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2: Prayer of Blessing and Protection

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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January 10, 2022 3:00 pm

2: Prayer of Blessing and Protection

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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So as we continue in this ad is five. All areas of our life, we must strive in our spiritual life. First Emmy addresses. In this way you will quote you want to share that they really set up to talk about today. Well, he says there is no activity in life so important as that of prayer every other activity depends upon prayer for best efficiency. Prayer is the most important part of our life, not just praying for a meal, not just praying we get in trouble. Not just praying for hopeful things, but a consistent prayer life is the source of everything else will happen in our life as you continue with this I want on this morning about a prayer of blessing and protection and really talk through what is it look like to pray a prayer blessing would look like that praying a prayer blessing and if prayer is so important in our life is the cornerstone of all that we are.

I think we have to examine house of her life. How we doing and that. Are you actually spending time seeking the Lord we talked last week that it's not about fancy words. It's not about this going.

The specific order of things. It's really condition of your heart and of my heart you know this year as 2022 starts. There are 525,600 minutes. This year that's how many minutes you have this year in 2022.

If you spend an average of eight hours sleeping, you will love to have eight hours of sleep a night. Anyway at all not getting it out as I may have new kids are little kids at your house you will love three hours of sleep listed. If you would just take it out of sleep. That's only 175,200 minutes and sometimes we just see it before you that it does something in your mind, so that leaves 350,400 minutes to work the play to do whatever else you need to do if you just take about 30 minutes a day and give it to God.

This is such a small percentage of all the minutes that we have in our life sick. I share this because often time time is the problem. I don't have time or too tired to spell my time doing all these other things on exhausted times not really the issue. We have plenty of time with plenty of time to pray with plenty of time to equip our spiritual life.

We are pretty time to to grow spiritually. If we have plenty of time for all that the question is what is it important in your life.

Is it a priority in your life and too often for most believers, even prayer is not the most center thing of our life is something we do on the side or it's only will remember to do it or it's a flippant prayer that we can't just give you got on talk about what would happen in our life if we began a consistent prayer life.

Just a consistent prayer life. You have yet to set that time aside and just every day at this time.

I'm see the spend time with the Lord sues amazing things that happened out of prayer. I believe personally, and I hope you do bit but I really do believe that prayer is powerful. There is there is everything in me.

There is nothing that is inside me that does not believe that prayer is the most powerful thing that we can do.

Prayer is so amazing. It is so powerful but wise is so powerful, why, why is prayer.

Such a powerful thing that we should do. See the power of my prayer is not a silly link to how good I am is not necessary. Link to how holy I am is not a certain link to how good I did this week how many verses I may have read only words I know it's not really determined by all the boxes that we check off that Mexican well-known offices of this way. He says our prayers may be awkward.

I love awkward prayers by the way, I love that the awkward prayers that that we just try our best is to communicate the guy what's in our heart we says our prayers may be awkward are tense, maybe feeble, but the power of prayer is in the one who hears it as a good reminder for all of us that the power my prayer is not necessarily me saying the right words all the time is not me having this eloquent speech is not me just having this this practice prayer that that just sounds so good is often times that their prayers is something from a heart clear clearly prayer prayer power. The power of prayer lies in the God who hears it.

EM bounces got a great book and resource on prayer says it this way, says prayer should not be regarded as a duty to which we must perform but rather a privilege to be enjoyed today. I think that that's that. She took that as a switch that can happen in our heart in her mind that prayer is not just duty. I have to perform is not just something that that I just have to do because God told me to praying Jesus taught us how to pray is not just something that I feel obligated that I have to do but what would happen if we started to look at prayer as a privilege. This is a privilege that we get to enjoy. He was on his says it is a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty. See, I want that mentality when I pray that when I go to pray.

I want my mentality and my heart and my spirit not to feel that this is an obligation that this is something I have to do up, pastor of the past for long time matures.

As I just have to pray I'm obligated to pray for you and for me I want to feel that that obligation instead everything in me wanted to be a privilege that I get to enjoy the get to enjoy. Is it something that reveals something new about God or something amazing every time I pray every time I pray God reveals himself in some different way sometimes is something small sometimes is something huge sometimes is just a small whisper. I just feel my spirit.

