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38: The Kingdom

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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November 4, 2020 4:00 pm

38: The Kingdom

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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November 4, 2020 4:00 pm

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is a show all about having conversation surrounding life ministries and culture was a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for joining and listening today I'm Tyler and I'm joined by Jamie to see you have a good week. I am yeah seven we got Andy joining us as well and the how are you doing very very good and you know I'm doing so well on the way in this morning I was flipping through some radio channels and I came across the Christmas channel Christmas music. I guess I yes and it is now November and so I officially and efficiently enough to talk about Christmas, but it was his, nice little surprise. You can go through and boom there was Christmas music is already on our house as well.

Yeah it is in your house, I walked in the home and my wife Megan had on going at the house nice little early for me it was really nice guy. I was not upset about what you know most people pry weights after Thanksgiving is my guess is that November 1 for music, not generations at Thanksgiving. The first time 40 times recording you at the time they were recording that's all right.

I think they know were not actually live recorded but according we are into the first week of November and at times recording. We also have the election that is still unknown as of the little bit but let's look back to Christmas because recently we interviewed somebody from the operation Christmas child which got me into this mess out so good, why in the neck. That following Sunday of this past Sunday we pushed at our church for me to get a shoebox and so I wanted to throw little promo out there for operation Christmas child and we got some real quick clip of a commercial for themselves can play that for operation Christmas child how many of you know this is my way entering one of these children fire burning you have the hands packing the gifts, putting them in the box the feet carry them to the other side of the world and the other hand distributing the gifts you get an idea of the body of Christ church. This is what it's all about church here in the US, partnering with the church overseas playing the gospel all around.

With not only affecting the world but allows our church to come together operation Christmas child has already provided the linkage an old pastor to be able to export their churches, care and compassion without having to re-create, you have no idea how excited those kids are wonderful things and send them Christians United states of America never had anything like this in.

I love it. Operation Christmas child.

So if you're looking for a way to be a blessing to somebody this Christmas that is super completely easy to do. It is operation Christmas child. In effect, we learn also less time is that you can do virtually as well.

You can get all mine. I just did it. Yeah, you pick the gifts you can sign it and make it personal writing notes now yeah I thumbs up for me on the online yeah so anyway so if you want to help Michiko in the sweetest message is Google operation Christmas child will take yellow pop-up go there and then you can figure out what to do from there or anything. A lot of the local churches in the Raleigh area also doing a prescription tells me she is Christmas time something to do with your kid now.

See if you got kids as you listening right now is about mid-November that you actually listen to this and so so hopefully you're getting more more to that Christmas atmosphere and so were gopher but as we said earlier the time of this recording was call what it is we recording this today on Wednesday, November 4 hi all, we need to pull back the curtain because what we don't talk about it needs to be known that as of today number fourth at the presidential level. We still don't know who our next president is very interesting night last night at the prybar wanting, watching, and we did you guys I tried I could not keep my eyes open. I passed out on 1030 yeah we sent them 11, felt like we were to know a lot more is ready now. Then I woke up today thinking all maybe will know no more confusing and may not be for a while. So by the time that your listener this November 14. If I get time travel hopefully will know by that point I what happens but recently I preached a sermon called the kingdom and I think that's when you talk about politics on this program were to setting up the reasoning of organ to do next. I wants to listen to that sermon because in that sermon as the pastor of Crossroads Fellowship Church. My job is to keep lifting everybody's eyes and attention to the kingdom of heaven.

First, Jesus first the kingdom first, then it's like the political party then at your preferences and I think to me to get those reversed and they put like their kingdom of Republican other kingdom of democratic or independent, or their own kingdom above of the kingdom of God and so I thought was very timely message that I think helped our church, particularly we have a pretty diverse church. In a lot of ways. One of those ways is politically and I think was a very healthy message to get our attention on the kingdom so wants to listen to that message then I think that again wherever we are. On November 14 and beyond. This is can help you listening as well. So let's hear a quick word from our sponsor and we will hear. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business is the business running. You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results. Visit at sea number three once divided the rest of them. Honestly, they thought of his dogs. That's the terminology of the Bible uses and Jews would come and visit you get the imitation wrong limitation is for everybody.

