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9: Overwhelmed - God Are You There?

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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December 14, 2021 2:00 am

9: Overwhelmed - God Are You There?

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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December 14, 2021 2:00 am

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It's a new in our sermon series this morning and is probably one of things I like to talk about the most of people and that is simply this. God, are you there, that's the question when Russell was a little bit God why are you God are you there God, are you near God, are you paying attention to what's happened in my life God or you are you out there somewhere in a residence real strongly with this passage that we been reading in first Kings 18 and 19 and so first he separated in 19 we find Elijah as we all know he goes any fights against the prophets a bill through a challenge and the challenge was you build an altar, I built an altar and we both pray to our God you pray to bail and I'll pray to the God of the of the Bible and in which everyone answers is the God and so we know that God answers Eliza doesn't answer the prophets. They'll and then after that he goes again quickly and then he does another prophetic thing we prophesies that reigns in a come to a place where there was a drought and then soon after that he gets word that Jezebel does evil queen wants to kill him and so he takes off running and that's we spent the last two weeks or so. Glassy weeks we find Eliza running since under a broom tree in the wilderness in the desert and he literally says it is too much for me to handle. I want to die and I think we can all resident with that. I really do. I think maybe not running up to the wilderness and sitting in the tree along the die but maybe but also maybe the feeling of being overwhelmed the feeling that there's a lot happening in our life right now and and these are those moments that the enemy loves to come in the enemy. The moment that the moment the enemy loves to send a Jezebel coming after us and maybe that comes in the form of our finances are comes in the form of our job or our boss or our own mistakes and we made our guild to the past is insanely busy is moments that that we have this voice coming after us. They were not worthy were not good enough route to get you in and then at some point was counter hands up and say I had enough had enough. This is what Eliza does the Lord sustains him. We talked about the last two weeks, particularly were Lord sustains him when he felt overwhelmed that he couldn't handle it anymore and and we find that that prayers is powerful and that that at times evil. We don't feel like we want to pray those are times we surely should pray, and then God sustains Olympic sense into the cave and so this is now refined and today working in a reader first Kings chapter 19 Spencer chapter 19 verse nine and went to pick it up here. I really do believe that the Lord can speak to you today about maybe not only where he is, but how do we hear him in the moments of the whisper, and I love that where we got our text today that oftentimes God is not speaking, possibly through these big natural supernatural movements, but maybe he's just whispering and is near to us and is not hiding from us I think is are all very important reminder for all of us I know is important for me to reminded that God you're still here. You haven't left your still speaking you're still doing great things in the midst of all the things going on around us in the world is so Elijah goes to a cave and so let's begin the reader first Kings chapter 19 starting in verse nine says there he came to cave and lodged in it, and behold, the word of the Lord came to him and now watches memories very important to remember that the Lord is the one who sent Elijah to the cave and so real quickly switch your paying attention who sent Elijah to the cave of interior.

It was God I the Lord sent them there and so Elijah is in the cave where the Lord told the go and then the Lord of the word came to him and this is what the God suddenly said hey what are you doing here, Elijah, and it's amazing to be asked that question, but is asking the question behind the question was we are.

We know that God knows the answer that question, but is asking Elijah, were you doing here were some of that are just a few moments, Eliza response so you think is an answer. He doesn't say, God, you told me to come here because Elijah knew the question guy was asking Elijah says this is, as I've been very jealous for the Lord, the God of hosts for the people of Israel have forsaken your covenant, thrown down your altars killed your prophets with the sword and I even I only, am left, and they seek to kill my life and take it away feeling alone abandon I'm doing the left reveals his dead air bills is gone and now thereafter made. This is what I'm doing here.

God so God says go stand out on the mount of the Lord, and behold, the Lord passed by what you pay attention what happens or will our past violence is a great and strong wind swore through the mountains break it into pieces rocks of the Lord went everywhere. Rocks were everywhere, but since this is says that the Lord was not in the window.

Then after the wind and earthquake's earthquake shook the mountain on everywhere, says the Lord was not in the earthquake that it was on for next week and as this one. After the earthquake. He says there's a fire's of the Lord was not enough. I love some effect on the way to make a real feeling only the audible Bible reading.

