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21: The New Normal: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit...

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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June 6, 2022 10:00 am

21: The New Normal: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit...

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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As part of her, five, six and seven. It is a sermon on the Mount surround modify wanted to use his most well-known messages that he gave this about 17 to 21 to break it up little many messages that Jesus gives to not only the disciples will also the crowd of the people around them. A lot of theologians will say that it is the most systematic approach to the theology of Jesus that there is in the Scripture.

And here's what Jesus is doing Jesus is really teaching people how to be a disciple that's been doing. He's actually challenging his current disciples to a new radical countercultural way of being disciples of Jesus and so will we read the. The sermon on the mount. We usually read them in little snippets of these nice little messages that Jesus talks about about money about fear, about generosity, about faith of the Lord's prayer is in there. Of course the Beatitudes were going to be today is also in there. We often read those as discounted room quick messages, but to understand the cultural context of what Jesus is doing. I believe will be a little eye-opening this morning as I got. I personally believe that waters the achievers are going to preach on to the Beatitudes at a time because are so deep in meeting.

Often times read the Beatitudes or mechanic quickly read them and move on and we think it's just about Jesus wanting us to be blessed and happy if we were poor over to having money or way of mourning over her meager mild. There's so much depth in what Jesus actually teaching them what is actually teaching them is how to live a kingdom centered life that encourage you take notes in his mind is to be a bunch of opportunities for you to write things down and in the take away this of those mornings I would challenge you go back and rewatch and listen to because the same voice that Jesus used to teach the disciples in the crowd on what is admitted to be a citizen of heaven is the same context of going to be in today. The challenges that Jesus and the disciples face.

Believe it or not a very similar to the challenges that we face today slightly different in some ways, but the context around 30 A.D. is when Jesus starts his ministry. His ministry lasted for three years.

During that three year timeframe.

There were about five different political groups, religious groups that were surrounding in the small city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem at this time has been taken over by the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was there and so they're basically monitoring overseeing the Jewish people. Dave, taken over there allowing the Jewish systems to run as operational, so the wrong there there political many systems. The run there, allowing the religious systems. The run what's happening now is you got an overarching government over Jerusalem and you have all these different sects that are trying to tell everybody how this of their life.

So there's four primary ones that are happening yet. The Pharisees and Sadducees of the Essenes, any of the zealots. Each one of them are slightly different present of the Pharisees.

They were strict adherence to the Mosaic law. They went Word for Word with the tour as we would call the Mosaic law but the Pharisees also adopted oral culture and oral traditions, and they also adopted the prophets of the Old Testament as the word of God is, that was the baseline. The Sadducees only adopted the Mosaic law. They didn't they didn't put much weight behind the oral traditions or even the prophets.

They strictly stuck to the Torah or the laws of Moses. The big differential between the Pharisees and Sadducees in the Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection of the dead and the Pharisees did so now you have competing customs. I think a lot of times a church culture your first Sadducees and you think that there were kind of the same thing that they're actually very different groups that have the Essenes and the Essenes were the people of the time there were just awaiting the Messiah to come back. They wanted the Messiah to come there waiting for the kingdom of heaven to come.

There is, waiting, and then he had the zealots zealots with a military group or the militia group of the Jewish people like Simon the zealot son Peter was a zealot. It's probably estimated that there might've been two or three other disciples or apostles are also zealots zealots were the ones that are willing to pick up assorted daytime and fight for the freedom of their country. They were nationalist zealots were nationalists of Peter with zealot nationalists which now makes little sense of why Peter took the sword and cut the guy zero Peter and the zealots were willing to go to fight at any time at any point they wanted their country back from the Romans, and this is the setting, by the way where Jesus sits down with his 12 disciples back in Matthew chapter 5 verse one it says that Jesus sat with his disciples open his mouth and began to teach what was happening his Jesus's ministry was taken root. It's almost at the pinnacle point of his ministry, so all of the crowds are still very interested in Jesus, and Jesus takes this opportunity to teach them about 16 to 20 different teachings, but was more than just nice fluffy teaching. The teaching that Jesus gave them within the context of the turmoil of which the culture was in it which is at times I'm about to give you a better way to live your life where you can find inner joy and inner peace that you cannot find in the culture at hand. You're not gonna find what's happening here in the start of the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes is basically summarize as the better way or the best way or a good way to actually live your life, he was instructing them that in the context of political turmoil in the context of religious turmoil and oppression in the context of all this stuff, sit down with you and wanted to teach you how to become deeper disciples. He wasn't just telling them how to be a better Christian, you know, I think what churches do mostly of the service of, and we certainly been guilty of this.

