financial and income coach folks. He's a best-selling author. The winner of multiple enemies XP's tallies and qualities that is coach Pete to root out how to follow conversation therebetween break.

I think we need to get back into this whole stock world and just understanding it up Morgan you are saying.

What if someone picked up that article in a dentist office three months down the road right wow wow you got stocks that are sitting there and it's telling you dump it, get out and you know what four out of the five yeah did it was dizzyingly well and it's a printed business magazine. You assume that you have visited this legitimacy behind the sort of yeah it's funny that this was happens a lot of times these articles come and go, and people forget about them. No one ever gets called for their bad writings were the bad choices now for the bad advice and that was pretty bad advice and that article how I would just have to be careful where we get our advice from and that's why it's important have a long-term fiduciary financial retirement plan and also have tax planning built in there as well. Thomas absolutely and this is why we want to offer folks listening out there.

The number to call if you have questions about what were talking about maybe a question about something completely different, but you do want to ask his coaches and that fiduciary you will you want to make sure that you have someone authentic and honest that you're talking to give us a call right now 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or just text the word plan to 21,000 now were talking about predictions actually have another prediction that I want to get an attorney because they were your thoughts are. Pandemics go a little crazy will see what Cramer has to say about air B&B. There are people who realize the possibility of getting COBIT elevator stating understand lobbies as places to have codecs.

So where can you avoid all of those hotspots very easy task. You just come for your class wipes clean. No one comes in your house and it's fantastic.

What's going on here, here, B&B is the way to avoid code going to track city is an air B&B for the person who stayed in that house before you have COBIT there you could still be higher about that because he I don't just assume if I stay in hotels can be cleaned better than the house would we think minutes. That's their livelihood last a lot hotels in the end, like I think it's Hampton Inn and the Hilton chain Marriott.

Both of them have this seal they put on the door.

After they supposedly clean the room and you have to open the seal it makes breaks it takes there showed his real first person that goes in their ethics will cleaned okay okay yeah but see London clean it right to make its artificial set of artificial confidence there. We just have to believe them when they put that tape on Erin has been. It was a report I read an article about resort Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago they had really bad bedbugs who denied it into the person they are sent pictures of the bedbugs themselves all in the bed and they moved him three or four different rooms in each room had bedbugs while stationed legacy going through yeah family I like you have never experienced a bedbug. I really don't want to. Fleas were bad enough.

I had dogs. I understand this a wonderfully agile night but absolutely yeah let me ask you, so I was just looking up air B&B is potentially going to have an IPO here soon so the sky goes back in a conversation we were having just a few minutes ago about Wally okay so you have someone who's on CNBC Cramer talking a positively you know about air B&B and how people may be using it now. You see this announcement saying they may have an IPO coming soon right yeah where where do we go from here. You know what happens with IPOs as people get so excited and they jump in and there's a lot of bicycle applying pressure will a lot more people want to buy stock to sell than the stock was way up in supply demand takes over this happen we saw with Facebook and update my Facebook story is still on Facebook but I invited her in the IPO.

I bought it after the IPO when is a certain period of time after the IPO when the people that were involved in the IPO can start dumping your stuff you want to wait to the dump happens in with dump appetite at Facebook at $17 a share that it came way down to 17 almost all the bottom on that.

Just 100 years, Samina again when I'm playing around. What I really mean it when a sampling with stocks about investing for my brightly good, but hundred shares now with what $289.

Whatever it is I don't watch was great when I buy stock I know unbelievable for 10 years. That's why I don't watch so unfortunately what what the investment will is become and I think it's even more these days because of COBIT because people have a lot more free time. The 10 year horizon for buying and holding stock is turning to 10 minutes okay about it today went while getting money will only get one penny or two months.

It's a long-term plan and we talk about retirement retirement. The long-term plan would talk about 30 or 40 additional years after you stop working that you need to make sure your money work for you for all the way through. That's what we say we need to have growth, protection of lifetime income and or money must never go away. We must make sure money always outlives us. That's why we squeegee something here we thought plan to 121 Wheatland 81 21 but it goes beyond that retirement beyond because we live that long still to get income to could get income to hundred 5060 times, we may get that someday we may anything more you want to live honestly, I cannot swing a golf club to be planning basically the let's look at the we talk about some of the websites. Thomas wanted only about two important ones. One is 2020 money we can have a series of videos that you picked the customize for you and is not the year 2020. It's the vision 2020 and I cannot let this happen like five years ago was 2015 sure so 2020 money and then the one that everybody loves Pete on PET on Both of those places. When you visit, you can qualify to get a golden ticket. That's a no cost, review and retirement plan. It's over thousand dollar value.

