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18: The Marvelous Love of God Part 3

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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May 9, 2022 11:00 am

18: The Marvelous Love of God Part 3

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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The first to grill a little side note of how important it is for us to have a few things in our life. I want to read some of the room for this morning that we just understand what John is trying to communicate and for someone to be about four verses this morning, always communicating with so important for us is the duality between love and consistency.

Loving consistency.

Those are two main factors in our life not only how well do we love, but how consistent are we in the way that we love. I thought about why the world might not understand God's love leader, just maybe stop those that are Christians and assume everybody here is a Christian, but if you are this morning online and you are Christian. Ever wonder what how does people just not know God's love is it so important it so freely.

God gives it to us and I think that sometimes is not the only answer I think sometimes the reason why the world struggles with God's love is because they don't see the people of God consistently loving people. I think that there's a point in the church in our life that we can really help that or we can actually hurt.

I we can actually help somebody on their journey to God. By the way that they see how we love not just one another but also how we love them and are we consistent in that or is it just a morning and a love you when I get something in return, or the CS bickering with each other or this is fighting with each other. I think right now, quite honestly, right now I think that it's so critical for the church and for the people of God to be real consistent in the way that we love one another. The way that we love what the Bible describe his enemies, and how consistent we are doing that. That is how the world will see and know that we are believers. By the way we love each other and because of God's love for us.

I'm able to love you but it goes one step further than that actually goes into loving our enemies in an enemy might not be something was like out of your enemy and it could just be that they just don't believe the same way. We believe or they voted differently than the way we voted, or they view life differently. There are pro-choice and were pro-life and so also the now there's that gap with the political season coming up towards a racial thing and we can go on and on about the divisions that we see happen. And even though there are moral divisions where we all understand that there is right there is wrong, there is moral writer's moral wrong. The Bible has described that how we love people through that really matters a lot matters a lot this last weekend unlocking a medicinal time on this.

This last week I I spoke out on social media regarding the Roe versus Wade thing and it wasn't big in Pennsylvania has a great blog we we connected to as well. Very well written. By the way Sir. But here's what I noticed about Crossroads were consistent were consistent in the way we've been love in our community for 30 years were consistent in our message when it comes to race and politics when it comes the life were consistent when it comes the word of God and that quite honestly I've had great conversations with people who have direct message me all week.

Not all believers.

Some had a real problem with things that were said and I love those conversations because it's through love that were able to communicate.

I one person who responded you're not a Christian and and I had a gut check Norman and Noah was that enough around. I know you were there, but just those words. You're not a real Christian because of something I posted it it makes you step back and go.

Is there any truth to that, no Sinhala responded that because as a human side of all the salons respond. Oh yeah, let me tell you about you say about you know you I don't know you but let me tell you about you by the pictures I've seen on social media was active in the 70s and so the responses.

Thank you for your response appreciated. Love you.

Guess what, no response after I found that the Scriptures very true when it talks about you want to know how to respond to somebody who is persecuting you. The Bible speaks of responding in kindness and what happens is you lump heaps of coal on their heads. We respond in kind units in the Bible, but some is attacking you because your beliefs as a Christian. The Bible doesn't say to fight like yell Holger Brown speak truth.

But when responding in kindness and gentleness. It's like taking heaps of cold recording on her head because all people want to do is fight were in the world right now that just want to fight a real scene that liquids every specifying and when you come at it from a different angle where you don't want to fight you not to let your guard down and I can let your lying like not enough you water down the gospel relevant stand. In truth, but you do it with love and you consistently are showing up with love is amazing what happens. I had some great conversations with people that definitely don't believe the same way I believe in the hope is that because the way that we respond that they will see God in that response I found. As of this morning's message is about righteousness, but it's also about righteousness and practicing righteousness and how do we then mix righteousness and hope together and so would I go to first John chapter 3 a gallon. Take note of this morning I got two main points this morning. The first one is practicing righteousness. The second point is on the results of the characteristics of righteousness and love together.

In other words, it's not just enough to say that we are righteous.

