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39: Hope for Today & Joy for Tomorrow

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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November 11, 2020 3:00 pm

39: Hope for Today & Joy for Tomorrow

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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November 11, 2020 3:00 pm

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is a show all about having conversation surrounding life ministry in culture is a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for joining and listening today.

As always, I am Tyler and I'm joined by Jamie Jamie so good to see you here for another episode it so sorry it got Andy as well. Andy doing good I'm good.

I thought you were there first go on. I know you start talking like well I am doing well. I love this time of year. I am waiting for North Carolina to figure out what exactly whether to have become as November and it's a beautiful time of year. I don't think even north Carolina knows you see last week I wore shorts and T-shirt. One day in the genes in the long sleeve shirt on.

One day, and then it's on a raingear yesterday and so who knows. But I am so glad to be here. And as always, thank you to all of our listeners. We love our listeners, don't we. We love her so much for taking time on this Saturday at noon to listen and I do hope that this would be a great little time with us in whatever you're doing and you know a lot of people listen right now. Maybe you're getting ready for that big Thanksgiving deal coming up. I know I'm excited about it this Thursday.

Tyler what your favorite part of things. I think sitting at dinner since the Cowboys it's probably probably the stuffing and gravy that I love and nothing like the stuffing that in the turkey or this summer is cooked separate him all about the stuffing in the turkey that I've ever had. So young Shirley in the turkey yeah yeah so I actually had that it would lead to terrifying my and my data always been yeah big fan line is a crime-ridden. I don't know how many listeners right now. What if any listeners right now are like my family where we do not do turkey for Thanksgiving. We do prime rib, here's here's a quick quick quick story. Why couple years ago my wife and I were like, we are complaining about how you get up early and turkey and I stopped there for a second I said Stacy were adults grown grown human being.

Why are we in turn give new release turkey and we we use it like we don't know what what why don't we do prime alright so that's what happened to let you begin catalyzing again. I never said that to me now. I don't like ticking there but I have my own edition yeah primary go in the oven to get the truly welcome there.

We listen right now so I'll talk a little bit about hope for today.

Enjoy for tomorrow. I think that is something that we so desperately need.

And recently preached a sermon about that and we will read the Bible transformation 2020 is still happening only about a month in a couple weeks away from 2021 yeah I know there's nervous anticipation don't you I've never been more excited that's funded by this year. I bet you there's a lot of people are going to be like bring the new year bring it.

I'm hoping that you will actually bring something new… Yeah yeah I'm hold day days with something on though psychologically symbolic sitting by the symbolic spiritual, fresh beginnings in a way to get my gym membership on January 1, and then cancel it easier still not paying for when I know that I you're just paying for. And that's really what I said Christmas is coming around the corner Christmas and everything Thanksgiving in this whole time here so hopefully today Joe for tomorrow. We been in this year transformation transmission 2020. Read the Bible together and this recently at Priscilla John chapter 1, which is a lot of good doctrine, theology, the deity of Jesus, which is always wonderful to hear that he was in the beginning he was the words were with God the Word was God with and nothing was created through him all things were created, all that picture of who Jesus is, but as you read through John chapter 1 and really the whole chapter, you realize how much hope you really have how much joy you can actually have because of who Christ is. Some actually really looking forward to hearing part of this message, the Sunday meeting unless you're a quick word from our sponsor and in that stump writing team hearing that message. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or is the business running you, your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward.

Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results. Visit at sea number three so John is doing in his writings that he's using unique passages unique stories and illustrations and healings to show how Jesus is tied to the deity how Jesus is God in flesh walking among us. The key verb that is found in the book of John, which is so key for us today is the word believe and it really puts against faith or some belief and say it really is can require. I think this can require us to have a lot of faith, get enough faith in ourselves enough faith in what's happening around us.

Certainly not faith in the world around us.

But what happened in our life. If you and I found faith and belief in the person of Jesus. As John writes and unfolds it really does give us hope and he gives us joy to hear that a lot this morning as we jump into it once about four ways for ways that you and I can have hope and joy. I really do have and pray for you know, listen right now, I know, as we look around what's happening. There's a lot of stuff going on and a lot of people that are unsettled right now and so people are unsettled but unsettled in a very positive waiver.

