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17: The Marvelous Love of God Part 2

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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May 2, 2022 1:00 pm

17: The Marvelous Love of God Part 2

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Moses called the marvelous will of God. We talked about what it look like to say God your love is marbles was actually made, and first John chapter 3 launches into that conversation where he says behold the vast love of the God, the best mother God has for us in what he really was doing was using a terminology that is so big and and so brought that's actually been hard to translate what kind of love the father has forced and my prayer for us honestly again today as it was last week and maybe next couple weeks is if nothing else you'll be for this morning encouraged and excited about the vast amount of the Godhead is just for you and for some you when you hear that it registers because you know that love for others of you. You might be questioning that. And maybe you're here and maybe you're not sure about God and in you.

Not sure about what that actually means what that feels like margaritas is my fear is that this pride many here that exercise you cannot shrink you shrunk back away from God out of guilt and shame and we always have that mix right. We always have a mix of people who feel really good and you feel like you're in a good spot in life and God's like ministering to you and you feel really close to God yellow people just like I was at one point who are far from God, and maybe don't know yet and they got everybody in the middle that that is just doing the best we can to live life every single day of our life.

The reason why want to spend time in first John a lot has to do with the heart that the author who we believe is John Deere of the gospel. John, first, second, third John in Revelation that he just has a heart for the church. It is hard for people first. John is actually written to Christians many times within first John, this is to my children. He says he refers to the church as his children and really first John is it's a writing the letter to help the church because they're going through a tough time there's people that are leaving the church at the time. There is what he calls the antichrist not the antichrist but plural. Many people just pulling people away from their faith. He's dealing with conversations run good and evil that is really evil in the world is also really good in the world that there's light and there's darkness in the world, but the core of it at the Corvette.

There's a central theme in this kind of two central themes once bigger than the other. One of the central themes that John writes about is that he's writing so that people would have fellowship with each other but also fellowship with God and so you see a lot of John's writings dealing with the fellowship that we have with the father deal with the fellowship we have with other people meeting like the church like we are now, but the greater central theme is honestly it's God's love for us.

That is the greater central theme that God is us madly in love with. And guess what, that hasn't changed at all to gratefully God's love for you hasn't diminished over time and what I love about or about to look at is that this is an encouragement to their listeners. Nothing that you've done that separates you from God's love. There is nothing that you can do in your life on this side of eternity that will make God love you any less. But he loves you so much that he doesn't want to say the same and he loves you so much that he actually wants to call you his children to lastly we explored what it actually looks like in first John chapter 3 the marvelous love of God does a few things for us. Since this a quick recap from Lasix to bring up the speed a lastly we talked about how because of his vast love for city causes children and that he adopts us into his family and once you're part of that annex term adoption into God's family. That means that you have the rights to everything that, as Paul wrote that and John wrote that and reinforce that they talks about how that we are heirs with Christ, that that everything that Jesus has is also ours is as likely things behind that. That means that as children of God that we get to enjoy all the benefits that God has for us today, but also throughout all eternity. We also explored last week what that love looks like and really at the heart of it. When we say the marvelous will of God. What it really means that God loved the world so much and God is love is very nature's love that he takes Jesus and he actually put action behind it and is similar to us right we could tell somebody we love them but we can also show summary that we love. We could tell people only. I love you and I care for you, but how we know that we actually start putting action behind that.

That's when it really starts to feel real, and God model that God didn't just say I love my people. Yes, it takes Jesus and he sends it.

We just celebrated this a few weeks ago with Easter and he says Jesus to die on the cross for all of our sins that love in action, and so is called us to do the same thing another reason why love just talking through first John I.

John was probably written around 65 A.D. there's always an early date, a late date, and you might wonder, why is that important at 65 A.D. one of the key things about the writings of John is John was an eyewitness to Jesus, so this is a story that was passed down from one person to another person to another person who's writing it around 100 A.D., who just heard about the things of Jesus.

This is actually John's writing is experience of him. He says in there that that they've actually seen Jesus that they heard him that they touched him and what they saw and heard that they want to pass on the NetSuite is doing is basic passing on all that he saw and heard and felt from Jesus, which is really critical to report to think about that concept effect the gospel of John. By the way, is the earliest Greek manuscript that we have been writing it in a museum, I think over in England right now. It's the earliest one and it's right around the same time of an actual Greek manuscript written by John's hand that was probably transited one time is actually in writing say I like thinking about that stuff.

