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Jesus on the South Side: Kevin “KB” Burgess & Ameen Hudson

Family Life Today / Dave & Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine
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June 12, 2024 5:15 am

Jesus on the South Side: Kevin “KB” Burgess & Ameen Hudson

Family Life Today / Dave & Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine

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June 12, 2024 5:15 am

Rapper Kevin “KB” Burgess and influencer Ameen Hudson know the realities of racial injustice, crime, and violence from the South side of the streets. And they aren't bashful about how Christianity is flagrantly misrepresented--yet relentlessly has the chops for all life can pitch at it. Get ready for an introduction to the true Southside Rabbi.

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If the Bible is not the Word of God and it is simply just a proof text that we are going to to affirm the things that we really want to do because we like this religion then yeah I think there's some merit but if it's a supernatural book that contains the words of a living being who is a person who exists in a triune reality that is ruling and reigning and wrapping up all creation according to his will if that God is speaking in a book then what you hold in front of you is as I am with my voice right now he is with his voice in his Word. Welcome to Family Life Today where we want to help you pursue the relationships that matter most. I'm Shelby Abbott and your hosts are Dave and Ann Wilson. You can find us at

This is Family Life Today. Never started a show this way but I want to say I am Dave to the 23rd letter of Wilson. Everybody's like what is he talking about? We've got Kayden in the second letter.

Be Burgess and Amina on the show today. I mean how cool is it to be able to say Kay to the second letter? I mean seriously. I mean you got something like that? No I don't. You get cumbersome real quick.

You know what I'm saying? And start tripping over a lot of words. Kay to the 15th. Well I had to add it up in my head. What's a W? It's a 23rd letter. That is impressive because I don't know the alphabet unless I sing it.

So I got an A, B, C, D and I'll do the math and then I'll get to the number. It's really glad to have you guys on Family Life Today. You've never been here. This is my first time on the show.

Yeah absolutely. Give us first impressions. What are you thinking?

First of all these folks, the salt of the earth. Taking good care of us and just the topics that y'all are tackling. Got to spend some time in lunch earlier today talking through where we were going and also where y'all have been.

I am excited and I'm praying that by God's grace that we can add something of substance and edification to this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful institution. You guys have been friends for a long time. You have a podcast. Tell us what you do. Tell us about your podcast.

Yes we actually have a podcast called Southside Rabbi and you can listen to it wherever you listen to your podcast. How did you come up with that name? Okay so it's kind of like a double entendre. It's Southside Rabbi because me and him met each other and we were raised in Southside St. Petersburg, Florida.

So it's kind of an ode to where we're from. But then we also use it as Southside Rabbi because Jesus is our rabbi. He found us in the Southside and so Jesus is in a sense a Southside Rabbi to us.

Absolutely. Right so that's how we came up with the name. And to add to that just briefly because I just, and I'm sorry brother, I'm just so excited about who Jesus is in that Jesus is forever, according to Peter and Acts, the Jesus of Nazareth. And Nazareth historically we know would have been considered the Southside.

Part of the city that you try to build highways over so you don't have to get off on that exit. What good comes from Nazareth? What good comes from this place and Peter makes a point to say that this Jesus at the right hand of the Father is still the Savior from the Southside. So I love the the heart of God in his care for those who are often overlooked, under-restourced, or forgotten.

And that's what Southside also encapsules. You're getting into dangerous Jesus stuff already. I mean really that's, I mean we haven't mentioned it, but your book, Dangerous Jesus, that's sort of, as I read it, isn't that sort of it? He is dangerous in a really good way. Yes indeed he is. You're a sports guy. I am so impressed. You're a pastor, but you are well connected.

It's this brother right here. Y'all already know 33 years as an NFL chaplain. We won't say what team. I like that, NFL.

Okay so you have a podcast. That's right. And then with Dangerous Jesus I brought up the sports connection because we understand that we're dangerous in the arena of combat or competition.

If we say then the athlete is dangerous, what we mean is that that athlete is a danger to the other team. Right. He's good.