Sometimes I got a shouting sometimes when I pray that reveals something new, and it does it takes forever to get there but every time it's a privilege every time. I'm excited to pray.

Even this morning as we gather together here I was in here praying this morning and just Edison showing that time of just afraid I just stick the Lord for something that happens when we just pray for my heart there's power in that's what kind of prayer we pray the same prayers that are allowed to be prayed.

Other certain prayers of people avoid what kind of prayers, and I pray that if it prayer is powerful. It prayer connects me to guidance and prayer is that thing that should be enjoyed. It and I should get more more into it and more dedicated. She would get more into a rhythm of doing what kind of prayer separate. I find a lot of people, but also what I taught a lot of people have a tendency to steer away from prayers of blessings.

Something about blessing that people in Christian churches also and there's like a wall that goes up or flag that goes up, others something inside of us that culturally is trained us to say what we even allowed to pray those kind of prayers maybe was a feeling we shouldn't ask God to bless us. Maybe there's a feeling that it's prideful or it's selfish to ask God to bless his butt.

I will let you know that we serve a God that loves the bless his children we serve a God that enjoys blessing his kids blessing his children in Matthew chapter 7 verse seven through 11 says this and says ask you will be given to you seek and you will find knock and the door will be open to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds is the one who knocks it will be open which of you, if his son ask for bread, will give him a stone or he asked for fish, will give him a serpent. If you then, who are evil.

Speaking of our human nature know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more we are father in heaven who is good, give good things to those who ask since I read that merely my mind goes to just our earthly relationships possible.

Their kids are friends and and how good it is to give and I'll get it is to give good things just came out of the Christmas season. The whole season surrounds around giving right, giving hope and joy and love and peace but also give the actual presence given actual things. I love talking little kids and asking them what they got for Christmas and you you always see them light up and get excited about about one thing that they got this love is one thing they love. Even as adults we had that happen house under adult the other day and he was more excited about the present.

He got in his kids were. They were just so excited about this thing that he got his talk at all, but he was little talking about this kind of surprise gift that his kids got so excited about it. Anything about that, and the human context in my Bible just said that God who is good loves to give good things to those who ask him says I read that I just believe that God wants to give us good things not anonymously things on a silly stuff goodness of God in all that God is God wants to bless us God is not out to get us God is not to ruin our life is out to destroy were trying to do. God wants to see your life blessed in many ways now there is a balance right. There's a balance to this is a balance to asking and expecting in a humble way. There's a balance to praying prayers, a blessing and asking God to bless us and having balance their we certainly don't go to God in prayer, demanding that he gives us everything that we asked for in all that we want that he will perform exactly the way they want to.

There's a balance between being selfish rights not being selfish but being home on that and going to God and ask God to truly bless you as you got to truly move in your life. There's something powerful about that you find a lot of people we serve, talk about it, their minds immediately go to kind of the name and claimant and prosperity movement and that's that's so far away from the blessing that the Lord is speaking about in Scripture is not about naming it and claiming it is not about a prosperity gospel movement that that all got if you just do this God will bless you with fortunes unsold missing. God wants to bless us in so many ways, but is based in humility.

It's based in what God knows we need is not based on what I think I want.

I'm glad God doesn't give me everything I want and also glided to give me everything I deserve is a balance.

The right week.

We might say got you everything you want, but but don't give me what I deserve God answer all my prayers, but don't do anything to impede my life ignored actually deserves is also balance their Azam actually said this morning to Brinks before you a prayer that I literally pray this every single day. I pray this prayer is one of the prayers that that personally has moved in my heart about two decades ago just kind of discount lacks that got Scott spoke to me. I read it and and I do pray this prayer for better part of two decades on a regular basis and over the last several years it's been a daily thing for me and I want to encourage you with this prayer and I would even ask you and you and your own life, maybe two included into your prayer. This is the prayer that every day I pray this prayer for my wife.

I pray this for my family.

I pray this prayer individually for each one of my kids.

I pray this for our church.

