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January 6, 2019 5:00 am


Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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January 6, 2019 5:00 am

As we begin our New Year it is very important for us to have resolutions. The problem isn't the resolution itself, but the reason behind it. Often, resolutions are made out of a desire to prove ourselves. As believers our resolutions be focused on living for God and stepping out in obedience to Him. How is your resolve? Have you become content to sit back and coast your way through your remaining years? This message is not just for those who are older but for all of us. Are you resolved to walk in the promises of God? Are you saved?

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You should apportion the upcoming message title resolve by pastor Avedon shop church in Anderson Carolina I clear the focus is on making Christ visit the lily worship. The way we serve the way we love one another and check us out at 3485 Oxford Rd. or visit us join us for the rest of this week's message. If you remember these slayings from back in your day made in the shade. Everything made in the shade far out anybody member sing far out visiting the hands are going to be just rely on the charts I got till truth that talent bad became good right now is not here, but the word traveled all the way to another continent.

Whatever y'all still say whatever. How about this one on Flink Rick Hendrick ego.

I've noticed that hands are younger looking lit as some on the front row over here Pham I maybe also a family that I thought about just a family talking about anybody any group that they're connecting with their Pham now how did you feel when I read some of those slayings in the beginning, how did you feel when you work remembering the day back in the day when you said some of those things you feel for fellow old when there's another question how many of y'all didn't have a clue what the last format fell out of touch you see every generation has their own slayings. Is there handprints on the timeline of history, but just because your handprint has passed. It does not mean that your time has passed I want to hear me very carefully that if you are saved, if you are a Christian, your best time is right now because God is on your side. All it takes is your resolve to obey God and to walk in his promises.

The first message of this weekend of this new year is called resolve. If you have your Bibles with you to see from the example of a man who was up in age and yet he had the same resolve the were talking about today to walk in the promises of God to trust God. Joshua chapter 14 starting in verse six, then the children of Judah came to Joshua in Gill gal and Caleb Caleb the son of Jeff and the Canada site said to him, verse 10.

And now, behold, the Lord has kept me alive as he said these 45 years, ever since the Lord spoke this word to Moses while Israel wandered in the wilderness and now here I am this day 85 years old. As yet I am as strong this date as on the day that Moses sent me.

Just as my strength was then so now is my strength for both for going out and for coming in verse 12 now therefore give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke in that day. Did you hear the resolve in the words of these this 85-year-old man. He is going back to the promises of God, he is saying. I remember back then what God promised me it is been 45 years, but I won that mountain. What is that mountain in your life. What is the situation what is that one person you been praying for my Caleb if you can say to God, give me that mountain he will give it to you. How is the resolution and are you saying that if you not say the matter how many resolutions you make.

The main problem is still the main problem. The mountain is still there in the mountainous sin. The mountain's death, and until that mountain is conquered, you cannot move fast forward, you cannot move past and today's message were going to learn from Caleb how to stay strong and to press on. Even though the odds are against us how to do this we will first begin to go back go back 45 years in Caleb's life when he was only 40 years old and then in the second half of the message begin to fast-forward 45 years the president in the Scripture where he is 85 years old as backup for a moment.

You remember how the children of Israel. They wandered 38 years in the wilderness because they chose to disobey God. God told them to go in and to capture the land to take over the promised land and the refuse to do it and God was angry with them. He said everyone of you is going to die in the wilderness, you will not H, the land filled with milk and honey.

You will not go into my promised land and so instead of trusting God they believe the negative report of the 10 score of spies member the 12 spies went into the promised land. 10 came to the majority report and the report was the land is beautiful is exactly how God described but the people are strong. The cities are fortified. It looks like they're going all the way up into the sky and was the worst one. There are giants in the land. There is no way there is no way we can never ever be able to go in and capture the land but I want you to hear what the other two's spies which is Joshua and Caleb said. Caleb says it numbers 13 verse 30.

He said he quieted the people before Moses and said, let us go up at once. Ms. don't deliberate don't think over this goal at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.

The question for us is this was Caleb just being overconfident was Caleb just being impulsive. I don't think so is he. Caleb was walking by the promises of God.

