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40: Interview with Kristin Gruber about UNTO Ministry

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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November 19, 2020 4:00 pm

40: Interview with Kristin Gruber about UNTO Ministry

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversations running life, ministry and culture is a quick thank you to our friends of the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for joining and listening.

I'm Tyler and about Jamie joining me.

How are you Jamie and I got Andy over here.

How are you handy. You know, to be totally honest, I'm still pretty full from Thanksgiving yeah yeah I mean this truly leftovers unless you just keep it yeah yeah just doesn't and no a certain time. It's like later that night and day, you know, so here he also I hope you all had a very very good Thanksgiving as well. It was great. Yeah, they seem is such a way, it's it's it's a close second to my for your Christmas is deaf in my favor.

But I love Thanksgiving yeah is not so the food because we already discussed, we don't do turkey at our house. We we do primer instead. We do all the fixings radios, stuffing everything bring the past were all very high.

I do just everything or just certain things pretty much everything yeah veggies. I don't put it on, but everything great to be good, but you'd be surprised at turkey your style. You started potatoes not not mac & cheese.

He got mad yeah yeah mac & cheese is more so why grow.

Mac & cheese was never part of the Thanksgiving yeah no layout but in North Carolina simply it's very very big mac & cheese and I'm assuming on Texas maybe to I think so have been here so long now that's all I remember is that was weird when I when I first moved here 15 years ago I worked on my Thanksgiving and and every commencing mac & cheese. Unlike mac & cheese the normal part of it. So anyways wherever you're listening from on this. On the Saturday.

I hope you had whatever you eight. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a good time but it is a Christmas is now quickly approaching. We are not very far away at all and this can be here before we know it, and generally most excited about when it comes to the season this Christmas season to Christmas McGinnis while Mr. Lal because challenges we faced this year.

I am so excited for the joy that Christmas brings elevating just the whole deal and will you tell we look forward to. I think the same thing just kind of the feeling of seeing all the declaration like syrup in downtown Wake Forest which is kind of walking on the she just kinda makes you little happy that you show the air in their summer and spring trying to come back a little bit here, thereby watching all the cheesy 90s on Netflix so it's just you know it's is the time a year and all things combine just special things. I think that a very special about this time year and this can lead into our guest today is this also time year with the spirit of giving is really big and hopefully hopefully you are looking outward to people and so very excited about our special guest talking about a very important mission. Absolutely I am team selects here a quick word from our sponsor and what happened to my perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business as a business running. You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three joy joy aspects my morning and we are back from the break with a very very special guest Kristin how are you Kristin I'm well thinking outside it is very nice and is always a pleasure to talk to Kristin Gruber and Kristin. You are part of our family here across his fellowship on staff, so that's not why you're here today though you are today to talk about an incredible organization called unto formerly known as gain or and get into that in just a minute. But we forget that just little background about Kristin. How long have you been in the area and across its fellowship.

My husband Chip and I have lived here 23 years and we have two daughters 18 and 14 wonderful originally from one guideline from Long Island to Jersey Long Island island jersey.

What parts of the country have the most accents right well but I don't have much of an accent, you really don't know people think I'm from your neck of the woods. Ohio yeah that's true. I'm not believing in your 23 years. We love it. Raising our kids here and actually this is where I came to know the Lord was in Raleigh North Carolina so I know he brought me down here.

For that reason. Yeah, and you been across his fellowship or how long that roughly 22 years so probably 23 year cost is the only church I've really ever known. Wow your listeners wonder going to church on Sunday. So when we moved to Raleigh when he was like "the thing to do is now in the Bible Belt. Sure, we found Crossroads and reluctantly been here ever since. And you are also on staff so somebody what your role is here and how you been doing so. My role at Crossroads is the women's ministry director and I get to co-lead with Cindy Orange and Alice Martin as their awesome and damn – I think my fifth year now is flying by.