If you Effects so Awesome Thank You Then Watch This after the Fire. The Sound of a Low Whisper and at That Low Whisper When Eliza Heard It As He Wrapped His Face in His Cloak and He Went out and Stood at the Entrance of the Cave and so He Just Walked out Something Moses Did Others Hide Your Face before God. He Was Out Of the City Stood at the Entrance of the Cave. Is It a Voice Spoke in That Whisper in That Moment and Asked the Same Question Again. What You Doing Here Eliza the Richter Scripture for Countless Years. I'm Always Fascinated by That Question That God Asked Elijah If a Similar Question Is in It, See What He Asked Adam and Eve in the Garden Writing, Beginning You Know after Adam. He Fell in Sin. They Hid Their Ashamed and They Hid.

This Is a God Who Naturally Regularly Came and Spent Time to Water the Garden Calls out to Adam and Steve Even Says They Were. You Amazing I Got Asked Questions He Already Knows the Answers to Your Knows the Answer of Why Eliza's at the Cave. He Knew the Answer of Why Eli of Why Adam and Eve Were Hiding.

I Really Do Think That Oftentimes God Wants Us to Own Where We Are to Recognize and Own Not Not Blame God Not Say Will Guide You Told Us the Come Here, or God You Put a Tree in the Garden That We Could Just Don't Put the Tree in the Garden. That's the Is the Answer Would You Put a Tree in the Garden Candy from an Alien from Another Hiding Sourcing Eliza, Well, I'm Tired and Exhausted on the Press on the Left Sum Is Trying to Kill Me, You Sent Me to the Cave. You're the One That Call Me the Ministry in the First Place. What You Mean, What Am I Doing Here, but I Think so. Often, If Not Careful, We Find Ourselves in That Same Spot the Wow Is Conservative for My Own Life Is. How Did Life Get to This Point.

The Question Is, What You Doing Here My Meaning. Another Time I Here on a Sunday Morning across a Fellowship or Wherever You're Watching a Liner in the Chapel Not Talk about Where You Are on Talk about Where You Are Really Where You Are As a Person Where You Are Spiritually Where You Are at Your Inner Core of Who You Are Where You Are in a Mental State Right Now.

Where Are You Physically Where You Relationally.

I Think I Think It Expands All of These Arenas Got Celesta Question. Where Are You.

How Did Life Get This Point How to Get Here.

We Can Often Feel Overwhelmed and That Anything Is Overwhelming. Moments I Think Often Times We Find Ourselves in an Unhealthy Moment. Elijah Is a Very Unhealthy the Lord How to Sustain Him and Sent Him and the Rest of Eliza Story.

By the Way Is Elisha Comes onto the Scene. God Tells Elijah with a J That He's Get a Hand Is Mansell Prophetic Mantle to Another Person. And so Elijah with the J Goes and Finds Elisha with an S and Hates and He Finds Him Plowing a Field and after He Cannot Download What God Told Him Eliza, You Still See His and His Depression Is Still See His Sadness. He Then Turns and Says What Have I Done to You Know Now or by Done Then. Soon after That God Just Takes Elijah in a Whirlwind. Where Are You at Bingo Answer Question.

Where Are You, We Also Test the Question Because There's a Good Answer God Where You Got.

Where Are You in the Midst of All This Happening in My Life Go. Are You All around Me. Where Are You in the Middle of. I'm Going to Argue in My Hardships to Monsters of Your Asked That Question a God I've Asked the Question. This Is beyond Assault against the Question Guy, What, Where Are You Got Are You Not Paying Attention to My Pale European Attention Was Going on in the World around Us and at Times Not Careful We We Come to Get Our Minds Tracked in the Certain Way and and Start Hoping for Something Start Longing for Something We Start Wondering Where God Has Been We Start Hoping for Things and Maybe This Last Year Even Hoping That This Year Been Different. Maybe You're Hoping That This Last Year.

Things Are Been Shaping up a Little Different, Maybe Hope by This Point This Year like Me That That Would Be Way beyond Where We Are Right Now. The Meals Thought That Our Hope That I Hope That We Were Way beyond This Point That We Are That We Could Set Ourselves up with All the Season. We Can Hope for Now Things Will Realize It Was Hope for Something Different. Maybe You've Been Hoping for Something Different As Well. Really Finalize It There and I Want to Hone in Real Quickly for Going to the Main Points That I Want to, Hone in on the Three Things That Happened Elijah in the Cave. I Want to Read Too Much into It.

