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January 5, 2020 5:00 am


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January 5, 2020 5:00 am

Genesis 42:36, Romans 8:28

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Provokes if you think that that that feeling. Waiting for a feeling to come because the song is gonna bring you the feeling we can. So God you're so faithful to listen that song is going to end this message is going to end that book you're reading is going to end that devotional will come to an end. It's a choice that has to be made that no matter what happens, no Matter What Takes Pl., God has been good and all things to work together for good. It's a choice you did her portion of the upcoming message titled conference by Dr. Crenshaw of Community Church dear Clearview. Our goal is to make Christ visible in the way that we serve others in the way that we worship.

We love to see one of our services here 3485 Oxford Rd. For more information, check out Clearview be for now, listen to this week's message this morning's message. As we embark upon a new year and a new decade is to remind us that God is faithful but is something more than that, here's the gist of the message. How you see your life hast and the future. How you see your life is a direct result of what you believe about the sovereignty of God. You may know that term, or you may not be just to find it for you very quickly. Sovereignty of God basically means he is in charge, no matter what you're going through and about what's happening right now.

No matter what's waiting for you ahead.

Ultimately God the living true triune God is in charge and my challenge for you this morning as we go to this message is that the right view of the sovereignty of God will give you the right perspective on your past, you can go through life and say they ruined my life. You don't know what I've been through the humming times that people come tell me if you only knew what I been through. If you only knew and I want to minimize what people have gone through, but the right view of the sovereignty of God will give you the right perspective on your past will listen give you the confidence to face whatever lies ahead and win and win and that's the title for message confidence. If you have your Bibles with you two passages me to read. As we start the first one is in the first book of the Bible which is Genesis chapter 42 in verse 36 and the second one is Romans chapter 8 and verses 28 let's go to Genesis 42 first and let's all stand once again for the reading of God's word. Genesis chapter 42 in verse 4636 and Jacob their father.

We will try to focus on all this in a few moments and understand who he is talking to and whose Jacob. If you don't already know, and Jacob, their father said to them, you have believed me. Joseph is no more. Simeon is no more and you want to take Benjamin all these things are against me. I jump over to Romans 828 and if you grew up in church, you know, this passage probably by heart.

But let's say together's on the screen and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose. What a great difference between Jacob and Paul this morning.

The question for you is are you like Jacob who moaned all these things are against me or are you like Paul who proclaimed all things work together for good to those who love God, do you love God, right where you are there. We prayed to receive Christ.

You bow your heads and pray, simple prayer. This is Jesus I need you to come into my life. I need you to forgive me of my sins. I don't even understand what all that means, but I know this much I need to be saved. I want you to take over my life and help me to live for you from this day on the first passage we just read from Genesis chapter 42 to me is one of the most depressing and disturbing statements in the Bible.

Listen again to that verse and Jacob. Their father said to them, you have bereaved me that Hebrew word behind bereaved is the worshipful which actually means you have left me child lists in the context. In some ways Jacob is saying you have left me childless. The context actually begins in Genesis chapter 42 in verse one there was a famine in the land, even in the land where Jacob and his sons were living only place to find grain was in Egypt. Somehow they had plenty of grain, so Jacob told his sons to go to Egypt and get some grain. No problem.

When Jacob sons come home. There is a problem.

One of his sons is not with them. Simeon what happened to Simeon. He had been held hostage by the ruler of Egypt didn't know at the time this was none other than Joseph that his youngest son, but at the time they were thinking. Why would he do something like this. To make matters worse, when they open their sacks of grain. The pouches of money that they had taken with them to pay for the grain were still in their so all this is happening before Jacob as he hears that Simeon is not coming home. Benjamin has to be taken and then Joseph already is missing. Apparently he was killed by some wild animal in his anguish he cries out. You have made me childless. I think about it for a moment. 10 of his sons are standing before him.

It was happening here in his anguish and his pain. He is exaggerating.

You ruined my life ever said that to somebody ruined your life. He ruin her life. She ruined his life have ruined our lives ruined your life like a much better dust and ashes. I'm standing here telling you have done that. They ruined me. His roommate, she is roommate that is just not the case. Of course it is bad what's happened to you, but we tend to exaggerate in our moments of anguish. Nonetheless, all this was understandable.

Jacob having a bad day you have left me childless. He's talking to 10 of his sons, but then he says something that seems like wait a minute. Are we still talking about this issue. What is he say go back to verse 36 Genesis chapter 42. What is that was the last line. All these things is not just talk about what's happening right then. Joseph is missing Simeon is not there. Benjamin has to be taken now he's talk about something different is almost like a volcano is brewing under the surface there is mad mind there is volcanic ash and gases and then next thing you know just erupts anybody here ever erupted as happened to me before people come talk about this the next thing you know they are just a whole different plan.

