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22: Strength Through Meekness

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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June 13, 2022 4:00 pm

22: Strength Through Meekness

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Assume it probably went up on the mountain we set down your open his mouth and he taught them say Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth was of those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when others rival against you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. So the Beatitudes begins and lasting thought of the first two Blessed are the poor and blessed are those who mourn, if you and here's a real fast recap being poor in spirit doesn't mean that were poor monetarily doesn't mean that it's a poverty when it comes it that what it really means that we recognize that our righteousness falls short and so therefore wherefore therefore we have nothing that could by righteousness with another words we cannot be made right with Jesus without his righteousness. Therefore, poor in spirit, therefore, that week we can afford it. You can't diet you can work hard enough for. By the way, these are all things to be grateful for. By the way, that at the end of the day I can buy my salvation. I can work hard enough for Jews already paid the price and the reason why these are the Beatitudes. The reason why these are important is because it's a soul that understands the joy that is there when we are made right in Christ. That is what misery poor in spirit that we talked about those who mourn, this has nothing to do with mourning the loss of somebody or something.

It does Nestlé speak to when you're affected by the things of the world that Jesus will come for you, although he will with this is reform referring to is that you and I will actually mourn our own state of sinfulness and when there's a morning there is a repentance and when there's repentance. There's comfort and there's joy and so that kinda gets out the speech or talking about will it stop at the word blessed. Everybody wants to be blessed. Everybody wants to be happy every once the five things that will make us happy and fulfill us and the problem with that word meek are the word of Blessed is that the temptation is to define it.

Just as happiness that's a temptation, but you have to go much deeper that word blessed Macario is the Greek word actually goes to a deeper level of inner joy by somebody who's been made right with God. That's was referring to what this is referring to, and happiness is certainly part of it because we want to experience happiness would use the saying is that you can actually have great inner joy despite what's going on around you can have greater joy when you realize the state of your own sinfulness because there's hope and there's comfort of salvation and righteousness and is talking again put it in the context is talking to disciples in a crowd of people that are heavily persecuted their heavily oppressed both religiously and politically.

It's a mess, and she is single and hey, if you want to have joy, Tejano joint it's all about being part of the kingdom of heaven. We understand how to be part of the kingdom of heaven or what it looks like to be a citizen of heaven.

You will have great inner joy that nothing else can give you and nothing else can buy city starts with verse five at serenity today.

Verse five is Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Let me just get this out of the way and would explain that meekness is not weakness. Being meek does not mean that you are weak, it doesn't mean that your pushover doesn't mean that you disallow things that happen to you.

Meekness has such a strong depth to it that Jesus is quoting the psalmist when he says us in some 37 verse 1011 he is actually quoting this he says is just a little while of the wicked will be no more though you look carefully at his place. He will not be there. Verse 11 it says in Psalms with the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant piece of juice is referencing the psalmist in this, but to understand the word meek. It's a it's a small Greek word. This word in Greek is Paris or Paris and in the Greek it's one word it's meek, the reason why this word gives people so much difficulty is an English language you can translate it with just one word.

It's accessory a phrase of words in order to translate this and so on people to times heard this when people heard this is an ancient Greek word is a new one is an old Greek word of meekness and meek, they would understand meekness in the context of Jesus talking it. Unfortunately, after thousands of years. We oftentimes were not careful, take meekness and associate with something was really weak or the postures, hung over and it is slow and their passive and their gentle which that is deftly part of it. However, the idea of meekness in this context is a proper balance between both anger and indifference of powerful personality properly control the Greek meek person was not a passive person was a silly was passing on effect when the when they would hear this. The people just time when later when he said, Blessed are the meek, the picture they had in their mind is plywood Guzik says here. This is the main idea behind the word meek was strength under control. That's what you sent. This is actually someone who is very, very strong, but very control and they give an example is like a strong stallion who was trained to do the job instead of running while this is what it means to be meek. Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is actually a strength but it's under control it, reminds me of the phrase it's a verse as well that we say just because you can doesn't mean you should write just because you're allowed to do something just because you can do something just because you are stronger than somebody else or stronger than a situation doesn't mean necessarily that you should is not real strength actually being under control. That's real strength being able to hold your tongue been able to hold your anger. Being able to actually hold your striping of the hold your disappointment in a way so that you can actually inherit the land which is to make great transformation to make great influence in all of humanity see what happens is that Jesus is showing them if you will live your life meek. You actually will have strength to transform culture and that's the beautiful thing with Jesus speaking about. It's the meek who actually will inherit the land will get there in a few minutes about what inherit the land actually looks like and what actually means. But this morning will talk about two main point someone is write this down meekness. First of all, meekness allows us to submit to God's authority submit to God's word and submit to God's plan. That's what meekness does.

