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A Mind to Work

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah
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August 26, 2018 6:00 am

A Mind to Work

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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And I love that arose and said to the leader and the rest of the people on the radio. Remember the Lord great and awesome and fine for you, brethren, your sons and daughters you why your you just heard a portion of the upcoming message titled mind to work by Pastor Avedon shop of Clearview church in Henderson, North Carolina I Clearview. Our focus is on making Christ visible from the way we worship to the way we serve the way we love one another. Come check us out at 3485 Oxford Rd. in Henderson or visit us online. I Clearview join us for the rest of this you ever heard the expression busy, you know someone who's always busy as a bee. There always going there always doing something we get that expression from the worker honeybees in a high now those worker honeybees are always going there always out there foraging nectar and pollen and bringing it back to the high there always going going going.

In fact, they literally work themselves to death. Did you also know, in the same hive you also have another kind of be the call that the slacker be these RVs who don't do anything.

They just send back and they led the worker bees do all the hard work and they enjoy the benefits and the human realm.

You call that the 8020 principle.

It might hear her dated 20 principle it means is that 20% of people do all the work in the 80% enjoy the benefits, unfortunately, would you like to know where is the worst charge is the worst in its incorporation of existing institutions and educational places, but in the church. It is the worst where 20% of people are working themselves to death and they burn out 80% are sitting back enjoying the fruits of their labor. And this morning the messages having a mind to work.

You have your Bibles with you turn to Nehemiah chapter 4 starting in verse three of us all stand once again for the reading of God's word Nehemiah chapter 4 starting in verse three now told by the ammonites was beside him and he said whatever they build it even if Fox goes up upon it. He will break down there stonewalled they were trying to build the walls around the city of Jerusalem. I can but explain that to you more in a few moments, but this person is criticizing them in Nice and he says they can do this. They don't have the capability don't have the knowledge they don't have the resources, even a tiny little fox can step on their wall and in fall apart.

And so what did God's people do verse four here OR God. They prayed for we are despised turn that reproach on their own heads and give them as plunder to a land of captivity do not cover their iniquity, and do not let their sin be blotted out from before you. So they have provoked you to anger before the builders verse six so we built the wall in in face of all this opposition, God's people built the wall and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height, and here's the line for the people had a mind to work. Question this morning before we dive into this messages do you have a mind to work. What is your understanding of church, what is your understanding of ministry do you have a mindset that says I will ascend back let him go and do what they're doing and then we complain about those who sit on the front porch waiting for a check. Are you say your saved you are part of the body of Christ is time for you to have a mind to work. The problem is the mind, not the availability not the opportunities the mind, the passage we read comes from the book of Nehemiah. Now if you know anything about this book about this man.

Nehemiah, he was not a priest, he was not a prophet. He was not a king.

He was a layperson whom God called to go and help his people. If you know the history of the people of Israel king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon had come against the city of Jerusalem.

He had destroyed everything he had destroyed the temple.

He had destroyed them.

The walls around the city of Jerusalem and he had taken the people into exile. The Jewish people were now living in Babylon away from their homes and God promised them that in his timing.

He will bring them back, and 50 years later, God opened the door for them to come back home to Jerusalem. But God promised them that when they do come back and he makes this happen that they are to rebuild their city.

God told him this.

So after they came back into the promised land. 20 years later.

They rebuild the temple, but on the flipside, when it came to the city walls they did not do anything. In fact, for 100 years. The walls lay in ruins. God found a man by the name of Nehemiah.

He was not a priest, he was not a prophet.

He was not a pastor, he was simply a layperson and God sent him and he help the people rebuild the wall and wait for this. They rebuild the walls around the city of Jerusalem and how many days anybody know 52 days, but that's a month and 1/2. What was their secret what we just read in Nehemiah 46. The people had a mind to work.