Yeah women's ministry at Crossroads I think is very very special and how is COBIT changed for you a little bit of the women's ministry said no for them thing by the love you listen right now in the from all different walks of life, but codes affected everybody is still affecting everybody. So how's it affected and interrupted your ministry that you are doing well obviously it's interrupted in person and everything in person, but it's allowed us to be more creative and really try new things and be willing to fail and that's one things I love weed. What we do in women's ministry as it were not afraid to fail and see what works and we have some great ministries that are kicking online and doing a great job and even some like kids portion of the ministries. So where were you the best we can to try and stay connected and to just provide opportunities for women to stay connected and were also dreaming for the future and who things are popping up that we never would've thought if it wasn't for right now a woman, wondering about where and how to get connected and maybe you should listen right now going all that sounds good. How can I get connected with you for more information about women's ministry before jumping to unto…, Pluto plugged there and is coming up for with ministry that something get a part of overdoing some finite, but other than that with you is really notice the company. So the best way to find out more about women's ministry is to connect with me at Kristin's two eyes KRISTIN.Gruber GR you Deism and obviously you can find everything women's ministry on our and we also have a Facebook page which is a really good way to stay on top. Everything that's happening and that's Crossroads Fellowship women at Facebook we tested job you and Cindy and the team and lizard and microbe job with the women's ministry.

But you today are here to talk about an incredible organization called unto that is, was it already was formally known as gain. So first tells what that ministry is known to back up to how you got plugged into it. Well I is called unto you, and you can find and you're right, it was formally gain which was global aid network and the three pillars that they really want to do with this ministry is to relieve suffering to restore dignity and to reveal help people around the world and unto is the humanitarian arm of crew campus Crusade for Christ okay and what's really really cool is that we can do missions work together here on this side or on Wednesday I in our country and then we can pack aid.

I will get into that do all sorts of stuff but it goes around the world to places where there is already crew members on the ground so it's not like you're just regurgitating aid somewhere and you know dropping and leaving, but there is feedback in the that keep all the partners on the ground. Let us know what's needed and if it's working and what else is needed. So it's really cool to have these partnerships so that you don't have to do everything. I think when you send Aiden to other countries. The people in those countries appreciate their own taking care of them instead of outsiders coming in to provide everything so there's a lot of pride when you're in a Third World country and you are having to receive aid for your family that you might not be able to provide for us it have people already on the ground partnering with you instead of people coming in and really helps with the relationship so Crossroads is pretty involved with it and your big piece of that pretty much assume that you're the leader of it. That's how I operate you to question about what used to be known as gain until my mama stress. Kristin you go in your family goes right so talk about why you're so involved with the what is it about it that just because you're honestly passionate about it.

Yes, but what is it about that other than just read in the you know the three pillars write you personally what what makes it special for you while it was really neat. First, I just say how it came to Crossroads and it's really a legacy thing. Dave and Mickey Stoll who were both past and now our with our Lord. I should say right and there.

The once he found out about it and and Steve and Toby Hopper kinda took the reins and Steve and Toby are our missionaries and and then Charlie and Sandy Brown who are currently members of Crossroads have really just pass the baton on to me and my family to kinda lead the traps so you are the leader I am actually to her first.

You are the official leader yet so the customer is on you, but what what was it that got your attention yet so so basically what we can do in the United States unto is based out of Dallas, but they have a logistics center in Pennsylvania called Mountjoy which I love Joy that's my favorite. Your favorite word and it's just west of Lancaster not Lancaster Lancaster. This would've been our 11 you're up there as a family going walking.

So what interest me was that there are all these people that come to this little town in Pennsylvania and to this warehouse and it's right on the road from QVC which is funny and we pack aid together but what was really the hook for me was that children of almost any age from like we say to and up can serve at the logistics center which is really cool to be able to serve together as a family there not many opportunities where you can do that using half doing some middle school or high school I start a mission trip but you can do this together as your family. So we went when my youngest was two and our oldest was six and there's lots of opportunities for them to be serving in and talk more about that but that was really neat and was out of her box because at that time you could stay with local families would put you up for free. Unfortunately, now the laws in Pennsylvania have changed. I think from some football incident and that can't happen anymore seed, you need to stay in a hotel, motel or bed-and-breakfast or nice run yeah breakfast of some sort. We've also had friends at an Amish country of the day, gentry gets right across the street from the wonderful you want home cooking. Oh yeah. Oh right on the street in Valley Forge and we simply Lancaster Bible in college soccer, baseball as we go there all the time and the Amish country. There is beautiful country and yet food just good home cooking prepared to put #2000 where we were in one area right now is hungry.