You gotta watch him or watch her. Right. And in a lot of ways Jesus is the sum and substance of all that is dangerous in that he is a threat to anything that would threaten us.

And that is expansive, right? He is a threat to our division. He is a threat to our injustice. He's a threat to our shame in that he brings a goodness that overcomes the threat with something so dramatically good that it cannot be denied. That's who Jesus is. Yet I'm a rapper, so I got a double entendre.

This is the world I live in. There is a way that you can reimagine Jesus and stand him up as something that he is not that becomes an absolute danger in the traditional sense. I'm wearing a shirt right now with one of my favorite American heroes, Frederick Douglass, on it. And he had this treaty talking about the Christianity of the land that he was observing in the antebellum south because he was a slave. And he watched people pervert scripture and he watched folks named the name of Christ do devotionals after doing great atrocity. He talks about church services where the chains of slaves are in the field rattling while we are singing louder over the sound. And when he escaped slavery, this is an important point, he did not see that Christianity was the problem.

He saw the perversion of it. He said, I actually love the Christianity of Christ. The Christianity of Christ actually drives my work. It drives my emphasis on liberation. But I hate the Christianity of this land that is human whipping and cradle stealing and so on and so forth. So there is this difference of a Christianity of man's imagination versus the Christianity of Scripture, the Christianity of Christ, which is life to the world.

The alternative is death. Yeah, when I listen to Southside Rabbi, that's where you go. Yeah, absolutely. So often to the beauty of who Christ is.

But I didn't know your story. Yeah. Oh yes, yes. So walk us through that. Our listeners got to hear that.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we, me and KB met when we were in high school and so we're grown men now. But we were kids when we met. I was about 15 years old and at the time I was being convicted of my sin, okay. And the way that this happened is my mother bought me a Bible. She took me to a Christian bookstore, bought me a Bible, put my name in it in gold, and I was like, it's official!

I got my own now! I've got a seat in Heaven, it's waiting for me! And so I felt like having a Bible was a rite of passage as a kid. I saw all of, you know, the adults that I knew had a Bible, my grandmother had a Bible, my uncles. And you always went to church? And I was raised in the church, right?

Probably a big old Bible too, right? Yeah, they had the big Bible, you know, the big Bible, you come in the house and it's the centerpiece. And so I was raised in the church, so as a kid I was always going to the church. My grandmother did the announcements at the church and my mother took me to church every Sunday even when I didn't want to go. And when I became a teenager she stopped forcing me to go to church, so I gladly accepted it and just didn't go. But she did one day out of the blue on a Saturday morning say, I'm gonna take you to Christian bookstore and buy you your own Bible. So I got a Bible and I remember when I was excited about it and I got home and I opened it and I don't know how, because I didn't, I don't know how to navigate the Bible at this time, but I came across the Ten Commandments and when I read them I said, I have broken all of these commandments.

And I was like, oh shoot, yes, maybe twice twice today. And so once I read the Ten Commandments and I saw that I had broken them, I just started feeling, at this time I didn't know that this is what it was, but conviction about my sins. So I tried to go back to just living my life as a sinner, because I was, and I could not do it comfortably because every time I would go to just try to live my life and go back to the sins that I was committing, there was something in the back of my mind and in my heart, yes, that was constantly disturbing. As Paul says, the law leads, talks about how the law is a taskmaster, a skillmaster, to show you that you have broken God's laws and show you your need for a Savior. And so I was trying to live my life the way that I knew how, just going back and doing what I was doing, and I just could not shake the conviction. And the conviction got so bad that I said, I have to do something about this. The language that I would use now is, every morning when I woke up I felt like God was disappointed with me, that he was mad at me, and I used to wake up and just feel it.

And it makes me think about what it says in the Bible, how it talks about how God's wrath is abiding on those who are rebelling against him, and that's what it felt like. And so I said, okay, what do Christians do? How can I make God happy? They go to church.

They don't do things like curse and other bad things, and they own suits, right? And so I just started driving myself to church because I was like, I want to make God happy, so I would get up and take myself to church on Sunday. So you're performing for him. I'm performing. I'm doing white-knuckle effort.

