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Sleeping Through the Storm

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah
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January 8, 2017 5:00 am

Sleeping Through the Storm

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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January 8, 2017 5:00 am

Mark 4:35-38

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Welcome to the radio ministry at Cleveland church in Henderson. Margo is to make Christ visible Clearview is a place of genuine worship with ministries for all age groups and all people. For more information, visit us at 3485 Oxford Rd. in Henderson or visit us online at Clearview B. now join us for this week's message by Pastor items, all of you to our online service. But if you know that we are in our series on the life of Christ from all four Gospels. The series for a few years people asked me always going to be forward done. I love you okay the way were going looking at everything that Christ did and spoke and what that means to us and so is the view lawsuit this morning were coming to very familiar passage where Jesus calms the storm on the Sea of Galilee.

The message is title sleeping through the store of this passage. As I mentioned to you a few minutes ago you listening and watching it as it's being read all the Sea of Galilee is amazing. You will hopefully you will feel as if you are, you were there 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ. Let's turn our attention to screen on Verse 3570 when we sent to them. This crossover the other side knowing they had left the multitude that took a long and above, as he was hello little balls were also storm and the waves go so that it was already but he was in the summer said teacher not care that we are. You will and review the land and sent to the sea. Please state in the linseed and there was a great run. He said to them, why are you so how is it that you have no faith in the system.

Another canvas that even the wind. See will and we are on the Sea of Galilee.

Not stormy afternoon this picture that you can just imagine what life home and for the disciples to be scared, Jesus is the standard you know winter storm struck us over this weekend and yesterday morning. It was 730 or so we were waking up by five in the morning but you know you're tired of when this nice and comfortable in your cold. You want to go out there and so we were waking up and then he heard this sound and I knew exactly hostile.

Nicole Street just fell on the house we ran to the bathroom and the little dot of short of a big pine tree. The diamond was probably is probably about as big as a truck tire fell on our house. We quickly got dressed ran outside and looked at it and doesn't benefit the attic to figure out praise God.

Nothing came through but behold tell you repeatedly. I was telling her we need this. We did not need this how you feel have said that your life as you going through something or something happens you said we didn't need this, we did not really need this in the message with a look at it when storm that came upon the sea of Galilee by Jesus and his disciples were sitting across the lettuce more so puzzling is that Jesus was the one who told his disciples, let us go cross. I guess the question that comes to my mind is your Jesus was God, is God they did not know about the storm. Why would he allow this.

Nothing we heard in the Scriptures, that he fell asleep with Jesus so overtaken by his humanity that he could not stay awake or was he so callous that he did not care that the disciples were dying this morning were going to answer these questions and this is not just a deep message or interesting.

This has some very powerful applications for the storm's vehicle before we do that we ask this morning.

Are you going through a difficult in your life doesn't seem like this one will drown you. Do you wonder in your heart that God knows it all and God knows what's coming in the future. He is all-powerful, why does he do anything about the store. What is he helping me ask you this morning is Jesus in the boat of your life busy with as you going to the store. Have you ever accepted Christ as your Savior.

Three things literacy in this passage. The first thing is this God never abandons us specially in the store this in verse 35 on the same day when evening had come. You said to them, let us cross over to the other side. Now why did Jesus want to go over to get us out out if you read the context of that passage in Mark chapter 2, three, and for what you will see is that they were getting run over by the multitude. People were coming from all over the place to find Jesus. In fact, at one time it was so bad that Jesus told the disciples had a small boat ready so I can get in it because people were crushing and the Bible also tells us that didn't even have time to eat, you can just imagine how stressful that may have been with Jesus so he tells them let's go over your Jesus wanted to get away from the stress he could've done on your to do was snap his snacks finger even just teleporting himself away from the crowd. But Jesus needed that his disciples needed a break as well. So the bullet was not for him. It was for them so they he tells them let us go over to Gaza. It is time to get away now, don't misunderstand, this was not just physical or mental stress that Jesus and the disciples were going. It was also spiritual stress you were to Marjorie work on the cloth or burn the candle at both as you get physically exhausted.

What you need is a break you that you need to get away for you to go out and spend time with your loved ones spiritual stress is different Jesus and the disciples were ministering 24 seven. They were healing.

They were preaching they were doing things constantly and so you can imagine. Spiritually they were born out. So what happens here.

Jesus knows it is time to help them get away spiritually be nourished.

Now listen to verse 36 now when they had left the multitude they took him along in the boat as he was other little boats were also with him so good. Jesus was not the setting that all or on some adventurous retreat to learn about God. He was going with that.

In fact, Jesus told them, be strong ego. It was a reminder from Deuteronomy chapter 31 says when God says be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them for the Lord your God, he is the one who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. So the same way Jesus did not leave nor forsake his disciples he went with them to me ask you this morning. Do you realize that when you go through storms in your life that God never abandons you that God never forsakes you. In fact, he allows the storms in your life for a reason. Jesus knew that his disciples needed to get away and he allowed this, but even abandoned. He was there the whole time.

