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January 12, 2020 5:00 am


Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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January 12, 2020 5:00 am

Isaiah 2:1-4

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Why America is blessed.

No hours are different from your your biblical foundation, but the West is not your there is a European West and there is an American West and this big difference folks know why were different is because when it comes to the world's needs. We don't have to get involved in every skirmish that happens. But we do have to step up and do something when we hear innocent people suffering. That's the reason why God blesses these United States head when you hear someone say let's not get involved is not our fight.

I think to myself, you're about to cut off God's blessing you deserve portion of the upcoming sermon titled unrest.

Dr. Robert on Shaw here.

Clearly, church here Clearview. Our goal was to make Christ visible in every aspect of our lives. We love to see one of our services here at 3485 Oxford Rd., Henderson, NC, and for more information and ways to get plugged in. Check out our for now, let's listen to this week's sermon this morning to get people to get biblical and historical perspective on the incident.

Specially what's been happening in the past week or so. But here's the gist of the message not going give you this and I hope this will stay with you for visiting with us. Typically I preach expository messages take a passage dissected theologically, biblically and preach and apply it.

But this message is different, but here's the gist. Hopefully this will stick with you throughout this message and beyond and is this until the hearts of men and women Boys and Girls Club are radically changed by Jesus Christ. There will be no lasting genuine peace. You have your Bibles with you, turn to Isaiah chapter 2 starting in verse two and we got a book and this message with another reference from Isaiah chapter 2 Isaiah chapter 9 but for now let's all stand together.

Isaiah chapter 2 starting in verse two. Now it shall come to pass in the latter days the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow to it.

Many people shall come and say come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, and we shall walk in his pants for out of Zion shall go forth the law, verse three and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. He shall judge between the nations, and rebuke many people they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

Neither shall they learn war anymore. The only way peace can be made is when we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Why give the salvation message every time give the gospel each time because there people sitting here this morning who are lost. You never given your heart to Christ to listen you are at war with God. Heavens armies are against you, you can laugh it off. One day the judgment is coming you what I've worked the judgment would you pray with me right now. Would you bow your heads right where you are. Simple prayer. This is Jesus I need you to come into my life. I don't understand what it means that you are the son of God.

I don't understand everything about what you came to do but to the best of my ability as the Holy Spirit is helping me.

I believe I believe that you died were buried, and rose again and I need you to be my Savior.

From this day on, I will follow you as my Now when I preach a message like this, which is going to be different.

We got deal with politics in situations like that are always people in the audience who will say something like this. Hey, you know, I believe that church and politics. We gotta keep them separate to people like that. I tell them hey listen you're nave, you are nave. If church doesn't influence politics. Make no mistake, politics will always influence the church as of this morning. This messages in line with that last Friday, January 3, 2020. I got a news alert on my phone which I'm sure many of you got us well that a US drone strike in Baghdad had killed Kasim silly money, but I was surprised to hear some of the reactions. The reactions were why did we do something like this. And of course news media began showing pictures of the mass gatherings all over Iran mourning the death of this superhero this person who meant a lot to a lot of people in this cause more fear I may look at it hundreds of thousands of people in different towns and cities all coming out in the streets in their angry and they want revenge and politicians began to voice their concerns. Something needs to be done. This is not right.

What's going on in America is making some really bad choices are either people were not watching the news until January 3, 2020 or they were purposely misleading the people what one thing I've come to realize I grew up overseas. If you can tell Maxson betrays me as well.

Americans are the least politically educated people was going on.

This was not some random act that happened I don't know where we just decided take out a Maj. Gen. is happening. Let's look at it very quickly.

On June 13 two oil tankers one was Japanese one was Norwegian wars were attacked by Iran near the straight of Hormuz, if you look at the map that little icon. The location icon gives you some kind of an idea where this was happening if you notice that this was the place where this happened, but that's not it. On June 20, 2019 were talking about an American drone was shot down by Iran in the very same area neutral zone, but it was shot down on July 19, a British oil tanker was captured by the Iranian Navy in the same area on August 21 in American drone was shot down in Yemen by the who teach now if you know something about politics and current events who tease our Yemenis. Rebels who are supported by Iran and they shot down this American drone on August 21, 2019 on September 14 two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were targeted by drone and cruise missiles from Iran. If you notice those two circles were the places where these oil facilities were on our but let's jump over.

December 27 of December 27, the US Iraqi base near Kirkuk was hit by missiles killing a US defense contractor and wounding three Americans soldiers and two Iraqi officers or police officers.

This is December 27.

On December 27, the, the US fired back and killed some of the fighters who are known as Hezbollah.

How many of your heard that name in the news more hands are going up Hezbollah again that is supported by Iran has been for quite some time. Very active in Lebanon, always trying to create and wreak havoc in Israel is not over on December 31. These pictures began showing up on your Facebook feed news channels. Everywhere you began to see this and what is this this is Hezbollah storming the end trends of the US Embassy in Baghdad, Libyan style storm. It and they shouted death to America, said the reception area on fire. This is what was happening prior to January 3, 2020.