I don't know it at the time, but I'm trying to earn my salvation by my own righteousness, which is impossible. And I felt it. So I got to church, and I didn't like it. I didn't understand what the preacher was talking about. He was up there sweating and yelling at me, and I didn't know what was going on. Everybody was clapping.

I didn't know why he was clapping because he's yelling and sweating. And so I was like, I don't like this. There's no one here my age. I don't understand what this guy is talking about, so I'm not coming back here, right? And then I tried to, I went home one weekend, and I opened my Bible on a Saturday morning, and I tried to read it, and it was like reading hieroglyphics, and I was like, I don't understand what this stuff is saying. And I had the NLT version too, so if you can't read the NLT, it's a spiritual problem. It wasn't a comprehension problem. You might be too far down.

Nah, I'm just joking. If you had a living Bible, you would have got it. I know, right? Jesus and his homeboys came to us. So I was just like, I remember I was sitting on the front steps, and I tried to read the Bible. I couldn't understand it, and then I was trying to stop just living a life of sin, and I couldn't.

I just felt like I kept messing up every day, that I tried to be a better person. I couldn't, and tried to stop doing bad stuff. I couldn't, and I closed the Bible, and I said, this is impossible.

No one can do this. I remember saying that in my brain, and I said, if Christians, if there are Christians out there that are doing this, they are faking it, because I have tried with all of my might, and I was just like, God, you know I've tried to stop cursing. I've tried to stop anything bad. I've tried to stop doing that. I've driven myself to church. I'm trying to read the Bible. It doesn't work.

I like it. You didn't list the other sins. I didn't, you know, I was just like, I can't do this. This is impossible, and I gave up, and in God's providence, not too long after that happened, because after I was like, God, this is impossible, I still had this desire to make God happy.

I was just like, I just still, though, want to please God, and I can't shake the fact that He's disappointed with me, and I want to please Him, but I just don't, I didn't know what to do. And so, just a few months after that, I met KB at the grocery store, that we got this job at this new grocery store. We met each other at orientation, and he told me that he was a Christian. You told him that right off the bat?

No, he didn't tell me right off the bat. We met at orientation, and we had a great time. We hit it off.

We had everything in common. We were laughing and joking during orientation. So you loved this guy? Yeah, we like became friends instantly at the orientation, and then when I worked with him, probably like a week or so after that, we worked a whole shift together. It was the same chemistry, and then after that, he told me he was a Christian, and I was shocked.

How'd that go? Was that hard, KB, to even tell him, or was that just a part of who you were at that time? It flowed out of who I was, and that's always in the back of my mind, too, where I'm clear out the gate. I am always disguised as an evangelist.

I'm always disguised as an evangelist. So it was in my mind, in my heart, and as we were talking, we just connected over sneaker culture, hip-hop culture, and I brought up the fact that I had a new Jesus, and Jesus had saved my life. And you were doing Christian music? And I was, I started doing, making Christian music, and I started playing some stuff for Amin, and then Amin just started peppering me with questions. He just started asking me, well, what does God feel about this?

What does God feel about that? And we spent every single day together. Yeah, we did.

Every day. And we would walk through Scripture. We would talk about the different ways in which this applies to our lives, and it got to a place where it was clear to me that God was closing the deal. I hate to put it that way, because it's not a transaction, but me and Amin, last night I got invited to one of my neighbor's house, and he is of a different religion, and he showed me where he worships his gods, and he's Hindu, and we were sitting there talking, and I asked him, do the gods talk back to you? And he kind of paused for a second and was like, no, I am filled with way too much sin.

God would never talk to me. And I mean, as soon as I told Amin the story, he said, lay up! As a fastball right down the middle of the line. And you were a part of the choir on steroids. And you were about to hit that thing out of the park. But that's how it felt.

So it's the same situation. It was like, yeah, like, this is clearly a Aliyub. God is ready to slam this. And I slid him the very album that led me to Jesus. It was an album called Bloody Streets, volume one. I thought it was about hurting people in the streets, but it was about the blood of Jesus that is extended to everyone, especially those who are in the streets. And it was an album that had eight songs on it.

