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3: By God's Grace I Am What I Am

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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March 1, 2021 1:00 am

3: By God's Grace I Am What I Am

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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The crossroads connections as we talk about life ministry culture based on recent sermons preached here at Crossroads Fellowship I and George Senior Pastor crossroads and enjoyed by and with Jimmy different how you doing Jimmy is been good here in Northglenn it sounds recording of a golden wet rainy has been on the weekly report to spring, but we are excited about what's happening here in the life of cross consultant that for more information.

May she go to to find out more information about what were doing here the church and about crosses connection, which by the way were in season two, I know. Season one was 50 episodes back to listen anywhere those of the episodes are all geared for the radio, made a little bit of a shift because we were doing this year is a church. Yeah, absolutely.

So what were doing here is the church is called to reach 21. Can you tell your listeners about yes I sure can. I'm excited about it because reach 21 has everything to do with evangelism and discipleship and as a church we want to reach people.

Bottom line, plain and simple and that reaches an acronym that were using on just the last time you know what is our recognize recognize people right investor was recognized about five people in the world that they can influence and impact in the E and empathy have empathy for people he can't do it you know being jaded and being rough.

You gotta have empathy for where people are in your life a focus so my son have little note in your hand is actively listening and pray and pray you actually pray and the sea is a craft store your testimony help you by serving them and sharing your stories the whole year is about reach and were preaching out of Paul's 13 epistles is so awesome politics. A systematic approach than he gives real practical application that he always turns back to who Christ is and the returning of crisis is been a great season for us already and works understand this journey and Reese Lubin preaching out of the book of first grade is restarted in Romans on prescriptions and will be entering second Corinthians here next month. Yeah that's right so were not listen to a sermon at the recent sermon you preached entitled by God's grace to write well done.

The signals in the sermon and think CFOs and to Crossroads connection podcast told the message today by God's grace I am what I am looking for me. Next you and say I am what I am just on that. What I have. I am what I am.

That's a good thing by the way, this is not a message about I am what I am. So I guess that's the best you're going to get know some about that at all disappointed. This is by God's grace that we are who we are and I can't wait to get that final point this morning to talk about it. I will talk about three areas of first group is 15 Paul Geddes writes of the church in Corinth and is helping them navigate through a lot of spiritual concerns. The church was abusing certain spiritual gift things there also under attack culturally of the time. Like you said, as you read through first Corinthians.

It sounds an awful lot like what were dealing with in our culture, our time, and Paul's heartbeat and his posture of how he wrote. First grade is 15 to the church is actually amazing and so were to follow along with it. So the commission to go the power to go but were to be in force for this 15 and so the first point on talk about this morning is this again is about God's grace by God's grace I am who I am, but also by God's grace I am standing on the good news and I love this first point where he spent some time and I want to be sleep make a case for prove it to you and encourage you about the good news that you and I have. I want to say Hegel read your Bible will give you little bit of behind it a little of the why behind it. If you will you get into God's word is so powerful. You go first Corinthians chapter 15 starting in verse one. This is now I would remind you, brothers of the gospel I preached to you, which you received real quickly to stop the fast that were preached. There is actually where we get the word evangelize from that same Greek word for each of means to proclaim good news effect when the Angels came to the shepherds and states they were proclaim to you good news of great joy is the same word there and will pulsate as this news this this news I've given you this gospel.

I've given you. I preached you.

This is good news, is proclaiming good news and this is not part of our job part of our job is to proclaim the good news.

How many of you need a little good news, we need again like good news like spring is coming. That's good news right good news. Damon got up this morning it was 20° outside sunny 90 summer weather. It's common it's common we only good news in all aspect of our life we we need to here as parents. There is nothing greater than hearing good things about you kids as a couple is a spouse in your job.