I'm going whoa something else is happening in your life was happening in Jacob's life. Well, very honest. He had some reasons to say what he said pointed out over here. Here's Jacob. What is happened in Jacob's life that all these things well to start with. At a young life.

You know he was the second born, but the firstborn Esau.

He had the birthright, but he despised his birthright in care about when time came for the blessing you know is you blessing to go along with the birthright. It doesn't happen today. I mean, during the birthright or blessing that go along but back in those days that was a big deal so you're the firstborn await you sold it okay and he is the firstborn, but for the firstborn privileges to work you need the blessing to go with it when time came for the blessing Isaac daddy Isaac decided to bless Esau. Esau didn't care about his birthright. He and Wanda blessing, but at this moment all Isaac cared about was food.

He had no spiritual maturity at the moment son go out there, kill something will get to bring it to me so I can bless you Rebecca listen we often what we say is Rebecca Jacob.

They conspired whole. What a horrible thing just the opposite. Rebecca was trying to save the day she was trying to make sure that Isaac in his gluttony will not bless the wrong son and she is saying, son, would you please go Jacob go in and kill one of those lambs bring it to me. I would cook it, because you need to get the blessing Esau doesn't care for you need to get the blessing and it's yours. You bought it and you desire. He despises it was the result of course Isaac blesses Jacob but not Esau is angry with him and says my dad's gonna die soon when he dies I want to kill you know if you would say this way, dysfunctional family. No spiritual maturity. His brother wants to kill him. And so that's your dysfunctional family. But it doesn't end there. He goes to his uncles house. Rebecca's brother Laban. The Laban has two daughters Leah and Rachel. Jacob falls in love with Rachel and Laban says not a problem work for me seven years and you can have Rachel you work for her for him seven years in the wedding night man what a great night.

What's up in the morning wrong sister that would spoil your day wanted to know you get married and wake up the next day honeymoon whoa whatever word you come from and what makes in my head is that's that's his loves sister, not some random person. What a horrible thing. Imagine being cheated by family alright so there you have the start. Now he has to work seven more years. 14 years later, he's finally married, but he is and have just two wives. He also have's to concubines for wives. One wasn't enough for wives, what's next, will daddy in law. He is not done yet. He begins to cheat Jacob can imagine the boat yard, but both your daughters are married to this man and you turn cheated. Let's fast-forward this Jacob's sons are beginning to grow up altogether, 12, and then 10 of them decide to kill all the men of a town called Shechem because those men disrespected their sister talk about rebellious kids, rebellious kids that enough to keep you awake at night. The kids are not behaving. I love the weight.

Jacob says it over here in Genesis chapter 34 in verse 30. He says after that he found out they had killed all these men in this town. He said you have made have troubled me by making me obnoxious ever said that your kids you embarrassed me today. None of the other. I sit all the time and then Rachel remember, Rachel is the one he really loved. She died. Rachel died in childbirth giving birth to Benjamin Jacob's last son. So he's got for wives. But now the one he really wanted to marry dies but is not over yet. The worst is about to come. When Jacob sends his son Joseph to take food to his sons who were out with the pasture with the flocks in the pasture somewhere far away and so Joseph goes over there and I want to come back to that in a few moments, but the brothers hate Joseph and they first thrown in a pit and then take them out in and sell him and I love the way these guys informed dad this at all. We found this. Do you know whether this is your son's tunic or not. And of course I believe deep down inside. Jacob knew that his sons were lying and it in for him at that point he's thinking my sons just killed their brother so Joseph is murdered and he exploded all these things are against me. Have you ever felt like that maybe knew my family there messed up if you knew what my loved ones did to me if you knew my my father did to me if you knew what my brother, my sister did to me you don't know what my kids have done. You don't know what happened people have died in my life.

You see, this is the reason why he said what he said yes. Jacob had every reason to say what he said but he knew better. He knew better than to say what he said.

You see, God had given him plenty of assurance that he was with him, guiding him, protecting him and had great plans for him, but at the moment. Jacob Carraway and his anguish.

Probably some of you have done that specially for an older person. Please listen very carefully to meet some people with age to become so sweet and so Christlike. Unfortunately have also met people with age to become sour and bitter and hateful and they justify it, and if you're that one listen. The Holy Spirit is speaking to you this morning. You need to repent. Jacob at every reason not to say that what because time and time again, God had come to Jacob for example, when Jacob was fleeing from his brother member back here. We talked about running for his life and he came to a place which later became Bethel.