If you go there and request that you and will anyway do that as well. We also something called the 15 minute retirement planner that we can give way right now for anyone who wants it and inside here.

You see I just open up the field to get there for that. So 15 minute retirement planner will help you get head start push start get ahead of the curve a little bit on your retirement plan and just see if you're doing well and if not some simple tweaks and corrections are made to get you back on path three go through you is a great opportunity.

All you have to do is call 800-661-7383 two connect 800-661-7383 or take advantage by texting the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 you know coach we got a lot of folks said that love to go to Pete on financial the right into the show, though adults asked questions. We have a great way that you can leave your own voice question on financial there's little button on the right.

This is ask a question you can record one right there on your cell phone or computer tablet anything but they're always talking there there. We had a lot of a lot of influx lately, especially asking about strategy and I think this is a good opportunity to bring up as we been talking about stocks we've been talking about how how they really do go up and down's got your book.

Your coach when your bestsellers.

The seven daily steps and chapter he talks about creating a lifetime income strategy and you and you say caller will often ask the question in my making a mistake to retire at 62, or should I wait until I'm 65, and you go on to define what the caller is really asking. And you're saying actually.

When they asked that they truly are asking.

I'm afraid I may run out of money.

I have no guarantee.

My money is in a retirement account that is tied to the stock market.

What will happen if it takes another nosedive to see people on sports we have financial amnesia. They forgot how it felt in 2008 nine, when the market did go down thousand 2001 to when you feel helpless. We can all look back at the stock charts and say, gosh I should've bought their you put your finger right on site December 2008 when he felt really bad, but the stock chart went up.

After that, it looks like Sears and I should've bought there but I remember we thought the world was ending and I was not going out of business. The mortgage fiasco.

All that stuff so looking at charts is only half the story to get the emotional aspect of knowing what's going on Thomas.

The people who were happiest were not tied. They did not tie the retirement to the stock market and that still, I see that every single day because you be really happy. One day, if the stock markets up really really sad. The next Davis down and we can't have a retirement tied to that is like the 10 I was taught by the tennis ball in the ocean comes in, goes out high tide and low tide will this high tide and low tide in the markets as well. We don't want to depend on member going to my grandfather whenever Loki came he made us leave the beach that I hate it will tie back in the day.

We will hike.

I was fun for me were brothers to play on the waves bowtie was no fun at all, but we were safer sure because I had the high tide the waves would witness around here hasn't been taken for a ride by wave and you don't know if you survived that weight gets old times.

I need to learn a lesson yesterday. We have some call the undertow which takes you back out and so we did isolate some or money from any the forces like that and there's a way to do it with a fiduciary team. We have growth over money. We don't need the money. We protect that growth. In other words, we don't get the growth back and then we decide to activate it.

We have a lifetime income.

We can never outlive and I was recommend to three or four these different accounts Sears to three or four different streams of income. I call that the income volcano when your perpetual friendly lava which is money appearing in your mailbox. Each and every month for the rest your life.

It'll never go away. Then you have total security total satisfaction and you know that you're in control because you not dependent on the stock market to tell you if you have a good day are not exactly how important it is vitally important you know I was just on the phone with my mother just a few days ago and she was talking about how she is appreciated.

What you have been able to do developing her own retirement plan because when she goes into the bank.

She sees the mutual fund that you .65% since the bond that is quote unquote safe, but is it an end. Yet there is a lot of appreciation there. And I'm sure a lot of our listeners may not may not be aware but this is a lot more than just hyperbole on radio, this is truly getting you set up for success in retirement. Absolutely yeah we talked about.

