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8: Overwhelmed - God I Can't Handle It Anymore!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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December 7, 2021 2:00 am

8: Overwhelmed - God I Can't Handle It Anymore!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Overwhelmed the reason why we started the sermon series is. Honestly, we really believe a guy let us there in September we spoke about hope of this mother Stegall being overwhelmed.

Last week we sold out what to do when you're tired. When you feel exhausted and his things in life right now. The prior causing you feel exhausted or because you feel tired you go chase a little ones around you figure out school referral life. You work life balance happening.

I guess your own stuff going on as well as well as also for the world around us that we see consciously hitting us all the time and at times you feel very very overwhelming and quite frankly exhausted. Most people I talked to, especially the last three months almost every conversation ends. Typically, with somebody saying I just feel really tired. I just wrote exhausted and tired of seated on medium tired, so she made him tired of the news of a home of your real excited when Facebook and Instagram went down for a day, you're like oh think Jesus, I gotta keep up with anything.

But what happens assume the kickback on you like right back at it they go in all these things all these words all the noise of the sound coming at us can deftly make us feel overwhelmed. Today I will talk about so that I think I will really help us a lot and that is how do we handle it when we feel like we can't handle anymore worried you always really we just can't handle it anymore. Whatever the it is whatever's going on in our life.

We just feel like okay if I get one more bad news about one more thing that comes up.

If I see one more thing happen. I was gonna lose it you know. And then next record talk about what happens when you feel like praying anymore in the last week Delmas last Sunday or it's about God. Where are you got are you are even out there listening again feeling overwhelmed at war doing this month is little different were taking a little case study from the book of Kings with the prophet Elijah recounted using him as a quick summary leap pad and never give a jump to the New Testament today and really, the subtitle is lessons that we can learn from the boat during a storm and we learn from from Jesus and from the disciples how to navigate those difficult times we feel absolutely overwhelmed so firstly separated in 19 is a quick summary. I did a lastly computer real quick summary this week.

The next two Sundays were to go to the end of realizes journey in the cave before get there again, just a quick summary. Elijah powerful profit in the Old Testament, so much so that he actually doesn't physically die. God takes them up in a whirlwind. He does about 14 to 16. Miracles are pretty powerful miracles fire coming down from heaven a prophesying rain raises summary from the dead, and it is a pretty powerful miracles that he does, and in the in the New Testament using the New Testament. You see Elijah and Moses.

When Jesus is transfigured from some of the disciples of the lives of their and Revelation 11 there's two witnesses that come back, and most people would say that's probably Enoch and Elijah coming back is very prominent in Jewish custom the Jewish faith as well as in the Christian faith and that is a really really well respected prophet. However, I sell that to say that he had his moment and he had his moment where he literally went under a tree in the wilderness and just wanted to die.

So how does a prophet go from literally a first Kings 18 he sees fire come down from heaven. We talked about last week the prophets a bail for 50 of them and Elijah. It is a challenge and got shows up with fire and any real quickly goes any prophesies that rains Unicom in a place that had a drought for several years. Elijah had no problem confronting sin had no problem confronting queens and kings and generals. And yet after you. Some of these two amazing miracles. These two days that we would say that was a pretty good day this evil Queen Jezebel says that she wants to kill him. And so as we find Elijah. We find it in first Kings 19 running into the wilderness and sitting down under a tree and say, in the words God kill me had enough had enough. So how does summary go from a pretty awesome day to feel that exhausted that overwhelmed in first Kings 19 forces. He goes by himself on the wilderness.

He sits under a tree and he says I can't handle it anymore's take away my life that I think that's all of us can relate to that to some degree. Maybe not the take my life part but but maybe I think all of us can relate to have a really good day and you get that one bad report you that one text message or something happens with your kids something happens in your health and all of a sudden you just feel like that one day or that months of good days or even a year just kinda go away real quickly and also were sitting there, like Elijah going what is going on. I thought things were going good I thought this is going to be a different year than it is right now. I thought this fall is can be so different it. Life can be different now here we are again. It an honor not go and if we're not careful what happens we get physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually tired run down overwhelmed and that's exactly what the enemy loves us to get to because in those moments we feel weekly feel tired when feel exhausted, but then we just loves to come in and and actually, hope that in a bad way you can encourage us in a negative way. So hopefully today only give us four things today that we can do we feel overwhelmed to the point that we just can't handle it anymore. And how do we actually navigate and do that so is your turn to Matthew chapter 8 Matthew chapter 8 is a fantastic pass of Scripture were Jesus and the disciples given to about and they go to the other side and the journey that they have just sent in one night journey.