It's on the apologetic side of our faith that it and other were some aegis and make this up a few hundred years ago. It was a summer that came way after the fact, this is John John the beloved John the one Jesus kept loving the disciple that was there at the crucifixion, the disciple that Jesus told to take care of his mother. This is John the beloved is the this the guy who wrote the words there were about three this morning.

He wrote them for first and encounter. I think that's encouraging for us again for many reasons. One, were reading the words, a summary actually saw Jesus and was with them but then there's also kind of the drive that you and I should have to do the same thing as you and I really said that same mentality.

I want to take what Jesus is done for me as well tell people about I want take the love that the father has for me and how that translates in my life and share that with a world that honestly doesn't know what real love is really all about.

So today wouldn't jump into first John chapter 3 Caribbean four versus that's it for verses this morning. Review verse three to verse six to go out and open your Bibles against their organelle look at this together and walk through it. I have one main point today saloon is one main point that is woven and is basically proven this main point over and over and over again below for subpoints this morning but but here we go, the marvelous love of God that the first main point. The main point is simply this, that Jesus's victory brings hope and purity.

That's it.

The four versus organelle read deal with hope and deal with pursuing after purity.

And those two things are vastly important in our life. I think what's happened on the show this again later. What's happened is in the world is we think in holiness, God standard holiness is simply means to be set apart to be holy as I am holy to be consecrated, set apart, that's what that word means what and read that in a few minutes to be set apart for divine purpose. So when God says be holy as I am holy God seems almost set you apart for divine purpose you have in your life. We talked a lot about that a few months ago out of Ecclesiastes were talked about and we answer the question why am I here what's my purpose in life why my existing why why am I alive right now. What is it that God has in store for me and and we are saying is that he wants his people to be set apart for divine purpose. But what's happened is that the world and the culture they perverted the world were holiness to just be equated to goodness in my sphere and ice and I and it's not the fear is the real thing that I see is that for many believers and followers of Jesus we take in holiness the standard of holiness and we just dropped their way down to be equal to what the world says the world says that as long as you're a good person as long as you do good things and that's enough. But that is not holiness.

Holiness is a vastly different level than goodness, but the trap that a lot of Christians fall into a lot of lever sponsor is that trap of goodness and wanted to share this with you. It's not good people who are in heaven at safe people are in heaven, there is a difference between being a good person, immunoassay person, being a safe person should drive us to do good things so good things do matter, but is not solely based on my goodness. And what happens is that we then based holiness and how good I can be so for example when I say to you, Lynn.

Leviticus 1140 forward to reading the moment where God says be holy because I am holy. How does that translate in your mind when you think about so you might not even know God said that so it's it's elsewhere in Scripture where read more about it when you dive into what it means to be holy.

But when you hear the words, when God says be holy because I'm holy. What's your first thought and inclination, mostly by talk with their first thought is that's unattainable. I can do that I'm not God. God's holy God's his very nature is holy not be on sinful. So how do we attain that holiness but you can escape the hope that we have an escape what holiness looks like in our life.

So just for the next few minutes I want to really spend time on that. I will honor want to rush through it. I want to take our time to understand that when God says that he has such marvelous love for us that we can't even comprehend. In Ephesians it says prayer is my prayer for us that we would know how fast, how deep and wide and long and high beloved of God is for us. I wish we would understand that.

And often times we we try to get our mind around what that means. And we really like the word hope we all like that word like the word hope, but would also like to talk about purity and holiness is wrong, comfortable, and he gets real comfortable because Christians are teasing with sin all the time we tolerate sin, we allow little cinnamon. We say things like, it's not that bad. God still loves me, which then causes us to abuse grace. So we get stuck in a cycle that were abusing God's grace force and because we know God loves us a little sooner than that bad but but there is no worm selling was nowhere in Scripture were Jesus as a want to be saved and it's okay if he's in a little bit now maybe would like from the say that we doesn't do you ever notice that God in Scripture never lowers his standard to match our standard.

