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19: Death to Life

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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May 17, 2022 9:00 pm

19: Death to Life

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Being with one another and start first grade in one of your five verses verse 11 to 15. These verses by the way are fairly deep in the real, tactful, John has do a little different tone in these verses here as he begins to speak of the difference in the battle of good versus evil, and life versus death and sin versus righteousness and surrender pack up for little bit and I hope today that you leave your cursor really do. I hope today that you leave you feeling that that you are called to love one another, but you also yourself. Love, I hope that you're also acknowledging this morning. The battle that's out there raising and will celebrate the fact that we are from death to life scenario first John chapter 3 verse 11 to 15. This is for this is the message you've heard from the beginning that we should love one another, we should not be like Cain who was of the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him because of his own deeds were evil and his brother's righteous. Do not be surprised brothers that the world hates you. We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brothers whoever does not love abides in death. Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him (father they give us more that were already celebrating the good things are doing and that I pray that just for the next few minutes at the words that I speak with your words.

I pray that it would impact our hearts and our minds.

I pray that we leave your this morning excited about all that you're doing in our life and Jesus name. Everybody said a man the first point I want talk about this morning is that love is the original message. The first point love is the original message. This is not a new commandment effective. First, Johnny also says that earlier. This is not a new commandment I give you, but in all commandment arrearages that first part we read in verse 11 uses for this is the message you heard from the beginning that we should love one another. Listen, this is mean that it was just in the beginning. This is actually from the beginning.

This the message is the heartbeat of God. The entire gospel message is a love story of redemption is not exciting. From Genesis to Revelation.

The entire Bible is a redemption love story of God pursuing us and loving us and then he calls us to love one another fact he put such a heavy heavy emphasis on it that he says that this is the command from the very beginning this the original command.

There is a theologian in the fourth century named Jerome, and Jerome wrote a commentary on the book of Galatians in that commentary. He mentions a thought about John and how John treated his disciples later in life possess a lot of third-party meaning outside the gospel writings about John and the way that John interacted with his disciples member John died of old age. John's also the one who wrote the book of Revelation and so he had many disciples that he was training in caring for and Jerome picked up on the story that was told about John later in life. So this is from the fourth century, but I love what he says. He says that that when John became too infirm to preach in his old age. Do you still often say no more than this little children love one another is hearers at last wearied of it, said to him master. Why do you always say this in John's responses.

This is the Lord's command and if this is done right. It is enough that's true today. The Lord's command is that we love one another and if we do this right, it is enough.

It's centralized everything that we do. It's all that we are is the basic Christian Christian commandment to love one another's that word I got bail.

It's an action it's a verb it's putting it into action.

It music or something behind that love is not just a word of sizes of thought is not just a feeling of something deeper than that in Matthew chapter 22 verse 36 to 40 assist teacher, which is the greatest commandment of the law and Jesus responds, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind.

This is the great and first commandment. And the second is like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself. If I did so much so that Jesus says that that the commandments and the laws and the prophets hinged on that command that we love one another to the question we should ask is what is love in action look like, how do we know if were actually doing this right right again is not just feelings is not just our emotions is not just saying that I love you. It's actually doing something about it. First Corinthians chapter 13 turn a couple books back and go to first Corinthians 13. If you have been to a wedding anytime you probably her first Corinthians 13 mentioned or read quoted or alluded to prescriptive 13. By the way, wasn't written for weddings to the person who wrote this chapter didn't sit there and go, you know, it's really good at wetting some rapist out.

It's actually a leadership chapter. Those that are leadership this be a great thing for you to do chapter 12 of first Corinthians if you lead anybody any people first review chapter 12 is all about how we lead one another at the end of chapter 12 it says, and there is a greater way to lead then all of chapter 13 talks about love. Another words the greatest way for us to lead our families is through love. The greatest way that we are lead in our marriage is through love the way it should lead our children is through love the way that we should lead people to who Jesus is, is through love. It is all through love. That is the leadership of way goes back so much so prescriptive 13 starting verse one is as if I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.

If I have prophetic powers and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing if I give everything away.

If I deliver my body to be burned, but have not love, I gave nothing out here starting verse four.

Here is the test for us is a test. If you want to know are you actually living out the got bail, love, loving action, the kind of love that John's talking about the kind of love that Jesus told us to do here is the test you ready for love is patient, if you're already else you're done you lowest patient's love is kind.

It does not envy does not boast, it is not arrogant. Love is not rude, it is not insistent its own way. It is not irritable. It is not resentful.

It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things. Love believes all things. Love hopes all things.

Love endures all things. Can I hear an amen about what hope really is like that is what love is like right there.

That's the list is not whether or not you're doing better than your spouse are you doing better than your neighbor is not whether you're doing a better than somebody else. It is how are you doing compared to the way the worst was the lead in the way of love, say this again church. We have to get this right.