I Don't like Messing with Scripture and Trying to Read Things Are There, but I Do Want to Point out A Few Things. The First One Is This Is We Been Talking about This Been Talking about the Passage You Were Looking at.

It's Interesting to Me.

The First One That God's Sense Was a Great and Mighty Waking Digit We Have That Sound Effect Again. There You Can Imagine That Right. Imagine Turns or Not It Was Low-Volume Here.

The Strong Wind That Lists Different Equipment and External Amount of Heart Razor of the Bible, but God Wasn't There and When I Read That This Is What Was What How I Interpreted That for for Us Today. Perhaps You in Your Life You Feel Really Tossed around by the Winds of This Last Year As I Read That I Still Got Wasn't in That but Also Know That the Reality Is Maybe Part of the Reason Why You Feel Overwhelmed Is Because Maybe You Feel like You Just Been Tossed around by the Wind Constantly Is Blowing from All Different Directions and This Is Is Happened All around It and It's Amazing How Sometimes We Feel That Way. Then Again, That the Second One the Second One While You Can Imagine I Was the Earthquake Again. We Got That Sound Effect. I Can Imagine That Feeling of That Round Rocks Coming As It Is about an Earthquake by the Non-North Carolina Earthquake like a Real Earthquake in Earthquake Avenue One This Last Year Terrace and Terrifying Is a Small One. Imagine This When This Is the Mountain Shaking and He's Looking and Listening.

And You Would Think That Shirley Got in There but Again As I Read That I Could Help Her Think about the Overwhelming That Maybe We Feel Maybe We Feel As Though Everything Shaken Our Foundation Our Faith Things That We Thought We Were Securing Our Jobs, Relationships. There's Been so Many Things in Shaken This Last Year. Perhaps Here This Morning at and You Feel like It Hurts Me That I Feel like Everything Has Been Just Shaken around Me, and in the Third One Again to Bring It Back Home.

The Third One Is This Fire That Just His Raging Fire.

The City Elijah Feel Maybe Even the Heat from That Flow from That Again God Is Not in That Fire Ever That When I Had to Laugh to Myself As I Feel I Got in a Fireman/Is Putting out Fires Constantly Fires in Our Family Fires in Not Literal Fires Anymore in the Church Affairs of the Church Fires and in Ministry Fires on the Community Feel like It Is Costlier May File Things Just Been on Fire around You. You Are Feeling Just a Fire and What I Love That so Little about God That I That I Want to Scan a Lead from This Morning As I Last One That We Have the Sound Effect Forces That Gentle Breeze, Just That Whisper Just That That Gentleness and God Spoke in the Whisper Read That Passage A Lot and Maybe Just Because the Nature What We Are That Whisper the Sound That God Spoke in the Whisper Just Really Stuck out Whisper into Medicine. It's an Intimate Thing yet You Close to Hear Some May Speak in the Whisper. By the Way Jeremy Somebody That Doesn't Know How to Whisper and We Know People like That.

They Said They Think They're Whispering but They're Not There Just to Say Is a Reflection of Their Voice like like You're Not Whispering As I Am No You Just Changing Your Sound a Little beyond Whispering by Thought about Because Often We We See God of the Old Testament and Jesus the New Testament.

You Don't Think of God and Even Jesus Is Whispering You Think of God As Being Loud and Literally Sending Fire and Storm and and Boisterous like the Sound of Thunder. Even a Revelation Coming Back to the Sound of Rushing Waters. You You Hear about How Often You Ever Think about That. Maybe God Is Speaking to You in the Whisper Salak the Whisper Because of Him, and to Hear Summary Whispering I Got to Pay Attention. I Got I Get Rid of Distractions around.

I Think Maybe If Anything Else with This Last Year Is Done Is Because A Lot Of Distractions. A Lot Of People's Lives. I Know It's Easy to Get Distracted Via Distracted by News or Media You Get Distracted by Your Own Stuff and Sometimes Is Maybe Hard to Even Hear What God Saying to Us in the Whisper Moments the Whisper What God's Trying to Do the Closeness, the Nearness to Him. The Reality Is This.

