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4: Cheerful Generosity

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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March 22, 2021 11:00 am

4: Cheerful Generosity

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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March 22, 2021 11:00 am

This episode is from 2 Cor. 9 discussing 5 Generosity Principles


This morning I am actually very very excited to talk to you about a messy science title called cheerful generosity. I love talking about generosity is probably one of my favorite things to talk about now some you just clenched really, really big and grabbed your wallet.

This is not about your money.

Another to get your money today. I'm not here to tell you more money. That's actually has very little to do with money when it when you really understand biblical generosity. It's really not about money it's part of it but there's more to it than that. I love talk about his wife.

I think that there are certain things that are really close to the heart of God that that will we put them in the practice that we mirror God's heart for people.

I think generosity is one of them. I think that when you and I that if we can be marked by something that if you and I can be identified as something missing in our lives. We probably call a lot of different things. Rachel even called some things in life right I hopefully generous was one of talk about positive things. By the way could get your mind out of the gutter. The positive things that genera say that you are known as some he was generous.

Now generosity means more than just giving money that I give money for only one of like 50 different things in ways we can be generous.

So let's talk about cheerful generosity to be in second Corinthians chapter 9 Senior Attorney second Corinthians 9 that's in your main text, but before we get there. I do want to talk real quickly about the difference between tithing and generosity in giving and here's my hope anytime I talk about generosity or giving or whatever. I always go into it with. I want you to hear the best message of ever heard about it, not because it's flashier because it wowed you, but because it's biblically and doctrinally sound when it comes to our giving and comes a generosity. If you been around church long enough you know there is a lot of bad teaching out there. There just is.

There's a lot of bad teachers. Lotta good intentions with bad theology, bad doctrine, bad teaching by manipulation of Scripture. So anytime I get a chance to talk on a specific topic like this, like generosity part of my hope is that you leave you with a better understanding of all that's what that means. I got a good now I can apply it here manipulates you another twisted I'm just going to Scripture and show you what it says but in order to talk about cheerful generosity as discussed in second Corinthians, but separate between what is a means it's high and what is a means to be generous because those are two different concepts tithing in Scripture is literally means 10%, and what we believe the Bible teaches that 10% of our income goes a local church that is the purest sense of tithing is a baseline for giving Malachi chapter 3 is a great verse that says, lays it out. I love this verse because it says literally bring the full time for the storehouse.

Bring your full-time to the church that there may be food in my house in the way to look at it is say okay when I tied given part of my money to the church that the church can continue to do the ministries in the programming to reach people in the resources that's basically at the heart of it of what that same but here's something that I find fascinating and I think that anytime God says something strong in Scripture that there's a reason for in this private reason for us to think about it for just a moment that is reading it because as the verse says God says this he says, thereby put me to the test.

Now listen, I been doing this long time. Nowhere else in Scripture is God so you can test him outside of this verse is about our giving, why do think that is is not because God need your money is because as a principal and giving and blessing that God understands what God says is test me like if you don't believe me you don't believe that we should tithing give the God says test me and see that I don't open the ones of the windows of heaven part a blessing on your that's what that means is, so I want to just challenging form of on the generosity in your tithing and giving the test, God, and it is past. Dana said thank you for those you give the crossers is because of you that we have such an impact is because you are is able to be in my office here two hours teaching and training pastors literally across across the country and parts of the world because you were able to give 350,000 back to the city every single year and make huge impacts right here in our city and I could go on and on and on and on about the generosity of our church, but if it's if it's a struggle for you then all I say is test gunmen disregard the test to see regardless see cheerful generosity those is almost a multicellular pain. Closing feels good right leg were friends though your right when you get through this, talk about that cheerful generosity, cheerful generosity is kind of above and beyond what our ties would be severe sent tithe is 10% echoes the church great but cheerful generosity in offering its above and beyond that in it goes into all different areas of our life. That's why was the talk about it.

I was talk about it because it's not just what you have money or don't have money is based on you is based on what God is doing in your heart is based on your time is based on your town the morning talk. By the moment, but generosity goes into how we forgive one another how we know we can be generous and are forgiving of people we can be generous in the way that we love one another. We can be generous in the way that we sit and talk to some he that we completely disagree with with our time we be generous with our serving would be generous with our gift sets we get and Louis was seated and encompasses all areas of our life and here's my noncitizen front. As we talked through this.