Hopefully as people that are unsettled in a very hurtful way. Very very negatively very anxiously in this country is extremely divided right now and I really do think that in the middle of all this pray this for me for my family was so even have conversations every day all the time with my 21-year-old. My six-year-old my wife and I bought this was happening around us and we will have those moments where we we can talk about what's going on. We can even have our differences within our own family and still bring it back centered who Jesus is and that's a Sunday so that's the hope of it. That's what Joyce actually found in so today I hope that you will feel that an experience that again. I hope that you will walk out of here, despite what you came in here with despite we came in here with one boating despite we came in here with in your own personal life because on top of all the world stuff going on.

We all have our own stuff.

We got our own things that were dealing with and were navigating through it and that's the day that we can have hope we get joy so the first one is if someone is this right this is so powerful. This was limited time here before you and John chapter 1 the reason why the first reason why I really believe that you and I can have hope that we can have joy is simply found in this fact that Jesus sees you that he knows you and that he stops for you, just settling for just a moment. How can you not have hope and joy in the reality that Jesus knows you that he sees you and that is going to stop as I was reading through John, and I was reading and like all a lot of us here reading, heads we know what's coming and where you want to land in house. I was reading and rereading through the book of John, one of the things that has stuck out to me immensely. That is just so incredibly filled with hope and filled with joy last couple weeks is how many times I saw Jesus stop for one person. I just think about this in the Gospels. You have four Gospels.

Just think about how many times in the Gospels and justice for managing think about that how often the Jesus walkies with crowds and there's people all around and if you will press again and there's massive crowds everywhere and it's really that Jesus alone affect uses the fight to be alone is will he go away almost hide to be alone is always people around you pressing in trying to grab a hold on those who try to capture him trying to kill him. There's all these things going on and how often do we see Jesus in the middle that crowd notice and stop for one person read your Gospels read with that lesson, you will be completely amazed and hopeful and hopefully fill with joy.

How many times Jesus stop for somebody that everybody else rode off that you stop for the blind person saw the road that was yelling out his name to have mercy never else. Tell him to be quiet, enjoy modern Jesus stop just so that one woman Samaritan that nothing to do with it.

He was the only stuff that one person Scripture I can think of. Time and time again of the woman that had this physical issue that was present to the crowd, so much so that she gets up just to grab a hold of Jesus and he stopped humming times the size even in the book of John is really stop for a guy that the pool of Bethesda stops there because he came into the water and any suspense time, and he healed. Just think about that for a moment is all know who Jesus is you. I really don't want the most hopeful things to me that consistently gives me joy is remembering the moment that he stopped for me when I was 16 know that in this world that there are billions of people on this planet and there's chaos all around and there's so much need everywhere as all these things happening. Let's not forget that Jesus knows you. Scripture says he knows not just your name not just about you as every hair on your head that he created you the forms you plan for your life purpose for your life, because he knows you and he sees how often is he will just stop the suspense time just to heal were healing is that just the delivery or deliverances that several times in the Gospels, he stops for a parent whose heartbroken because her kid is sick or dying. Jesus stops and notices the parents are stops and notices women that are crying because her brothers that he weeps with city sometimes were not careful in the middle of all this chaos in the world around us. We we have attention to put God further and further away, how to set up recent good news of hope and joy.

They just want to get pushed further and further away. He wants to get closer and closer and closer and closer. You two situation so what you're going through a life to your ups and downs in life is one of the greatest things we can take hope with enjoyment sees you. He knows you saw three. The second one is this number. Children jump in the John chapter 1. The second point I think is going to bring hope and joy to all of us this morning is a reminder that we Hope today Joyce tomorrow because we serve a Jesus who is in and through all things that Jesus has done all things that he has created all things that Jesus is in all things. In John chapter 1.