Just think about that God never lowers his standard of what it means to be a follower of Jesus to match our standard but we constantly are dumbing down and lowering God standard to matter standard in this conflict there, and it causes us not to live the life that you were created to live savory orange of Intuit Corrie 10 boom was a Holocaust survivor had a great quote says there is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still to great comfort in that quote that there is no pit so deep that God's love is a deeper that we can't run away from God's love and so as you as you might feel uncomfortable this morning. Maybe a little better you feel stepped on your toes a little better you feel a little squirming.

We talk about sin and purity, holiness just just remind yourself again that there is nothing there is nobody in this room were God's love has stocks for you.

He consciously pursues you. And so even in our uncomfortableness of talking about what's going on in her life. In dealing with our own shortcomings, the enemy will love you to feel shame and guilt that would younger love you to feel that this morning I need to stay on the other side the other side of feeling extreme love and grace and humility to know that God loves you so much that he doesn't want to stay in your pit is, and wanted to stay in shame and guilt, so what is it mean that Jesus victory brings us hope and it causes us to go towards purity. Let's read first John chapter 3 were seen before versus says everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself, as he is pure everyone who makes a practice of sinning. Also practices lawlessness sin is lawlessness. You know that he appeared in order to take away sins. And in him there is no sin. No one who abides in him keeps on sinning. No one who keeps on sinning has either seen him or known him Sirs, there is a lot in these four verses, and a lot of it has to do with hope. So in order to start.

We have to start with hope and the hope is this the hope that we will be like Christ leads to purification affect the hope that this is talking about in verse three actually goes back to verse two. The hope in verse two is that we will be like Jesus when he appears, and we will see him as he is. Let's understand hope in the right context. This is the hope that John is writing about. He's not writing about hope we have for tomorrow.

Hope we have in our stuffer hope we have been what's coming down the road is talking about a hope that is anchored in the fact that one day you and I will see Jesus and receive face-to-face and he says that because of that hope because I believe that someday I'm in the stand before Jesus, eyeball to eyeball than what that should do today is cause me to live a pure life today.

I know I say is it because I know whose I am. I'm a child of God, and I know where I'm going, which is eternity with him.

It should lead me to follow and pursue after holiness and righteousness today. That's the hope is talking about. That is the great hope of this passage that one day we will be like Jesus will see them as he is.

That's the hope that were looking for and that hope should drive us right now. Today, to have faith that have a sincere heart. It also does this in first John chapter 1 verse eight, nine, it says that if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us but in here's the hope that we have if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. This is part of that hope because of that passage. It gives me hope that when Jesus forgives me that honest child and because of this child. One day he's coming back for me when them to be like him.

So while Ms. child I need to represent the father limited again fruit for those that maybe not.

About five minutes ago because honest child I should reflect my father so I call myself a Christian. I should look like you and I should look like the world around.

If I claim to be a Christ follower. My bar is not set by what the world classifies as moral or pure or honest, the Scripture and God is already set the bar. We are many Christ.

In other words right that that's how you define so our lifestyle the way we talk the way we love one another. The way we love our enemies. By the way, all of that should reflect our father is. Wonder how many people if you were standing next to Jesus that you would look like him that my poor children, look like me.

I wish to look more like Stacy but the college like me. We have, one of each blonde haired, blue-eyed and red hair and pale skin, but we see my kids and you see me next to them. You can say they belong to you and I just wonder if the world sees us and says, yet they belong, belong to the father.

They act like on the talk like him. They love people like him. They live like him to that. That's the bar that is set in.

Here's the object of our hope. Let's not get this wrong. The object of our hope is Jesus. So what John saying here is when he talks about how, by the way, this is the only context of hope that he writes in this manner is the only time uses hope in this way, in all his writings and is using it as an anchor to the hope in the object of Jesus mother was is not saying hopeful things about other things. What he saying is, is that our hope to be like Jesus is anchored in the object of Jesus and again. Unfortunately I nice we all stumble into this, we become our own hope, or our hope becomes we can accomplish in life. We talk about this all times. There's nothing wrong with success at all. There's nothing wrong with having a career and a family and in doing good. That's all great but the promise when that becomes the object of our hope when Jesus alone has always from beginning wanted to be the object of our hope.

Hope comes when we give Jesus our life. That is when hope begins. Hope begins at the moment that we say yes to Jesus. That's when hope begins for the rest of our lives now were expected to live a lifestyle that is pushing us more towards purity and more towards holiness, the more towards the world around us. Anyone who sets his heart on the future and the future purification also has to pursue present purification.