I believe that most of you are going to be about 80 to 90% there. Here's what I think happens here's I think is happening. I think that most of us would say that we trust God in most areas of our life, but I wonder if we trust God in all areas of our life's even know tithing and being generous are different there very similar when it comes to trust. It's all about trust AirPort Express God and something that means we gotta trust God ever not put our RFID out there for him to go forgive somebody if we can extend a hand to help somebody for care that we have to trust comes down to trusting.

Billy Graham says it this way about money says if a person gets his attitude towards money straight. It will straighten out almost every other area of his life. I did that's truly comes generosity as well. So here's our starting point this morning ready our starting point is this is simply a statement. God's got you. That's the starting point leg assuming that she just tell them God's got you just tell them that here's why that's our starting point because if you don't believe that statement. Generosity can be very difficult for you when I say God's got you also in your mind, your heart, it forces you to either believe that or not. Do you believe that God's value and I think that most people would say most areas and other was as areas of our life that we don't stress over right we have areas of life that we completely trust God with no stressor will worry about it. We kind is given over to God. That's great but what about those areas that this morning when you got up it's still heavy in your heart and your anxious about what about tomorrow or what your future lesson. This is been a an interesting year to say the least for all of us right.

It's been very interesting by putting it mildly semiprivate stronger language like to use this in a very interesting year nicely. A bad here is interesting to us different and I see more people stress and worry and live in fear of the/and I have and pry a long time and we do that this is what were saying without saying I don't trust you, God. That's what were saying this is call wasn't what it is. If you and I are anxious or stressed or worried it's because were not fully trusting God the same that I always say anytime is on but generosity and giving that I think is very true.

It is paint a good picture. It's very abstractly paints a picture. It's often wonder and I'll speak for myself, why for me. I can trust God with my very soul free truly accepted Jesus when I was a teenager in life and in my accepted weight. My teenage years.

From that point forward. I do trust them with my salvation. I'm really worried about whether to go to heaven or hell.

It's I just kinda gave got my life and trust that it is an amazing though, how I can trust God with my very soul for all eternity and then I struggled trusting him just with simple day-to-day things is a bizarre, then meals like that is not talking about the trust God.

That is the God of the University save your soul and is building up like all the stuff we just saying about and then we have a hard time just trusting them just with today where that's at our finances. Or maybe it's our health report.

Maybe it's all things covert.

Maybe it's you know working relationships, marriages, I mean it is amazing how we can get so stressed and anxious over the day-to-day. Yet we trust God with like everything. Read Matthew chapter 6 is in this way.

Matthew six is therefore I tell you I love this first line is says don't be anxious about anything, to still be anxious about everything. He continues and he says no basecoat you drink, don't be anxious about what you wear. Don't be anxious about your body, what you put on. He says this places is life, not more than food his life, not more than clothing is like not more than these things and then he makes a quick comparison. He says look at the birds of the air right is annoying version birds everywhere. These birds fiddle so they don't read. They don't get up in the barns and of the heavenly father cares for them and they asked a rhetorical question, of course, are you not more valuable than their what a great comparison. It's as if they picked the most simple thing like a bird as God takes care of the birds in the air. Don't worry about any of that stuff aren't you more valuable and then he kinda gives you the once you punch and then he says it this way in which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to the span of your life but no one hits us, doesn't that one hits me often to give reminder to give reminder say half a come worried or anxious about something is not adding anything to my life. In fact, is quite taken away from my life visited try taken away. I got a 22-year-old, a 16-year-old pilot. This beer drought. It's white now I that that's that's stressing me out things in our life like that. Which one of us can add but boy 16-year-old she can take years off your life, that's for sure. So I can add things. The stress and worry they take away its take away eight times that we could've enjoyed Malaga back in my life. I look at times when I was anxious and worried about things and all the energy that once of that that I could've used for something else and come on we'll do that and we look at angle was even worried about that, it's fine if God's much tomorrow. I want to stress about tomorrow.

I believe God's much tomorrow I believe is in your tomorrow so the God of the universe who loves us. This is a don't worry about the birds and worry about what they do worry about your life how you not to be anxious to be anxious yet to edit single hour to like being anxious, as if God is and owned by the way, I'm already in your tomorrow set so we can live without the anxiousness in Philippians 419. This is my God will supply every need according to his riches in glory.