Like all rights, but we had some friends rented an RV and state RVs.

Some people can't see me what you want to do heads and what's so great about unto I call it a no-frills mission trip is that you're not committing to be there from 9 to 5 every single day. So you even other open a week you can go for two days or three days or the whole week. Whatever works for you. You just let them know when you can be there because it can be certain of the people in the building and then like for us. We really worked 1/2 a day because then we had located and they had to take naps so that was a blessing that we could still serve together but yet it is the associate Lane the kids about working great for me than that they prefer you to stay the whole day but that's what I like no-frills, you can make it work for you.

What kind of things you do while you're at the warehouse.

Basically like a BJ's actually used to be an old fish hatchery, which they converted which I would not want to be that person to thankfully dad and there's so many things that you can pack clothes, sort them and pack them to get shipped. You can create water filtration units which is huge school supplies is an assembly line and that's when the great things that kids love to do. They just kind of walk around in a big circle and fill Ziploc baggies with school supplies, but there are places in the world that I mean when they get the school supplies. These kids never even owned a box of crayons and that happened to me when we went on the mission trip subtype at that minute blankets and quilts. So if you're like me, need to serve eight years old 80 years old. He does not plop yourself down chair and quilt that is an area gospel B bracelets putting colored beads onto a bracelet so that's what arterial did you know she followed know how the colors go on and she was survey now course, we had a tie for her right. They also provide opportunities and there's usually a cost associated with it to pack seeds or to pack food but one of one of things that we do up there, which is near and dear to my heart is create Lilo pads and that's LUO and luau pad or luau is the Greek word meaning to unbind or to set free, and we don't think about this, and I never thought about until I found out but in Third World countries is not a Walgreens or CVS on the corner and as soon as girls start their menstrual cycle date don't have what they need and for girls who are school-age, they are not allowed to go to school if they don't have what they need and in some countries. If you miss like 20% school you cannot come back. So because of how God created curls and in the governments and not having supplies some girls are not getting an education and then the women in a mom to stay home then allowed to be in their communities. So by creating these reusable maxi pads basically at a flannel and cotton and there's package so sweetly and a little satchel with some panties and other staff. You know just the love on these women, we are helping girls get an education and women be able to stay in their communities to do what they need to do that. That is really cool so you don't have to stay in a certain area why you're serving. You can rotate around and I get to go where you're comfortable or try anything so powerful and I love I love you keep all your missions trip to this think it's helpful for people listening to know missions doesn't have to mean you're going to Africa or South America personally or to Europe or Asia or wherever you go.

Rights Pennsylvania and be part of missions and do that with your family, which is awesome. And what a great introduction to missions for kids and families alike and if people have been on trips before or replace the go to get that starting at that role and what it is great and then during our lunch break and our breaks. We hear back from the missionaries that have taken the eight and they come back and they share stories with us and is so encouraging and one of things I love doing as well.

He package things in boxes there taped up the whole team that pack them, we lay our hands on those boxes and we pray for where they're going to go and then if you want I can talk about the two trips that I was and ask if you share stories and have you ever seen you been here a crossroads, the cross was those little pads though yes and we've done seeds in the past as well, so we can't have that opportunity to see something happen go church level then up to Pennsylvania as well, but then also you've had the opportunity to actually see that on the outside right, which is very rare for people to see. Sometimes you never get to see that you talk about that experience I had never been on a mission trip before and Bruck. Our oldest daughter think she was fine.

We were again one year and there is this board with a map on it with all these pins and it of where they go and she said mommy got a mission trip and I about turned white, like all that so out of my box but you know when you get something wanting on a mission trip you like and so we raised money, which is very humbling and I would highly suggest it to everybody because it it really does increase your faith because if God is going to provide your way, he will provide and gives other people the opportunity to give if they can't go so you got a team supporting you and praying for you. So our first mission trip was 10 days in Ukraine and and she was 10 at the time and it was so cool when after we flew over there I'm going in a bus to the basement of a church and seeing it failed with boxes that said gain to on them and just knowing we know where these come and then taking them and delivering them and and I think the sweetest memory was we took a whole bunch of boxes of clothes and school supplies to community center and and kids are coming and people coming I dismember this one older gentleman riding away on his bicycle does not mean people have cars with this huge box on his handlebars and then my daughter and I getting to hand out school supplies. Like I said before, the kids would never even had their own box of crayons and just is just so cool and then on the following year of Brooke and I went to Haiti and that was extremely eye-opening and that was way more sanitation and water filtration and helping pinks and work in like compound a medical compound that was for the local people by it.

