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16: The Marvelous Love of God Part 1

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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April 25, 2022 2:00 pm

16: The Marvelous Love of God Part 1

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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First John three and a series of messages left on blue thought about this about as I was writing this message or last couple weeks getting longer and longer and longer and longer and I made a decision/we consider trying to just do all the verses in one Sunday I was going to take my time was to break down that okay with you and take your time at his work through first John chapter 3 verse 10 primary verses that will be working through today were going to be two of them were still due versus one versus two today and the title of the series.

This little miniseries is the marvelous love of God, the marvelous love of God. My prayer for you.

Honestly as we jump into the sis morning is that maybe for some of you for the very first time you will experience what some of us know as the marvelous love of God.

If I did everything my being is your pastor if there's something that I just so wish for you is that is where this your first time here, you been here for years is that you would just feel and experience this marvelous love that God has for us, not just that he can give to us, but who he is and is very nature the marvelous love that the immense love that God has for us in Ephesians will read a little bit. It's a prayer to the writer Ephesians where he says my prayer for you is that you will know how deep and wide and long. The love of the father is for you and I long for that for you and I long for nephew because I know what it's like for me and I know what God's love did in my life and what it means in my life and also look at the world around us that so desperately needs that kind of love that was put into action to where Jesus comes a dozen across force.

We are talking a lot about John the disciple John is credited with writing the book of John, first, second and third John as well as the book of Revelation and John is one of the disciples effect in Scripture is the one whom Jesus Loving it is John the beloved that he is the one that's there at the crucifixion is the one that Jesus tells to take care of his mother, marries a fisherman by trade. He's a he's got a brother is the sons of thunder sons of Zebedee, sons of thunder and there's a lot revolving around who John is, but what I love about John. I think the reason why am I want to take my time through, it is John truly writing to people out of love for God and love for them from a pastor's heart effect. The main verse that kind of summarizes John's Harpy lecture this every week, but I think is worth repeating John chapter 20 verse 31, he says, but these are rents that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. And honestly that's my prayer. My prayer for us is that we would believe that Jesus is the Christ that he actually is the son of God because Lutheran Church which is saying about it was and there is no other name under heaven by which men are saved. There is no other name is no other name more powerful than the name of Jesus. There just isn't and you might think there is.

Or maybe you've tried to find one but there's not an exact Jesus name that every knee will bow and every head of every every mouth confess that he is Lord like that is the name of Jesus, and it is that marvelous and powerful name that also expresses to assist marvelous and powerful love, and again Mike dear here this really asked my my heart this morning is so hopeful it really is, not as I would get regular so it's really hopeful that say that you will walk away from your not only experiencing the marvelous little goblets data for some of you.

It's a reminder of his marvelous love. Chuck Swindoll said this about why first John is so important. The whole book of first John, others get set up before getting the first John chapter 3 he said this, he says the parallel of the parallelisms in first John are striking for their simplicity and that's why we do like about its complex thoughts put in a very simple way. An example Christ versus the antichrist light versus darkness truth versus false righteousness versus sin, the love of the father versus the love of the world, the spirit of God was the spirit of the antichrist because Anna says that while this is not a complete list that reveals a letter that presents the world in an uncomplicated way we can overcomplicate these mostly want. At the end of the day when it comes down to is that there is right and there is wrong, there is good and there is evil there is God, and there is a double effect. As we read late and upcoming weeks about how we are sons of God, but we have a choice and we can be the sons of the father or sons of the devil you know that God created us. We we choose like a wiener follow the way of God or you fall the way of the enemy. John emphasizes this while while also emphasizing that all of it comes down to love.

I think that's right, like about John's writing. He puts a very simple these complex things effect where read one of the complex things the day, but it all comes back to just love not only the love that God has for us, but also the love we have for each other. John's first epistle teaches that while it's important to recognize the line between truth and error must always be done in the spirit of love and I hope that's what you here this morning. I hope here's a very clear presentation of the marvelous love of God.

