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9: Who Told You That? 3 Lies of the Enemy

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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February 28, 2022 4:00 pm

9: Who Told You That? 3 Lies of the Enemy

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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I want to go through this morning. Methods for today. I love how God works. How there's things that we planned and we look towards it and how goddess knows exactly what we need this morning here in this place the title message this morning is simply who told you that who told you that Hermione Judges chapter 6. For the most part, go there and get ready for that and get something out six notes of this morning, but I want trouble something today that I believe that is happening in all of us and that is that there are lies of the enemy that the enemy of your very soul will love you to believe the lies of things of sedative who told you that you were good enough at one point in your life who told you that you were smart enough. Who told you that you weren't attractive enough children's were lovable.

Who told you that God is abandoned you, the golfer say to you who told you that you never enough amount to anything. And the reason why think is so timely today is as we look at the world around us we see what's happening specifically as he was happening in Ukraine and Russia over this last week.

Since all that started I would say it's probably close to 30 if not more people at different times and restart over the last week asking very good questions. Questions like Handy was God in the middle of this, why, why does it seem like guys are doing anything wiser than we pray, and we believe are more open.

We don't see any results. What was the miracles at the worst guy in the midst of all this, and I said something about that and praying about that and and really thing about the message God has for us today because I believe there is lies of the enemy has spoken to you that maybe you believe about yourself as an enemy maybe is spoken to you about your own life and your own future and your own capabilities and listen enemy will love nothing more than just to get a sidetrack believing his lies believe in all the things that we know Briley are true, but there were time you start to believe that we start to bring them into our heart and torso and quite honestly, my heart hurts this morning really does, her hurts not use over what's happening in Ukraine, which it certainly does. But it got me really passionate about what I want talk about today. I think the Lord is in this because my heart breaks for you. My heart breaks for you, that appear here today and you don't think you're good enough, or you don't think you've amounted to what you're supposed to do everything you've made so many mistakes, especially for those that might be your today that feel like God is just far from you.

You just can hear worry is it and maybe you're starting to believe the lie that is, left you a kind of abandon you. My heart hurts for you and I know that it's happening say I hear all time is of the same lies at times that I'll believe I'm not careful, so I don't swear the lies begin, I want to set the stage and forgets the judges and surveillance of all three lives. The enemy love for us to believe three lives that will help her our faith to realize that the enemy keeps speaking to us coming off of a passage in Judges chapter 6 deal with getting Gideon but before we do that I want to the stage of the lies and were began to feel drowsy and turn around quickly in Genesis chapter 3 is where the lies begin and again allowing Congress and build the case of the lives and know where the real enemy is know who the enemy is our life know what the enemy is trying to do because I think some of it is if we just can recognize the schemes and the tactics of the enemy.

It helps us push through those times we dealt those times of crisis those times where our faith is winning and right now our faith is being tested. Faith is tested every day.

But maybe, especially today, your faith is being tested.

And again I guess keep going back to what the enemy is trying to do you think that puts of the social media this last week that stirred a lot of good conversation and not a response, and that was simply the set of the enemy of scene can make you bad that will make you indifference.

That's typically the first down a very slippery slope.

We become indifferent about church become indifferent about worship we come indifferent about reading God's word. We become indifferent about praying we become numb to the things in the world around us. And if the enemy can't just throw something for us and cause a trip and fall in the phone. The sin which hopefully can't just do that like real easily how easy it is just to make us indifferent about self indifferent about her neighbors about her world around us words at all. Begin words also source in Genesis chapter 3 verse one says of the serpent was more crafty than any other piece of feel that the Lord God had made. He said the woman, and this is Eve, he says the evening. Did God actually say you shall not eat of any tree in the garden and the woman said in the serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden. But God said he will not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden nor should you touch and if you do, you will dine out real quick. Eve and Adam. Adam and Eve knew the rules, there is literally one euro they had one rule to live off of him and how long they were around with gobblers God and Adam and Eve.

