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Keith & Kristyn Getty: Authentic Worship

Family Life Today / Dave & Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine
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April 14, 2022 10:00 pm

Keith & Kristyn Getty: Authentic Worship

Family Life Today / Dave & Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine

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April 14, 2022 10:00 pm

If we can't sing, does musical worship still matter? Songwriters Keith & Kristyn Getty dig into the theology of how authentic worship shapes our families.

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Witness Keith and; Kristyn Getty's new song, Be Thou My Vision.

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The Lord values BC and he values poetry and he values every single part of what it means means for us to be human. I think music triggers the minute as parts of the patient away or we don't harness hemp were missing something something very important to family life today where we want to help you pursue the relationship that matter most time and Wilson Wilson. You can find us if we live or on our family life, family life today.

One of the things I find fascinating is people who are gifted by God to write lyrics you want to be redirected away songs and nobody's ever heard you heard of your there terrible. That's why nobody's ever heard of but to write a lyric that millions singing especially in a worship service. Yeah, that is a powerful gifting from God. Absolutely I just write as awesome as you sing in the shower, but someone's going to sing to worship and ascribe worth back to God and we get the chance again today to be with Keith and Kristin Getty who that's who they are. They are prolific songwriters and they brought him back to serve the 21st-century solar back with us today and are great people and they're fun to be with and here's where I'm starting like what about the people that we talk to it they say over and get the whole beginning of church because we don't seem like that part of the service, what would your response be to that. I know you'd be kind, but several problems are number one is a theological issue because all of us are called world compounded this thing is the second most common misunderstanding theologically of hope yours goes people. The reason I sing on Sunday morning is number one because God is worthy of praise, number two, because he has commanded me to sing number three because I love to sing number four is because my kids are beside me watching me and I want them to know the more excited about Sunday mornings church Sunday evening Super Bowl. I walked the person in front of me to know that even though she is ill just a coach because of her. The pins in her body. I want her to know that the believers behind her singing the top of her voice and sing for I will people arrive make some of the young students something like when I was a student. I have no idea whether I want them to know that we are encouraging them by our sin. We are bearing witness were two or three are gathered, the Jewish people of Egypt and you was litigious, but it was the second, the court of law, and so we sing because were commendably sing because were created were sing because of what Christ is still in force. We also sing because somebody is part of the body such behind us and I'm concerned about a decision or making a commitment so may singing as part of it and me caring enough for him is also part of being part of the body church if we have a week you want to get together church on Sunday morning then that's just to relet reduction is up, but I think there's more than that. I think there is a challenge matter circuit because I think also for sending Bob songs were singing effeminate emotional songs that are actually compared to him. Generation personnel consider them narcissistic and rightly so. Also all worship leaders are both leading services and very very high keys which are hard to sing and also are peppering everything with lots and lots of talking, almost like you're trying to manipulate us to feel something which is nothing to do with Christian worship.

I think there are other issues through the need to be lived with a goal is to look at those things and emotions become directed the right way deeper because I wish that comes as a response to revelation an authentic worship that attempt to question phase V of the God of the Bible. It's not how I feel my reaction that may experience a something, but to question up as an authentic understanding if he got a since of our sons, our fill of he God is and what he has done in our reactions are in the right place and emotions in the right place and they're focused in the right direction and so is an incredibly emotional thing and cementing great is thy faithfulness you sent by my parents sometime my parents went thing and I sing at night looking at my kids and there's something about this truth passed on that we share something bigger than ourselves.

And so I singing should bring a sense of commitment from us individually, but it should be a way of folding us into the community of God and should provide this relief for us actually taking our eyes off just ourselves to the shared experience of what it means to be the body of Christ SLA things become instabilities to many different ways and it is the truth of God that revives the civil and lifts us up and and very often the best way to express that the songs of God's people. I remember sitting in seminary in my professor that there was talk about worship and theology. His name was J.P. Moreland on of you know that name, but he's written quite a bit since then. This is when he was asked to get his PhD at USC. At the same time as he was teaching us but remember this, and I miss almost 40 years ago I remember his comment he made about worship, peace and love to hear your thoughts on this.

He said something to this effect you worship, singing is a response to understanding and seeing the glory of God and he said yeah. I think our worship songs and church should be sung after we open the word of God and see the holiness of God and see the glory God. We should then respond to that often we sing before we open the word again. He was a make a comment about how you know service should be structured, but he did on their forget that I thought he so right it's a response. What are your thoughts J.P. Morgan's was making a comment about our service should be structured from memory. I think the point he was making was that after we study the word of God.

We should respond in worship. I don't think he was actually sitting.

We shouldn't do it beforehand, so I actually would hundred percent agree with them.