God had done so many wonderful things and God was saying I'm with you I will not forsake you. Look at how I brought plagues upon Egypt 10 plagues that completely destroyed the Egyptian pantheon. Then God opened the a road for them through the Red Sea and drown Pharaoh's army, then God gave them water in the wilderness, they were hungry. So God gave them manner.

Imagine walking out your door and there's a loaf of bread waiting for you every morning. Then God gave them meet and then suddenly they were attacked by these Amalekites and God gave them victory over their enemies coming.

Time after time, God was faithful to them, and God was taking care of them when he brought them to Mount Sinai where God revealed himself to them. God showed him his power, his holiness, he gave them his law. He taught them how to build the tabernacle am and what I'm saying to you is when Caleb said let's go now. Wait, let's go now. He was not being impulsive. He was trusting God. He was telling the world that yes God is faithful God is powerful. Trust him and what is the people's response. Well, they came back and said there like giants and we are like grasshoppers in their waft and they cried before Moses and Aaron and the said things like, if only we had died in Egypt if only we had died in the wilderness you brought us here to kill us, our wives and our children, how sad. But this is something even worse.

Listen to numbers chapter 14 and verse four so they said to one another.

I believe these are the most hateful, the most ungrateful and the most unfaithful words in the entire Bible. Just my opinion were the say so. This said to one another, let us select a leader and returned to Egypt having Moses sustaining that this man who gave up his throne. He was next in line to be Pharaoh. This man, who was 80 years old when God showed himself to the burning bush, he did not want to come and get this said in his face. Let's find someone else. Let's pick a leader. These 10 spies said let's pick a leader let's go back to slavery is better than to go to the promised land. I can only imagine the heart that Moses must've fed. I can only imagine the heart that his family must've felt using these 10 spies.

They brought down 2.5 million people.

Here's a word to you this morning. Do your words build faith in people, or the build fear in people where my resolutions in 2019 is to fill the faith bucket of people is not to fill your bucket with fear. Fear of the unknown fear what's happening in the world. Fear, politics, fear of terrorism there people you get around them immediately that allowed their they're different to start pouring fear into your bucket sometimes LOL that's good as it would what you do when people get around you to take on your spirit, the spirit of criticism, the spirit of resentment to set up the spirit of discouragement over the walk of a going and if he lifted. I feel like I can fly. That was the response of the two faithful spies listen to numbers 14 verse six to Joshua the son of Noone and Caleb the son of Joe Pineau who were among those who had spied out the land for the do they tore their clothes carrying the clothes, was a sign of repentance there so terrified by the words of the other 10 spies in the reaction of the people that their they're saying you have no idea boys you about to get it and they are repenting for the people and then plead with them to bed with them to do this week we can take them. Don't listen to these 10 guys we can go into the land God has sent time and time again, he has proven himself.

He has done miracles he has set us. He has protected us.

Let's go forward and listen with this that in verse nine only do not rebel against the Lord in our rebellion is you know what's right but you're just not going to do but you. This is right. I was Robert you understand the circumstances, I'm just gonna do it. What Caleb told them is that do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread which means the more we face these problems and defeat these enemies a stronger were going to get and then he says that protection has departed from them in the Lord is with us. Do not fear them Howdy thing. The people responded using the responded with no that makes sense. Joshua and Caleb. They arrived no less than what they did listen to verse 10 and all the congregation said to stone them with stones.

Here's a question for you. Here's a line in here stand the 10 spies who are pouring fear in the buckets of God's people in here stand Joshua and Caleb, where would you have stood, I can tell you what I would've stood probably in the side of these 10 spies knows enough people hear these messages and they'll say, you know, that's pretty creative. I love the way you presented this or how you drawing the application.

I created this application. This has been put into the word of God to help us. I want to hear what Paul said in first Winton's 1011 he said, now all these things happen to them to the children of Israel as examples, and they were written for our admonition. So what happened to them is that they were reenacting the drama of following God. God's people following him and disobeying him and being disciplined for it. So don't look at this at some old stories in the Old Testament. These are real examples to help us live in 2019. Would you have stood with those 10 spies who chose to live in fear.