Did you know that God is with you when you're going through a storm in your life.

In fact, the last words of Jesus spoke to his disciples in Matthew 28, 20, was that I am with you always, even to the end of the age to use much. My encouragement to you, whatever you facing in your life right now. Maybe relational maybe physical or financial you know your story and maybe a combination of various things.

Don't forget God is with you will never tell you just go to the storm and hope it works out. Hope it works out on each of the other side. He is in the boat with you he is. I have to remind myself that many times in my life going postal. I'm not alone that's what he wants you to believe this is that this is a big one. You know it's gonna come to help and then God in his own way through the work through godly people doing message on TV, a podcast helps me realize he was with. He has not forsaken me. So the first thing we see in this passage is that God never abandons us specially in the storms when you're starting to storms cause us to turn to God in desperation, listen to verse 37 grade when storm arose and the waves into the boat so that it was already filling.

Now keep in mind that these men were expert fishermen. Most of them were dating.

You how to navigate the sea of Galilee. I'm sure they have done that hundreds if not thousands of times. They also needed by the legacy of Gallia and on several times. Everything would be peaceful and quiet like you saw the video all of a sudden the wind started blowing and it gets rough. Now I'm going to have stones like to use that one time it gets really rough and you wonder.

Oh my goodness is happening right now. These fishermen knew about all this but this storm was different. It was a great windstorm. The waves were slamming against the boat and began to fill up means they were about to drown so that you the first question is what where is Jesus. What is yeah listen to verse 30 but he was in the star, asleep on a hello these boats, but we are not as big as you would think we saw one at a museum near Galilee and they're only about a meter and 1/2 D, where Jesus found space to sleep when he did not know how the wind and the wind and the spray did not hit him, but for some reason he was tucked away in the snow how they addressed him walk him and sent him teacher. Do you not care that we are perishing. Can we all agree that Jesus was aware of the storm. If you believe he was God in flesh, the second person of the Trinity.

He still he knew all about. In fact I would argue that the artistry why you do that you know my finite human mind says I am stressed out by the disciples were stressed out helping Jesus working spiritually worn out. The last thing they needed was a stone you know that the stress them out even more so why does God do that in our life. Wonder that is that things are going great.

Also, one thing happens that another thing happens that another is that you asků Isn't going to and I want to hear me very carefully.

God allows the stressful stormy situations in our lives to awaken us out of our self-sufficiency and begin to erupt when it comes in? We begin to do things happened. Storms have a way of awakening us. We cannot lay Christianity anymore.

So Jesus allows them to go to the storm.

Another really awake is not is no longer there is a letter over there. Jesus would like to give an hour shooting older people hungry. You know what we do. Jesus is a great place you can speak it and most usually here now is no work. I do you not care that we are perishing.

I they are no longer in a rut. You see God allow storms to come into our lives to break us down, but listen carefully in the process to bring us closer to get real with God done that your life you have your prayer pack prayer you you get up in the morning is the exact same thing prayer before meals exact same things and then relationship children and grandchildren held community, nation, problems begin to come all of a sudden you know God if you don't step in this is not going to work and and I've been asking for this God and what are you doing one entrance you prayers become more real life. Jesus allow these people to disciples to go to the store to make their faith real.

Listen to how Jesus handled this verse 39. They awaken him.

He arose and reviewed the window. Matthew tells us that you wrote.

You rose and he got on the disciples part. I think both before and after he got home today but first visit to review the wind and sent to the sea. He actually spoke to the sea piece is still in the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

Immediately but then he turns again to the disciples and he said to them, why are you so fearful. How is it that you have no faith to keep in mind. Jesus did not ask an unfair question to these decide email saying I hate that I they're dying right now they're drowning what you mean by you think using his disciples knew better. They have seen miracle after miracle they were not uneducated about who Jesus was watching him.

He carefully storms have a of revealing the depth of our faith. What Jesus was doing with the decide disposing them to the level of their own faith in our lives received miracle after miracle we see God come through time and again. And guess what. Another problem comes in we say I don't know how you make. I don't know why God doesn't care.

God has given you enough proof enough evidence that he has taken care of you before why are you so fearful. How is it that you have nothing to masking this morning. Are you going through school. Have you called on God and asked him, have you called in desperation, not the typical route forever is desperately sick God please we each someone said this and I heard years ago. Don't forget in the door with God has taught you in the line. Have you forgotten what God has done for you. So do things so far.