The Anglican tradition which was for second to start looking thing was, was when the Reformation happened to the services what and English the first place was the Church of England that was funded. I'm proud organize the services so that they took the best of the historic liturgy, some of which went back to the Jewish times, some of which was to historical Christian times that he shifted like the gospel, but in the middle of the service, you have the Bible read and then talk then you can what is up with prayers for ourselves, our families, and churches are communities the world around us and then we sing in response and then we do benediction and then celebration so it was quite a lot of thing. Off to the sermon hundred percent agree with that. I think you know, CS Lewis talks about is completing the joy you know it's almost like when one of our gross multilayer three-year-old.

The minute it really is into art and painting just pretty good at it, that I was born in my class: life was amazing, but her joy is not complete until when the answers she actually shows it to us. We were artistically talented. We didn't help her dependent were nothing to do with. But then she comes on her joy is complete when she does that so few imagine the things that you have learned about the Lord in the sermon that warms your heart, all the challenges you to live a more holy life. The joy is complete when you send it back again this year. That sort of thing, since it is also about ordering our services you know and so we do that, so I'm a big believer like you said we respond and still not complete the joy and actually throw your worship leadership positions to sing, it is way better off the sermon.

If you do, Christina. You and Michael W Smith have partnered any written is that a new him that you've written a number of our writers. That means that the case and also let (that's not what I did, but just before Co. that had a couple of years ago and it was completed a few weeks before that launched the beginning of that season and it's inspired by the Heidelberg catechism and an incident map site see that the somewhere archery hope lies in life and death that friends and so is very timely and was always backside and it happened right in that time and we have and I recorded it before, and the guys of the coordinate thing conference, but this is a special new release from have Michael W am enjoying this individual affirmation that Abaddon may that's can be fun to be pretty.

You know is I'm thinking so many families probably are doing what you're doing. I love how you talk about singing with your family at church on service and yet you do that during the week at home hello appetite, you will help family that soliciting going boy were not songwriters. I can't carry a tune, I've never one time saying with my family at home. Where could someone like that start I think you just start playing the song of the Lord states songs get song selections in the places where life happens.

That's right breakfast in the morning if it's in the car just start feeding and gradually making it part of the signed track of life and it's just amazing that that's my way. Most of the learning happens because that's just that it caught think I doubt is catchment out listening or joining in and also needs to come, you need to have that intentional component as well.

And so we just did a full defense on evening time with them because that was the time in and visited wants to gather in close to last and it's actually became low hanging fruit for makes. I got this fast time to process all the things I wanted to pack and the massive like singing a song might be the easier thing today and and simply just plants when they go to sleep and I would say here's the correspondent we have not correct together little bit more interesting line of fresh thighs and tons this thing think they mean by that you think we have a thighs in tongues. I don't think we empathize at times, but I guess we all gather with the church only gather thinking of those here in heaven.

Gus, that's license of tongue singing the same thing. What is that where singing and then this evening instead of talk.


Some of the ideas and so they became an easy guide for me. I just followed the lyric and the NG set to start conversations waited Batson does help a lot with the church is affirming the everyday practices of the families that make up at church and I think and I checked she would send that songs to us in advance we find actually tearing Co. that it was interesting because of so many families were with their families in there the first time after so many churches and split up determined on its Co. that brought us altogether across the agency.

Now it's the suddenly very much more than ever we were standing with our kids in our living room looking at the screen singing as I think it created a brand-new opportunity for people to actually hear their voices that if they haven't heard them for a while and and encourage their kids and that so that we just start a little bit and we actually build it up and then anybody's pastors a music leaders being intentional about inviting the family into the process mightily saying one is that what why is it important how can we help them at home. Learn the songs was the most important part of this was a children's expert from an expert like yourselves on this kids live with her parents love. So if the parents love doing it because were low for some level of extensional conduct and the second thing was its purpose is not a new idea for those who listening and we were making Dr. MacArthur.

Once we call the cultural control for their oil was working with his work start conversations with the cultural learning is Starbucks is the only one because is advising kids because we three kids Chris McGregor and I were like some hotel in Butler, California with the noise of cars everywhere, but something like that and advising kids and pretty quickly went to a lot of it begins with songs usually room with people better known on the teaching side are setting the way to actually teach these talkers deep with your kids interestingly have six grandkids and we were recently with one of our sons that has four they pray every night before bed and the old assists, seven and the youngest is to bet if he doesn't seem to them before he leaves the room after prayers. They'll remind him dad you didn't sing over me tonight and how that just become so sweet.

It's a like a blanket of God's grace and security over them as they sleep and they also had an 11 month old granddaughter. They had a 45 minute seizure. It was awful and it was traumatic, but in the hospital they needed to do an MRI and so she could meet for eight hours and my daughter-in-law was frantic like he's not going to be able to go that long without eating.