We talked about the book that put the seven baby steps, which is my best best-selling book that I've written all the books ever written of a written number seven right. I'm still working on the library and pick out a library and I need to get done with this book on retirement. It can be done soon. We talk about ways to not fumble our retirement is not giving the money back once we've got it, and folks that it is a game that the game is that the game of chess and we need to make sure were not playing checkers and other plan checks were taught about retirement planning. So if are if you want the next 10 people call right now at least 200,000 dedicated to retirement report call the income volcano that I wrote a couple years ago. This is a fascinating report and I tie in current events on that Hawaiian volcano with how income planning structure like that. So you'll get a kick out of reading that both of them. I put the seven baby steps for you and a golden ticket inside these 15 minute retirement when you get as well.

A golden ticket for no cost.

Total retirement planning session and review session with a series of him with three of them to get you that proper plan. You deserve the first one educates you on where you are right now. The second one makes recommendations where we think you need to be in the third one is activating that if you want to is never a cost is never a threatening situation were here to give you information to make sure that you understand the worst that could happen if you not understand where you are and you approach retirement and you're in trouble. So let's make sure to iron out any wrinkles in retirement plan to get you on the right path of also get the video from Tom Heckert. Don't worry retire happy to get all that the goodie bag and much more. When the next 10 call us a call right now and the numbers 800-661-7383 to connect with coach Pete and the team 800-661-7383. You can also text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 this is a great opportunity to sit down with a fiduciary team. You can obviously get your hands on that report. The income volcano when you come in as well as well as Coach Pete's best-selling book 7 baby steps.

All of this book just like coach on the radio. It's it it's an easy read. Includes a lot of stories but there's also a lot of meat there a lot of core content that you can digest and and really can help you set up for success in retirement so folks take advantage get that golden ticket come meet with Coach P. Parker, Marty and the team here and also get these fantastic resources that number again to connect 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text Lord plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 we come back were going to talk about seven stocks that Google is betting on back into the financial Safari can advocate Thomas Lipscomb side Morgan Patrick as well as America's wealth financial and income codes, best-selling author coach Peter Ruta awesome awesome time on the show today really get into a lot of what a great concept but I will ask have you ever been coaches frustrated, so frustrated that you feel like you just resort and taking someone's life Thomas except it was a mosquito right there with this should distances to love because of a life like a judge over here and I'm sure I'm sure the real is why in the darkness I have is I have a reason behind this so-so 101 of our talented house here at the Safari is put together this great brokers behaving badly segment that has to deal with more data checking out Kari's been putting these tales together since early 20 1850 in all and I thought I'd heard most every variety of brokers Breaking Bad until now. This time it's murder story comes to us from Allen, Texas financial advisor Keith Ashley is now charged with the murder 62-year-old James Sieg only say it was seeking, his wife found her husband dead in their garage from a gunshot to the head back in February seen also included a typed note that the death was a suicide investigation spent nine months in autopsy revealed that Stephen was first incapacitated and then shot all in an effort for Ashley to get full control of sequence assets actually been indicted on six counts of wire fraud as well as the murder of Sieg policing. The body was found in Segan's garage with a gun in his left hand in this note that reads my last friend Keith Ashley help you with account 792-658-6113 just one thing Segan's wife told detectives. Her husband was right-handed, and even own a gun. Investigators used security footage showing Ashley arriving at Segan's home at 9:31 AM with an unknown loud noise activating the camera inside the garage about 45 and its later Ashley is seen leaving about six minutes after that.

Ashley at one time was a registered nurse and he knew exactly what drug would render someone unconscious. Almost immediately, Ashley and Segan were friends to as well as being as financial advisor.

He had visited that home in the past will detectives we can make any money at Segan's account may be true but was able to transfer about $750,000 to his own account over the past five years. He was also able to change the beneficiary designation on a $2 million life insurance policy on his wife to a trust that he control according to the Star-Telegram award for Ashley's arrest says that he defrauded at least nine victims, including Segan for more than $1.9 million in a Ponzi scheme indictment says that Ashley use the money to cover utility bills, college tuition, student loans, mortgage payments, spending at casinos and brewery expenses. Yeah Ashley algebra recalled nine band brewing in Allen Texas. According to broker check Ashley had been in the financial business since 2000. Nothing unusual, how just one more reason to make sure you are dealing with a true fiduciary and don't be afraid to ask them to prove it was such a long story stays music stop playing.