If you track with me for a few minutes.

I think you can leave your encourage and reminded of a few things that Jesus says of his disciples, and what his disciples did during this time of storm. So Matthew chapter 8 verse 23 says Jesus gets into the boat.

His disciples followed him so real quick quiz already were to a quiz ready past Daniel, who's in the boat using the disciples right is not wrong to figure out that's probably really important note to remember that Jesus and the disciples get into the boat.

Jesus gets in first. His disciples are following Jesus is keep that in mind. Verse 24 says, and behold, there arose a great storm on the seas of the boat was being swamped by waves and Jesus was asleep from the middle of the sea mythology is on the boat. The storm comes. Jesus is just sleeping away and then in verse 25 says they once owned and went to Jesus.

They woke him up and they said save us Lord we are perishing we are gonna die. Now the disciples are informed to be in on the sea, most of them are fishermen. This had to be a real significant storm for than the panic. This much to think that they're going to die.

You can imagine nice incompetence of the boat. About halfway through the storm arose in both taking on water. They're panicking to try to just sales and orders keep the keep the ship and line converting going forward and at some point they begin the panic at some point in their journey they begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed, anxious and worried to the point they thought they were going to die and uses over there snoring snoring around of Jesus in order not that sacrilegious… Nor Donna be sleeping. There was maybe snoring and drooling, but you know is Jesus. He fry like perfect over there sleeping and disciples. Gotta wonder why why is my sleep almost at the say the Jews not care that were gonna die if you not even worry that there's a storm as they go over and they they woke him up. I'll know who drew the short straw to wake him up when women like you badly cruise going up I'm awake at about your silly guy going about to go over in the panic and this will Jesus does he ask bizarre question, in my opinion.

He says why are you afraid yes to that question. Why are you afraid of Susan to bizarre question.

I'm afraid because the boats about the sink in the middle of the storm and you're over there, sleep, and Islam afraid then Jesus challenges their faith says you of little faith, and he gets up and rebuked the winds and the sea and there is great calm in stock so the disciples marveled, saying amongst themselves what sort of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey and that they had seen Jesus do a few things already, but this a whole different level were Jesus is now commanding the winds in nature and the sea all but it gets better.

So it comes down. They get to the other side. This last verses, important the tide in this morning. In verse 28 is when they came to the other side it said that to possess men come running out of the tombs so fierce that nobody could pass so much, get this whole picture here.

Jesus has all the crowds falling on the other side. So once again the bow the disciples.

Those labels are following Jesus is doing, says the do begin the boat halfway through storm comes, I think they're going to die. They suggested this amazing miracle there, wonder and awe added in the moment.

They land to possess people come running out of tombs out that's a crazy night is wild night relate that a little bit suits our journey and story. Maybe a little bit of you for something that the disciples did, or something that Jesus spoke on that I really believe will help you in an us through the overwhelming feeling of what we feel we can handle it anymore. The first one is as we start your number 14 quick things. The first one is a reminder for us all. Jesus never said it was going to be easy I think is important to start their I think sometimes we forget that Jesus never told us it was going to be easy. If I globule misuse first Corinthians 1013 and they they they like they want to believe that Jesus says that that nothing will overcome your nothing will overwhelm you. In other words people say will Jesus will give me anything that I can't handle in life and that's actually now what is speaking about. If I don't think sometimes the opposite. We often get put in positions that we feel we can handle but prescriptions 1013 says no temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man and what he saying is that God is faithful and will knowledge to be tempted above your ability boat every temptation help provide an escape away to endure it. So Jews actually never says that life is and can be hard.

