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R1347 Radical Life Change

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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December 18, 2019 8:00 am

R1347 Radical Life Change

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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December 18, 2019 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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So what about so what is the text tell us about radical life change the student he moved the spot number three. He encountered a lot. Again, this is old deep stuff you folks even count a lot of the second part of verse three and suddenly a light from heaven shock shone round about it. You cannot explain the moment in the process of salvation. Your spot might be different to my sport. I may be sitting in the bath tub singing the hallelujah chorus. When God reveals himself to me when the light of the world comes upon me, I might be driving down the road in my motorcar. I might be climbing a mountain top. It doesn't matter, but suddenly God makes himself known.

That's why evangelism is not restricted to the four walls of the local church. Sometimes the word radical is overused, but today Dr. Wilton speaks about radical life change and you'll hear great welcome to The Encouraging Word for the truth is sourced from God's Word, the Bible itself. These Bible-based teachings of Dr. Wilton make up our broadcast and in every way. We are excited to see what God's going to do in and through his word in our lives today as we study the word of the here for your connecting keyboard keyboard online right now I friends are going ahead and diving into this new leather bound ablation of a book that is prepared for 2020. You haven't seen or heard about. You can find out more details online at T. W rate or a copy. Call now 8668 that's 866-899-WORD 9673 love to hear from you now Dr. Don Wilton how many of us really and genuinely believe that there are some people who are beyond salvation like too far gone so good. I suggest today that there is possibly a wife sitting here today listening to me that you signed up, that's my husband. I know my love. A mob lived with him, but he'll never come to know Christ. That is apparent to you go to summer resort in your son and daughter grew up in a wonderful church and with wonderful ministry and you look at them today and you cite today more, yet they all 50 4050 years of age, and while I love my son. I love my daughter very much.

It's impossible. They are so far away from God. There is no way that God can ever say in Greg's whole point last week was nobody is beyond the love of God in Christ Jesus, and pulls a very good example of that. That's the conversion of Ananias right, he underwent a change of heart. God did something to Ananias through the testimony of souls conversion and so we come to what happened to Saul of Tarsus, who became known as pull. I want to speak to you for a few moments on radical life change and what I love about this subject is this is your story in my story is we all have our story. I can promise you this, when Jesus Christ came into my life. He radically changed my life forever. I've never been the same. I didn't tell you that I was perfect because that wouldn't be anywhere near the truth. I didn't tell you that I've never sinned. Since then, because that would not be true. I wouldn't tell you that I haven't had many struggles because that wouldn't be true. I will tell you that I'm living in this world that's filled with ups and downs, because that would be true, but I can tell you this that my life has been radically change.

I've never been the same again. You see, my friend. Salvation yes salvation is about knowing God. It is about being forgiven. Salvation is about having your name written down in God's book and him salvation is about going to heaven one day and living with him forever and forever and forever. But I'm going to tell you salvation at its very root is about a radical life change. It's about never being the same again you looking for that on to you know it deep down inside it's that struggle, it's that yearning, it's that emptiness. It's that need to be forgiven.

It's one thing to know that there's more to life in the joy its wholeness completeness strength for the journey.

But let me read to you what happened to pull Jeremy in chapter 9 of the book of acts, but Saul still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord went to the high priest in Austin for leaders to the synagogues at Damascus and so that if he found any who will believe is you belong to the white man or woman he might bring them bound to Jerusalem as he went on his way he approached Damascus, and suddenly a light from heaven shone around him and falling to the ground he heard a voice saying team soul. So why are you persecuting me and Saul said who are you old and Jesus said I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. But rise up and into the city and you will be told what you ought to do in the main who were traveling with him stood speechless, hearing the voice but seeing no one so Saul arose from the ground, and although his eyes were opened. He sold mapping so they laid him by the hand and brought him into Damascus in three days.