What is it mean for us to be called children of God was even mean that that even though right now we don't know what it's gonna be like one day we'll see Jesus as he is, what is that mean for us today and I hope that we can allow just God to speak. Clarity to understand how incredibly marvelous as love is force. And because of that, there's absolutely things that you and I get the benefit today. The first John chapter 3 term nearby was the first John chapter 3 where find encouragement around this phrase the kind of love the father has given us the kind of love the father has given us so this is part one of follow know how many parts it's can end up being the part one of the marvelous love God.

That is the working title first John chapter 3 the main tax revenue. Some supporting text in the main text is just to versus regular see what kind of love the father has given to us that we should be called children of God. And so we are the reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Beloved, we are God's children now and what we will be has not yet appeared but we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is, but Sprint father, I think you're right now for your word. What I pray right now that you just give clarity to our hearts and our minds as we handled delicately the word of God. The importance of the love of God.

I pray that we leave here with hope and encouragement. I pray that some believer this morning. Maybe for the very first time.

Acknowledging Jesus that you are Lord in your life that we could take the message of hope, the message of this incredible love into a world that is so filled with evil and filled with hate and filled with fear.

We are thankful for the love of the father that cuts through all of that so that I pray that this morning you would just remove distractions that you would cut through even our own fears, our own hopes, our own desires her own anger, our own sinful issues that but if you would cut through that and reveal your love to us in Jesus name, amen. Couple things about the marvelous little God, I want to write down the first one is simply that it's very simple about God's love is amazing and it is marvelous. Can I hear an amen from somebody that knows his love is amazing and it is marvelous and let me just tell you it is and maybe never experienced before. Or maybe it's been a long time.

Or maybe you forgot that his love for us is actually amazing and it is absolutely marvelous. In fact, take encouragement of this that the Bible says that there is nothing less than nothing, everything, nothing I there is nothing that can separate you from the kind of love that God has for you. There is nothing, and I hope you take comfort in that while we don't abuse that we don't abuse grace, but also the same time, he recognized that there is nothing that can separate me. It doesn't know what you came in here with what your life is been like Telemachus reassure you. There is nothing you've done what God does not love you he loves you know, doesn't mean he approves doesn't mean he doesn't want to change it to be more like his son Jesus doesn't mean that because of his love.

You can just do whatever you want and he just loves you and love you love you what it means is his love for you put into action so you and I can find freedom in Christ and experience that love on a daily basis. Listen we need more of that, love in our life. Neighbors needed your neighbors needed this world needs it. We need to know. Amen. There we go right along. That kid gets it back to Getzen. That's kinda love we need so John starts us off with a Greek idiom and use the nativism to begin office in an idiomatic statement where in other words it's hard actually. So it is in Indio is right is something that my work in our language nano language. So here's a few that we were no like one is a blessing in disguise.

A bird in the hand is worth what to say go break a leg, raining cats and dogs like these things that we stay here in our language might not actually translate know the languages and and I've spoken and a lot of places outside of the US and I've said some things that I could tell soon as I said, I'm like yeah you did not get that at all, you didn't understand that one bit. Not only the statements but also mannerisms. I'll never forget that as I was a young youth pastor and I was preaching sent me to Uruguay from Ohio. I still know why the price. Let me get rid of it.

So I literally went to Uruguay to a small town called Progreso which know they don't make the soup for the pasta. There are checks I slept in and baseless shack outside of this couple's house who didn't speak any English and I knew zero Spanish that was interesting and I lived with them for a week and we we didn't talk we just pointed. It's a four-week hand this a listen. Whatever you do don't do that sometime you say what was the don't do this. What you talking with a hand gesture was in the middle finger.

I know that that one that translates in every language, but they have a hand signal that is the same as our middle finger. I used it constantly.

The first night constantly.

Afterwards, I just laugh my entire sermon on like it was a very funny sermon after Xylocaine we told you not to do that unlike source and all that to say I was invited back to the revival did, it was it was a pretty good week.

I dislike give the finger to the devil. We@if I were those title the message of the finger.

The eye we get off this concept so there statements. There's things we do that is untranslatable what John did is John starts off with one of those effectively says what manner is this.

Behold the kind of love the father has what that actually translates to doesn't make since it translates to what countries and from it so doesn't present what it's saying is how amazingly marvelous. His lovers it's a term of amazement actually Keller says it this way says what planet is this kind of love from in others what John was trying to convey to the audience is listening starts off by looker beholder or listen to me this big season to make a big statement and he uses this idiom that basically says listen how how amazingly vast and marvelous how much quality it is, is the love that God has for us.