Jesus never says is not to be storms that is not to be big waves just never said that you never can get a bad report or better. She with your job or that you can experience loss but we did say is that he's on TV temptation. You can handle the also goes on in John 1633 just another reminder again. Just a reminder that I can be easy or Jesus, as I said all the things you said you have peace because in this life you will have tribulation your problems using his own mouth that you can have problems in this life. The times we are overwhelmed there's any issues that come up with any reminds again that have overcome the world. Every overcome everything in Luke 2117.

Another reminder he says you will be hated on account of my name so I know I was sensing an encouraging morning and it will trust me, your prices are gone. That's not encouraging. So far I was encouraging Karin get there, but we have to start with just a reminder that life is not easy. This is not there storm, some you right now. This morning you came in here and you have a raging storm that you're in the middle of you don't know what to do is water coming in your boat, you have no ideal to do so, you just came out of the storm.

Some you might be seeing a storm on the horizon and storms will happen. There are things outside of all of our control, that we cannot manage and control that happened to us in this world we see it all the time. Jews are promises that it would be easy. What he did promise us, though, is that he be with us always to the very end, which is those promises that hillock should be in the boat with you through the storm.

In Matthew 2820 it's at the end of the commission call that we all have reduces going all the world and make disciples teaching people baptizing people at dinner that he says I am with you to the very ends of the age, the comfort is not necessarily whether there storms are not the comfort is and whether or not things will happen in life.

The comfort is knowing that Jesus is with you in the middle of the storm that is right there alongside you, which was the second point I want to get to analysis. The second point of encouragement is you have to stay in the boat. How how do you navigate difficult times. How do you navigate the storms take a lesson from the disciples to stay in the boat and here's why say that I think too many people quit they quit before they see the miracle they quit before the answer comes they quit before leaving. Give God the opportunity to show up in the middle of the storm. We have a culture that loves the quit we pay people quit things all the time they quit on themselves. They quit on God the quit and marriages they quit in relationships, liquidate jobs, acquitted churches a few displays quit things get tough. It is quit by fear is that we have had this ingrained thought that we give God about two seconds to show up and disrupt. We just quit.

We just move on. The one thing disciples did do well in. If they didn't jump out of the boat and try to swim the shore.

They stayed in the boat and Jesus was in the bow with them member Jesus doesn't challenge how hard they worked.

He never challenged whether or not there were good fishermen.

He didn't challenge whether or not they were doing the right things. What he challenged was their faith.

It takes faith to stay in the boat. It takes faith to go to the middle of the storm and feeling overwhelmed. It takes faith to say, will Jesus brought me to it. He's going to bring me through it that takes faith requires faith that says I've gotten the boat would Jesus ever going the other side and there's a storm coming, remember the disciples just did what Jesus told the do they just gone to the boat. They were following Jesus commandments their following him wherever he went, and Jesus led them right into the middle of the storm. So what happens when that happens us words are faith does our faith kick in Hebrews level I defines FA 4000 Hebrews level I says faith is the assurance of things that we are hoping for.

It's the conviction of things that are unseen of verse two says this, for by for the people of the old receive their accommodation and I love verse three of the author. Hebrews 11 one date and they kinda stop. I love verse three verse three says, by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God. That's a powerful verse that he requires faith on our side to believe we haven't even seen none of us were there when God created the universe we were there so requires faith even believe in God create the universe requires faith to say that a mistake inside of the building requires faith to say that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

That requires faith and action to our faith. Hebrews 11. Six of the verse. It always sits me pretty strongly says, but without faith it is impossible to please God. It requires faith even just a come to God requires faith to accept them in your life as your Savior requires faith just to step out your door and walk where we going to go tomorrow after church. He requires faith. It's all about faith. It comes back to the faith and by the way I want to courage or something. Faith is one of the gifts of the spirit that we are allowed to pray for more of was last time you pray for more faith, not just to have more faith before the God of faith to be relevant evidence in your life where you are to have that kind of faith.

It requires faith to draw near to God.

