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A Congressman's Take on COVID-19

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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May 11, 2020 9:57 am

A Congressman's Take on COVID-19

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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May 11, 2020 9:57 am

This week on  Family Policy Matters, host Traci DeVette Griggs talks to Congressman Greg Murphy, who represents NC's 3rd Congressional District, about his take on the COVID-19 pandemic and our federal and state response to this crisis. Congressman Murphy draws from his expertise as a certified physician, and as a former member of the NC House of Representatives for four years.

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Family policy matters, and engaging in weekly radio show and podcast produced by the Carolina family policy Council hi this is John Rustin, presidency, family, and were grateful to have you with us for this week's program is our prayer that you will be informed, encouraged and inspired by what you hear on family policy matters and that you will for better equipped to be a voice of persuasion for family values in your community, state and nation, and now here's our house to family policy matters. Tracy David Griggs, thanks for joining us this week for family policy matters were grateful to be joined today by United States Congressman Greg Murphy, who represents North Carolina's third congressional district in the US House of Representatives. Dr. Murphy is a licensed physician and surgeon from Greenville, North Carolina, who served in the North Carolina State House from 2015 until 2019.

Before going to DC to represent North Carolinians in Congress, and of course our topic today is none other than COBIT. 19. What else so Dr. Murphy I've been following your posts throughout the pandemic. You done a very nice job of balancing the need to get people back to work with efforts to keep as many people as possible safe. This balance is all the more remarkable in light of the chasm that is opened up between the extremes on this issue.

Why are you choosing to take a more measured approach and why do you think that's important for our nation's well-being surgeon for over 30 years and surgeons. We will look at the world a little bit differently and we tried to be brooding measured sponsors would try to be very objective. Looking at the data and be able to interpret in an objective manner, and I think that's where really spent on people because you see now.

Thank you become so emotional and bad emotions. Emotions change from minute to minute day-to-day in the trenches and we Then We Can Actually Explain Much More Call Reassuring Manner and Will Predict What's Going on and What the Future Looks like.

I Think It Is a Much More to Approach This Crisis. Yes, Tussling the Scientists Seem to Disagree, Though, Which Comes down to the Judgment Does Annette As to Who to Listen to How He Do That Well. Very Good Point.

I Will Leave the Department of Health And Human Services and Are Different on Some of the Data. See What It Means She Is so Different Stars Move in the Goalposts Never Going. I Think You're Much More Optimistic Picture and I Believe She Does and I Believe There Are Different Ways That We Now That We Have More Information.

We Can Look and See the Populations Are Most at Risk Who Are Not, and I Believe That Therefore Actually Get Much Further Avenue to How We Can Get Our Statement We've Learned over the Last Two or Three Months A Lot about This at First We Thought One Person Could Fix Three Now We Find out. Really One Person Can Insert One Man We Will See.

Well, Okay, Was Susceptible to Being Instructed Everybody with Those Individuals Who Become Infected, Should Generally Become Truly Directly Deal Population That Are over Age 55 Individuals Who Have Other Diseases Kidney Failure Long. The Biggest Respect We Now Find Is Morbid Obesity. Those Individuals Are Much More Rich to Have a Bad Outcome and Try to Get the Data Out Of Raleigh.

It Took Us A While We Found That 3/5 Individuals in This Study Who Have Succumbed to the Disease Came from Nursing Home. Now We Know That Those Vigils Would Go into Nursing Homes Are Already Very Sick. In Fact, When One Goes into a Nursing Home Here in the United States.

Half of Those Individuals Personally within Six Months.

So Again It Helps Us Understand Really That List and Therefore We Need to Keep Those People Sheltered and Placed Nursing Homes, Especially Watching Very, Very Carefully. You Know 90+ Percent of Individuals Out Of the State That a Much Less Lower Risk Category and Therefore We Can Use That Data to Get Our Economy in the Life of Normalcy Back Going Again. You Know It Is Interesting to Have a Better View of Things. Now It Seems That There's Always a Blame Game Right Everybody Wants to Say Oh We Overreacted Our Oh Were Not Reacting Strongly Enough in Your Sense and Having Seen What You Saw on the State Level and Then out on the Federal Level. How Do You Think from Your Perspective That We've Done so Far Will I Think It's Always Good. If We Look Objectively Backwards in Time to Say This Is What We Did What We Could've Done Better, Unfortunately A Lot Of People Reporting That Playing the Blame Jerry Which Is Counterproductive. I Think the Pendulum Swung to the Extreme. Because We Did Not Know Much about This Verse Was the Right Thing. In Fact, I Urged the Governor to Walk the Straight down When He and I Think That Was the Appropriate Thing Now That We Know More about the Virus and Was Infected Was More Susceptible to This I Believe We Can Then Use That Information to Dial Things Back Home. I Think It's Better Appropriate Measure. At First I Truly Do but Now I Believe Another.