We we all like nobody likes bad news. We like good news. The greatest news the greatest news as will rewrite here targets only testify the greatest news is found in Scripture, it really is is the good news and we want to evangelize the whole part of reaches to evangelize us as we get the word evangelize from its good news and I watched as he says in which you received in which you stand or and talk about that a minute which you stand and by which you are being saved, if you hold fast that some important concepts are so Paul says they came to you I proclaim the good news I evangelize. I told you good news, and if you receive that you will be saved but yet to stand on it and he got a hold fast to it church I'm selling is the timely message for this morning. He says unless he believed in vain. Of course, unless you disbelieve real profit or your own gain, or even really truly heart will even see were just mentally got there, but it's more than that. So here's a couple pointers about this on their point. One is that we receive God's good news that good news personally so you have access to the entire Bible of good news that entire Scripture that you and I have those 66 books in our Bible is filled with good news is still the great news and the beautiful thing is that as a follower of Jesus, you and I have access to all that good news everything there all the powerful and good news that's in the Scripture. The news about will frankly the Jews were just saying about the Jews that that is so powerful and so wonderful that the Jews they can do miracles. Our life we have access to that we have the ability to be free with the ability be set free. We have the ability to live victorious lives in Jesus name amen church like we have access to all of them Scripture, but again, if you don't know what's in there. How you actually live by it. We don't know actually what the Scripture says that is good news, but how we can walk in the Bible. One of things I love about it. We did this last year he wrote to the entire Bible together as a church and one of reminders that I so appreciated that this is such a beautiful story of redemption is from the very beginning from the moment that Adam and Eve fell in sin all the way to right now.

This morning is a story of redemption is a story of a God who created us because he wants to spend time with us, not just here but in eternity and when sin into the world.

From that moment forward.

It's been God trying to get his back and ring deeming us to himself when amazing sore this you know I love that as a teenager.

The ending of my story changed forever when the greatest things that happened in my life in many consists of on this room is that moment that I realized that my story that I was writing that that narrative could change and I couldn't change alone. The good music in my life is that so meals could change the end of my story and is that not what were called to tell people about how our life story would change is the redundant question I know but I'm so I'm assuming I'm sitting in a room of people online that are so grateful that your stories can and very different with in the beginning when somebody like us to be grateful your stories change is going to end differently than we first started is not because you are good enough, is not because you're smart enough or good-looking enough or had enough, is because God's grace was more than enough. Amen… This is convoluted is I can't do it on my own, but by God's grace I can stand on this word that proclaims good news of great joy for my life and for your life. And oh by the way, by the way, God's is good news for everybody is not just for a select few is not just for you and your little group is the good news of great joy for all people united access that is a statement that is old and I know many of you know this to be true that if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

If you don't stand for something your life. Somebody else will dictate that to you will stand for something your fall for anything. This is why I love how Paul said that this is the Scriptures that you're actually standing on your actually standing on this. This is the bedrock.

This is the foundation is not. Culture is not the world is not what I can do or you can do on our own is the word of God and of you. I stand on that Scripture on that word of God. We stand and we stand on the will. My Bible says that nothing in this world and take me away from that that that's the foundation for the rest of my life and listen right now is ever increasingly critical that you and I hold fast to the word of God. It is so critical right now that you and I hold fast to that reality is the obvious reason is all you do is look at the world around us.

All you do is leave the world around us. For just a moment and we recognize how critical it is to stand on God's word.

The standard otherwise would be swayed by so many different things is so important right now that we understand not only what the Bible says about culture in the world boats as well. You says about me is a few things. This is reminders about why this is so important.

First, while the world goes powerful. It is a powerful book truck Scripture so powerful that that's what Jesus himself used the phone off the devil is being tempted. He didn't try to reason as well.

He didn't try to work his way out. Jesus went to the word of God. I'm just in the tell you that if Jesus is the word of God. Pretty sure I need to use the word of God that is only powerful behind in Hebrews 412 us is this way says for the word of God is active. It's living it's sharper than any two-edged sword, and listen. It pierces and wanderlust of the vision here it says it pierces the division of the soul and the spirit of the joints and marrow, and the discerning thoughts and intentions of our heart.

In other words, the word of God is powerful enough to answer all areas of your life. Your soul, mind and body. Your heart, all that we do all that we are misery based on the Scripture first before anything else. Otherwise, the world will tell us how to do it culture will dictate what were supposed to do or say the word got attacked on a regular basis all the time constantly and it settles and this is subtle. This is over time.

Over time, culture changes that happens.

Sinful culture changes all the time.

The Bible doesn't change, though based on culture. You know that right like the word of God doesn't change because were in America. It is the 21st century, the same the same truths that are in their true today as they were before you.