All this requires faith requires faith to stay in the boat or something you notice about Jesus and I notice an obvious one, but I think a good reminder notice, Jesus didn't panic Jesus was asleep and about in the middle of a storm he was asleep in why will because Jesus wasn't concerned about the storm. The disciples panics they got worked up, but you didn't notice that when Jesus woke up from his nap on the boat here. Wake up going all my goodness what enjoyed me up early were all gonna die every man for themselves. It is left of even bowl out even jump over to walk on water use could get his ran on water to shore.

He knew any of that he was nervous and listen to me if Jesus isn't nervous. Why are you if God is not concerned why are you Jesus and panicking. He's not upset about it.

He's not overwhelmed by.

So why do we get overwhelmed by the storm prior to the same reason the disciples that they look at the storm and for a moment, for God uses in the boat. See what happens with us. The reason why we feel overwhelmed, quite honestly, you can you can say whatever it is you're overwhelmed about more than likely is because you take your eyes off of Jesus and is looking at the storm. If the disciples would've just trusted Jesus. Jesus would've calm the storm. Instead, he challenges the faith because they lost faith we understand the boat and don't get nervous and to see Jesus get nervous and by the way, Jesus is never nervous is never anxious loud comforter that is in their 90. It's easy to say right it's easy to say every year in the middle of the storm is a lot harder to live out just like the disciples disciples physically had use in the boat and they still miss the point. So I get it. It's tough requires faith. My prayer for you is that you would ask for an increase of faith in your life email to handle whatever storm you're going through whatever's happening that he really go through it the third point is, this is my number three is this really love this one. One word from Jesus can calm your storm church. Take comfort in that fine incursion and that one word from Jesus can calm whatever it is you're going through one word from him. One look for men, one move from them can heal and restore and provide can give favor.

I can absolutely calm the storm that you're in right now he did in the boat you can do it again if you did before he can do it in your life. In Matthew chapter 8 earlier in verse eight is a fantastic passage of faith will receive Jesus do this is a centurion that comes up to Jesus and the centurion got service at his house in one of his services is sick and ill as of the centurion runs at the Jesus to the here's the Jews.

Is there any he believes that you can do miracles boat, but what he does is pretty amazing affect Jesus actually marvels at the level of this man's faith. The suturing goes up to Jesus is Lord I'm not worthy to have you come to my house under my roof just say the word and my servant will be healed and then he explains is IQ a man with authority.

So I tell people under me to go and they go.

I told the company, tell my service to this and they do it to say the word Jesus to say the word.

Verse 10. This is when she is heard this, he was marvel and he told people around. I tell you, no one in Israel have I seen with this much faith in Jesus turns the room he says go, your servant is healed. The Bible says that at that very moment that servant was healed. Listen, don't tell me that Jesus does have the power with one word. The change everything he can change everything.

Think about your salvation story. Forgiveness is just one. One instance that was one word of forgiveness you are forgiven.

And Jesus can do that and every life that we had in every area of our life that we have just one word from him just one look for men, she may be going through storm this morning to have the faith that can believe in sages you just say the word and it's done and until then. And so that moment I must say the boat and so that moment on I can focus on the storm in front of me instead of her focus Jesus on who you are, which is the fourth and final point this morning. That's this is a critical moment. What we learn through this storm is going to get us through the next storm I think is important for us to learn in every storm we have in life the disciples as very red. They they were in the middle the storm with Jesus, they experience the storm with him and they saw him do a miracle and he literally calm the winds and the waves were just one word: everything enemy get to the shore of Giardia rather get to the shore and Sue gives us people come running out of the tombs there were viciousness either so vicious that the people can you pass by them and you can imagine disciples again thickened great. We just got out of the storm an hour to this one and I know I can almost picture Abby know that is the way my mind works a picture Jews get off the boat first novel, still talking about. While these can you believe that Jesus healed are just did this last night. It was amazing and he believably is marvelous and just at that moment they hear the yelling's and the screenings of possess people running towards them. You can also imagine that this is Jesus here. They're all like all right, go ahead. Jesus Europe Europe next North Carolina behind you and just you go, go get a imagine they learn something pretty special that night in the middle the storm. I imagine that it it grew their faith and strengthen their faith and their faith was tested immediately. They went from one storm to another storm. Sometimes life like that is sometimes you go from one storm to another storm to another storm to the storm and the prayer and the hope is that as you see God move in this storm. It will strengthen you through the and then through the next one and then through the next one. Storms will come. Jews Artie said it's going to worse, stacking it easier.