I love that as a reminder again that God's got God's got you now I didn't say God will give you everything you want is easy to give you everything brand-new you can say, is to give you a and blow your mind with like all these riches but he does say I might give you everything you need. The problem is that we aren't satisfied with just what we need. We want more. And there's nothing wrong with driving. There's nothing wrong with success is nothing wrong with that until our heart gets involved with, so I will talk to about five generosity principles that a five and they all come out a second Corinthians chapter 9 verse 6 to 15 were measured this morning. I do a little different Nissan read the whole passage this morning and read through it and then we go back in this, highlight five principles and I I just promise you this morning as your pastor was listen to me if there's something when I plumb a teacher for each that I just wish our church would believe this is one of I'm just telling you if you would believe what Scripture says about generosity and how it impacts your life. God will do and can do amazing things, serial nursery and second Corinthians chapter 9 starting verse six he says this places the point is this, whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly, not under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver when he stop real quick. He's not speaking about tithing here.

This is about generosity memories with the difference K what he saying is that when more generous we should be generous with what we believe in our heart we should do that again it goes be on things like money goes in the time town forgiveness all those things of verse eight is a display, says, and God is able to make all grace abound to use that having all sufficiency in all things at all times you may be able to do every good work as it's written he has distributed freely. He is given to the poor. His righteousness endures forever. He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. Verse 11 you will be enriched in every good way to be generous in every way which through us will produce Thanksgiving to God for the ministry of the service is not only supplying the needs of the saints. But also overflowing in many thanksgivings the God by their approval of this service. They will glorify God because of your submission that comes from your confession of the gospel of Christ and the generosity of your contribution for them and for others. Verse 14 while they long for you and pray for you because of the surpassing grace of God upon you. Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift a lot of principles there loud talk about generosity and beautiful passage well about singer. These nine is in my opinion, puts things in real good perspective about what it means and what it looks like and the results of our generosity again as I said, if there's something that I will love for all of us to be known as it is a people who are generous, so does that mean the first principles of several write this down.

The first principle is a simple one that most of her before and that is simply this, that you reap what you sow I'll leave you know that to be true, you will absolutely reap what you sow and pretty much every area of your life if you put the work in you should reap out good results, whether that's with your health. Whether that's with your career, whether that's in sports and athletics. Whether that's in grades whether that's in your marriage, whether that's in your relationship. So that's in you being a good employee or a good boss and on and on and on it goes. What you reap what you put in you will eventually get back out now listen to me very carefully listen. This is one of those bad teaching moments.

I want to correct for you. Second Corinthians 9 is not a name it and claim it, lab it and grab the prosperity message.

Amen. Somebody let's loosely say it again it is not.

If you name and the claimant of your blab and grab it.

Prosperity message. It's not it's not okay got Alma put in $10 and I expect $100,000 in return is God's math is different than are met. I've heard that so many times it's not about that. However, there is a principal of what you read you. So in the measure you use will be used against you, and there is a principle that when we give God gives back there. That is very biblical but it's the attitude of a right like I don't gift to get but I get when I give that's a true principle. I don't give in order to be blessed the Gulf give money like station.

I don't tithe and I will give above and beyond with one hand a sick mother had down.

Okay God give me that new car come on no Dodge caliber sitting in my driveway. Okay so there you know my teenage son or sandal sons drive you but still he would love that principle to be very true we give we have a Maserati done next howling purchases like that before he would knock anybody or Terry me domicile you some biblical but what is biblical is when we give God does bless, it is the expectation of what we reap. We will so will so the other day was March madness kicked off by the way, thank you for all your kind messages. I'm making a point about reading what you so so for those you know I am an Ohio State fan. Amen.

Somebody or grow growing growing and you know there's times I might say a few things about ousting from the pulpit. While the moment they lost their luster OR you by the way, which to be fair.

My guess is that half time because their Christian college, the prior brought out the anointing oil and it was like, how sleepless their five and God and how do you how do you mean, come on, like, you can lose the said 5+ God.

To me that's not going to happen so so I chalk it up there. There was a spiritual battle that we lost.

Not a physical basketball thing, but because I do occasionally like to jab at no the weaker ACC schools and determine or nonexisting ACC schools in the tournament serum Stanley Marty get in trouble the moment the black bag it was before the buzzer. The buzzer ended. I think I got 30 at least 30 text messages on top of social media messages very sarcastic not. Hey, sorry to hear about it. No, like you deserve to lose like that, attitude for me tell you I know what it's like when it says you will reap what you sow. Right you get to play the game you gotta play the game right and I by the way, I love the banter I love it I love with except there's one Sunday.