It's unreal. You can even put your reminder. I think you pastor Daniel so we came up. You can't even fathom. Like we try our hardest to fathom that kinda love it and the foursome were blocked with our own human mind right we we understand love in our context, we can understand great love and deep love, but none of us none of us can fully understand the vastness of the unreal nurse the quality of the amazing love that God has for us and so that's how he begins it says how unreal, how how vast and wide. We can imagine. Spurgeon even stopped for a moment and just give a little statement. Spurgeon says this is as we have to pry into the secret to pry into it as as a beginner read that I was reading through that. I just I just felt we set a stop and just try it for a little bit what is that look like, how does that translate how is it what is that mean in our life of how vast and how amazing is this actual love that God has for us. What is that actually look like one of the things that I thought of was that God's marvelous love it. It takes us out of our sin it takes is out of our sin.

It takes us away from our shame this is what it does so with nothing else, if nothing else is marvelous love allows us not to live in sin and shame and guilt any longer. Since the week after Easter. Easter Sunday was last week and was a great weekend for people in churches all around and it's here now like the week after Easter. Last we talked a lot about Peter. We talked about John the talk of a Murray mandoline. We talked about course, Jesus and the disciples in and I want to go back to the rest of the story just briefly with Peter so as we know, last week Peter is there with using the disciples and their having dinner and just before Jesus captured in and this is where we talk last week where Peter looks that Jesus is safe. I will die for you I will give my life for you.

The rest of the disciples are saying the same thing to Jesus and Jesus turns the Peter and says listen you you not gonna die for me. Your your ex again deny me three times earnings. United before the rooster crows before that happens again deny me three times again. Peter says again with with every ounce of it and I will never do that I will die with you and the disciples all agree well shortly within just a short time Jesus captured and is taken away and is taken into behind closed doors like this were Jesus is now Peter is on the courtyard and is around the fire is warm itself around the fire and this is where it all goes down. She is been captured. Peter denied Jesus three times. Rooster proves the rest the day unfolds uses taken is crucified is put into a tomb that was peters, last big interaction with Jesus, then the tomb is empty so Peter goes running to the tomb in hopes that Jesus is alive. As we said last week, Jesus actually presented himself for 40 days to hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of people after the resurrection for the greatest documented proven things in all of our history that Jesus rose in the debtor that matters because the resurrection really matters. That's real important to our faith. And now, this is one of the interactions after the so Jesus comes back full circle to Peter celery just a part of this in John chapter 21. I want to see the kind of marvelous love.

That actually is available to us to give us maybe some hope in John 21 verse 15 the 19 it's when they finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon son of John, do you love me you love me more than these, Peter says them. Yes Lord you know that I love Jesus I don't feed my lambs. Then he said it a second time.

Simon son of John, do you love me and he said yes Lord you know that I love you and he said tend to my sheep that he said them 1/3 time. Simon son of John, do you love me Peter was grieved because he had said them 1/3 time. He loved, he said them. Lord you know everything you know that I love you and you said and feed my sheep. Verse 18. Truly, truly, I say to you that when you were young used to dress yourself and walk where he wanted but when you are old you will stretch out your hands and another will dress you and carry you where you do not want to go this he said to show by what kind of death he was to glorify God, and after saying this he said to him, follow me. I love that passage not only because Jesus reinstates Peter but because there's hope for some you like me. I love seeing that Jesus took the time to go to Peter and asked him three times. Do you love me you love me you love me. I will think it was an accident that he asked him three times the I just got until you receive your pay attention how may times the Peter denied Jesus 393×3 times Jesus comes back around… You love me you love me you love me this Greek word for the word love is agape.

This flail the first two times that Jesus asked Peter do you love me use the word agape the third time uses flail. Peter's response is flail all three times I bring that up because I often hear conversations around effect has been a certain article with me that I cannot chuckle.