Would you be a fear mongering or if a builder so what happens will you know what happened. God cursed the generation, 20 years old and above were to die in the wilderness but not so for the two spies not suffer Moses either. But later on he messed up as well. He saw the land but he could not enter the land to men who were faithful to God, who believed God. God said something very powerful. Listen to numbers 14 verse 24. Especially about Caleb God said but my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him. I love that is how people describe you. I Hayes is a girl boy. He's wonderful, she's just a great friend, but she is they are different, and I hope that different is that you don't go along with the world.

Caleb has a different spirit listen to this and he has followed me fully. I will bring into the land where he went, and his descendents shall inherit. Do you have in you is it a Caleb spirit that you're not afraid of the crowd that you don't fear the circumstances that you're willing to trust God that you willing to obey him. Even if you are the minority. Do you have the spirit that obeys God all the way or do you pick and choose Nellis fast-forward 45 years old is Caleb now. He was 40 years old how old is he, 85 years old.

Listen to what happens. Joshua 14 in verse 10 and now, behold, the Lord has kept me alive as he said these 45 years everything Caleb is doing this 45 years.

I believe he is taking. Keeping a register of all the ones who rebelled needs waiting for them to die is waiting for them to kick the bucket. I believe he went every single funeral and the last one is checked off. He makes a beeline for Joshua was. He said, not words of resentment, not words of regret nor bitterness. Listen to what he says these 45 years, ever since the Lord's boldness word to Moses while Israel wandered in the wilderness and now here I am this day 85 years old, means he is reflecting on the promises of God. He's remembering the words of God. Their people who live in resentment and regret, rather than reflecting in remembering the promises of God.

Things happen to you years ago.

Somebody said something to you.

Somebody did something that is very tragic. The things that happen in homes what you remember. Caleb comes in he goes up to Jonah Joshua. He is not resentful. He is not bitter instead he reflects on the promises of God. He said Joshua you know what happened and you know that I was faithful, and then there are three things that he says in three lessons we can learn in this next few moments. The first is this you are never too old to follow God's promises. How old is Caleb 85 years old when he says, verse 11 as yet I am as strong this day as on the day that Moses sent me saying when I was a 40-year-old man. I was just a strong I'm just as strong today as I was back there that sometimes in people come across ages in the Bible. They wrongly assume that people back then live hundreds of years. That's not true before the flood, people live 900 some years Methuselah lived about 969 but what happened after the flood. The ages declined significantly. In fact, I want to listen to this Psalm of Moses. Psalm 90 in verse 10 listen to how Moses says this or someone who wrote in Moses's name.

He says the days of our lives are 70 years means that the average age and if by reason of strength they are 80 years, yet there bolsters only labor and sorrow, or it is soon cut off and be flyaway which what he saying is 70 is as good 80 may be a little live more than that is another example in the Bible. A man by the name of Barr's ally, the Gilliard night.

He was 80 years old and the Bible calls him a very aged man I want to apologize for some of you were close to that number by purpose is not to insult you, but the Bible called him a very aged man and David invited Barr's ally to come live with him in Jerusalem and what is his response.

Listen the second Samuel 1934, but Barr's ally said to the king. How long have I to live that I should go up with the king to Jerusalem I am today 80 years old cannot discern between the good and bad when he saying is King. I will if you've noticed but I'm getting a little senile gets worse.

Can your servant. Taste what I eat or what I drink I can even tell what I'm eating these days and see if this sounds familiar.

Can I hear any longer the voice of singing men and singing women in my hearing is going out what he saying is I can anymore. I lost my hearing of lost my side lost my taste. I think I'm losing my mind. So 80 years of age is considered to be old and David is 70 and he is called an agent king. The point I'm making here is when Caleb says I am 85 trips. He is 85 and he is very very tired and yet, what is he say give me the smell. I'm ready to fight.

Now it I'm in a kind of step out over here and we make some of you man.

Why is it that some of you talk about being old folks, all ages, a number is 009. Not if you are like me, good things I've been through while we talk about getting old and beat me like that, as if somehow we get points to a point people think your you can hear can see your crazy why in the world.

Would you like to take pride in our mold enjoyed being young a man what Caleb is saying here should be the heart of every Christian. If you know Christ as your Savior.

You should be talking young something else.

You are never too late to prove God's power. You never too old to follow God's promises that 85 years age.