I think sometimes if were not careful, we forget that a little bit. We do we come to forget that everybody needs everybody that doesn't matter what side of the politically are on it doesn't matter what color your skin is it doesn't matter how smart you are.

It is about how much money you have it as a matter what team you cheer for. By the way, go buckeyes, say doesn't matter what any of that kinda does right now but doesn't in the future. In fact, all are welcome. Just this morning up with that the practice believe it or not I actually talked kindly to a Michigan fan this morning first thing. He came up the first thing in the morning. I was an ugly about it. In my mind thoughts and thoughts were not allowed. All are welcome. I think we gotta remember why why it's so important to remember that are welcome. Let's talk about what's actually at the table. Let's talk about this for a moment what people are actually invited to something special.

She was waiting for us at this kingdom table are all the benefits of the kingdom.

Select things like forgiveness and reconciliation healing. These are all the things that Jesus offers in the kingdom that are available to us today, but also available for everybody else.

All that want to come to the table. It's it's welcoming everybody this about hope and peace. The sounds a lot like the things of this world actually needs right now.

Solid views of the things that the world needs to recognize that don't come from who you vote for it doesn't come from your bank account it doesn't come for your degrees in your job, nothing wrong with any of the things I just mentioned, but it does not. That's not where the kingdom hope and peace comes from ever not careful we are part, myself included, that we get we can get locked in two things that honestly are kingdom minded first. Jesus never said to not think about those things affect Jesus never said not to pursue things all he said is just the kingdom first.

If we just think God's kingdom first, then yeah sure have the conversations have the career have the bank account have money. There's nothing wrong with any of that stuff until that stuff becomes more important than God in the kingdom. And that's we battle so I think will help us understand why the imitation so important is just to maybe remember what happened to you when you got invited to the table. Please think about that for a moment to moment when you come to first realize that you are invited to something bigger than you. When you are invited to eternity in and there is this God who already sent the invitation through son and the sun already paid the price for the banquet Artie paid the price to joining it and all you had to do was show up that moment when you showed up in your sins are forgiven and escorted Scripture, made new and you realize there is something greater and bigger ahead of you that that feeling will guess what that feeling wasn't just for you and it's not just for me, and here's what we battle. The battle becomes next. And the point. The second concept is the excuses. Let's just talk quickly about the excuses that were made because these are the SKUs that times they'll make this case the jury to make and if we play the part that were supposed to play up in the servant actually going out and inviting people to the banquet excuses you're going to face three categories excuses in this passage.

The first one was money right was money had just bought a field to check out the field. The second one was work-related. I just bought oxen and I got to go try them out. The third one was relationships just got married so I can't come to the party money job relationships. Just think about how often those become excuses, and even more important in our own lives to the kingdom that instead of being kingdom minded first, and even in a hard first that our job becomes first or make it, money becomes first or whatever task we have ahead of us is first-order relationships become first. These excuses that we see these excuses. Honestly, that is Jesus shared the excuses again just put yourself a little bit into the time that she is assuring this incident that setting. Those were ridiculous excuses Jews actually making a point was more realistic excuses like those were real insincere ridiculous excuses. The people here and Jesus tell the story for the first time, rolled their eyes little bit going to buy a field without checking it out by oxen without going to check it out, insincere excuses of being invited to this great banquet.

In other words, he was coming to the heart of excuses I can put in our context today.

Honestly, what is kept us at times from coming to the table and it's really one word you write this were done. If he wants one words were time. It's what's consuming your time. What is it that's become a little bit more important. That's nuts. Got out just a little bit more what's taken over that time of your life in the time that maybe we should be spent with God or even come to church. I know a priest in the choir because you are here, but but this last several months has created a real interesting thing a lot of people's lives were also another things have now come just up little bit more important than God. This is a true statement that we all can agree with that. We make time for what's important we make time for what's important sometimes is external factors that don't allow us to do that. I get that but it. For the most part what what is important to us. We make time for so I've been doing in full-time ministry for 26 years and over the last 26 years. One thing is true in the sky. This category when I meet with people when I talk to them and their struggling and you can pick your struggle, you pick finances marriage, health, spiritual, whatever it is I sit down across typically the first question, alas, is will hi house how you doing spiritually almost every time.

