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DS #14 Daniel 7

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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February 11, 2020 8:00 am

DS #14 Daniel 7

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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February 11, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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My say something very lovingly to you to us. Be very careful about who you hang around with and who you gather around you. Careful about who you listening to watch out your spiritual leadership can become seriously diminished by the influence of the wrong people. Spiritual leadership is so critical. This issue of the right people get the right people on the right bus for the right journey, then get them sitting in the right seats on the right bus. Spiritual leadership is a powerful thing. God has given us the book of Daniel is rich with insight will help us live our life today so let's open God's word together with Dr. Don Wilton The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based printing of Dr. Don Wilton in this study on Daniel working to gain insight about not only Daniel understood about the power of God. What you and I can understand how it can be a part of our daily attitude towards everything we face not only what we act towards what we react towards the power of God in us as we study the word know that were available for you. We love to pray with you and for you 866-899-WORD that's 866-899-9673 or will connect online as well. At TW that's DEW now. Today's message with Dr. Don Wilton on The Encouraging Word turn with me in your Bibles do not. Daniel chapter 6. We all moving slowly but surely through the book of Daniel, and I'm going to say to you that beginning at Daniel chapter 7 and verse one we going to move into a tremendous time of prophecy, and in fact we going to be starting some remarkable things and making a lot of connections into the book of Revelation.

A lot of practical applications related to our lives today. What does God have to say to us today.

But before we get to chapter 7 we got to go through chapter 6. Now, ladies and gentlemen, Daniel chapter 6 is about Daniel in the lion's den. How many of you have ever heard of Daniel in the lines then would you raise your hand.

Please. All right, that's what I suspect I want to share something with you tonight when I got to Daniel chapter 6 this Bible study did not.

I will confess to you that I found myself saying, Lord, everybody knows about Daniel in the lines there. In fact, we learned about that from when we were just the smallest little people we studied about saying about Daniel in the lines then it's a wonderful story. It makes for good drama in the church and I grew up knowing more about Daniel in the lion's den and that's wonderful and so I read and reread and reread chapter 6 of the book of Daniel and I began to ask myself this question. Lord, why did you put Daniel in the lion's van. Just prior to the beginning of chapter 7 Lord. Is it possible that there is something there that I haven't seen is it possible Lord there that my having become so accustomed to Daniel in the lines being has blinded me to the truth of what you want me to know, and I began to agonize and pray over this passage and spent a lot of time just sitting there looking at it reading asking God to speak to my heart and I can't explain it to you.

This might not be anything dramatic for you to get online it was Thursday this week and as I sat down and as I began to pray in my study at home and it was late at night. All of a sudden all of a sudden gone spoke to Mohammed.

All of a sudden just in the flashing a moment God began to show me something in this chapter that I personally have never seen God began to write something in my heart from Daniel's experience in the lion's being and all of a sudden everything became clear to me what these things are called brother Eddie, but you can go down there to the to the mall and I have these pictures that when you look at them, they just gobble coming I just everything runs together. It doesn't look like a picture on what you call the thing doesn't look like a picture lease to me that I have these little booths down they wish to write more when I have them all of the place and you'll see people just standing there and you got have a look at one of these pictures. And when you look at it. Initially it's just a whole lot of colors and everything and then as you begin to concentrate. All of a sudden I mean it's just like you can prick your finger. Suddenly the picture begins to take shape and form and there is it's an animal rights across on the hillside rule, it's someone riding a motorbike or it's all more. It's a beautiful panoramic scene down the coast somewhere and will decide what once was perhaps a little bit obscure accepting for the colors which we readily identify it becomes very clear to us that was my experience with Daniel chapter 6 and if you would allow me to I want to share with you what God put on my heart as I looked at Daniel chapter 6 and I'm not going to read it again, we gain raw the work through the verse and section by section with my I began to see that what God was doing God was putting Daniel through a final series of given proof to Daniel then then you will was fit and prepare enough to be used mightily of God and in his particular context that Daniel would be God's chosen profit to carry the nature of the world in his heart. God began to speak to my own heart. God began to say to me simply this Don Wilton if you want God to use you if you want the blessings of God to come upon you. You have got to be prepared to go through a series of tests that God will bring about the cause, you and I will never become instruments in the hands of God unless we are prepared to do.

You and I will never become the leaders that God wants us to be unless we are prepared to go through what God wants us to go through you and I will never again become the mothers and the fathers and the grandfathers and the man and women of influence in our community.

If we are prepared to allow God to put us through to our beloved friend. Sometimes that's the most difficult thing because it viewed going to Daniel before he entered the lines then and say to him. Daniel, what can you tell us about the lines damn all he could have said to you was on the dead man. Daniel didn't know that he was going to be delivered in that manner. Daniel was being put through the ultimate test of his faith means that we walk according to God's standards and precepts and basic presuppositions. We walk according to back which we see and that which we know God says to us. Listen if you want to know where you're going before you get they cannot if you want to know about tomorrow before you finish today from a spiritual perspective. I cannot because if you know about tomorrow before you get there.

