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24: The Two-Edged Sword

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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August 23, 2022 3:00 pm

24: The Two-Edged Sword

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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I think the 572 verses this morning on the primarily through versus the receptor for verse 12. In verse 13 month.

We start a little miniseries on victory through God's word the whole year we've been talking about how do we have victory in God and in different areas of our life.

Things like our prayer life, relationships, our community and really keep building that throughout the rest of this calendar year and were excited about what's coming, but this month is very powerful month. We talk just about God's word. How do you and I have victory through the actual word of God. These two verses that I'm about to read prime and if you've heard before, but I guarantee you this morning that God is going to show you something new. I know that because he done that meal last month and 1/2 of an Pondering these verses and digging into them, and these verses are actually very powerful as they describe not only God's audible word but also the power of just the Scripture how it affects our life in many many ways. So my hope is this the ring talk about four reasons why God's word is powerful and effective why there's victory that this morning, but all are reduced to verses. So here you go. Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12 and 13 as for the word of the of the God for the word of God is living and active.

Sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and tomorrow and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart, and no creature is hidden from his site, but all her naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give an account. Let's pray father, thank you. Right now for your word. I pray that as we just examine these verses that your word would examine our heart that got you, and only show yourself to us today, but also allow us to know who you are and all personal life. I pray the words are spoken today that our hearts and minds are open to hear from you. We thank you for in Jesus name.

Herve said Anna subaccounts Expo quickly, it's always important when you take some scriptures that you put in the right context of artistic and Scriptures randomly and preaching on the context of Hebrews chapter 4 just previous is the writer of Hebrews is addressing the Jewish people, the Israelites, because they've not been obedient to God effect he calls them out and use the example of the Sabbath is that you not been following the Sabbath, you have to follow the Sabbath the Sabbath is a critical part of what God has said God said you should rest one day and you'd not been doing it and then he shares why we have to be obedient because of the verse that we just read and we don't know who exactly the writer of Hebrews is by the way most people credit Paul to it, although throughout the book. There's no notion of the author, most people would say that Paul wrote this of argument, say words can say that Paul wrote Hebrews this morning, but the context of this is obedience and it's also fear he speaks about both that we have to be obedient and we should fear God someone obedience will quickly because it's important to understand the context obedience. That's greater than sacrifice in Scripture and first Samuel 1522, it says that it says that that we are to obey because they obey is better than sacrifice, and again of course were speaking of that, we can certainly go and do things for God. We can go and be people of God.

We can sacrifice we can pull things together about Garcia is greater than all of that is just to be obedient and again in this context we speaking about what he's referencing is how are you obedience to God's word not just obedient to church or to somebody else but our highest level obedience needs to be to God's actual word is so Paul then goes and describes the power of this word by using things like a two-edged sword and needs speaks, different theology that maybe you've heard before of dividing your soul in your spirit in the joints and tomorrow and then he goes to the end of the verse speaks about how we will all stand accountable one day on whether or not we been obedient on God's word so all that to say is that there is great great great results and be obedient to the word of God. He also mixes it with the fear of the Lord course we know again that in Proverbs 9 sentences the fear the Lord is beginning of all wisdom, and often times we speak about fear and the fear the Lord. Most people's minds and merely go to have to be perfect allies got in a punishment I God you things absolutely right all the time, the God of the universe is going to do something to ruin my life got a perfect otherwise were so afraid to make a mistake. I got to punish us and really that's not the heart behind the context of the fear the Lord, it should rather be that I don't want to live my life outside of that that's where the fear comes in like I should be so afraid to live life away from God, not because you punish me if I make a mistake, but I don't want to do anything without a and so, therefore, that fear that fear of a holy God. That fear of you and I coming in even today. It should be the context of when the natural approach is the supernatural. So today we worship this living God is holy God. And when are our natural self approaches. This supernatural God's expectation that rises there's this all that happens in one of things that I I just love about coming together in churches, we come together expecting God to meet us here we come together expecting God to do great and wonderful things in it will happen in our life if we, lived our life expecting God to do great things in our life. We came to form an expected God for revival of respect to God to heal respect to God for miracles and salvation. We expect God to to renew marriages and renew strain for change be broken to renew hope in our lives.