He had a vision from God even remember the dream.

The latter was set from Earth into heaven and angels of God were ascending and descending on that ladder and God spoke to Jacob in that dream is a Jacob I am the God of Abraham, I am the God of of Isaac, and I will take care of you. I will be with you and your descendents Jacob will go to the East, West, North and South.

It will expand. It will grow and I will bring you back to this place. Do not be afraid. What a great promise, and Jacob wakes up the next morning and says wow this is Bethel. This is the house of Elohim. This is the gate to the heavens any bills and alter their cause at Bethel. That's not the only vision that Jacob had went Laban.

Daddy in law/uncle was cheating him, God came to him in a dream and warned him hey listen here. You're getting cheated here it's time for you to go back home. That's not when Jacob began to go back home.

Guess who was waiting at home brother Esau rent what Esau said the last words when you come back home boy want to kill you and Jacob is now terrified he's got for wives, 12 kids headed back home and there is Esau, the man of the field. The man who knows how to hunt.

He knows how to live off the land is over for me. So guess what Jacob is strategizing.

If I strategize here to see what we can do. We can do this this and this doesn't, we never even pray as he is on the other side of the river, jabbing what happens to him. Some guy shows up and starts wrestling with him. I will be like big dude now was not the time and all night long.

He wrestles with Jacob until Jacob says hey listen I will not let you go until you bless me and what is a man do what is a pre-incarnate Jesus do, he touches him and throws his hip out of socket. God did this with Jacob, but is not over after his sons did what they did killing the people of Shechem. The Bible tells is the terror of God was upon the cities that were all around them and they did not pursue them, the tribes, the people groups when they saw Jacob's caravan coming this and we can attack him.

Something about, don't touch all we know what his sons did recant.

This is the same man who is claiming all these things are against me when I listen to Genesis 35 verse 10 because in that same time, God came to him again and listen to what he said to him in this vision, your name is Jacob. Your name shall not be called Jacob anymore, but Israel my keep in mind, his name had already been changed. And when he had the wrestling match name had been changed but he is still operating like a Jacob. Your name shall be Israel, I am God Almighty, be fruitful and multiply a nation and a company of nations shall proceed from you, and kings shall come forth from your body. God says that you do you still have the right to say all these things are against me. We can look at life just one way that family bad held bad job at finances bad situations or we can see things from God perspective which is repeatedly God has been faithful God has been faithful to you and when you are the lowest go back and think about those times how God spoke to you through a sermon through a song through a godly person in your life at the moment he's forgotten all that all these things are against me, and unfortunately, guess who heard all that was he saying that to his sons. You see, Jacob had every reason to say that but no, he did not have every reason because God had given him plenty of reasons listen to verse 12 the land which I gave Abraham and Isaac. I give to you Jacob and to your descendents after you give this land, God's promises were plenty.

You see, Jacob should've said with Paul all things work together for my good. For every negative example, God gives us a positive one for the next four minutes but who's counting the next four minutes I was to go to. Another example is found just a few chapters later in Genesis chapter 50 in verse 20 you Bibles Genesis chapter 50 last chapter of the first book in verse 20 we find a very different declaration, but as for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good. In order to bring it about as it is this day to save many people alive question who said those words, Joseph question, who is Joseph J The Same One He Thought Was Murdered but Wasn't. Father Says All These Things Are against Me, Son Says You Meant It for Evil but God Meant It for Good. Now What Have Alive the Joseph Have Very Quickly Well Heated and Have an Easy Life to Start with His Mother Died Giving Birth to His Brother. So That's Where the Same Same People. That's Not It. Joseph Began to Get Visions One of the Visions Was about the Sheaves in the Field and 11 of Them Were Bowing to His Sheath with the Bible Says His Brothers Could Not Speak Peaceably to Him, Always Hateful, so We Have Sibling Issues and If Y'all Have Sibling Issues Joseph Have Sibling Issues and Then You Know Jacob Sent Joseph to Take Food to His Brothers and His Brothers Use That As an Opportunity to Attack Him Three Minutes Head Took Him out and Then Sold Him into Slavery. Have Any of Y'all Ever Been Sold into Slavery by Your Siblings.

I Didn't Think so Now He's in Egypt All Right on the Auction Block, and a Man by the Name of Potter for a Brief Influential Man in Pharaoh's Court Buys Him Takes Him Home. Joseph Has a Strong Work Ethic.