We have to get a right. We have to learn how to love the people in this room right that's were called to do. We are called to love the people in this room were called to love the people who are here and were even called to love your enemies, we have to get this right so this before, I'll say it again. The world is watching.

How were doing this over the last two and half years the church has had more than enough opportunities to do this and I would say I would say that for the church at large. We failed many times we are more concerned about making our point in loving your neighbor. We are more concerned about proving the statement we are more concerned about attacking on social media. We are more concerned about a political party, weren't we get more concerned about where we stand all these issues we get more concerned about all these things, and yet we forget the most basic of the commandments which is this the love one another. We have to get that right because when you get that right. Guess what, then you can actually have those hard conversations then you can have those difficult conversations say that this is what I believe is what God believes this with the Bible says, then you can have that sword you not hear me say is that we just love everybody and never talk about. Not enough is actually opposite. We love people, so that we can talk about truth that's all work and what people know how much you love them.

Guess what they're going to do listen to you. They might not like it they might walk away angry, but there to listen to you because they believe that you love the we have to get this right with summary opportunities to practice right not only with so many opportunities to get this right. I want crossers to get this right. I want you to get this right.

I want to get this right. Leslie people that are marked first and foremost, by the way we love people.

Amen we do that. Let this be a place that people from all walks of life, and come in your field. Love doesn't mean we have to approve doesn't mean we have to shrink back from preaching the truth, but we gotta let people feel love is not what Jesus did. By the way is exactly what Jesus did he love people, but he spoke truth. The second point is this. We talked about love is the original commandments get that right. The second point, that John makes is Sibley this is that there's also the original battle in the original battle is good versus evil. It is love versus say this is the original battle is righteousness versus unrighteousness. I find it very interesting.

By the way that John read here in a moment he actually goes back to Cain and Abel Heekin went back and told any story he wanted to from a source in the Old Testament, which would've known well, but he goes back to K versus able to make a very very important point that I think is actually very relevant for what you're facing right now. Today is go back and read just part first John chapter 3, 12 and 13. He says we should not be like Cain who was of the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him because his own deeds were evil and his brother's righteous. Do not be surprised brothers of the world hate you. The room always gets quiet when we talk about the world hating us. Nobody wants the world to hate them. I'll think anybody leaves her today going. I really hope people hate me today. I will, I hope that's not your goal. Your intention, but it is a reality that the moment that you step into righteousness the unrighteous will hate Jesus says it.

John reiterates it. In fact, he goes back to Cain and Abel Savino Cain and Abel were Cain is the oldest son of Adam and Eve to Adam and Eve sin they get booted out of the garden, Cain and Abel are born. Cain is the older son, Cain kills his brother Abel. I think it's very fast effect this continuity as I was studying at this week's see how fast sin ramped up from the garden in the garden scene didn't go to even talk about murder finger talk about evilness or sin. What he do he just challenge God's word is all he did.

He just said that God really say this neatest challenge God's word. The next thing we see is somebody killing somebody that's how fast sin ramped up and don't be a fool to think that sin in your life will ramp up just as much is what we tell you. Often, a little bit of sin will get you trapped and is there for a long time and we want to get wrapped up in toilet around the sin and tolerate sin to be around since they were not going to get affected by sin and next thing you know, and sin is clinging to us and is weighing us down the Scripture says so Cain is the oldest son, Cain was a farmer. Abel was a Shepherd and what happens is they both bring an offering before the Lord and enables attitude and righteousness, God received his offering the sacrifice and he rejected Cain's okay signal to feel that he killed him. And then God approached Canas they would you do with your brother and had that conversation with K in fact the point that God didn't kill Cain but is that he marked them and he made him a wanderer for the rest of his life connection goes on a wanderer's goes to the region called nod, which is basically he became a fugitive wanderer and so here's the point of the point is not a silly Cain for saving Spencer Jones in his commentary says a very well is to statements. This is Cain's conduct typifies the attitude of the world towards Christians but human nature is the same of all, there is still a cane. The world hating Abel the church is relevant today. There still world and its culture that hates Abel in the church. Therefore, do not marvel that the world hates us. That's the point that John's Megan John's making a very very strong point that if we follow the teachings of Jesus.

The world will hate us again nobody wants to be hated, but it goes back to the human nature. It goes back to what is known as total depravity of humanity which means that man and its inner core is lost is sinful, the depravity of mankind of humanity is that every part of our being is corrupted by sin and is from the garden stems from the garden so because sin enters into humanity. Humanity is forever depraved and lost in sin until the righteousness of Jesus comes and John is making a very strong case that says when the righteousness of Jesus comes and saves your life and you are no longer unrighteous would you move from death to life, but your rights is that there will still be a cane attacking over righteousness. We see this happen all time doing we see the depravity and the sinful nature of humanity saw yesterday I grew up about 20 minutes from Buffalo, New York. I grew up in Niagara Falls and when I saw worse I saw actually soft tops. I was the first thing I saw. If you're from that area. You wrote, you know, tops, tops the very neighborhood grocery store and it's the neighbors on massive grocery store was a big chain is in its neighbor and I saw them like all I know tops and then I saw the rest of the article in full.

