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Raising Overcomers

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah
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June 22, 2017 6:00 am

Raising Overcomers

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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The radium church had clear our focus is making Christ is providing worship come check us out at 3485 Fox River.

Visit us online join us for this week's message by Pastor Albert on shop for a series as many of you already know the family and this morning the message is raising over comers now before we get into this message.

Let me clarify because often people confuse enduring with overcoming. There's a big difference between those two things. What is enduring endearing is I've been there and I have a T-shirt to prove it in all throughout summer people to go somewhere really fun and they do bring you a lousy T-shirt you agree with that is coming if it hasn't happened to you that even have one that said all I got is a lousy the message is not raising endures the messages raising over comers because that means been there and I have a godly character to prove it this morning. If you have your Bibles with you for a message raising over comers.

Turn to Genesis chapter 37. Starting in verse 23. Let's all stand together for the reading of God's word so it came to pass, when Joseph had come to his brothers that they stripped Joseph off his tunic tunic means row the role of many colors that was on him. Then they took him and cast him into a pit, then Midianite traders passed by, so the brothers pulled Joseph up and sold him and the took Joseph to Egypt. Let us jump over to chapter 50 verses 19 and 20. Joseph said to them, to who do his brothers do not be afraid, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.

In order to bring it about as it is this day to save many people alive now. It's no secret that life is full of trials in life, their troubles would you agree with that.

I mean every day at some trouble would come. Go away and most of the times of troubles come unannounced to just show up at your doorstep as parents and as a does God has entrusted you, and entrusted me to teach our children to become over comers in the question I ask every week is are you say do you know Christ as your Savior are your kids say do they know Christ as their Savior. If you say why is that important for this message on raising over comers before they can be over comers your kids have to be overcome by the gospel. There has to be a time in their life where they receive Christ as their Savior, they are overcome by the grace of God.

Now they are more than conquerors through Christ because no matter what they go through in this life if they have Christ they will overcome. So let's begin this morning were going to focus on how Jacob raised in overcome her Jacob member Jacob himself was in overcome her him and he wrestled with God and how did he raise in overcome her someone like Joseph, if you know anything about Joseph, his brothers hated him and this sold him into slavery in Egypt. A man by the name of part of her bought him and then you know what happen he put them in charge of his entire household but then part of first wife falsely accused him of trying to rape her. So the took him and thrown into prison again and while he sat in prison he helped some inmates and told them he listened. Remember me when you get out. I'm helping you but return the favor. The forgot him. And he sat in prison for couple of years, but in the end God raised him up in his sovereign grace and timing and he became second in command to Pharaoh. You know, when you look at the life of Joseph and all that he went through how his brothers hated him and and people falsely accused him in and got sold into slavery in the got thrown in jail again. This God should not make it.

This guy should be on pills he should have so many problems he should be better and angry by the end of his life when he sees his brothers again.

He says but God in a fury. Chapter 37 of Genesis, there are subtle hints throughout the chapter about how Jacob and his father raised him to be in overcome her. I want us to look at the subtle hints number one Jacob the father taught his son Joseph. The value of being trustworthy. Listen to chapter 37 verse two Joseph being 17 years old was feeding the flock with his brothers and the lad was with the sons of Bill Hall and the sons of Zillah upon his father's wives and Joseph brought a bad report of them to his father, not first glance it seems like Joseph was a tattletale. No one loves a tattletale him into that I made when I was a teacher in middle school and middle school girls will run up to my table.

Mr. Shaw.

Mr. Shaw/trying that like okay thank you for letting me know and I can take a seat. 10 seconds later Mr. Xiao Mr. Shaw this is happening over there like okay listen. I want to come up to my table.

I know what's happening in our world handled that. But here's the problem Joseph when he brought a bad report of them to his father Jacob never condemned and said son, listen okay because Jacob the father knew the difference between a tattletale and a trustworthy person a tattletale is someone who wants to make himself or herself look good, who was a trustworthy person somebody who wants to make their superior look good. Jacob never condemns him but actually hears him out. He was raised with the value of being trustworthy there something else listen to number two. He was loved and he was affirmed by his father. This is what he says in verse three. Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old days. Also, he made him a rope tunic of any color snap at first glance when you read that passage, not Israel loved Jay Joseph more than all his brothers what it seems like is that Jacob is playing favorites. Folks that's not what's really happening here.