I pray this for you every single day. This is part of my regular rhythm of prayer and scripture and well-known it's it's known as the prayer of Jabez Allen take you there hereby was one to turn the first Chronicles chapter 4 verse nine and said I just know the next few minutes I will walk you through this prayer because if you're not careful you read this prayer Internet drift to kind of the expectation of prosperity or God just give it to me or naming it and claiming it and miss the actual root meaning of this prayer and how this prayer can work powerfully I came across by the way, I came across on the know I got them I came across a stone has to consider day I came across these little gold coins in my office are not real gold. By the way just gold color steel prosperity move right God turn the coins, gold. It was amazing with awesome these little the really cheap little coins. I don't know. I got on the frontage. This is a prayer Jabez in the back is the actual prayer and about two or three years ago I came across an office in and I went home and I spoke something that God wanted to do and I set both my kids down.

My wife was in a room and I said, guys, I want to know you know this. I am praying this prayer for you every day I talk to Parker talk candidly about that prayer and I said as much. Know that your days praying this for you everyday and I praise you for all these other things right at the time. They're both teenagers, so there's a lot of prayers that went into both their life but that one particularly as I gave each one of them a coin. I thought it be just as little silly thing that they probably just look at and and we don't really talk about it much after that. Fast forward several months later.

If not a year later I saw my son open up his wallet and seismology of the coin stuck in the little press plastic part of the wallet and I saw my daughters when she got her, wall and header khaki attached to it. It's right there in both of you look at both are waltzes.

They never told me that they never liked humans and looked at weekly right here made an impact in your life.

It made an impact in your life as because I actually sat down and explained to them what this is and the power of this prayer. I'm confident that both of them are praying that in their life as well. As my courage with this.

I think that in Scripture there is there is several effect the next two weeks were not hit powerful prayers in Scripture that that people in the Bible have just prayed and it is powerful prayers menacingly meant to pray Word for Word and then be done with it and I'll show you how that works with this prayer. The first Chronicles chapter 4 verse nine and seven it says that Jabez was more honorable than his brothers and his mother called his name Jabez saying because I bore him in pain. That's a key statement. There the actual Hebrew name Jabez means actually born in pain. So imagine that magister's thing about that for a moment since Jabez calls upon the Lord God of Israel, and he says this is his oh that you would bless me and a large white border that your hand might be with me that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain when Rita one more time. Oh that you would bless me that you would enlarge my border that your hand might be with me that you would keep me from harm so that might not bring me pain and then it says that God granted the request and that's all we know of Jabez in the Bible.

The only thing we know about Jabez's name means he was born in pain. He prayed this simple prayer has four parts two and God blessed. That's it. So what is it about this prayer that is so powerful. I want to share with you this morning or share this morning for simple yet powerful components of Jabez's prayer Artie told you that born in pain, as is his name and I want to just start there for a moment we dive into the prayer because that define likely and of course more than likely a defined what happened with his mom as she was giving birth is very painful. So that was the name she gave the name and biblical time and even sometimes in our generations names also have more meetings that especially biblical times.

If you kinda set the trajectory of your life. They kinda set the path of who you are, that every else knew you as this person like as Jabez grew the people living there would no, his name is associated with pain is associated with suffering. It is not associated with good things and that was what he was called. I was was his name. I thought a lot about that and I think there's great encouragement by that because you and I do not have to be defined by what we been called, listen to me so carefully. I wish I could just tell you each one of you eyeball to eyeball.

You do not have to be defined by the pains of your past or the sins of your past and so often. I'm just telling you from doing this for a long time. So often what people carry around are the names that they been associated with in the past, the sins of the past the mistakes of the past what they used to be known as who they used to be in their past life instead of recognizing and embracing that it matters more what God calls us now. I will know about you but but I am so there is everything inside of me is so humbly grateful that I am no longer known by what I used to be in God's eyes, but instead God calls us. Sadie calls us rescued.

He calls us redeem the calls us love the calls us. A friend he calls us a new creation. God calls us somebody with a life and a plan and a purpose and a fugitive. This is what God calls us now. Amen somebody is there anybody else here this morning is glad that you're not who you used to be. Walking that way to my Bible also says them victorious, but also as an unfree and also says I can walk with power of the spirit and so often we we know this present who you are that the name that you're going by so I walk through this prayer for just a few minutes. The first part is this it is bless me the version that I typically read his bless me indeed it is a bless me prayer in the way that that I wanted to think about a prayer blessing for yourself is use it in the sentence.