At times is just teaching you how to be a better Christian. If I got.

I wonder the purpose of coming to church for most people. I think is hopefully to draw closer to God. At the end of the day are you challenge to do something with it to actually walk and be a disciple of Jesus or are you just trying to be a better Christian and there's dangers on on that side of that to be a disciple is what were called to do and to make to understand the disciples understand uses Hartford teaching the central core and theme of the whole sermon on the mount was how do you be a citizen of heaven, that's Jesus trying to teach them. He was he was basic peace and this is how you can be a citizen of heaven. Now it was interesting about Jesus whenever he talks about the kingdom of heaven. If you notice his teachings.

He is always going between present tense and future tense and back and forth. You also see this within the first two verses. He speaks of the kingdom of heaven as if it's here and now that he also speaks about the kingdom of heaven that's coming at some point and to me where I keep going back to us with Jesus is really doing is Jesus trying to get people to understand that hey listen, you can actually joy the kingdom of heaven. Now, amen. Somebody come on. I hope you understand that that would uses doing is if you're to be a disciple follower Jesus you cannot be a nominal Christian and you can't be a Christian in name only, and what's happened, especially over the last 2 1/2 years is that everybody who is been a nominal Christian.

To this point loosely, marginally connected is just one excuse away from dropping the human basics of Christianity, of coming to church, we see that happened in the last two years was one of the first things that, when out the window was well I guess we can go to church an hour and we got out of the habit of the ecclesiology in the missiology of what is called us to do the ecclesiology that the importance of church in our current culture and into the kingdom to come is so massively critical to understand the importance of Jesus establishing his church and the function of the church and the purpose of the church.

A lot of people were just one easy excuse away. Like most people say I'll go to church on Sunday, something better comes across my table and I'll do that. And that's the culture war that's counter, culturing the culture also has greeted the most connected, disconnected culture that I've ever seen any with me on at any given time. We can feel is the work connected see thousands and thousands of people through social media yet feel the loneliest we've ever felt mental health issues are on the increase. Health issues are on the increase job loss, inflation, violence, all that is increasing in real active time right now.

14 more people shot in Philadelphia last night as and 14 mass shooting since involving just a few weeks ago and we see it, it's us unfolding constantly constantly constantly so it are setting I'm excited to preach about the Beatitudes because it's really easy just in the little monologue I just gave you also to feel like what in the world is coming on where's the hope where's the joy where's the happiness half hollow.

I find peace in the middle of all of this and I wanted you feel that tension for a moment, because it's the same tension that I'm sure the disciples and Jews were feeling in their time. Samantha and I were sitting here on the side of the Sea of Galilee and Jesus teaching tools and he does open his mouth and begins the teach us how to be a citizen of heaven. That's I want to do that to teach us a little bit about what it means to be poor in spirit.

What is it actually mean to mourn. I guarantee that the majority of you that read those verses before as you read those verses.

Your concept of it might be just a little off, and I think when we look at the original meaning behind the Texan diving a little deeper behind what it means.

I think you can find some great hope in some great joy in that. So that's turn to Matthew chapter 5 and will do this morning as I want to read to you only to the first 12 verses of the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes and there were in a circle back and only spend the morning on verse three in verse four, and was going to dive in deeper to what that actually means exactly good. I think you and find great hope and joy and how do we actually live kingdom minded with joy and hope in the inner spot in the middle of a culture and society that is falling apart all around us. Please read Matthew chapter 5 starting verse one seen the crowds, he went up on the mountain and when he sat down, his disciples came to him and he opened his mouth and taught them, saying, Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you post for a father right now we just pray that as we open your Scripture and read your words that you spoke, but I pray that it's as if you are speaking the same words to us this morning. I pray for your Holy Spirit to touch and convict hearts when needed to encourage and give life.

I pray this morning that we have not just a better understanding of what it means to be a citizen of heaven, but also how do we take this information to help a lost and dying world around us. In Jesus name. Everybody said amen. I take some notes this morning. A couple quick points. The first one is this is what is it mean to be blessed. What he says be blessed over and over and over again is that actually reference to what is it actually made the Greek word that's used there. Macario's it kinda translates pretty straightforward and is to be blessed to be fortunate it's it's a person experiencing a positive circumstance or a happy disposition. That's the actual discount Word for Word Greek definition of the word blessed however however if you stop at happy you will miss the actual deeper meaning behind what that word means and I think if I may. That's where a lot of people stop other people say Wes will be happy and there's nothing wrong with happiness, for sure. The government wants to be happy which Jesus is not saying no is if you follow these instructions.

