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6: Compromise and ARISE RDU Interview

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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March 5, 2020 8:00 am

6: Compromise and ARISE RDU Interview

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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March 5, 2020 8:00 am

On this episode we continue talking through Transformation 2020 as well as a special Interview about the upcoming Young Adult Conference "ARISE" with Crossroads Fellowship Young Adult Director Chris Spragg and "ARISE" speaker Dennis Hering.


Transformation 2020

ARISE 2020 March 27-28

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Crosswinds connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life history and culture was a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network for hearing this from Graham welcome every body you are listening to another episode of Crossroads is actually next to the radio effect. Now you do get it. I was, I am Tyler. I got Jamie our show producer and Andy are host here. How are you doing here so excited to be here today. I want once again. I love this time together is a great opportunity for us to talk all things transformational and all things with crossroads connection and cannot wait for this particular episode right now yeah absolutely yes every episode was kind of been talking through transformation have is having guest on the show coming from our community. So we've got our awesome guests later on there. Anyway, if you left to guess that just doubles I will fill it up, not just wonder to yeah you talking to you later. Any we are talking to two incredible young adult leaders in the triangle specifically about an amazing event that I think every young adult should attend: arise coming up very very soon in March so we can always talk that I would be there yet you're doing or what feelings of the cross is fellowship, worship team, a part of the worship team is leading worship for yeah I am not allowed to go because I'm not a young adult. All 20 years ago. Solidly, at least 15 yes or no longer able to to attend those events but we are excited to talk to them.

It is so important talk about and once again, you know, we can talk about transformation and we were in this year transformation anomaly as a church, but we really believe that transmission happened around the triangle and literally around the world through things like this young adult conference coming up, and as we were talking on the church through getting into the word of God and our poor little plug will click.

If I can that if you've not done so yet, please visit and find all the information about how we are doing transformation. This year there's kids resources small-group resources. The sermon links the downloadable PDF of the Bible reading plan and we are actually enjoying this is a church and I believe that what you crosses in our church go to wherever you're listening from.

I highly recommend going to the word of God, because it's Apsley transformational instance of a church. In fact, let's take a minute and listen to a clip of a recent sermon on standby at some so we know some kind of spiritual tension happening in Bell's life and Bill made a few mistakes rather that called compromise, he compromised the compromise what he knew he should do versus what he shouldn't do and you see this compromise happening in other words, his eyes at great statements just kick us off this morning. Belo absolutely had a knowledge of God, but did not have a relationship with God. That's the scary danger part and just knowing of God affect as we been going through transformation and reading to the Bible even real careful to encourage you don't just read the Bible checkbox, but the fear is that all we want to do is get more more knowledge of God and forget that we got relation with the big difference between just knowing about somebody really known somebody so a bill to start a show is is what happens when you have a knowledge but not really a heart connection to the God of the universe. He was seeking God's will regarding something that was plainly not God's will, and how often do we maybe do this, we actually go to God in prayer, hoping that he will tell us what we already know is going to tell us this. What Bill is doing is playing this game with God going I know I shouldn't do this as just in case we know he does this because he tells the people let me go consult God about this matter and so he does the very thing that I think most people do with Artie made up in my mind in our heart we want to do and then we go to God hoping who disagree with us. It's all over now. I visited Frederick I think we tried to do it more than we actually realize.

So Bill began on a dangerous course entertaining his carnal and his flesh, and not the spirit is so similar to I think sometimes how we act got.

I know your Bible says this I know everybody in the word of God says this but maybe just maybe you can give me an exception and it is kind to give me a workaround to be a loophole that here's the beautiful thing about God doing all this, God is still showing mercy even even as a result of this, even one bail is still choosing the wrong God is still showing mercy and so at the top of that sermon There any really lunch and talking a lot about compromise writing meeting in and out a little bit.

Yeah I think that's the beginning of the downfall of all of us. I think we and this is why am so excited to interview the young adult professionals is because I think that we all deal compromise, but the world of young adults right now and what young adults are facing right now along with students and quite frankly with us.

