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The Hope-Bringer

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah
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August 13, 2017 6:00 am

The Hope-Bringer

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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I leave you join us for this week's message by Pastor Albert on shop. What does the word hold mean for you if you talk to a little kid at Christmas.

It is hope Santa Claus brings me a new parachute or something like that if you talk to someone looking for a relationship. It is the I hope I find someone one day, both expressed a desire for a positive outcome in the future but hope also has a negative use as well. If you are really late you say. I hope we make it on time. You know you're not going to make it, but you're saying I hope we do, you're expecting the negative or if you talk to someone at the end of his or her robe. They usually say something like I lost all hope. Why don't have any hope you see the way we use the word hope we are either expecting a positive outcome or we are expecting it. Negative outcome when the Bible talks about hope. It is much different. Hope from the biblical perspective is the solid assurance of something good in the future is not just maybe it is a solid assurance that this is going to happen everywhere that Jesus went during his earthly ministry he arouse this hope in people no matter what they were facing when they saw Jesus heard about Jesus. They knew that that man right there can solve their problem when there was a sin problem where there was a physical problem with there was a financial problem. They knew that Batman had something in him that could solve their problem. They had solid assurance did understand that he was God in flesh.

Maybe not all the time they got that whole feeling this morning. We learn what that truly means. Because Jesus is still a great hope. Bring if you have your Bibles with you turn to Mark chapter 5 starting in verse 22.

Let's all stand together for the reading of God's word, and behold, one of the rulers of the synagogue came gyrus by name and when he saw Jesus he fell at his feet and begged him earnestly saying my little daughter lies at the point of death.

Come and lay your hands on her that she may be healed and she will live. So Jesus went with him in a great multitude followed him and thronged him know a certain woman had a flow of blood for 12 years and had suffered many things from many physicians she had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse when she heard about Jesus, she came behind him in the crowd and touched his garment, for she said, if only I would touch his clothes.

I shall be made well.

Immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction and Jesus immediately knowing in himself that power had gone out of him turn around in the crowd and said, who touched my clothes but his disciples said to him that you see the multitude thronging you and you say who touched me, and he looked around to see who had done this thing and he said to her daughter, your faith has made you well.

Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction while he was still speaking. Some came from the ruler of the synagogue's house who said your daughter is dead.

Why trouble. The teacher any further. As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken. He said to the ruler of the synagogue. Do not be afraid only believe and he permitted no one to follow him, except Peter James and John the brother of James when he came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue and saw a tumult and those who wept and wailed loudly and he told them not to make that commotion and then listen to verse 41 that he took the child by the hand and said to her to Lisa Kumi, which is translated little girl, I say to you arrives immediately. The girl arose and walked for she was 12 years of age and they were overcome with great amazement, but he commanded them strictly that no one should know it and said that something should be given her to eat on the surface it seemed like these are two miracles that are unconnected unrelated but if you notice carefully.

There is a connection. The first one is a 12-year-old girl who is dying and then she dies and the other is a woman suffering for 12 years with the loss of blood books. 12 years is a long time everything back in July were read 12 years ago. 12 years is a long time, and the length of time is given both for the little girl and for this woman to tell us that both were facing a hopeless situation until the mid-Jesus. You see, Jesus brought hope the solid assurance of something good into their lives and the question this morning for all of you for each of you is this. Are you facing hopelessness somewhere in your life maybe send the realm of your marriage or your relationship. Maybe it's in the realm of your personal physical health. Maybe it's in the realm of your sin. Life your spiritual life and doesn't feel like it's going to get any better. I'm here to tell you, Jesus is the whole bringer. He is the one who has hope come to him and be safe. If you are safe. Give that problem over to him. Amen. Give your problem over to Christ. Also, listen again to verse 22 and behold, one of the rulers of the synagogue came gyrus by name now gyrus is called a ruler of the synagogue, the Greek word is our key sin a go God's RP synagogue was Ms. he was the head of a Jewish synagogue know what were synagogues. Synagogues were the local assemblies of the Jewish people that began during the period we know as the Babylonian exile.

If you remember how the people of Israel, especially the Jewish people were kicked out of their land and they were taken to Babylon to Mesopotamia. They could not go back home. Everything was destroyed back home.