That's why it is a strength. It actually allows me to submit if I am meek. That means that I am willingly submitting myself to God's authority to his word and to his plan.

Meek is strength under control once again. Matthew chapter 11 verse 29. Again, this is speaking of Jesus and says take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

This is what meekness looks like. If you want to see somebody who had all the strength and all the power of the God of the God is Jesus. Yet Jesus says if you come to me I'm gentle you come to me I'll take your yoke and output my easy yoke on your there's a gentleness that comes with it. What unpacked this even further.

But I think it's so incredibly fascinating to be one of the most fascinating things about Jesus to me was that initially his ability to draw a large crowd. It was necessarily his ability to walk on water.

That's pretty awesome. Or to do miracles perform miracles.

One of the most amazing things that I will love in my life to emulate is the ability that Jesus had to speak truth to somebody in such a way that they actually wanted to hear him more. That is strength under control. That is powerful. In other words, how do I stand on the Scripture and the word of God and speak truth to somebody and have them want to hear more. Just telling you a lot of Christians are getting this wrong a lot of people are getting this wrong. We come out swinging for the fences and we come out in defense mode for God instead of coming out in the compassion mode that Jesus came with Jesus never water down the truth. He never backed away from a conversation he never backed away from hardships in trouble yet. He would deal to speak the truth in such a way that even the worst of sinners wanted to hear more. How amazing would it be Crossroads if we were that person.

If we were those people acted going to our places that God has placed us and were able to speak truth and doing in such a way that even the worst of sinners, where we are with say hey I want to hear more about that. That's why this conversation is so important as all Jesus says is so critical because meekness is also humility is also submission at the heart of meekness. There is a humility that comes with that it is putting aside my pride it's putting aside the reality that maybe I actually do know more.

I'm actually am stronger than or I can actually do this in a certain power output to the side and enters humility that comes with this is a reminder in James chapter 4 verse six says, but he gives more grace. Therefore, God says God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. There's something about pride that began in Lucifer's heart in the very beginning word he is in heaven as Lucifer is an angel. There's pride that said I can do this better than God.

That is one of the probably if not the original sin doubly close to the original sin of pride that there is an again, the enemy will love this is this is how subtle the enemy gets when he comes the bride it gives the whispering Christians years do you really need to go to church to be a Christian, you really need to pray that much do you actually have to read the word of God to be a Christian limited title and the biggest lies the enemy has convinced Christians Christians up that they don't need fellowship of other Christians to be a Christian. The church isn't as important as everybody says it is so you don't need to go to but this is one of the you and this is this one is where it seems that's true but it's also the enemy can use it. The church is not a billing of the people having heard that before but here's what happens. What I want to go to church is everywhere I am. I am the church of I mean, I guess so.


But if I never spent time with Stacy, am I can have a real good marriage. I could say that merit all day long, but I don't live in that house is a problem we need each other, but this is how the enemy will creep in these conversations. This will pride comes in why I've got it figured out.

I already know, I know what it means to be a Christian.

And so therefore why do I need even more doing here this morning to meekness is following God's plan and is following his word that is part of what meekness really is. Others passes in James chapter 4 books that address a few things for the real quickly. James chapter 4 verse 13 to 17 this is come now, you who say today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there, and tray to make a profit. Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. For what is your life for you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. Instead you ought to say if the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that, as it is, you boast in your arrogance well about this versus number one it's it saying it's not saying not to make a plan is not saved you live so loosely that you have no plan what it's saying is that what if you actually submitted your plan to God first and follow God's plan for your life.

Instead what happens it with so many people thinking that they know the best plan for the life and then they just start down that plan. We never stopped and asked God hey, is this the plan you want for my life.

See what meekness does part of the meaning of meekness is humility, which also means that I have to humble my own plans before the plans that God has for me. Can I does encourage you that God's plans for you will be better than your plans for yourself and I know you hear that, but I just wonder how many of you actually believe that because what happens is so often we hear that and we still have a girl plans and what happens is that we then say God will you please bless my mess.

That's what happens. I know this because I see it all the time people make a mess of their life.

And then they asked God to bless. Perhaps we could not make a mess of our life. If, on the front and we were just humble ourselves enough to say God is this your plan for my life.

