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Heart Exam

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah
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July 7, 2019 6:00 am

Heart Exam

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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While I'm preaching to you if somebody has spoken to you and somebody has twisted your mind or your heart is full of sin, bitterness, anger, resentment toward somebody if you messing with pornography. If you messing with some less than adulterous habits and behavior. If you have pride in your heart if that's what's happening and you what I'm saying to you to get more and more can using but if your heart is open to the things of God in you, this morning and said God work in my heart is like what I don't think it. I don't understand why the candidate said was wrong with them.

The parables were Jesus's tools simple stories, a sower went out to so the good Samaritan, the lost coin. The log simple stories and the fair is what I don't get it. The scribes were like I don't even Sadducees. I think you Jesus family.

Can we just go home. You're embarrassing and the disciples the multitudes the tax collectors and the prostitutes, the blind, the mute demon possessed her saying how this is God. God speaking to us.

Elicit this maps registered a portion of the upcoming message titled heart exam Pastor Robert on shot of Clearview church in Henderson, North Carolina I Clearview goal is simple, making Christ visible in everything meeting from our church to our families and even our community. We love you to come check us out at 3485 Oxford Rd. in Henderson or visit us join us for the rest of this week's message when the kids were young we bought them toy doctors kit anybody here did that with the kids little thermometer blood pressure because of stethoscope and syringe and all.

They walk around, take your temperature checking blood pressure try listen to a heartbeat and it was all pretend it was all fun and dense once in a while he would take it from them was a let me check your heart. We would you know we would pretend we can hear their heart, all your heart sounds good, sounds great that we all need and you know as well that was all pretend it was all fun and games. I mean I would never do that.

A cardiologist, you know, let me check your heart you know will do that.

Why because it's his real is a real checkup. This is not pretend this morning's message is not a pretend heart exam.

This is the real deal this morning to begin our first message in this series on the parables. It's a very important series. I've been praying about it. Many of y'all have asked me again and again about when we get a start and it's been some time, but today is a day and we begin with a heart exam because that is the heart of the parables. What is it all about. If you have your Bibles turn to Matthew chapter 13 starting in verse 10, and let's all stand together for the reading of God's word I keep in mind as we examine our hearts, our spiritual hearts. The stethoscope is the word of God. The Scriptures, the medical examiner is the Holy Spirit, not me. And the goal what is what what should your heart be like the gold is the heart of the disciple.

The disciple of Jesus Christ. And this is very important. Again, I want to emphasize to you how critical it is to have this spiritual heart exam because a physical heart exam. Can it determine how long you will live a spiritual heart examination determines if you are alive. Are you truly alive spiritually so as begin. Matthew 13 verse 10 and the disciples came and said to him to Jesus. Why do you speak to them in parables ride there is laid out for us. Our first message in the series. Why did Jesus speak to them in parables, the answered and said to them, because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given for whoever has to him more will be given, and he will have abundance, but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him. Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing the do not see, and hearing the do not hear, nor do they understand and them damn this is very important and damn the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled which says hearing you will hear, and shall not understand seeing you will see, and shall not receive for the hearts of this people have grown dull because stop there. The hearts of this people have grown dull. The reason behind the parables was the hearts of the people had grown dull. This is our first message in this series on the parables of Jesus.

It's an introductory message in which we try to answer the question. The disciples asked Jesus which is why do you speak to them in parables, we tend to think that the parables were stories that Jesus gave to make his message clear, for example, I stood up here. Did you notice I didn't just start reading the passage I gave you a little story is just a way to connect, as some of you may not need that story. Some people like it. So we think that parables were simply stories. Jesus said to explain a doctrine to explain some teaching nothing more than that, but that's not altogether true.

Listen to what he said in verse 11. Once again he said, because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given before we unpack this verse we need to first identify two groups of people that Jesus addresses in that verse. The first group is the you the you are the ones who understand the teachings of Jesus but but then there is another group which is the dam. The dam is the group who seems to have a disconnect there don't seem to get it. So who are the Eulas begin with that and then who are them in the information regarding the identity of these two groups of people is in the surrounding chapters. If you read Matthew 910 1112 it'll help you understand and even a chapters 1415. You will understand who the you in the dam arsonist begin who is the you that Jesus was talking to Jesus is at the center who are the you the you first and foremost all the disciples of Jesus and member the disciples came to him and said Jesus why do you speak to them in parables, so begin with the disciples are the primary audience of Jesus, who seemed to be getting it but who else is there, the tax collectors and the prostitutes in Matthew 911, it says when the Pharisees saw it. This said to his disciples why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and prostitutes. These were two groups that were the lowest when it comes to the sin problem. You know the tax collectors were taking advantage of the people below making the Romans happy and making a buck at the same time, the prosecutors, of course you know what they did and so these are the people who seem to be getting it.