There is harmony there is animals during the garden. It is paradise on earth and then one rule don't touch don't eat the tree in the middle of the garden you can do anything else you want to do you have anything else you want to eat from just don't touch that one is interesting is that when Satan approaches her and challenges God's word. She knew God's word.

She knew what he said.

I was thinking about how this is in the context of our life.

Many people know God.

Many people even know God's word. But how easy it is for the enemy just just the cause a little question because little doubt the first thing that Satan says he worries that God really say that now about you but I know in my lifetime I've heard that negative voice often to God actually say that is that what God's word actually means.

This got really truly think that way and also the union causes you to maybe second-guess God and son.

If we can get us a second-guess God's goodness in this truth. The real slippery slope from there about trusting them with the rest of our life.

So he responds to the serpent says now week we can do all these others can see from this and here's the response from the server. The serpent says the woman you're knocking to die after the die. God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. So then most of us know the rest.

The story Eve described whole fruit sheets. It she turns her husband Adam heats it. What happens next is the reason why there's evil in the world today, you asked the question why is there a prudent in the world today. Why is this happening why is there suffering lies their death was their disease. Why are there issues widely things fall apart when relationships suffer this lie at this moment. It all begins the moment Eve reaches her hand out and touches the tree. There is separation from God. She gives it to enable theater because of one moment in time you believing one little skewer the truth where the enemy says God didn't really say it that way. God didn't really mean it. That got hit God.

Listen, you're going to be fine, I'm saying this because I know that voice and I know you know that voice through really have to live according to this Bible. This got really gonna do that. Is that really what it says. That really helps us to live our life that really morally and ethically. That really would gotta say it on your ear can be fine.

You can refine so little sense of the little lie is a little twist the little turn of the dial. This is where sin begins. What happens next is heartbreaking weapons. Next, again in the garden Genesis chapter 3 verse nine. This is now God and God is now entered into the garden and God calls to Adam and says, where are you where are you two happen is because the lie of the enemy Avenue. Eve realized that they were separated also and they realize that they were naked also and for the first time. Listen Adam and Eve never experience fear and so this moment there is no fear. There is no fear in the garden. There is no fear of any animals.

There is no fear of anything and all of a sudden one moment there's fear for the first time in the separation in the high listen.

God is the only person they know they don't know anybody else they know each other. They know God and and that's it and they're hiding on the Gothic freedom. Adam says this is so when I heard the sound of you in the garden. I was afraid that I was naked and I had myself listen to what God says to the title this morning comes from God's responses.

Who told you that who told you to be afraid.

Who told you to hide who told you that you were naked. Who told you that can imagine the joy of the enemy.

At that moment maybe be very blunt, very clear with you. Those that are Christians in your room. Let's understand one thing that there is a real enemy of your soul that hates every single fiber of your being listless. I was a mask around was a playground this morning. There is a a real double a real saying that hates everything about what you stand for and hate you and is the father of lies here knows no.

True, there is no truth in him. He ate everything about you. He hates that God get your worship is that God created you.

He hates it. You worship God. He hates that God loves you. You how often do we toy around listen and we think it's just not that understand there's a real enemy that is after your very soul, not just your career, not just your marriage, not just your kids, not just your future not just your health, but you're very very soul and sin separates us from God and all he needs to do is to get us to believe the little Isaac says John 844. Here is is a description of the devil. He says you are the father of the devil and your will is to do your father's desire to just speak and to a person and he says he was a murderer in the beginning, and does not stand. In truth there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

First Peter five a is another descriptive of Satan. It says that to be sober minded to be watchful because your adversary, your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. You might not be able to run up and just pounce on you and just devour your soul. So instead he just whispers lies he whispers partial truths in the Bible Satan actually tried to use Scripture to trick Jesus uses little half-truths causes us to be indifferent cause us to be quiet because this is the question.

If God is good right now. What's happening in the world.