The man behind all this was Kasim silly mommy who was a Maj. Gen. in the IRG C which is the Islamic Revolutionary guard corpse, and out of that does this big force. There's a special unit known as the other codes or codes and their job is extraterritorial operations means outside of Iran. Their job is to make sure everybody is stable, fussing and fighting in skirmishes happening and under the table. They are there funding and supporting and creating wars.

This is the codes under IRG sees Kasim silly mommy was the head of this organization. He was known for being on the grounds working with his people or whoever he was working with at the time how many of y'all know where he was taken out in his hometown and it ran and that he is in Baghdad with those who may not know is in Iraq is a reason this gives you some kind of a context as to why this really happened, why did the US take out this Maj. Gen. means things were happening. It wasn't random but it still leaves us wondering what's all this really necessary to answer this we have to go much further back than just June 13, 2019, we have to go as far back as 2010.

Now I can go even further back but for time sake. I believe this is the best place to begin what happened in 20 2012 lot was happening specially towards the Middle East people the average people were getting sick and tired of authoritarian regimes in Tunisia is the place where something happened which we now know as the Arab spring and you know what happened in Egypt, the government hobbled that never anybody could have imagined how could just a bunch of young people on social media do something so radical about the young people didn't realize is another group was watching that also didn't understand all this, but they said this is our opportunity.

Boys and they were the Muslim brotherhood then began to change things starting with the number one which is what. Let's beat up on Christians let's beat up on Christians let's burn their churches and Christians were attacked while they were worshiping in charge. Bullets came through while they are passing in buses, bullets were fired towards them and this was happening in Libya and other places and sadly about this time, America should have intervened okay initially we didn't because were thinking okay there is a natural homegrown movement for change in revolution is happening. People are standing up for their democratic rights. When the saw. This is all going down the tube we should've done something and we didn't we watch Muslim brotherhood take over and do some terrible damage. Egypt was so hurt because we were an ally. Many of us don't realize these things. What happens next.

The Egyptian people themselves or take back control is a man by the name of CC who is the current president of Egypt right people overthrew the Muslim brotherhood.

He himself is a Muslim and yet he overthrew these extremists and said that said were done and they took back control, and finally by the way, Egypt is in a much better place today strongest stable and back to being allies as they were before country after country had to fight country which became the gaping wound, as some have called it of the Arab spring was Syria and Syria. The protesters came out in the streets they were going to oppose a solid thing happened. About this time that I need to go ahead and put that on the board.

This is happening 2011 US forces withdrew from Iraq. That was the big deal right. We have to get our boys are men, women out of their why would you want to be in such a place we've done the best we could. It was a wrong or right. Or who knows what we gotta get out. Let's get out. Let's get out. I want to remember that this very important.

All this is happening at the same time. And so now Iraq is is Dara trying to continue but they are weak and they have been trained by our soldiers right they have been given Western a technology even talk about ammunition guns antiaircraft. Everything has been given by us. We have trained them. But now we left them in 2011 because they need to take it on from here. We don't need to be on the ground any longer.

So this is happening in Iraq is very weak and vulnerable, barely able to stand Arab spring is happening. Syria is kicking out Islamic extremists. Egypt has done the same. North Africa is doing the same. Guess where they're going. What is the best spot in the world for them. Iraq let's go to Iraq is the weakest place a small offshoot of this big movement began to grow in 2014 and it was called Islamic state. Later on, it took on the name Isys government that is it.

Isys is I still isn't what we what we call this thing. Well this is that group. Unfortunately, administration at the time did not understand what they were dealing with. In fact, was referred to as a JV team, I would say they probably stand corrected.

Isys was not a JV team. It was not even a varsity team. It was not a state team is probably the dream team of all times. Isys's goal is our goal for these people want what they want to replace all previous groups with a caliphate. You heard the word caliphate more hands going up some hands or a superstate they wanted to remove all the borders between Iraq and Syria.

November those days. Why can we defeat this little group of people who who is taking one city after another.

How is that happening. We trained where they getting the weapons from this were used to seeing people fighting from caves, but these are well trained well on machines when those are machines. Those are our guns.

Those are trained by our commandos and their moving from city to city, taking everything in their side. Another city has felt another town has fallen to Isys another region now is under the control of Isys. It doesn't make any sense. How in the world is this happening in Isys began to do some unprecedented it began to cleanse the areas under its rule of all minorities. Does that sound familiar, and to murder people of 1500 Iraqi Shiites working.

Remember, Isys is certainly and there are Shiites in Iraq. They're killing them 670 Shiite prisoners are killed in cold blood. And then they went after the Christians, of course, old churches in in Iraq and even Syria because part of Syria was also under Isys and control they are burned. I mean these churches. I love history go back to 16 and 1700 years. It went after peoples like that he is Edie's and began to kill them and turn their women into sex slaves. Kurds did the same thing to them even though they are more Sunday yet Isys had no time for them because they were unwilling to join in their agenda. So now you have to be dealt with as well and so they went after the Kurds as well and I don't have time again to list all the killings listen. Mass graves are still being discovered all over Iraq and Syria believe it's not just a few hundred I believe is tens of thousands. It may come out one day hundreds of thousands of people have been killed by this group.