We got to go where the locals lived in it with mud huts and we wanted to go back the next day, but there was a rain and it destroys many other homes in everyone has pride in their home and ate they didn't want us to come back because their homes were melted but it was you know and then we had a church service and just being told like you know a little kid might want to sit on your lap, but he or she might not have underwear selfies you know if you get soiled don't don't don't do anything about kids walking around barefoot and seeing my 11-year-old playing soccer with a deflated soccer ball on a rocky field and were taking pictures of these kids who have never seen themselves because they don't have mirrors you imagine not even having a mirror so they loved as taking pictures of them and then showing them what they look like that. Those are the two trips that we did. But you're right to see what we were doing in the states and where it was going and the need that was fulfilling. And that's you know that's the important thing that any mission trip is that no one's gonna want to hear about the gospel right unless there stomach is full. Must their warm they have a place to live unless they have water so these are the essential things that on to does and they go to where there is that the greatest need for people needs to be met.

And then of course people ask why you doing here why are you here and that's the opportunity that we have, to share the gospel with them and would like, yeah, we could be home very comfortable. But Jesus told us to come and I hear we are Lebanon you it's very powerful truth usually start filling actual needs of people.

It's amazing how open they are to the gospel and I love the tell you do that and I love once again, if you listen right now were releasing from and you're thinking of trying to some, missions trip or experience. What a great place to start to serve and do and your local church involve that as well.

Yesterday agree. And, fall the whole process is goes through so Kristin this year is a unique year and one very unique know this is its December is December, when this is erring and or just about someone's erring and who knows what the future to hold because of covert things so what's happening in the future with him to that, you know, how can people still get involved. How can they get involved. What's happening going to maybe spring summer if you've no single things are changing all the time.

I love course donations not good

We deftly need donations and typically there are two weeks one week in June and one week in October where they open a logistic center people from all over the country, now those were canceled this year.

However, I do know that they are open now for like two and three day events in Pennsylvania so I guess more local people or retired, you can head out there and go to so many fun things in the area and have an opportunity to serve as well. So what, what's up the something big up there is another what is the other semi things will there's Hersheypark, which is awesome you look all right and sound theater. Yes, it is like Disney quality production on I'm serious. That's over and you know like a set up from the lock right on the stage at the sight and sound theater is larger than any stage in Manhattan where not only is a stage in front of you, but stages on the sides of you and the biblical musicals basically but very scripturally based are phenomenal. I mean people go out there just to see the nativity in the draft but they have some incredible productions which really burn biblical stories into your mind and I'm a very visual person and an end to see them and theirs. They also add some humor, so it it's just so much fun. It's incredible. So their sight and sound. There's Hersheypark. There is on the Amish stuffy one take a buggy ride, but the Mennonites have built a life-size tabernacle as well. Cadets of the world's thinking yet, so if you've ever studied the tabernacle, you can go and and one of a docent will take you around for about 45 minutes extremely knowledgeable spoiler alert you are you are not allowed in the holy of holies not go embracing metal to Wilkerson. It sounds like it's a fantastic trip will go on. How can people find out information about what all is happening up there and what's the best with people to get in contact with on to express an interest the website, you can contact me and just look for Christine Gruber so it's it's easy to find out information for sure and I can answer any questions but I just want to emphasize this is such an incredible mission trip for families when you can start teaching your kids how to serve others. You know we live in a world where everything is so fast-paced and we get everything we want, and semi people feel like they deserve everything. It is amazing when in the blessing that you receive when you start doing things for other people and this is a great way to help your kids learn that as well as individuals and small groups in middle school groups that anybody can go for our family. It's been something that we've done for a decade. You will thank you so much person really appreciate thank you in here on the program with us and once again, if you're listening now looking for a way to give all the missions please check out unto you so much person, my pleasure. Thank you, thank you for joining and listening to our program today and thank you to Crossroads Fellowship and the Truth Network for making this show possible. You can find out more information about Crossroads if this show has impacted you.

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