That summary drives 2+ hours away is no manifesto says it is targeting black neighborhood, and goes in the shoots 11 people shoots two or three before even to some of the store and you see the sinfulness of evil that's in the world and the way that evil shows itself in our world today still not just violence not just evil, racism, hate, anger, and it goes on and on and on and on and you see that and you say, why, why does that happen. Why do so may like that drive. Who knows all this way to this neighborhood grocery store and unload weapons outside and inside of the store. What is anybody found yourself goal what is wrong with people right now say that on a regular basis will what's wrong with people is that we are depravity of sin.

That is what's wrong the same thing that was wrong with you before you came to know Jesus. Now your sin didn't lead you to tops grocery store and unloaded gun, but your sin because you do other things until the righteousness of Jesus can and all about you and I'm not trying to get a response out of you. I just know for me that I am no longer the same person I used to be, and neither are you. And it's because of the righteousness of Jesus in our life again, we have to also get this right.

This is one of those errors that again. The world watches how Christians respond to things that are happening how Sarasota this morning that that I was heartbroken not only of what happened in in Buffalo, not only because of the. The local roots. I have thereabouts but also just the evil that this young man did this each euro did my heart also broke because on social media and twitter. I saw Chris's just say the dumbest things in response, your you're not helping you not making this better. You're actually making this worse in your making the church look bad because the way that you're responding to sin.

We have to go back to how Jesus told us to respond. This how John Toles respond to sin and you cannot escape love you cannot get away from it is woven throughout the entire context of Scripture that yes we can speak truth. Yes, we can speak hard truths.

Yes, we can stand and hold the line that this with the gospel says and this is evil and this is wrong, and things have to change in the church should be the front runner of see and change happen in our communities, but if we forget the do love first Corinthians said all you are is a noisy gong and clanging symbol in social media as a platform for Holland a noisy gong's and a whole lot of clashing cymbals.

We have to get this right. Why do we have to get this right because the world depends on here's where the church gets it wrong, and here's what we get a wrong often where we get it wrong is that you and I will tolerate sin. That's what we get a wrong thought a lot about the wording of this I I don't find often that the enemy of our soul causes us to have this huge stumbling filling moment where I find happens often is that we just begin to tolerate sin and we just begin to tolerate a little sin that we tolerate a little bit more sin than we tolerate a little bit more stand and then before we know it were more concerned about whether or not some he likes us and so because of that, we then water down the gospel where Jesus is in the know. If you are actually walking in righteousness and speak in truth, even in love. He says the world will actually hate you and want to think about that for a moment. Again, I'm not saying that we see all God here be a bunch of jerks to their community and and then leave your yelling at people and hope you will hate us nothing at all, but what I am saying is that whenever you speak truth in the context of Scripture.

People will not like that in the world will hate you and you will lose friends and you might even lose people that are close to you might even lose status in your company might lose an opportunity by standing triple what happens is we get so concerned about how other people feel towards us that we stop speaking the truth. The world will hate us. If we speak truth. You could pick your list of things the speak truth into right now in the world is fired up in the world is ready to fight response has to be truth in a has to be love. So here's a question asked this role hate urinals were looking if you're struggling right now to think of anybody doesn't actually like disagree with me, then more than likely it's because you're acting like the world. Why would the world hate their own, so there should be a difference right Christians to this day.

If they walk in righteousness should be different than the world and the culture, but we tried so hard. We are taught at such a young age to news earlier this morning the teenagers and tell you more than any of us adults right now the battle that they're going through every single day facing culture every day the battle. It is the fit and the battle is to just be like everybody else. The battle is to accept cultural norms that are different than biblical norms in the goes on and on and on.

We get a right and we lead the way in Romans chapter 12 verse nine, under the heading in Romans chapter 12 it is headed as marks of a true Christian you wanted a little reading assignment for letting go read Romans chapter 12 and in literally the writer walks through. These are the marks of what a real Christian. Looks like as much a one verse review Romans 12 Nine says let love be genuine again.

Starting with love. Let love be genuine and when love is genuine. It says to for what is evil in the hold fast what is good. In other words used to reject and hates what is evil, not hate who is evil hate what is evil, and instead of clinging to evil. We are to cling to good. This is how we do this. This is how we put this in motion we let our love.