Everyone Asserted from Us for Something Right Now a Researcher for Something Were Searching for Maybe a Different Job.

They Were Searching for Different Income Streams Are Searching for Relationship. They Were Searching for Health Maybe Were Searching for Purpose and Meaning in Life. They Were Searching for Direction in Life or Search for All These Different Things. All These Things Sort of Value What You Searching for What Is It Right Now. This Morning That That You Are Longing for That You Are Hoping for That You Are Searching for.

Maybe It's an Answer. Maybe It's a Even Pray for for a Long Time. Maybe Your Surgeon for the End of Whatever Crazy Season. We Are in Is a Culture around Us. Back to First Kings Chapter 18 the Plaza Bill Were Searching and I Want to Bring You Back to This Because It Is so Important We Talk about God, Where Are You and God, Are You There in First Kings 18 Verse 20 and 29 Just to Show Remorse Versus As They Cried Aloud They Cut Themselves As Was Their Custom with Swords and Lances until Blood Gushed upon Them, and As Midday Pass, They Raved on That Word Raven Gives a Good Word Picture What Was Happening.

They Raved on until the Time of the Offering No Losses so There Is No Voice. No One Answered. Nobody Paid Attention. These Problems, a Bail They Were Jumping around and Dancing and Shouting and Cutting Themselves and Trying to Get the Attention of Something That Was, Not Even Real Was Even There They Sacrifice Themselves for They Give Their Life for the They Literally Gave Their Lives for Something That Didn't Even Exist. Those Man-Made Cigar. Where Are You. I Sometimes Also, Maybe the Loneliness We Feel, or That the Reality That We Don't Feel Is Maybe We Created Our Own Little G Gods in Our World and We Been so Hopeful That That Was Good to Be the Answer. I Mean Reality Shows in Our World That Another Race Following God and Even Those That Are Are Christ Followers at Times Can Can Make Our Own Little God Idols Out Of Anything Other Sports on What We Have Will Be Hope for Out Of Ourselves and and at Times When We Feel Overwhelmed.

There's Nothing There. The Only Thing That Could Heal the Nation or Culture and You Is God. But Maybe, Just Maybe, We've Often Acted More like the Province of Bail Trying to Get the Attention of Things Actually Doing the Matter in God's over Here Just Whispering and Rubber Yelling and Trying to Get Attention. Trying to Make Something in Front of Create Something in and God Is Pastor Can Talk about Lassies on the Last Couple Weeks Is Also Talk to You When Eliza Stern Came He Just Kinda Came up in the Spring Fire Came from Heaven Sweetie Searching for under Two Things for the Rest of Time Just for A Few Minutes. I Will Address Two Things. Number One Is How Do We Actually Know God Is Existing How We Know Is Actually Real. And the Second One Is Simply This.

How Do We Hear God in the Whisper, How to Help.

We Actually Know Him Inherent in the Whisper I Love Talking to People about Whether or Not God Is Real, I Find Myself Those Conversations Quite Regularly. Honestly.

Or Maybe They Think Is Real but Not Really Sure Only Give You A Few Reminders.

Maybe This Morning That Might Help Remind You That I Got Actually Is There. He's Actually Existing. The First One Is This Just Three There's a Bunch I Can Give You but the Three Real Quickly.

Is This the First Thing Is That God Is in Nature and He Is a Designer That God Is in Nature and and He Is a Designer and Psalm 19 Verse One Us As the Heavens Declare the Glories of God in the Sky above Proclaim His Handiwork.

Day to Day Pours out Speaks Talk about Nature Tonight Tonight Revealing Knowledge This Is That There Is No Speech There Are No Words Whose Voice Is Not Heard. Their Voice Creations Voice Goes throughout All the Earth, and Their Words to the Ends of the World. I I Love That Gentle Reminder. I Love the Reminder That As Soon As You Walk outside and and We Luckily See You See That God Exists in Nature around Us and for Me Personally I Think God Speaks More Clearly to Me at the Beach Than Anywhere Else As Anyone Else with Me on Ellen. I Love Going to Be Cello Builds the Walk out There Every Time I Got on the Beach I Looked out and I Just Say This. This Is the Handiwork of a God There Go to the Beach and Then Think about What's on the Other Side of You and and What's over There and What's Happening down the Road Is Amazing How We Just Look There's God That He Proclaims It and Actually Nature His DNA and Is All over His Fingerprint Are All over All Creation. I Think It's a Good Reminder for Me at Times. Or Maybe I Don't See God. Or Maybe I'm Struggling to Find a a Really Truly Is in the Nature It's in the Universe. It's What He's Created.