He was without site and didn't eat or drink. Now there was a disciple in Damascus by the name of Ananias the Lord say to him in a vision, Ananias, and he said here I am Lord and he said rise and go to street: straighten up the house of Judas look for a man of Tarsus name soulful, behold, he is praying and he is seen a vision in the vision. A man named Ananias come in and lay hands on him that he might regain. He sought, but Ananias in disbelief on significant cyclical you kidding me that's my husband you talking about, that's my son that's my daughter that's my neighbor." I've heard from many about this man, how much evil he is done to your saints in Jerusalem and here he has authority, even from the church from the chief priests to bind all who call on your name, but the Lord said to him, Ananias, go for he is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and the kings and the children of the Israel I will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my names Ananias departed and entered the house and laying hands on Amy seeking brother soul the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road by which you kindly sent me so that you may regain your site and be filled with the Holy Spirit and immediately something like scales fell from his eyes. He regained his side. He rose up, and he was baptizing. Taking food, he was strengthened and cannot give you the rest of the book of acts, even though we gonna continue preaching the cannot tell you the rest of the story and pull this man radically changed was never the same again.

By the way, you know, as a pasta don't you love this. Do you know how many people I have seen even in this church give their hearts and lives to Jesus and never be the same again. I remember one wife who is sitting here looking at me right now and she knows exactly who she is. Steve, this is about 19 years ago.

19 years ago. There's a wife sitting here looking at me she would tell you if she wants to better some of you will note her when I tell you, her husband, she prayed for him for I don't know how many years ago a gym. Finally he came and sat in this church and I'll never forget the day he got up and walked down the saw Davies heart to Jesus and you will many of you know exactly who I'm talking about never been the same again. You can't stop this man, the joy, the serving of the Lord is just totally different. Are you ready to be that person. So watch what happened here because something happened in the life of soul that was so incredible. I just want to show you what happened. Amazing simple things took place. Number one, he stood out. That's what verse one of chapter 9 tells us you go back into chapter 8 you read about Philip and all these great preachers of what was going on in the church and and there was a lot of action and activity. In fact the last few verses of chapter 8 that were preaching the gospel and then you get to chapter 9 and you see these two little words but soul. I know this is never happened to you that you ever had a Christmas family gathering and the whole families there and everybody's having a wonderful time accepting who's the person in your family who always finds a problem always, you can count on.

Have you ever have you ever had.

Just the most wonderful thing you plan it you do it you get together it's just going wonderful accepting the one member like the one that got the Tommy article the time that the one they don't like biscuits, but I prefer the cheese to be this way instead of that way and not only that, they let you know. Always you know the exit just a little too hard, instead of being a little too soft.

I go to check myself on that one too.

But soul. Do you know folks watch this.

You and I can be here today worshiping here worshiping in the hangar. We could have hundreds of thousands of people here today and they could be one, but soul sitting here and you with because God is got his eyes on you and we're praying outrageously for you. So he stood out number two. He neared the spot he neared the spot. The Bible says right there in verse three as he went on his way he approached Damascus. I never had a clockwork us out, but I'm convinced that God has us in the right place. Do you know one of my the man that I admire most is a fellow by the name of John Langford.

John is here today. We will love John John is he inspires me and he inspires all of us and John owns and operates the Nautilus fitness center, where I tried to go to and from time to time and get myself into shape but just like the letter sodomite do not happen to John this gonna knock your socks off John Langford. I should get his wife Marilyn many years ago. John with everything in the bodybuilding all that kind of stuff and grumbling and groaning and I'm summarizing ENE's wife getting the motorcar go to Columbia to listen to Dr. Billy Graham preaching the crusade in Columbia this man who didn't know the Lord, he ends up in the far away in a Billy Graham Crusade with thousands of people they and it's like God seems to not put you in the right spark and when Mr. Graham stood there and said I want to invite you to come wherever you want you to come I want you to come today and stand here with me guess you came down that all a lost man by the name of John Langford.