Is this what you want for me now not saying don't take it some nuts and taken to an extreme, we go to the grocery store and got up Ralph.

Whether you want this name brand of bagels or this name brand of bagels and let's not get ridiculous, but how about the important everyday life things, who must post American were muscles to go to college, John muscles that have how to respond to this person how to live my life got what you plan overall for my life. I wonder if we were to stop and pray long enough for God to speak into that but that requires humility that requires some humility and also requires us to hear the actual voice of God. Proverbs 1412 speaks about this. This is is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end leads to death.

This is the repercussion. This is what happens when you and I make our own planet seems right to me, but it's not God's plan and in the end it's not gonna lead to what God's plan is for our life and all I'm saying is that we wish to stop for a moment and just pray a little bit and seek the Lord and say God is this your plan should plan for my life and then be patient enough to wait to hear from God. And I know it's more complicated and was more complex than that. However the Corvette that is exactly what God is calling us to do. Meekness requires us to submit my own plans my own purpose before God, so that I can inherit the Lancet. That's the second part of this verse number two this morning uses is that meekness is strength and gentleness, which is the key towards impacting humanity was say that again to this world and spend most of our time. The idea behind meekness is that it strength and gentleness together, which is the key for us to impact humanity the meek shall inherit the earth. I chose us last week. Often times, Jesus will speak both in future tense and the present tense. This is another one of those moments where he's clearly speaking about Revelation new heavens and new earth, that those who are following me that we will have it will inherit the land.

We will rule and reign for all eternity as I was a speaker that produces also speaking about what and how do we actually bring the kingdom and our circumstance today that if I can be meek before Jesus. If I can lead with meekness which is gentleness and strength under control, then I have the opportunity to actually inherit the land now add the way that I like to think about. That is, God give me favor wherever I go, Lord, open up the doors for me to make the greatest impact in our life and our culture. Now, Lord, Lord, bless me, I guess not. It's okay to ask the Lord to bless us and what were doing it for following his plan and his will. So he speaks about inheriting the land. But here's what comes down to is our posture of inadequacy that will allow God to work in us and through us to strength that allows us to impact humanity so the heart of this. The meekness is the posture part of who I am. The strange part comes through God who God is. So the meekness part is who I am. The strange part is who God is. This is why the word of God matter so much. This is where discipleship and going deeper in our faith matters a ton because it is also an art to it but there's a calling and a way to do this, that is right.

How do we actually reach a culture that we look at and we say culture right now is getting you more more evil. It's getting worse and worse and we know that we see it all the time to see every day.

So here's the balance of the Christian what and how do I reach culture in a way that shows people Jesus and the love of Jesus and not drive more people away, but now I have to do this. Be meek and that's where my strength is what I just want to go and yell at everybody and how I balance to the between and that's kind of the challenge that a lot of us face when we look at culture was okay. There's culture. And this is what the Bible says is what culture says so how do I actually step into that world and for that culture in a way that is powerful enough to change culture and to change the world, yet be humble and meek and mild in the culture. Does this so carefully so strategic's give you a quick example something I just saw my not affect you at all but but it really has affected me, especially last two months I started seeing as more and more and more and more and more and it's so subtle it so subtle hours watching TV, so ago and I saw a commercial and it was as gorgeous some prodding.

I remember the product wasn't and it was a professional athlete female soccer player that was the spokesperson. So she came out US women's soccer team came out to the commercial and they put in her name and her position and was the first time I seen this happen next or next to this woman, they put parentheses in a put her unlike I know that's her you want to tell me it's a hurry I can sue his or her but SRC that more more the award shows last couple weeks in commercials more morning thunder introducing there's now the parentheses and some people are him or her or they might realize God created three different kinds of people and so so here here's word and this is where workers were indicted. So here's a reality God created man and woman that's it. Like an historic. So for the here's here's I'm trying to this the point of trying to make. I didn't say that like so if you're if you don't agree with that, then you probably God now with Andy like that's that's your problem. God life created in the womb. That's it right. That's really great. If I didn't say that Solomon said that God said that multiple times. I want to say that like we go on and on and on through a list of 500 different things in Scripture.

But here's the problem. The problem is that Christians don't do this very well. Here's an example when you see something on social media. Maybe your tendency is to just post against whatever it is you see which is your discretion. It's fine. But what I don't see a lot of our Christians just posting the Bible verse that actually addresses the issue.

What if we just did that.