You know why because the Bible never condemns Jacob for loving Joseph more than all his brothers. What is the reason Israel loved Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age. You know that phrase son of his old age, I believe implies his son who brought comfort and joy to his father. You know in your old age. Would you want to hear about your children and my kids are happy. My kids are walking with God.

My kids have a good job. They have a good healthy marriage there raising good kids. Joseph was bringing joy and comfort to Jacob. Even at that age something else.

Jacob did. He made him a tunic of many colors. Tunic is a rope. What that means is not just a multicolored CLO a rope what it means is a role that only people in authority.

War back then you know if you were a powerful person. You would wear long sleeve coat oriented rope that went all the way to your ankles. Why because you did not do manual labor Jacob do this odd thing he saw in Joseph his son.

This trustworthy attitude. This life of integrity and he also saw in him a vision of the future is a son I want you to wear this row because one day you can aware of the road one day you to be a man in authority son what most parents do is this. They favor the child who always gets in trouble, you will be okay you got all A's. Good for you. You got on so You Know What You Know What We Need People Who Make These Two by What You You Made the Beta Club Again Will Good for You but I Imitate Something I Want to Come Talk to the Teacher Yours.

I Will Explain to Them That You Have You Not like Everybody's. It's Okay It's Okay Daughter, It's All Right Sweetie.

In the End What You Have Is to Mediocre Kids.

This One Doesn't Do Anything and Neither Does This One Who Had a Bright Future. Now like What She Feels like When It Doesn't Really Matter. The Mistake That Many Parents Make Is This Tend to Favor the One Who Is Struggling Instead of Also Encouraging the One Who Is Doing Well or What Is Striving.

What If Jacob Had Never Done That All Joseph Would Have Experienced in Life Was Anger and Hatred. Jacob Was a Man Who Walks with God. Don't Miss This, Israel Loved Jake.

Joseph Is Not Just Jacob Loved Joseph Is Israel Because This Man Wrestled with God Hand-To-Hand Combat. This Is the Man Who Had Visions. This Is the Man Who Spoke to God He Sees in His Son, Something He Goes Know I Got Encouraged As I Can't, I Can Just Walk Away from the I Can Just Focus on Those 11 I Don't Deal with Him to Because He Has a Destiny, Listen to Genesis Chapter 37 Verse Four but When His Brother Saw That Their Father Loved Him More Than All His Brothers, They Hated Him and They Could Not Speak Peaceably to Him Can Imagine the Atmosphere in the Home.

Every Time Joseph Comes around the Pushing Away of Know by Looking Is like, Way and I Were You Doing Here You Don't Work Anyways All You Do Is Tell Owners. That's All Your Yours Tattletale. They Could Not Talk Kindly to Him, and Then Something Begins to Happen. Joseph Begins to Get These Visions. These Dream Where the Dreams He Has Is All of Them Brothers Are in the Field Binding Sheaves and Joseph's Sheaf Stands up Straight, but the Rest of His Brothers Sheaf Bound to His Sheaf and Guess What Joseph Does. He Tells It to His Brothers. They Already Hate Him, and Guess What God I Had a Dream and He Tells Them This Whole Thing and How Is That Response Listen to Verse Eight, and His Brother Said to Him, Shall You Indeed Ran over the Telling Is That You Have Your Boss What Happens Next. Verse Nine. Then He Dream Still Another Dream and Told It to His Brothers. And Guess What the Dream Is This Time, the Sun, the Moon, and 11 Stars All Bowing to Him Teasing Running with Her Leg Cast One Even Jacob Got Aggravated with Them Is like a Are You Telling Us That Your Mom and My Noggin about You Is That What You're Really Saying Son but I Want to See Verse 11. Do Not Miss This. Do Not Miss the Last Line of Verse 11 Is Brothers Envied Him No Surprise, but His Father What He Do He Kept the Matter in Mind How I Know It's Not a Huge Theological Treatise but Is Just a Simple Statement That Jacob Did Not Say Son, Would You Please Stop As You Insulting Us Now or You Aggravating Your Brothers. He Backed off and He Said God Speaking to You Son. Do What You Need to Do It Why This Was Important Because If Jacob Would've Told Joseph a Stop. These Dream Stuff and Please Don't Tell Your Brothers When He Sat in Prison and the Chief Butler and the Chief Baker Had Their Dreams and They Came to Joseph and Joseph That I Can Tell You, You Have If His Dad Years Ago Had Quenched His Spirit, He Would've Never Said a Word. Some of You Are Quenching the Spirit of Your Children. If You See Them Excited about Jesus Christ. If You See Them Come Home and Talk about How Much the Learning This and That That Just Because You Have Couple Dictionaries into Commentaries at Home That You Bought at Walmart Don't Start Correcting Them and Criticizing Them and Telling Them How Much Knowledge You Have, That's at the Point Where They Go. Okay Can I Go Can I Go Play Jacob Simply Kept the Matter in Mind Means Teacher Children to Stand for the Truth to to Share the Truth of God without Fear of Rejection. But Here's the Last One.