One of the things I love about John one why Coming on coming back to that first chapter was the beautiful picture of the theology that's woven inside of this and also the picture. The reality of who Jesus is grocery in John chapter wife after Bob's advice is there with me. John chapter 1 starting verse one actually pays this picture of who Jesus really is. It goes like this is in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the word was callous to stop there for a moment that one sentence is actually amazing when it comes to who Jesus is part of the Trinity part of the Godhead that in the beginning before all things happen. Jesus was there and it wasn't just there, but he is also God is part of that God had Trinity. This Jesus that is so willing to stop you and know you this this way make it. We just sang about the ceiling. This worker that he was also the one that actually created all things as well. As you continue to read it says that he was in the beginning with God and all things listen that all things all things were made through him and without him nothing that was made has been made just those first three verses in the first part of chapter 1 of John spells out the very theme of deity in the very theme of who Jesus is in Scripture as to why we take hope and joy that I think the hope and the joy comes in knowing that the creator of the universe allows me to call him my friend Sally side of the reality of that church that Jesus is actually called this is Fred that this Jesus that knows us and walks with us and wants to be with us that sees us that is here with us that he's also the same Jesus that literally spoke the word. Let there be light and there was light but he created the universe decrease everything that we see including you and the person next to you in this Jesus that did all of that wants to be your friend is a pretty amazing friend is three powerful front. I think sometimes. Again, if we're not careful we take this God that can do all things that this God they can literally do the impossible. This guy that can make something beautiful out of absolutely nothing, not even in existence. Sometimes we think that God is powerful and we make in our size and we lose sight and we do that we don't we don't have hope, or joy in a God that is just like us. Our size the hope and the joy that we have is that this is the King of Kings that this is the Lord of lords that this is the Jesus that was in the very beginning of time that is here with us this morning that can do and create all things in us and through us that this is who we serve that hope and that joy comes out of knowing that from the very beginning of creation.

When there is nothing in every moment. This moment right now that there is been Jesus and tieback the Jesus actually knows you and is in love with the Jesus that once the cross just for you just like you did just for me the hope and the joy is found in the victory that lives there and know that this all-powerful God sent his son Jesus to the cross that had the power to raise him from the dead, that this same God.

The same Jesus same deity is the same one that wants to be our friend and be right next the sick, closer than a brother. From the very beginning of time.

It's of this moment right now and here's also that means. I always take extreme hope and cover this even in the times when things are rough, but let's face it right now it's pretty tense out there right now is a lot of stuff happening. There's a lot of things that you're navigating that I'm navigating that's is on a personal level with their own families but with neighbors and friends with classmates, coworkers, I just does not seem like there's this conversation after conversation epic are just constant conversation about everything that's going on the world around us. So the hope and the comfort as is. In this and listen. I hope you hope you grab a hold of this and that Jesus is God who is in Jesus is who he says he is and he is the creator of all things he was with God in the very beginnings with us now. And guess what, also, that means Mrs. actually also much tomorrow. Your thing about that that Jesus actually in much tomorrow. That hearing, knows what's happening. In other words, God is not surprised by anything that happened this last week. Aren't you grateful for that. You might've been surprised will where the other. You might consider going I'll know what's going to happen today know who's going to tweet what today I'll know what's going on tomorrow or next week or month from now. But the hope and the joy that I have is knowing that God does like God actually knows what's going to happen tomorrow and the next day beyond. So where is my hope and joy that will buy actually believe that he's in much tomorrow that we think that does to me today.

I am in my life as I think about how Jesus is already walking ahead of me in Scripture says that is already ahead of us is Artie walking ahead of me and he already knows what's ahead of me they cannot trust the most powerful being in all the universe that created the heavens and the earth cannot trust the person knows my name and knows everything about me. Cannot I trust that he's actually in a BMX tomorrow, which means that today is what I'm gonna worry about tomorrow.

I really don't. And I can honestly tell you that this last week this last month over the snow this last year everything going on that I found so much hope and honesty so much joy, even in the middle of moments of discouragement.

As we all have that he had those discouraging moments and you kind of feel that discouragement rise up, you might feel that stress rise up, maybe feel that panic rise up and feel that worry rise up which happens then you get back to center and you realize actually I worry about tomorrow. Scripture says nowhere about tomorrow's got enough problems were about today. There's no promise today is proms everywhere. So choose the much tomorrow than today. I can take comfort in doesn't mean I don't plan it doesn't mean it'll prepare doesn't mean I don't still have life, but I'd much rather choose to have joy today than stress. I much rather choose that hope in the God of the universe that knows my name and knows everything about me is going to be here with me that my trust in some person and by the way, whoever whoever ends up getting in. Don't know your name.