I saw the title was sales like a little Greek does a lot of harms like that. Some like that sometimes you can outsmart yourself. There's books are sermons written about this. Listen, there's not much difference, so don't don't read too much into whether Jesus used agape or Peter useful way of those two terms are interchangeable. There are interchangeable because they sometimes make you lose the meaning behind it. By focusing on the wrong things to talk about agape and agape love. Love and than the verbal of agape on just the moment but but either way, we all know there's different ways to express love. There's different ways to say love right you can put tents on different things you know you could say I love you and mean it. You can say that I love you and and not Munich. All these different context that the point of this passage, though, is that Jesus asked him point blank three times you love me three times Peter responded. I love you I love you I love you. He was hurt by the third time Inc., Peter quickly remembered you do not you three times to I love though about what Jesus does is it doesn't just stop there. Jesus was just trying to make Peter feel bad about the way God is and try to make us feel that either God is not like trying to make us feel bad by all the things that we've done or not done. I also love that knowledge he asked him do you love me, he give him a job that is like 10 my sheep feed my sheep. Female athletes take care my people, and the last thing he says, that is, follow me. I love that so much. If you know the calling of the disciples, some of the disciples, that's all. Jesus said to them, Jesus walked past. They come follow me and I love that Jesus gave Peter another opportunity to follow maybe for some you that's today and might be there for some you.

He's given you another opportunity today to follow. Maybe for some of you, Jesus is asking you. Do you really love me more than these you love me more than your job you love me more than your career.

Do you love me more than even yourself.

You love me more than anything that you can make you love me more than your money if you love me more than your gifts. Do you actually love me. I that's an answer that price, I was gonna wrestle with think we could quickly maybe and maybe that's what Peter did. Maybe. This, quickly said yeah of course I love you, and then finally realize though. I got a really think about this in my really willing to give my life for see when Jesus at the end of that. He actually told Peter, basically in a dive for me member again. Remember Peter as Lassiter asked before the crucifixion of Jesus was.

I'll die for you and you said you're not gonna die for you. Can you live for me or deny me. But now that he's reinstated now also induces your you're actually now can you give your life for me. Peter does Peter's crucified in Rome and yet is called the fetus sheep. The take care. Talk about this for a moment. This word love because love Bella, love that God gives to us is not just something that he can do is not just a gift that God gives us listen. It's actually who is this a big that's a big statement that that it's love itself is love itself that that God is saying that the judge honestly listen listen to me, behold, the kind of love that God has for something that is in and of himself as of himself. Is this affection towards us in first John chapter 4. Turn the page over to the next chapter will quickly first John chapter 4 sorry verse seven just a few verses but is great merit here. Is it as the conversation continues about the love that God has.

He says beloved lettuce love one another. Now that word.

Let us love one another's. Agape oh is the verb tense of agape for love.

Agape is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God. Why, why would you say that while he said that anybody who does not love doesn't know got another was if you don't love people you actually don't love God.

Why well because it is God's actual nature that is love is not just something that he puts on display when he wants to. He's actually love itself is love embodied in Christ rights love of who God is so cute. I can love our neighbor if we can love our enemy, the Johnson you actually don't even know God thing was that from all of the power what love really is. In this the love of God was made manifest among us. So God sent his only son to the world that we might live through him. In this love, not that we have loved God, but he loved us and sent his son to be the appreciation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought to love one another while love one another is a few things about love. First I just said is that God is actually love it too is nature. Love becomes an action. God sends his son Jesus in an action to go on the cross force. Listen, no human being put Jesus on the cross is not like people just overpowered him and overpowered God and put them on the cross, Jesus embrace the cross and put himself on the cross. And really, truly, I know it might be a little cliché us, but really truly love did really hold Jesus to the cross that was his love for us.

So God sees us.

He loves us, but God does something about that and since Jesus in other words, God just say I really love you just figured out by yourself notices. I love you and him and do something.

Love becomes an action and here's the thing. Jesus actually says the worst was the same thing, which was love God… The love people will love requires an action or you can tell somebody all day long that you love them, but it's when you see it in motion that it really matters. The you tell people you tell your neighbors you could say things like I love my neighbors.

I love the triangle. I love the world, other people of the person next to me. But when you actually start showing their love and present love and the action is where makes all the difference in here's my prayer for us. Ephesians 3 TMs in a paraphrase.