Jacob Also Pushed Joseph out of the Shelter of His Home. Many Times I Think We Read This Too Rapidly and We Miss What Is Really Happening Here. Listen to Verse 12. Then His Brothers Went to Feed Their Fathers Flock in Shechem. Remember That Name and Israel Said to Joseph You See What's Happening Here. Every Time Something Major Is Happening Every Time There Is a Deep, Pleasant Coming, His Name Switches from Jacob to Israel, and Israel Said to Joseph, Are Not Your Brothers Feeding the Flock in Shechem, I Will Send You to Them. So He Said to Him, Here I Am. If I Was There I Would Be like, Don't You Know Your Number One You Sending Your Son 50 Miles Away and You Sending Them to His Brothers Who Hate His Guts and Then You're Sending Them to an Area That Actually No One Likes Us. No One Likes Your Family Because You Killed A Lot Of People.

And You Turn the Women and the Children As Slaves. Are You Crazy Joseph Goes He Can Find His Brothers. It Was about Us As He Was Wandering in the Field Is like a Clueless Snotty Little Boy 18 Years Old. He Is like Going around like You Know the Cornfields like Left and Right Leg.

Some Guy Sees Him, and He Says Him What He What He Doing Here Is I'm Looking for My Brothers and He Said Well They Have Departed from Here for. I Heard Them Say Let Us Go to Dothan. By the Way, Dalton Was 14 Miles More to the North. So How Much Is That 50+14 Is 64. I Mean He Is Getting Further and Further and Further Away from Home and Dothan Not a Human Not Know This but Dothan Was Sitting on the International Highway Connecting the East to the West, Connecting the Lead in the East to Egypt to the Southwest Mask This Morning. How Many of You Would Send Your Son or Your Daughter to Go Stand on the Exit over Here Are 85 by Themselves Would You Do That As an Elder.

I Wouldn't Let Us Rephrase That, If You Would Send Your Son or Your Daughter.

300 Miles from Here to Go Meet His Brothers Who Hate Him in a Territory That's like You Know You Are Not Liked over There.

You're Kind of People Are Hated, and His Right of the Interstate Would You Do That Now. Absolutely Not.

What in the World Is Jacob Doing You Know What He's Doing. He's Doing This Was at Me. He Is Kicking Him out. You Know What He Is Doing Is Pushing Joseph out from the Shelter of His Home.

He's Pushing Him Out Of the Nest.

I've Told My Kids This the Notice and Nicole When I Say I; I Have Said Them Are Home Is Always Open to Them.

It Doesn't Matter What They've Ever Done.

It Doesn't Matter What's Happening in Their Life.

The Door of Our Home Will Always Be Open to Them. 71 Cross Record You Get There and Will Take Care Of Whatever Happened to You. It Doesn't Matter What You've Done the Whole World May Be against You. There Will Always Be a Safe Place Here.

