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Some annuities might be a good fit for your plan!

Financial Safari / Peter D'Arruda
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November 21, 2020 2:00 am

Some annuities might be a good fit for your plan!

Financial Safari / Peter D'Arruda

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November 21, 2020 2:00 am

This week on the Financial Safari Coach Pete D'Arruda cover

  • Anti Annuity Dominoes 
  • No Fee Dividend reinvestment plan!
  • and the Power of Zero! 

If you want more information call 800-661-7383 or text PLAN to 21-000.


Re: November 21, 2001. This week on the financials of talk about annuities talk about the anti-annuity dominoes another falling realizing some annuities really are a good fit and why advisors are learning to love annuities maybe you should as well go through list of no fee dividend reinvestment plan stocks we'd invest in the market through a dividend reinvestment plan and not pay the fees touch on the major motion picture, the power of zero.

The tax train is coming or going to have 10 of these give way during the show that much more this week on the financial support hi this is Coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structure your assets until retirement income you're in the right place.

Welcome to the financial Safari broadcasting from coast to coast financial Safari with your host Coach Pete and his guests were some of the nation's top financial professionals make it their mission to guide investors in the treacherous jungle of the financial world, showing them how to grow their money for their loved ones is a frequent contributor to FOXBusiness network, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, and many other news outlets become the coach for their answers. And now you so stick around and find out how to make it through the jungle of the financial world on financial Safari will come into the financial Safari consumer advocate Thomas Lipscomb here with you always honored to be in the studio with coach Pete.

The router is known as America's wealth financial and income coaches, best-selling author, winner of multiple awards including enemies coach figure actually going after another in the right now our check. I just got back from Sarasota, Florida Thomas, guess what was there besides a nice comfortable weather that oh yes, we are filming.

I'm an executive producer with a group.

There were filming a documentary on the life story of Dick Vitale. It's what amazing guy committees done great work over the years for the foundation which is for cancer research. He concentrates on the children. Children cancer is nothing worse than having a child or knowing someone who has a child with cancer.

I write so angry and what I love about the V foundation is every almost every single dollar you give goes right to that research in this so in order to connect way way with the organization that you know is put your dollars and 90% of what you give goes right to the research I have an endowment foundation endowment fund that pays the salaries of the boys that you not you, not donating money and have that money go right in someone's pocket okay yeah really excited about this can be like that about a year of the movie will be eligible to travel all over the states interviewing his former players.

For some people he's worked with and it's it's just an exciting movie.

Very excited about, but got a new movie coming out about Blockbuster yes you did. Lester is called the last Blockbuster. It's a major motion picture be coming out next month so be it be on.

I think they can release on Amazon or Netflix unless you're working to be everywhere and it's a really good movie Thomas.

It's about the last Blockbuster.

There is one Blockbuster video store still in business in Bend, Oregon to get videos and all drug you want as soon so some people can age themselves based on the fact that they got their gas and their oil changed my generation can say well I used to go get movies at a store member Blockbuster was really fun and then we need more this kind of fun things we do it now. I guess there would have mask on the mean of the it was a fun time to go to what bacillus it was now you UT something there early on that icon will probe you on you said were to learn about why advisors are learning to love annuities. Why are they learning to love annuities and other possibly we just call the a word right now. Don't talk about the annuity the phone with annuities. Thomas is too many of them out there is too much confusion. This to me people selling you once you don't need and not advising on what you could use you and so it's just why wire wire annuities making good on the radar screen.

Now a lot of people's portfolio. Probably it's a combination of possibly years of low in fixed income returns like very low interest rate and the threat of dropping stock valuations are forcing advisors, many advisors out there to search outside their comfort zone to find their clients decent returns and can.

Here's a big one guaranteed retirement income comes when we talk about a mystery show guaranteed income you growth right you need to protect that growth only to give it back. It's whatever you have stock. It goes way up in the what happens at home and so we need growth, protection, and then lifetime income and when I say lifetime income. I mean, not the life of the annuity the life of you, you have to outlive your annuity has that with you. You have to always be getting money, your annuity should still have money and it will still be there when you pass away, and what I love about some of the annuities when they set about now, even if it's an individual retirement account IRA which you know what IRA means it's for you not for your spouse correct and regulates some of the annuities now. The waiter structure can give you and your spouse lifetime income from the individual retirement account while releasing one of the best way versus what unless we have a car wreck life your husband like on the road have a correct and maybe you'll pass away the same time one of us can outlive the other and we will make sure a money out with us absolutely without a doubt think they know know is very true and you folks if you want to hear more about this and find out how we can incorporate this into your own plaintiffs call right now 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000, you know, we have a new team member on the team and I were talking the other day about advance and protect coach that goes along with what were talking about here in and he was absolutely blown away that something like this existed, had no idea that something like this is the millions of dollars to go into pumping advertisers come out every single day in print or on TV, on radio telling you to invest in the market for sales of the vested interest a lot of times keep your money at risk as you keep your money at risk. In theory, you can make some more money off them without them realizing that we love the market was down he still make money at it if if you're with an advisor and there make a lot of money when you're losing money. How good of a relationship is that not good is no it's not. Now we want to make sure to protect some of that money and there was a study and that it said of the study said about 56% of those between ages 50 and 75 years of age wanted guaranteed lifetime income. Now I'm just wondering what the other 40, 44% if he wanted. I mean why would you want guaranteed lifetime income. I don't know why you would nice our security is at. That's what it's before any free file at the right way you make it more income. The thought because is claiming strategies correct and then when we use that pensions people work for company for 2034 years and get paid forever.