The eighth song was a gospel presentation. I believed on Jesus. It changed my life. And then a year later, I meet this man, and we go through this process of asking questions, very Nicodemus in the night like. And I gave him the CD, and he went into my same room that I trusted.

I just thought about that. The same room I trusted Jesus in. So I had a room at my grandmother's house. I listened to the CD in that room. Eight songs, eight songs, a gospel presentation. The rapper led me in a prayer.

I trusted Jesus and has been walking with him ever since. I gave Amin that CD. He went into that room, closed the door, and I waited out in the kitchen, praying the Lord, Lord, make it stick!

Please! Oh my gosh. So Amin, he did the same thing. And then Amin went home after that, just to be sure. I did it again. I gave him the CD. It was on an MP3 player, sorry. And he took it home, listened to it again. And we've been best friends ever since. Best friends ever since. And that was 2006?

2006. I think. And got the honor of discipling Amin, and now he disciples me. So Amin, did that blow your mind, this idea of grace? Yes, it did. It also felt like, I always describe it like in the moment, it felt like a film, because it felt like everything that had happened in my life was leading up to this moment, right? That this was like the zenith. And I was like, this is what I'm here for. That's what I felt. And it's weird because at the time I didn't know much about, you know, God or his sovereignty and his providence, but I did know at the time this felt bigger than me, and it felt like this is why I'm here.

It was to get to this moment. And yeah, I was just blown away by the grace of God. And also, you know what I was really blown away by? I was blown away by God being able to relate to someone like me in my culture, because I thought that Christians, as we talked about a little bit earlier, looked like Steve Urkel. I didn't know that Christians can dress in Jordans and be a part of kind of hip-hop culture.

I didn't know there was Christian hip-hop. I didn't know any of that, and I was blown away by the fact that God was very much so present in the culture of the south side of where I grew up. And that's what made me say God cares about us. And yeah, and that God relates to us in this way. I find it interesting, too.

How important was it that you actually liked this guy? Yeah. I mean, God knew!

I was thinking it so often. I mean, we know this. As a preacher, you know this.

They're not gonna listen to the message unless they appreciate or like the messenger. True. And so Christians are so often hated. Yeah. Hypocritical judgment or whatever. And so they try and share Christ with somebody, and they're not liked.

And I'm not saying we cow down to the culture of life. Of course. But he's laughing. You enjoy this guy.

You guys connected at that orientation. There's already something you like about him. Then when he hands you something, you're like, I'm interested. If you didn't like this dude.

Yeah. He's like, I'm gonna lead you to Jesus. You're like, I'm not interested in your Jesus, right? Or he's hypocritical. Or he's hypocritical. Or if he treated me like a project.

Yeah. Because I feel like Christians do in evangelism, too. Is that they meet a person and just say, oh, you're just a gospel project. You're not really a human being. So I don't really care about you as a person or what your story, what you're interested in. I'm only fainting to care about those things to get you to a gospel presentation.

That doesn't work either. I think that loving your neighbor means that you have to care about them in their life, in their humanity. And that comes out when you're, that authenticity comes out when you're actually talking to someone and forming a relationship with them, you know? I didn't feel like I was just a project to preach the gospel at. I felt like I was a human being that another human being loved and cared for. Absolutely.

So how's this relationship developed into Southside Rabbi and everything else you're doing? Yeah. So what's the vision? Aren't they wearing the coolest? Thank you. Shout out to Native Supply, which is... We might have to put a link in the show notes.

Oh, yes, please. Brother, we will not argue with you, okay. But as long as I can remember, we have been pretty serious about our Father's business. And I'll say we trusted Jesus when we were young.

I wish I was younger. There are wounds that I certainly would have avoided if I would have trusted Jesus when I was, you know, eight. But we, from the inception of our friendship, became very serious about the Kingdom of God. And so we spent our times, we weren't clubbing or partying.

And I'm not particularly trying to come at folks that do that. I'm just saying that just was not on our mind as teenagers. You had bigger business. We had bigger business. Yes. We had funner business.

