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Jewish Josh - 8

Common Ground / Bill and Odell
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August 1, 2021 2:00 pm

Jewish Josh - 8

Common Ground / Bill and Odell

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August 1, 2021 2:00 pm

Bill & Odell. 2 totally different guys whose common ground is our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Because this Roy Jones with mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is good Truth Network say I need to say I I now know they know this shows about a black guy like two friends of friends a long time. When a Democrat my Republican and one of things that we wanted to do is just share our experiences of our friendship and finding common ground, and all those issues come against you talk about them. Do not talk about the old days will be something called watercooler and oh by the way folks have to guess which one is black and which one is what is radio but what they don't have the gas is which one love God. Amen both love God.

He made both love Jesus Christ the Lord purchasing God. We just thank you for our diversity. We thank you for your love for us. We thank you for this blessing. All of us.

The father we just lift up this podcast and radio show in hopes it reach people that need to hear common ground. Thank you for my brother Odell and my other brother Joshua McGinty and brought them into my life and I thank you for that glow stronghold and Redeemer of the people Israel. Let me know your trail of blood of Israel the beginning of our redemption again brought have to kill it with your love. But over the shelter of your people prefer that you cut this prayer reflect our hope that Israel lead to the redemption of the Jewish people and ultimately help us all redeem the world from our particular tradition as Jews and ringing together people from other backgrounds to bring their strength and their resources, their spiritual resources and their material resources to transform Israel to transfer the world to make it more in line with the image and the challenges that our creator is given us to protect the world and I'm thankful to have two brothers like Bill Odell on this journey.

You know it's funny will we have a reverence using just the term we give black peaches the right reverie.

No doubt Cleveland. I wanted with the wrong revenue Odell Cleveland we have the Rabbi and we have the pastor Bill so you have a sound like a joke right you have the Rev. a Rabbi in the past and they want to know bar now but hey listen I thought to be interesting to see how we all met and I I know my story with Joshua and you. But I don't know how you met Joshua so what you go first and all at home minus you know Rabbi myself met years ago when he first came here from to be the Rabbi at best David and we started to so good friends and we started meeting at Green Joe's in studying together to tar the Bible, but also just individuals, just people in community leadership because you know leadership means a lot, and once you meet this young man in his heart is just so good that desk you just draw good people draw good people. Amen. You found some common ground there. Joshua unit talk about how you and I met first door we were on a interfaith community mission Israel.

Although we really met before that without doing a class that led up to the mission Israel all about the current political situation in Israel from the shalom Hartman at the two and you and Dori came and I remember you being there, but I didn't. I didn't really know you and a personal level. At that point but then we went on a mission together and I think a mute and I love grew between us based on a number of things. Love Israel love her own religious traditions and other bring us together and also the enjoyment we take in good had a good cigar and a good whiskey so we had a lot of good time together and I think that the seriousness of the mission and the pleasure of those pursuits really have been a real core part of our friendship.

I really felt I bonded with you when we are on Temple Mount walking around you and I talked about it and seen the dome of the rocking and all that we were is all moving but we sat down and can reflected on that and that's when I started really feeling kindred relationship and then you know I frankly the real relationship started when we met your wife Rebecca because my wife and her just bonded as well.

So now our families get to know each other in even invited us over to Shabbat and then go to dinner at your house and we consider that great privilege you nose into staying our Rabbi a lot of times Christians, we don't understand Judaism. We deftly understand the Bible says you know we as Christians we support. We love Israel help help us understand a lot of the differences because I've been to Israel four times hope to go one more time and I didn't know what I didn't know.

In a lot of cases always think of the Jewish people. This is Christian.

Somehow we think of Christianity as a religion.