He says I can find like I thought when I was 40. Give me this mountain, but something else. You're never too late to prove God's power listen verse 12 now therefore give me this mountain. I wish the Lord spoken that day for you heart in that day how the anti-Kim were there.

Anna came with the Giants. I don't have time to go into that direction.

They would Giants back then, verse 12, and that the cities were great and fortified. It may be that the Lord will be with me this an 85-year-old man saying these words and I shall be able to drive them out as the Lord said it's one thing to say I want to go into the promised land and claim the inheritance God has for me is another thing to say give me the worst place give me the mountain where the Giants are living.

I want to capture that money thing Caleb did that for two reasons. Number one this place is very significant. If you look at the very next verse, verse 13, it gives us a clue. Joshua blessed him and gave what the name of the town Hebron notifying Hebron in the Bible.

From the time when Abraham servants and lot servants were fighting over pasture watering holes and Abraham told lot. Listen, there's no need for us to fight.

You pick what you want and I'll go the other way and lot looked and saw the green pasture land, which later became Sodom and Gomorrah.

He picked that land would act Abraham pick you pick Hebron, he dwelt by the Oaks of memory in Hebron.

This man Caleb when he says give me the mountain. I believe he knows the significance of that place. This is the place where Amber SSRIs Barry and Jacob is buried. Usually he is walking on a whole different plane.

The second reason I believe he wants that mountain he wants Hebron is because he wants to prove that God is faithful. You see 40 years ago 45 years ago when God told him to go into the land and not to fear the chose fear over faith 45 years later, Caleb says I'm going to that place and I want to prove the embouchure you, that God is just as powerful, what God said to us 45 years ago.

He was not lying. Give me that mountain and I know with God with me. I can win it. You see God a Caleb wanted to prove that with God, nothing is too difficult. He had a score to settle. But he was not playing for sale. He was playing for God. Sometimes when people make a resolution to make a resolve is something like while doing this I can prove to myself to be hurt that I'm trying to prove that's it that's all you want to prove to yourself that you're better at this inveterate that for I'm doing this so I can prove to my family. What's worse is so I can prove to my haters so you to give it a go on a crash course diet and lose all that weight and post pictures for feet, people who didn't like you, and still won't.

Caleb is not resolving to go out and prove himself approved of the haters. He is going out to prove that God is God and he never fails. If today you resolve to prove to yourself or to your enemies or your family, or even to charge Pat family you're playing the wrong game. But here's the last one you are never too far to find God's grace was that mean for this. Go back to verse 14.

As we finish up Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jeff and the Canada site to this date. Now focus on that word can aside, that's not a Hebrew word that's not a West Semitic name, who are the Kenna sites. The scholars disagree over this for the more I studied up come to the conclusion the Kenna sites are the people that we find are the we meet in Genesis chapter 15 in verse 18 God made a covenant with Abraham and listen to what God said to Abram, the Lord made a covenant and said to your descendents I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river of the river Euphrates. The Canaanites, the Kenna sites the cannabinoids and the list goes on the Kenna sites were people who were the original inhabitants of the promised land, but because their sin there there immorality was so bad that God had removed his presence from them, and God gave that land to the children of Israel folks somehow in Caleb's family tree way back. He was a Genocide they can imagine that when you look at him.

He is not a full-blooded Israelite. He is what we will call the person who comes from the other side of the track derogative leave you call it, he was mixed breed.

Caleb, the 10 spies who were full-blooded Israelites. They rejected God's promise given to therefore father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in here stands, it can aside, who is not originally part of God's people, but he is willing to believe God is, that was the point. The point is this if you with all the knowledge you have and you grew up in church, and you have all the tools at your disposal if you will not obey God and follow God, God will replace you and you will find yourself standing back of the line and people you thought would never get it people you thought were to go up on the bad side of town will be standing the phone line is the grace of God in my heart's desire is to obey God to be that person to fit different spirit to follow him wholeheartedly to finish well. Did you know that Caleb's daughter. She continued to inherit the land.

She had a claim because I want just to finish well for myself. I will my children, my grandchildren, until Christ returns. Also finish. Thank you so much for joining us for this evening's old age. Caleb had a resolve to take the promised land is.

He knew God was on his side. We understand that God fights for us gives us the results to step out in faith to stop being a fear mongering and start being a faith builder to trust him to guide our steps.

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