It means that you do not depend upon me. It means that I am irrelevant as far as your life is concerned, which means you have no dependability in my eyes, which means that I cannot use you. God saves going to say to you, beloved frames that God puts us through these tests at different arenas, different times, different stages in our lives. Some of us to live a going to those tastes, even as we speak.

Some of you are sitting here tonight and you're saying wait a minute I'm in the midst of a lines being I cannot see the beginning from the end.

There is no life of the tunnel and I cannot even see the tunnel live alone. The life I don't know that I can never get through this. I'm destitute, I'm unhappy. I mean the whole I'm struggling I'm looking for meaning in life. I don't know where to turn to God says excuse me and so I went back and began to study in chapter 1, and I began to discover that God was about to use Daniel in a big way and everything that happened to Daniel from chapter 1 to the end of chapter 6 was precatory in nature, but chapter 6 is a microcosm of the macrocosm of his life. Chapter 6 is God bringing everything up to a climactic expression to a Christine, though they was about to be launched into the heavens. A cacophony of sound in agreement with the will of God that Daniel was indeed the man that God would you and it comes only at the end of chapter 6 is not often look at the successful business people, you can go to most people in life who have established themselves and they have built a business in the home and all those kinds of things.

They're all very very very very few people in this life folks to gain success without having to put in some jolly hard work to get the they're all very very few Tiger Woods is in this world, but I'm going to tell you that even Tiger Woods has had to spray an hour upon hour upon hour upon hour upon hour upon hour, ever since he was two bricks in the tequila getting a little thing called a golf ball so that the day he might be making multimillions of dollars but I'll tell you something. It came at a price we're living in a generation evaluate more and more about people believe that you don't have to do anything to gain everything we living in the diary. Major big contracts. We say the tongue-in-cheek. So many times. Many people in America believe that the manual labor is the president of Mexico. People are afraid to get down and do some jolly hard work and pay the price to get to where they need to go. Nothing comes easy and God is saying all along the minute. What are you talking about making money will signing contracts of building houses all having families I'm talking about you being used of God as a man is a woman (and I want to use you. But before I use you I'm going to check out whether or not you with using wonder how many people there all on a daily basis to file regards, tastes, so it was that I went back to the beginning of Daniel's journey and I noticed the Daniel had a good beginning. Your remembering chapter 1 and verse I Daniel resolved in his heart.

The Bible says not to defile himself with the royal food. He made the decision to go to a good beginning. You're listening to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word broadcast back just above with more this great message we want you to know that we hear from connecting right now that's our website and when you come on the front page will see a great deal about the and brand lot is chosen as a special emphasis Jesus spirits and the Holy Spirit is not to step Sunday weekend worship experiences, even on a daily basis with us Dr. Don Wilton Encouraging Word constant companion. That's what Jesus is to you and me. I pray you'd discover more about how to get your copy by calling us at 866899. Word got the number down at 866-899-9673.

That number is not only vital to get you connected with books like the n-gram lots book of one of Dr. Wilson's books but it's also we are here to pray for you anytime day or night at 866899673.

He rather get with his keyboard keyboard. You can meet us on our that's TE W would love to give you more information about the Jesus and me book and so many other resources that help you grow in your faith after The Encouraging Word broadcast is over there still a wonderful place to connect 24 hours a day. It's The Encouraging

You can visit our message archives download Dr. Wilson's sermons or sign up for our weekly podcast of favorite button on our website is the prayer request, but you can share a prayer request or personal need.

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After you have a question about your salvation perhaps questions about how to share your faith with a friend. Let us walk you through the steps to a personal relationship with Jesus and the ability to share that with others you're looking for a book from Dr. Wilton or maybe a CD or DVD. We have resources ready to send to you at the click of a button. No matter what the reason we hope you'll connect with us today Now back to today's message with Dr. Don Wilton in chapters 2 through five has a very solid, in other words, he goes through interpretations of dreams, ups and downs little persecution Jaromir some of the taste of time he has to on the king Nebuchadnezzar asked to play the game right but he stands told he's delivered. He does what he supposed to do and so he goes on through chapter 5 and when we come to chapter 6, we find that Daniel will is riding the crest of the wave chapter in verse 29 of chapter 5 of five then at Belshazzar's Kaman Daniel was clothed in purple and gold chain was placed around his neck and he was proclaimed the third-highest ruler in the kingdom.

Daniel had arrived. Folks, Daniel was a man who could've sat back and said you love playing the price of stood the test.

I'm ready God put it on me and God said hold on. You still got some rough edges there still a few more things that I need to check out and so it was that as I said in my study and began to study this passage.

I believe that God put Daniel through a series of tests in Daniel chapter 6 that culminated ultimately in the approval of God upon Daniel's life and in my own life I began almost gone. Whether or not I was being the kind of person that God wanted me to be. I began also the Lord what else they was that I needed to go through in order to make me the kind of person that God wanted me to be. I came to the point in my life that are sent to the Lord in the quietness of my own study on said Lord. When one day I'm going to be with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Whatever I'm able to accomplish for you.