Lord, bless my kids bless them with health, bless them with strength to stand up for themselves.

Bless them with wisdom. Bless them spiritually bless them with the job and a career see as you as you enfold this as I pray this prayer.

Personally I don't I don't just pray this prayer I prayer like this I was in the let you know my personal world little bit every day when I pray for our church for the gala. Bless our church that pray that he would bless our church that we can be a blessing to our community that he will bless the families of this church that you and your families will bless and healthy and healthy and safe and secure that you would be strong that you have wisdom in your life seek as you as you unfold this prayer such as the a bless me God just give me everything I wanted up. It's a bless me to be a blessing. CI pray that that we are a blessing physically so that we can help people. We could physically be in this world we can do what God's call this the do you bless us emotionally and mentally and spiritually give us wisdom and strength that we can turn to be a blessing to our community since a bless somebody is stupid. One good things for them.

That is what that means. If you think about whether what it means so bless somebody less on bless bless you all this it's it's because you want good things that happen in your life. There's nothing wrong church were you looking to the God of the universe asking him the blessing where it goes wrong is when you selfishly are asking blessings because you just want to be better personally or have more money or have a better career has nothing to do with God is a balance. All this in Psalm 512 says for you bless the righteous that you cover them with a favor as a shield and second Corinthians 98 says God will be able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times that you may abounded every good work.

See that that is why we pray for God to bless God. God bless us that we have your grace in our lives. Bless me so that I will be sufficient in all the things you call me to let me say you God may abound in every good work and I'm trying to accomplish in our life this morning working to close this morning and a little bit here with the song the blessing, but Numbers chapter 6 is something we been reading and sharing for some time now. It's of that all of us probably know what is the Lord bless you and the Lord keep you may his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you PCI share these verses goes inside of these verses to me because unpack more and more more. What happens when the Lord blesses us when he blesses us he keeps us keeps us in his hand's face shines upon us, his countenance, and on us. There is peace and that two of the Lord is blessing us.

We turn them bless others. I look at this when we empty ourselves out. God continues the bless, I believe that an and every year of our life. I really do I believe that we pour out our life and kindness and help somebody that the Lord blesses us. I know for sure we talk about this often because there's such a great thing that when we serve the Lord because the bless because it's more like Jesus.

We serve what we give. We give our finances the Lord blesses. As I told you this before. I just wish I just wish the whole church would believe me when I tell you that when you give to the Lord.

He will bless you. II just wish you would believe me and that I wish you would trust the Lord and that because as a faith side of things.

This is God I'm in Dominic give but also an opportunity for God to bless financially in our time in our service we give ourselves to help a neighbor sieges allows got all these opportunities in the department what why would God bless somebody who was selfish, bless somebody that is a lot you are give her turn around that for somebody else. So Lord blessed me. Indeed, the second part of this prayer is to enlarge my border and I want to really hone in on this one. I love praying this one again.

Lord bless me indeed enlarge my border enlarge my territory.

This is not the silly meme by the way to increase your property or it is not about going to pray that you take over your neighbor's house. Okay so that's that that's not how you uses prayer you know what passion it was also Lord give me that house. Bless me indeed enlarge my backyard and I just wanted to give it to me Lord like that. That's how these prayers gets sideways so that that's not how we do it, it's really not about's property. Jabez was nicely praying to enlarge his boundaries of property. It really is about influence favor so as you question what is a prayer of influence in a favor and growth spiritually look like for you severe pray Lord blessed me and enters a Lord and enlarge my territory large pipe boundaries large my borders really comes to Lord, give me influence. Give me favor again for my kids and for my wife of our church. I pray that we would have influence. I played that you would pray would give us favor.

I pray that God would give us favor when it comes to things of transforming the city of our own life. I pray that for our kids with their teachers and their coaches and with other family members and with people and neighbors because you just give them influence. Let them influence in a godly way.