When he retired of the pension a lifetime income check right so that's what you looking at now is funding our own pensions with our money that we put aside in our 401(k)s are for three B's are TSP's anywhere we put money IRAs we can move some of that money into the income stream process which you can control when you know what ahead of time what your income is going to be based on what you put in and we can tell you times we do have a crystal ball. We talk about looking forward in the future we can tell you with certainty what your lifetime income will be. Let's say 15 years from now you know you putting money in today, 10 years or five years or two years or one whatever we know and you know to so the longer you leave the money alone. Of course, the more it's going to be right doesn't shrink again.

You have that growth protection lifetime income.

Tom magnets a good buddy of mine wrote an article when you talk about later on. Here the show. Tom Egner wrote a book called paychecks and paychecks yes retirement income for life. He also had a book and a video series on PBS called don't worry retire happy. Seven steps to retirement security. Guess what step number one is. Have a lifetime income effect unless it takes the war in any form. He says before he takes the worry out of living and surviving and enjoying retirement and I got that video the dive that I put together called the video on retirement.

So if you want the video on retirement. If you want to. Don't worry retire happy DVD with tonic December 25 and we got the power of zero. I have 10 of these. The tax train is coming folks we need to structure our money so that we don't give it all away tax wise we need it the most, which is retirement Thomas get that in my book, the seven baby steps as well, along with a golden ticket thousand dollar value to put together for you and customize for you your very own lifetime income plan based on what you have and what you want and what your spouse wants will do that for the next 10 people call right now straight a number to call folks 800-661-7383 800-661-7383. You can also text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 this is a great opportunity to get your questions answered because is true what you say coach you're an expert in this field you you been doing this for decades. A lot of folks are experts in their own field, whether it's medical, engineering, and I think we need to take the advice of expert your fiduciary as well so that we know we can trust you very good point Thomas, because there was an article here and he interviewed a professor at the American College which is where the retirement income certified professional designation comes from the CFP now have the RSVP which retirement income certified professional which again we thought about retirement income. So I'm qualified to talk about retirement income have no doubt that was three intensive exams. By the way over to a couple years but left but the the of the professor here said the problem is a lot of people who sell annuities aren't fiduciaries and their annuities wants what's best for the client. A lot of them, allow them to sell products and are not selling the real, the right products to people so that products are selling just aren't very good and so that's what happens when you run into someone who is not independent.

We are a totally independent financial fiduciary firm here.

So what is that me.

What means we don't have a morning meeting in the morning were our presidents telling us you must sell this annuity. Everyone walks in today who stock in a spot that happened so does it well, yet they have morning books not only but every morning, but I mean they they are told to push certain products or if they are with a big company that the company has.

There's their product selection. That's all we can offer which which can always be in the best interest in it, maybe sometimes it may not be other times and you want to be the test rabbit. That's not can have the right retirement plan out snow. Nobody wants to be the guinea pig test rabbit absolutely is what we see way too much the way too much and in portfolios these days is UFOs unidentified financial objects like worry when when that don't want UFOs in her portfolio. Thomas and and one of you listening might have you forward to this.

When you look at your statements or you get these 20 or 30 pages in the mail.

What you were going to try to talk about later on the show. Dividend reinvestment plans and some of them are loaded with fees which those are those are not acceptable to the financial termite so we need to find out the dividend reinvestment programs that are good for us.

We also need to find the correct strategy for retirement. In my opinion a correct income plan must have an in-kind annuity or two in there that is perfect fit for you. Not one that's basically being sold not the right one thing and that's the problem here if you're not doing with a true fiduciary. They can basely peddle divorce products to you, but they're not beholden to any ethics right because they don't have the fiduciary guidelines which we do absolutely respect if you want your very own lifetime income plan you want to have an analysis of where you are. If you don't know what you really have.

If you have those UFOs is unidentified financial objects give us call Thomas. We've identified it was everything we've ever see sometimes not a good identified process you're not happy with your advisor after this many times will wind it be great to know now instead of years down the road when is nothing you can do about exactly all the prevention and it's about designing, building and protecting your proper retirement plan Rocky buyer buddy mine is to do a show with in years for years in Pittsburgh, wrote a book called don't fumble your retirement.

New money lessons learned by four-time Super Bowl champion Rocky buyer Seneca for Super Bowl Zephyr came back from Vietnam after being injured in Vietnam and then losing one of his afterschool toe socializing with you about what he says coach and Terrel Davis said this to like to share with him. He Super Bowl MVP as well. He said the magic of the football game in which a financial world. This is basically parallel is you can.

You need to hold tightly to what you have and not fumble it or give it up and so a lot of folks are doing that by taking too much risk. Not understanding what they have not dealing with fiduciaries of folks. If you are when the next 10 people call this is over thousand dollar value, you must have at least 200,000 dedicated retirement. Our strategies do work best for those who do it with over a million safe retirement but we will put together for you your very own total retirement plan which is 22 steps behind the scenes Thomas Lawson to give you that 15 minute retirement planner booklet series. We have as well as a 401(k) box that stole the 401(k) modern rollover guide box that DVDs, workbooks, guidebooks, worksheets not only tell you what to do with your lump sums on your 401(k) but how to properly manage the 401(k) as you do it now.