There's a lot of people right now that the enemy is running rampant in the fear, and in our minds, asking the same questions that were to see Gideon asked God if you're there, where are you right now that if you're really out there, why are we suffering Dodge even notice me even care judges chapter 6 leaves little context before jumping to the life of Gideon to set the stage of what's happening. Let's go back to Moses gave Moses the book of Exodus, Moses leads over a million people out of Egypt Israelites are in slavery for 400 years there stuck there their bondage, God raised up Moses. Moses goes in 20 not let my people go right and and mother and Moses leads the people out across the Red Sea there heading to the promised land is Canaan the promised land isn't really far away it's within walking distance in the short period of time. It's not real far it took them 40 years to get there, why because they send they did evil in the sight of the Lord.

They lost their way. These are the people that literally saw. They literally saw the entire C split. They walked through on dry ground. They saw God provide food they saw God provide a fire by night and club either to guide them to lead them. They had everything in place and they still constantly rebelled against God, Moses often called them stiffnecked people. Figure 1 point God told Moses a good teacher people. Moses response was what you mean my people.

Literally if this is one of the funniest Scriptures. Like most like none of your people your people is a mess because of their sin because their lack of faith.

They see the promised land of the Giants and there they come back and say no we can't go in there and got us on the Navy and go under that entire generation. Only Joshua is the one the steps for the promised land. Moses dies Joshua takes over. Joshua leads him to the promised land near Joshua pride and account Scripture that would that would trigger is the walls of Jericho. Jericho is one of the last major cities before Canaan, and so they marched around in the will of the biggest victories into the promised land. They go there in the promised land. Joshua dies when Joshua dies. There is then another 400 years of the time of the judges system of the book of Judges, in the play.

Judges are people who are leading the people group spiritually there at Kings is a period of Judges in the book of Judges and mentions 12 particular judges if you count Joshua as a judge of the 13th Sampson on the backside of it is the 14th judges of those approximate 14 judges 12 months in the book spanning 400 years the time of the judges. Gideon is one of those judges he's one for 40 years, just like the Israelites and just like the future Kings. There's good judges. There's bad judges. There's good times and bad times. There's times where Israel's prosperous or sponsor Israel is doing everything great. There's times were about to read what they did evil in the sight of the Lord and God gave them over to their sin and got gave over the Midianites and said here.


Yet you want go for right after the judges are the time of the Kings Saul is the first king of Israel by the way, you know why the Israelites wanted a king.

They wanted a king because all the other nations had kings I was the only reason I was whether one of the king, God was meant to be dork their king.

The entire time get that God as their king. There is only nation that God as their king or real-time human kings and Israelites to look around on who we want to king and so again God gives them over to the desire and Saul becomes the first king you recognize Saul because that's where David and Goliath come in the player in the reign of Saul*saucer solution. Towards the end and then on it goes from there where we find the Israelites in Judges chapter 6 is that they're being heavily oppressed by the Midianites, the Midianites are region south of them. The Midianites God told them to get rid of them to to conquer them but because of sin, they didn't do it and so God turns them over to the Midianites. He says fine if you and I can direct say to do for seven years. He turns them over to the Midianites of the Midianites artists annihilating everything Israelites trying to do this is where we find the passage today Israelites are hiding or hiding in caves there hiding out in small places every time they popped her head up the media to come in it would take everything over there heavily heavily oppressed people at the time and this is where Gideon comes in the play now started Judges chapter 6. That's kinda history and the contexts that were to find this passage into Judges chapter 6, Palau three lies that then he still uses three lies that Gideon was believing that three lies that you and I believe in Judges chapter 6 verse 1 to 6.

It says the people of Israel did what was evil in the side of the Lord and the Lord gave them into the hand of Midian seven years in the hand of Midian overpowered Israel and because of Midian. The people of Israel made for themselves.