We are faced with so many options and choices every day. Do we really believe who God is and what God says or do want to compromise his beliefs and is a sin that sermon to pursue after the carnal flesh which moves us away from the spirit so I think the compromise is really at the heart of all that you know we're coming out of a passage talk about bail him and bail him's donkey and Baylon was compromising his beliefs in order to be a prophet for hire in what what what what Baylon was doing was he was trying to justify nothing. That's the word compromise leads us to try to justify what we do and when I careful as Christians will try to justify it. Even using the Bible and that's kind of a scary place to be to where we say I I'm pretty sure God's word says that I shouldn't do this or should do this but culture saying something difference in my peer group saying something different. So let me try to justify what I'm doing and what that does is cause us to lead in our carnal flesh instead of in the nature of our spirit and one final thing before we get to the interview with the young adults is that it really comes to that heart connection and it comes to that will connection and what I said also that compromise was Baylon obviously had a knowledge of God, and I think a lot of people do. If I pray most people listen to this program right now probably have a knowledge of God the issue though is, do you have a heart connection relationship with God, and that's what we see happening with Baylon is that there is that there is not that heart connection that's causing into cheese properly and watch them head knowledge and and just the knowledge that is superficial to some degree and more carnal flesh driven. That's what we try to justify our choices. And so the bottom line of what went on most compromises that the more we have just ahead knowledge and less of a heart knowledge, the more compromise with the sea and the more that we have a relationship with God. And the more that sucking into our hearts.

Then the Moray to follow him in our spirit have less compromise is really good and you am really excited jump into our interview with Chris and Dennis in order to do that after a word from our sponsor. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question.

Are you running the business or is the business running you. How might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you.

You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three when everybody welcome back from the break were so glad that you are with this year again on this showing on this episode and right now we are being joined by two incredible young adult leaders in the area. We got Chris Bragg who is the young adult director at crossroads Fellowship Chris how are you doing hello hello I think after having met.

We are so grateful you're here we have Dennis Herring who is one of the speakers for rise this year Dennis, thank you for joining us as well by the beer version. Excellent, will guys move to and primarily to talk about arise arise is a great young adult event that's coming up here soon and want to give you both an opportunity to not just share about arise, but also to talk about young adult and young adult community.

Believe it or not I was a young adult at one time was what I was leader I had a few good years now. I know Jamie have your many young adult young and you still consider yourself a young adult I think.

I think you still you know in your heart.

Okay there is just a number you feel.

I could feel the wind will rest your life is there an age that you go back to and young adult will for so how do you how do you both Dennis and Chris, how do you define a young adult with the age bracket were talking about your age bracket. It's 18 and 34, 1945 a, 18 to 27 years so you your 37, four years, so you happens after you become young adult told you I in all seriousness Jamie some you today that I call the am I come 40s beside five.

I was able to complete like the question you 45 you asked me a question. Mice will give a statement swing a whole year. Think I was a year younger than the other way. Jamie is there is there an age in those young adult justify divorce in 1835, 30 430-482-3401. If you pick one of those ages to go back to what would be back on like my husband and I what's the good old days, it was not like our early 20s. That really is my early July before this software can get the 4921 five yeah good times. 37. It's so downhill for all you listeners out there that is Chris Bragg's locker next alright so you little ministry before talk about arise I think is a good lead into the importance of arise so both you are in obviously young adult culture. You are both young adults and you're working with young adults. What do you both see as one of the biggest challenges to the young adults of our generation of our time right now for the facing really dealing with with a struggling with, and the follow question will be outcome of the answer of why something arises so important so you when you guys had a thought about that subject. Just to clarify question every talking difficulty toward sex like just in general or life of our church background standpoint known general judges in general.

Justice young adults in general were they. We think there biggest struggles in with her face right now is at least from what I've got to be a part of Encino that's college to young adult is kind of the day and age where during that funny phase are no longer in college you don't get that have you've going out is no longer much of a thing to based on what your personality that you tend to phase out of that and you're getting into the awkward stage of a Minor college time to start growing up which are not yet.

You may not yet be married or be a parent. I also hear that phase of grandma right now. What once might what's my ordeal here and in life like where my supposed yet.

It is a tough one race you go to school. You're surrounded by your friends all time in college and you eat if you don't go away to school he so got that network of college. And let's face it is a certain lifestyle that goes with college-age right that correct late nights, you know, study, and lots of friends time.

Lots of me time. Of course you work in most who are working in your study and rinsing everything you doing everything and then one day that that's gone you're done you done with college and know now what I write so will be lost loaded in there and to add into that.