Now let me tell you the rest of the story. He's never been the same again. So what about so what is this text tell us about radical life change. He stood out he neared the spot number three. He encountered a light again. This is old deep stuff you folks count a lot of the second part of verse three and suddenly a light from heaven shark shone round about. You cannot explain the moment and the process of salvation. Your spot might be different to my spark. I may be sitting in the bath tub singing the hallelujah chorus. When God reveals himself to me when the light of the world comes upon me, I might be driving down the road in my motorcar. I might be climbing a mountain top. It doesn't matter, but suddenly God makes himself known.

That's why evangelism is not restricted to the four walls of the local church. Forgive the eruption will be back with more of today's message with Dr. Don Wilton in just a moment, but we want to say thank you Dr. Wilton so appreciative of the way you gave during giving Tuesday in the way that some of you are actually as your Christmas shopping. Using the Amazon smile system that helps give to ministries like ours.

As you purchase your gifts for details on our love for you to participate with us and partner with us in that particular way but also love Rita know we're here to pray with you 866-899-WORD will connect you not just now at 24 hours a day to what I was happy to talk, listen, or pray at 866-899-9673 Dallas die back in today's message on a radical life change with Dr. Don Wilton evangelism is every day, every moment in every place. For every person. People coming to know Christ.

What happened in the fourth instance he fell to the ground.

That's what verse forces Bible says and falling to the ground and falling to the ground.

Now what I want you to listen to me folks falling to the ground is not a necessary prerequisite to salvation. Absolutely not.

Now they may be some people. Some groups you say will. This is what you need to do it misses out on unique some of the people are being radically converted by the Lord Jesus Christ being cool. I mean it's every one of us in our own personality disposition.

But I tell you what happened to him. The bottom line is when you encounter the living Lord Jesus Christ. Something's going to happen coming to know Christ is not trying to make a choice between peanut butter and jelly.

It is a radical encounter with the righteousness and the holiness of God who would love me to the point at which he would send his only son to die upon the cross in order that a Richardson might be reconciled to a holy and a righteous God. He fell to the ground. Number five, he heard a voice I wish that I could say that I could get up there today and have a whole lot of stories and illustrations about I've heard God speak. I don't know that I've ever heard a portable discernible loud, outspoken voice, but I can tell you I have heard the voice of God on Wednesday night. God spoke to me and I was sitting right there loss someday my own son got appear to preach. Was I happy that my son was in the United States. Of course I was. Was I delighted my three grandchildren were here, man, what a how to joy.

That's what happened to Seoul he heard a voice number 60 Onset the Lord, you know, this is so basic that's what that's what the word of God says right there in verse Bobby said who are you load at the very least some of you might say to me today pasta. What do I need to do now that I stand out.

Now that I'm nearing the spot.

Now that I am encountering a lot now that I am responding. What do I need to do Onset God guess what Seoul city said who are you load he wasn't trying to be cheeky you wasn't being rude. He wasn't being arrogant.

This wasn't sold a persecutor saying you want a piece of me, but I daresay even if they was an arrogance that God loved him. God was doing something he was about to be changed forever. Let me tell you send will never roll over and die when being overwhelmed by the righteousness of God. But when it is overwhelmed by the righteousness of God. It does roll over and die. He wants of the Lord, you need to Onset God number seven. He received instructions, you know, one of the questions I get many times, and I'm sure that you lost this question yourself is you know and I know that the Lord Jesus loves me and I'm repenting of my sin and I'm giving my Lockton but what am I going to do now. Don't worry about it here in this text. Jesus said to him immediately. So get up, go to this place and I'll tell you what to do. I'm just going to tell you what to do.

God takes care of all of the unites coming up on 40 years ago for me. I remember arriving in New York City.

Never been there with Karen, my young bride. I mean here we on the strange place trying no money and couple of suitcases. What we do. You know it's easy to look back in your rearview mirror. But God's is just go and I'll take care of everything. Just follow my instructions. See, that's the part that we back we back with saying, Lord, just follow you follow your instructions I love the great thing that happened him. He was surrounded by friends.