This is how the attitude of this all that happened to get back to when the early church started when said that all fell upon everybody because of the move of God because of the way God worked and moved because of salvation's happening and miracles happening. There is a sense of all the just covered the people of God and the people were attracted so that it came to that. Again, the know who Jesus was. Because of that I feel too often, too often Christianity, we've lost a little bit of all of God. May we lost that holiness factor.

Maybe we can the churches had come the church and usher in. It will stop long enough to realize what exactly were doing today which were taken, our natural self and we are moving into the presence of this amazing supernatural holy God.

And when that happens and we are open to see God move. This is where God works. This is were all happens. This is where great things being in the happens were testimonies begin to come out of what God has done what God is doing in our life where my prayers for us to see him as a church and as individuals that we would get back that every time that we are in God's presence that there is a sense of awe that this almost like we're experiencing it for the first time, almost like when we worship works were worsening for the first time a work experiencing God at first love for the first time so you're just plain tired and this thing that we do on Sunday mornings become habitant in this con normal thing that's going on but to get back and realize that God you called us that God, you are absolutely amazing that you are still a miracle working amazing God, and we get to come into your presence, and we get sick and we get so worship is that to me is where that that life comes just be simple enough to stop believe that what God's word says that he will do the power behind his word. Amen that he'll do what he says is going to do ordering summary for Matthew Henry and Thomas Scott around the receptor for verse 12 and 13. I think it's a good little caption of the heart behind this verse thereof. This is of the holy Scriptures are the word of God.

When God sets its home by his spirit. It convinces powerfully converts powerfully and it comforts powerfully and makes us so that is long been proud to be humble and perverse spirits a meek and obedient sinful habits that are become as it were natural to the soul and rooted deeply in it are separated and cut off by the sword. It will discover to mend their thoughts and purposes the vileness of many. The bad principles that are moved by the sinful ends they ask you the word will show the center all that is in his heart. Let us hold fast the doctrines of Christian faith in our heads. It's in living principles in our hearts. The open profession of it in our lives and be subject to it in our lives this morning for the next few minutes on Saba for reasons why this living two-edged sword gives us victory cursor right is now number one is this is just taken little bit verse by verse. The first one is that the word of God is living and its active annulus. I quickly just passed by the word of God is living and active. The word here is the word logos, which is the spoken word of God. It is a actual living spoken personalized word. It's a divine utterance of solder because it's a divine utterance of God that is been spoken to people that is living and is active now our context we had this living and active, spoken word of God right here in our hands and so would you say is that this actual Bible, we have the Scriptures that we hold this living and active word is actually divine. It comes from God himself to spoken word.

It's infallible. It is powerful is what we follow. Amen. Somebody like that said, I'm just telling you number speak a lot about this today. I promise you everything you are facing every problem that you have every issue.

You have every answer you have. I guarantee you guys are interested in Scripture.

He has a God's word is enough.

Amen somebody like that said in the problem that we face is that we just don't want to follow God's word is you because we don't know it or we don't like it is usually one of those who think it's usually ignorant that is that I didn't know that's what God said or was like yeah I knew it I still like it and so what we do is we take it and we twisted and we create our own version of Scripture in our own version of God that fits in our lifestyle. That's what happens that's happening right now.

Across America we are taken the infallible word of God spoken living and its active. It's alive. One person called it this way when we could define living and active. That is fascinating you take those Greek words and one of those, definitions is to be one's own masters what it means to be living in active severe live in your active your your own master, but again is referring to God's word, which then you can take a setback disabling God's word is living and active God's word is the master we only have one master. We only have one God. There's one Lord, there's one Savior, come on.