We could do ongoing consultations with on that to as we go through the working gear is getting to that retirement year so Thomas is given a number right here and will will be more happy to meet with you as soon as possible. Plus doing a number folks is 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or you can text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 couple great options there utilized. This is for retirees and pre-retirees out there. True common sense planning and straight talk. You can sit down with coach Peter, a member of the team here, have them translate that complex financial world into very clear instructions tailored just for you. Take advantage of this excellent chance to get that review by simply calling that number I mentioned 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or just text word plan 21,000 plan to 21000 that will come back with no thought about Tom Heger that that article he wrote as well as dividend reinvestment programs and ways to get your family likely will back into the financial Safari consumer advocate Thomas Lipscomb here with you in studio alongside America's wealth financial and income coach. That's right, he has 28 1/2 years now. He is a veteran in the financial arena, fiduciary planner, coach, Peter Ruta, coach of a little something that inspired me the other day that I thought I would get out here. I was given some wisdom teeth pulled and before they had to get that pulled they took my blood pressure have to be a little bit hi nothing crazy. Donna's mind always. I didn't maybe that's it. Nobody cause me to think okay well what am I I am 36 years old so they cause me the okay what am actually eating what my actually something that I not guess I didn't think I would think about those 50 or 60, but it caused me to think forward thinking to the future, 15, 20 years and this is what were talking about right now on the show some trigger to make you think okay what is my wife really gonna look like in 15 or 20 years and were not talking about that meal you want to get a McDonald's just like your blood pressure. Your income is just as vital for you yet what incomes most important thing it really is is not your balances in your stock accounts. Even as a fun to look at when you're up and no fun to look at whether down but we need again we need to design, build and protect the proper plan of that article you're taken Tom Higley's is been a friend of the show is been on the show probably about 20 times over the last 10 years at least. Yeah buddy mine. We would both of exchange book ideas and that he signed what when my first books I signed on his tooth is really fun. We wrote an article just came out in the of the title is the anti-annuity dominoes have fallen and show on disk and read on to quote him here an article he said in the skin.

Tom Megna I've been in an annuity believer for 30 years. The research of leading PhD specifically on the power of income annuities in retirement is overwhelming. You really must consider and cover your basic living expenses in retirement with some form of guaranteed lifetime income, Social Security, pensions, and annuities. That's the guaranteed income prices yeah yeah and so there. The problem is that the general public doesn't read white papers published by these leading PhD's. They get information from TV talking heads and her buddies at the coffee shop and does think about what would your information these days can that transitioning away from me. Really I can talk about that but where you getting information from and who is a person really qualified to give the information because you're watching CNBC and try to get retirement information.

Many times it doesn't work out that way now does not nullify what CNBC a lot of time stupid that's showing you how to how and where to invest. Yes, I was trying to make money absent with it really doesn't talk about preserving that money or when to get out. That was when you get in if you want great Realty to get a nap. I buy buy sell sell sell that at any times it's too late by the time you hear him say something right now.

Let me to summarize the article little bit Thomas Glenwood read here, but but but that Tom Megna talked about the depth of the problem that a lot of people run into is the annuity solution is the best fit but yet they are in love with something else. For instance, somebody saying my rental property is my annuity like you have of you. If you over the landlord-tenant person you're into collecting money from your tenants right so or my letter bond portfolios.

My annuity or why buy an annuity.

When my dividend paying stocks increase their dividends over time for I am a big believer in tax-free municipal bonds for that and for an end.

Like Thompson, is an article I want to quit. I'm not against any strategy to submit retirement. I'm not either.

Thomas I think everything has a place in the proper portfolio identification, no doubt, but they shouldn't be used to cover basic living expenses in retirement. Chris will do all the things we mentioned could go down you can lose money there. So if I've learned anything from the covert, 19 crisis. We've had a first-hand view of why these alternate strategies are suboptimal.

So let's look at them more closely.

Know when someone talks about my rental properties my annuity things go wrong. There may be your tenants are paying anymore forget it would cover 19 dispense like people are paying a lot of times I'm moving out or how to get rid of him for not paying sure if you're depending on the rental property for your basic living expenses like eating your own mortgage payment and not paying you what's can happen what you know, we were just talking about this the other day because I was considering investing in real estate property and I weaved. I peered that conversation we had coach with something that we talked about on the show a few weeks back and that is enough you can have a rental property.

Think about that emergency fund and will as well and how well should be beefed out to Fort to cover those things. Obviously someone like me who may not have that in place yet, am I willing to potentially take this massive multi thousand dollars every month that I'm not able to cover if someone happens not be able to pay the rent. That's very important, let alone all the other things that you mentioned on the show before, such as maintenance. As you get older you gonna be able to maintain the home yourself to handling all those types of things and then it really does need to be taken into consideration really do mean everything. Thomas easily consider. That's why when when you just walk into a XYZ firm and they just sell you the same product selling everybody else what are they really considered the consider yourselves how much money they're gonna make on you instead how we can preserve, build and protect your lifetime income strategy. Your your empire of money because plumbing about everybody's different everybody on everyone listening to us Thomas. We know that was different.