If not, every time the answers typically met with the head that drops a little bit you cannot do anything to spend time with God pull back from church I have my Bible while almost every single time.

So is not a far jump to make that as we struggle in our life that typically if not careful. What happens is the thing that becomes most important become second becomes third and fourth and then eventually the relation of God is cut off the table, sitting in a corner and we just gonna run doable were in real trouble. We forget that this is a relationship and so we can keep making excuses for not depart the relationship and I bring that up. Not not so deftly not make us come to feel guilty about just the recognizing we just recognize that all of us if not careful, wrong, or make excuses. There's always something else to do, always, is there is always something else to do is always something else I could take her time.

There's always something else I can think our attention is always something else that we go to actually pray that consumers are thoughts or there's always something else so it is a split is a fight. You fight for those things are important to us in the kingdom of God in our relationship with God is the first again. It doesn't mean that you can have all this other stuff that goes with life and enjoying life. But we just put the kingdom first because is a job for us to do and if you and I are allowing excuses. Again, the way than what's gonna happen external because we can't take those three excuses enough which is put in today's context, today's context of why what is keeping us from enjoying the kingdom what's keeping us from actually participating what God wants worsen and right now Matt maybe maybe it's politics that are keeping a scooter so worked up about it.

Maybe it's Tuesday, maybe in our context and our life may even hurt and wounded by a church or pastor in the past and so there's this trust level that's real real low. Maybe you're looking for the perfect church and were like the 15 church you visited in 15 weeks and you're still looking for that perfect church.

We talked about this last reason I can spend time as one name out a few.

I think the biggest one that were all dealing with the just apathy. We kind is gotten settled, gotten settled in.

Consider earlier level XI of this crazy game that were on this year and life is been changed and is different in our discounted and the stuck mode. Something's gotta break that and discuss that with God. It's got some of us getting our mind our attention back on the kingdom is a job. The job is the third concept is this the job that we all have as part of this is to go quickly member in this passage we just read the mass of the house look to the servant as it had to go quickly go out there and start inviting people to come to the banquet. Go quickly get out there. Go go go go go, it's because we heard that concept from Jesus to go going all the world go to all the villages move this in the kingdom is in motion. I told just before I love this statement that the hope for our city is not just a church is a church that is mobilizing mental money like that's that's the hope.

The hope is that you and I that we got take the kingdom in motion we can say yes to Jesus and standstill is can you. What's needed is for us to actually say yes to Jesus in whatever he's calling us to do and to be part of the answer should always be yes followed by motion, followed by action. It should be met with well let me think about it, or let me pray about it and let me get back to do know is it's just a Jesus calling us answers yes and then there's motion, it has to happen.

This city will not change by standing still got have motion the kingdom as Jesus speaks about it. Have you ever noticed that it's always action. It's always about action.

There's always action to the kingdom come be a part of it, enjoy, taste and see, and then go go quickly move there's always action to Jesus what the disciples were constantly in motion. There were constantly going and going and going and moving taking the kingdom from one place and one person to another place to another person, and that's part of our job part of our job is to go Nelson there's a cost to it, how we understand there's a cost the same.

Yes, there is a cost know what that cost is for you. I don't know Jesus words it this way in the Gospels is in the birds there have next nest, foxes have holes, I got no place to put my head there's a cost. Listen you saying yes to Jesus and saying yes to the kingdom. First, there's a cost is when you say yes to Jesus. And yes, the kingdom your plan by different set of rules and everybody else ever noticed that by the way, if you haven't noticed that your pride playing the game a little wrong when you and I suggested Jesus. We play by a different set of rules. It's by a different set of ethics and morals and standards. It's a different set that the world's plan and were seeing that unfold more and more, more, which is why it is so important for us to go. It takes action. Jesus tells the disciples and us so you can go to the world and we go to the world. You don't just go you go and you make disciples to preach the gospel you teach people you train people you see people baptize. This is all of our work. We are all the servants in the story we allow excuses or we allow fear or allow the unknown that all sudden RR action becomes stationary and now the kingdom is not advancing the way it should. Jesus, we just got a trust that he knows what he's doing because he entrusted us to do this.