They don't know what you're going through in life soon. If you are put our trust in a position of trust in our finances or our job.

All that stuff going away. Someday there's one person knows your name. There's one person that knows you knows everything about you and loves you. Anyways, I can actually give you hope and courage of your if you're here today and you're struggling with hope in your struggle having joy. Take comfort in knowing that God's in control. Still the God knows what could happen tomorrow so because he knows his habits of mom's got trust in him and have joy today. It doesn't mean smiles can be easy. It doesn't mean that the next couple weeks are going to be easy, doesn't mean that there's like to be hardships in life. What does it mean to me that this God that can create all things.

This God that is this all-powerful being that is closer than a brother.

Closer than a friend that he also has victory for government to walk in tomorrow so the joy is not be thinking naïvely that there's like a meaty paint tomorrow.

There's a community sorrow tomorrow whether there's like a mini hardships tomorrow.

The joy actually comes in knowing that Jesus is in all of those things, which is the third point number three right this out.

There was that you and I that we can have hope today you have joy tomorrow in understanding the reality that Jesus is the lights in the life of all men. The hope that we have today in the joy for tomorrow is knowing that Jesus himself is lights and life. My light my life.

My hope doesn't have to come from anybody outside of who Jesus is such a dual coin. There's two sides of that one side is that that's who Jesus is within. There's a other side of that is that's who we have to be to the world around us.

So this is one of those points where we take hope and joy in knowing that Jesus himself has got the light and life that I need but then there's a responsibility on that same other side of that is is continue reading in John chapter 1 starting verse four and John one verse four says in him was life, this Jesus and the life was the light of men. I love how that's worded. The light shines in the darkness and listen to this and the darkness has not overcome it, that there is nothing so dark that the light in the life of Jesus can't penetrate through that John the writer now starts to speak of John the Baptist is not the writer Johnson different John when he says it this way, says there was a man sent from God's name was John.

We talked about a few weeks ago and he came to witness and to bear witness is what John came to bear witness to about the light, that all might believe through him. He was not the way John the Baptist was not the way you are you in a word, we ourselves are not. The light, but says that he came to bear witness about the light the true light hello how that's worded. The true light imitation out there is not a fake out there is not a fake hope this letter fake light is one of things that that try to pull and draw our attention. But there's is one true life that we find hope in life goes on uses which gives light to everyone. Everyone that was coming into the world see the reality of the hope in that is that that's the hope for all mankind, that those verse that we just read.

That's not just a hope for you and for me is the hope for all mankind to know that as this world is getting darker and darker, which is getting as this world as you get more more evil and and the moralities you go down further and further which is going to do that, even in the middle of all this could not harden our prayer before Jesus shine brighter that what what it's time right now for us as the church, the shine brightly in a world that needs it.

As we look at what's unfolding around the slot of darkness is unknown is a lot of fear and what an incredible opportunity for you and for me because here's the weight of that. Now the weight of it now is this is that Jesus self identifies himself as the light of the world, but also the Gospels, he turns his followers which are me and you and he commands us to now going bear that light. So the burden that you and I carry is the take that light the take that life that Jesus so freely gave you that grace that he freely gave you that mercy that he freely gave you and me and a take that into a world that so desperately needs. Hope and joy. Right now, today, those world gets darker, I'm leaving and choosing to believe that Jesus is life is going to brighter that this is now the time for you and I as the church to actually turn to our neighbors who maybe they voted differently than you did. Maybe they had a different yard sign in front of their yard and you had to turn to them and say hey despite all that there is hope and there is life beyond there's something bigger at stake here church than just election. I know it's a big thing and it was a lot of case that I did I get that but there's bigger things out there like the person.

So in the impact that you and I can have that as this world dives deeper in the fear and deeper and anxious and worried that could this not be a time for us to actually bring that life and purpose of Jesus, which reason the fourth and final point, which I think is is just it brings it all together. The fourth and final way that you and I have hope today joy for tomorrow is knowing and understanding that Jesus offers eternal hope and eternal joy you so much for joining this Christmas season filled with held Chilean there is something for everybody. I think more kids and families became president Christmas special December 20-22 in our Christmas on December 23 fine morning formation wearing/Christmas and happy getting your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership.

The success of your organization begins with you and depends on your team as a leader and what organization further visit

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