This is what's happening. Did you know that in 2014 when all this began.

There were as many as 45,000 Isys connected accounts on Facebook.

There were used to draw young people from England and Germany and France and Netherlands Africa, Asia, South America, and even the US this is happening now. Again, my time is just rushing away. So in 2014. We have already left the region's very weak when we realize something wasn't going right into thousand 14 US got involved again hit by the way European nations will only stay in the fight as long as US is leading and so when US got back into the fight with a keep a small footprint on the ground on small footprint while slowly Isys was now fighting back, but they were not losing until 2016 when we declare all out against Isys were coming after you.

And when that happened in 2017 2017. Finally, Isys was defeated in Syria. Finally in 2017 and in 2019 in October we finally heard that bug Dottie who is the ruler or this this mastermind behind this was killed in October 2019. Finally we heard that Isys was defeated, but please listen very carefully.

Isys may be defeated, but Isys is not eradicated where these people go, they melted into the refugee camps. The melted into the IDP's, IDP's are the internally displaced persons group.

The melted into these organizations.

Please misunderstand me. Sometimes I hear even Christians say that all anybody refugee camp is a extremist Muslim who is building a terror cell. When we say that not only would you be sound nave.

We also sound heartless stop saying stuff like that.

There are people in refugee camps were really hurting. There really struggling. They had nothing to do with any of this and they are at the mercy of whatever but at the same time there are many in these refugee camps who are Isys and Euro found out the hard way when the took them in because they were going okay were here to help you next thing you know they're taking out knives and ego element refugee is not supposed to do that. Why is this happening because as we are helping people rebuild their lives. We also have to now, be aware that the old elements are not going that this melted into these camps. The job is hard and is going to require a lot of discernment encourage behalf to be compassionate at the same time we have to be discerning something else had happened only fellow heard of the Durand nuclear deal anybody here heard that is heard lately I have time to get into all the details. The meals are you you haven't heard anything.

According to this deal. You know it was meant to block Iran's nuclear ambitions really didn't it just delayed it. If it did with absolutely no consequences will give you a lot of money. Just don't do anything more and see if he can review some stuff.

How to make sure you do that well. We just can't take it work for you, give you a lot of money, a lot of money, even money for weapons that you did not receive from you know four decades ago we got a give you that money back with interest volumes. What does that do for a regime that desires to conquer the area. Not only does it give them money and weapons. Of course it does. But it also bolsters their presence to feel like we have a right to be here, but now the big question is, solving the next two minutes while we get involved can be hard to stay out of all this junk can we not just stamp. Why does the US always has to get involved in other people's wars. If you believe that, please listen very carefully. If you don't stop them.

There get ready to fight them here if you don't find them on the sand dunes. There you will find them in the streets. City streets here is all about us.that's not possible. Okay where do I start September 11.

The sore allegiance to Al Qaeda await Capitol Hill massacre, the Fort Hood shootings Boston Marathon the shooting in San Bernard Bernadino. Where do we stop and guess what, they would always say we have sworn allegiance to Isys poster thing is not that this group wants to build themselves a superstate and stayed there and flourish and grow. No, the next agenda is willing to destroy you, but the second reason why we cannot just stay out of it which is very important understand and I'll close with this, to whom much is given much is required.

It why America is blessed you know I were so different from Europe. Europe had biblical foundation, but the West is not Europe. There is a European West and there is an American West and this big difference folks, you know, why were different is because when it comes to the world's needs.

We don't have to get involved in every skirmish that happens. But we do have to step up and do something when we hear innocent people suffering the reason why God blesses these United States.

And when you hear someone say let's not get involved is not our fight. I think to myself, you're about to cut off God's blessing God has handled us in spite of all the junk that is happened against us is because we always stood up and fight for those who are hurting final reference I told you was Isaiah 9 verse six for unto us a child is born in the beautiful to solve the problem of this world. God did not send in a send my legions of souls of angels, God did not send a send a king on a white horse child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be upon his shoulder and his name will be called wonderful, which means he is God is the name of God.

Counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, and most importantly, what Prince of peace of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end repeat what I said in the beginning until men and women Boys and Girls Club to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. There will be no ultimate genuine peace. Thank you so much for listening to this week's message in today's age.

With so much misinformation it's important to know the truth and stand for more information, check out Dr. Shaw's blog that I would on for ways to get plugged in here Clearview checkup Clearview be done orgy 1 Awesome Way to get plugged in is called Greek for everyone coming up on February 9 at 6 PM. This is gonna be a six week long course to teach you how to read the New Testament Greek, led by Dr. David Alan Black and Dr. Avedon shop. This six week course will give you the tools to go even deeper into God's word. For more information on how to sign up.

You can contact us in the church office at 252-438-8433 thank you so much and hope to see you here February 9 at 6 PM

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