The dens that are in the mountains and the caves and the stronghold. So there hiding whenever the Israelites planted crops the Midianites and Amalekites and the people of the East would come up against them, they would encamp against them and devour the produce of the land as far as Gaza and leave no sustenance in Israel and no sheep or ox or donkey, they would come up with their livestock and their tents there would come like locusts in number.

Both they and their camels cannot be counted so that they laid waste the land they came in and Israel was brought very low in his last sentence here in the people of Israel cried out for help to the Lord and God responded line number one. Go read the stone. The first live that then their love for you to believe the first lie will generate here is that this is just the way it's going to be to download for you to believe this morning that your life is done like this is it.

The enemy would love you to believe that sucking a better then real.

If you believe that your marriage is is is what it is I can get better that your kids are in a better there's no future. There is no hope that when you look at yourself and you see all the mistakes you made enemy will love you say this is it is altering in the BU not come out anything you're not going to succeed.

I can make in your life.

This is it is the way to be the situation.

The sickness the war everything.

This is just that this is how it's going to be three in Judges 6, verse 11 to 12 in Judges 611 to 12 this is the angel of the Lord. This is the angel of Yahweh.

The word Yahweh. This is the Lord. This is Jesus in the Old Testament to Jesus in the Old Testament actually came and sat under the turbo that Oprah, which belong to Joash, while his son Gideon was beating out. We in the winepress, the hiding from the Midianites and the angel Lord appeared to him and said to him, the Lord is with you. Watch this. Oh mighty man of valor I asked.

I am sure you right I tell you, Gideon did not feel like a mighty man of valor at the moment. He was called the mighty men of valor. Gideon is inside of the winepress, beating out we which should have been done on the open buddies in a winepress hiding because of fear.

These trolleys and freeze afraid and his family entire people group.

Everybody is hiding.

Everybody is afraid and at the angel comes down and says hey, oh mighty men of valor when I read that actually felt encouraged Emily my mind, thought this thank God called Gideon what he is going to become not just his name is in his name references that it's more than that because Gideon at this time does not know he doesn't know yet that God is about to raise them up, a lot of that winepress pulled out of the pit and allow him to be used to conquer the Midianites and become the next judge.

The next four years. He has no idea that this future right now all he sees are the walls of a winepress beating out weed hearing noises. Knowing the history for years after year after year of the Midianites conquering and taken over stealing their stuff hurting their people there oppressed. This is all he knows I love the fact that God looks at us as your mighty warrior because sorry let me just tell you on behalf of God in Scripture that you are also a mighty warrior. You might feel low this morning. You might feel like there might not be up tomorrow. That looks hopeful for you there. You might be looking at your circumstance in your situation. Maybe you like getting a feeling you're just trapped in all sides and there is no hope, and there is no future because assure you that you have a God that is on your side… You can call you what, you haven't even become yet… You Ella. Philippians 413 where he says I can do all things through him because he forgives me favorites right right, God gives us when we do all things through him. Romans eight 3739 this.

This is who we are is as you are more than a conqueror through him who loved us. This is who you are. You are a conqueror you are. Love you, are important to God and I'm just telling you that it breaks my heart to see God's people suffering because I just don't think it's going to get any better that we still think it's going to happen and we read verses like in Philippians or read verses like in Romans and you see it.

I can do all things through him. Maybe you view strength the strength he was for me.

I hope so is limiting scripturally put on the slope, in our own opinion, this awareness here in victory. I love this.

Your love this were the Lord gave our church. I live richer in your life in my life in our church and our community to see the gospel spread to make disciples the transmission happen.

I want to see that happen with everything inside of last wonder how often were just kinda like getting this hiding don't feel real good deal for a mighty 304 second this morning. The summary that came in this morning and you are on the last nerve you like on the edge here today and your circumstances are good here today and you feel like there's not a Hope you look at the news and it's affecting you in great ways you look at your kids wonder what kind of future kids are going to have you look at the job you're looking at all the economic stuff you got gas prices about the ride my bike everywhere records are right you get all that stuff and he got this enemy whispering in your ear. Yet this enemy to sin hates I can gain better sucking a better which by the way is right is not can get a better Jesus is even worse. But what a great time to trust.