Amen. Like there's only one that's it. There's not more than one. That said, one there is one way one way he's our master and his word is alive today than it was when the people wrote it down. 2000 years ago. It's real, it's relevant. It is powerful. Right now, today, defective name of the movie is able to judge another way to look at God's word be living in active, one author said that it it enable us to have real life that this is what real life is supposed to look like the gods already, given us what a real life in him is supposed to be this not forget that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

We have Jesus himself as the word of God.

Notice logos is speaking of God spoken word but throw Scripture talks about Jesus as the word himself.

So you have all this all this in front of us that we can live by and have that Jesus said you never leave us. He will forsake us that he is the living embodiment of this word of God is with us all the time God already given us his word and Scriptures always given us this plan to do so that what we do with the real and active in living and true and relevant word of God.

When we do with it.

You two quick things process. First thing is this with a hide in our heart said first one. Hide in the heart. Psalm 118 verse 11. I've stored up your word in my heart and here's life so that I would not sin against you. The reason why you are struggling with sin. The reason why you're trying to justify your sin because you have been hitting God's word in your heart because if you did, you will be messing around with sin. We have God's word in our heart that is living and active will have no desire to step in the world of sin and reason why so many believers are getting snared and trapped you taken that word you pull it out of your heart and put your own selfishness and greed inside and then he turned to God is a God where are you guy come help me God can bless my mess will happen if we just did it right on the front side that we take his word and hide in our heart so we won't sin against him. But guess what that means, you might want to open up the word and read it, Bible studies are great. Podcasts are great books are great, love authors, love all that stuff II love it was last time you have a daily habit of opening the word of God is reading the word of God. If you're not, what were you hiding in your heart.

Motivational talks great leadership principles also we hide in your heart is not God's word. Something else is going to be in their wish why the psalmist also says search my innermost being and there's anything in there that is not of you rip it away from me by preaching the sometimes I can't tell if you want to go back on vacation every Glenna back.

The other thing you do with God's word is that his word guides and lights our way.

The psalmist and the great theologian Amy Grant said. Your word is a lamp to my feet alights my path to mommy.

The reference so we sing the song of Roland do that God's word is a lamp to my feet alights my path and I just love that image of that. I love the image that we are in a very dark and loss world and we are in every else is walking around stumbling their way through, and God like yeah I gave you a light for your path is right here.

If you just walk however already told you the walk. Your past can be little this not overcomplicate this okay. This verse is kinda complicated over and jump into the soul and spirit, and get little complex list not lose simplicity what God saying, which is really simply hey, I've Artie give you the word is my spoken logos word living in active let this would be your master. Follow it do what it says it will light your path they go why we make it so complicated make it so hard.

It's not that complicated church is doing God's word says to do in full-time ministry 20 years after that time and time again and had done countless counseling throughout 28 years in just talking to people and I'm telling you in 28 years of full-time ministry. I've never come across anything that does not go back to this word of God.



It all comes back to this Mark was joking with me earlier but my counseling technique I counseling technique. It's real simple, so you want a blunt counselor.

I'm your guy. If you want three or 456 sessions go to see Pastor Anthony because here's my counseling, knock it off. That's it.

That's it. Size give y'all that's that's the extent of my counseling ability.

Hey, if you got a problem, stop, stop it, and you don't know how true that actually really is and it's it's because I guess again I'm just I really I am just simple enough distance. This is the God you told me how I should treat my wife, such as through this way, you told me how I should raise my kids are to do this with. You told how to live my life with morality, integrity, action do it this way. It's only the gifts of the spirit of this in the fruits of this and and this is how I should walk and live my life so I just I should just do that and listen.

It's not easy.

We stumble on the way. But again, it comes back to front and following it if were not consuming God's word than what's letting our path. Nothings letting our path here been in a dark place long enough that your eyes are to get adjusted to the darkness during first turn lights off. You can't see anything please give a few minutes, your eyes start to adjust to the darkness needed. Sign up to CMA things out as Lotta people who are fooling themselves and they think they can see in the darkness of the lights not really on and also internal lights on. Also, needing to see everything always give me a hard time. I think it's on 48 yeah have to do math now I was doing good until 46 and 46 on the what happened. It just all started to go sideways and in and this year I can see in the dark like I had to turn all the lights on in my house. It's really weird so Stacy will come behind me. I got on every light in my house and I see her like she sounds awfully good so that's that's our marriage.