There, they may have the same car may be looking at to the right to left you going on the road to see a Carson coherency model with all different inside the car letter bond's doubt is what is that I'm not here with that term. Well, I didn't tonic goes on to say here night I I've have been Affinia but he said he's never been a fan of ladder bonds.

You could argue that they did make sense when bonds were paying 8 to 10%. Not sure but that's not the case today. Guess what, the 10 year treasury bond is paying right now have no anthill as a lesson 6.75% to less than 1% okay 30 year government bond is less than one half how to survive on stuff again, with rates as low. Why would you do that when you get 568 even 10% per year guaranteed payout depending on your age course from an income annuity the income annuities would make sense. We talk about pension again getting to that last stage of the relay race.

A lot of times annuities are the right thing but we get age 50 and over, and we need to have what I call that financial Philip strategy annuity start make a lot of sense because I give you lifetime income for the rest your life for the rest her spouse's life. If you have questions about what were talking about.

Give us a call right now 800-661-7383. You can get your questions answered by coach Pete and the team 800-661-7383 or text plan 21,000 plan to 21000 you know coach on the financials of our YouTube channel. Gonna put a little plug. There were actually developing a video right now talks about that classic three legged stool that I used to have I got a stool sample. Yet you had died. He hit me and so yeah okay so you have Social Security, the classic one would be Social Security. Obviously a pension would be in their way, which most likely did everyone used to have one, but most of what did now no one has won the most everyone.but this is the way that we get that get that parent back in place to serve in a good pair. Maybe like pyramid schemes to be done at no doubt no doubt right so that we look at the we were talking about that the missile bonds writing the bonbons. A letter bond strategy. Sorry.

So all bond interest is taxable. While the income annuity has an exclusion ratio since the principal is not taxed when received. This could be a significant tax break for retirees. Now obviously, if qualified money is used. All income is taxed regardless of the investment vehicle use of use in IRAs no matter where you put the money you have and pay the tax on it yet gets is going to collect the dividend paying stocks will be an annuity someone says. Says and what may be but hundreds of companies of/or eliminated dividends due to covert, 19 crisis.

More might be cutting in the future and were not talking bad companies were talking about companies such as General Motors, Dunkin' Donuts, which is going to private anyway were Royal Dutch Shell, Harley-Davidson, Expedia, and the list goes on and on with more to come now, not against dividend paying stocks never going to talk about dividend reinvestment program played on the show as a strategy for a portion of my portfolio but I don't think for a minute that these dividends can be counted on to cover your basic expenses in retirement because if they can take it away Thomas, the can take away exactly is one thing that happens with if you have a company and a slash to dividend your invest in it like you bought publicity about a thousand shares of Exxon get a lot of money with Oscar that's on your head you bought it because it had a good dividend, then a slash to dividend what happens to the what he thinks can happen to the price of Exxon if they slash the dividend to the shareholders. Does he go up or down to knock up a good dividend in the end, there can be less you again the thousand shares you bought your and anyone don't sell it right away because now it's on to be worth less than what you pay for not only getting less dividend now the stock is not worth much in a good be trapped there for a while I got a legacy of her loss. He had a very, very careful on that.

Again, it's all about meeting your basic living expenses, but I also like to consider the fund box what you want to do for fun in your life in retirement. Just getting by. Could be sitting on the bench like uncle Jed. They are whittling a stick but that's not a fun see you have to have some money. Additional monies can be coming in an income stream every year. The rest your life. You can do fun things with it and when I talked to husband's life. Many times their idea fun is a whole lot different than each other right to the life I want to travel is going to go to ball games.

So what you do in those situations that you have to be refereed to regard more income streams better and we can design three, four, five, 10 different income streams you can activate it anytime you want in the future.

Once you start activating they will come forever and forever money and that's the gun the green flag on the mailboxes to the red flag on the mailbox. I love it will. And what I love about this is your truly having conversations with people finding out what their aspirations, their dreams are hate to say that we had someone who wanted your stamp of approval someone far far away from here and you refuse to give it because you did not feel that they were ethical enough they were holding a fiduciary standard and so your fused bar with them and I and I respect that about you because every now and then we run into some jokers out there, right in the certainly a while, not with me though.

No, we want our clients to sleep well at night night hot there and ended nicely.

It's it's making sure that that you are ensconced want to count your always forward or staying the same. Again, we have growth would protect the growth and then when you decide that's important feature when you decide to activate you get a lifetime income that you or your spouse will never outlive domicile summarize again to hear, even if your balance goes to zero you still get that income check which is amazing because they have a bank account goes to zero national money and here's the thing. Here's a caveat.

Some of these annuities out there will double your income for up to five years. If you have a long-term care event really getting the right one and we usually a word here the show and a lot of people probably say on the line annuity to get their arms crossed.

Right now the rope hiking the steering wheel to get arms crossed. Now you do not all good folks, there is a lot about annuities, but they're not all bad as well.

And there's some real good ones out there. I have a few myself Thomas. I may not.

I would recommend. I wouldn't recommend anything that I would give myself or offer to a family member because it really makes sense Thomas some of the things that are really available. Out here in this world that a lot of people don't know about and you know why we've Artie talked about why we don't know about it because so many millions of dollars are spent advertising try to get you to do things you shouldn't do the one sedative that the quiet the quiet Kies the quiet little that the quiet little annuity. Sometimes that's what you need and so it's a little engine that could. So many more times and I were thought it would be.