How do we actually show a world a righteous God.

Now my own self-righteousness, but are a righteous God through the way that we operate in our practice so you go first John chapter 3 risk and read two verses start off in November 2 verses at point number 2.1. By the way is practicing righteousness. What is that look like the first John chapter 3 were 70 John is writing us as little children.

Let no one deceive you. Whoever practices righteousness is righteous for he is righteous. Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. There is a lots in these two verses. Of course it's coming out of the first six verses that we can read in the last couple weeks with start off about God's marvelous love then translates to us being called his children and translates to our hope we have that we are to be like Christ at some point and then it shifts over to this conversation around righteousness around the works of what organa do see love and righteousness.

Unfortunately, often times in our contacts in our mind and in our world. Loving contacts are result based by how much we can do in fact love and righteousness is not about performance as much as it is receiving. Did you hear me the love that God has for us and his righteousness that is given us through Christ. Firstly is more about how we receive that and how we walk in that instead of trying to earn that's limited money help some you a little bit, but you don't have to earn it. There's nothing you can do that's gonna make God love you anymore than he loves you right now there's not that you can do that makes his grace, bigger for you than somebody else he wants to bring you into his family wants to call you. Us children was the document of this wonderful, glorious family, and in doing so he wants to give you the righteousness of Jesus that you have the walking, that's the first side and is practicing walking in that righteousness. So here's how we do it is so, would you hardly practice righteousness. We stand strong in Jesus's righteousness, not our own. That's how we do it the way that we do this is by standing in the righteousness of Christ, not in our own self-righteousness in first Corinthians chapter 1 verse 30 and 31 it says and because of him.

You are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God. He became righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. Those are three keywords in our faith righteousness certification and redemption, the righteousness that Jesus gave us that we did learn that he gave us by going on the cross and exchanging our sins for his righteousness there.

Sanctification happens in our life, which is basically because of his righteousness in my life. I want to live my life trying to be more more like Jesus every day.

This is the simple definition of sanctification. But then there is this redemption, the entire gospel is, this love story of God, trying to redeem his people back to himself.

Ever since Adam and Eve fell in the garden for the rest of of time to this point God is doing is trying to redeem us back to himself as he got tired of this mixture of these three things. That's what it says that Jesus came in and through Jesus, God has redeemed us. God has given us righteousness, and then we have this sacred case that happens in our life.

In other words, Jesus came to do something that none of us could do for ourselves. In verse 31, of what we just read it so so that as it's written. Let no one boast or let the one who boasts boast in the Lord knows, out of all these things were talking about all the goodness of God all the things that we have. The way that we can live our life. It is set up so that none of us could boast none of us can boast ourselves about how good we are and how much we deserve what he gave us. Joan says it this way, says little children. Let no one ever seduce you into the belief that character and practice can be separated. The key is doing righteousness so is partially what you receive.

That is free, but the other part of it is our character and who we are, has to actually do and has actually implement righteousness. The practice of righteousness is simply living by the truth of Jesus of you and try to put a definition I wasn't mean to practice righteousness. It would be. How do we actually put the truths of Jesus in our life that is practicing righteousness all the things that Jesus taught us the way that Jesus lived his life the way that he performed the way he loved people the way that he forgave the way that he ministered his attitude I do all those things that Jesus showed us that is practicing righteousness those of the truth that we have to practice in our life to the righteousness that is given to us on salvation the moment you and I are saved, the exchange our sins and gives us Christ's righteousness than is the other side the other side of it is, what would you do with it now.