Give them favor. Let let every step that they take. Let them have favor even the people like it's it's all through Scripture the sewing times that the Lord gave favor to his people with secular people kings and rulers of the Lord just gave them favor that Lord just did something in their life that allowed summary that didn't even serve got to give them favor that allow them to have influence. Read read your Old Testament, you will see it filled with with young men and young women that the Lord gave favor to the sites of kings and rulers. Why because there is influencer. They were able to influence nations and people see that that's the prayer… Give us influence to reach neighbors transition our city and transformer city Jimmy influence in our job. A great way for you to pray the Lord blessed me, bless me my job, Lord, Lord enlarge might influence in my job a large my influence in my career. Allow me to use this as a as a ministry as a mission got give me favor allow me to keep promoting myself for getting promoted through companies that I have more influence on people for you that that's the mindset in these kind of prayers and Psalm 90 verse 17 this is what the favorable Lord our God be upon us and establish the work of our hands upon us.

Yes, establish the work of our hands into the prayer favor got as we are working as we are doing. Give us favor and Psalm 61 verse one and two in the Psalms's in the Old Testament. Jesus actually speaks the same words in the New Testament is the spirit of the Lord is upon me is the Lord has anointed me to watch this to bring good news to the poor Lord give us favor to bring good news to set up two cents a bind up the broken harp hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, the opening of prisons to those who are bound to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor in the day of the vengeance of our God see as we pray for favor as we pray for influence maybe also pray God that she would just whatever we are stepping into. Got it wherever I step let your influence in your favor. Be more powerful prayer that thou when I step out of the walls this church wherever I step got give me for giving favor so I can make an influence right now for our church praying this apprentice for the city because right now the city has has our permits right and all our job is done.

And every day I'm just going for the Lord God bless our church.

But bless this church give us influence in the city give us favor at the processing place where permits ours that we get approval to build these fields so we can reach our community like that that is a prayer that I'm praying daily for this church so favor, the right person see it when that person sees that permit give us favor in their eyes for your glory for your honor, not nuts that we can say well look at what we built a wild look at all the people reaching see there's a difference in a mindset when it comes to these kind of powerful prayers.

The third part of the prayer just two more parts.

The third part is that your hand would be with me, your hand will be with me so it's that you would bless me that you enlarge my border that your hand would be with me in Scripture it off the speaks of God's right hand of Jesus's right hand.

It is a symbol of power.

It is a symbol of authority is also a symbol of care is where he holds as its worried guides us theirs is the symbolic thought that Jesus is right-handed, by the way, is that that is his dominant hand… It's a symbol in biblical times of power of authority of your right hand. Put your stretcher hand up but bless and anoints and so even in Scripture you'll see this see this in Scripture and Psalm 139 verse 7 to 12. As we talk about God you're happy with me but he paint a picture what this means is where can I go from your spirit, where can I flee from your presence. If I ascend to heaven you're there if I make my bed in Sheol you are there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand will leave me in your right hand will hold tutors this picture that no matter where we go. We can pray that God leads us, God holds us. This is a powerful prayer in Psalm 73 verse 20 through 26, is nevertheless, I am continually with you, you hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel. This is the prayer that we want from… Guide us. Keep your hand on us and lead us. Isaiah 41 San Wilmore versus fear not for I am with you. It's a great reminder to great verse be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand to pray for God's hand to be with us as the pray for guidance. It is the pray for care is the pray that wherever we go, that God is holds our hands on my kids don't do this anymore because their 23 almost and almost 18 but I love my kids were little and now just hold her hand in life. They are the part it was just that they would disappear because I miss my kids were runners and amusement give the runners let you lose sight of them in a minute and specially Kennedy. She was gone he would have ever by hand if you let go for second she's bolting it out without the door if I do. We first came as a theme many but I don't know it. We are here. Probably our first year here we can work and it was just about a euro a little over a year that within.

I guess that you have two years is like walking around this church building and it's a big building and we lost sight of her. She was gone and we can find her anywhere's after service of the youth pastor at and we are over here in the woods.

Now the chapel with our youth facility at the time and you know I first really boring church will find her and then it went on that we can find her anywhere confined or confined to confined her and then also net panic sets in. As a parent and staff and people were all around it.

At one point will we verse our colony authorities because of the solar there they were stopping cars in the parking lot checking cars like the really so we took our daughter right she's gone and and then some running around and running around and all of a sudden I hear this little tiny laughter and listening and she thought it be funny to go hide under the receptionist desk back behind were you can even see as you just hiding there. She heard every color name ever looking for Jesus the note back there laughing away thing was the greatest thing in the world gracing the world.