It was good that was crazy story that was a long drawn out story that was created was his own friend did no no not good if you did that week number didn't have a gun and was the wrong hand and I got home I got you never know. Do you don't you don't, but it does. I think it just like Steve said at the end of it. There it goes. Sure why you need to trust your working with an honest relationship and I know the right questions to ask as well so you're not just walking blind support didn't have a gosh Morgan of that that's I'm still shocked the story climbing when you when you think about it you you're in a relationship with a financial advisor and that you get to a trust point and there are certain points or step off points you can say you know what, maybe I need a second opinion. Maybe I need to bring someone else in maybe there's an opportunity out there for me to listen to another voice that may help.

We have something we go through, called the dime worksheet with the dime worksheet was set up in front of the penny a penny saved is a workable time. Stanford debts, income, mortgage education and everything else look at the IME to look at what the debts people have the income you have a course it's better to have more income than debt rights as laid off the mortgage is going to be paid off before get retirement or how do we factor in the mortgage. What's our interest rate and mortgage. What a great time to refinance.

Right now, by the way, if you haven't done it yet, folks. It's a great time to refinance work rates are very low. I when I refinance what is coach Pete do I refinance five years ago in a 15 year loan.

I got no closing cost at 2.99. I should probably revisit that. Do another no closing cost to maybe 25. The problem is my house that he was well now they don't really not a mortgage company 20 deal except paid it off. I paid an extra payment every year so my 15 year loan that I did more than five years ago only have like six years left on it. Very nice of the mortgage heavies are interested great time. It is to refinance and if you do pursue and explore in at least look at side-by-side.

What a no closing cost mortgage can do would be a little higher interest rate but you're not paying any closing fees. To me it makes a lot of sense. You need to basically keep the house for 10 years to pay all the scoping fees off so you say I sell 10 years email your little higher interest rate, like a said I probably could get 2.85 instead of 2.99. Back then when I refinance but but I would have paid much closing fee shall pay for the appraisal to begin with, and they refund me the appraisal cost during the closing cited pay for anything that something is not a special anything that I think the average American moves right now every 3 to 4 years 35 years so so if you don't have it but it's in your return on that that other make sense a lot of sense, so we look at the dime worksheet debts we figure out what your debts are your income, which mortgage balance is and what your payment is in education. Everything else, what is what you gonna pay for education what your final expense plan do you have to have a death benefit to go to your next again which everyone needs one, even if just a burial insurance and everyone needs life insurance and my problems I've seen lately as many people don't have the right, life insurance, or enough, or even any life insurance at all. If you have an older life insurance policy you might want to have that reviewed because the newer policies will let you have what's called a living benefit rider added to your policy which means let's say you have a million-dollar death benefit which is benefit your family when you pass away. Sure what it would benefit you while you're here what you mean coach not sign up for the living benefit when you can benefit from your own policy because if you have a long-term-care event. You can reach into your death benefit. In this case that million dollar policy and take a let's say hundred thousand dollars you to pay for long-term care expenses that makes a lot of sense that's used because that basically takes you the need for a stand-alone long-term care policy away the life insurance rates come down a lot lately. She might be overpaying for policy doesn't have what you need.

By the way, so let's do this. Thomas was open the phone lines up for the next 20 people call will do a life insurance audit and review for you will look at where you are will educate you on what you currently have, not only life insurance but anything you want us to look at and will make recommendations from fiduciary standpoint, where you should be going forward to make sure you have the most comfortable and worry free life possible absolute a number to call to take advantage of this is 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or just text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 you know something that I love about these conversations is where we talk about life insurance right now and something there that you and the team do coaches. This is just one aspect.

We want to make sure that you're looking at all aspects of retirement planning, and that they work cohesively that there one unit moving forward that you don't have. Maybe your taxes holding you back or you have your thing out of the five and a 41-year-old you don't you don't have that random random asset is dragging their feet and hold yeah it is now. This is your will get a lot of questions from business owners and two of the main questions I get all year long, but especially when were talk about the of the year because planning for the next year and it is great time to clean the closet out so to speak. One is called buy sell agreement or to buy sell agreement is a very important agreement and if half of its done by legal team. The other half your financial team, but do you guys know in my cellular device and I've never heard of that know what is that Melissa, you have a business and you have a partner to write well. Here's what happens. Life will die.

