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All You Need Is Love - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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September 29, 2021 2:00 am

All You Need Is Love - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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September 29, 2021 2:00 am

As the church, we won't ever succeed in changing the world if we only use the world's tools and systems to do so. In the teaching "All You Need Is Love," Nate shares how Jesus' love inspires true revival.

This teaching is from the series Give Peace a Chance.




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The second aspect and facet of the love that Jesus has for us is kindness is forgiveness that is that he will constantly forgive you, no matter how many times you feel better. How many times you've messed up people keep on giving you the same attention can be fixed on temple for God calls us to fix our eyes on eternity today on connect with Skip project Skip Sunday shares how God's love deeply planted in your heart. Time revival would first want to tell you about an opportunity you have to encounter the roots of your faith in the land of the Bible.

You're invited to join step toward spelling 20 2010 places for the offense of the Bible unfolded unique and significant experience will be encouraged in your faith in God's work constantly for you ever has before. Get all the info and inspiration. BQ now we're in John chapter 13 as we dive into the teaching with Skip Sunday and understand this the future of the church. The future of the church that your kids will grow up in your grandkids will grow up in the future of the church hangs on our willingness to be one. And to be united. The way we build our gathering is and through boycotts or protests or services or clever campaigns or events.

The way that we build our gathering is through love, unity and community in acts 244. He read now all who believed were together, they worshiped together, they prayed together they read the Scripture.

Together they ate together. They gave their tithes and offerings. Together they share the gospel together, you and I are a part of the church that Jesus purchased heads and protects and we are called to be together in love and unity and community yet tragically so many churches today are shrinking in number so many churches, a face horrible and divisive splits.

Many are disillusioned by what is happened to them in church as well. We are all too often tables are 20 hypocrites at churches overheard that as a response why you don't go to church. There's too many hypocrites. There therefore they decide not to be a part of church at all. They shall become bitter and angry at the church now I'm mad at the church. Why because you suddenly discover that is not made up of perfect people, but instead people like you people who make mistakes. People who sin what you think the church was ever my dad say. For years the church is not a museum for Saints, but at the hospital for sinners.

If the church was the perfect people. I hate to break it to you but you wouldn't be allowed to come, if the church was for perfect people. I wouldn't be allowed to come. None of us would be allowed to come, if the charge was for perfect people, there would be no church I spoke to someone recently who mentioned a mutual friend was no longer attending church.

We are talking and she said well he's still walking with the Lord. He just doesn't go to church and I heard that and I'm forced to look at what that person said compared to what Jesus said that the world will know you are my disciples, by your love for one another and I'm forced to say can you be both a Christian and have no fellowship with other Christians. I don't know that it's possible you could maybe start a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. But the question can you really actively live out the Christian life that Jesus has called you to do the answer that is a clear no you can't without being in community in unity, loving one another. The call upon us is to love one another. That means fellow shipping with one another.

That means caring for one another.

This is a casual request from Jesus is saying if you think about if you have time love each other but this is a new commandment I give to you a commandment love one another. By this the will know you are my disciples love one another. This leads us to our second point, if we are to love. Question is how are we to love will Jesus answers that for us. We are to love like Jesus. Look at verse 34. He continues by saying a new commandment I give to you that you love one another as I have loved you, you also love one another, who just got real right if it wasn't already like high benchmark to love people we don't like that we say yes to love them. The way that I love you. You gotta love them. To the extent that I've loved you the benchmark for our love is the love that Jesus Christ has for us later on in John 1512 Jesus repeats this idea. He says love them as I have loved you, Matthew how is it that Jesus loved us.

Jesus loved those the world hated Jesus touch those the world shunned Jesus went to those of the world avoided and Christian you don't get to determine what is good enough you don't get to determine how far is far enough. Jesus also said to let our light so shine before men, but I'm convinced that if we spend our lives trying to be bright, were never to be bright enough. Don't try to be bright. Try to be Jesus. Don't try to be loving. Try to be Jesus. Remember we are to be daily conformed to the image of his son Jesus Christ. So every day you wake up.

We need to learn how to look a little bit more like Jesus how I look like Jesus. Today my love more like Jesus today. How do I go to those that I don't want to today. How can I die to myself and take up my cross today. How can I love the unlovely today. How can I pour myself out until I have nothing left to get up and on the love some more, because that's what Jesus Christ did remember this each and every person you see on the street on the news in church is somebody son or daughter somebody's mother or father, sister or brother husband or wife and we are called to love like Jesus every single one of them. How can you look more like Jesus.

Today, how can you reflect the sun a bit more within your life.

I believe two words perfectly describe the love that God has for us to work all the love I Jesus and that seems pretty big and grand. After all God's love. So basically worthless to be God houses to be like God. It seems kind of unattainable so want to break it down for you and give you two practical ways that your love can look more like the love that Jesus has for you, and I believe those two words are kindness and forgiveness.