There's some weight behind.

Just think about what Jesus entrusted the church to do entrusted us to go and turn the world upside down. He entrusted us to go and preach the gospel, we gotta go quickly before concept is this number forces love this one. The fourth concept is that there's still room there still room since we unpacked the story just a little bit further as as he tells the people to go and sit, moving to go quickly. I just urgency behind that and the reason he tells them to go back out there again and say that's the room because the servant as we have Artie gone in and invited to be told. Invite and are still whole Lotta room so the master looks at all the rooms. As we got gotta get back out there.

There still room at the table since I read that again. I just connected the dots for for me.

I guess for us is that God wishes that none should perish, which means that there's room for everybody to come to the stable. I guess it's an encouraging thing as well to think that one is not just for you is not just for me but that the table is in full of just people at crossroads and there's no more room for anybody to come to the table now that there's plenty of room. There's plenty of room. I think one of the most driven passages in Scripture that that should rattle us and inspire us and get us moving. It just will simply when Jesus tells people he the harvest is ready.

The problem is the harvest. The problem is that there's people out there that need Jesus. The problem is that the workers are few that that's the problem I saw statement yesterday that simply said God is more willing to save sinners than sinners are to be saved.

I did that's a true statement across the board. I think I was more willing to heal is more willing to send revival and awakening is more willing to bring peace and give you hope that we are to accept it. God wishes that none should perish that everybody has an invitation to the table and we think about that.

There's still room at the table. That should inspire us to get moving to get action behind because, well, that that means that there still a job to do and that job is on our part to go to understand that not only is there an invitation and all are invited is not just the weed to the excuses. It's not just to feel compelled to go or two to go quickly, but the last concept is this because he changes the language race starts off in the front. Go quickly to the streets. That's always starts and works its way through to now the master the house is telling the servants get back out there and uses one word, that word is compelled that were compel in the original language is pretty strong.

It actually means to constrain to strongly urge almost to say you not take no for an answer during get out there and you are going to force it's a workforce it's a it's a word of action. You cannot force people to get here to the stable and you kind of wonder why why did the language change.

Why do start with.

Go quickly. There's a general invitation quickly invites more people. Now get out there and compel people, and here's why the saintliness to drive us because Jesus told the story knows exactly what the kingdom has offer. So there's an urgency behind that there's there's passion behind that those of us in this room that know what the kingdom is and know what forgiveness is really like, you know what hope is really like there should be a compelling force behind us is to get out there not take no for an answer is I know what my neighbors need in court. I know what they're missing out on another words missing out all the benefits of the table into 22 and 23 again, that the strong language use here. I actually love it says starts with mercy uses the have mercy to those who doubt right just want to let W 10 times this room that we doubt this is have mercy to those who doubt this is save others by snatching them from the fire. The terminology used in Jude 23.

Is this quite literally of some is approaching a cliff.

You and I would not just say it's too late to go though the picture behind you. 23. As you and I running up and literally grabbing a hold of people you would never just let summary walk off the cliff. Never said why we do it for eternity, but that's again just for a moment you and I would never let anybody physically walk off the edge of a cliff without doing everything in our power specially people that we know you would never sit there and go. I told him that there in the fall. You for joining and listening to our program today and thinking across its fellowship and the Truth Network for making Michelle possible. You can find out more information about CrossFit scholarship crossroads, not like. If the child has impacted you. We'd love to hear from you.

You can contact us at Thank you to C3 Advantage for sponsoring this program. We look forward to having you join us on the next shall, your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention and grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership.

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