The Secondary Exists Which Is so Important to Me and Should Be so Porn Us As Christians Is That We Have Been Created in His Image with a Created in His Image and Listened.

Make No Mistake about It Out Of Everything That God Created He Created Me and You and His Very Image Were the Only Things He Created in Our Image, Which, Oh by the Way, Don't You Think That's Why the Enemy Is Attacking the Image of God Right Now Is Attacking It and Who We Think We Are.

Please Also Attacking It in the Womb.

Listen, If There's Something That Our Church Is for Is for Life on This County That Street Clearly See Understand That We Are for Life Starts in the Womb. It Starts There. We Are Pro-Life We Are for Life Is God Created Life Right Now Is Been Attacked over Nation Is Such a Crazy Thing to Be in That We Act As a Set Laws on When a Person Actually Comes a Person Is a Crazy Look What the Enemy Is Doing. Look at How the Enemy Is Moved in As Alyssa's Life until Later or Sell Life until the Baby Is Born Are Somewhat Nominal. Listen, I'll Need Some Sciences All Needed Bills.

Psalm 139 Tells Me the Truth Sadly Says You Formed My Inward Parts, You Need to Be Together in My Mother's Womb. I Praise You Because I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made in Wonderful Are Your Works, My Soul Knows It Well. Our Frame Was Not Hidden from God When Is VMA.

The Secret He Was Integrally Woven in the Depths of the Earth. God Saw Our Unformed Substance and Wrote Our Days out before There Ever Established. This Is Why It Is so Important, but You Want to See God All You Do Is Look at the Person Next to You Because That Person Was Created by God.

Just like You Were the It's Also a Reminder for Me at Times That You and I Will Never Look into the Eyes of Somebody That Jesus Does Not Love Even That Crazy Neighbor of Yours Even That Relative Even the Boss. Even That Coworker, Even a Classmate That Gets in Your Skin You Will Never Look into the Eyes of Another Person That Jesus Does Not Love Just As Much As He Loves You. Why Is That Well.

Perhaps It's Because He Created That Person Just like He Created You Are DNA of Who We Are.

The Next One That I Actually Love Is Is That There Is a Searching Built into Everyone's DNA. Everybody That's Ever Been Born Has Been Born with a Searching for Eternity.

I Love Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Verse 11 Such a Great Reminder. This Is a Great Verse It Says He Has Put Eternity into the Hearts of Men Is Put This Eternity Right inside of Who We Are That Everyone of Us Has Us Drawing and This Longing to Spend Time with Them in Eternity.

We Have This This Push Right We Have Something inside of Us That Is Calling Us to God and and Calling Us to Himself.

Is There Something Powerful about That. So I'm I'm 47 Now and I Adjusted the Age This Year for a Couple Things Number One Artist Shared 47 Is Now the Official Age We Take Nap so We've Already Established That That Happens. 47 Is Also the Age Where I Now Have To Do Math to Tell You How Old I Am. You Asked How Old Are You and I Might Hang on a Second I Get up Terry the 114-7. Take Hi Algebra over the 47 I Think He Knows a Thing, a Thing, 47, but It Is Also the First Time and Then This Is Not Meant to Be Morbid by Any Means That All of This. The First Year, First Year Were I've Started to Think That I Have More Days behind Me Than Possibly Ahead of Me and It's a That's a Weird Place to Be and to Be Honest, It May Been There before and That Doing and Note Morbid like I'm Going to Die Way, but We All Are Going to Die Someday.

That's That's Guaranteed a List Jesus Comes Back As a First Year I Started to Think of 47. Can I Make It 94. Maybe I Hope so Last Night and Saturday Night Service of Me Shouted out That the Average Age of Men Is around 69 and the Average Age of Women and 72, and I Thought Well That's Because Men Have To Live with Women.