And folks, if you haven't considered that are looked at it, you really need to get more fiduciary planning front times we offer everything to gambit. We offer the red account, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. We also offer the stay liquid account selective the safe money that's not does not know anything but a seer for you for emergencies now we offer the annuity accounts we offer everything that's out there were totally independent and that we love doing that so I will come up to break up the disk of the number of folks if you want have your own plan done will do it for you no cost and number 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 origin text word plans 21,000 plan to 21000. This is a great opportunity to sit down with coach Pete and the team to get your questions answered. You already have a plan.

Maybe it includes one does include annuity you want to make sure that it is the right one for you. Give us a call right now. Let us help you out 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 are you would you have that break coming up the stay tuned because of more financial Safari when we return again folks again financial Safari coach Pete here Thomas with them over there does God don't have to make the studio today just to make those kind of classic classic financial Safari we see Marty Hensley walking but I think is not part of all and you never know with him and that in the course of Morgan Patrick with Chuck Aiden.

But would we have a good staff but you and I are manning it up. I think that would just as were loyal Thomas meeting with their need to talk about the list of no fee dividend reinvestment plan stocks and professor want to talk about what a dividend reinvestment plan is not left talked about it before the show what it is. It's a way for you to invest in the stock without having to have a you don't have to have a whole bunch of money to start with is if you want to buy. What's 100 shares of Apple stock Apple computer. You need over $10,000. Most people have $10,000 it around by hundred shares Apple. What if you could commit to buying a company that $400 a month you despite whatever supply company and intellect on the get a list here. Let's say California Water Service group that's is one stocks that I picked out a hat here. Okay, it's one of the dividend reinvestment plans that does not charge a fee to get in and what I like about what I like about the water companies as well. You know, Kelly has troubled water right now I can't put fires out when it certainly, actually it might be good as I know nothing about this company. By the way it is picked it out and speak with tier 5. No fee dividend reinvestment stocks mocha, but you put in let's say hundred dollars a month. There and every single month.

They would get the reach of your checking account get hundred dollars and buy the stock at that same day, every single month on the let's say the 15th at whatever the price, that stock is that day to getting what's called dollar cost averaging as well. You're not throwing all your money and at one time and hoping it's at a low, totally go up short course of the year you got 12 different by dates and the beauty here is every quarter.

That means every three months. It's a dividend paying stocks.

It would have. It pays a dividend, whatever the dividend is the use that money to buy more shares of stock for you. So that's why they call it a dividend reinvestment program is reinvesting the dividends in the stock to Georgia makes a lot of sense makes a lot of sense and I know it goes against.

I think especially me someone who's not in the financial and mixing don't always need to buy when stocks are going well or by when the really really want to buy one as well.

You want to buy low, so high you sell in the bit to do here is Mike I been doing here is if you have this Michelle you know I been doing McDonald's Wisconsin energy and Exxon since right after high school. You have yet and I had a couple emergencies in college right to take money out of my ex on Myrtle Beach but looking at this list Thomas Cracker Barrel. I love crack about the company you can invest in Duke energy what energy companies are we what we need. We need energy delete energy Kellogg's course Exxon Mobil exons been horrible for me but but anyway it's it's up still putting money in short general mills. So if you have a day like a son or daughter there at that you try to teach them about how to save money for her grandchildren. And you know that the beatings wrecked the serial who doesn't write logs general blue general mills both like you say, look, daddy or mommy has it has a vested know your we are putting $100 a month in here for you. So when you're eating her cereal you're making money is good way to train your children graduate how to save money. How important is Kellogg's good one to McDonald's is not on this list because I do have a fee so I can talk in a McDonald's there is again I do use a dividend investment program with them.

They charge me a dollar 50 every every time I put money in case you just have to weigh out whether that's $100 and only only 9850 goes to the stock number 50 goes around so they're not on the list.

I'm still using a marathon oil that's on their like also to companies. We got a whole list will share with people Quaker chemical Corporation member Quaker State oil fluid Paychex if you get a paycheck to paycheck to the company.

It's on their Raytheon's on their I just found some that were of interest may dismiss a big list of pages know if you just snap on incorporating snap-on on a snap-on absent Tompkins financial Corporation of my mom's maiden name is top incidents were okay then WEC energy group, which is Wisconsin energy that been invested from when I started there was called Wisconsin energy not to get cool you the WC and but here there that I looked them up right before the show. They're paying 63.63 cents and 2563.20 $0.05-$0.63 a share for the quarterly dividend that now so everything 1/4 you get 60, $0.63 while hearing from you. That's what dividends are, so why should people use dividend reinvestment plans and why do they work on going to tell you that right coming to set a couple summaries of why I like it, why it works.

Number one it.

It eliminates procrastination because you start small and you can add.

I should've over the years.

I should add more money. I should increase my hundred to 200 300 a month but I didn't and could cut dividend reinvestment plan stocks are great way to maximize your total return. You are in a dividend income but is automatically reinvested at a discount rate so you get it you get a little deal inside you know I did okay and dividend growth investing is a marathon not a sprint.