Now that you're saved now that you're chemically now that you've made right I righteousness be made right. See been made right because what Jesus did, so warts that we would gonna do it and I love how John as he writes the Sikhs begins to explain this and one of the things he keeps going back to that will rehear point number two is that Walter comes back to love how you love one another how you love the way that Jesus modeled love that is ultimately so you think about how do I practice righteousness. You come back to love can escape fact the Scripture doesn't say that all the laws hinge on two things loving God and loving people. And then Jesus goes even deeper into that even include your enemies. How we love the world matters and listen to me let let's now is not, take a perverted stance on what the world is created love to be in the world I love is, based on transaction if you love me all of you if you do this for me. All this for you if her like-minded than than that, that we can get along, but that's actually not, the love that were talking about lover talking about is love that, goes deeper than that. It's a goes much deeper than that. It allows us to firmly keep our stance and speaker truth but to do it in the way that people love to think sometimes when people hear churches or pastors talk about love. They for some reason initially in their mind they go to. I guess I gotta water everything down. Then, in order to just get along, and that's actually not it at all. Speak truth, but speaking in love and eyes encourage you to not water down your faith and I hear an do not water down the word of God do not do not shrink back because you think that something is going to happen like stand your truth because the truth that we have a Scripture saga summary just just two days ago and they're asking me daily quote will how do you, how is it that that you're able to just say stuff in there, for a position like I would never say those things I would never post something I would never, I would never push against something. Why is it that you you do that and my responses. This is that there's things in Scripture that are just so obviously rights that is not me and it's not systolic.

Andy's opinion on stuff is now at crossroads opinion on stuff. The place we take our confidence that this is the word of God stands, all were doing is just repeating to the world what God already said and we do that we don't have to apologize for that.

Like don't apologize for true church. Come on, don't apologize for this is true to screw but you know a truth is, so that means you read the word of God, the Sen. did sound teaching you got yes study you got your be approved. He always had to be ready to give an account of your faith, or that that is biblical as well. In first John chapter 2 verse 4 to 6 as whoever says I know him, but does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him. But over keeps his word, in him, truly love God is perfected by this we know that we are in him.

I love this verse. Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked you want talk about righteousness being practiced is walking in the same way that Jesus walked its practicing righteousness. In other words, it's a habitual thing that we do it becomes part of our life affect what John says regularly. It all really all through the first John is, he makes mentions of stop sin like like don't continue sinning because that's not your nature anymore your nature now is walking in righteousness. And there's this battle back and forth that happen. And the reason why there is this battle back and forth the address it because it's about the devil and the devil is a murderer and he is a liar. That is what it comes down to it we can't just profess that we know Christ. We have to actually walk in that and practice that it's kind of like faith right. It says faith without what without works is what did so. It is like you don't just tell me your Christian there has to be something in your lifestyle that actually shows me that you're Christian that is putting righteousness into practice is actually living it out and in everyday life scenario, but the big push against. As we got this real enemy and the mouse is where this real enemy named the devil who the bow says what it was a murderer and he was a liar from the very beginning and in the goal of the biggest lie that the enemy will love is that it's all righteousness. Sending sometimes again we we always go to the extreme side that the enemy of our soul devil Satan, Lucifer, or whatever you want to call them at whatever time you want to give them that sin and it's his ugliness and and it is as can be. This massive thing and sometimes that's true, but I think often it's way more subtle than that.

It's him just trying to get us to believe that we just don't need God is not that is Nestlé trying to make us bad. It's just that is trying to say will you don't really need God and of the enemy can get us to believe the lie that it's our own righteousness that is not action from God or that's where pride comes us were Falcons.

I look at what he said to Eve in the garden did God really say that you die.

Now you gonna die.

He just doesn't want to become like him. And this is Sandy and the debtor's plan to send the silly this big massive stumbling block to throw funny, although it could happen.

Often times when more subtle than that. It's more about attacking a righteousness. The lie leads to the self-righteousness that we in ourselves is enough. We talked about this several weeks ago about the sovereign self thoughts and color speaks about at the heart of it, it's, like this.

This postmodernist, New Age approach that basically says I have everything I need right here. I hear that from a lot of people. By the way, people that don't really understand God if you listen what you hear is self-righteousness. You'll hear the sovereign self you hear that coming through because what they're saying is I have everything I need already in me. I'm a good person.

I have my own self-righteousness them, and I use those words with that's that's the lie and the trick of the enemy that's invaded our culture in a huge way. The enemy will love nothing more to just eliminate God out of the factor in the salary doesn't it says it from the very beginning.