He's in a Man of Integrity and before You Know It. Joseph Is in Charge of Everything in Potiphar's House. Wow, How Amazing Potiphar's Wife Begins to Look at Joseph with Longing Eyes. She Is Lustful and and and Joseph Says Listen Your Husband Is My Boss. He Has Nothing from Me except You.

I Cannot Sin against God and against Him.

Please Don't Do This.

What You Do. She Accuses Him of Can Imagine That Being Accused of Being a Rapist Is One Thing to Say He Stole Money or He Stole the Expensive Ring or Jewelry Know He Is a Sex He's a Predator While Is Great and He Is Thrown into Prison and As He Is Sitting in Prison.

There Is a Chief Baker. There Is a Cheap Butler Working Working for Pharaoh. For Some Reason They Are in Prison.

They Have Dreams Joseph Because God Is with Him Is Able to Interpret Their Dreams and the Baker Is Taken up and Hanged, but the Butler on the Other Hand, His Dream Puts Him Back in the Same Position He Had before. But As He Is Leaving the Prison. Listen to What Jacob Says a Joseph Says Name Is and Remember Me, Remember Me When It Is Well with You and Please Show Kindness to Me Make Mention of Me to Pharaoh and Get Me Out Of This House. The Butler Remember Ever Been Forgotten.

Ever Done Favors for People and They Forgot You, Joseph, Was Forgotten and Then to God's Providential Hand, He Is Taken Out Of the Prison, You Know the Rest of the Story. He Interprets Pharaoh's Dream, and He Becomes the Second in Command in Egypt in Charge of Everything. Pharaoh Says That This Man God Is with Him. Whatever He Says Goes. And Guess Who Walks in in Front of Him.

Those Brothers, What Would You Have Done. I Belie Guys, This Is Not Going to Be Quick As Can Be Long and Painful. Joseph Doesn't Do That. What Is He Do He Plays a Game with Them. You Know What He's Doing Is Bringing Them to a Point of Repentance.

The Same Thing God Does with Us. Sometimes He Breaks Us down Doesn't. And Joseph Does All That with over the Whole Thing of Simeon Stays Here.

Go Get Benjamin. He Is Breaking Them down so He Could Reconcile with Them.

Long Story Short He Does Reconciled with Them, and Jacob Does Get to Go and See Joseph Again. The Whole Family Is Reconciled and God Is Blessing Them until Jacob Dies and They Come before Joseph Begging Him and That's When Joseph Says What He Says Listen Again to Verse 20 Genesis 50 but As for You, You Meant Evil Which Means This He Did Not Excuse Their Bad Behavior. You Do Not Have To Excuse the Bad Behavior People People Have Abused You Heart You Is Wrong with That. It Knows All He Did and It's Okay.

I Wasn't That Bad. Note, Call Sin, Sin, God Does Not.

He Did Not Blame Them for Everything.

Why, Because He Knew That God Was Behind-The-Scenes Working.

Something Greater.

My Question to You This Morning Is Are You More like Jacob.

All These Things Are against Me or Are You like Joseph yet What You Did Was Wrong, but God That We Have an Amazing Worship Group Here. John Does a Great Job Visiting Superb Job Helping Clap Clap. Oh We Have Amazing Team of Folks.

If You Think That That That Feeling to Waiting for a Feeling to Come Because a Song Is Gonna Bring You That Feeling We Can Sell God You're so Faithful to Listen That Song Is Going to End This Message Is Going to End That Book You're Reading Is Going to End That Devotional Will Come to an End. It's a Choice That Has To Be Made That No Matter What Happens, No Matter What Takes Pl., God has been good and all things to work together for good. It's a choice feelings don't matter if feelings come greater feelings don't it's fine that's why people do some silly things some horrible things in the midst of trials because were going through this. I just felt like doing. If I feel like were falling out of love. I feel like this, I feel like God is forgotten. That's what Jacob was doing. I feel what is your decision. You may be going through a great time right now is maybe pretty rough is a decision God, your record is hundred percent.

And whatever happens here you're not at fault.

In fact you use even this in my favor where you stand this morning. The sovereignty of God is not a threat to some short but you have to choose thank you so much for listen to this week's message. Do you have confidence in God. Do you trust that all things are going to work together for good. For more information and for the sums notes check out Dr. Shaw's blog that I would on for ways to get involved here. Clearview check out our 1 Great Way to get involved is coming up on February 9 at 6 PM we start our first installment of our six week long course called Greek for everyone, led by Dr. Robin on Shaw and Dr. David Alan Black this course is meant to teach you the original language of the New Testament.

This class open to everyone to sign up and for more information contact us in the church office at 252-438-8433 Cedar

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