Yeah, that's true. And so what we did was we continued to keep this rhythm. And this rhythm stayed the rhythm probably until we were probably 24, 25 years old. It started to look different once we got married and started having kids and had to have jobs and stuff. But before that... That thing called a job. It had to live and pay bills and stuff. That's right. It's like, hey man, I cannot just be sharing the gospel till 3 a.m.

I gotta do other stuff. But anyways, we would be very, very vocal about our faith. So we would, and I cannot agree with you more, the gospel does not need your help being hard. So adding your sharpness to it is not helping anyone. It may make you feel better.

It may stroke your ego, but it is not helping people to believe. But we were very vocal about our witness. We weren't trained. I mean, we end up going to Bible college and stuff like that. But initially, I just had a witness. God saved me.

It's possible. Look, you read about Lazarus. I can show you Lazarus right now in a 16 year old black man from South Side St. Petersburg.

I am Lazarus. And we went very, very vocal about that. God also had to get a hold of relationship that we had with our parents. Because what I would find is that we would, we weren't necessarily thinking about how we might honor our parents along with being serious about evangelizing the world. So we made also our relationship with our parents a location for God's effect on our lives.

So I cannot be out here talking about how great Jesus is if I disrespect my mom. So we wanted our families to look at us and say, they have been changed, lest the change is not real. So you were thinking that in high school? We were thinking about that in high school, absolutely. And then we studied Scripture. So we spent a lot of time diving into the word that led us through a few traditions, theologically some that I will not name.

But I like where we are now. And that just grew. HGA, a lot of folks know me as KBHGA.

I'm always talking about HGA. That was the name of a micro movement that was happening in the Tampa Bay, St. Pete area, where God was bringing in a bunch of unchurched ragtag, oftentimes forgotten individuals into community with one another. We were studying theology, sharing the gospel.

In fact, it grew to the point where it became unhealthy for us to continue to meet in my two-bedroom, roach-infested apartment. Because folks were getting saved and wanted to get baptized. And then we're doing communion, no pastors, no elders here. So we actually dispersed into churches to serve our local communities. Because it was becoming a mini church. Oh, it was a church. And I was the honorary pastor, you know what I'm saying? I was like counseling people till 3 a.m. in the morning and like, hold up. And you probably got paid like a pastor, too. I never filed taxes until I was 23. And Uncle Sam, it's because I was broke.

So anyways. I mean, what would it have been like if you guys hadn't had each other? Man, it would have been a great question. I think that would have been hard.

I can't imagine. I think God knew in his providence what he was doing because one of the things that I felt when I first came to know the Lord, I think we both felt this. We didn't know a lot of people our age that were serving the Lord when we first met each other. And I think that me and him felt like, well, as long as it's just us, we're cool.

Like, we'll be the two weird guys in South St. Petersburg just talking to everybody about Jesus, right? And it felt like, as long as I have somebody else, I mean, not that you necessarily need that, but God, we need community, right? And so I think God knew that we needed each other to keep going. And we had each other. Then God slowly brought around other people.

But man, we really need each other. And then his discipleship helped me because he was a year ahead of me in high school. So he helped coach me through, how do I navigate high school now as a Christian? How do I navigate prom? How do I navigate being invited to parties? How do I navigate, you know, all of the high school life?

That was all helpful for me. I didn't have to learn by a lot of trial and error because I actually learned by his trial and error, you know what I mean? Yeah, and so, yeah. I mean, talk about, you're bold. You guys are bold. You're loud.

I don't mean volume. I mean, your life is loud in your face. And I, again, I don't know you, you know, behind the scenes, but what I've seen, but I mean, there's a dangerous Jesus that's dangerous in you, which is really attractive. We had a quarterback come to the Lions years ago that was like you guys. He's bold. Confident. And in one season, our listeners have heard this, we baptized 27 players.

That's a revival in an NFL. And it was because of his bold. I mean, he brought a Bible as big as his table, plopped it down and said, this is who I am, this is where I am. And he was an evangelist.

You guys remind me of John Kidd now. So, I mean, where's that boldness come from? I would say, I believe it, man. Yeah.