They wanted to work in the face of opposition's definition. The wall and only 52 days. Why did they have this. Therefore, reasons I want to give to you very quickly and I pray that this will inspire you the 80% to step up and have a mind to work for things. Number one they had caring leaders who was Nehemiah. He was a layperson not a prophet, not a pastor I'm emphasizing that because sometimes people think oh, he has such a burden for souls with a think about me Nehemiah was not me. He was not a pastor, he was not a seminary trained person he was not a theologian. He was simply a layperson. What was his job. He was the cupbearer to the king of Persia. He had to be loyal to the King. King knew him next to his wife. Nehemiah was his best friend and he was not just a food taster. But he was also the keeper of the Signet to him belong the ring so when there were important decisions to be made you he is the one who would bring out the ring and in Artaxerxes would put on the documents he oversaw all the administrative activities. What's more, he's in a palace at Shushan now archaeologist tell is that when you would walk into this palace. The walls were decorated with brightly colored enameled tiles army was so beautiful on the walls. They had the carvings of the immortals unit with immortals were there were the Navy SEALs of the king of Persia.

They had these carvings of these immortals wearing these bright blue colored robes with shining stars on them when the sun shone into the palace. These these stars would light up. Imagine going to work like that. I'm worried I'm going to work today. What you do on the special confidant to the king of Persia, I got it made. Can you go ahead and help your people back in the dump call Jerusalem. What would you do, I'll send someone a T-1 limit limit give y'all a check for hundred dollars here you go y'all go feed the people.

What was Nehemiah's response when people came to him and said that back home. The city is in ruins. The people are in reproach.

It is bad.

It is horrible what is Nehemiah's response listen to Nehemiah 14 is on the screen so it was when I heard these words that I sat down and and wrapped and mourned for many days.

This man is is at the top of his world in the lap of luxury and he's crying over the plight of his people back home.

He cared it when it comes to doing a ministry you don't Nestl have to have teardrops coming down but you should care when it comes to ministry, men's ministry should care when it comes to children's ministry should care when it comes to music ministry you should care if you don't care, it's a matter time you will stop serving when it comes to Charles Mr. Jones look at them I got going there and help those kids and I got to do this and do that. Think about it as I am making an impact on this child's life when she grows up she is going to love the Lord, raise a good family and build God's kingdom.

Don't look at men's ministry is not going to go is silicone in the morning at breakfast I want somebody because of the breakfast on about the morning about as I am here not just for me but to encourage some man who's going to a difficult time in his life who is struggling in his marriage.

Maybe something is not working out in his live jobs and I'm here to encourage them kingdom ministries not just go out there and help the poor. Think about it. These people are struggling with depravity. There struggling with finding food there struggling with addictions and habits and whatever were here to lift them up.

Did you know that only five minutes from here. People are living worse than 1/3 world country. Did you know that you care.

The reason they had a mind to work, is because people like Nehemiah care that you little secret. Come on and let me let you in the seeker when it comes leading ministry at Clearview.

I don't care how much talent you have on care how much bobble you know don't really care. I don't I don't care how you conclude things in the Bible means nothing to me. I have met, lost people secular professors who can do way more than you and I combine I want to know that person cares if that leader in the men's ministry, women's ministry, Sunday school, Bible school Kindle joy library care, salt and light. I want to know. Does that person has tears for the ones they are starving because of their don't have tears guess was good happen, this would be self on the stage is gonna be me and if you stop pleasing me if you start stop commending me that I must stop doing it.

Nehemiah care he cried. He wept over the situation. Back home, but there's something else that I only had caring leaders but they had constant prayer was Nehemiah's reaction when he heard the bad news from back home.

Not only did he leave but listen to this verse for I was fasting and what's the word, praying he was praying when you can say this I don't care how much bobble knowledge you have. I don't care how many how many things you can do with your hands also want to know are your personal prayer do you pray your lead men you pray for those men your lead women's ministry. Do you pray for those women, he will be a Sunday school class. Would you consider praying for them.

What I have found is an equal ratio when it comes to praying and seeing things happen. I have spent hours some time studying the Bible. Finding the right background information getting the right illustration hitting the right application and I did not pray and I came and nothing happened there been days as a God I don't know what to do. I need your help.

I need you to move God's people are struggling. This is happening in this person's life and that's happening that person's life, God, would you help them. Would you motivate them, would you bring them together would you heal them. Oh God, I didn't get time to prepare as well as I usually do, but I will do the best I can I come in here is packed out.

