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R1451 Inside Outside Church

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 5, 2020 8:00 am

R1451 Inside Outside Church

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 5, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton in a message on the inside outside church that will make just a moment. You need to know as we begin the broadcast Dr. Don Wilton you know where your talk.

Would you pray with you our phone number is 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 or email us at as a matter fact why you're there, take a look at faith in the midst of crisis. It's a powerful resource from Dr. Donna right now more than ever are crises we are facing faith in the midst of crisis is a powerful Encouraging Word for you. It's now it's open our hearts and our Bibles together to acts chapter 2. As we take today's story inside the outside church and understand what that really means for all of us now. Dr. and you notice I begin as we continue to worship like this and I want to say to you how very dearly that I love you today and I love my church and for the thousands of you who right to worship with us through the Encouraging Word blog cost. I pray that you two love your church that many of us on all around the world want to tell you something about myself, about seven or eight years ago I really started to not feel so good about that. I mean, to be perfectly honest with you I love food and I love football watching football spatially on my couch and not I love life and I'm just a normal family you know and but I was… Getting the list. I'm in my heart is getting listless kind of just tired and you know they were a lot of people that spoke into me. People like John Langford who is one of my dear friends as a deacon in our church and owns and operates the Nautilus fitness center. People like that. My wife others. Don, you need to get yourself in order now.

What's that got to do with enjoying life mean, what's that got to do with it. They and so for the lost however long, all I can say to you is that I try. I'm like a yo-yo. I'm up one minute and down the next try. But I do. I can actually stand you and Sam try Karen I will mostly probably almost every day at least 4 miles together almost every day and I get home late at night sometimes we still do a lot of reasons, but the bottom line is that I feel better and I'm more productive out there now God gave to us. The church and that's the reason because all of us who are in the church part of the church, we really do want to be productive out there go to beginning here. It's like God designed it doesn't don't make light of the essential deep meaning of your church, the local body. This gathering of believers. This is God's design now want you to open your Bibles to acts chapter 2.

You need to listen to this. I want to speak to you today about the inside outside church.

Just think about the title of this message. God put this in my heart. The inside outside church. If I want to wake up most mornings feeling fairly good, and if not better. If I want to serve well into my use if I want to really enjoy my grandkids and be able to get down with them. If I want to be able to be moved. Alert be able to smile. You know I got a new everybody watch me imitate what I gotta do, the more I don't take care of my own body. The more I know what my doctor says the more I just continued to eat away.

Do whatever I want the lease productive. I'm going to be. I punish myself watch me something you need to get with because all of us identify with this. It's like oh no, I don't think I can stand this.

What is it involve discipline, determination, knowledge, this is what God's Word teaches us to read this to you so I'm going to be and ask chapter 2 in verse 42 as the new church gathered.

They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to praise and all came upon every one of them many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles and all who believed were together and had all things in common and I was selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as all have need any person have need, and today my day attaining the table together and breaking bread in the homes they received their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people and the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.

So he has his work.

We need to listen to because we living in a day and age today where more and more people all saying the church you know I don't need the church. I can just do my own thing, not according to the way God says it doesn't work is not God's way.

So I want to share with you. God's truth. This is been a hard lesson for me growing up, causing my younger years in my teen years I didn't always like the church because the church didn't always suit me who by the way you said the church has to suit you. Where did you get that from church needs to seek what you want. Forget it. Church doesn't suit me. The church is designed for me because God knows bed and when I understand that and I say Lord I will submit to you. The joy is unspeakable.

So what happened on the inside of the church. If we talk about the inside outside church. What does the Bible tell us at the beginning of the New Testament church. What was it that they devoted them selves to what to be the pillars upon which the church is built. They devoted themselves to for things not on the apostles teaching so teaching. Teaching through the preaching of the word through life groups through its starting teaching, hearing, speaking, looking at God's words like what we doing right now and incidentally the Bible qualifies that they devoted themselves to the who's teaching your pastor is very important. This is a challenge to pastas life group teachers all look at me.

Be careful in the church and I want you all to know this.

I is your prospect cannot give permission to any teacher in this church just to do your own thing I want you to just think about the impending potential danger of something like that if we just send all of our Sunday school and what ever you whatever cranks your tractor go do it we would be in violation of the word of God.