So develop an actionable plan for long-term success and that's what we try to do and we what we help people consult like like doing these for kids or grandkids with good way to get started, but anyone intellect you don't like pain broker commissions sure and so some of our favorite dividend stocks to buy are the no fee once, obviously, because not paying anything else of the critical part is no fee dividend reinvestment plan. I would never invest knowingly thought that would charge me fees to do so. Fees will road your return over the long haul, but I like McDonald's over the years affecting the real I do McDonald's.

My first article is for the Internet okay okay you and Lisa send out a quite annual statement like the annual book right. Here's our annual book of us explaining McDonald's docket was clean all the real estate to have an outlet, but inside there.

Thomas was a coupon for a free sandwich. As soon as they stop sending the annual book out everything which would await disappointment and get free big Mac big Mac attack. What year so anyway I should check myself right now for investing McDonald's. It's a have a fee that I did and he likes I like McDonald's that much.

So this list and you see it's like 20 pages long. It is share with anyone he wants it just a good way to you when you talk about Christmas or birthdays simply gift instead of giving a socks and underwear invest in the socket underwear companies. Yeah, I think it's a great way to inspire you grandkids are your children into something else. And that's why love Satan down here and having these conversations with the coach.

The folks out there listening if you want to sit down with coach Peter, a member of the team. Get your own questions answered. Discover these strategies techniques that we can incorporate into your own retirement plan gifts call right now 800-661-7383 would be an honor to sit down with you 800-661-7383 can also text us text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 we try to make it easy don't get a chance I will get the right plan.

The right planner and an end to have in that relationship and and knowing what hopefully deep down inside you can trust your planner Thomas Montfort leaders on trust. Once I think you got one of them right there.

I absolutely do. Safari is another tale of twisted tree that could put this guy 20 McMichael financial business since 1999 pleaded guilty for defrauding investors out of more than $6 million over 12 years. Seven. Finally, on the 19th news release from the US Attorney's office for the district and Marilyn says defrauded investors by making at least 53 unauthorized transactions from their account is no benefit, including government mortgage credit card bills club membership. All he stole just over 6.1 million US Attorney's office does not identify the financial recorder with Lloyd although Josie was registered with Morgan Stanley. According to the US attorneys on Carter pleaded guilty to wire fraud investment by embezzling more than $50,000 from a non-in Virginia. He did repay 1.8 million victims and repay the nonprofit. Once the product been discovered. One thing the money he used to repay was from other victim's account guilty plea requires him to repay 4.4 real piece of work. According to the US attorney's office. Carter's fraud was first discovered when one in her adult daughter attempted to bridge loan from a financial to cover relocation expenses to an assisted living facility until the sale of one's home in Maryland was completed when they apply for the loan victim wanted her daughter discovered that an $800,000 loan it already been a pain in one's name without victim one's knowledge or permission was attorneys offices with respect victim one.

Carter further admitted that he met with the victim after an answer. Victim one's phone in order to authorize the transactions. Unbeknownst one as they say in order to come the financial institution, multi-verification system required to execute the transaction. And finally, according to the SEC as alleged victims included a 72-year-old investor with familial ties. Carter customers who were friends of his and 8412 Michael Carter slated to be sentenced just one more reason to make sure you're dealing with a true fiduciary and don't be a pry glass. Then I'm broke. I had to view my mic that it came from and laughing.

Oh my God is amazing what people do to try to pull the skin earlier this repay the nonprofit when the fraud was found out because I was nice of miming and it made me laugh even harder because I have a couple questions here want to guesstimate this guide is Michael Carter going to list gangster you really have to get that's the importance of the second opinion because of it. If you some of this people would get a second opinion. Maybe the wind of and entice about. Have you get they think they get you with these glossy brochures and this greed can affect her and then dolphin all the money is gone we are here just all this nasty stuff in this report to see put together my first question for you was wire people seemingly afraid to talk to a financial I know and I don't I don't blame him one bit. Thomas is just important to get with someone you trust so what I recommend an in window maintenance offer right now if you want the next 10 people call will put together for you will will go through our three step in the process create a comprehensive financial retirement plan that aligns with your financial and retirement goals and values. First, we can understand what money means to you. Very important folks and how it fits in your life and organize your finances, you have a crystal clear picture of where you currently are right now times. We can't make a plan to we decide where you are in a lot of folks love you. You have all the statements but you don't know where you are again you get those UFOs on identify financial objects and financial termites built in and you're not doing the right thing and you know it, but next will talk about your financial and retirement goals. What your short, medium, and your long-term goals, but more importantly to me in the team. What are your dreams work together to clarify your goals, so there crystal clear and tangible and finally been a great natural step process to get you on the path that I like to call financial independence in this process. Not something we do want to set aside on the bookshelf. No way.

Just like physical fitness your financial fitness needs constant attention throughout your career and beyond the don't worry we can be there every step of the way to guide you and make sure your money is working just as hard for you as you did earn it.

Thomas the next 10 people who have at least 200,000 dedicated to retirement a minute.