We gotta navigate it with faith and with strength, staying in the boat with Jesus our universe that I think is pretty powerful. Hebrews 13 eight.

It's a reminder that since Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever, and I what I love about that verse is this the notion that if Jesus calm the storm then he can's calm the storm today that of Jesus healed people then how me believe you can heal people today that Jesus accepted people and connect with people and love people, then as you heal and love people today. The same hasn't changed. The same Jesus, bliss, and by the way in Genesis worse as the word was with God, right, that's a job and is also in Genesis where it speaks about Jesus being there at the creation of everything that same Jesus at the beginning of creation. The same Jesus is with us in Scripture is us and use that with you right now in the middle of the storm that you're going through. If you stay in the boat. Meaning if you stay in relationship with them, trusting him Joshua 23 81 Rita in two different versions of translations in Joshua 23 eight it says this is the ESV version that we use on Sundays as is, but you will cling to the Lord your God, just as you have done before. To this day we say as I hang on to God. Just like you did before and hang onto them today how our reeded out of a different version that I dislike the way that it's worded. I don't use us when the priest out of but it's the English clear word version, but I really like how it's worded said this, you shall cling to the Lord your God, just as you have done to this day the English version hold onto the Lord and do what he ask you to do. He has helped you before he will do it again. I really like that that translation. I it's a good reminder for us what we do we feel overwhelmed. Here's what you do you hold onto the Lord just like you did before his stay in the boat he told you before and will do it again. He'll never leave you. He'll never forsake you. And oh by the way he's I can kick you out of the boat.

Hang onto like you did before. If he did it before.

Do it again. Don't give up. We started this last Sunday morning and the same way today I think it's pretty special way to and often we'll get opportunity just to build in moments of the service to reflect or just to hear from God, and I felt that this sermon series required that that sometimes given us forges, hopeful reminders listen. We know a socket to be easy. We gotta stay in the boat.

We gotta ask.

After that miracle and trusses in the do a right that that's the takeaways for us today that are really relevant force in life, but I want to give you three questions at the end of each week, and pastor Daniel peers cannot sing the song quiet overour last week. It's kind of a theme song force for this month. If you will. The first part of the song you'll see these questions in the next part will see the words but this is meant for you to sing with his nephew just sit there reflect those three reflective questions I want to give you the first one is his number one is what is the storm you're going through right now with the storm that's happening. What's the storm that moves on the horizon was the storm that you kind of sense is coming your way.

What is it just the name. The second question is, how is your faith being tested right now where's your faith be attested if Jesus was in a stab of the boat and challenge your faith, what would it would be on where's your faith be attested and the third question is what is the miracle that you're praying for, what were you hoping that as long as you stay in the boat and you stay close to God that God is going to do this miracle in your life, what is that miracle your open those of the three reflective questions so as Daniel leads us in and that songs and sing over us is a great opportunity for you to solicit a God this morning. Maybe you came in feel very overwhelmed. Maybe came in feel discouraged, maybe feel like allies or were you just gonna done maybe feeling of the disciples, and you're in the middle of the storm in your wondering why is Jesus sleeping my prayer for you today is that you will leave here with an overwhelming sense that one word from Jesus.

One look from him if he did it before he can do it in your life and must believe that this morning are, pray for us than Daisy missing that over us and and then the other. Daniel Daniel Messina will come up at the end and closeout spray father thinking this morning for just the Siu reminder of who you are. Reminder that you are with us, even the middle of the storm that will in the storms rage. It's really easy to take her eyes off of you and put on the storm and start the panic by the Lord's the a calling us back to just you. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, you are the author and you're the perfecter of our faith.

So whatever circumstance are around us, whether storms are rising just I pray now that you gives back centered that you would increase our faith to trust in you to hold onto you that if you help this before your to do it again. In Jesus name, amen

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