In John chapter 8 verse 44. He says you are of their father the devil in your will is to do the father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand. In truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and he is the father of lies. But here's the good news already keeps getting better. I love John's writing. He presented any paints the picture of. Here's the enemy. And here's the attacks on her face but then he comes right back any comes right back with Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil, it's a big amen from somebody right that that's that's good news that's work victory comes in.

So yeah, the reality is, is a real devil that is a murderer and is a liar, a love nothing more than the sabotage and the submarine all that you're trying to do and in the person you're trying to be a writer in the Christian you're trying to be the good news that she is Artie to marry one. He came to actually I love his wording to destroy the works of the devil that includes shame that includes guilt that includes the sin in our life. And he did this by going to the cross.

You can escape the cross or the empty tomb in this in Colossians chapter 2 verse 13 to 15 as those you work dead in your trespasses and the on circumcision of your flesh, but God made you alive together with him, having forgiven all of our trespasses.

He canceled the record of debt that stood against us in its legal demands. This he did by nailing it to the cross is on the rulers and the authorities he put in the open shame by triumphing over them and he did that by going to the cross to the victory we have in Christ.

If he takes it, and he puts it against the cross Christians, we still struggle listen John addresses his writings that when he says do not continue sinning what he saying is don't continue to make it a habit of sending also recognizing that that even though we been made new. Even know were forgiven that we all struggle probably in different areas doesn't mean we have to send but we struggle with that we struggle with thoughts.

We struggle with ideas week struggle with our attitude. We struggle with temptation. All these things are still out there were Jonathan John John is a sin. I'm not.

It's not that God is understand that we sinners don't make it a habit of sitting. So instead of making it a habit of sinning. What is offering us his will and make it a habit of living and practicing righteousness and those are kind of are two choices. We can either live and practice sin or we can live and practice righteousness meth encouragement, which is the second point this morning. That's this is the evidence of righteousness and love. So what then is the evidence that John speaks to what we actually walk and practice righteousness is go back to first John chapter 3 and two versus the last few verses, verse nine and seven is is no one born of God makes a practice of sinning with you just talked about for God's seed abides in him and he cannot keep on sinning because he is been born of God. Listen to verse 10. By this, it's evident. Who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil. Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother.

Very interesting to me as I was reading that that although all the stuff that John could've said to describe practicing righteousness in God or following the devil he brings it back to the way that you can tell is, by the way that somebody love somebody else, the person who practices righteousness in God loves his brother, which means the person who doesn't does not love his brother others a doctrine of what's called imputation the documentation. Now I can summarize a row quickly. The Gospel coalition.

By the way, is a good article if you want to dive into a you look at it, but in that article it says that in the New Testament. Specifically, Paul addresses imputation, which is basically exchanging rates.

It's accessing it's it's giving over and it's real porn understand kind of the stop behind the doctrine of the dictation when it comes to righteousness, and the way that we live because you have to understand why.

Why am I able to actually walk in righteousness. Why am I able to actually love everybody was unable to actually do that was because of this, and what he says is that it functions and three clarifying with serial the first thing is Adam's sin imputed to all humanity. So imputed and imputation with saying is that because of Adam's sin. We all have sin is been given to all of us so everybody who's ever been born since I am and Eve have been born with sin imputed incident that that is the fall of man. That is why we need salvation. That is why we need Jesus because all of us. All of us. Without it, have sin, because Adam it was imputed to everybody but then the second point is this the Christian sin arson was imputed to Christ on the cross so all of the sin that we have. Jesus takes and all of our sin is, given the him and it's all nailed to the cross but doesn't stop there. The third factor then is Christ righteousness is then imputed to the Christian Martin Luther calls this the glorious exchange. I love the terminology. Martin Luther says that that is the glorious exchange that all of our sin from Adam that all of sin on the phone shortly. That's in the Bible we all sin is all been imputed to us from Adam, but in Jesus comes in he goes across and all of our sins were transferred over and given to him in exchange he takes his righteousness, and gives it to us with begs the question why do we keep pursuing and why are we so enamored with the very things that Jesus set us free from that is the trap of believers. The trap of all of us is why do we keep being enamored with things that we shouldn't be enamored with why do we keep pursuing things the very things that Jesus says I came to give you freedom and take from you. These are things that we still wrestle with, and still walk through.