Is that not enough like so what happens is that we have Krista do the backwards week. We want to fight and try to prove somebody wrong and then at the very end when it's a mess we transfer Scripture into it. So here's the reality I don't I don't have to defend anything other than the word of God.

God doesn't need me to defend him, like there's nothing that were seeing in culture were God says I really need Andy to help me on this one.

I mean he doesn't. He's already said it is already done. It. And so, what Christians should do is, why not just lead with Scripture for something you can still have conversations and still discuss the but why not leave with the buyer and here's why.

Because you don't know your Bible. That's why the reason why Christians don't do this is because you don't know you are ignorant to Scripture.

So if you want to defend what happens if you have no ammunition in Scripture. Could you don't even know what it says and then you try to throw two scriptures together that exit door of anything to do with that topic and I just want to start yelling at everybody and just tolerated the wrong what if we actually knew the Bible enough to say hey I love you so much. My eyes want to share with the Bible says that's it and they could say no that stupid your ignorant your close minded, whatever. Okay your problems with the creator of the universe.

I don't have a problem with you. This is why I I get answers all the time and since I was contrary. Hope you, I guess all the time, especially my kids.

How do you say that, stuff like how are you able just to say stuff to people like one. It's not my words like it's easy.

It's a hard it's not hard to speak against was happening culture. If you just use the Bible.

I'm telling you I've not found. I'm just telling Evan pastor, 28 full-time years I've not found anything culture of the Bible doesn't address. I have there's nothing new that's happening under the sun.

Nothing new got started, rested, living just one other thing I get asked this question all the time. How many times will let me ask you the question how many times as God had to say something for to be true. Let's all say together once one time you get asked all the time or the challenge will got only said that once you think you need is not one time another, and usually that's super rare and then I get this one that's in Old Testament things on the New Testament. I like no it's both. You just don't know the Bible is both sick Mike, unlike Jesus came in and Jesus came and fulfilled the commandments were no under the no longer on the Old Testament law like I like, like that is like 101 response from ignorant people like Jesus didn't come and get rid of all to commit city is still not right to kill somebody leak in the fulfilled them. You can actually accomplish them at all. By the way, he added a bunch to long so if you took them away actually added some figures are doing you heard it said love the Lord your God with all your heart so your mind that is in Old Testament thing that they follow Jesus says, add to it. Now you shall love your neighbor as yourself, and I had even more.

You even got a love your enemies, so don't come and tell me that she is came and got rid of a bunch of snuggly exit came and added a bunch of stuff now is there cultural revelers relevance on certain things are certain things. Obviously there obviously it's okay for you women to cut your hair it's okay, but this is the argument I get all the time. One Corinthians, it says that you should should not cut your hair. You can't wear jewelry can wear makeup and Alex's woman shouldn't speak in church yell something that one all that well when,, it says that but you know why it says that because there have been major problems with women and that the church that wasn't meant for all women all times, but in that same person speaks out against all the other sins as a people say will why do you follow this one or not this one will because this one is culturally true throughout the entire Scripture, God is never changed his mind on these issues. This one is a very cultural one. Because they're having a tough time with women in the church. But this see this in the arguments that people want to throw at you. Are you equipped enough to defend your faith at that level. The majority are not. We just googled few things and throw some stuff online. We find a really cool picture go to can make this really awesome post and we strode up there. We'd like to check done we turn off comments and we feel like you like, you know, I've done that a few times. Not a lot of this a few times.

I personally comments off and this this is one of those messages are getting make it user to come back next week earlier done with Crossroads okay take.

I hope you come back because boy I love you so much and and I love the word of God so much and I think we make it way more complicated and difficult than it is and it's just out of ignorance. It really is. So Jesus had a way to do this. She's had the ability to speak really hard truths in the people's lives and and have them actually know but here's the difference. Here's the difference, say it and I guess it's gonna take it for what it's worth, Jesus with every ounce of his being love them. Do you love with every ounce of your being the person who views the Bible different than you now your Christian anterior church answer is yes.

Do you dude you love the person that sits complete polar opposite of what you believe to the point we are willing to sit down and have a meal with them and talk about and share Scripture with the and if they disagree with you. They persecute you, you walk away, going hey I'm blessed. I have inner joy listen you and I disagree all day long. You can affect some your prior right now, primarily Madison, is the FISA that's okay. You will not take away my inner joy by the anatomy.

It's okay, because you're not really mad at me, you're mad at God in your own sin yells. It wasn't.

I say that this is a sitdown like I'm speaking to myself, let me let me try to land the plane here go off the rails in touch all right worry it.