I think as well is like you know we all want to be our own person as well, but we also have to have the pressure of United pressing the people that are going on financially take care of us in the future. So that's careers bosses mentors and try to make the right decisions but also be those decisions to be our own unique thoughts as well see him sweetly. Some of the challenges that I think of young adults, and challenges. I'm thinking of dating right for the ones that are married when the when you get out of college and I did anybody's. So now you get the dating seemed that happening will look kinda challenges, like that same environment. What were things are facing young adults right now when it comes to those, things what I think learning how to be patient and waiting for the right person but also putting yourself out there to where you're not. You're not waiting for something to change supernaturally as well. Like there's a lot of you have to go out and make yourself available as well so I think there's a lot of fear of rejection. A lot of young adults and not being good enough for another person in order thinking that there's there somebody that's better than them for a person that they would want to pursue an instant together such that again.

It's your going from being in high school and college and kind of being given a schedule being given what you're going to be doing this for years to now it's up to you it's your turn to drop in for a job is your turn to hunt for an apartment all the decisions are being brought back to you know where it is not you can fall back on somebody for help. I write a lot because that down to now. Okay, now it's my decision. What to do next and not being told to go to class not being told to go to sports not been told to do certain things anymore now live it's going back to its and the responsibility are facing more decisions are being made by you. You absolutely so in young adult world. We have been called arise coming out and tell me the heartbeat behind arise. What was the was the purpose of the why behind so the purpose behind arise is it said it is specifically in events for young adults, and the goal is to help bring more community to that age group because what we have noticed Chris and I is while there are many churches you have effective for effective young adult groups in their churches, and there are funds social things to do in the community. There is not a big emphasis on lust is it's more about what you're doing versus are you doing it with and so were trying to create an event where just as there is and there is a schedule to what you're doing were coming together worst to worship the one true one true God together, but it's more so about you getting to know people your age are going to Samos life. You are who may have similar backgrounds than you and just your learning to do it is more about the people you're doing a with versus the actual activity are doing right is trying to add to that two people are focused on the destiny destination but it's really not the journey and the journey of arise is actually fostered Dennis and myself's relationship together to do ministry together is created opportunity for the community for people that are good leaders to actually enjoy serving God with their gifts instead of just you know coming to church to sit down you can come to church to stand up for guidance or exactly yeah so I'm here in the common theme of community corrections and the importance behind that for all. The reason that we just talked about that earlier to Gary Beasley for community to some degree role looking for that place. The fit and I think you're right that you want to get out of those colleges and even in those colleges and let's face it teenagers or a deal with us to think not just that Quinn is the every deal with it.

You know, even me a 45 you deal with it at my age. We are trying to find that community that that fits you that has the same how like that you have an interest in hobbies and yelled like minded people and she face that's you Jamie at your ripe age of 4731 24 you know where you are under for whatever age Jamie is facing you and so I guess the point that say whether your male-female old young young adults Were all kind of trying to find the community together.

So talk to us about the night of arise so young adult comes and it's for ages 18 to 34, 18 to 30, and they arrive we can expect at the event. As far as what's actually a happen. So Friday night there. They would come and they would have a time of fellowship, just kind of getting to know one another. Then they would go into a natural event where there is a speaker and air license together and they get to where where the main goal there is for them to see vision within their community within the media and to be able to pursue the community through that so it would be you come and sit down.

Dennis is actually speaking the first night and then there's going to be just more discussion that night Saturday you come in early morning small little light snack breakfast. Then Mike and myself are going to do a double sermon says only two people on the stage and we get the kind of really each other's backs. As far as talking through journey and having your own legacy as a Christian is not about your career is not your legacy in your life. Your legacy is based off of it.

Rather, Christ is going to be the center of your focus in life or if you know cultures in a takeover and so you know combating those things. The journey will take care that Mike is speaking to the journey in some of the hardships and the failures that we have to lead to stand up from, and then after that you have allowed DJ it'll move us into a podcast that will be a podcast at nighttime is called the most epic podcast Jamie Jamie and Charlene will be hosting that will be allowed discussion. They'll be on the on the answering a bunch of questions about what our culture hard Christian culture questions that a lot of people talk about the church is to be really fine others will be food trucks there. Like I said loudly JE. I mean, that's an awesome event alone. You something a great time so you J others worship so you worship band and those so this is a collaboration from several different churches correct and so what churches are involved in this, that there those lectures by attending, but sent across as follows one of them living were churches partner with you.

All other other churches as well that are partnering to that degree. We also have like different community ministries. The young adult base so you have people like John 15 ministry. Dennis actually paired with Hammond does a lot to me. Media marketing on Facebook and then you have overwhelming Micah Stokes, the person is speaking with me on a stage. He runs that company.