I believe it. You know, the fact of the matter is ministry in the West is rubbing shoulders, rather, with business. I mean, these are full operations that have staff and 401ks. And whenever sponsorship begins to get introduced to the table, you have considerations you didn't have before. It's like, you know, first you're just thinking about, man, what can we do that is the most effective to reach people? Then you're like, what can I do to keep the lights on and people paid?

Okay. And some of that can be, that's not all bad. I mean, I want to make sure that people in my organization have, you know, jobs and healthcare, you know.

So, I get the conflict, but I think that I need regular calibration. And by God's grace, he is surrounding me with good men and women, many of them older than I am, that have, I've been able to be on their coattails to navigate this world. And what I pull from regularly is I need escapes from all of the show, all of the lights, the cameras. And I need to get away, and I need to reevaluate where I stand.

Do I believe? And as I continue to go back, Sadie, I'm sure y'all know Sadie Robinson. I'm not saying her name right, but Sadie Robinson.

We had her parents on just a little while ago. About the movie, The Blind. Have you seen it? No, no, no, I haven't seen it. I've heard about it.

Incredible. It's about their dad. But Sadie has a voice. Sadie preached. She's always speaking at Passion, and you were there too. Yes, I just heard her preach a sermon. She preached at Passion, and I got to hear her message.

And I had never heard a full Sadie sermon before. The question that she posed was, how do I know that God is real? Because that was the question she was asked.

And she gave a very simple answer that she had pulled from another speaker, Louie. She was talking to Louie Giglio, and Louie said, I know that God is real because of the Bible. Which, for people who have these kind of debates online, they would say, well that's oddly circular. You're saying that the Bible tells you God is real, and then you also go to the Bible to know that God is real. This is like a circular argument. But it's circular, oh my goodness, y'all about to get me preaching in here.

Let's go. It's circular if it isn't true, okay? If the Bible is not the Word of God, and it is simply just a proof text that we are going to to affirm the things that we really want to do because we like this religion, then yeah, I think there's some merit. But if it's a supernatural book that contains the words of a living being who is a person who exists in a triune reality that is ruling and reigning and wrapping up all creation according to His will, if that God is speaking in a book, then what you hold in front of you is, as I am with my voice right now, you know it's me, because it's my voice, right? He is with His voice in His Word.

And this is the emphasis that she made in this this message around that the Bible is to be, it can be trusted, it is to be trusted, and in it you will find the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ where you find life. And I am constantly needing, I'll be honest, I'll say this to you all, I don't know if I've said this on the podcast, I had a moment in the last couple years where I was experiencing some success that I'd never seen before. And it made me, for the first time in almost 11 years of doing this, I got off stage one time and I missed it.

I missed the applause. I'd never felt it before. And it scared me, because I know on the other end of drinking deeply, the drug of fame, there's an artist in my mind right now that literally, he said to a friend of mine, that fame is the safest drug, so I'm addicted to it.

And he is wrong. It is not safe. Fame is dangerous.

Not bad, but dangerous. And I took that to my, there's a couple pastors in my life, great therapists, my wife, I confessed it to my brothers, and we decided that the most courageous thing for me to do was not to push through it, but to stop and slow down. And I took almost six months off the road just to recalibrate. And I saw all that to say, I want to be certain that I believe. And as I continue to revisit the voice of God and see God's work in saving and rescuing the loss, I am reminded what I am doing and why I am doing it.

And I don't know how you could be on that and not be bold. We're Dave and Anne Wilson, and you've been listening to Family Life Today. We've been talking with KB and Amine Hudson, and KB's written a book called Dangerous Jesus, why the only thing more risky than getting Jesus right is getting Jesus wrong. And you can get a copy at And you might not know this about Family Life, but we're donor-supported. That means that conversations like today's get into people's homes and cars because of financial partners who believe in reaching others with God's plan for families. And right now, when you partner financially with Family Life to help more conversations like today's get into more homes, we want to send you, as our thanks, a copy of Cissy Goff's book, The Worry-Free Parent.

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