This is where faith starts to waiver this where our faith is tested at these moments, we look and listen the lie the enemy and maybe your circumstance is really hard. Maybe you do have a lot of baggage that you carry. Maybe you have made a tremendous mistake recently, but let me just tell you, you do not have to be defined by that too often we are called by our sins. Too often we are labeled by the mistakes in the past and we carry that guilt and we carry that shape. Let me just tell you something. You have a God that once we ask forgiveness. And once he's in our life. It says he removes that sin removes that shame, he removes that can affect he doesn't remember your sins anymore. This is the God that we serve so so church was consuming so who's the one telling you that you can't, who's the one that's on you not get enough is not God and also sometimes we give the enemy too much credit to the might just be you. The second lies is number two is this is what I want to spend a little time to think. I know this is where lobby bar right now. The second line is that God doesn't see you and he doesn't care second lie that the enemy would love you to believe this guy doesn't see you guy doesn't care about you guys left you is abandoned you. I think it's a real lie right now as we look and see what's happening every children beginning of the morning that I've been asked more in the last week. The questions about where is God and that happens tested and can testify that happens when we see things happen the world around us. We asked the questions all time. He was God is into?

This question is hard to watch the news and you see what's happening in your like out of you to show up.

I think that this conversation this morning multiple times already have got got. If you just show up in his due huge miracle in the whole world would recognize that your God got what. Why don't you do that actually what wound you doing that right now question that people ask judges chapter 6, verse 13. This is after the angel Lord calls Gideon a mighty warriors as I want to use you or use you to save Israel did his responses.

This please my Lord if the Lord is with us. Why is all this happened to us some familiar, and where are all his wonderful deeds that our fathers recounted the same did not the Lord brings up from Egypt's, but now the Lord has forsaken us and given us to the hands of Midian Vanity Fair. At this point Gideon doesn't really recognize that this is the angel Lord is a put that together and so this next bargain or read but is doubting sample okay the Lord's call me that's great outdoors.

He been so far. If he's really where is it getting an even dozen things that we do read the Bible and same thing. Gideon says I've heard is what I've heard of the stories of Moses I've heard are passed down from generation to generation. I heard of Moses I've heard of Joshua. I've heard of all the miracles I've heard it all before, but I haven't seen it. Where is it read this Bible 66 books of the Bible filled with miracle upon miracle of a miracle filled with good news upon good news upon good news, and maybe you are sitting here today gone wears no where's the miracle was the answer from Isaiah passage, Scripture says, Lord of her your fame.

I stand in awe of your deeds below. Would you renew them in our time, would you make them known now.

The similar prayer.

Gideon us and will of God is so good.

And God wants to save the people. The words he been so far and break my heart that we think that way because we do.

Gideon is doubting whether or not God cares for his people. The enemy is a civil love for us to just think this way of impressive suites try to answer the question to be very honest with you this morning. The question comes up of what is God's do miracle what is a God to show up.

Why does seem like God's quiet on think of further things. I wrestle with in the last 27 years. God, why did you feel this person, but not this person guy why did you rescue this person. This person just lost her job got wise here this person of cancer and in this person was faithful for 40 years didn't get healed. And here's the honest answer. I don't know. I don't know it hurts. It's frustrating. It's confusing at times and I don't know but I trust and said this is the place where maybe you have to get to. I don't have all the answers, but I certainly know the God that does.

I don't know why I see things that God does hear and not for your I don't know but God does or last several weeks, we read the verse over and over again that God's ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts are higher than our thoughts. God sees things and does things differently. I don't know, I know why there's pain and suffering in the world I know why there's death as to the sin I know why there's evil people like Putin and others I know why that's it, because her sin just like we are evil people in sin.