I think that really perfectly describes the love that Jesus has for us. As a matter fact. Ephesians 432 has a similar call to John 1334 and articulates what it looks like to love somebody like Jesus loves them. Ephesians 432, says, be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you forgiveness and kindness. These two aspects perfectly describe the love like Jesus. It says, and therefore giving each other, just as Christ God forgave you are just as in Christ God forgave you to love like Jesus means that we have to have a love that exudes forgiveness and loves forgiveness is the determination in your heart never is a before Archipelago is a love of the will is a choice you make. If the determination the choice you make in your heart that no matter how many times someone hurts you over and over again matter how many times someone takes advantage of you matter how many times you come on the other end of a relationship or friendship. You say I feel like I gave everything and they gave nothing. I feel like I just constantly get destroyed in these relationships because I'm too loving and too forgiving.

You need to understand in God's economy.

You can't be too forgiving or too loving is the ability to take advantage of. Over and over again and you still choose to love them. Jesus was speaking on the topic of forgiveness. When Peter asked him what he thought was a pretty question. I also think it was a loaded question Peter is one of those guys who like to ask questions that he had the answer to to make himself look better in front of the apostles is what I think they been renewed to bit too much like a Jesus. How many times should I forgive somebody when is it against me and then before he gets an answer he gives what he thinks is a pretty good answers like like seven times, but he thought he did pretty good there. Seven times is a lot, Jesus, Judas, I think he's like a one run and you're done. You're out seven times. Jesus replies him in perfect Jesus fashion.

I tell you, not seven times, but 707. Jesus said, no, no, not seven times Peter 490 times and of course the number wasn't what is important. The idea is that however many times he sins against you. You forgive.

So who's the person in your life you written off as a person your life that you're done.

I want to be clear here.

Forgiving summary doesn't necessarily always been a restoration relationship and there's times when you forgive somebody more for yourself and even for them. But it gets your heart right or you don't have any bitterness or grudges in your heart. So when you coming to church and you sing those songs you don't have that moment saying all I really matter that person is the person that you need to seek some restoration with the you need to seek a phone call with her. Maybe a little coffee shop meeting since we now have 25% of people inside restaurants does not make sense.

Who's the person you need to go talk to.

I saw a bumper sticker that said, don't get mad, get even. How many times he heard Christian say hey don't worry they're going to get what they deserve. There an answer for their sin. Basically, in essence saying hey don't worry they're going to go to hell, so don't worry about them because there been a bird in hell that's basically what that comment says is Jesus lay dying on the cross bleeding out his concern was for his murderers, rather than for himself.

This is what it looks like to love like Jesus. It's a love that turns the other cheek. It's a love that allows itself to be taken advantage in her over and over again and yet it chooses to get up and keep on loving his primary concern is for others not for itself. Matthew 530 to 39 says you've heard that was said and I for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but I tell you, don't resist an evil person, but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to them also if anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic given your cloak also know I know we all always like to think about everything that Jesus says is allegorical but I think Jesus is being pretty upfront and literal here if somebody slaps you in the face for being a Christian during your cheek and let him stop the other side. If somebody sues you and takes away your things freely give them something else. Why do I think it's literal as it literally what Jesus did when he died on the cross.

Literally, not allegorically or figuratively. He literally did it.

He prayed for those who were murdering him a love like Jesus doesn't react to the wrongs of others. It allows others to wrong itself that could revolutionize and possibly change the way you view relationships a love like Jesus doesn't react to the wrongs of others. It allows others to wrong itself and it keeps on loving this is what it looks like to love like Jesus.

This is what love is a second aspect and a facet of the love that Jesus has for us is kindness.

He has forgiveness that is that he will constantly forgive you, no matter how many times you failed the matter how many times you've messed up.

He will keep on forgiving you. He calls us to do the same. A second aspect is his kindness and goodness towards us is never ending and it is abounding. It also says in Ephesians 432 be kind and compassionate to one another. If forgiveness will take anything from others kindness will give anything to others, or frame. In light of what Jesus said if forgiveness allows its tunic to be taken away kindness will give its cloak away kindness is a love like Jesus that is active good will never settle for Pago Pago. It is a love of the will, forgiveness, choosing to forgive over and over again, but it's a love of the will, leading to goodwill and benevolence doesn't just feel generous. It is generous doesn't just desire change.

It works for change and you can understand this if love is only learned but not lived.