You're just going to be happy.

It's actually at a much deeper deeper level that is talking about.

The term is an explanation of inner joy and inner peace that comes with being right with God. We say that again this term. Blessed are blessed. What it means is that there is an inner joy that you can have around being right with God. As I happiness that actually transcends what happens in the world around us and I happiness that comes at us soul level of the soul being favored by God. That is the deeper definition behind that word happy hand that were blessed so got understand the context which is a saying is if you want to experience joy or happiness that transcends culture. This is what I want to give you and that's what he is telling is not just giving them 12 fluffy verses about how to be poor in order to be happy or how to be me in order to be strong when he's telling them is if you will follow me and listen to me and Lena just a little bit. I want to teach you how you can have deep joy in the middle of cultural violence in the middle of political turmoil in the middle of religious oppression. In the middle of all of this, along with poverty and sickness and loss and violence that they were experiencing in real time. Just like were experiencing in real time right now with Jesus is saying, which I love this about the Beatitudes rebuking understanding of what exactly the Beatitudes really are.

How to be better how to be on a good level of soul level, whether so much joy in that it's not about you, but we all need that right now we all need to understand how in the world in the middle of everything I see happening in life, not just in the world and in my own life. How can I actually have this joy that will transcend all the that's not open you refer this morning with I hope you leave her this morning with a better understanding and put into practice.

If Jesus is call me to be a disciple follower of Jesus to follow Jesus's teaching, and his ways. He's also teaching me how to be joyful, how to live with peace. So as it continues and we go through it. Matthew chapter 5 verse three for this is reduced to verses one more time in order to stay here.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. The second verses. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted to hear your servant to what is a need to be poor in spirit. Again, I think for the most part that thought a lot of people about the Beatitudes. I love asking these questions when you see poor in spirit that actually mean how do you translate that into your mind, your heart about what that means we say that if you're poor in spirit. Yours is current present context is the kingdom of heaven unfortunately got most people read poor in spirit, and the associated with being poor, being poverty not having finances's copy will translate that or, not if I would be really happy and joyful in God that I have to suffer in a level of poverty and it's actually not even close to what this verse is talking about three poor in spirit. I want to understand what this means being poor in spirit means that we are so poor spiritually that we have nothing else to offer personally to receiving the kingdom of heaven. That's of this verse is saying what is saying is that when you realize that you have a spiritual deficit that is felt at heart and soul level that you will actually experience joy when you realize that it's not all based on your righteousness. Again, you can't get away from Jesus conversation around righteousness. He talks about it all the time and his teachings. It's so important understand that that this brings us back to relying on the righteousness of Jesus. What he did for us on the cross we can do for us today, not based on myself. That's of this verse and that I realize that spiritually I am poor and I am broken spiritually.

I cannot do enough work enough pay enough to receive salvation and freedom in Christ. I need the righteousness of Jesus in my life. Martin Luther says it this way since Christ lives. He was both my righteousness and my eternal life… In that righteousness, and the rights of Jesus. I have no sin, no fear, no guilty conscience, no fear of death, that is the righteousness of Jesus. That is where we get joy from. That's why we can experience great joy in knowing that we are actually poor in spirit is as I am indeed a sinner in this life and in my own righteousness, but I have another life and I have another righteousness is that glorious exchange that we talked about weeks ago, Jesus goes across and takes all of our shame and all of our guilds in all of our students any exchanges there for his righteousness and his glory and we understand that we understand that there has to be an emptiness first in order to be a fullness revolves around emptying of our self is speaking towards humility really what it's saying is that if we are humble enough to recognize that I am just not good enough in and of myself that I need to be made right by Jesus number one. It takes the burden of responsibility, away from me that I have to find my own way. My own righteousness, and it's simply putting on the righteousness of Jesus is this verse is referring to is so again, you sin if you want to have happen is that a soul level.

If you want to have inner joy and inner peace in your life then let me give it to you through my righteousness because you don't have enough for your two poor sit behind that you're too poor to equip it on yourself. You have to have in first Peter chapter 5 verse six and sentences. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God said at the proper time he may exalt casting all your anxieties on him because he cares for you humble ourselves before God and recognize that Jesus did something for us that we can do ourselves.

Jesus came and did something that nobody could do.

You can't buy it is a free gift.