Even the temple, so wherever they live, they build these assemblies.

The ability synagogues. They were therefore worship they would meet. Therefore, prayer. They would meet. Therefore, education. It would also meet. Therefore, social activities, by the way you somebody spending so much time in the synagogue. Our church is built on the model of the synagogue. That's where we get the idea where to begin this assembly from the whole idea comes from the Jewish synagogue, so the synagogues where is center of Jewish identity that something more. It also served as the local courthouse.

In some communities, so if you have an issue going on with the neighbor who happened to be Jewish. Guess what you would go to the synagogue and the synagogue had elders and you will stand before the elders and you explain your case. State your case and the elders would decide the chief elder would be the head of the synagogue.

He is like the judge and he would make the final decision was this what you need to do if their marital problems. You go to the elders of the synagogue, they handle your case so the synagogues where is symbol of Jewish identity, life revolved around the Jewish synagogue.

Something else I want to mention before we move on is this unlike the temple in Jerusalem where the priests and the Levites would serve anybody could be a leader in the Jewish synagogue, you know, in the temple, you have to be of the priestly line, but in the synagogue. If you were an upstanding person.

If you were a religious person. If you are willing to study the Torah you could be a leader, gyrus, was the head of the synagogue in Capernaum.

By the way have been to that synagogue and is built upon the synagogue that this man was the head of the synagogue was the heart of Jewish life gyrus. This man was the head of the synagogue was a high position. According to the Talmud which is the oral law of the Jewish people. If a young man was looking for a wife. There was an order in which you would go matter by The order, but this was a suggestion that a man sell all he has and married the daughter of a scholar so if you are young man looking for a wife he was able, but is there a rabbi in the community. Always sure there's a Rabbi there is Rob. Does he have a daughter. Oh yes he has a daughter she out of my league. Does the next question is not in the town would, but I would ask the question, is she out of my league well know, maybe not how much money do I have what I have enough money nothing I could pay the dowry, I can do something year you would marry the rabbi's daughter.

Let's say that doesn't work out the next level would be you would marry the daughter of one of the great men of the generation thing you look at people in the synagogue there are some prominent men prominent families you would see Darius to do it. She out of my league. Well it depends. Do I have enough money, let's say doesn't work out either the dollars already married or she doesn't want to marry you, or you don't have enough money. Guess who the third person you would look to let him marry the daughter of the head of the synagogue and that interesting. It was very prestigious to be the head of his synagogue.

You can imagine how people looked up to gyrus beating people around Capernaum knew who he was, of course, he could walk down the street and they probably bowed to him over the unity nodded to him, because this is gyrus disses the ruler of our synagogue. He is the head of the elder board at the synagogue. If you do something, it is the man you need to know.

Keep that in mind.

Listen to what he did in verse 22. He came when he saw Jesus he fell at his feet. Think about somebody prominent in the community, not just prominent as a politician or a businessman.

Also prominent as a religious leader.

Can you imagine that person falling at the feed of some traveling preacher imagine there's a tent revival going on and there is a mayor there is a councilman or there is somebody who's a big shot walking down the sawdust trail and could hope please help me work must be drinking and father is something else.

The Jewish people.

To this day only believe in one God didn't believe in the Trinity and Jesus went around claiming to be the son of God.

It is completely contrary to what the Jewish people believe and the head of the Jewish synagogue is bowing before a man who is claiming to be God: I can. I can see his friend selling it. I know your daughter is sick and all but you know upcoming election.

Your gone buddy. I think you can get fired tomorrow. Think about your reputation gyrus. Are you crazy not good. I will go to Jesus man's crazy Kim claims to be good.

That's a blasphemy.

What would cause a person of such high position to fall on his face in public. It was one thing and you came to Jesus by night, like Nicodemus, and stay away from it was okay Jesus please help me I need know he can before a whole crowd of people and fell on his face and said I need help with this problem. He tells you.

My little daughter lies at the point of death, and lay your hands on her that she may be healed and she will live. What would motivate a man to do that. Maybe his wife threatened him. He said I don't care if the synagogue kicks us out here going to Jesus. Maybe his buddies came to him and said I know that man claims to be God. What he is.