But what I've learned over the years is Judaism my Jewish person is different so you mind explaining to us the difference and how do you look at it as a Jewish leader yeah I don't know, I wanted one thing I love about my relationship with both of you is the ability to be honest with one another to be not try to convince each other anything were to try to share overcoming from and I gained so much from that of interaction about and I tolerated this program is really really on that line of thinking so yeah the one great big differences between Judaism and Christianity or Islam for that matter, is that where is in Christianity and Islam is really your faith that define who you are right to become a Christian. As a matter of faith this day Christian of the matter. It doesn't get you to become a Christian, culturally Christian right, but you know you talk to people, real believers are really practicing like if you don't believe in Jesus said your Savior than that put you outside and Islam is the same in terms of belief in Allah and Mohammed is his prophet right and for statement of that that gets you to become a bun.

Judaism were more like the people that have the faith that the part of so when my friend likes to say that to be a good Jew you out. You have to believe in one God, or fewer, listening, were if you want to become Jewish right, the number had hit her that he wanted but has to be about zero and that the name Israel is extra great great. I got a great teaching tool because if the name is given to meet the patriarch Jacob, I mentally wrestled with God and it Yisrael with me and struggles with God and we can think of that is really our mission struggle and got the struggle with the concept, and sometimes a moment of perfect faith and sometimes have challenges, but to but always be in relationship with God. On one level or another and conduct a significant component of Judaism, but is not the be-all and all right so to be a Jew means that you're born in the traditional Jewish world that your mother is Jewish, Jewish, forever and ever and it's really hard to get rid of it innately from a Jewish perspective or to convert them right or a convert is not a you know not really love that term is much as's like you're adopting Judaism in the Judaism of the doctor you because it's about the history right you're becoming a part of the Jewish story is about being connected to the land into the tour that their sacred writings and teachings of the rabbis, and about struggling with faith and working with faith in terms of your relationship with your creator God had a distinction I think between Judaism, especially Chrissy and Islam and how it functions all at one time and thank you for that because we don't know.

And a lot of times we don't know still in the blanks ourselves and also what we don't know we not comfortable with the attack know a lot of times as a black just that identity. I'm a good look black guy from South Carolina and minutely need to lose a pound or two just a pound to been working on it but yelled at you thank you thank you what you know is it said I was invited to go to the Hebrew congregation in St. Thomas and preach a sermon.

Martin Luther King and I flew over the Army. My wife and I preached a sermon and then I was asked to do Torah study that Saturday that it was so different. However, when you open yourself up and I don't see the Jewish people was my enemy and the Jewish people see Christianity as the enemy is is a maturity in the fact that we don't have to always agree on everything, because we would never not trying to get you to convert to be a Christian you not try to get me to adopt Judaism that we not try to get Bill to do anything, but I love the fact that common ground we could talk about how difference is that argue about how differences in the point I'm trying to get to is the fact that we go to the holy land. We spent 10 days in Israel and just all the different sites from the baptismal site to Masada to the Dead Sea we could look at the same land and see the richness of Christianity the richness of Judaism.

The recent richness of any and all other religions and be okay with that. We don't have to attack each other will have to fight each other. I don't have to be wrong for you to be right.

You don't have to be right for me to be wrong because I believe that God loves all of us and I don't have to tack you. I can find common ground and I could live peacefully with you and I could love you. I can respect you and we don't have to destroy each other of what we don't agree on is so much opportunity for us to get to know each other.

If I don't, we can agree on that as a as it Jewish rabbi.

One time I remember talking to you and you said someone made a statement you want to just hurt you. Do you mind going that you will walking to you working at McDonald's… Oh. My first job at McDonald's and yes, I was working the counter and someone getting everything with everything that annoys Jewish and they were talking about buying selling something or selling it like a biker car something in it the person they were working with. Try to chew them down and I would like to shock that never really encountered by, before directly him and heard of it but I had never experienced it and I don't think the person who was talking to really knew what they meant or what that could mean I think they were just use the phrase, it probably been used before. You know with them but it definitely made me feel other right.

It made me feel the moment but like an 18-year-old kid maybe feel other like I was. Not good, not worthy or something and I think that's the one.