You know I was upright, is not about him doing all these things to make this happen. Are you praying because if you don't pray you lose the joy of serving no pray for those children who lose the joy of serving become a chore going to go burden. Nehemiah prayed, not just a one time when the king asked him what is wrong with you what you request. So I prayed to the God of heaven means again every every step of the way he was praying this universe for when people are opposing than what was the response here OR God, for we are despised to prayed again did things get better. Actually, things got worse.

What was the response to it again. If you notice verse nine. Nevertheless, we made our prayer to our God and because of them to set a watch against them day and night every step of the way these people were praying. That's why are you listening. That's why they had a mind to work. Did you notice at Clearview pray a lot of Raven be open when we close when I'm preaching the end of preaching on Wednesday night.

On Tuesday mornings and I maybe have prayer vigil last weekend. We had a 24 hour prayer we do that because it gives people a mind to work, you stop praying and pick people become weary, they give the put down their weapons. They walk away. There needs to be a mind to work. Here's a question for the leaders. If you are leaving any ministry at Clearview do you pray for that ministry. I want a leaders are you praying for the teachers, are you praying for the volunteers. Blaze leaders are you praying for the ones who are coming in surveying joy leaders are you praying for the people. I believe in the power of prayer, not just momentary prayer, not just once in a while. Prayer, but every day praying that God would you encourage this person, would you help this person. Would you correct this person so the people had a mind to work because they had caring leaders but they also were constantly in prayer not here comes number three they had on wavering determination sometimes when you do ministry, you may not get the approval of your desire what you looking for someone to come and say, man. That's an amazing job you did with joy ministry that was pretty awesome what you do with Kindle ministry. Oh, the children's ministry program you are doing so most times it will be like oh thank you tickets the kids and leave a going well at least an nice little thank you would've been there I would be good but nothing was said what, what, what's worse is when people criticize folks if you're the 80% it will make any bit of sense to you, your light we talk about but if you are the 20 person you know exactly what I'm talking about you give your level best and someone comes and criticizes you, how do you feel at that moment find someone else.

If you're not happy with what I'm doing fine someone else. I am done know when these people are rebuilding the walls around the city of Jerusalem.

They had their criticize theirs as well.

Listen to this. When Sandra Ballard the whole night to buyer the Ammonite and Gresham the Arab part of it. They did what they laughed at us and they despised us and said, what is this thing that you are doing will you rebel against the cane anytime you serve in ministry and you can apply this in your personal lives as well. You will have people who come and ridicule. You know, the ridicule means. It means they will mock you will be condescending to you.

They will scorn you not just in charge ministry, but any ministry out there personal lives business people will mock you. The question is how will you respond to them who was sound valid by the way San Ballard was the king of Samaria the governor Samaria to the north of Jerusalem, who was Tobiah. Tobiah was actually a Jewish person can imagine that he was part of the people who were rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem and he was actually also criticizing them when we first began to move left the old building and by those no right we were not here 20 years we've been here 20 years in Henderson my family and I but we haven't been in this location.

20 years we were we been through three locations to get to this place. When we left the old building.

Would you like to know the ones who who scorn the most were not lost people were actually Christians. Church people know the trunk of the bench to Cammarano is on the work on regular business economy like it is that they were already just go move on and I wish I could tell you that it didn't bother me one bit.

It bothered me a lot at adjustment actually sit down and talk to me all the reasons why should leave. He sat down and talk to me about all the reasons why should not be staying here in this place and I went home and I was so depressed. Not like clinically depressed just just discouraged when you do any ministry that is worth doing. You have people who come and tell you is not gonna work. It doesn't matter what you doing Jerry Falwell on what you think of them, but Jerry followed would say this is the measure of a person is not what it makes helps them keep going. The measure of a person is what they will not give up, for which means another way, say in this oppositions will come your measure is based on how you can keep going in the face of opposition San Ballard is attacking them. Tobiah and then to the South is this other person. Gresham and he is also mocking them and he is also ridiculing them and what is the response to them to all of them there, saying, listen to this. Some try to find the right reference.

Here's verse three is that whatever the bill if even if Fox goes up upon it. He will break down their stone wall. Yeah, I heard her starting that ministry.