The Bible says it's grace it's freedom is just given to you. That is, the rights and that is why we can be cited and joyful and have happiness at a soul level because of that, and here's the product of it.

He says, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven that were there is is not there by mistake. It is a present tense, meaning that when you understand that when Jesus gives you his righteousness, somebody he also gives you his kingdom as well. And with this kingdom comes all the kingdom benefits here and now. Right now, and so you have enough money really. Do you have a choice you want you want to go after the kingdom of the world and what the world offers or do you want to go after the kingdom of heaven with the kingdom of heaven offers and that is what were seen happen right now. That is the tension point in our culture and our society of the kingdom of heaven and you have the kingdom of this world and you sin if you want true joy, true happiness that is found in my kingdom. My kingdom first in Matthew chapter 6, verse 10, you find the Lord's prayer and the Lord's prayer very well known for what in the Lord's prayer. Matthew 610. It is a prayer. This is your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

This is a prayer that you and I can invite God's presence and his kingdom into our everyday life.

If there's therefore saying Jesus today.

I want your kingdom, your spirit, your life in my everyday life right now.

Here's a couple great things I think are so timely about about the kingdom of heaven is at its present and what is that mean for us and here's just a few of Jesus's teachings about this. The benefits of the kingdom of heaven. So again, if you're like me, if I read that verse is able yours. The kingdom of heaven.

What exactly is the kingdom of heaven.

Was it that mean there's a few things one means that we can live a worry free life and delivery from fear, is not exciting thing to know and abate anybody centered on what how that will. Jesus says do not worry about tomorrow.

He says do not fear he tell well, how can we actually live worry free without fear in a world filled with fear and worry and anxiousness. How do we do that with only way you do that is by walking in his kingdom. That is the only way this habit is a choice, a safe use. I want to walk in your righteousness in your kingdom, not the king of this world. Other things are about peace and rest.

Jesus talks about that. Come to me and I will give you what rests. Take my burden on you and I'll take your burning away. I'll give you peace. Jesus is literally the Prince of peace. Again, though you look at the culture of the world is a there is no peace. There is no peace. There is no rest.

I'm telling you that you can have peace and you can have rest right now. Today.

Anybody want that today, that's what we have. That is what the kingdom gives us this is why we can't be nominal Christians. This is why we have to push against the name only Christianity be a nominal Christian. You don't understand this is no being a Christian in name only you. You don't even you can even imagine the benefits of the kingdom of heaven that you have right there in Jesus because it's about taking that step into his righteousness is not all be a nominal it's about being a disciple and those are two different things that happened. Another benefit we have is this is that he gives and restores our joy. It talks about that in Scripture that is able to give us joy and restore our joy restoring the joy of our salvation, even gives us strength. Another benefit about the kingdom of heaven is that we lack nothing. I think again, that's important. Want to stop on for a moment that Jesus says that that you will lack nothing. Now doesn't mean that that we don't want a lot of stuff, but we says that what you need, you will have that you like nothing. Those are just a few things that there's dozens and dozens and dozens more of the benefits of the kingdom of heaven that Jesus concert teaching about that are all for us to just enjoy again. Your other option is a father came to this world and we get pulled into the violence we get pulled into the sorrow we get pulled into all that so you know I can walk with joy doesn't mean Alyssa doesn't mean that were numb to the world as we don't care if I could just the opposite of it if we should drive us to care more for our neighbor to love our world even more to reach people even more, but it keeps us at a soul level, joyful that so important for us next thing is, this talks about this, those who mourn, let's keep moving. Matthew chapter 5 verse forces.

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Again, I think this is probably one of the more misunderstood Beatitudes that there are because at first glance you read that and you think to yourself. I guess that means that when I'm sad, Jesus will come for me or when I have lost Jesus will come for me or what I do and I look at at wars or shootings and loss and death or sickness in our own life or loss of job or lost loved one or whatever the list might be that we think will will be more than Jesus will give us comfort and although that's true that's actually not at all with this person speaking about understand this verse is life-changing on a promise you understand what it means to truly morning to truly be comforted will be a life-changing thing for you and will help you impact the lives of people around to morning. In this context morning in this meeting is declared a blessing to mourn, and here it is. It is to mourn our own sinful nature that it will be speaking about. Blessed are those who mourn their own sinful nature because you will be comforted like that you set for a moment to what that means to recognize our own sinfulness to recognize who we are that were Pantheon networks and warrants agreed as a verb, you said note the loss over sin of our own sin. But again, just like Jesus does eat.