He is he is healing people gyrus. You gotta go to him. I think gyrus was a good family man who truly loved his little girl the way he addresses her and he says my little daughter lies at the point of death you see his synagogue. His rituals, his ethnic identity did not have any answer for his daughter who was with every breath getting closer and closer to the grave. All gyrus could see was, but tomorrow will be bearing her 12-year-old little girl. I can take that they can keep the synagogue that they can kick me out of town. They can take my whole family out of the faith. I am going to this man Jesus because I need my daughter. You get the desperation in this man how to give your principal here.

This is very important. Don't miss this today. Desperation is the first step towards whole. As long as the present is comfortable. There is no reason to look for hope.

Sometimes you have to get desperate enough to say I don't care what you think what you think. I don't care who's my buddy anymore. I don't care what who doesn't send me a Christmas card.

I'm doing my life to Jesus and other times I have led people to the Lord is been years ago. Nowadays people are seem to be genuine, but it was time for leading this young man to the Lawrence you want to give your heart to Jesus chewing gum line. I guess after okay well do you believe your center is a mentor to help you get to heaven because show me some initiative here is some desperation I would do you want to pray and receive Jesus and reason won't hurt you see sometimes God has to bring us to the point of desperation where it's him and no one else. That's when we say got it doesn't really matter. I need help can ask you this morning if you lost have you come to that point of desperation where God is bringing desperation does not mean the misunderstanding expression does not mean why. Gotta stop shacking up. Desperation does not mean I got stop drinking. Desperation does not mean I gotta stop these habits and behavior stop losing my temple a temper. Desperation is simply falling on your face before God is in God here I am, you cannot do anything for your salvation, but following your face before God is not just your salvation. Whatever you're facing in your life, there comes a point we say God. Marriage is not working. It seems like one day we get better the next day starts over again my relationship. It seems like it's often on all or this habit that I'm struggling with this anger that is pent up inside of me. I read books and I try to be positive and next thing you know something happen. It's a combustion got I don't know what's happening to me. I need help. Gotta get to the point of desperation. You're getting website and what does God promise when you are really desperate. Listen to what he says in Psalm 50 verse 15 call upon me in the day off. So if you're going to trouble for a reason, because you're not desperate enough in his promises. I will deliver you and you shall glorify me. Are you the day of trouble have you come to the place of desperation where you do not care who doesn't love you like you anymore, you are going to fall in the face of Christ no longer my word about who's seeing here who's the who's going to say what gyrus was desperate so Jesus agreed to go with him. But there is an interruption. We make a very quick point about interruptions.

You know when you come to God in desperation and he tells you will deliver you and you think Manis is upward and onward I see the light. I see God doing something I was and there's a boom thing about it. People are struggling with physical problems. It seems like all things are going well, all of a sudden there's a negative report relationship starts going well. Thank God that we we love Jesus Christ, and it seemed like a better the next thing you know is the most horrible week from hell.

What just happened. I thought we were doing so well on the road to hope their pitstops. There's a reason for the pitstop. Don't ignore. There's a lesson there.

There's a lesson there for gyrus that you will understand. Once we go to the next few verses. Don't get discouraged.

My challenge to you whether your lost over the you're facing a need in your life. My challenge to you is do not give up. Stay desperate before God. Most people quit in the last 25% of the race. They feel like it's over. I give up. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Amen there is an interruption was the interruption.

Listen to verse 25. Now a certain woman had a flow of blood for how many years, 12 years and had suffered many things from many physicians she had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather through words not picture this woman according to the Jewish law. She was unclean because she had this nonstop flow of blood. She was unclean.

For how long. For 12 years.

That's a long long time. According to Leviticus 15.

If a woman has such a condition anything she touches. She sits on. She lies upon his unclean.

Listen to what he says in Leviticus chapter 15 verse 27 whoever touches those things shall be unclean, he shall wash his clothes and bathe in water and be unclean until evening out of she was married or not, but imagine living in the home with this woman. She cannot touch anything she cannot touch the couch. You cannot touch the bed because if she does now. It depends on how strictly he is an observant now he's unclean for the whole day even if he takes a shower. Even if you based on his unclean.