So I Think That's Why We We Might Die Earlier Essays Is Not Here. I Will Say That the Next Service. Is This for Your Service Hung by Wabi. I Use Do You Think about That since 20 Some Years from Now and I Think Live beyond That, We Start to Think about It, but I Will Tell You That That There's Something Actually from That Verse That Has Spoke to Me This Year Pry More Than before Because before When You're Young You Never Think about Elyse I Didn't Really Think about That Much but Now 47. I Know Not like I Known That Alden and I and I Know, but You Can Come up after Me like Him. 62 so I Guess I'm Done Know You're Not Done yet. He Got Lots of Good Years Left in You by Deborah Started Become More Real This Year Than Ever before That There's This Longing in My Heart That Made Was Even There Years Ago. Just Eternity. This Drawing to God Is for Eternity. But That's Not Just Me That Something That God Actually Placed inside of Us That God Has Placed the Drawing and the Longing of Eternity and Saturday Person so As on the Navigate through This. The Rest of My Life That Also Want to Know How I Can Hear Him and the Whisper on the Curses of the Few Things As I Begin to Wrap up on How to Hear God in the Whisper Church Illness. This This Is Something I Wish I Would've Done When I Was 16 or 17 or 25 or 30. I Was Able to Learn How to Hear God in the Whisper. I Really Do Know It's Not Too Late for You to Hear of the Whisper.

I've Often Look for God and in the Big, and I Imagine Many Times I Miss Them in the Quiet and the Whisper I Think Frankly That Guy Would Rather Speak to Me in the Quiet and the Whisper That Have To Shake a Mountain Has a Centerfire Artist and Strong Winds, Serve Your Verse You're Just a Moment That Is Just Amazing to Forget That I Want to Curtsy with Something about the Whisper Number One and Whispers God's Not Hiding from You, so Don't Don't Ever Think Is Hiding from You That Everything That He's Ashamed of You and Is Hiding from You and Is Running Away from You and and Is Disappointed to the Point That Is Is Counting on His Hands in His Ears and Allison Is You That Is Not the God We Serve the Hiding from You in Romans 119 It Says for What Can Be Known about God Is Plain to Them, Because God Has Shown It Soon and Is Speaking about His Invisible Attributes, Namely, His Eternal Power and His Divine Nature and the Says This Has Been Clearly Perceived, Ever since Where His Guitar since What Is the Creation of the World since God Created the World. He Has Not Been Hiding from Us Separate Hiding from Us His Nearest Close to You. He Wants to Be Close to in Both Things That Were Made and This Is Us in Romans 126 so That They Are without Excuse. Jeremiah 2323 Says Amaya God Declares the Lord. That Is a God That Is Close and Far Away.

Speaking That Phenomena Got That's Close and Not a God That's Far Away and Oh by the Way, You Can Hide Yourself in a Secret Place Where God Cannot See You to Give Reminder That God Says This He Says That I Fill Heaven and the Earth Declares What I Feel That All I I'm Everywhere. There's Nowhere You Can Go Where God's Presence Is Not There Is a Hiding from Us. The Second Point Is This Is Jesus. Emmanuel Literally Means God with Us Two Months Away. By the Way Church.

Christmas Is Coming Super Excited about Christmas Is Anybody Listen to Christmas Music. Yet, on Emmanuel, God with Us. Matthew 123 Will Hear This A Lot Reduces Behold a Virgin Shall Give Birth in so Call Him Immanuel, Which Means Got Teases Very Nature of His Name Means God with Meetings with You Sooner Think That God Is Not with You That Everything Is Abandon You to Everything He's He's out Doing Something Else and Never Think That Is like the Province a Bail God Is Doing Something Else While You Know Your Crying out to Me Not Paying Attention and I Got God's near and As and Left You As an Advantage You. I Think Some You Might Need to Hear That, but This Next One Right Here God Is Whispering to You and Is Directing You and This Is What I Wish I Learned a Long Time Ago. This Is Something I'm Trying to Get Better at Now in Isaiah Chapter 30 Verse 19 He Speaking to Jerusalem Sake Will Dwell in Zion. He Says This That You Will Weep No More Is Encouraging Them Says That He Will Surely Be Gracious to You at the Sound of Your Cry As Soon As He Hears It He Answers You, and Though the Lord No License, and Though the Lord Give You the Bread of Adversity and the Water Affliction.