In a nutshell, I turn everything onto slugs behind turns everything off ML skimmers like that. That's it. I am at the point now want to go to restaurant totally embarrassing. My kids I had to take out my phone flashlight to see the receipt through said it's just like my eyes is basically my kids are just drain the life out of the light is gone. Those you have young kids.

You'll be fine and refine God's word is still good news. Amen. Somebody really is… A better day… It's good news and I know I don't.

I used to kinda say have I guess I understand why you went out of your is good news but I really don't. It's it's filled with good news. Even the hard parts are good news. Even the parts that are easily navigated. Even the parts that we might not want to talk about are still good news and the issue again that we can't, we can just pick and choose what you want to do in Scripture or not there is Scripture it's it's good news. Number two is the second point, the word God is sharper than any two-edged sword, sex partly talks about the analogy the uses, the Sorbo of the modern time then it gets even worse, a precise and that in the next verse, but the sword is that what is sword Jamison Fossett and Brown have a statement that I think is phenomenal.

It's as though sword of the spirit with double edge. One edge for convicting and converting some the other for condemning and destroying the unbeliever for years. I read that verse is thinking what that just means that God's word cuts going in and out both ways and it's really not what the two-edged sword means what it means that there's one side that is convicting and converting people the other side is for people that it will convict and destroy us, it's a hard gospel to hear the truth so what what it is, is this word of God has the ability to go in and to begin to divide any of the response to it with conviction and conversion are your response to it with condemning and destroying and is not basically the two options that we all have towards the end you have life or your death. There's heaven and their self. That's it. There's no middle ground as no other choices and God's word is the same account comes in and the cuts both. There's a picture of Jesus in Revelation turn over Revelation 19 verse 11 to 16 MC and regroup quickly because it gives us such a beautiful picture of the word of God speaking the word of God out of his mouth to rule and destroy and swing John the regulator looks and he says that I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse one sitting on it is called faithful and true in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many died and Cindy has a name written that no one knows what himself. He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood in the name by which he is called is the word of God. This is Jesus the picture Jesus coming back for the final battle the armies of heaven arrayed in fine linen, white and pure were following him on a white horse, and from his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. The reference in Hebrews is the same connotation in reference in Revelation, and he will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty on his robe on his thigh he has a name written, king of kings and Lord of lords.

Why did I read that verse because there's power in the word of God the Word of God spoken word of God and Jesus as the word of God together will rule and reign for all eternity. There is no stopping it. There is no averting it at the end of it. Every one of us to be held accountable for what we did with it is true, it is real. It is powerful, Chrysostom said it this way, the judges all that's in the heart for their passes throughout one's punishing unbelievers and searching both believers and unbelievers the way I want you to take this this morning about the two-edged sword is simply this, the word of God is convicting enough money. Said another way to help some.

You, the Holy Spirit doesn't need your help to be the convict her of humanity. Nowhere in Scripture do any of us have the title of the spirit of God that convicts the world of sin, yet how me know some people I really like to play the part's not a part is not the word of God is convicting enough, not a commentary, not our interpretation of it. We don't have to play the role of convict or shame and guilt. God's word simply enough. I want to try this try this you're dealing with somebody there's an issue at hand. Go to God's word and find the answer and shared that first and watch what happens. Watch what happens when you take the active living good news gospel message into a broken situation or tough situation or argumentative situation and you just let God's word be God's word is amazing what happens.

Tried in your own family.