There were close to Jesus. Another group or the multitudes in Matthew 1215. It says in great multitudes followed him, and he healed them all.

Another group are the multitudes who are the multitudes of these are people who were hanging on his every word they were seeing every miracle they were understanding what Jesus was teaching them, but is not just them. It was also the demon possessed coming. It is, you know, I don't care for scary movies.

Imagine demon possessed people coming to Jesus and he is setting them free, not just demon possessed people. But the blind because he is giving them side but it's more than that is giving them spiritual side. They are there to the mute they can speak.

But Jesus is setting them free and now there is no singing praises to his name. This group of people were surrounding Jesus and they were getting what he was saying.

And what's more, it says in verse 12 us with this whoever has two him more will be given they were getting it.

And since they were getting it more was being given to them. But there's another group who does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him who is this group the second group. Jesus calls them simply the dam or him. Who are we talking about.

Well, these are first and foremost, the Pharisees, these are people we know repeatedly had an encounter, not a good one with Jesus in Matthew 12 verse two when the Pharisees saw it. One of the see this all Jesus, the disciples eating grain in the field when they saw it they said to him monk your disciples are doing what is unlawful to do on the Sabbath. They were constantly finding faults with Jesus and his disciples in Matthew 1214 then the Pharisees went out and plotted against him as to how they might destroy him to want to kill him. In Matthew 1224 know what when the Pharisees heard this said, this fellow does not cast out demons, except by Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons means this is a group of people that were also around Jesus, but they constantly doubted him. They berated him and wanted to kill him know who are the Pharisees.

If you been here on Wednesday nights. You know, the Pharisees were a movement of laypeople who were trying who were trying to live a pious life they had their own set of rules and traditions that advocated a simple lifestyle. They were popular with the common people because they were always there to help them out there love them in the Pharisees loved it that the people love them. They emphasize what's known as table fellowship goes from was the night you know where I'm going with that table fellowship means this, they called on all the Jewish people there called on all the Jewish people to live according to the priestly laws. See, God had a certain set of regulations for the priests they were to be holier. There were to be more separate. They had a high standard with the Pharisees did. They said every Jewish person should be like a priest post. How many would agree with that. In the what we want. Do don't just have your Christianity a church be the same outside be the same pious outside in your homes in your personal lives maintain the same standard of righteousness so so these people. They treated their tables at home there dining tables at home as the altar in the temple. Every household was held responsible, and that's why the meals had to be carefully prepared you had to even time off the meals member.

Jesus said you tithe of mint and cumin and anise and all the stuff why did Jesus say that because they would even tied out of the vegetables as it would prepare the meal while was the meals were important because they believe you're listening. They believe that what you put inside your body is very important because it purifies you. So if you put impure food in your body, you're going to be impure inside if you put good food, purified food food with all that has met all the regulations of the Old Testament, all you can to be pure inside and it also matters who you eat with how many of y'all have said that you kids it matters who you hang out with the Pharisees, said it matters. It matters who you need food with you need to be pure you need to be separate. You need to be distinct. What did Jesus say is not what goes inside your mouth that purifies you because what you put inside your mouth is not the growth of what happens to it you get it right. What but what comes out of your heart is what matters. It doesn't matter who you sent with because Jesus sat with who. Tax collectors and prostitutes, and he ate in and the Pharisees had a tough time with that and because listen because they allowed the righteousness to get in the way they could never understand what Jesus was teaching we can put that in just a few moments who is the second group of them.

The second group were the scribes describes that who are the scribes describes also hated Jesus. Listen to what is says in Matthew nine verse three and at once some of the scribes said within themselves.

This man blasphemes when Jesus was preaching there also always pointing finger at him and say how dare he make himself out to be God. Matthew 1238 and some of the scribes and Pharisees answered, saying, teacher which they really didn't mean they were just being kind of you know, sarcastic teacher, we want to see a sign from you they were constantly looking for signs but the really didn't want Nissan they just wanted to trick Jesus or whoever the scribe describes were people who interpreted and taught the law to the people Pharisees were common people that may have some education there may be wealthy they may be poor but the scribes scribes new the details of the Torah Scott scribes knew the details of the purification laws and the rituals and the traditions and the sacrifices how to do certain things on certain days, people would go to the scribes and say hey you know we just had a newborn and that we want to go and sacrifice in the temple. Can you explain help us out. What exactly do we need to do because of this that we have twins, so do we need to have double sacrifice are single and the scribes would sorry have a seat, will explain to you and and then when it's done, you would pay the scribe and and you would bow and say thank you so much you you are you are so knowledgeable in the scribes loved it.