Like we don't have to make up our truth is found right there in Scripture.

But again, if we don't rely on that we don't allow that to get into who we are than sunken changes sunken to change who we are.

I love the statement that I don't want to just merely read the Bible. I want the Bible to read me that's the lens of how we should read Scripture not just I want to read and check a box and just read it and okay good George I currently is. I guess I'll read it box check Nono we need to read Scripture and allow us to examine my hard and change my life is a second thing about the Scripture is that it feeds our very souls. Scripture itself should feed my very soul in Scripture for Psalms 119 verse 10, 11. This is, this places. How can a young man keep his way pure by guarding it according to your word is with my whole heart ICQ. Let me not wander from your commandments and listen to verse 11 that stored up your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Parents one or the greatest things you can do for your kids just get them in the word of God.

I should hear an amen from some parents, especially parents of 16-year-olds that Serbia big amen. I'm just telling you what a great love this. You can train your kids all you are what you should encourage them equip and empower him to be successful in life. Absolutely. Don't forget to get them in the Scripture you I know how your teenagers get to make it through his teen years, through his college years and come out personally. On the other side is not because of your Christianity is because of theirs is not because of your list of Jesus is because of theirs and one of the graces you can do.

Psalm 119. David is a young man said it is of the reason is I've stored up your word in my heart so I don't sin against you listen that Scripture feeds our souls. It really does.

And if we are feeding our soul was Scripture the world refuting her with his hungry that that soul inside of who we are that bird, the very nature of who we are as hungry as hungry for something hungry for nourishment and were not giving our spirit. The word of God in Scripture feeding who we are again it's our hearts are mine.

It's all of us everything about us. If enough you. My mind was Scripture than feeding was something else and onto my horror Scripture feeding was something else and eventually whatever I'm feeding you with is going to come out of produce who I am is why I think Paul said stand on the word of God but also grab a hold of it, grasp it. The third thing about Scripture so love is that it guides us Scripture guides us the great verse in Psalm 119, date myself here, but Amy Grant did not write this verse, which use the come on somebody come on, how many of you don't.

Don't be shy about your Amy Grant love, you'll notice as I said your word is a lamp unto my feet and legs and my pastor we sing. If everybody doesn't know it right. I know are into Eileen Nokia started.

Not only did of the key on such a great musician icing on all keys all the time I hit every single one of them, all serious and only refueled. How do you know that song get your hands up high. I people don't know it. Don't worry, you are missing out. It's all it's okay.

You should listen to it on the way home associative yours… I feel like it's my path. This is all love. I love this all pass to figure out where to go numberless about the past this important concept like a ties on this little Scripture ties together and new Testaments is theirs to pass.

There's one path that is really wide. One path Romero to the wide path.

That's the easy path as the path that most people can take. It's easy, that path leads the death destruction at the pet doesn't lead to heaven at all is a wide path this is that there's a narrow path excesses that fewer action and find the narrow path. So, find the narrow path a month stay on the narrow path.

How me know when you live in the light on that path.

So I love that verse is basically saying that God's word is the light on the path we need that light. One of the reasons we knew that life is so dark right now sin, and sin is sin is getting darker and darker and darker this world and continue on that path. Jesus never promise of this world and get better and better and better axis of the opposite. This was in get darker and darker and darker, but we got this incredible incredible light again if we want to know the direction to go is found in Scripture search right there inside of the word of God. In second Timothy chapter 3 verse 16 it says this way, says all Scripture look at summary. Next you and say he said all telnet reminder reset all all Scripture, all Scripture I love that point because Scripture really like last Scripture that quite honestly free tough to read. I love that this is all Scripture the holding is breathed out by God. No watches. The reason why the reason why all Scripture is so critical is because it says it's profitable for teaching, for reproof, for crack from correction, and for training in righteousness, that the Bible that you and I have the reason why it's so critical and so important is not just that the lights were path is not just as the word of God is active and actually helps us, guides us, equips us as all beneficial to us.

It goes on. Verse 17 says that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. Scott tie this all together. If you and I are called the commission in Matthew to go on the world to preach the gospel, how me know if I knew know the gospel prior porn start ever and go and do the gospel and Jesus says I have good works for you to do in order to do those good works. It says it right here.