Am I accomplishing everything for you that I am able to accomplish today and if I'm not, are you perhaps telling me that I need to continue to go through a series of tests in order to get to the point at which I am going to be able to be used of you to the maximum. Am I reaching your potential.

My potential for me. Your potential for me and not doing that which is well pleasing in your side. And so it is. I began to look at the life of Daniel and I'm going to walk us through these tests. Daniel had to go through, and God will perhaps apply them to our own hearts first bullet was the taste of flavor. I want you to notice in verse one of chapter 6 that it pleased Darius the new King to appoint 120 satraps to rule throughout the kingdom with three administrators over them, one of whom was Daniel Daniel.

At the end of chapter 5 and beginning in chapter 6 was immediately put to the test of favor with mankind. Now friends listen to me there is nothing more wonderful than being popular.

There is nothing more wonderful than finding flavor with your fellow man.

There's nothing more wonderful than people saying you know he's a jolly good check. There's nothing more wonderful than knowing that society and the community think highly of you, but for the Christian man, God puts you through the test of favor and what he watches is not a popularity rating what the watchers is what we do without popularity. That's what God watches Daniel found favor Daniel was a man of God. He was different. In fact, he was someone who came from outside in.

Daniel was a man who found extreme favor in the sight of King Darius of the Medes and the Persians. Daniel was a man who had the high principles. Daniel rose like cream to the top. He was put in charge and he found flavor and I believe that God began to watch Daniel to see what kind of man he was going to become when he found himself at the top let me tell you a couple of people who rise to the top. If you are a grandfather or grandmother. You have risen to the top, you have found favor if you got grandchildren you are a steamed above all, if you're a business leader you found flavor. If you have your own business you found flavor. If your' church you found flavor. If you're a schoolteacher you found flavor. God puts us in varying positions in life and he tells us. Listen, I want you to know that you found flavor and I'm watching you. I'm watching what you're doing with the flavor that you found but he doesn't believe that they note, the second taste the taste of responsibility. You see, whenever there is flavor there is responsibility that walks hand in hand with good verse second part of verse two. The satraps were made accountable to them so that the king might not suffer loss. It's cool responsibility and what God was doing to Daniel was that he was saying team. Daniel listen, I'm not only going to cause great flavor to come upon you, from the highest ruler in the land but I'm going to a company that flavor with increased responsibility. I want to see what you going to do with the responsibility that you got. If we want to put it into modern-day terminology.

What God was saying to Daniel was listen favor is always accompanied by example. In other words, the higher you rise the mold. God expects of you in terms of your personal responsibility. We have a far greater responsibility to do that which is well pleasing in the sight of God and the higher we become in society and in favorite with man. We have a responsibility to please God.

So I should imagine that somewhere in the scheme of things that God was looking down upon Daniel and watching him. Other people were accountable to Daniel. He was responsible before God and God wanted to watch what he was doing with let's talk about it for a minute. Perhaps you have a business tonight. You have responsibility. What are you doing with perhaps you have money to live. What are you doing perhaps your father or mother to my what are you doing with how responsible are you putting a test on he's watching you.

He's trying to determine whether or not he's going to pull out increased blessings upon you. He's waking he's watching is the test of favor there's the taste of responsibility. But there's the taste of leadership. It's right there in verse three Bible says.

Now Daniel so distinguished himself among the administrators in the satraps by his exceptional qualities that came plan to save him the whole kingdom. Watch how this just begins to roll.

I mean it just gathers momentum. Yet he finds flavor is given responsibility. He's placed in exceptional leadership under the kingship of Darius Sutton God is putting into this man's hand. The most believable things. One could ever imagine God's watching time is gone for today will continue with the same perhaps the most important past, God has spoken you ready to give you I'd love to help you.

You pray this prayer with me and accept Jesus into your heart. Dear God, I know that on this. I know that Jesus is right. If you pray that prayer we love to get some literature help you growth and I want you to that. I love please don't go away you the opportunity wonderful resources just document come home with 86689989967. It was online as well. W that DEW for The Encouraging Word and there would you find that particular set of resources you find one of those special resources from n-gram lots called Jesus and me.

Life changes and losses.

We rank someone will come alongside and share every Of our journey. Someone will listen to tracks and comfort someone can track this month for your get The Encouraging Word. We were thinking inspiring Jesus and me and not in Jesus and draws on knowledge and personal story including her recent cancer diagnosis understand their understanding of the holy, 9993. Your copy today The Encouraging Word you are endless and tearing God's truth around the you for your listening love to put that in your hands, give us a call. Now at 86689.

That's 866-899-9673 would love to those books in your hands.

But we also have some wonderful resources. Many of them actually free to give us a call 866-899-9673 or email us at till next time. Take care and God bless. I have been watching The Encouraging Word for several months.

Always learn something every week that I can apply my life after her recent time I got down my knees confess my sins repented and asked Jesus into my life thanks to God's grace and mercy. You showed me his love. I am a Christian because in reference I am grateful

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