It's it's it's absolutely amazing the way it's so interesting to me that in the initial stage God hosed soul to be blind. He closed his eyes obscene to myself, why did he want to close his eyes. I I I have to think that perhaps Seoul was one of those men that was so in control of himself. It's what I do. It's what I see it's what I'm going to do and I want you to know, and I want you to know that if I don't like it you got this in view of the line God said okay I'll tell you what I'm gonna do ominous smart with blindness. You not going to be output one step in front of another because I'm gonna show you that from now on I'm going to lead you on the take care of every step. So what happened, he got up and was baptized. That's an amazing thing that happened here in verse 18. Rod then immediately something like scales for all fees eyes Bible city immediately. He followed the Lord through believers baptism because he knew that what it happened was that he had come to the place of a complete, total and utter identification in every way with the death and burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and that is what Jesus commanded him to do and he did it. I am a Christian man that's part of life change. I'm a Christian man I bought dainty five with everything that Jesus and Paul later was the one who said I'm crucified with Christ.

Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me. The scales came off. All of a sudden he could see and the only thing he wanted to look into the face of was the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus and what was the response he was never the same again.

That's what the rest of the story is all about. It's about a man just changed obscene obscene that you see in that we watch that all the time. I look out across this wonderful congregation the day I see just labs that are being changed change change change change change change change attorney obscene businessman obscene housewives of seeing doctors and nurses in obscene people from every walk of life come to know Christ the same again just changed all of a sudden these these and in the joy that is a strength is a meaning there's a purpose there's a life's just change so that's why I want to invite you to give your heart to Jesus today. It's time it is your turn and we stand ready to help you take the next step.

Once you give us a call. Our phone numbers 866899 word 866-899-9673 ready to give your heart to Christ Ray Ray to come back to Christ for getaway needs to be the most important thoughts are pastor are you rated to give your heart and life to Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that.

Why don't you pray this prayer dear God, I know that you love me very, very, and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came out on the cross so that I might be today. I repaid Thomas. I confess my sins and I invite you to come in tomorrow. Jesus, if you prayed that prayer. Let me be the first one will welcome you to the family of this one. I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying very weak in you can begin this wonderful ending just about to come back spoken to Dr. in seconds ago as he was preaching God wants to make the change to help you make a change.

Freshly launch a brand-new decade here in a few days on fire for Christ. Maybe it's time to come home to Jesus how the Lord spoken to you. Let us pray with you 866-899-WORD will connect with one. I was happy to put some resources in your hand that'll help you grow. That's 866899673 and online will discover a number ways to connect where social your social have you connect with us on social media yet in America today more and more people are starving for the good news of the gospel. Can you for just a moment imagine this will without the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Can you imagine this country without the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We as a nation must bring back the values in the core principles that we were founded on. That is where we need your help. I'm asking you to help The Encouraging Word plonk more seeds in this barren soil that is our America by simply following and sharing encouraging words shared on Facebook, twitter and Instagram friends, you never know how one encouraging message could change the life of someone who might desperately need the book of James tells us to be good use of the word and not hearers only, and I believe that for too long we've heard without action. Thank you for your support for our social media platforms and sharing truth with the searching will know that were ready connect with you every day whether it social media or the daily Encouraging Word email. Are you getting that from Dr. Wilton yet it's absently free. You can sign up and every morning about 6 AM the wonderful infusion of God's word in your life. You can even sign up right now by texting the word daily to 305-003-0500 text the word daily quickly can sign up for the next time take care and I'm still on it.

I can write be a part of the thinking with all my heart I'm a disabled widow can attend church alone time. Interesting.

Blessings your sermon and I love to sing along with, especially those of us watching television, making this part of your church family that we can. Thank you so very much for the loving grace. God bless Dr. Wilton.

Your ministry gives me the strength to get very discouraged because I live alone hardly get out

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