The challenges we face is being fully in our faith being fully in our tradition and not and not anything that on the tearing down of someone else. You know, I agree. Thank you so much for sharing that because we trying to avoid landmines accidental anti-somatic remarks on anti-Judaism and to your point, you said Odell. It hurt me and I will need to know the person understood what they were saying and going from there, because a lot of times in the community. I grew up in, and I think back some of the terms, that was said and it's like oh my God what you don't know what you know better you do better or gives you an opportunity to do better speaking of the better half year bills that are jumping yeah well it's been great listening to two. That's just for that term. I've actually use that term when I was younger and had no clue other than it meant that someone was a great negotiator while in it. It didn't mean anything derogatory then you reflect on how it was presented. It could. I can see how it was taken away and up so when someone uses a term against you. You know sometimes we get upset and could go go off on him, but the other hand, I think we need to have a dialogue exactly what that means that you give an example don't like wood deer hunt up the grannies. Odell call me when day goes on. Are you TV people put some fuzzy dice weren't the rebel flag and I said oh my gosh, so I called the young man who did it and he had no clue he just won those at a carnival.

He thought they were put put on top of a and and explain to them what it meant and he was he was hurt Saddam to get rid of those.

So I thinks that's where you have the dialogue I'm going to take a left turn here, though, I'd like talk about the day we went visited Odell at his church. Maybe you can give the background on, so I think it was right after there were the mostly marches and protests downtown where the likes of a few agitators came in and acted badly and destroyed property down on Elm Street and and whatnot and I think I just want to go down there and say you don't just walk in the street and buy material binding to frequent the stores that were open and I can't help return to normal.

I called Bill say we think we should go downtown and walk around with what you are like before I can think of is not a drug absolutely and who went downtown and we ended up having buying coffee someplace and I think I went to the bought a couple bottles in front of the place of the thing always to try to although we did. We got screamed at it, why yes and Craig. We round the corner there someplace and you and I are talking in the sky and an old bill or Cadillac start screaming at me and scream at you, too, but I took it is for me and he goes and will take care of all these people and it was very derogatory. Holy cow, thought about what it was exactly deathly anger and gone and God said they wanted to go and it made perfect sense and I like let's go expand the circle and be with her friend the difficult difficult difficult time, and its painful time to begin the more openly and more openly the country begin to discuss and become more aware of how people with different color skin are treated differently at times by police and so Odell was on her mind and the church was online and over and what is interesting.

We drove over there with the Mount Zion unannounced and we show up and I think Odell first thing he thought he was in trouble.

They dance on the rock. He's a what I don't know yet it it was interesting that light. One of the similarities later that in our synagogue whenever we have Sabbath services that we have a big gathering. We have a police officer without front and that is not blind you also have security and it struck me parallel well we have on security.

We started that with the shooting in Charleston my demand church and we just felt that we have arms need arm security and just think at a house of worship at house of God, we have to have arm security back and revisit it to you all came to visit me. It was so important that here we are dealing with the whole aspects of peaceful protests that turned into riots and looting and all this is not always fun and I love the way you phrased it that some people use the opportunity to behave badly and then other people would say the looting in writing and forget the peaceful protesting part about it and I remember when used to came and checked on me. It was so touching and moving so I took a picture and put it on my Facebook pages is that what you do when a rabbi and a pastor comes a check on the black Baptist preacher and it was almost like a joke as anytime you talk about rabbi and pastor people like it was the punch line is this to be some anti-somatic leaven and I said you say thank you my friend just thank you my friends were coming to check on me and that meant a lot to me and I think that common ground. The fact that even in the midst of the confusion of whether it was peaceful protests. What this was looting the weather was all the things going on somewhere.

Some of God's people has to stand up and say we refused to take sides because everything is not aside, a lot of it is common ground you have your rights, you have you left, you have up she had to down but we could find a common ground so you know what let me go check all my friend let me go over to the black part of town. Let me go to the black church, let me go over here and check on my friend Odell, because our friendship is not destroyed. Because what happened the night before when stores got burned when peaceful protests when police are abusing African-American males. Some degree of people disagree on how this they disagree on all this because no right or wrong, but at the same time as a black person who went through it, I understand.

