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28: The Impact of the Church

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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September 26, 2022 1:00 pm

28: The Impact of the Church

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Talk about the church and it had two meetings. One, it means the church that you're sitting in in the programs and the all region all the things that were doing as the church, but also means you look at something next to you and say hey, he's talking to you this morning just tell somebody that he's talking this morning. Tell somebody else. You are the churches remind them of that you are the church you speaking about because as Jesus in the sermon on the Mount begins to talk to his just disciples. He's charging them with something pretty amazing about how to actually impact the community.

This morning the subtitle be a church that is an extension of God's love and his life.

So for me in order to transform this community which I am all about my love to see that happen. We do that by being the love and the life of Jesus to the world around us, we then take the gospel which is still good news. By the way they did good news gospel messages of the darkest places of the triangle how to take it into our schools and their neighborhoods in our workplaces, how the week seeped through life and light enter into a very, very dark culture in a very dark world that surrounds us and I'm excited to be part of that and I know that you are as well read in Matthew chapter 5 we have verse 13 to 16 as our main Texas morning and there's two parts to the message part one is Saltz every say salt parts to come on everything Saltz that was much better parts. He was like everything lights there you go to toggle salt and light and I got five subpoints in her womb due to of practical action steps whenever your Jesus tells you to be salt and light. My follow-up with the how do we actually do that because what I want to do is just the opposite will be salt and will be like all done.

Just go do it. How do we practically do this were God's ways.

Neither this morning is going to help all of us do that and accomplish what Jesus told us to do three radio starting verse 13 you are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall it saltiness be restored. It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people's feet.

You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden, nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the stand and gives light to all in the house in the same way, let your light shine before others say they may see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven. Let's pray together. Father right now we just thank you for the opportunity to come and to worship the Fellowship to make connections that community the Lord above all, we pray that our hearts and our minds be open to your word. Lord I pray this morning that we don't see one another that we just don't hear another message but Jesus we see you this morning and that your Holy Spirit would speak and challenge in moving convicts were needed so we just open our hearts are monsoon Jesus name. Everybody said they met in February that a church, a transformer sitting are the front have to.

It will get to the back half in the next 20 minutes. Like really is you really believe you believe that the gospel is powerful enough to use people like us to transform the triangle. I hope so I I do that I believe.

I believe that the gospel itself rights not any doors across or is not your name, but the gospel, the good news is powerful enough to be somebody just like us to go change this area. There is a song that came out years and years ago from the Williams brothers that's been redone and requoted multiple times and in their song they have a quote that I love her this years ago and I've always loved the statement it says this, I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save everybody love that simile again. I'm just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save everybody and that's kind of overall about is not about our name or our favor being in the lives our name and headlines. This is where it is a bunch of people that want to tell everybody about somebody name Jesus that is willing to save every single person on the face of this planet, that is to get you going does is give you purpose in what were supposed to do.

I don't know what will. That's were called to do. I want us to be people in a church like in acts 17 six in acts chapter 2 the churches forms of post-Pentecost there on the street there's all other signs. There's wonders and miracles are happening. Subbasins are happy by the thousands, and this is what the disciples became known as and I pray this in all the best ways possible that this is what our church and you are no 417 six these men who have turned the world upside down have come here also, let's be a people that goes in a culture and turns it upside down for Jesus. Are you with me this morning on that list go to the world and take this world and shake it and turn it upside down's of the gospel good news can penetrate the dark places of this planet of our culture that's were called to do Jesus and the surrounding mountains's challenges disciples yesterday. Saltz have to rely agency transmission happen that still is the same thing we have to be salt. We have to be light so number one Saltz so what is he is talk about Saul that I want to make some some corrections may be in how you read this verse may be before I think this is another one of those verses that you fry ready private priest on a gazillion times animals every time you hear it more than likely heard about what just add a little bit of salt into a circumstance just be kind to say nice words just take a look.

Not too much salt. This little salt and add it to wherever you are and then you're gonna make it better coming for that before, that's kind of the sermon that you normally hear on this would actually look culturally, though at what was happening and why would Jesus talk about self. Here's a good reason why they didn't have refrigerators in the Middle East. There's no freezers. How do you think they kept me from writing what you think they did these so so and she is actually explaining this.