Having Said That, Were Not Going Allow You to Stay Here and Be Crippled for Life. Folks There Comes a Time in a Person's Life Where You Have To Say It's Time to Grow up Time to Go. If You Keep Them like This Forever and Some of Y'all Are Doing That You Think You're Doing Them a Favor among Your How We Say It's All Jacob Knew That Whole Territory Mostly Ran over the Air When He Was 30 Years Ago. He Went through That Whole Area. He Followed Dane Johnny Did All He Knew That Area Using Sinus Concrete Ago. My Daddy Did That to Me When I Was 1717 Years of Age, Dollars in My Pocket You Sent Me Halfway across the World. I Still Can't Believe It. I Would Never Do That with These Clowns Never $500 Halfway across the World. Go Make Your Life into Wheeze. I Was Homesick and to My Brothers. I Got Go Home You Live, You Know What It Calls for a Plane Ticket You Have To Get a Loan from a College or Something Is Going to Give You Anything but I'm Getting a Loan I Got a Loan Bought a Ticket. Went Home Three Weeks Later My Dad Said You Going Back Do I Have To Come in Who Want to Go Home Go Back You Know When You Get Your Laundry Taken Care Of. Your Food Is Made Your Bed Is Made on Me. This Is Live and I'm like Why Do I Have To Go Though. You Gotta Go. Best Thing You Ever Did for Me Was There Comes a Time There Always Should Be an Open Door, Come Any Time Anything Happens. There Is You Can Stay Here As Long As You Want to Whatever but Don't Let This Cripple You, You Need to Learn to Fly Need to Learn to Go the Nest Has To Be Shaken up and Amazing Jacob Was a Smart Man Ascending and Ratios You're Sending Him in the Mouth of Lyons Jacob Had Joseph Right There, We Would've Never Heard of Joseph. He Had to Go Folks I Can Go on and on. Our Time Is up.

The True Test of Whether or Not Joseph Became an over Comer Is Not How He Responded When He Was Sold into Slavery Cried Scream. The True Test That Joseph Became an over Comer Is Not How He Responded When Potiphar's Wife Falsely Accused Him. The True Test of Joseph Became an over Comer Is Not How He Responded When the Chief Butler for God Him in Prison, in the True Test of Joe Joseph Being in over Comer Is How He Responded When He Came Face-To-Face with His Brothers. How Did He Respond I Want to See This with Me. Chapter 45. Listen to Verse Four and Joseph Said to His Brothers. I Am Joseph, Your Brother, Whom You Sold into Egypt, He Did Not Compromise in Our Guys. It Was a Honor Yard and Mean It Really Was a Prank Wasn't a Friend Coming I Should Have Said the Things I Used To Say No. You Said You Sold Means Egypt.

You Did Something Wrong against Me. You Committed a Crime, but Then He Says, but Now Do Not Therefore Be Grieved, or Angry with Yourselves Because I'm Not Folks of Joseph Was Grieving and Angry with Himself.

He Could Not Run the Egyptian Empire. He Was Running the World. Egypt Was at the Center of His Power Is Not Grieving. I'm Not Angry. Neither Should You Be Why Listen to What He Says for God Sent Me before You to Preserve Life That Is in over Comer. He Doesn't Stop There. Listen to Verse Seven and God Sent Me before You to Preserve a Posterity for You in the Earth, and to Save Your Lives by a Great Deliverance in over Comer Is a Person Who Says Yes, It Happened to Me and Yes It Hard.

And Yes, You Are Guilty. But God but God, What Else Is He Say so Now It Was Not You Who Sent Me Here, but God and He Has Made Me a Father to Pharaoh on and on He Say Even the Barrel Looks at Me like I'm His Dad. I Can Tell Him Anything.

You'll Do It You Know Who and over. Comer Is Is a Person When He Goes to the Tribe Gets on the Other Side and Says Man That Her and You Did Something Wrong to Me That Should Never Have Been Done but You Know What God Is Faithful Because God Views That and Work All Things Together for Good.

My Desire Is Not in Our Desire Is Not for Kids to Get on the Other Side of the Trials and Saying Look at the Scars Look at the Look of the Diploma of the School of Hard Knocks.