That's why some people don't like the church they don't like to be told what they gonna teach, but we don't tell people what to teach we teach what needs to be told that's why you so safe in a church like this because we are Bible believing church.

Dr. Eric Kirkendall, who works for me. I charge him with the responsibility of making certain that every one of our life groups, teaching, what the apostles believed the which was Christ centered, Bible-based any questions. Where does that come from. That's a Bible believing church now friends I'm not up to negotiation on this because the Bible says and I thank God that for decades, decades, generations. That's the hallmark of this church. That's why love this church. They devoted themselves to fellowship that little wooden corner near getting together having fun eating food, giving one another high-fives. You should've seen me going to baptize earlier this morning I had to walk through the children's department.

This this is no wonder I looked like that by the time I got over there fellowship skating down its hugging, being together is friendship telling each other we love one another is not a lot of that out the that's why God gave us the church as we have like-minded fellowship thing they devoted themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, the breaking of bread to give what is that, by the way, it means I Christ St. everything in the church is focused on Jesus Christ and him crucified. That's why they broke. Biggest compliment anybody could ever pay us, you, me, is that all we ever seem to talk about is Jesus ever had someone come and tell you that the church should be.

This church should be about Jesus is not negotiable. We will hopefully subsume we worship him. Please forgive the eruption will be back with the entire message in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton let you know we are here for you and you talk or pray you connect keyboard to keyboard on our gives a call at 86689. That's 866899673 love to connect with you about today's message inside outside church with Dr. Don Wilton in the fourth thing is what sees Sharon the text is 42. They devoted themselves. So on the inside of the church that Gavin themselves and they motion pillars of the church very clearly the teaching of the apostles. In other words, on the doctrinal truth concerning Jesus. That's why I try I don't always succeed. Get up and just tell you one story after another. You not popular.

That is you. Not many people want to go to church so they can hear my stories. You don't tell stories and then use a little scripture every now and again to illustrate your story.

Use scripture and use stories to illustrate Scripture that's church teaching Fellowship Jesus pray now what happened.

I you know I love looking at results. What this produce on the inside of the church produced for things right. They verse 43. The first one is all will WE do not.

That word is it's really the word they use the wood reverential fear not not feel like this but it deep and profound respect. You know you and I can talk about being parents don't we as parents deeply appreciate and love our children when they have a reverential respect for us actually written. We have a lot of fun with them and we get down with them and we we root for them, but never lose that for church watch me all came upon them when they with the church that Christ intended them to be. They were people who didn't mess with God. None of them they they had a profound word that is a beautiful word. It's a profound love. You know what I'm saying it's it's a deep bond. It's a warm embrace. It's of the highest order. Second thing is they experienced miracles. Bible says that they very clearly now. Love this point I did start essays and many wonders and signs were being done through the through the apostles. Miracles happened on the inside of the church.

How many of you, and I want you to raise your hands. Now how many of you right now.

Got something in your life that you really need to awesome blog to do for you and you know that God really is the only one he could do that would you just raise your hand.

Keep your hand up, Lord Jesus, you see in your Bible that through the apostles many signs in one miracles happen, Lord Jesus, together with godly man and woman in this church.

I pray right now for every uplifted hand. I pray Lord. Those who are worshiping on television right now would reach out to that television set and I pray because of Jesus Christ that you would answer prayers that you would perform miracles that you would heal sick people that you would comfort hearts that you would embrace the lonely, those who are struggling financially. Lord, at least somebody he has been diagnosed with something that is life and I pray for healing. This happened on the inside of the church. Please, Lord Jesus, do this for us. Please pray with people I cry out to you in Jesus name, amen. The third thing that happened was togetherness now looking at verse 44. There is 44. All who believed were together any further questions. I'm just telling you something.

Folks, this this is profound stuff that they were they would together.

I meant to show you how this impacts and I haven't even got to outside they would together inside and outside church court. You not going on in America today.

Folks are on inside church outside church.

I'm just using togetherness. Number four giving just in case anybody yet. Your mind is drifting right now or you're at lunch already or you trying to get over that doughnut. No wonder you feel like you do on all that hurt. I know that her by just repeating right now and take it all back.

All right for pillars in the New Testament that gathered teaching, fellowship, the Lord Jesus Christ prayer. What happened all reverent reverence for respect number two miracles number three togetherness number four giving many of you look at me and you say to me man. I can't afford to tie watch me you cannot afford not to its greatest joy in the world's greatest joy in the trot.