This is gonna be a nightmare. So we pray Jesus you are the only one that will build to do this and she was crying. The baby was fussing and she was hungry and I took my phone out of sight.

Sometimes there are some great things about our phones and I put worship music on and I put it right next to this baby's ear is miraculous. It was God's just sweetly answering this prayer.

She fell asleep and she slept for 2 1/2 hours. This girls never slept more than 45 minutes and that son and daughter and I went home and they constantly have worship planning in their house there something beautiful. What is that has a beautiful healing quality.

The Bible shows us instances by that is been importantly think it might make me sick to try and Karen Harris of Saul civil and but it's important to sway not just facts and figures people we are made things impress themselves upon us deeply wise, a sunset importance. Why is it when we have a meal they don't serve at each other like we went to a dog in the bowl on the floor but we set up in Manchester by the colors in the TS and the experiences we share as were gathered with an image of God and the Lord values DC and he values poetry and he values every single part of what it means for us to be human and I think me sick trigger so many those parts of the patient a way that we don't harness that the days were missing something something very important. One last question and I think it applies to families and parents as well. One of my favorite lyrics in your song in Christ alone and I'm I am sitting here with the authors of it. So I got asked this question. I love the line. I love sing and you know what heights of love.

What depths of peace when fears are stilled when strivings cease my comforter, my all in all here in the love of Christ. I stand what is in their as you wrote that. What are you communicating because I love that lyric and is a parent who often strives it's a comforting lyric to remember in Christ alone is my piece, but I put words in your mouth and wondering what you thought was a stripper's credit on the concept of the song is to try and join what we believe this to cradle him with the difference fixing the creek with the difference was were going to take effective Christ was born that he lived told that he rose and that he is returning again and that will reduce retype every part of life to the songs which told what is your next told story and then by saying hopefully we can sing it to ourselves. But if you want Kristin if we live whole foods. Things are whole different question. The craft of writing is trying to find a way of taking these traits in this spelling in such a way that we can remember them and they go deep like you suggest those felines in this song is the status right now is just as is so rich in gospel truth, but the connection to real life and I probably have some let him more than anybody on the planet and everything in it for 20 years and it's been such a great preventive often reflected that if there had been one song that I would have to sing every time anybody asked me to sing anyway. I'm so glad that one person as I sing it because it is the gospel connected to real life. Last evening I was having a nice thing I can connected and fresh ways he I'm not trying to conjure up sensitive emotional class because I'm standing wonderful trades that he's beautifully pet that make sense the matter how I am feeling and set a time you pace myself into certain place and I just love the fact that songs find you where you are and you just go Franzen also loved able to watch my thinking his thighs as nice as the people of the last 20 years there faces as they sang the convex NC-gospel flat then causes the strivings to say since we focus on what the Savior has done and he calls SMC his kingdom into his store a.m. into his greatest ever. We are wherever we are. Whenever we are there.

Okay is aggression on behalf of any and I'll and really the whole community of Christ followers. Thank you, thank you for what you do what you offer your inspiration. Even today I can imagine is Easter comes up good Friday Easter weekend. I can see thousands, hundreds of thousands of families. I hope there inspired like we were to be standing on Easter Sunday with their children around them and their grandchildren singing at the top of their lungs like they would if their team won the Super Bowl I mean is, it's more important than any victory.

It is the victory given us a language and and and motion to lead a family with my hope and prayer for our listeners for us is that when just before Easter this would be something that were doing every day that were listening that were pouring this into our kids and allowing them to soak it in its discipleship. This is an easy thing that we can do. It's not like we have to be theologically going to seminarian this is something that we love it in our soul. It's how God is made partly what we have always done what the people of God and what they will say we can setting out that annex that I sent some songs and songs of Moses and when the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea understanding most beautiful song in the Marion joins the sizes of people singing every single generation sing to the Lord for he has triumphed gloriously horse that is brighter.

He is cast into the sea, that the gospel story that little tiny ones and old people licking and seeing what God is down and enacting for us what it is for God's people to celebrate the triumph to celebrate this victory by singing yeah thanks you guys so good from the weekend so money over from Baldwin all the leadership being a partner you guys appreciate you, you been listening to Dave and Ann Wilson with Keith and Kristin Gaddy on family life today. You'll find links in our show notes to their performances of be thou my vision and their new recording with Michael W Smith called Christ our hope in life and death.

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Do you think God just cares about our souls or does he care about our body to pastor and speaker Sam all berries can be joining David and Wilson next week to talk about just that spoiler alert on behalf of David and Wilson. I'm Shelby Abbott will see you back next time for another edition of family life family like the days of production of family life accrued ministry helping you pursue the relationships that matter most

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