If you do those good works than this word of God is and equip you to do the good works by number two by God's grace I'm sharing in the testimony of Jesus. Do not charge illnesses point I worded very carefully. For that reason that I'm sharing by God's grace I don't deserve it can't by by God's grace I am sharing in the testimony of Jesus and so are you so you know the testimony of Jesus. We know what Jesus testimony that we get to share. It is looking pretty and first for this 15 verse three.

It is this way, he says, for I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received Paul Sanders.

The good news that he brought. By the way, the good news he brought it only centered on his pass along to you what what I received and that is that Christ died for our sins according to Scripture, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the 12 is buried on 30 rose towards Scripture.

If you're to Cephas a part of the 12.

Then he appeared to the rest of the apostles as well appear to 500 people. I love the deeper and more than 500 people at one time.

Most are still alive. Some of fall asleep. Then he appeared to James than the apostles and look at verse eight policy and sin. Last of all, as to the one untimely born, he appeared to me or toggle.

What this means for sale and say those this is the power of your testimony, your testimony is so powerful. What Jesus has done in your life is so incredibly powerful.

So my question is are you passing it along that same idea of what Paul said in his and this is what I received on passing this along to you. What about your testimony so I'm convinced that important. See culture change and see lifestage arena. I can use the word reaches our theme for him to reach people that we gotta be able to share testimony with people that part of the acronym Re: ACH is the crafter story, your testimony only give just a little little simple homework assignment for this week. If I may crafter story and practice it on somebody in your family, kids and parents alike. What a great exercise parents to have your kids create their testimony and have them share with you is soothing and doing just a few minutes so your kids may have never heard your testimony just a few minutes from not talking about sitting down for three hour conversation of sin. At times there have about three minutes to share your story solicitous dial then can you share your story about 3 to 5 minutes. What a great exercise that is slightly exercise every thing else and we practice and practice, you'll get a better work better career, better health, whatever is we know you better and better church at Shermer story because this is the testimony that Jesus gave us for ourselves right.

But there's also the testimony of Jesus himself, which is by the way is enough. Jesus testimony is more than enough. In other words, you don't have.

You have to have this amazing conciliar centered on my testimonies like I grew up in church and really knew got a life and here I am right, which is a great system with Smith's best testimony could have the great was I wish I had the testimony, but there's the testimony of Jesus that we all have and that alone is enough and that, by the way, is what people also need to hear first John chapter 5 verse nine. This is a display says that if we receive the testimony of men, of men, the testimony of God is greater for this is the testimony of God that is born concerning his son whoever believes in the son of God has the testimony in himself, so we gotta say this is elicited if you believe in the world testimony you're missing out right. If you're missing out he is leaving the mass estimate is God's testimony is this that that God himself said the son, that whoever does not believe God has made him a liar because he does not believe in the testimony we have to believe in the testimony that he's given us.

So what is the testimony was a testimony that God has force we got understand that it's about what Jesus is done in our life is says it's concerning his son, and a testimony is simply this rightness of the testimony as it continues to verse 12 it says it's eternal life, and whoever has the son has life. Whoever does not have the son of God is not have life. This is the testimony to Jesus. Testimony is powerful enough and as Paul said it to save even the worst of sinners. I like Paul's openness. Paul is pretty open about his pass for those that might not know Scripture. No Paul. Paul was actually name Saul prior and Saul's main job was to persecute the church and to kill Christians. In fact, the very first martyr in Scripture. Paul was the one leading it. So now Paul, whose name was Saul had this miraculous encounter with Jesus. That's why said this untimely untimely birth. He wasn't talk about being born physically at up in a weird time in history.

What he's talking about was his conversion was later in life. Paul's older pollen already killed countless Christians. He imagined, by the way he accused imagine in an Paul's life knowing that that your history in Scripture. It alludes to it often. But Paul struggled first. Early on in his ministry because Paul would go to imagine that the humility that that's a that Paul would literally go to the places where he had husbands and wives in public kids killed and now he's there proclaiming good news will Paul Sanders listen hot of all the sinners on the worst, and even a wretch like me in a sinner like me has experienced Jesus testimony in his grace to a pulse testimony was basically if God could change me he couldn't change you have got to be a work in Paul's life and radically change them from being a murderer. Literally a murder to writing the majority of the New Testament spending a whole year reading and studying his writings.