Try with your kids set of fighting and arguing. Try to prove your point say this is what God's word says because it then the day the reason why get up and say what I say with confidence whatever because if you don't like it, it's you got a problem with God, not me. If the world of the world has a problem with what I'm saying about God and his word. Their problem is with the cosmic creator of all things God of the universe, not Andy George and what happens we get so intimidated by culture in the world that we want to say anything because we think that it's good to be offensive in the Nokia like us will guess what it's going to be offensive in the knocking like you. So let me just tell you that a front the word of God is offensive.

And when you Sherrod to unbelievers. It's gonna send them and they might not like you are you worth then not hearing the word of God because you want to be like. Is it really worth that job in the promotion of those friends you to sit quietly while people around your dining going to hell because you know you want them like you know, one reason why people share God. The word is afraid to use as if you're saying to me, I'll be ashamed you sweet afraid of trying to press manner God we can we do for the rest the morning and take scriptures about we be on God's side.

And don't worry about the organ say to you, Jesus already told you the world cannot hate you, on account of him is Artie told you that so your whole goal is a buddy buddy with the rest of the world to be all up next everybody, and have everybody love you. Salad uses can happen now. I call this the peacemakers, he called us to bring joy.

He called us to bring the good news sweet so there's a way to do it that we ought to be a bunch of jerks about it to shoot you straight to many of you are more concerned about what people think of you than the God of the universe. I created you in this world not to change legacy transformation happen if were too afraid because of what so I might think of us know the reason why people share God's word will know God's word. I will know what to say was read God's word. You might know what to say. Art. Number three the word of God pierces the division of soul and spirit, of joints and of Morrow.

This is where Paul or Sumi wrote this takes an interesting theological stance and actually uses two different words into different connotations and actually gives us a different string, soul and spirit. A lot of people like this. Merge the two together for its own spirit together.

Paul uses the word psyche for soul and Numa for spirit. I want to track with me Eminem and conduit in a simple way so we all can come understand it is a gift. Get real, complex and confusing. But the simplest core of what he's talking about is simply this, the soul. The soul, the psyche is the animalistic appetite and desires.

We have so the Greek word to use here. It's the seat of feelings.

It's desires it's our affections. It's 11 theologian said it's it's our commonality with the common animal. It is just art are our instinctive desires that we have the other side is the, the spirit, the Numa, this is the immortal spirit the breath of God. If the image of God that inside of us. And so what Paul is saying that this word of God that comes with the two-edged sword not only divides condemning and and and converting but the way it does that is by separating out the sinful animal desires.

We have to the spiritual person were supposed to be some expense and so as you look at and of being and you have the soul and the spirit they would say that in this context, the soul is the lowest part of humanity and the spirit is the highest part of humanity and the word of God has the ability if we allow it to come in and to separate the two, because are not meant to be together in this context. In other words, you and I are meant to continue sending while still being sloping say, but I also said that we are made new by County know that Scripture like Jesus made us new. There were new creation at the old is gone. So Russ was a have this merging back together of the sinful flesh and the spiritual person inside of us walking together in a we we are meant to live spiritual to walk in the spirit to walk in the way that Jesus calls us to walk. And so, as the New Testament is what Guthrie says about it. The New Testament use of Numa for the human spirit focuses on the spiritual aspect of man is life in relation to God, whereas the psyche refers to man's irrespective of his spiritual experience is life in relation to himself, his emotions and his thoughts together. In other words, there is an internal battle of the animal sinful desires. We have the very spirit of God and what the writer saying is that in order to obediently obedience to God's word, then God's word is going to act as a knife cutting in dividing the soul and spirit, but he goes your further and says you going to divide the joints and the Morrow together to do some study on this, the reference is the Levitical priests and Levites are tribe of Israel is the priest so these the ones I would go and there would sacrifice and kill the animals and cut the animals and they would do it with precision to go in and cut away real precise along the bones on the joints in the Morrow and so what saying is that it's not just his big sword that comes in a just art whacking through your life. It's a precision cut that comes in is able to get in real fine as Munich cutaway and turn away the sinful side of us and the spiritual side of who I am. Christ knows who we are.