12 nine are we getting like two minutes. So here's what we need to get to the problem is that sometimes we often think too much of ourselves and on the God we think much of herself and less of God in the world say that we also overestimate what we can do we underestimate what God can do and I think those are problems. I did go those are problems that we even know we we know we know that God is the God of the University can do whatever he wants, but for some reason just don't we have a hard time translating that into our everyday life. The but we can say that and and we could say God you with one word literally created universe God, your amazing we sing songs but then we underestimate what God can do in our own life today is that we are, we all do it. So how do we push through that well it's it's submitting it's meekness it's giving over God's plan, leaving three quick examples.

Moses Paul and Jesus, Moses, God hears the impact an entire nation. Moses according to numbers was the meekest man who's ever lived, Moses, the one the greatest leaders that ever lived, but Moses that is calling at the burning bush made a bunch of excuses why he couldn't go. I'm not smart enough. I got the language enough since somebody else, by the way, I murdered somebody so that's pretty, it's a pretty rough one to get over. I left Asia because I killed somebody. I've now been a shepherd in the wilderness for all these years and all the same skills and godly Gaia.

Okay your student to go.

Like I called to go but I think that the reason why Moses was so successful is because he was so relying on God.

Paul God use the change culture as follows Moses change the nation, God easily millions of people out of Egypt out of slavery into the new land that he never saw but the next generation so that if Paul was formally known saw Saul killed Christians the fact that Stephen stoning and they say they laid the close down it pulsates all speak.

Saul was a fierce pharisaic ruler who went and tracked non-Christians and killed them. He had an encounter with Jesus to change his life changes name from Saul to Paul and you Paul in second Corinthians. I love this passage in verse nine and 10 this is what he said today. My grace is made sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. If you want to see a cool definition of how meekness and strength work says therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest in me. For the sake of Christ and for Christ sake, I am content with my weaknesses. I'm content with insults. I'm content with hardships.

I'm content with persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak I am strong in Christian let me ask you can say the same thing. Are you okay with insults and calamities. Are you okay with the potential of being canceled and being unfriended are you okay with the reality that you might be persecute, you might come a day where you might lose your job if your Christian you might lose out on certain things are you okay with that. I okay with the persecution that comes your way. Are you okay with with with all that.

Can you say that when I am weak, he is really strong so Jesus just go ahead and and you lead and I'll follow the promise that with our mouth and in our mind we kinda say yes until it actually hits into you get that email right so this week I'll get to get some emails and they hit the emails I got to this morning already active for service. There are some encouraging emails. I do receive. I do accept encouraging emails as well. So just so you know) not just like is not just the scent all your guidance and your baddie knows the mark Mark as TRU PE at the end. He loves the bad emails, but are you willing to stand up to the reason why can set up and do this is like challenge whatever you want to challenge what you got.

We got back to the Bible on that's it got elected by one. And of course your Jesus. Jesus changed all of humanity all of humanity. We are to read the verse in Matthew seven meekness and mild right meek and mild and gentle deuce entire life is born in a cave out in the wilderness on the cold this first couple years of life that the flee to Egypt to fear being killed.

He comes back, he's a stonework or carpenter is no place like a vagabond no place to lay his head on the sinners cross in a borrowed tomb.

If anybody had the right to play the I am King card. It is Jesus and instead instead, Jesus spends time with the least of these is hanging out with sinners alike is having meals with them is going to a wedding is healing people on the streets is talking a woman at the well is healing a prostitute is grabbed a hold of amusing the woman is your leading spend time with the tax collectors Pharisees on disciples. How was he able to do that because of his compassion, meekness was a strength and that's were called to lower meekness to be a strength at the end of it. Jesus is worthy of everything that we have and more. Right is worthy of his name Jesus. The very name God with us. The only way working to do this is to invite that Jesus is God with us into our life. I want to read closing Matthew chapter 5 verse five only.

Again you stand your feet if you would mind in the worship teams can I coming out and didn't close us out with a beautiful song of worthy of your name and just the words in the steps behind the song… The close with this and then Daniel you can close after missing this. Matthew chapter 5 verse five I want to read it in the message version.

I don't recommend the message version. The study from her to preach from but it is kind of a nice read and I like how it's worded here the hunter brings it home Matthew 55 in the message says you are blessed when your contents would just who you are, no more and no less. That's the moment you find yourself proud owners of everything that cannot be bought. Love that last line, especially you cannot buy the kingdom of heaven.

You can receive it

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