He doesn't just tell us that we will mourn our own sin. He gives us comfort but but how do you do that. I think this is the challenge of this verse the contextual challenges versus how do I move from from morning my own sin. Recognizing that I am a sinner than a loss. How do I move from here to comfort over here because all one verse he puts it together and by the way, they will be comforted as a future tense and so when we mourn we say that there's actually hope in the future that you actually comforted, so there's a way to actually mourn your own sinfulness and that same time to understand what it means to be comforted in first Corinthians chapter 5 verse one and two it says is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you of all kind that is not tolerable even among pagans and juices, or the writers, mentions one he says the man has his father's wife. And so this is the sexual sin that he's referring to, but he refers it any associated with arrogance to the next verses are you arrogance ought you not rather more in the context of this verse. There is a lesson.

Don't be so prideful that you don't even recognize your own state of sinfulness, but instead distribution mourn your own state of sinfulness to think what happens.

Again going back to the nominal Christianity trap is that nominal Christianity refuses the Carstensen so happens that you have people who are living by title only and is living in sin because they think they're connected because of the title of Christian I would nominal Christianity does it, puts the distance between us and the conviction of sin. See, there's a consciousness of your own sense of what I wanted you know is I will walk us through just as quickly kind of tenet three I guess points are verse strategies or systems are where you want to call them of how to remove from from morning arsenic you can't stay there like you can. You also can't just walk around saying woe is me. I'm a terrible person.

I'm a sinful person. I deserve everything that that's coming to me in this world you can't say they're either. That's not freedom in sin. And that's not living a life you can ignore it. How I move from here to actually having joy in recognizing that I'm lost and I want to give you those were quick to the first one is a consciousness of euros in that it has to be a point that where there is a conviction than a consciousness of our own sinful state and as we off the start, whether start there. At that point in Psalm 51 verse three and four. This is right know my transgressions and my sin is ever reforming against you, you alone, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight so that you may be justified in your words and blameless in your judgment as a consciousness and a conviction that has to start and let me tell you how we get there.

First of all, is anybody's name here God just me just check make sure that that first know his name is God is anybody's job description Holy Spirit, by the way we check on that arts and stop being God and the Holy Spirit legacy district to stop doing it. It's not up to you to convict the world of sin and shame and guilt.

There's too many curses that feel as though that's like job description number one on their portfolio is my job to tell everybody else how sinful they are is not your job now.

Your job is to speak the truth. Your job as a standard of truth. Your job is to point out where their sin and that's totally fine to do that right.

We should be doing that we should call.

Since then, I got totally fine to do that.

The problem is that we want to cross the line and now try to try to convict people of their sin, and so now we start getting ugly and I was start the name-calling and the backbiting in the conviction and the guilt and the shame that we just cannot pour off the listen. The Holy Spirit has been around since the beginning. He is he is God the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity, meaning he's been around way longer than any of us, the Holy Spirit's role part of his role is to convict the world of sin and shame and guilt.

That's what he does is part of what he does. Which means I don't have to do that. So the burn is off Amia try to make you feel guilty of your sin.

Now do you feel guilty of your sin of your sin because I'm sharing the gospel because I'm living my life in this country of yours that that's going to happen. That's okay that's natural, but there is a consciousness of the own sin that has to have another there's a conviction that only you and I can have in our own heart in our own life to convict Josephson and shame and guilt that step one. That's what has to start the numbers from there. This consciousness of own sin then moves and leads us to repentance.

That's the next part. So when I when I realized like oh yeah like I feel convicted because of sin.

Like I feel convicted because of what I'm doing. The Holy Spirit is convicted me based on Scripture based on the Holy Spirit is conviction. They're not gonna move from here to repentance. And that's where begins.

There repentance.

The turn from her waist to recognize that what I'm doing is wrong. By the way, this is juices first message that starts his ministry, Jesus ministry lasted about three years to start off his ministry. He gets baptized and then he goes into the wilderness for 40 days and he prays a fast 40 days. Satan tempts them at the end of that 40 days he comes out and it says this in Matthew 417 is this from that time forward. Jesus began to preach and proclaim, saying, repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Let's not in this. The central theme of Jesus teaching which is repentance term for new ways because the kingdom of heaven is at hand. In other places and the kingdom of heaven is here and is now and oh by the way, it is me to repent and turn from your ways.

Listen, if we are truly mournful. This goes back to the first part of this verse. If you and I are truly mournful and arson. If we repented of our sins. You and I would not quickly returned to them again. This is where just gets deeper and deeper and deeper.