He can go do these things that he needs to do if she cannot touch anything without making it unclean. How long do you think it's been since she has been to the synagogue. Stay with me. Hello 12 years because going to synagogue you ever been to one. I have read on the doorpost there is a prayer you're touching on the way in.

But if you touch a good night buddy else touching that is unclean seat. You can even touch it. If she goes and actually brushes up against somebody there unclean.

By the way, where is Jesus headed he's headed to the home of the ruler of the synagogue and he is being interrupted by one who is barred from the synagogue and that amazing there's a reason why Jesus is doing what he is doing and what does she do Mrs. amazing when she heard about Jesus, she came behind him. Don't miss this in the crowd members. He is not supposed to touch anybody that they are rules are off is like I really care what anybody thinks what they don't know.

I never heard of him as he is. He is making a round of ABC has a veil over her face or whatever this woman is desperate, you know what would happen if the they were stoned or they would've bartered they would've ostracized something would've happened to her Jesus today. I don't care.

Remember gyrus. I don't care if they fire me from that position and kick my family out.

I'm going to Jesus. Now this woman, I don't care if you hate me. I don't care if you start me I gotta get to Jesus and what is you do. She's making him unclean, but she doesn't care what a risk she is taking she is doing this because just like gyrus. She is also desperate. My challenge to you today is whether your center whether your same. You gotta be desperate. God is bringing you to the point of desperation whether through relationship where there is through personal problems with this through finances weather is through loss in your life. God is bringing you to the point of desperation.

A lesson lesson lesson this morning. Do not be somebody's safety net.

Some of us are so quick to catch people be careful don't catch them so much that God cannot do his miracle in their life. Be there for them but don't catch him every time because God says well what you want to do now and was the result not only was she healed, but also Jesus made a point. This is very important on Ms. this he made a point to stop and recognize if it seems ketamine doesn't seem like why would you why would you embarrass the poor woman you know power has gone out of you. You know that someone touched you for a reason. Why would Jesus embarrass this poor woman. Please don't miss this. It was not for her. It was for gyrus. Do you still want me to come to your home, you know, for someone to be unclean to go into someone's home would make everybody unclean. The question is to gyrus. Are you still desperate. Amazing isn't it right then someone comes and says forget it. Yet it don't bother him anymore. Your daughter is dead.

Listen to verse 36. As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken.

He said to the ruler of the synagogue. Do not be afraid only believe this is very important and he did something very strange. He permitted no one to follow him, except Peter James and John the brother of James desperation may lead you to seek whole but only faith can make whole reality.

Desperation without faith would only lead to man I need some help mate.

What I need to know. I just need some have yet people say that I don't know. I just need help if you don't have desperation. Only faith I know Jesus can solve my problem.

I guess I believe he can. You need desperation, but then you need faith you need that earnestness that says I gotta get to him. You need the faith to believe that he can change my life. Faith is the prerequisite to hold get the order desperation faith there is hope is biblical. Listen to what it says in Hebrews chapter 11 verse six is very important.

Look at the screen without faith it is impossible to please him who is him. This is God without faith it is impossible to please God, for he who comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently means you gotta be desperate enough to seek him this morning.

Do you need hope in your life again. Hope is not hope so. Hope is the rocksolid assurance of something good. Whether you're facing a sickness whether you're facing a marital problem with you facing something with your children. Whether you're facing your own sin and the unsure deal where you're going when you die, doesn't matter which where you are. Do you need hope of something good. Only Jesus can give you that only he can change your life forever. Only he can take what you're going through and work all things together for good. Do you believe that and what's keeping you from coming to Christ what's keeping you from putting your faith in Jesus Christ. Let me also ask you this morning. Are you a hope giver or are you a hope taker.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of hope wherever the Holy Spirit is there is hope. I have hope that God can change any life I have hope that no matter what the doctor tells you God can heal you. I have hope that no matter if you are the worst sinner or the most pious person in charge without Christ, you come to Christ he will change a lot. I have hope for a nation have information in Jesus is our hope to run to keep her eyes upon and bring people thank you so much for joining us for this message number. Desperation is first they have to get only source of lasting hope for more information visit us online and see for the sermons and take a pass or shot shot

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