We can do this form to give you three video set in my book, the seven baby steps and the Golden ticket thousand dollar value to get that plan for you. That number to call is 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or just text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 folks there is no cost or obligation to get a better handle on your financial situation. So if you want to find out what your investments really are costing you because the high fees or commissions or just ask questions to coach Pete in the team about how you can securely generate income from your own RIA 401(k) whatever it may be come on in, get true fiduciary advice. We try to make it easy. Just give us a call. We do have a few spots left on our calendar that number 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 words text word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 we come back with them go through step-by-step with a strategic development process is and how you can design build and protect your own retirement portfolio into the financial Safari consumer advocate Thomas Lipscomb here with you. Alongside America's wealth financial and income coach coach Peter to coach. Welcome back and take you Thomas. You shouldn't have a man no good.

So I got a couple questions here to ask it was driving in to the studio today and saw someone on the road that you don't see very often the at his thumb stuck out there looking for a ride old hitchhiker yeah here it reminds me of something that that you talk about sometimes you say is your retirement plan like it type so as to what he what he mean when he said I can't think of the last time I've even seen hitchhiker result when I did, yet I crack in everything yeah will that happen to me one time when I was driving on the road and said wait a minute, and it's like this and parallels here to the financial world.

And so what are they well number one that person right there may be there by choice, hitchhiking some that would be my choice but to learn. Or maybe they are not by choice may be that car you saw like a mile down the road with little handkerchief in the was pulled over with that with the ring.

I guess maybe that was a guy.

Maybe Stern hitchhiked to a gas station.

That's what I thought. I'm very close to being that highway to see the little light want you like 50 miles to go and then all of a sudden you see that is 20 miles in and says very well visiting tell you anymore see, but here's what I'll say 50 or 60 random because when you said that little little red dial go below the the eardrum. Generally, we call that we know what big deal feeling a lot of conviction right now is it have to do with financial well if you don't plan right you want to be that person in retirement that ran out of money before their brain not a life.

She always want your financial instruments to give you a lifetime income unless a lifetime and meet all the way through your life and all the way through your spouse's life you have it set up correctly. You'll never be the person on the side road hitchhiking to fill me more gas because you never will run out of gas. You have gone out of money because you have financial Philip strategy to always replenish your money every single month all the way through retirement forever. We plan age 121 but I retirement plans go to retirement and beyond that you never run out of money. As long as you're here, and as long as your spouses here and timeslot people say what happens to the money if we die too quickly. Whatever monies it was on to your beneficiaries are called whoever you sign ahead. It doesn't disappear. It doesn't go away. It's either for you or your spouse or your children or your family or your churches or cherries.

Whatever you decide to give it but it's not gonna run out on you if you designed it the correct way and that's what we take a lot of pride in putting together the total financial Philip strategies again to give you growth when you don't need the money. We would like to watch grow. Thomas is fun and what fun is it what you growth. It goes back down. So we want to grow it and protect that growth and then eventually down the road. Activate lifetime income. We can never outlive and I like to have three for even five streams of income. In addition to Social Security all the way through my life because then you have inflation protection because things get more expensive so you can activate different streams of income. Once you activate them they will pay you for the rest your life. I love that is incredible how folks if you this sounds interesting to you. Give us a call right now.

Learn more about 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 want talk about a great site to couple great sites.

First of all, we didn't get a grieving any questions this week so tell people, having an email a question and I can hear their own voice absolutely go to financial

You can check out the latest episode of our show. But more important than that when you go to financial there is a ask the question button on the right side of the screen when you click that folks you can record your own question through the microphone on your phone or on your computer whatever device you're on very amazingly thinking it is and it will be sent directly coach Pete, myself and we will be able to listen to it and feature you here on Aaron actually answer your question live in. If you don't want that.

Just let us know.

You can also just give us a voice message. That way, but this one way to get your voice on your get questions answered and will go generically answer your question because a bit until we sit down to see your whole picture. We can give you exact advice, but the generics better than nothing. And again, knowing at least what your question is and so having starting on that path to get that question answered the most important step that journey is taken that for step three you and then we also have another site, but I the people of I love you you you do a great job keep it updated and adding new content. Everything a week seemingly maybe not everything seemed like it. It's Pete on Creek site PET like me. Pete on you can't get me up on demand we can get all the information that's about it all is learning one my favorite recent resources that actually is really nice right now because were kind of something that people need to be thinking about when they're in that retirement red zone is the Medicare cheat sheet that's one of her latest releases on there that you can get again no cost, no obligation just by going to Pete on but in addition to that we have some a coach beats audiobooks on their we have e-books on their we have a few of our different resources or podcasts are on their our TV show. You can watch the latest episode I can keep going. TV shows fun and we need to start putting my when I go on Carolina today to be up there, done that because I do for five minute segments every single Thursday on NBC 17 and the real pertinent and informative segments and that will start adding them on there as well. Yesterday very very important because because if I do it one time you'll see on TV it's gonna look at is that for me, but I great recycle that for you and any high-grade answers but tell about the you brushed over it, but you need take some pride in this because you took a lot of time doing it with me when he went we took weeks if not months putting together the Medicare cheat sheet. Yes, this is something that I really like a lot, so coach you challenge me you said listen Thomas, there's this federal resource 300 pages long. Plus, this addendum and that addendum blah blah then you said one must make this list. Make this electric example, as we progress thing down terribly. This 3035 pages of really the things that you need to know when approaching Medicare and I'll say this was a topic that I didn't know very much about again 36 years old. What what do I need to know. I guess about Medicare, my age, or at least in my situation really opened my eyes to a lot of things and we really try to make this approachable as you said then and so again this is available on Pete on demand, no cost, no obligation just go there and you can download the resource a really am proud of the nothings great resource.