So let's say you're married and your inner part is married to. So your partner passageway. You merely become partners with your partners wife. 01 or husband leg and spouse was a Conestoga and my point of view like a man and businessman partners.

You become business partners with with the spouse of the person who surviving correct yes and so maybe you don't want to be partners with uppers maybe never liked him anyway thing about your business that you have the time put a buy sell agreement in place which says when one of us dies, the other partner has the option to buy at a certain price of our established it is not the stuff playing games on the road.

You know what now that he's like a business prenup.

Yes, it is way to look at and so we spent a lot of time educating folks work with attorneys to make sure the plans are done right. So if you have a partner or more. More than one partner in your business. I recommend a buy sell agreement because you don't want to become partners with the spouses. The other like you said, in a business point and the other one is called a key person insurance policy so you speak okay man but now it's 20 2010 is of key person.

What that means is if your company and you have somebody in every company does every company has at least one person that is vital for the success and survival of the company.

Many times if that person were to pass away. That company may be in trouble so you get key person insurance which says that if this person passes away with the company's gonna get a certain amount of money given to them to to help them survive the transition.

To find a new person like that now that worry me a little bit if I was a key person. You never want to be worth more dead than alive.

Good point like that within two Pacific. This will help a business survive and thrive even if they lose the most important person in the business.

That's what a key person insurance is so a lot of people asked me questions about the buy sell agreement very important as well as the key person. If you're curious or want to find out if your business owner you really need to review and it needs to be done from a fit in my opinion from from fiduciary standpoint, so the not do not sell things you don't need. That's one thing I seen the financial way too many times people get sold products that they don't need because it doesn't fit the strategy that I would come up with based on what you told me you wanted Thomas. Let's make this available now to any business owner who wants to find out about that, as well as any other business type events and and also the Stein worksheet for everybody, as well as a book set and a DVD set for the next 20 people called him at no cost or obligation. Get that golden ticket more poorly get that piece of mind that you deserve all the way through and only two and always through retirement and anything else that may arrive also do tax plan, tax planning is very important to look ahead in the tax code to protect your behind from the tax man. Everything we do is legal. We don't do any of these junk things like offshore accounts, but it is good.

If there are ways to minimize taxes legally when you like to find out about lowest what this phone lines for the next 20 people right now before the break, and the number 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or you can always text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 this is a great and perfect opportunity to take advantage of meeting with coach Pete and the team to get your total retirement income plan placed the game truly is strategy and security to make sure that you can get that not just that, first, five, seven years into retirement and wonder, but you get all the way through retirement, knowing that you have that security you back the number again 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 promise we come back with a talk about the seven stocks Google is betting on one of the stocks and see the pics and the financial Safari having a great time here in studio with Americans well financially and income coach coach Pete Arruda Morgan. Patrick is also in studio with me trying to keep coaching line is much as quick I as find out today was tried for years and never works okay so I have something that you both you guys relate to.

I think some of our listeners will as well. The Queens candidate for a lot of people just raving over and Esther had watched a couple weekends ago. I think you want to love the whole thing and watch. It was awesome. It was awesome. I lost all yet so don't delay, but that it was amazing to begin with.

Now trivia for you. The very first episode when she was playing chess with a janitor you what movie was a dinner and last year no idea what was that joker really one of the police guys checking that reducing the July 2 detectors that want to talk to the Joker within the member they got beat up on the subway. I have while seen a guy you see very actor you know somebody speaking of movies.

We got the new movie coming out. It's called blockbuster the last blockbuster of the last Blockbuster and coach Pete is in the movie twilight last blockbuster is like any non-Western video store is still one it's in Bend Oregon and I went there couple years ago and filled with them for blood reports.

By the way most of it end up on what they call the cutting room floor because a lot of great comedians signed up to want to be on that movie as well, sure.

Who doesn't want to talk about blockbuster. I agree what Western line at the very end of the movie. I worked there for a day and they fill me working there and so you get to see me checking out a person who said getting ready to cut off is not checking out that what you have no idea set for so I do have is so the reason I brought to Queens Gamma.