Another was important to be like Christ. One day that should be our goal today that we should pursue that today, Nestlé says that the Christian life cannot be lived with her eyes only said on our current situation it can't just be set on the here and now and has to be I'm going someplace I'm running a race that can end up in eternity so that should dictate how I live my life right now.

Today, because I know who I am, I know where I'm going. It's going to lead me to the way that I'm supposed to be living my life Thomas a Kempis wrote a book called the imitation of Christ was probably the first books I read early on the collection of just small writings that he writes hundreds of years ago and he has a quote where he says this he says at the day of judgment.

We shall not be asked what we have read, but what we have done, not how will we have spoken, but how holy we have lived, listen to me one day and just take I'm not try to be rude but it is a matter what you think it exit is matter what you believe is one day every knee will bow before Jesus. Every person will stand before your creator everybody in the question will be how did you live your life it will be the holiness level that you live for now much money you made, not how successful you were. It will be about.

Do you know Jesus that's it. That's a reflection and skull holiness in Scripture. Holiness means to be set apart, is to be saying sanctified, it is to be put aside for a divine purpose. This is the holiness level that were talking about the New Testament concept over the last of the Old Testament concept and holiness that it is a decree declaring us. The Israelites watch me hunting my and my eye was one of those going to see Jesus right near them over like I might be having an issue here take his turn off his showdown. That's that's my distracting will keep going to figure it out or disclose now and go to lunch now were into deeply.

I give hope you're so so holiness in Scripture is God's innate nature that's that's his nature, and often times we think the holiness. That's we think we think that God is holy and I'm not an a causes to withdraw from pursuing that very holiness. But the other side of it is to think about it from the direction that God has called us to be set apart and to be holy as he is holy. Leviticus 144 the verse that I already read.

This is from the Lord your God consecrate yourselves, therefore, and be holy because I'm holy. Again, this directive that God has given us is not just an Old Testament thing Jesus and the writers in the New Testament actually affirm this and back this in the New Testament that brings up the question that all the should be asking is whether what is holiness look like today I how does it actually operate in my life. What is it that actually does in my life today like what is actually mean and how to actually pursue holiness in my life that that should be the questions that is to be driving inside of us and let us tell you what holiness is not forcible because we think of holiness. I think sometimes people think of Pius, you think every is better than somebody else you think the Pharisees holiness is not does not mean overly righteous meeting righteousness in my context like on my own person and I am righteous in myself. That's unfortunate. A lot of people think about when you think about holiness. That's about me. If excellence is the exact opposite side of that holiness about all of what Jesus has done for us.

So when I see holiness and the pursuit of holiness is not pursuing to try to be better than somebody else is not looking down on somebody else because they don't get it is not looking at the world as their breezes get to go to Helen on the limits figured out that it's not that actually should drive us towards humility, holiness, I should drive us more towards loving people in a better way is to be us embracing our community around us and even loving our enemies is what the Bible says that that's what it looks like affect the great commandment that's found in Matthew 25 is is a little bit of a picture of what holiness should look like. The commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and on your on all your mind. And then this is the second is like it to love your neighbor as yourself. That is, that's kinda holiness and action that saying that what holiness means in the pursuit of purity looks like is me pursuing with all my heart all my soul and all my mind. That's how it looks. How looks outward Alex outward would be the fruits of the Spirit. For example, the way that I love the joy I have the peace I have in my life the way that I care for people around me. So those are things that drive us outward and so this is what holiness looks like in first Peter chapter 1 verse 14 and 16, says this way. This is as obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance. Again, this there a great wording that if if I am no Christ follower that I can't go back to my ignorance that I was before this is that were changed were new and here goes.

Says but as he who called you is holy, you should be holy in all your what its conduct in all your conduct. The way that we ask is not just in here is not just here is not just saying the right things. There is action that goes behind showing the world that we are like our father that we are set apart.