I know either sin know why God is a move sometimes but is that not what faith is been talking about faith. The last four weeks. Is this not when our faith needs to step in as a God I don't know the answers but I trust I think the words of Moses to Joshua and Moses his hand and arrange the Joshua Deuteronomy 2160 says be strong and courageous.

Do not fear to not be in dread with them for the Lord your God goes with you. He will not leave you.

You will not forsake you.

It is times like this is times when you and I are doubting its times and you are struggling in very personal ways that that person becomes real that Sibley says I don't know but I stand in the strength of the Lord. He does I don't have the answers.

I don't know why it happens this way, but I'm in a trust of the Lord's knocking Leavy and now for safety because all the enemy loves the dude it's happening right now. I guarantee you in this room right now the enemy is whispering in some of your ears going a million point where is God and he's once upon a threat upon a threat and you and I have a choice to make my listen to that voice would listen to the voice of the one who saved me, saying, did not give his life for me and neither did you. There's only one God that the this is where faith comes in. This is why faith is a spiritual gift. This is why we are to pray for an increase of faith. This is why we walk by faith and not by sight.

Because we don't know just don't know.

And a similar like I thought he was going answer the question I to I did I would encourage you to listen to the right person the right voices because here's line number three liner three hinges right on the end of line number two line number three is that God can't use somebody like me. So I number one is that is not to get any better. Line number two is God doesn't care and then line number three is once we actually coming here and we can't step into it. Line number three is like, well, God can't use me.

Occasionally I want to push in on Ella lien on the church right now, not just crossroads with the church on lean into the church for a moment. It is the game that we play. If were honest with ourselves. The same thing that that Gideon does in Judges chapter 6 verse 1418 says the Lord turned to him and said go in the mind of yours and save Israel from the hand of Midian, do I not send you now. Lots God does not answer Gideon's question about where he's been doing the same thing that I've been doing that you do. God where you got wise is happening got wiser as he will.

The world got wiser pain-and-suffering doesn't answer it, but instead he says take church Gideon a crossroads.

Get out of the pit go do something about it and see what happens.

We sit back in our Christian recliner chairs on a Sunday morning is relaxing seeing gaga this, he will guide you should do something about will got to do something about it would surely crossroads a new world and do something about it, please call us to do. Here's what Gideon does saving assume you do some sometimes I do. Here's Gideon's response, Gideon responses while I can save Israel. How can I change the trying of Pennsylvania. How can I change neighbor's life.

How I impact the school or workplace. How can I save Israel is behold my clan is the weakest in Manasseh and on the least of my father's house to get his inner glow of God is complaining I'm just venting.

I'm just wondering and outputted to the test is okay you you got Dowson let's go, use you to set a nation free hold on God like a crazy last night was not get out of control.

My family is the weakest family and on the weakest person in my family again. I love what God's responses member God's already called him a mighty warrior.

God already sees him as the mighty warrior that is going to become to God again ignores that and just simply says basically I want to be with you.

A strike.basically got here but here's what you gonna do. This winepress. Go to what I told you to do and I will be with you all along the way the rest of the story. He got redressed on that on this morning, Midian. In my personal opinion is an attempt to get out of it is my personal, theological, doctrinal opinion.

My opinion is Midian's going okay.

All right, here's the test.

He basely challenges God on two occasions and open the fleece out and if this happens and that you and then I have been dissolving you one more time just to make sure the same thing that we do. It's like I got is that I used you really want to do this, I gaga to go in your car like a garlic go you like what the first. But first, let me make sure that it was actually you that said sleep would gather this is what Gideon does with in the test, God responses. I will be with you, guide you, here's a reminder, this is my love.

I love this passage so much, not just would not just in Israel's history is a dynamic point in Israel's history by getting Ghana goes and does a smaller assignment where he takes down the Asher pole Bailey does have other things in God changes his name.