I say what and it is not gonna work is not gonna work on what they're trying to do bounding is going to work, and so might host you that way you know there is opposition, you know, there is scorn. You know there's ridicule. Don't give up keep persevering have this unwavering determination in the face of opposition. Somebody said this way. I think it was Thomas Carlyle who was a philosopher who was a Deist actually he said ridicule is the language of the devil is Satan's way to discourage you.

Don't give up, don't give it the here's the last thing they had caring laid leaders. They had constant prayer. They had unwavering determination in the face of obstacles, but the fourth thing is they had a fighting faith. The reason they had a mind to work, is because they had a fighting faith. Listen to this verse for a 14 and I looked at arose and said to the nobles to the leaders and to the rest of the people do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord great and awesome and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses limited to in our little secret.

Do you know what is my motivation behind working hard at Clearview. You know what my motivation is about going above and beyond and doing more than I did the week before is not my call, God called me to serve in ministry. That's wonderful. It's not the desire to help people as people can hurt you is not my desire to make this community better because the community can disappoint you. My ultimate motivation.

If you get deep inside my soul what you will find is this. I'm fighting for my family.

I'm doing this so that my family will finish well what I want to see at the end of my life is every one of my children walking with God.

I can have a big charge and have a lot of books and be on every conference circuit but if I lose my family. It means nothing to me when I preach with a passion. I'm preaching for my marriage when I preach with this excitement I am preaching for my four children. When I'm doing what I'm doing I'm doing it for my family. It's for them is and what my children are grown, you do for this body, what you would do for your children and God will send someone to your children wherever they are you fine for you for the beautiful, listen again.

He said remember the Lord great and awesome and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses in the listen to verse 20 wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet rally to us. There our God 154 is there is a balance not only my fighting for my family, but ultimately I know this is not avid on Shaw's ministry.

People say that is Amazon's church is not my church is God's church. It belongs to him. He paid with his life. This is his body, he is the one doing the fighting. I am simply the under shepherding ornaments under shepherd I serve him.

This is not my ministry. This is not your ministry were simply stewards of what Jesus has called us to do it as a fighting faith where we are fighting for our homes and ultimately God is doing all the fighting. So when you serve at the joy table.

Don't think of it, just as I do this ministry.

I hope we get some people sign up. Think about it is you're fighting for your family. Kindle you're fighting for your family bear care. You're fighting for your family and for those of you who are not involved anywhere.

You should go by and say mama going to do this because I'm doing it for my marriage and for my children and ultimately in Scott's question this morning to use this. What is your role in this body of Christ.

How do you see the ministry in this church.

How do you see what happens here on a daily basis. Very important question because if you think of it is I got to go to church. You won't have the joy of serving. I got to teach Sunday school.

I got to do Kindle this week. It's our turn for blaze.

Oh, it's our week to bring the snacks something is missing. If you waiting for people's compliments that will never come you got a have a mind to work leaders who have tears who care there in prayer, constant prayer.

They have unwavering determination in the face of obstacles in the face of scorn not giving up in a fighting faith you're fighting for your family's ultimately it is God doing the battle gives your mind to work. No one can take that away. All they forgot me is finding a forgive me I'm still going be there to serve. I'm so don't do what I'm supposed to do and I want to do it with joy with excitement. It doesn't matter what you say doesn't matter if I got a thank you note or not, helps you what I tell my team then tell you that their standing in the back somebody comes and cemented a great job.

Thank them and then forget it. Move on. Thank them and forget because you're not doing it for those reasons ultimately are doing it for your own homes and ultimately your serving God. He is the one doing the fighting. You give your mind to keep working in 52 days the impossible worsening in Henderson and Vance County by talking bad about the area and God is doing some amazing horrible things in a time where people say people to walk away from charge and there's nothing happening is all downhill. God is doing something because people had a mind to work. The question is do you have a mind where are you serve. Thank you so much for joining us for this message.

Do you have a mind to work. We understand what God has done for us.

It should make us want to step up and serve him. Ask God today to give you a mind to work and serve where he's called for more information visit us and for this sermon's notes.

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