Your Teacher Will Not Hide Himself Anymore but Your Eyes Will See Your Teacher Want to Hear. Verse 21. Listen to This in Your Ears, Your Ears Will Hear a Word behind You Saying This Is the Way Walk in It. When You Turn to the Right When He Turned to the Left You Will Hear a Voice That Tells You This Is the Way to Go Whisper. I Wish I Would've Heard That Voice or Listen to That Voice When I Was Younger I Can Imagine the Heart Ache That Would've Been Saved Had I Just Listen to the Voice behind Me Talking and Then Looking Back Now on My Life I Can. I Can Certainly See the Times Now Were the Lord Was Literally Almost Skylight behind Me As I'm Walking on Handy Any Figure Right Right Here. Turn Right Turn Right on the Left Turn Right Turn Right.

Okay Now the Say the Paths That Whispers That Whispers That Was Can Also See the Parts I Didn't Listen to That Whisper, and I I Took a Lefts As Sarah Walk in You, Traversing over This and and You Find Yourself Lost.

You Find Yourself Far from God in Your Own Self You Find That That You Just Confused but but Guess What My Bella Says That Jesus Is Right Here with Us Is Always Speaking. Hey, Make a U-Turn, Make a U-Turn Making U-Turn Pastor Kevin. I Went to Charleston This Week for a Conference and We Relied A Lot on Maps and Siri Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Her. By the Way, Especially, Comes the Maps and I Thinks There Are Two Times Were Allowed to Clear like I like I Got It Because If You like to Say, Turn Right at the Stop Sign, but As You Say, like Six Times He Forgot the Stop Sign and They Get Those Thoughts. I like to Read. I like I Know You Want to Turn Right. I Got It I Got It. Then Once We Missed Our Term Because There's Instruction and in Real Quickly. It Was like Recalculating Root Making U-Turn Appearing Go to This or This or That and and I Think While I Wish I Would Listen to God like That in My Youth I Wish It Would Listen When I Was like That.

One of These Pastor I Wish I Would Listen to That Voice Knows Young Husband and Young Father. I Wish I Would Listen That Voice Is Weak at Times and I Think What Happens Is Often Times We Make Maybe Look for God in the Mountain, Shaking, or in the Fire or an Earthquake or in the Wind or Look for Some Other Way for God to Show Us Himself and and I'm Just Here to Tell You That. Could It Be That He's Just Right behind You Whispering in Your Ear Tell You Which Way to Go, and the Only Way You Hear That Whisper Is in the Quiet, It's in the Gentle Breeze.

It's in the Intentionality of Intimacy. That's When I Hear His Voice When I Draw near to Him. The Bible Assures Us That When We Draw near to Him. What Is He Do This As You Draw near Sauce When I Draw near to God. He Drawn Ears Draws near to Me and and I Hear That Voice so Much Clear, the Quiet I've Clearly Love the Way That We Vented Our Services for the Most Part in Mortgaging the Same Thing This Morning and Honestly at the Time of Reflection MSU Three Questions and Then Jordan and Abigail and Obi Are Going to Lead Us in This Wonderful Rendition of Quiet and His Nephew Just to Sit Just to Receive It and Assume Three Questions That I Wanted to Wrestle with.

Maybe This Morning and That This the First One Is, What Are You Searching for What Is It You're Searching. What Is That Miracle That You Need from God Today. The Second One Is This Is What's Been Distracting You from Hearing God's Voice and the Third One Is What You Need to Do to Build Quiet into Your Life to Hear from God.

Let's Pray Together but I Think You for the Way You Speak to Us. I Really Do and Certainly Got Some Time to Get Our Attention through the Big Things but Often I Think That Just like Elijah. Maybe You Want to Speak to Us in Just the Gentle Whisper in the Quiet so That I Pray Right Now That You Would Give Her Distractions around Right Now As We Wrestle with the Questions of What Really Do I Need from You Would like Searching for What's Distracting Me. How Can I Build and Alliance My Life to Hear from You Got a Craving. In This Moment Right Now, That We Would Hear You from behind Us, Telling Us Which Way to Go. In Jesus Name, Amen

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