His father changed his name it and so is putting God to the test and eventually he finally says okay will this do this and let's go for, but I love about this passage is a love that God shows the least of these is on the least of these. I love that God chose the uneducated, unprofessional, that God chose the one that was afraid in a winepress that God chose the one that was the smallest and weakest in the weakest family of all the tribes. And God chose him. Mark Batterson is given credit for this.

Go back I promise you I think it's before about given credit this morning that I love the statement simply says that God does not call the qualified but he qualifies the called. I love that savings I love that God can take the unqualified and say no armor, make a point in this world and normally use you. You're not qualified you're not skilled enough.

You are the talents enough and got it all in a ratio. I want to use you. There's an article called a new beginning by Greg Laurie most you know that name and again is not a new thing read this countless times in you for this.

Before I thought was so encouraging. In this article he says that he reminds us that God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people that God may not of called to be a pastor, teacher, missionary per se, but it's clear that he is looking for person to show himself strong on behalf of think of all the ordinary people that he used to turn the world upside down. Also consider how utterly unqualified.

Some of them were. And here's a part of this that you seen before but I found so much. Scott is incursion I read. I want to sure is and occurs and there would have some for diamond and close out here a moment, buddy. But here it is he, list about a dozen or so people in Scripture and I think that we will see how unqualified they were, and it puts us in that same campground leg out of you use them, you can certainly use us. It starts with Noah. Noah got drunk that's restarted. Abraham was too old now listen, although it is usually really old. It's not just like I will offend anybody like what I think is old is different. All my kids, the girl I could sing mold but was this a RAM is really old whale-based tool him and his wife José got it work were beyond age were world. Jacob was a liar Leah in Scripture wasn't pretty enough.

Gideon was afraid Rahab was a prostitute. Jeremiah and Timothy were considered too young.

David had an affair and he killed somebody had to be killed.

Moses's was also murder and Moses students to grow well with that was his excuse allies only write about him talk on him. He was depressed and suicidal Jonah.

Jonah ran away from God and Basie said hey that that city of millions of people just kill them all. I want to go there was Jonah's response to the Ninevites.

I didn't know that there is all evil.

Just wave off and you got a Mosley simulator yet God uses them to buy all this is like every child that again & that allow pets. Daniel is a powerful stock photo. Naomi was a widow, Peter denied Christ, the disciples fell asleep while their friend Martha worry too much. The Samaritan woman was divorced five times Zaki us.

Come on you know it was a wee little man.

We little man was he used two small two insignificant Paul was a murder Timothy worried and down and have an ulcer. John the Baptist I got was weird. Cursorily gave Bugsy a locus where camels very live in the desert is ran on a desert even bugs where camels are told to repent for the end is coming and be baptized, yet God used in the usher in Jesus and Lazarus. Well Lazarus he was dead. So, in that he wasn't dead by what I love about that is that if you feel unqualified that I should try getting that got me worried if you're like yeah I got all the gates got a feeling for the person to change the world don't look any further than right here is that the left because of me, but certainly that that's the right one. What we want to feel.

I just feel inadequate, I will feel good enough. I feel insignificant and those with people like Alex Elliott Scripture author Scripture got his pixels people and use them in powerful ways reminds and look of acts were at the bar look at the disciples and like hands. I got these the easy uneducated disciples get their turn the world upside down L comes out of this number closer what voice he listens to you listen to the enemy's voice. That's where indifference comes. That's where laziness comes.

That's where we, just wash her hands. That's will recount a pull a pilot. We just wash her hands, then hands are clean. Got you somebody else or to answer the call. We get about that. When Gideon realized that it was Angel Lord. He fell down in fear and worship them like anybody would do fear the Lord and Angela says say listen, every piece, Gideon makes an altar that literally means peace. I thought about that is I want to close that will listen to the voice of God, even the middle of war and struggle and hurt and pain. There is peace there and when we listen to the voice of the enemy is everything but peace. It is fear is doubts it is discouragement whose voice are you listening to today church

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