We Have More Information We Can We Can Reset the Clock and Move Those Directions for Case, Let's Talk about the Stimulus Packages at the Original One. The Federal Government's Earliest Response.

They Passed a Stimulus Package Is Sent $1200 Check out Every Qualifying Adult People Had Children Got Some More Than That and Then Added $600 per Week to Regular Unemployment Checks and Everybody Was Very Thankful for That. At the Time but Now That Things Are Beginning to Open That Some People Are Saying without Its Making It Difficult for Employers to Get Their People Back to Work. Are You Hearing This Is the Case and If so, What Are Your Thoughts on That We Clarify One Thing I Really Don't Look at the Stimulus Package Look at Stabilization Predicates Because It Was Very Different Than in 2008 Because What Happened to Our Economy Then Was Because We Have Financial Problems with Infrastructure Problems We Needed to Correct Those Negative People to Get Consumer Confidence but Were Trying to Do Now Is Actually Stabilize Business Which Was Doing Fantastic. The Best Economy.

We Had Had in 50 Years before This Pandemic so That Stabilization Measures Were Meant to Keep That Infrastructure in Place until We Can Learn More about the Virus to Figure out How to Live with It Rather Than Run from Start Things Back up Lindsay Graham about the $600 a Week. He Fought Hard against the Senate before Bookkeeper Pelosi Would Have None of That to Try to Get Something to Relief to the People That Had to Be Included Is a Terrible Thing Because Some Individuals Now Are Earning More Money Staying at Home but There Were No Jobs and That's Wrong.

The Good Thing Is the Tourism Pupils on the Employment for If You've Been Offered a Job in the Last Week Check Point Because You Can Lose Your Unemployment If You Do Not Accept the Job so Yes, It Was Meant to Stabilize Things While Workers Were down but If Businesses Are Open Back up and You Been Offered a Job, You Need to Go Back and Take Job Listing the Family Policy Matters Weekly Radio Show and Podcast of the North Carolina Family Policy Council. This Is Just One of Them Anyway since He Works to Educate Citizens across Mr. Alana about Policy Issues That Impact A Lot Of Families. Our Vision Is to Create a State a Nation Where God Is on Religious Freedom Versus Families for and Life's Cherished More Information about His Family and How You Can Help Us to Achieve Incredible Vision for Our State and Nation. Visit Our Website and See and See and Be Sure to Sign up to Receive Our Email Updates, Action Alerts, and of Course Our Flagship Publication Family North Carolina Magazine.

We Also Love for You to Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram, so Many Have Said, As You Mention This Pandemic Has Revealed Vulnerabilities in Our Country. Once We Got through.

This Is China.

The First Priority Are What Are Some of the Other Vulnerabilities That We Need to Address Is a Country Will Turn to Be Honest with You, American Public Really Isn't Aware of This World at War with China.

Whether People Were Agree or Not They Are Stealing Our Technology They Are Stealing Our Intellectual Property on a Regular Daily Basis Continue to Do It through This Entire Thing They Lied to Us They Wanted to the World about This Virus Outbreak at First That Is Well-Documented to Shut down Their Own Country and Their Own Domestic Flights, but They Did Shut down International Once Their Request for Personal Protective Gear Skyrocketed during December and January Downplaying the Whole Virus They Are Not Often Shown to That We Have Way Too Much Dependence upon China for All Pharmacy Goals for so Much of Our Other Products That Hopefully Will We Can Work Amused That to Get Things Either Buckling or to Countries That Are Actually Allies Friends to Us That We Can Depend on in Times of Need.