But we are made righteous.

This is the good news that were made righteous because were made righteous.

We now have this opportunity to walk in love. I always find it fascinating as I read that the John basically gives two platforms.

He says 041 or two categories, you're either gonna fall into your father is the devil, or your father's God and these are cut into categories. In the New Testament it did kind of talk spot by the wide road in the narrow road and there's many other ways. In the New Testament, speaks the same idea that at the end of the day that you and I have a choice. We can either fall under and be a child of the devil, or a child of God.

St. Augustine says it this way, says that the devil made no man began no man created no man, but whoso imitates the devil becomes a child of the devil, as is begun of him.

We will look and we will ask. Like our father, and will reflect to this world either that we are a child of God or we are child of the devil. And that's what the world sees that's a decision that every single one of us have to make in the evidence behind this by the way, the evidence he says that is so important, I love hi brings it back. The evidence of whether or not we are in righteousness with God or we are child of the devil. He comes back to a says God's seed which is translated as either his Holy Spirit or his word because his spirit is inside of us because his word is inside of us. We will not continue instance that will walk in righteousness with the children of the devil.

They do not practice that they don't follow that and he says that you know by the way, that whether they love their brother, and I think that's very interesting because it talks about all different ways to prove who were following and who were modeling after he comes on says that it's about the way that we love. In John 1334 35's is a new commandment I give you that you love one another, just as I have loved you.

You also are to love one another. By this, all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

This kind of love that John is referring to that John's inferring is a kind of love that Jesus gave us it is sacrificial. It is unselfish it is unconditional love. This is the level of love that John saying if you have this, love. If you have this love for one another for sacrificing is unconditional. There's no strings attached, is not selfish that Kino love for each other in this room that the world will then see that you are followers. Next locator is a great quote alone and with the challenge uses the call yourself a child of God is one thing to be called a child of God by those who watch your life is another thing altogether. That's a good challenge. The end on this morning as we talk about righteousness. We talk about righteousness and action. Love this.

It's one thing for you to say that you follow God. It's another thing for somebody else altogether.

Say you follow God because of the way that you act because the words you use.

Because the way that you love one another church, the world is watching.

More so than that God is watching and God is already given you his spirit and his word. When you practice righteousness or will you continue in sin, those of the options. If we decide to practice righteousness and we have to practice it the way the Jesus model should do what Jesus did. We been set free from sin were made new. Go on. Out of all the encouraging verses at the end of the day. It's a choice that you and I have to make that I choose to follow God, I choose to follow the way of his word. I don't choose to follow the way of the enemy.

I don't choose to follow the lies I will choose the father see I choose to follow God, without which that your feet this morning. I want to close us in prayer teams and are closest free beta version of a song in know your plans today in front want to get out some photos and get some months and all those things but you would just give me that honors the pray over us this morning's prayer together. Father, thank you for your truth.

We thank you for your love, hello, we thank you that were sending in a room with many of us who know what it means to have our sins taken and given to you in your righteousness given to us. So for us. I pray that you help us to live a life that is walking the way that Jesus was that we live a life a lifestyle the way we talk the way we act.

We love even our enemies that would point that there is a God who actually is a love with people and I pray this morning for those this room that maybe they're struggling. Maybe they're trying to understand this love of a father in there trying to understand what it's like to not live the way the world lives and made this confusion. What I pray right now that you cut through that and that war that they would be open to accepting your forgiveness that will repentance of our sins that you would redeem us and make us new that would exchange our sins for your righteousness and I pray that for the rest of our days, that we would pursue you that we would walk a life that you taught us to walk today is thank you for the reminder today. Thank you for the way that you love us. The prayers we live leave her that we would really truly show the world a loving God in Jesus name, amen

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