It's amazing what with the unit is enable folks to do to get real good Consider ours real good information is true information were fiduciary planning firm. We can't put that stuff out there again if we can find search engines. Who knows what you're getting when you search different topics on a guy should get the first 10 pages of search engine many times are people paying to be there anyway so it's a pain to be there. How good his information made his good name is not on low, but we just want make sure people get the right information. We also want education what a fiduciary is because we hear this term over and over again and we put a booklet together called seven reasons why successful investors choose fiduciaries Thomas how important is that I love this book isn't really eye-opening and the big thing that was important to me that I discovered in this is integrity, competence, education, the these core components that are part of the fiduciary may take about my favor one independence and shade because if you aren't independent and you're told to push certain products or strategies all the time how good of how good of a planner you doing exactly you're not giving a complete plan, your you're being motivated by above instead of by the clients, yes, very important to make sure confidence is very important to when you when you do with trust and communication for not communicating with your advisor leased on a yearly basis.

You don't have an advisor it's it's very important to make sure asked point-blank are you a fiduciary planning firm and then will ma'am put in writing absolute will you know my daughters four years old. I think she's going to be to you have a teenage daughter right now and say anything about anything about the persons that she's in a day in the next few years trying to make it appear her for that long term relationship that she looks for the guys going to treat her with respect to the right stuff to the same thing with fiduciary you want to meet with someone you want to know the things you need to be looking out for to be able to connect with someone you can trust and not get in that relationship that this may be overly overkill but not really the same time abusive.

You know, I mean really was on that date of the show.

When Thomas came up with his dating guide at seven reasons why you should read my book before you going to date really is all the different things here, integrity. I mean if you dating somebody married somebody don't want to be. Did you let integrity right Thomas competence you wanted, you want to be educated right independent what you want to independent confidence you want to do you want to be married to his confidence equally and want to trust indulgent get well communication.

If you're not talking I want to talk to me trouble right there. You know everything but independence. But it's finally say how many people would've thought to look for those things in an advisor necessarily as you want to don't want your day to be in the paddock that we never won the game is on, then they can go hang out with a 95 hours ago. What's up up very very adjusted. It really it really is fascinating. A lot of times we look at just some of the dirty tricks that are pulled out and and and many times their pool because the people that are getting it pulled on them don't understand what they had to begin with.

So what let's do this Thomas.

If you are when the next 15 people call right now. We will custom design an exclusive one page financial and retirement review that will indicate if your need of a full-blown financial planner not now. This review is thousand dollar value times when you give away Apsley free cop memory with no obligation for the next 15 callers to call right now we have at least $200,000 saved for retirement now like we always say, or strategies do work best for those of you with over $1 million or more dedicated to retirement. But Thomas, as long as you have motivation and your serious, you have to have 200,000 have 100,000 to 50,000 will will talk to him and we want to help people want help you get on that path very important to us. But what this will consist of is taking the mystery out of the financial and retirement planning process by mapping out for you where you are right now. We can help you figure out where you currently are and will make some suggestions to make sure you're on the rights path or get you on the right path was gonna run a fee report know this will help you untangle with working with your current planner advisors really costing you and see if by simply protecting your retirement investment you could express what we call dramatic growth potential resident perform the tax analysis to reveal how you could possibly reduce your taxes and if you do that you automatically increase your personal cash flow west Uncle Sam in the state where you would answer legally were also run a customized lifetime income plan. Others utilizes proven strategies and techniques, and this could turbocharge your retirement come and take that worry out of living in retirement folks. In short, we will take the guesswork out of the financial retirement planning process for you. For the next 15 callers that the comprehensive financial review at the 1000 Dollar Value Will Give Way cop memory with no obligation.

Thomas I folks, there is still opportunity here that number 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 is the number to call. You can also text us just by texting the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000.

The first step really is to sit down with financial coach, a true fiduciary. So if something that were talking about resonates with you and you feel the need to get that second opinion or you just want to make sure your plan really is aligned with your goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talk about call on in right now 800-661-7383 is the number to call 800-661-7383 can also text the word plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 coach. This is a fantastic opportunity.

I appreciate you offering it to folks out there, and folks I do hope you take advantage because there's a lot included in this coaching the team they go through if there any red flags that can be problems for into the future how much you're paying in fees or commissions is too much your potential tax liability. And of course have you found that security and lifetime retirement income that coach talking about right now supposed if you want to discover these things maybe have questions of your own, or again you just want that second opinion of your current plans call right now 800-661-7383 800-661-7383 or text plan to 21,000 plan to 21000 Thomas about a lot of fun today.

Hope you have also elicited to folks we don't want to take life too serious, but we need to be serious different times of life, and we want to make sure we're seriously talk about your retirement planning getting you on the right path for Thomas estimates coach people see you next week right here on the financial strength purposes only and is not investment information to be reliable is the energy information is always consult with the contract specific details of deferred annuities are generally 20 management is provided by Equus capital management necklace is an SEC registered investment advisor located in San Raphael California investment advice by capital financial advisors group, LLC, a North Carolina registered investment advisor. Insurance advice given by capital financial insurance North Carolina licensed insurance agency. See

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