This is what came on the inside of the church. So what happened on the outside would least say six things you I'm going to give them to you in rapid succession.

Maybe I should spend six weeks preaching on these things. What happened number one mate needs needs were met. Look at verse 45, as any had need you or anyone out there who's got any needs you want to come with me to the bridge we got any needs in our community. I know you and us. I am bragging folks is that anyone doubt church is so engaged were involved everywhere starts right here. Well done. Continue refocus happened out there. Verse 46. The Bible tells us very clearly day by day. They gathered in the temple together in the temple courts listen we are a very distracted people. I'm even tired of trying to listen to the news is just like a barrel arch of rubbish just like perverseness the behavior and antagonism in the politics and the I mean it just is just nonsense. We need constant refocus church I'll guarantee you in a few minutes today because you came to church because you worshiping today. God is refocusing us number three life groups. What happened life groups that I love that second part of verse 46 the Bible says they went from the temple into homes. Do you know that God's blueprint for the local New Testament church places a high value on small groups. That's why our life groups are life group leaders. I've been looking at statistics on and bother you with statistics you know even since we began late worship lead.

We've got an 8% increase in many of our life groups. With all the shuffle going on.

I want everybody in our church to be in a lot because we got the biggest life group teachers. We got Bible sainted people who are teaching the apostles doctrine. Well, this was their life groups. Also, this designed to be in the neighborhood homes you know where homes where your neighbors live who need to know about Jesus praise and worship is a full outside of the inside church. Love that first day. This 47 praising God, you know, folks, I I you you know maybe I'm just one person here, but you know, arrived here early this morning and go from one meeting to the next to the next get this and do that may help us in this way, and then get all my stuff and charge upstairs and then get changed and jump into the swimming pool and then have a wonderful time of worship up and then down again to try and get change and draw myself often get brush my hair and make sure I got it all in order and then working here. You think I just walk in here and will just get up again just preaching.

I just do it. Let me tell you something, folks. I walked in here a few minutes like today and I just court court up in worship and God just took all the beauty of the high-fives and the children and yesterday and visiting with sick people in community events and decisions that need to make an end the news and politics and all these things and just in a few moments as we let worship lead.

God just takes my heart and reminds me that I'm just a sinner saved by his grace and that he spirit lives in me and that he has a special plan for meanies going to place me in and he's going to help me when I get up here so that by the time I get a pair in the pulpit.

In this particular instance God has me we need to be how you doing right now your spirit has been uplifted praise and worship number five community impact Bible says I love this phrase here having favor with all the people you know almost everywhere I go in our community today. I hear words of appreciation for the engagement of this church in the community having favor with all the people it starts inside, you have a happy home. At home, watch what happens out there. The biggest gift you can give your children when they go to school on Monday morning is a happy house with mom and dad over breakfast on Monday before they leave dad look at me you cream your wife as you walk out the door. Have an attitude use a couple of choice words storm out and then send your kid off to the school do not you just got your child to stuff stone in their heart and one more which I think is the most important daily celebrations. You know how we define the women around here. What happened in the baptistery.

That's how we define when watch me Lords given us the bridge. I can talk to you.

We will talk to you about food and clothes help already tell when people would hear the gospel of Jesus. The Bible says inside church that when the inside church follows what church God wants and God always keeps his promises but powerful truth, especially the reality that God keeps his promises. And sometimes we as the church both inside and outside failing that, I pray that even I feel you would see that God's grace, provided you and me away to him away to have a relationship with him and not just a relationship product adoption God wants you to support his family, but you have to take the very first again. We would love to pray we can talk with you maybe answer some questions if you have those at 866899 word that's her phone number 866-899-9673 is before you talk to us. Perhaps it's something that needs to take place between Dr. John lead to.

Are you ready to give you life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why did you pray this prayer with right and wrong. I know that I miss and I know that Jesus died for today. I repainted my sin and my faith I receive you into my my friend. I would welcome today into the family of God. This is exciting. Your heart your life to Jesus. Let us rejoice with you, and let us put two free resources. Dr. Dunn wanted to have them call us at 866-899-9673 TW for online resource you cannot 99 time and really bless thank you for sharing our Lord and Savior stay in touch online or 8699

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