It is a lie. If all you ever do is hear about love and talk about love and think about love and learn about love, but you never walk out those doors and put into practice is a lie is the same thing is what the world has to offer. Just a word is just a feeling we need to put ourselves in the place were sitting here digesting the word that God has for us that were thinking about the areas in our life that we need to put in practice that week if were just writing down notes for somebody else to tell them how good the message was and were not thinking practically how we can apply and change our lives because of it were missing the point of what the word of God wants to do within our lives again. Jesus is the perfect example of this Romans to four says, do you think lightly of the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that the kindness is the goodness of God leads you to repentance love that word, kindness, goodness, I just think of you. Those moments in your life or something. Actually, all so good as I all you can say about it. That's so good at the love of God so good and it leads you to repentance. I find most often will bring people to repentance isn't scaring them into repentance isn't shaming them into repentance is loving them into repentance. A new commandment I give to you love one another as I have loved you. If we exhibit the love that Jesus has for us to the world around us is such an attractive thing when they see the forgiveness and the kindness of God working through our actions, we look at what it means to love more poorly what it means to love like Jesus else at our third and final point that is this love like Jesus changes lives. The beginning of the message I talked about how our society tries so many different things to bring about change and answer the question if we as a church should focus on bringing about social change of that's the role of the church today to focus on marches and boycotts and protests and again worlds trying to change itself, but is not really making a difference. We have an illuminated poverty. We have eliminated murder. We haven't destroyed hunger, disease is still rampant. Wars have not ceased as much as we want to change the world. We can't, Jesus gives us the answer to how we can change the world. In John 1335. He says by this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. It's a big if this is how we change the world. We don't change the world through politics we don't change the world through riots. If we don't change the world through boycotts or protests we don't change the world through environmental change for political change, or systemically changing society around us. We change society by loving each other and when the world sees the love that we have for each other and in turn the love that we have for them. No change you want to change the world a love like Jesus changes lives and changed lives change the world.

The world will know you're my disciples by your love for one another.

You know it shouldn't be surprising to the world but it is when Christians love people realize that not this church, but the church big C at times is more known for its rejection of certain people and its respect for all people. At times we can be known more for our cruelty and our compassion.

At times we can show more harshness than humanity, and Jesus tells us here that the world will know we are believers by our love for others. This this is huge. Your eye vanity as a believer is not found in your love for God, but rather your love for other people. That's what Jesus said. The world will know you're my disciples not by your love for me by your love for each other. That means the world will tell your Christian, not by your what would Jesus do bracelet but by how well you love your neighbor by how well you love the person in front of you or behind you or next to you. If Jesus didn't finish that sentence. How would you fill it in the world will know you're my disciples, if if your theology matches mine if you go to the church that I go to if you teach the Bible. This way if you give this amount of money to these organizations. If you worship in this way or use these gifts know Jesus said you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. The first thing we so often forget is the simplest thing.

If there is one thing that should characterize the church. It is love is the simple bedrock foundational truth upon which the entire gospel holds love. Jesus loved us. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him would not perish but have ever lasting life. It is love. It is the center but so many things get in the way.

Over time, the longer we immerse ourselves in religion, the more prone we become to forgetting what makes it work in the first place.

We become so caught up in events and services and theology and ministry that we forget the why Matthew this plot happened in 2020, and I have a film in 2021 is just the beginning.

And it's important. Without in the world. Matthew this is your attention to what is momentarily important, diminish your passion for what is monumentally important is what is monumentally important is that your neighbor goes to heaven whether they agree with you politically. What is monumentally important is that lives are changed by the power of the gospel for the glory of God, not the society changes through new legislation or bills that are to pass only more inclined to protest and we are to pray only more interested in who's in the White House than he was in here in God's house, only more interested in boycotts than we are in the salvation of our family and friends have we left our first love, Tim Keller says this when the world sees the church doing evangelism making converts it only sees us increasing our numbers and increasing our power. But when it sees us sacrificially serving the needs of our neighbors. Whether they believe or not, then it may see that we are motivated by love, not the desire for power. We must both preach the gospel and serve those who can do nothing for us in return, the way we built this church the way we build this gathering is love, and the future of the church hangs on our willingness to love and that love reflects Jesus.

Why do imagine for a second how hostile the world is to Christianity. Right now, but imagine a world where people were skeptical about what we believed but envious of how well we loved each other if they look at our beliefs and said that seems weird to me. I'm not quite there man the way they love each other the way they care for each other the way they love me even though I don't like them the way they treat me with kindness and compassion. Imagine what would happen if the world so that I can tell you what would happen their lives to be changed because of it. They would see what we have and they would want we have. They would want that relationship and that love that they are missing in their lives a love like this a love like Jesus changes lives. This is what revival looks like if we can get this if we can nail this down this is what revival looks like seeing people excited and passionate about the simple gospel, not fighting and bickering about specific doctrines, seeing Christians more focused on how to make others feel comfortable instead of how to make themselves more comfortable, focusing on our own character our own motives, our own heart and our own application of God's word not one of the people doing the minute we become so comfortable in our pews that we forget about people perish.

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