Imagine what he can do in your life in my life that that's the testimony with the sharing in first Timothy 115. He says it again Paul says.

Thus, this is a trustworthy statement deserving of full acceptance that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Paul Paul was a brilliant theologian, by the way you you'll know that if you're reading through the epistle. He was actually brilliant, very systematic, very you could argue the best of them very brilliant and Paul constantly is taking all of his knowledge that that's all great, but let me just tell you, Jesus came the world to save sinners and I was the worst one. Paul constantly is doing that I guess will turn encourages with is that our testimony in the testimony that you and I have in Jesus is powerful enough to save lives as a testimony is Jesus save me any Savior. The testimony is whatever our life was that Jesus recognized the length of the cross for me just like you did for you that testimony have by the way is powerful revelations on the student. The highlight ribbon revelations chapter 12 verse 11 it speaks about Satan being cast of the heavens of this is a revelation talks about Jesus seen this castle to heaven. So because of that, because of that salvation. The powers come to mankind and then it goes on and says that the people the church. Christians have overcome the enemy in three ways losses as you overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb Jesus testimony.

Secondly, by the word of your testimony and thoroughly because you didn't love your own life to shrink away from death. The power of a testimony. Changes lives but has to be Jesus's testimony first that he saw city rescued us in the third and final point this morning is this is where the title comes from. By God's grace I am what I am. It comes right out of first Corinthians chapter 15 verse 911 says this way, he says, for I am the least of the apostles.

Paul's going down this this humble journey he's basing on the lease of the apostles affect him unworthy to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church is recognizing faces, but by the grace of God watches don't list that by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain as a pulse, and I'm not wasting it on the wasted God's grace. I'm not wasting his testimony for my life, pulse, and I'm not wasting a moment of God save my life. That pulse is, in fact, I actually worked harder than them most. The other people but it was and I it was the grace of God is within me. I love that mentality that Paul has as I was kind of coming to a close a rota of couple statements that I think what I'm getting at here in this in this third point is that because of God's grace I am what I am because I know who I am and I know who he is no Mrs. affect you will write these down I saw was people for service they're putting out. I think this will really help you just get up a mind on them for statements and effect as I was writing this message and any item taught about was trying to consolidate them down and basil ideas. I thought about candy who who who was I before Jesus and Houma, whom I know what's what's my butt. Grace statement as we all have and I think these are the ones we all share.

And so the media before examples of this for examples right. I was the least I was least by God's grace am loved and am blessed hello I love that idea about about God noticing us no matter who we are. Life, whether we think we deserve it.

We don't deserve it. We were like that.

But now, now I know that I'm loves now that I know I am loved by God's testimony is that he sent his own son to go to the cross for me and for you and then I'm blessed another statement was simply this is that I why was unworthy.

I was unworthy not worthy of you scores across three worthy of God sending his son to die on a cross for me not worthy of the life that he gave me but but by God's grace I made new made right there. Same as this is pretty generic one that we all share as I was a sinner was lost lost but by God's grace. Unforgiven for same as this is I was alone in Meissen. I was alone, but by God's grace. I am now a child of God, and now I have victory in this. It's all because I know who I am blessed because I know great I am Tyler relevant Scripture when God calls Moses to go and Moses will who are you sending me, he simply replies I am in other words, guys, and I am everything and everything because I know the God that is everything I know who I am and so I can live my life in that pastor I can live my life and I wasn't worthy of the lease some unworthy of the sinner live my life as I was alone in the way and departed from God or I can live my life. On the other side of the switches will but by God's grace. I'm not those things, but by God's grace. I'm new, but by God's grace I don't have to live in that any longer. By God's grace blessed by God's grace that loved by God's grace unforgiven by God's grace I am called a child of God. It's all by God's grace.

Unforgiven all by God's grace I know who I am. So what are your butt grace statements. If you if you said down this road a few personal ones for you, what would you write would you say that I was this book by God's grace on this as I was lost and now found there was Isaac click train wreck now whole miserable. Personally I was and I did used to do this or was this are used to treat people this way I used to act this way, but by God's grace and on this seek to church, that is, the mixture of Jesus testimony your testimony

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