Early on there was a guy that were Michigan masked the church on purpose.

On purpose, and all things back again.

I think these know he's one of our main ushers. I love it, but the principles the same.

But here's I want take it in Luke chapter 6 it spells us out in a way that that's going to take it further than just what we can give like tangibly watch this he says judge not, and you will not be judged, condemned not and you will not be condemned.

Forgive, and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be poured in your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you know what most people like to do is just use the word give a district that verse up from give pastor Daniel. They decided hey if you give is me Prestel measure report up lesson that you which is true. But did you also see what it also says about judging about forgiving if the same principle when I forgive. I have forgiveness if I'd judged.

And guess what. Whatever measure I judge by. I'm going to be judged by seeds in all areas of our life, whether it's what we give financially, whether it's in what we give.

With our time, whether it's what we give in our effort and our energy but also also, it's what we give. When it comes to how we love one another is colic a relationship like a friendship.

We've all had friendships before, so hopefully got some good ones now and I'm sure we've had some friendships where it was very one-sided. It was a one-sided friendship where you are the one that always gave you Illinois for gave your the one that always ill health and the other one just took took took, how we know that this is doesn't last very well the same thing. It takes both takes all of us. It takes all of us to forgive one another.

It takes all of us to love one another to care for each other not to condemn each other not to judge each other since the Holy Spirit's job to convict the world of sin, not your job. It's God's job to judge people, not your job or not. My job and by the way, I'm grateful that I'll have to do that because if I want to worry about judging people or condemning people in this guess I get to do the generous I can be generous with my conversations. That's why that's why I could sit down, have difficult conversations with people that I completely disagree with some not there to judge them or condemning us is being generous with who we are as people. So the first principles we reap what we sow.

The second principles is number two, and this one you have to understand this one generosity is spiritual generosity is not what we can give tangibly or physically. It is a spiritual thing is you catch in second Corinthians 9, it says that everyone should decide in their own heart. What they should give it is a spiritual condition. It is condition of my heart. It's a condition of your heart effect in Scripture. It speaks of this it speaks of and says that where our treasure is. That is where our heart will be also. Whatever we value most. How many of you know that has our heart where we value the most. That's what consumes us and I just hit us and asked the question and make a statement of what would happen in our culture and in our own lives. If if God's people value him first and most. They really does value God most in our heart it will put him first in our hearts before him first in our life would seek after him first. The Bible says, then all those other things are added seek first his kingdom don't seek to make riches here on earth alone but but put them away to put treasures in heavenly. It's all about the kingdom is all focusing on what we do and how we do it. It's where hardest. The reason why some of you and myself at times have stress and worry and anxiousness is because our heart is pursuing something outside of trust in God we been wrapped up in something and it it's listen. It's minutes it's been a really hard year not to step into those camps for a lot of reasons, but maybe it's time to come back and and and that song we sang Christ be magnified. I keep coming back to us that statement.

That feeling of of why I got pricing work that God's going to do my heart I will be able to magnify him. 360 in all areas of my life, not just of what people see, but also my thought life in my heart and my soul where your treasure is, there your heart will also be the first previous chapter 13 verse three we preach on this last month. It's a wonderful verse that puts it, even into more perspective. He says this way. He says this is Paul again writing to the church in Corinth and is making a point about spiritual gifting's and about life any. He says it this way says if I give away all I have suggesting about the statements this thing about like I was there. The big same as if I give everything I have away so just assume one day just give everything you have away and if you deliver up your body, even to be burned for the sake of Christ.

Even if you gave everything away and you sacrificed your life or somebody else that's pretty discrete special is that it's it's a generosity level that is a sheer drama regularly. I have away. I must sacrifice my own life, but then washes what's on about how important our heart is.

He says this way, he says, but if I don't have love, I gain nothing. If all that I do is for selfish motives. If all my generosity is give with one hand and have another hand open just to take is not real generosity itself is generosity and I think too often we cannot lure those lines together so the just be in truly generous with who we are again. Whether it's our time is our forgiveness.

It's our love for one another. It's her career path.

It's money whatever it is that if we are not truly generous in our heart. It's going to come with selfish motives which lose the next principles of third principle again. I really like these friends was all found in second Corinthians 9. The next principles simply this is that generosity has to be intentional. It's intent is not accidental. Each one should decide in their heart what they should do its intentional it's been intentional in relationships as being intentional in our career path is being intentional in how we serve where we serve. There's there's something that just comes with being intentional that allows us to be generous in an area that we prayed over and thought about.