Be genuine to people because people can sell fake right away right you can tell when you're authentic or when your faith you let love be genuine and in your love being genuine, you can still you can still say I am not having nothing to do with evil set on clinging to what is good. The psalmist in Psalm 101 has a wonderful prayer that I think all of you should circle in your Bibles is one of those highlighted ones made is one that you pray every day for a while. I love the starting in verse two he says I will ponder the way that is blameless, oh when will you come to me I will walk with integrity of hearts with in my house. I will not set before my eyes.

Anything that is worthless.

I hate the work of those who fall away, it will not cling to me a perverse heart will be far from me. I will know nothing of evil that is how we live this out.

Just look at those words again. What if we pondered what was blameless. What if we said that in our household. We are going to walk with integrity wherever I am and I have integrity my life. I'm not gonna put my eyes on anything that is worthless on the keep my eyes focused on what is important in life and I will not have a perverse heart and I will not know anything of evil that is how we do this because the third and final point is this is death to life. What is at stake is eternity. What is at stake, of why all of the support why it's important to love people.

Why it's important to speak truth over issues why it's important to hang onto what's good versus evil is because as John says we have passed from death into life. You speaking of those that at one time, new unrighteousness, and in the unrighteous state. It is death. Because all sin leads to death. It is in the righteous state that we actually have life for eternity and life today.

By the way, we can pass from death to life and enjoy it today because eternity is absolutely at stake you think about eternity. Think about the concept of just spending forever in either heaven or in hell, it should drive us to move beyond whether or not some he likes us or not to speak in the truth of the gospel. So I like to laugh. I like to have fun. I like I like goofy stories and I came across a story and it's like one look to steer the, the ending of the siblings are pretty pretty fun point to this, but may have heard this before, but a Minneapolis couple were heading back down to Florida where they were 20 years earlier and there in Indianapolis at the time of a big ice storm and so there like let's get out of Indianapolis looks good on the Florida let's stay down there in a place that we stayed 20 years prior because their work schedules. The husband left first and the wife was coming down the next day, so the husband leaves Minneapolis goes down the Florida checks into the hotel a day early to get into the room and he realizes that there's a computer in the room and so we decide to send his wife an email as I write this email. But, unbeknownst to him, he put in the wrong email address.

He left the letter out so the email went to somebody else same time, a widower in Texas who just lost her husband that week. Just got back from the funeral of her husband. Her husband with a Baptist pastor in Texas. She just got back from the funeral. She sits down at the computer expecting to see a bunch emails of condolences and instead she screams in horror and feints and passes out her son comes running into the room. The computers open and this is the email that she just received.

Here you because that was awesome. Timing to my loving wife member her husband to specimen subjects. I just arrived today. I know you're surprised to hear from me that computers here now and you're allowed to send emails to your loved ones since I've just arrived. I thought I would send you an email. Everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you then. Hope your journey is as even uneventful as mine. PS it sure is hot down here is funny you think about eternity and Dwight Moody has a great statement makes a very good point about the psalmist arrived in the is is that you can convince a person that you love them you of when their heart. If you really make people believe that God loves them how we should find them crowding into the kingdom of heaven. The trouble is that people think God hates them, so they are all the time running away from. I love that statement.

If all we get right is to love people how they would see the love of God through us.

Love how you start places if we really make people believe that God loves them.

We should find them crowding into a never forget the time I preach the message. I was a guest speaker somewhere and I preach the message similar to this.

Not this one but very similar. Just about heaven about how love the simplicity that we all are defrayed with sin. Al never forget. At the end we give summation call in and and think I way a lot of people that came to know Jesus and it was a room part of the size or bigger actually was outside open-air, and I was leaving to go to the back door and I saw a guy standing there with his daughter is beautiful little girl and he was angry was so angry I walked up and and he came up to me really harshly and put his finger like right is my chest, pushed and said how dare you tell me that this little girl has sin in her life and is going to hell without Jesus was so angry. I remember just looking back at him with every ounce of me, hoping and praying that God would just move and just very calmly but assuredly said we all have since her and without Jesus were all doomed to hell that God immediately began to weep and cry and his daughter accepted Jesus right there at the back door which had a baptismal hatch came up. The ending of baptized even after every left out of the Y deck in my head this morning as I was preparing for mission at the first service but I think that sometimes will we talk about heaven and how we talk about sin, we have a tendency to zoom us get angry about it and anger might be an okay response we get angry at the wrong thing and we get angry at God we get anger of the people instead of just of sin and eyes want to share with you as I close that that the original message of the gospel has been and always been love that there is a God that loves you so much that he sent his son for you to dine across for you and your place is because of our sin, our depravity, our brokenness, that he came in he came so that you and I don't have to live a life, fearing death but instead we can actually live a life of true love and life we can move out of unrighteousness into righteousness, and all surrounds around the gospel message that Jesus came to give the king that none should perish

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