Is it true that is also speaking about our kindness in the way we speak absolutely. But more so it was about preserving rotting flesh to the way that they would keep meat fresh there, take a lot of salt and they would rub it into every area of the meat so that it would stay fresh and not rot.

That's what she is telling us to do so.

The how do we actually take that much salt into our world to keep it from rotting away.

Frank said it this way disciples that they are true to their calling will make the earth a purer and more palatable place. I like what you said about this. He says that, apart from Jesus.

Sin will decay humanity and this is what Jesus speaking about Jesus knows that without him that humanity is decaying from the inside out, due to sin, so he's charging his listeners to go in the world into a dying culture and introduce life. This is the purpose behind why he's standing will be salt and light. Jesus recognized then and even in our day that this culture is rotting that sin is come in and festered and made what was beautiful, absolutely rotting from the inside out. This world tends towards composition and it's actually rotting away when the world left to itself and festers a putrid five germs of evil are everywhere present and active.

I love what he says about the world began as a perfect creation, Adam and Eve in the garden.

It was absolutely perfection but when sin came decay cited and as a result, the world became run. We live in a world that constantly tends towards decay church. This is why it is important for us to go be the church to this world is decaying sin came in and is festered and a putrid five and it rocks.

And this is what happens in a sinful life by the way, and so he was living in think like I did, just like many of you did before he came to know Jesus. What was happening that we were literally dying because of our sins. It is rotting away at our soul at our spirit in her mind. Even rots away physically on who we are and you said you have to go and I should take to solve the good news gospel message and rub that salted every fiber of culture in order to turn away from being run is not just take a little bit of salt and adding it to your wife's cooking because as the flavor, not my wife. She's amazing. Your wife.

There was my wife orders food take-out like the best of the work we are solid get together so hotly transformed by being solve immediate, practical things.

And these are overly complicated. I want to keep this real straightforward, very practical in order for us to be salt in a world that is decaying yet you happy to spend time in the world. There's no way around that the youngest metallic people you had to spend time with people in order to reach people. I let sounds weird but how often our Christian bubbles do all we know are Christians in the Christian Bible we just go from small group Bible study to church and go to the store and we come to know people really don't know people and we can keep this bearer up for the world unseen wheel act like the world and assume we go do everything the world does in order to reach the world say that if you are, we speak we have to actually go to people is a profound statement from leadership minister worldwide that that really spoke a lot to me. When I read it it said too many believers live as though they are already in heaven safe and secure from all harm they do not pay enough attention to this earth.

It's needs it's turning bad it's decay its corruption while on this earth.

Believers are called to be Saltz of the earth. Not heaven.

We are not called me the salt of heaven called the salt of the earth and listen to me. Believers are just living in. This is Lala land are all alone and isolated from the hurt and the pain and the sorrow and the decaying of sin. If we are going to be Saltz. We have to go with her hurting people are.

We got to go where people are and here's the beautiful thing.

God's already placed you where the people are the problem is not the harvest as the Bible says if the workers the promise that.

Not that there's loss. You always have lost you always have people around you. The promise are we willing to action step outside of our little Christian bubble of cyber little Christian comfort zone pull her head out of the sand and ecstasy. The neighbor across the street that is lost and broken and then actually do something about to sell for to work has eroded every part, if you take just the top coated forget to get into the deep. It still can arrive and see many people are just kinda covering things up we make it just palatable which I just go home just a little bit of encouragement just a little bit. We can't reach people is actually go to people. Romans chapter 10 verse 14 and 15. This is how well they call on him in whom they've not believed how they do believe in him and who they've not heard and how are they to hear without someone preaching and how are they to preach unless they are sent.

As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who preach good news. And guess what you and I are called to preach good news every single day of the week and so how are people going to turn their attention out of darkness which maybe they might not know anything other than their lifestyle. They're living in right now and here we are. These shiny nice Christians walk by every single day.

Got open our mouths go share the good news, with everybody. Why will because Jesus told us to go be salt of the earth to youngest without people, and here's the beautiful thing. The next subpoint is this us mentality was first when the next one is this. When we spent time with them. We use actually be quiet long enough to listen to them.