I get that picture with my kids, and even as I was praying this morning I've had that picture of of just me just just walking with God.

God hold my hand.

Scott hold my hand and, like any parent anybody if I want to let go and take off running the wrong direction done that from time to time with.

I'm sure all of a sudden let go of God's hand just general thing gone wrong direction.

Sue I love about this prayer the prayer for his hand to be with me. It's also a decision on my part to grab his hand hold the same God, you leave me because guy where you're gonna leave me is better than anywhere else that I will lead myself fact, the psalmist says this lease as you lead me beside still waters make me lie down in green pastures.

This what God he leads us in the right things, doesn't mean it's always easy, but I much rather have God's hand leading me than my own hand or governments and or my jobs and or some other hand, leading me or culture leading me or anybody else or anybody else tell me what I should be or should not be doing, how we know this much better. The two big God than anything else. Allow him to lead us by his hand and the last one is is the fourth point is the sum of closer.

It is the protection part.

It is to keep me from harm. All of this sums up to you Lord do all this and keep me from harm. Keep me from harm one of one of the verses that I read this is that you would keep me from evil to keep me from evil that may not cause me pain that I might not bring me harm said the end of this were also praying guys, you just protect is not just lead me God.

But keep me from harm. Remember Jabez's name refers the pain first pain.

What an opportunity for you and I to pray that God could possibly turn our pain from the past that God get turn our life story into a ministry into from what was into an incredible ministry got keep us from harm.

Titus reminder that God is greater than any evil that will face in this world is. EEC is stronger. He is greater is more powerful and so we go to pray for protection. Psalm 26 were 67 nurses. Blessed be the Lord for he is heard the voice of my pleas for mercy. The Lord is my strength. He is my shield in hand, my heart trusts than I am helpless. I love that I'm helped heart exalts an icing then praises and thanks. First John 44 is reminding us as little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. Second Thessalonians 33 says the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one says. I pray this prayer for again my children, my wife a marriage for you for our church. There is a prayer of protection God keep us from evil.

Keep us from harm. Keep your hand over my family protect my children as a go to school, protect them as a go to the Warfield protect my wife protect or a motion detector men sleep protector. As we journey in foster care protector or hardener so protect this church from anybody in this world though want to cause us evil guy just protect us care for us all this in your hand this prayer to me is so powerful, I think so powerful for free because it's a personal is just that, it's just a cry of of a father's heart first children for his wife first church and its every day. It just changes a little bit as I pray Lord Lord blessed me today.

Indeed blessed me with this decision I have to make blessed me with wisdom of how to lead this church blessed me with wisdom when I have this counseling when the later got God blessed me and help me understand how to help this couple got God's blessing with that. Lord, give me influence. Give me favor give me influence in the schools and the businesses in the communities in the triangle and literally around the world. God give us influence allow allow this church, allow me God to have favor and influence to spread your gospel this to share the love of God with people and God lead me by your hand that you're happy with me. Let me never let go of your hand guide me even in the valley of the shadow of death, you are there with me.

God guide me in my darkest moments of my roughest moments God guide me in the greatest times guide me along the still waters in the green pastures guy just does guide me God.

I pray that you just protect that your shield that your hand that my heart that my heart would just exude how amazing of a God, you are great are you, that's a me that's anything in this world. So God protect us, that we might not be in pain. This church is how this Pers affect all of you to stand with me this morning and were to close as I said with us on the blessing and now I want just challenge with this.

I pray that that maybe today that this primate may be a spark something inside of our challenge you maybe take take some time and I pray this prayer. Pray for your kids pray for your wife, your company for business. Pray for yourself and just commit to seeing what God does through this prayer. They pray for us this morning Ellie thank you for our son.

We thank you for the opportunity we have just a come before the God Almighty God that cares for us and loves us and leads us at all right now we just pray as we close with the song based out of the blessing that we would be blessed that you would bless us that you will bless us. Indeed, that you would expand our influence that your hand will guide us to be with this that you would keep us from evil, that we might not be in pain or be harmed.

We thank you that you love us so much we pray for victory in our life. This morning in Jesus name

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