God never abandons us specially in the store number two storms cause us to turn to God in desperation, but here's number three from the store. God reveals himself in a new way that you have never known him before early morning. This point may seem unrealistic, unreal to many of us, because we never get to this point we throw our hands up in desperation, we get angry with God, we stop going to charge talking about the stock price. We never get to the point is that God even I have done that mean I'm preaching this does not mean that I have mastered many times in my life I have done the same thing that everybody else does God the Holy Spirit convicts me and says I'm trying to teach you something more about you already given up so what is it that God route God was revealing himself to the disciples in the storm.

What was Jesus revealing Jesus, God verse 41 and they fear exceedingly, and said to one another who can this be that even the wind and the sea obey him.

Sometimes people have a very simple listing understanding of Jesus is miracle something with this don't believe in that others do, but it's like they don't happen anymore and still others you know jump to the conclusion that the miracle that means he's got all that is true, but every miracle that Jesus did headed deeper significance to fix in this miracle that are very significant. The first is the seat SDHC and the second is the sleeping Jesus. I cannot forget this okay. We cannot ignore the sea to start with.

We need to understand what the city represented to the ancient peoples, specially the people of God for ancient peoples like the Babylonians and that you this.

He was a symbol of chaos. In fact, demonic chaos that a supreme deity have to bring order upon somehow God is deity have to control not think about the Old Testament word gives is the exact account. How does the battle begin read that Genesis one that was in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep synagogue heavens and earth. Water was that he may want right from the beginning sea was there and it says in the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Can you picture the chaos.

What did God do on the second day itself. He separated the waters into two parts waters about waters below, and when he was doing he was bringing order when there was chaos was more time to go to all details. If I go to my blog site and you will see the entire message in detail.

You have time for that.

What happened when God brought judgment on the waters from above came down waters from below came up and there was a worldwide flood map. At times the chaos of the waters was referred to as a dragon that God had to destroy business. Psalm 74 verse 13 God you divide the sea by your strength. You brought the heads of the sea serpents in the waters you broke the heads of Leviathan in his repeatedly in the Old Testament God is controlling the sea as it is controlling your Dragon beat sit down business. Psalm 89 verse 80 Lord God of hosts who is mighty like you will. This is not you rule the raging of the sea. You rule the ratio of the seamen's waves arise, you still there and I can go on and on time blog site you see more on jump over to the New Testament in the last book of the Bible, Revelation chapter 13, John says that I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and 10 see that you, the demonic chaos. Where is it coming from is coming from the scene. I don't think that the sea choose go to the ocean is all the best on the point of what is it symbolized it represented demonic chaos that God had to control it. By the way, Revelation 21, one John says now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea. This does not mean there is not going to be any water in heaven.

What it means is the demonic chaos is God and I keep that in mind, this miracle was not just David crossing over the Galilean.


Storm came and said, now so what he was doing was he was showing that he was more powerful than the demonic chaos in the world he address the sea and when he was talking to not just a body of water that was rising up, but he was also telling the demons of hell you will not bring me all of these guys down to the bottom of the sea, something more the sleeping Jesus. Now don't have time again to go into all this go to the blog site and check it out. We understand what is sleeping. God meant to the ancient peoples, specially the people of God against the Babylonians that you grips the Egyptians, the Akkadians is sleeping. God was a sign of control and power, not in the Bible we see that repeatedly, what God do after he created the heavens and the 17. He rested God need to rest needlessly. Was he tired of course not. Rest was a symbol of control and power.

I finished my work. I am sitting down, because now all the way I want to be.

Isaiah 51 nine listen to how people talk to God awake overweight God put on strength or arm of the Lord away as in the ancient days and the generations of old God's people often told God to wake up that you and I know our God does not sleep because needs against the promise of bail. Our God is always awake. Why is it that even the people of Israel are saying away business. Psalm 44. Verse 2308. Why do you sleep will arise. Do not cast us all forever. Why do you hide your face and forget our affliction and our oppression going on give minimal references here so that Jesus is sleeping in the midst of a sea storm and demonic chaos because he was telling his disciples God. What is the point storms in life. Give us the vision of Jesus Christ as the never seen him before.

Question this morning is Jesus in the boat with you question your life right this moment where you are.

Give your heart to Jesus Christ asking to see is God's son came this world gave his life to save you from the wrath of God from the penalty of your sentence receiving about right this moment I have this principle got another set Jesus is the Savior, the one who bridges the gap between heaven only thoughtfully met and he died from the 2000 years ago and I want him to be my C. Forgive me and live in my life and help me live in. If you are sick. That's also thing my challenge to you would be as you going to be storms where the storms are. Don't give up.

God is with you.

He is allowing you to go over the storms were the reason and he will reveal himself fresh new way. If you're willing to listen if you're willing to obey. Thank you so much for joining us again today and my encouragement to you is to remember that Jesus Christ is with you no matter what you're facing.

He has promised that he will never leave you nor forsake you. For more information visit us online at Clearview B. and for today's sermon notes visit my blog

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