Just be quiet long enough to hear something I learned a long time ago that if you just talk less and listen more. You will find so much out about your neighbors about your coworkers, your classmates, you'll find out about your spouse. Even though my goodness could that be true just sit and just listen and actively listen the people you listening is one of the main ways that you can tell that some he cares for you when you actually listen to when you're not looking at the phone, but are not cheating by looking at their Appalachians to the phones away with are still looking down every two seconds there talk to somebody and you're trying to be serious and is looking right through you looking past you to be present in the moment with the intentionality to show just that you care just that you care to such of their listen, I find that a lot of times all people want some of the listen and it's not hard and it's free. It's easy to do and so why we talk about as well.

This is what Jesus did want to take us to Luke 24.

Turn your Bibles to Luke chapter 24 as I was thinking about this I mean honestly, the goddess probably this verse and this was like Andy just read what Jesus did just do what Jesus does, how we know that we be better off that we would just do what Jesus did to make it really complicated. Just do what he did. Here's a good example of Jesus carrying enough for two guys is there walking in their sorrow just the listen and share good news and watch what happens to Jesus meeting was semantically office and its companion and they had been in Jerusalem.

So now picture this is right after his crucifixion trial, crucifixion burial.

They leave Jerusalem to go back to Emmaus, which is 7 miles away and there walking now what happened the week prior.

With the week prior to Passover week which, what means what will that means that people from all over the region all went to Jerusalem for Passover. That's why Jesus and the disciples were there for Passover. While Passover is happening. That's when Jesus captured he's got public trial's Christmas wasn't during this real quiet time and sit there people from everywhere in these two people are believers, and so they walk away sad and as there walking 7 miles down this path. They're just talking about the weekend and I love this passage consumes real just our life. Verse 13 says that very day two of them are going to a village than Emmaus, about 7 miles from Jerusalem. And they were talking with each other about all the things that happen meeting the weekend meeting, trial, crucifixion all the stuff while they're discussing together.

Jesus himself drew near and just started walking with them. I love this. This is that now the second time, or so we seen this happen in the short period of time, but their eyes were kept from recognizing him similar to Mary. Mary is a bitumen Jesus shows up she thinks is the gardener. These two guys are walking and are talking about the weekend and Jesus starts walking with his what's up is freshly out of the tomb as yet that that kind a new life will be anonymous or how to word what he froze like visas walkies. He's alive, so that's a bonus. There is walking with them. And Jesus says to them, what is this conversation you're holding with each other as you walk and watch what happens is they stood still in there looking set. Megan read the whole rest of the boat, summarize it, so is there walking Jesus comes along and we got talking about egg stopped and they just look sad and they, look at Jesus say word you been with the response colloquy living under a rock, get Jesus to appear I was in Iraq, somatic. I was dead in a rocket after the first service and he came up in there like that I wasn't a good one it all work. And so Jesus is like will tell me about the week and what happened.

So these guys literally recount the story of Jesus be crucified.

We know that somewhere along the way. Jesus just begins the share the gospel with the VP is a sure Scripture and so there walking their sad he still knows Jesus you can imagine Jesus is being told by two guys what happened to him visas walkies and told him like okay my name is Jesus, by the way, nice to meet you. They get to the town, and these guys invite Jesus to come eat with them as a Jesus does.

He goes any sit down and have a meal and then we broke the bread, he disappeared out of sight and immediately they say within our hearts burn while he was talking to us, but the last line of that passage, which is the hope is that Jesus spent time there filled with hope, and this is what they say the Lord has risen indeed.

Now here's my sure that that passage because it's not hard it's not hard just to walk with somebody just to listen to them listen to the heartbreak, listen to their life to their hopes to their dreams. What a beautiful model. Jesus does with two people just walking on the road and there said he just listens and where he can. He interjects hope, and he interjects Scripture any sit and guess what he does.

He has a meal with them connection community. He's valuing the time.

This is the son of God, but by the way just risen and he can went anywhere without anybody done anything. The first thing he does goes to a woman by the tomb was crying and broke next he goes his disciples who were hiding and afraid shows up on the road with two guys, only one of them is named to really know whether the person is there is walking to Emmaus. We never hear about him again. That's the kind of Jesus we serve, who I love that Jesus is willing to walk with me and is willing to walk with you, but he also tells us disciples to go to the same thing. So we have spent time with people and listen to them. One of the greatest ways is what would happen if we just journey with people around us. We swap with them through the hard moments of life were just an ear for them, listen to, and were looking for ways and opportunities to share the hope in the share the good news with them. What happens, it opens up people for what's going on. 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