There were different there were not the same that this earth is not our permanent home right there something else that were looking for this purifying our self-concept over what what I like about if you read it, that he might so wisely to purify himself, assist, purifies himself, what this is doing it is. It is putting the active role on us. In other words, Jesus already did what he was going to do can I say that there's no more work that Jesus needs to divorce is Artie finished his Artie done it is Artie victorious. The tomb is empty and we celebrate Easter is all great right, but then there's my side of it and my side of it is the active part of where we make ourselves move that for week we pursue that in ourselves. We have to pursue holiness in all that we are again, say one more time that happened is the world the culture have perverted holiness and dumbed it down and dropped it down so low that we feel like we just stepped over the bar were there because were comparing ourselves the wrong thing. I think the trap that allow a lot of people fall into was comparing ourselves to other people and Christians are the same thing were not careful, we will compare our Christian life with with your Christian life and will say well Emily is doing better than that person. And Emily still better than this person and my kids are least doing better than their kids and their Christians, non-Christians. I guess that I'm just doing better but again were looking at the wrong thing. The only image in the mirror with a look at his Jesus. That's the that's the ideal place of holiness. That's where we have to go to to compare our life what's happening.

So here's the promise identify the problem.

The problem the read about in this passage is sin, and always has been and always will be.

That is the problem. It defined sin.

This is sin is lawlessness. Anything that goes against God's law either goes against God's command. This is what sin is end up the sin issue is the issue and the reason. What keeps us from pursuing this holiness mindset stops is this way says that the first step towards holy living is to recognize the true nature and wickedness of sin. Again, since it doesn't come in that window doesn't. It comes in soft.

It comes in almost at times is a good thing. It comes in at times a little doses and we don't feel like it's bad or it's not a lot of sin and that's all the sudden that we start to get trapped and ensnared in this Romans chapter 6 says do not let sin reign in your mortal body. Don't let it rain in your more about this, is it not present your members to sin as instruments of unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life. I love that wording don't you from death to life. All of our sin into life in two weeks were Kennedy baptisms on Sunday morning. By the way, little plug again for that. One of our favorite Sundays of the year. We do throughout the year. Different times love seeing the visual what baptism is baptism all it is.

This is the public declaration of an inward faith and what but the reason why we go underwater and above water is your diet, your sins and your made new in Christ that is the symbolism that's happening there. And this writer in Romans in space and don't let sin reign in your body. No matter rain there because you Artie been brought from death back to life. Verse 14 I love this is for sin have no dominion over you have no dominion over you since you are not under law but under grace. In Romans 623 it speaks about what sin does to us.

The wages of sin is death and that's what sin does sin causes of sin is rebellion against God. Sin is lawlessness. Sin leads to death.

In Hebrews chapter 12 it it notes sin as weights that we carry that it clings to us that it ensnares us.

This is the problem. So when when God calls us to be holy and to pursue purity. We have to let go. Sin, you can't pursue purity and holiness still hanging onto being weighed down with sin that verse in Hebrews. It talks about what we have to not be weighed down and not be ensnared in sin because we have a race that we have to run and we can't run the race that God's call this the run ever way down in sin and the answer is found in Hebrews. It says let us fix our eyes on Jesus, that is the answer. The answer to the sin problem in all of her life is the fix our eyes on Jesus, that is not about just being a better person. I get I think sometimes what we do is is we we just attack the condition of sin. We just attack the. The outworking of Simba never address the inward issue and saw her doing is try to be better people were never allowed Jesus asked to do a deep work inside of us and the only way that we pursue holiness only pursue being pure in our life is by fixing our eyes on Jesus. That's it. That's the only way that it gets done, and if not, then sin will continue to ensnares and will continue to weigh us down when the bow Artie said that were dead descendent, and here's why Jesus is the center you two things about them real quickly to these lodges a why he's the person that is the object of our hope is because he came to take away the sins of the world and because Jesus lived a sinless life process so important in your apologetics understand that Jesus lived a sinless life that he can.

Not only the take away the sins of the world.

We know that John the Baptist, when he saw Jesus coming said, behold the Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world.

We all know Jesus came as that perfect sacrifice, but why was it Jesus was the reason why is because he lived a sinless life.

Jesus did something that none of us could do for ourselves.

There is nobody else I could have taken our place on the cross with Jesus and send previous five $0.21 for our sake, just listen to these words for our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, for our sake.

What happens when you make the personal what happens. We make that verse for my sake. Is there so much weight behind just think for a moment that God loves me so much that from my sake, he took him with no sin and made him sin puts it on so that I could one day have hope to. That's what I hope comes in right so Jesus not only came to segments of the world also came with a sinless life in Hebrews 928 and so Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many. Jesus came once and for all done once and for all. For the sins of all the world that if we would confess him as our Savior that he saves us which Ms. now we have hope for all eternity.