Who Cares. I Want Them to Get to the Other Side and Be Able to Say, but God I Look More like Christ. Today Than I Did before Folks Dad Is an over Comer.

Many of You May Not Have Heard the Name Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He Was a Russian Novelist and Historian, a Social Commentator Back in the 40s and the 50s He Got into A Lot Of Trouble Because He Stood up to Joseph Stalin and Because of That He Ended up in Prison Even Sent to Siberia, You Probably Have Heard That It Was Seen That in Documentaries When You Were Sent to Siberia Was Pretty Much It's over, You're Not Coming Back Either the Persecution or the Torture or the Bitter Cold.

Something Is Going to Kill You Not Coming Back but in Prison He Not Only Came to Know Christ. But He Also Grew and Refined in His Faith That He Was a Very Smart Man and Exiled Him. He Came to America. He Won the Nobel Prize Even Spoke at Harvard. I Mean Their Videos Online. He Just Died 2008. There Videos Online. I Have Some of His Books.

Some of His Volumes. The Gulags Are Keep a Lego Powerful Book Depot, Got a Reread Some Sentences and What in the World. They Just Say What I Want You to Hear What He Says in This Book That I Think Is so Powerful. Don't Miss It. He Says in the Intoxication of Youthful Successes.

I Had Felt Myself to Be Infallible and I Was Therefore Cruel. Some People Go through Life and the Hit Those Bumps and They Go through Fire and They Go through Pain. But on the Other Side There Cruel Their Hard-Core. They Don't Have Any Sympathy and Mercy Because No One Had Sympathy and Mercy on Them in the Surfeit of Power. I Was a Murderer and an Oppressor. In My Most Evil Moments I Was Convinced That I Was Doing Good That People Go through Trials. You Can Never Tell Them Hey You're Wrong How Dirty Sam Wrong You Not See What I've Done. You Don't See What I've Been through.

I'm Right.

I Have To Be Right.

Solzhenitsyn Says I Was Convinced That I Was Doing Good. I Was Well Supplied with Systematic Arguments Was Only When I Lay There on Rotting Prison Strong That I Sense within Myself the First Stirrings of Good.

Gradually It Was Disclosed to Me That the Line Separating Good and Evil Passes Not through States No More between Classes nor between Political Parties, Either, but Right through Every Human Heart. And through All Human Hearts.

I Was Cut Deep. What Is Really Saying Is That It Doesn't Marry a Color of Your Skin or Where You Grew up Where You Come from the Real Truth Is the One That Passes through the Human Heart.

Every Human Heart, but I Want to Pay Attention. This Even If You Missed the Previous Statements. That's Why I Turned Back to the Years of My Imprisonment and Say Sometimes, to the Astonishment of Those about Me Bless You, Prison. I Have Served Enough Time There. I Nourished My Soul. There and I Say without Hesitation.

Bless You, Prison for Having Been in My Life. Some of You This Morning Will Have To Learn in the Power of the Holy Spirit to Say Bless You Divorce for Having Been in My Life Bless You Horrible Childhood for Having Been in My Life Bless You That Sickness. Bless You. The Loss of That Loved One. Bless You That Job Loss How Can You Be in over Comer First John Chapter 4 Tells Us in Chapter 5 Tells Us Whatever Is Born of God Overcomes the World. Folks the World Will Give You A Lot Of Principles You Can Buy Books You Can Buy Autobiographies of How People Made It through Their Problems. There Simply Enduring Who Whatever Is Born of God Overcomes the World. And This Is the Victory That Has Overcome the World. Our Faith, Who Is He Who Overcomes the World, but He Who Believes That Jesus Is the Son of God. You Know How You Can Overcome Because in You Is Living the One Who Has Overcome the World. Joseph Had That One Living in Him. His Father Had the One Living in Him. My Hopes and Desires Is That My Children Are Kids Will Have That One in Their Hearts, and We Believe They Do That through That Person. The Matter What Comes in Their Life They Will Overcome. On the Other Side More More like Christ. Thank You so Much for Joining Us.

Sometimes It's Tough Christ, You Can Be Even More Important, Can Raise Your Children More Information for This Week's Sermon Notes Visit. I Was on

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