It's it's it's it's more about apparel thing but is also for Christ is an awesome testimony behind it will also be evidence to support the most epic podcast shares their starting that the ability to reach the community and get those questions answered in the community and where were forming out of arise. A community of opportunity, which can lead into a thing called lines legacy and liens legacy is going to be on where the whole community of Christians. Rather, you're a new believer or a seasoned old cast-iron skillet like myself comes in at 830 29 but so by creating that that community of Christians where we can stand up for faith and not just be defined by the culture that surround us that we can actually have a mission to live a legacy for Christ and also little legacy to lever ZIP Code.

So what I hear say is that this is not just the one in the event that your hope that this event actually spins into more community long-term all year and one of the things I've heard both you say off air is about the kingdom speak to that speak to why this is important for the kingdom and the and it's not just about one church rights adjuster in the context from wise doctors in the event it's about kingdom immune there again this is not to disrespect or disregard other church conferences, conferences, or every conference has its mission and they have their purpose, our mindset behind horizon lines and what it could turn to lines legacy is we just don't want to create another event. There's plenty of churches in the area you think have conferences and where people can tend to receive a word, but we want to try take a step not not take us to pass them by. Just take a different approach to area and go instead of creating another weekly event that someone can attend. Let's see, you can't really grow roots in the event, but you can goes in the community. You can grow roots in a belief system and Sorg will go behind that is to have these events to really have everyone come together once a year to celebrate and see each other again. But make that kind of the springboard for the rent for the that going by that calendar schedule next fiscal year. Being from arise to arise, what are we, what can we pour into the people coming that motivates them and encourages them and wrote just shows and who they are in God's eyes to want to make a difference in their community and really just be God's like the recall to be so small it's a yes is an event for we can once a year, but it's also supposed to be a catalytic event that supposed to spark something on the inside you that wants to make a difference in the community and I really wants to be that hands and feet of Jesus in the Raleigh area. You absolutely excellent. So tell us again what the dates are for the season. March 27 and 28th Saturday event will be Friday night starting. I think at 5 o'clock and then it'll run until about eight or 9 o'clock. Depending on how crazy I get in overnight hours that may go young adults going at it. Jesus freaks him Saturday morning will will get back there a fairly regular beer eight if you are slacking to be there at 9 o'clock and then we have a holiday event supremely. I still went again late night around 5 o'clock that night will is there a cost involved.

There is safety good arise. Are you'll see all the stuff the speakers we have the speakers lined up. We had the schedule and you live to see the prices we had early bird special where you could receive a free shirt if you sign up now you can bring a friend and get the same price as you would for the early bird special which is $35 a person, but you have to bring a friend dance for February right.

That's the guess correctly. So get your tickets now. It's going to end quick is where at the end of February and so any the it will be 55 but we also going to if you sign up early in the early of the month. Then you can actually get a free shirt then as well. They go free stuff is always good stuff yet and the sharks are $20 a pop. If you do buy them at. So arise are for more information and guy since her being on the show.

I am excited for what you're trying to accomplish here for young adults in building community.

Such a needed its need for all of us but really that young adult age is so needed to have some great communities. So thanks for doing that and I guess one final question of Furby listen right now is how we praying for the event.

How can all those who are not 18 to 34 that are invited to the that are getting it free year. We pray for you for the event.

The best that I can probably do is ask for shows forgot to show up because we got all the effort into all he wants all the marketing make the coolest lights, the cool sound bring the best bands in in the day of God doesn't show up and he doesn't do what he can only do then Ozzie was all in vain as the Bible says so just just asking him to show up. However he wants to whatever he wants to just that ape just that his spirit in some way shape or form shows up so that this doesn't just go to waste time and all in vain. Think I think as well to just pray for those people who may be riding on the fence if they should Garrett.

They shouldn't pray for those in just if the faith things like we have to go to these things and expect God to move so the only way that you can take a chance is the be there said Santa is fun. We also do community well guys, Chris, Dennis, thank you so much for doing this event arise and thank you for being our program cover has an honor you for joining him listening to our program to thinking of CrossFit Spanish for making this show possible. You can find out more information about CrossFit CrossFit summary if this shelf is impacted you left here you can contact us at that point you to see responsiveness forward to having you join us on the next shout, your success as a leader buying from your team clear and consistent communication from you in strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership.

The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team as a leader and what organization further visit

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