I think that's so critical is so important for us to know that as we give generously that it's also intentionality behind it and by the way, we should do so cheerfully. Did you catch that part that we should be cheerful givers that are giving should be with glad and sincere hearts like we should not have these ulterior motives. You should be a pain to give it should be a sacrifice to be generous.

Now we might sacrificially give generously. But if we should be doing it with this woe is me face on effect. Jesus talks about it when it comes the fasting. He talks about in fasting. Hey, when you fast don't know walk around like you're starving to death on every your fasting during secret he also talks about and giving. They should make this big announcement. How much are giving in the offering, and coming to be like. While the get look at how generous I am everybody adding so often and if were not careful, we cannot lure those lines together.

We know that's not true, but come on, how may times you do something for somebody else in the back your mind you're thinking the only one they only one you might not say that hopefully don't you think that but at times I'm sure that's come across her mind and I just did this this and this for the person they did not do anything. I got nothing in return. She has to be intentional in Luke chapter 21 Jesus again it is making a statement and this one has to do with with giving at an church like money, but it's the same principle says Jesus looked up and he saw the rich putting in their gifts into the offering boxes, and then he saw a poor widow put into small copper coins.

These copper coins translate to literally just a few dollars and it was all she had everything she had said truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them will.

How is that so because these the rich were giving out of their extra which was by far more than two small pieces of copper will because it was intentional and was a hard issue. Now notice Jesus did not condemn, by the way, the rich, given what they gave at all. He didn't say it was bad even say that it was shameful.

He just he was making the point on the other side saying that this poor widow gave all that she had and because she gave all she had. It was intentional and was something that was spiritual part of her harder. Being that in that in that sense, in that spiritual sense. She gave more than anybody else and I often find great comfort in that because some were not all the same when it comes our talents, not all you can be is extremely good looking as talented as I am of you scans the world be a dark place of that happen were all different with different levels of talent we have different incomes and bank accounts were different phases of life. So you're running around chasing little kids all day. Your time is not as much time as others we will have your busy summer more time. Some of the signs of more income so Melissa can. Some have multiple talents that have been crafted over years. Some have a few talents she mellowed out. This verse is that it doesn't quite matter is, God can take and use all of us and by the way the church needs all of us. This church is not just looking for the most talented in the wealthiest people in Raleigh. By the way it is. All of us and all of us working together.

It's amazing how God can take a little and make much as an it's amazing how God can take just a little bit and do something remarkable. You get Jesus. Jesus had his disciples steel a little kids lunch of fish and bread and he fed 5000 people with is just amazing how in that sense, the math does not add up.

The science does not add up, but it's so true that God can take the little that we have into incredible things with. So imagine what he can do with a group like this who are all being generous in all different ways. Imagine what can happen in our community.

By the way I want. At this point I want to share just a quick quick teaching.

I know growing up I always heard this even for years in ministry always heard that Jesus speaks of more about money than anything else and reverter that the rear of the four it's actually not true, as Honda as I was countering this message somewhere here like I got up to help you understand he speaks of the kingdom way more than anything else, but he does talk quite a bit about money effect.

11 out of the 39 or so parables are all about generous and giving in about 1/7 verses he speaks about generosity and giving so it's it is deftly the top five is not the most important one, but again of Jesus going to spend time talking about generosity and giving me know the price of us know that if I should lean into that and see what is doing because Alisa number for the fourth one is this generosity abounds.

It grows it excels in our good works you cuts in second Corinthians 9. The reason why generosity was so important. Did you catch it.

I know I read a lot. Did you catch is you catch the part where it spoke about because of your generosity.

They were able to do the works that are called to do. That's one of the beautiful products and byproducts of generosity.

When you and I are generous. It allows us as the church and church people to do the work that is called us to do in Ephesians 210. This is this way that we are God's handiwork agrees crafted us and he's prepared us to do good works that is already prepared in advance for us to do this and we know and understand that were not saved because a works like divorce because the grace thank God because we can afford salvation. We can't pay for it. You can do enough service hours to get saved right that by grace. However we are saved to do good works because the difference were not saved because of good works. We are saved to do good works in the reason that were able to do good works, it was because of our generosity. Not only because of your individual generosity, but because of the generosity of the collective we can do great things we can do great things. John wooden said it this way. I like this quote.