Blessing want to bring out of this verse is found in verse six and this is not something that that we could water down.

We can't just quickly go through it but only verse six again that we just read in the beginning verse six says no one watches to hear these words. No one who abides in him keeps on sinning. Since at that settle for a moment. If we are in Christ do not keep on sinning and then it says that no one who keeps on sinning has ever seen him or known him. This is strong language here is basically drawn the line the Sansone listen if you are a Christian, stop sinning that that's the bar that Jesus said if you abide in me, you don't keep on sinning because you did this in and if you keep on sitting there with the bow sins leave you actually don't know who God is used only you don't get it because we got it we would step on that side of the line and say okay I'm I'm done with sin more says that we must not water down the statement. The Christian has no business with sin and must never be complacent about it, even about occasional sin, the Greek tense that John was writing when he says this actually infers greater meaning he's actually saying no one continually who continue lives in Jesus makes it a habit of sitting know it's just not talking about the little stumbles and always have. Because if we think that way than than all working to leave your thing that got you punished me every time I messed up and that's not guidance. So is not about like the little struggles we have been and are to believe I made a mistake in and repent.

Like that's not about that.

The habitual ongoing simply saying is that nobody is going remain sinning if you abide in Christ, so don't leave your thinking like a great group who can actually do that I can't be perfect I make mistakes. II think things I shouldn't think I say physicians say is not speak about that he's talking about those that claim to be Christians and are just living in sin is.

And if you're doing that you actually don't know got it all. Anyone who abides in him does not continue to send first John 228. This is now, little children, abide in him that I wants to hear is a service of the first service that I spent a lot of time just looking at this verse Alaska, the rugged challenge is now, little children, abide in him is that when he appears right.

That's our hopes let's go back when he appears this is our hope that we have when he appeared to be like him organize the world saying is that we need to abide in him now pursue holiness now pursue purity now. That way when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink from him in shame at his coming. I wonder Jesus appeared today. How many would shrink back out of shame instead of going to human confidence because that's the metric that's the line would say is that if you abide in him. Then we don't shrink back out of fear we actually approach with confidence. The reason why we have shame and guilt because were toying around with sin is tell you since then sin will ensnare you entrap you and weigh you down in the lie. The enemy is constantly just the littlest occasional's occasional arms you look at that website just a little bit your long, look at that person is not my spouse on the go do anything about it but I'm 010 look at them. Phenomenal lie at work on the steel just a little bit because while it is it is okay is a little bit is a little bit just a little bit that that occasional that's more the trap. I think than anything else. I'll think often that also in the enemy through sin, we just die for Lynn and we to say forget got mom on this. I know it's it's small little bit, even when Mary was good must run a little bit doesn't know sex is okay, and on and on that game just goes for if I made you a dessert thing about this mimic of them hungry on work. I made your favorite dessert, and I handed to you on this point and it looked amazing and got her spoon out. He took the biggest move on you and you bit into a that's all right just just so you know though I added poison to the ingredients just a little bit just a little summerlike. That's my wife's cooking all the time all stop you sent me an email. Go ahead Simeon, I just form all the Danube. But what if I did that work.

I made your favorite dessert and have made this a little poison, but it is poisonous little bit. I'm not sure any beauty meeting. I would hope you would deprive throwing a mirror throwdown. So when we do that with life. What we do that with sin light.

Why do we say this is a little bit. Is that what happens and we just we abuse grace thing is poems is in Scripture. So we keep on sinning so that grace abounds no we are dead. This in that is the standard, but we got this other side really what God loves me. God's got so much grace for me it's okay this is the little sin say I'm sorry and will be back on the road, and although that's true what John is saying is that if you live that way you don't even you don't understand the love of the father. You, my hope and prayer for us all is that upon Jesus returning we do not shrink back in shame and guilt, but we go with confidence before, but I'm just telling you don't lower the bar of holiness. Don't lower the bar of purity.

Don't try to look for outs to look for loopholes to look for excuses.

It's time just that it really is time to step up forgot say if I am a child of God.

I want reflect my father and that's can require me to pursue holiness and to pursue purity. Nothing less than that

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