If I understand that to be truly mournful in the context of Jesus talking about means that I'm so mournful of my sins. I repent. Why would I quickly go back to while they quickly returned back to the very things that breaks the heart of God that there's a quote that I saw in it. I saw probably a dozen people give themselves credit for this quote site is point unknown at this is not for me. I was tell you that the quote is powerful almost to hear this so carefully.

If it breaks God's heart. Why do you think you will fulfill yours and yet we see that all the time. Why do we see Christians all the time I'm stuck talking to you Christian why wipe it breaks the heart of God. Why do we think it's going to give me fulfillment in my heart and instead of repenting against sin. What we do is we tolerate sin and we toyed with sin. We play around with sin and we begin to say things like, it's not that bad.

It's okay, it's Anna from living this way. It's okay for living this way.

It's okay to cheat just a little bit or lie a little bit. It's okay to look at porn just a little bit.

This is a little Benson look a little bit cicada cheater. My spouse even if just emotional just one time. It's okay, go off the deep end and and lie and do whatever and steel beef. We just start to justify will. How is it that we do that well because because what is nominal is no real true repentance of the seven if there's things that are clear in Scripture. It's what God does and does not like it is what and what is not sin. And yet constantly we as Christians are consciously trying to fill our own hearts of the things that break the heart of God, which is saying is that you if you are mournful in your sin.

Truly mournful you'll actually find peace and joy because because you will be actually comforted out of that's it starts with conviction. It goes to repentance and repentance is this is less of an essay. Repentance leads to hope, and that's where you move from sorrow and shame and guilt because users want to stay there so this is the hope for all of us for all of us. You don't have to stay in this conviction of sin and shame and guilt once were. Repent and turn from that's repenting is literally turning from that and going the other direction will not I'm going the other direction. Guess what the other direction is the kingdom of heaven. The other direction is Jesus himself. It is his righteousness. So is Kelly Grover.

Here were in the sin were in this shame or new skill. We feel this deep sense of morning of our own state of sinfulness repenting, translated, defined as the turn sound turning and now I'm not looking at my sin anymore. Now looking at Jesus looking at his righteousness and his kingdom.

As I walked to that he is sin. As you move this direction.

You will be comforted.

That is where the promise leads the hope the future tense of comfort. The word there is the word pair Cleo and when I was researching the site I thought to myself, or moment that the word looks so for me the word pair Cleo. It is the Greek word for comfort and it literally translates as this. It translates as the call near to invite to invoke to beseech the call for to be of good comfort to desire that's what that word means and then it then it hit me. John 1416 and this is just where it just brings it all together. John 1416 says that I will. This is Jesus.

This is all asked the father and he will give you another helper and advocate to help to be with you forever. That word advocate that would help her is the same word is comfort her. Cleo, would you say that when we turn to be in a company for your firm for righteousness and for the kingdom. He doesn't just say I'll just give you comfort like become like there there, be comforted by that. Okay everything to be fine. We sin is in the Mexican give you myself. My Holy Spirit will actually be in you and he will help you and he will come for you for ever.

Not just one. Thanks again.

I think sometimes we think of what when I more when I'm just saddened by the state of the world or whatever that that others become known as something much, much, much deeper than this to do little words that it is an outward comfort world is that same tense used and came across Isaiah 66 and around if it was just me. It is, it is this affected me so much this week is such a positive way.

But Isaiah 6613 uses the same word for comfort and listen to this verse says is one, whom his mother comforts so I will comfort you don't know what that does to you all know how that translates in your mind, but to me that is so powerful of an image that when I mourn my own sin in my own shame and my own guilt you say you don't have to live there if you would repentance and turn from that. I will bring you comfort. I will give you comfort and I love the image. The image of a mother holding her child that is the comfort of any kind to get this this image in your head of this of this galactic God of the universe all of a sudden makes this God of the universe, just sitting there holding you that's what is offering that you don't have to stay where you are and when you decide to move away from sin. He doesn't just say good job deluxe no no heat, he actually comforts us in that and he holds us in without the feet of close your eyes for a moment, would mind as I wrap up and then Pastor Steve will come in and acknowledge your seniors by I don't want to miss this moment. I think personally that there's too many nominal Christians by title only, that are still trying to fill their hearts with the things that break God's heart. First and foremost, I want you to take a moment and just just open your heart before God versus recognize that you and I altogether that we indeed are deftly poor in spirit that is Jesus righteousness that fills us.

It's his righteousness that gives us his kingdom

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