He knows what is in humanity and so his word reaches far into the inmost being in the instrument accurate knowledge of our hitting, parts or feelings are thoughts being divided the word of God divides the closely joined parts of man's immaterial being the sole in the spirit and penetrates the innermost parts of the spirits according to faucet God's word is active to live how we know it's active and alive is that it will go in and cut into the innermost being of who we are before the final point is this, that kinda hinges on three that the word of God discerns the thoughts and intentions of our heart mother was God is capable of not only separating our soul and spirit, separating the sinful side and the the spiritual side, but he also has the ability to judge immediately. The emphasis here in the Greek is quickly the second time. It's an immediate of our intentions. Our hearts and our purposes. Let that sink in for a moment what this is saying is, God knows everything about he knows you're very intentions and purposes. He knows our thoughts. He knows our words before even speak to me knows what's in our heart. How terrifying is that the thing sometimes. Think about your everyday thought life just your thoughts, not the things you say that the act is just just your thoughts. Answer now know God knows all those things three powerful the psalmist of Psalm 139 verse one.

The forces of this place is Lord you examined me and you know about me. You know when I sit down you know when I get up. You know my thoughts before I think them you know where I go where I lie down, you know everything I do, Lord, even before I say a word you already know it might sound intimidating and a little fearful.

Everything long enough just on that. You're like oh my goodness he knows everything about me.

He knows he knows what I think he knows my intentions in my heart he knows the stuff I think about my neighbor about my coworker is a thoughts to think about myself knows nothing about him is all these things but but here's the gospel good news part of the gospel good news part is that he knows is all he knows all this, but he loves us despite of it is not good news. He knows all of us in every thing about is what he loves us despite all of that, so much so that he doesn't want us to stay the same, but the answer to a life in relation with the so why do we hide, why do we run. Why do we avoid while we deter the other direction when he already knows everything about is why do we run and hide. Check out verse 13 verse 13 to me just brings the two verses this in a powerful closing. Again, he says, no creature is hidden from his site, but all her naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give an account at the end of the day what you believe his word, and not you my friend will stand reform will stand before the God of the universe, and you will give an account of your life.

But he says in this verse that we can hi. We also says that we are naked and we are exposed and I was sick. I want to explain that because when I looked into what that meant, because like it doesn't just mean mortise they can expose this deal spiritually was run through life being exposed. The, the Greek perfect tense here in the wording that the uses is pretty fascinating. What this actually means is to be thrown on your back so that your neck is fully exposed for sacrifice.

That's the definition of that.

So says that you were naked and exposed what he saying is that you are as if you were thrown on your back and your neck is fully open for sacrifice. Know what you can hide your fully exposed, but the perfect tenses. This is worse fascinating.

The perfect tense implies that this should be our continuous states in relation to God our continuous states should be here I am right here that's our continuous state before God gone right here everything I am all that I want to be.

I am right here fully exposed. I'm not hiding I'm not running I'm not avoiding a guide you know it. Anyways is no hiding the relation of this verse was back to the garden when Adam and Eve for the first time sin and what happened when they sinned him on with what happened. They realize they were naked for the first time will know how long they were in the garden there runaround naked for a long time, and also because of sin. There like were were naked expose what they do. They hidden me when hit the same thing so many people to make mistake.

Live life instead of going to God fully expose already knows we would go hi or go try to figure it out ourselves and try to fix herself. We try to occupy ourselves. We think were so bad that guy will take us back when our continuous state of negative exposed to beer continuously forgot always got here I am again ice go back to the psalmist prayer or search my inmost being served. Everything even the parts and I'll even know are there and if there's anything there and all would you please cut it away from.

Would you please remove that from here's news you cannot hi but you can humbly come can hi Jean come in with confidence can hi Jean.

Come and he said that he will take that shame from you. That's the good news of this message that the good news the world as broken a loss, even ourselves is, you don't have to stay that way. God already knows you don't stay that way. Instead, you can come to him and he will make you new you will come in like that precision knife you will become the way that animal side that sinful sites that all that remains

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