Ephesians 318 is that verses as I pray that you may know how big and how wide and how deep the father's love is for you. Love that verse of that prayer for the rest the morning. I just got a few more things I want to say is that you really truly would know somewhere deep inside of you there be a connection of how amazingly marvelous and wide and big and deep and long God's love is for your life in our life because in the marvelous luggage of the sons look on the second little subpoint God's marvelous love also allows us to be his children right so it's not just that God loves us like is not just a behold out big God's love is.

He then says that because of his big love is his love for us that he actually calls us, his children, so why does that matter, why does it matter that the King of the universe. The God of the universe calls us, his children will children of God, refers to membership adoption into God's family.

It means that we are part of it and once you are adopted into God's family. Once you are a member in the God's family. You'll just get kicked out because you had a bad week that I love what what Keller says about that. It's as if your child of God you don't lose your status if you had a bad week. Aren't you grateful for that. I should grateful that just because you have a bad day or an off day or a bad week the goddesses and go right now you're out on my family are gone gone this adoption, this being brought into the family. This being drafted into the spiritual family is for eternity and with it comes privileges. It really does before you privileges assist talk about this for a moment in John chapter 1 verse 9 to 13 so turn up a few books backwards. Go to your left and you'll find the book of John Matthew Mark Luke John John chapter 1 verse 9 to 13.

He says the true light which gives light to everyone was coming into the world speaking to Jesus. He was in the world and the world was made through me at the world and not known.

He came to his own his own people did not receive on the listener. Verse 12 it says, but to all who did receive him who believe in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, who were born, not of blood nor the will of the flesh nor the will of man, but of God's important matters and matters that he just doesn't cost us some people that he cares about that because of his marvelous love that he brings us into his family the worst kids were adopted in that family home. If you ever read CS Lewis Screwtape letters and the reader to great book you read it as a study in this passage, he came across the counter that shared a piece of the Screwtape letters referencing the importance of being brought into God's family is when a reader just a few lines business from CS Lewis is about the Screwtape letters of Screwtape. It was the senior demon is a Screwtape senior demon who is instructing a younger inexperienced understudy called warm. What so just get the picture. SCS was writing there is a senior demon Screwtape. He's mentoring a young Redeemer, warm warm would and what are the says and says that he's expertise, training and instructing his younger and expense understudy warm wood in the art of guiding a human being into hell and he warns his people that the task is all the more difficult because the enemy who to them.

The enemy is God… Quote has a curious fantasy of making all these disgusting little human vermin in the sons but is a great reminder. Listen, there's a very real enemy that doesn't think much of you and then you are very solar love to take away sons and daughters away from God and like I was worded in the Screwtape letters to where they are warning their understudies that that God has this curious fantasy of making all of us in the sons and it's a daughters can I say that that the word of God says that God wishes that none would perish that none would perish that all would have eternal life with him. Why, because he calls us his own.

He's made us is created us with that as this is an extra part of this the privilege of being God's children is one of one of the privileges that you and I are heirs with Christ. That's part is not only are we called sons of God, and shown of God and daughters of God. But we are also errors with crisis as a we are coheirs with Christ in Romans chapter 8 verse 17 says and if children, then errors suffer children. There were also errors in four heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him. This terminology of being a co-era being heir with Christ as a person who shares an inheritance or that's what it means. It means that we share an inheritance with them. Romans 817, Paul calls Christians.

These coheirs. It's multiple people who inherit together the blessing of a relationship with God. In other words, is not just for me. It's not just for you is for all people who call and recognize that God is serious will pulsate is that because of that that we are brought into this family that we are coheirs with Christ.

Nesta says this about John is he writing. It is as referencing to being born of God. John speaks to the marvel like elsewhere. The marvel at the privilege of being God's children to see or to behold is a statement of wonder and amazement member John starts off like a look see the whole it's an amazing thing about tell you this John is enraptured with the reality of being adopted by God. And here's why. Because God could've just judged us. He could just pass judgment. He could've just forgiven his rebellious children and sinners just like me and this moved us on the way but instead instead, he goes further and makes us his children something very powerful that the God of the universe because assist kids not only that, but that we are coheirs with Christ. So what is that mean because of credible means all-out.