Those this is a part of that series. Every now and then they would get to the point where they had to take a break maybe to resume the tournament 4 to 6 hours later and they would write down the next move that they were going to play before they took that break, sealed it up, put it in the envelope had opened it the next day and that was the first move for the next day. That way nobody could think about it overnight that goes to obviously stockpicking and I want to see what you have to say about Google and their seven stocks as well because that same thing you never really know what's going on. Obviously, until the results happen. That's pretty good that's that's good strategy that you will not yeah yeah so Google has no equivalents were to go with the search engine mega search engine that they got to venture capital funds that once called Google ventures. And that's $5 billion under management and the other one is called GG have created IG has 3 billion under minis would be way under management and they invest in like startups and trying to try to get companies to get some star like a angel, fondled Asher, but so they pick seventh they fix seven big ones to to put a lot of money into and I want to talk about some shirtless to that one was over and the symbol was you BER now that anybody is there anybody out there who doesn't know with Huber's anymore, you notice a household name at this point if they're there if there over 70 maybe anybody else you know it is funny thing about Huber is when it came out it was such a strange name that's I remembered it so lift was out before Uber, but everyone remembers over more than lift Linda and Mike and Mike resonate. It says I took a look in us and they they put a they put a lot of money in Google's behind there. They want to they want Huber to succeed in all that but I said what. Let's see what happened the year 2020 for what to see what they did and so it started year $32 a share and we had Corona happen or cope. It would apply: write what you think it did Todd Thomason. Then Morgan when you think it's done throughout the year went until hereby the beginning of December hi, I think initially I'm sorry to jump in time setting initially and probably took a dip because people were just scared because of the surface. The they started reporting that you could pick things up from the surface over probably took a huge hit and matter fact we know several people that do Huber on the side and they had picked other things up because they were not getting called, 35% decrease in trips during third quarter. In other words, this 35% less people and over. But here's one of the big problems.

It was hard to get over is true because I travel is no doubt hear me complain about this for Bill to get people Uber happen to be 15 cars all around me like one minute away. Well, then I get to the point right fly into either Raleigh or Vegas or some airport and it was no movers around the airport.

No cars available in it and not even at the airport while they suggested that that was bad right shop that had a 50% decline in mobility gross bookings. In other words, people who would who were booking the trips 50% less but throughout the year. Get it started. $32 a share. Ended up at 5398 right now right around there is a pretty good, that's a 68% increase. That's good because Huber by the way, but at 27 that's well it makes you wonder if it was a reaction where people had to figure out how can I do this safely and in the drivers got back on it while you're talking made me think Uber very much is it a business obviously reliant on the drivers. It is not like brick-and-mortar.

Let's say so if those drivers weren't available, you were put in the situation you are in stock about lift with basically the competition furniture and that simple sale why FT and they experienced the declines as well.

Not not as much as I don't think they look like the recover little bit but they start here at $44.25 more than Uber and over start the year 32. Write what you think with ended up here right here in December, a multiple year now. I maybe flatlined maybe a little higher. Thomason yeah I would think a little bit higher just because ESA 50 for safer list. I've had better luck. So I have both apps on my phone if I can't get over.

I get lift her Huber's urgency notice urges to charge more money doesn't search so I've been at the airport before were overspent usually cost about $20 to get from the Raleigh airport to my home.

They source of the $54 one time and then I went right over lift and got my ride for $20 sure yeah so well list and one time I can get a movable lifted at a paper taxi maybe that is very true so the only list on your $44.25 ended up right now. You December at 47 69 11.7%, which is not a bad may simply simply return during a pandemic and doing all the stuff we got through being up is good. Okay and what I say about the market, though, is a lot of people say what I'm up in the air about him but my retirement canceled all my retirement money in the stock market and I'm up and I would say you're not up into your out you liquidate that money.

You're not up into your out so you know you could wait too long it could be down in your trouble working on. We don't know but that's what we don't want to tie all her money to one particular investment or one particular asset class like stocks monthly for fun is one asset class. We need to diversify our asset classes and gets over money in the account to give you that growth when you when you don't need the money. Protected grocer doesn't go back down and give that lifetime income when you decide to activate. We call that growth protection very very important right so is not one company called Caldera plunder no influence of the LDR and they're basically a an online cloud storage Okay and they start here $11 and 52 the end up in here December 12 35 there about 7%.