He said you cannot have a perfect day without doing something for someone else who will never be able to pay you back the great statement you're not can have a perfect day unless you can do something for someone else will never pay you back. This is a good reminder. Generosity goes beyond just like give financially. Generosity goes to how I can help a neighbor ghosted my talent it goes to my skill set.

It goes to my kindness. It goes into forgiveness. It goes in the way that we love one another.

The way you serve each other and that extend that list. All of us. All of us can be generous, which is the fifth in the final point is this. I love this one. I love the close and this one generosity points people to God when you and I are generous. The results should not be people coming up and send Pastor Daniel you are the most generous person I know.

Like I love you so much are so awesome you're so great. What should happen is I should see Jesus working through past venues, generosity again. The setting for the assignments is that these are four principles sacred is not of the very end it started to talk about the thankfulness and the Thanksgiving that people had and what happened was they were giving and being generous of the work of the ministry could continue its old florist and did you catch their sand they were thanking God because of it. There were thanking God because of their generosity. This is what true generosity looks like it reflects the heart of God. God is generous God gives.

I often say that there's only a few things a few things that if you and I would do and learn.

It would actually reflect and show the world the heart and the nature of God serving as one of them. I believe that fully will we serve, we reflect Jesus heart is Jesus that I came to serve and not be served and when we are generous. It absolutely reflects the heart of God, how I know that will you want to look past John 316 the sea that was assayed for God so loved the world that he what he gave, and he gave his only son so that nobody would perish that is a generous God in whom we give generously reflect that heart reflect that God the last person I want to read that I at the personal path for Matthew chapter 7 verse 7 to 11.

I love these verses licenses ask and will be given seek and you will find knock and the door will be open to you. For everyone who asks receives than the one who seeks finds in the one who knocks it will be open but watch what verse nine does verse nine to me makes this so humanizing such a good way. In verse nine. Which of you, if his son asked him for bread or faster fish, will give him a serpent. If you then, who are evil, sinful right we are sinful. Know how to give good gifts to our children how much more will your father in heaven give good things to those who ask him to.

Here's my love that verse I have.

As I said I €22.60-year-old I would do anything for my kids anything, not even someone in Michigan if they want to go to Michigan for college only if they got a scholarship, I would pay for the scholarship go blue. You know, but not otherwise know but I mean those of us have kids and we got kids in here, if you parents you would do anything for your kids when anything in fact makes you know something about listening. Think about sinful were broken and we would still do what ever we could for our kids.

I love the human side of the hall. Does he quickly turns into the spiritual side. Second Corinthians 9 course. Matthew seven Jesus in this brazen home to the spiritual beautiful level will have you would do that for your kids and your broken and sinful.

Don't you think God's going to carry liquor summary next again. Some guys got turns my opening prayer for you today is that you leave your believing that you believe that God's got you so that you may live a generous life that you may leave your living a life that is marked by generosity in a world that is so very very selfish with that.

I want to stand your feet if you would mind now want to pray for us and here's I want to do. I want to pray specifically as we close in the past, Daniel, and give us some final instructions on I said this early in the service I said, I believe that Moshe will be about 80% with me and the reason I said that's up you don't understand and don't like it because I think that many, many people is not everybody's price struggling in one area of your life that you are not fully trusting God and at times Tony, when you are fully able to trust God with your life.

Generosity comes natural so want to think about her right now. Just close your eyes for a moment here in online mass you question want no one at Joel with you in prayer over the answer. What area in your life right now causes you to have anxiousness and worry what is. And if it's nothing.

Praise God.

Chances are, most you got something right now that brought your heart and your mind, would you allow me to pray for you right now is just right now as we begin to close anymore just asking that question. What right now has a grip on us that the cosmos be anxious to have worry or even fear or even doubt.

My prayer is that responsibly. There's nothing because God we trust you. The reality is that the try many many people here today. The moment we talk about what has us anxious, fearful, worried this try something going on in our life that were not trusting fully in we might say that we might think in our head, but in our heart Jesus right now we just give that to them church right now as we are with your eyes close his in your own way. Just allow God to take them from this allow the spirit of God is the bring you peace to bring you hope to God right now. I pray that you're doing a wonderful work here in this room that we better leave here this morning with full hope. Full encouragement so that we can live a life that is generous, pointing people to God slowly cast all your anxiety and worry on we put them on you Jesus we say thank you for just freeing us from this to really become all that you have us be in Jesus name, amen

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