Is There Another Vulnerability That You Would Want to Mention Here That We Discovered Our Vulnerability Because Now Were Saying That Because of the Virus and Because of the Way That Our Our Structure Has Stores Our Production Facilities. We Are Vulnerable Be Change on Some of the Chicken Houses and Some of the Places Where Individuals Are Shoulder to Shoulder That the Virus Could Be Transmitted Very Quickly That What so Therefore We've Readjusted Me Put Plexiglas between the Workers and to Try to Get Things Done in a Safe, Healthy Manner, but Also Our Food Supply, Which Is Our Primary Concern Really Country for Permission Cannot Feed Itself That Nations Need to Ask the Question to You.

What Is Your Sense of the American People As Revealed through This Pandemic. I Read This Theory Interesting Quote Yesterday That Says That We Have Become Flabby and Soft As the Sense That We Don't Read. We Don't Know Our History. We Idolize Reality Stars.

We Want Cheap Goods at Any Price. So Which Side Is It. Are We Still Waste on the Great American Spirit. Are We Flabby and Soft in Your Opinion, We Live in a World Where Things Are on Gratification. When I Grew up If I Wanted to Know Something. I Went down to the Library with the Dewey Decimal Search and Search and Search the Library of Encyclopaedia Britannica to Find out Something Now You Click on Your Phone and You Know Anything within 15 Seconds Is Instant Gratification. I Do Believe We Consult. We Don't Know How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable and so Shown That We Are a Nation That Is Gotten in My Opinion Too Complacent to Comfortable Rather with Having Everything That We Need When We Need One Word of Encouragement. Would You like to Offer Our Listeners As We Move Forward during This Time of Uncertainty. While I Think There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel.

I Think There Will Be a New Normal, and We As Humans As People Will Learn to Adapt.

I Went out on Social Media over Two Months Ago I Was One of the Town Crier Was Originally in Congress Talking about What This Is Going to Do and We Talked about Flattening the Curve.

Remember, the Purpose of Slapping Purpose Not Only to Save Lives to Push down the Curve so That We Will Our Hospitals to Gain Resources and God Forbid We Had a Big Spike While Hospitals Have Done Have the Resources Now the Spikes of the Car Which I Don't Think Are Going to Occur That Should Virus Is Not Going to Go Away. So We Have Something One May Need Pandemics Occur When the Seasons Occur. We Have Vaccines That Came to Give Us Our Body, or Immunity to Attack the Chart with the Other Way We Do It Is for People Who Have Had the Virus to Be Exposed to It till They Get Better.

Those Individuals If They Were to Come in Contact with Someone Whom Are Affected Don't Transmit the Virus Anymore. She Was More More People Are Getting Exposed to Have Less and Less Chance of This Virus Property.

It's Not Going to Go Away Every Year As Time Goes by, Will Have Better and Better Medicines Will Have a Better Understanding of How to Keep This Quarantine and Deal with Explosives Is Not Going to Change Us As a People.

It's Not Going to Change Us As a Role She'd Worn a Little Bit Differently but That's Only Do We Adapt with Humans, We Adapt. I Think It's Time That We Put down the Part of Some Sort, and Realize That We Are All in This Together, Not All in the Same Boat Were in the Same Store Will Handling Will Differently. We Have Different Circumstances. But I Think We Can Really Use This As a Time to Come Together As a Nation Realize That the People Were Much Stronger Together Than We Are Divided Think You Were Just about Out Of Time for This Week. Now That before We Go. Dr. Murphy's Work Listeners Go to Get the Best Information about This Cove at 19 Pandemic and the Response Here in North Carolina.

There Are Websites That Are Usually 19. The Remodeling That Comes Out Of the University Of Washington. I Think That the Very Very Good Predictive Model Would You like Statistics. You Can Go to the North Carolina Department Of Health And Human Services Website.

Also, I Think If You Go to the Johns Hopkins Website That's Another One That Has Very Good Objective Information about What's Going on and to Be Honest with You.

Use Common Sense and A Lot Of Things Washing Hands Were in Master Social Distance and You Know All Those Maneuvers Help Keep Individuals Safe, but We Can Use Those Measures Install Start Our Lives Back Again and Start Becoming the People US Congressman and Physician Dr. Craig Murphy, Thank You so Much for Being with Us on Family Policy Matters Will God Bless Everyone Stay Safe. You Been Listening to Family Policy Matters. We Hope You Enjoyed the Program and Plenitude in Again Next Week to Listen to the Show Online and to Learn More about NC Families Work to Inform, Encourage and Inspire Families across Carlotta Website It NC Family.Award That's NC Thanks Again for Listening and May God Bless You and Your Family

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