These are one of the things that that means that ties into the rest of first John the will gets you over the next couple weeks and that is that we will enjoy the eternal glory and eternal riches with them. That's what it speaks to those who back the verse number two verse number two that we just read verse two of first John chapter 3 is his beloved, we are God's children are and what we will be has not yet appeared but we know that when he appears, we shall be like him because we shall see him as he is. But that is because what is it actually me. I think you'll find great hope and encouragement. In that passage because it is the reality reality is that we will enjoy.

At some point our life. This glory this riches this color with Christ. But more than that.

He speaks to what we haven't become yet. What's still waiting for us was still waiting for us in eternity.

What is still out there that God hasn't even given to us yet on this side of eternity.

The thought out that there is one verse that really came to my heart's revelations 21 four revelations 21 for your firm primarily at funerals, but is a powerful reminder of the riches in the glory and being a son of God in eternity and says this says that he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning or crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. The speaking of the new heavens and the new earth. How would you long for a day seven every single tear wiped away long for a day were there is no more deathly death is conquered, it's done. There's no weeping is no crying, there's no pain. The Bible speaks of a glorious body that you and I would receive CF a small glimpse of that when Jesus raised from the tomb. We know that there's some difference about Jesus when he raises again reduces glorious body that you and I will also entertain and also good. Their minds that the first John worse is that what we will be has not yet appear what is that what what is he referring to is referred to something inconceivably glorious, something that you and I can we get our minds remember weeks were talking about personal talking about a statement of marvelous love that we can we get our mind around so this whole passages dealing with, listen, there's something so massive I want to share with you and it starts with God's love because of his love. We are children because we are children we are coheirs with him, but then Johnson's Lenny Lenny, blow your mind again because there's also this glorious body that's coming that we don't even know what it is yet the what is this inconceivably glorious body that is waiting for such an attorney that's out there that's waiting and hanging. We know that when Jesus returns you and I'll be transformed that would change. There were no longer the same, and it is amazing that when he saves us that that happens on salvation happens inside the a in my heart and my soul.

My mind makes his new, he changes us were no longer the same.

First John is saying is that there's also change that's coming for eternity that you and I get to be a part of. Baxter said this way about the novel both the ignorance and the knowledge of when John spoke Jesus with respect to our future state of war were heading. John affirms with her ignorance and analogy affirms our ignorance. Inasmuch as what we will be has not yet appear, meaning we don't know.

They were ignorant to the fact of what that's actually going to be buddy affirms our knowledge.

Since we have the assurance that when Christ appears will be like the goes on says that all of our hearts.

Questions are answered in this statement we will be like him, because we will see him as he is balancing this. He says a little, four lines.

He says my knowledge of that life is small, the eye of faith is, but 'tis enough that Christ knows all and I shall be like him. As a reminder that we will have all figured out.

We can ever comprehend the kind of love that God really has Boris, we barely can't comprehend was immunity children and errors with them, but then he also speaks of this future state of of where were heading and what were going to be, by the way, to remind you that in first Corinthians 15 verse 52 to 54 says enough moment in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet, the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed because auntie says that the parish of body must put on the imperishable, mortal body must put on immortality. When the perishable puts on the imperishable, and the mortal puts on the immortal then shall come to pass the saying that is written were all waiting for this day, that death is swallowed up in victory saw Jesus swallowed death victory in the resurrection. The reason why we have hope. The reason why we can even enjoy the marvelous love of God is his Jesus went first Jesus when first he died he came back he brought back with them resurrection and brought back to life and brought back victory with Lucas chapter 3 it speaks to our citizenship is that our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, Lord Jesus Christ will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body by the power that enables and evens the subject of all things to himself.

This is what we are waiting. So as we close in summary, God's marvelous love. First of all this, and it takes us out of our sin it takes is our shame.

It takes all of our guilt makes us do. It gives us a new star we talked about the last time that the resurrection reminds me that every day I can have a new beginning. That's a new start is marvelous. Love gives them God's love is both amazing is marvelous. God's marvelous love calls us as children and errors.

God's marvelous love gives us hope to be like Christ

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