But again, I know that is black folk who commit homicide against other black folk, so I'm not trying to act like is one way is a lot going on out there for the midst of it, God's people has to make sure that we are not divided such where is all black is all white Christian gets all juiced all that kind of stuff and it's hard when you take a stand and say in the midst of it all. I still have friendships. We still have relationships with individuals willing to go back to secure those relationships in the middle of the struggle in the middle of the storm and that meant so much to me. You know it is Josh was.

We walked around at downtown and their people are still boarding up the windows because it was so fresh and just night before. It occurred to me if I was in the shop and so was trying to break in. I would, I would ask the question why you doing this mean you need you need my shoes to miss you so bad. Did you get a break ended to take him and you know that there is a certain element. As you mentioned, because that and those are the ones we need to really sit down and talk to in a non-hostile environment and help them understand that that was not constructive to the cross that cause perfection more problems you know our lineage up here that I love my friend Bill. But listen, Odell, Cleveland, the preacher, if someone tried to break in my house at a certain time of night I sounds bad… Pray for me but my Matt, my 9 mm that do talk. I know I know I know I know I know that is not right turn.

But we are talking morning because I'm not going to stop the person breaking in my house and asked why you break in the house at 2 AM the morning. That night middle millimeter in that clip is not to do to talk and I will pray later I'll just tell me.

I know y'all pray for me.

I know because lately the city until the live as the first sound you hear, not what you doing break in my house.

Now you got here let me stop right now. I agree with you that I do think you have a right to protect your property in your your your house some is breaking an absolutely great, but after you get them to stop that.

That's what I want to sit down trying to talk to if they had known every if they don't have any common ground than you. Jesus did dust off his sandals and move onto the next thing there. Some people just don't come around just got a comment on it. I think that you going to remember that often people are some people look for any you to do whatever they want to be your hockey team won an attempted it could be your member when the Red Sox, they read like that when I one back in 2000 for the world. For the first time all of the near grade that people behave badly and sexy young woman was killed in the be writing by I wanted challenge is no right or that they were almost all white people and the police were much more careful and cautious of people report about it differently and 50 conscious vibrated that I did go downtown for some of the process of the clergy witness and I thought peaceful as all I thought I saw police cooperating in helping handing out water and looking up people's well-being can only take 10 people who got it. I miss Jeff or something worse on their mind to come in and to do take advantage of the situation to do with it what I want that we gotta get them and stop that behavior but there different things we just let things about it is the fact that your leadership in this community mean so much openness because I think that it all starts with leadership and at the same time understanding the threading of the needle when you start talk about race relations and Christianity and Judaism and the fact that all these isms and I think that to be careful. But we have to be bold and our steps because it's quite easy to say you know what happens when a good-looking the right raven Baptist preacher and a rabbi and a past it does sound like a joke from, you know, not a bar you know yet built yet. You know it's just remember you invited me over one time in your front driveway.

We sat around with a Quaker Baptist, Methodist, myself, and we just we just fellowship and then we talked about things the sewer get ready to wrap this up, but I want to say one thing to both of you. I love you both. You mean so much to me, my life and my family. Thank you for your friendship.

Well, Josh, as you have the final rote word but you know everybody's not always in agreement wherein people from different races are different religious and get together and say hey let's try to work together set attack attack each other. Rabbi defined words are III learned a lot and I enjoy so much of our relationship and prayer, which is let us all continue to struggle to be like the children of Jacob, the brothers right of Joseph not before they could on Egypt, but after right when they are unified and when they are working together, not being petty, not competing with one another, but being a family and working together to take care of their father.

That case brought you know it's about take care the world and about worshiping the creator and always be doing it together with stronger. I know my family and myself as an individual, totally enamored. Thanks for listening, my focus CFO accelerating the ability for small and medium businesses. More about Dylan Odell, along with common ground podcast is available on all truth program weather here and medium or small business managing and growing. The bottom line is important. CFO brings the experience and financial act of a Fortune 100 C financial officer to your company at a fraction of the cost internal importing processes for any business transitions or the CFO will help you and your team have a CFO in your company's back pocket. Focus CFO. Learn more focus This is the Truth Network

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