So the not no big deal either debate one. One of the big with doc you sign different office I asked? Do you think this year's been good for dog is here at $75.24 here in December. It's up to $230.90 Slough and again that his percentage was know what is good and wanted 205% because again because of what's happened is a lot of cottage industries are popping up this companies that are developed now, so we don't have to go in person and sign documents we will have to go in person and testify these days is even comical if he testified. So if you are taking depositions or you have a court case.

You can do it virtually very good and a lot safer than so by the way. Because of that. Still not done.

Still really trust all my information on so deftly.

Yeah there's another one called Oedipus medicine everyone heard them but they they went from $26-$40 from 35% but then doesn't want to talk about because my daughter uses this and so therefore because she is the guess who else as an account so she can monitor snap snap check yes SNAP now snapshot was struggling for years meds like I bought it nine dollars a share. What is really struggle to find okay now this year's been good for Snapchat just because I don't know I guess more people doing videos on their they do. The ones that the videos that self-destruct in 24 hours at the with that inspector Gattaca sure you send videos on limited lifetime yes and so it started here at $17 a share what you think it is the December minded the I guess it has some useful things for the number we start out is what 1717, say, 58, I was about to say I want to be bold on essay 5060 yeah yeah you know you and in and Facebook and Instagram pummeled Snapchat because they had the same blab same kind of things not quite sure that Snapchat is made some moves so it started the year at $17 a share.

Now it's at $50, while hundred 93% incredible that is settling for a company was basically given up his debt almost so that's what happens. That's what we should never, we should never gamble on the stuff the zoo knows that if you buy it today like a downhole event in the 17th year. Don't take any of the stocks we talked about today is investment advice. By the way folks you 70 stocks with games like they have a lot more room to go down and up.

I think some of you talk you talk about keeping the core safe and in making sure your core is there and then you when you have that maybe the lecture.

That's when you go plan, take the extra money we call it the money that doesn't really matter. And so if you lose it. Your it will change your life's chair but we have all her money tied to the market will exist in the change your lifestyle that if we went up 30% with our money is not that affect our lifestyle too much in a favorable place but if we went down 30 or 40% of really affect our lifestyle retire will and the emotional toll that currently all of that anxiety that you can avoid showing talks about relevant stocks here and some information but appears willing to do. Folks, this is just a step. The most important step as you take to make sure to get your own strategic development process started. Have your total retirement plan which is 22 steps behind the scenes for the next 10 people call right now will do for you your very own strategic development process to break down real quickly is a lot more steps, but one of things we do is review your tax returns to uncover long-term tax issues that may exist in your IRAs and capital gains taxes even Social Security taxes will do some tax planning is to educate you least on what can happen there. Establish your retirement income goal is money needed to cover the cost of enjoying your lifestyle all the way through retirement, not just couple years retirement next when analyze your current investments to establish the real cost and fees. We call this the financial termites and make sure you don't have any UFOs unidentified financial objects in your portfolio and would benefit go one step further and calculate the risk exposure level of your current portfolio based on the risk you're taking right now.

What would happen if the market went the wrong way, and finally can determine the percentage of assets needed to protect your future income needs. Considering taxes and inflation two big wrenches that are thrown into many plans that were not accounted for. We account for those we put together a total plan for you and your family the next 10 people call who have at least 200,000 dedicated retirement this office for you and our strategies do work best for those of you with over a million Natalie get all this you can get a free book.

Step three.

The videos we talked about today is that 15 minute retirement planner in that golden ticket dollars were loaded up for the next 10 people and number 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text the word plan to 21,000th planted 21000. That's all you have to do to get started with coach Pete in the team and just like we been tackling problems on the show today coaching the team can help you assess your plant and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This complementary review will help you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement pitfalls that we discussed on the show. Those include inflation, taxation, Social Security, and so much more call on in today. Make sure you sit down and get your total retirement income plan in place the number again 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 is a great show. Hope you guys enjoy that there and regulate it for Thomas Morgan is coach people see you next week right here on the financial strength purposes only and is not investment information to be reliable is the energy information is contract specific details of your income planning management is provided by Equus capital management is an SEC registered investment advisor located in San Rafael, California. Investment advice by capital financial advisors group, LLC, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. Insurance device given by capital financial insurance North Carolina licensed insurance agency. See

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