And Jesus pointed that out.

These scribes love to walk in public places wearing long ropes and they like it when people bow to them and say all this is Mr. scribe here, although he is so knowledge he knows the Bible Howdy folks, you know right now who know the Bible cover to cover.

I can't stand it when people say that I was on a note of it is a maps included in their coming Howdy no cover to cover concordance to folks, no one, no one knows the Bible cover to cover in this is Jesus Christ, amen. But these were the scribes who knew the Bible cover to cover, but when it came to Jesus.

They handed him why did they hate him as one word is called NV NV because when he taught he taught with authority, and guess what the people did.

There was a deck with you scribe were going after him. He has far more knowledge and he teaches with authority and the scribes again just like the Pharisees rejected Jesus, who was with her group.

The third group where the Sadducees Sadducees. Now the Sadducees also mentioned but not as much as the Pharisees and the scribes in Mark Matthew 16 verse one is says in the Pharisees and the Sadducees came and tested him and asked him that he would show them a sign from heaven. That's kind of ironic because the Sadducees were I would call them theological liberals didn't believe in many miracles didn't even believe in the resurrection of the dead, then believe that there is a life on the other side.

The immortality of the soul, didn't believe any of that. They even had trouble believing in the spirit in angels, but when it came to Jesus there like hey you fancy a promise to ask him if he can to give us a sign, this will go data Jesus as well. Listen to Matthew 2223 this is the same day, the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to him and asked him a question and it was a 77 brothers marry a single woman in oh and and and whose wife she will be on the other side and it all… Trying to trick Jesus into saying something. Go, who were the Sadducees, the Sadducees claimed and there is no proof for that but they claim that they were of the priestly dissent Pharisees common people, not necessarily priests, scribes, scholars, Sadducees, all my great great great granddaddy was a priest and his granddaddy was a priest and his but there is no proof but they would claim that they control the temple. They were the ones who are the high priests. The chief priests. Unlike the Pharisees. They didn't believe in the resurrection.

As I mentioned to you in the Bible says a two didn't believe in it. Hell, on the other side then I believe that there are rewards waiting for us. The Sadducees were not very popular with the people Pharisees popular scribes very honored Sadducees.

People didn't like them, but the Romans love them because they maintain peace peace in the temple.

Peace among the people. Hey look, we gotta get along. Unless, work together. Those were the Sadducees listen.

There were the dealmakers did they like Jesus know because Jesus wouldn't make a deal with them. He was he was disrupting the power of balance you're going to get us killed. The Romans are going to come and destroy the temple. Why are you saying these things. Why are you arousing the people didn't like Jesus either. But there's 1/4 group that is mentioned because shock you will go see why the group is important. This group was Jesus is family. Jesus is family this the fourth group of people listen to Matthew chapter 12 in verse 46 is on the screen.

Matthew chapter 12 in verse 46 while he was still talking to the multitudes. His inner circle while he is still talking to people who are listening to him, behold his mother. This is Mary.

This is the one who got the visit from the angel this is the one who sang the beautiful song the Magnificat. This is Mary. She comes and his brothers, his half-brother through Joseph stood outside didn't come inside to listen to Jesus and that amazing Pharisees. I can understand scribes. I can understand Sadducees. I can understand why would Jesus is on family not coming to listen to him or less. Let's go a little further. This stood outside seeking to speak with him then once said to him, one of Jesus's disciples said to him luck. Your mother and your brothers are standing outside is very important.

Then I want to come inside and listen to what Jesus was doing in their minds, their oldest son had lost his mind is going around claiming to be God's healing people are how he is doing all that we omitted married, didn't you didn't you get a visit from the Angels. Don't you remember what happened, how you got pregnant through the Holy Spirit.

Don't you remember Mary that this was the savior of the world. Emmanuel, God with us know she forgot and she standing outside with his brothers and these the disciples says to Jesus hey look they're waiting for you.

You want to go talk to them listen to Jesus's response.

I love this.

Matthew 1248 he's answered and said to the one who told him who is my mother and who are my brothers and he stretched out his hand toward his disciples and said, here are my mother and my brothers how I can understand this group and that group in this group was their problem.

The problem was there as they were embarrassed of him. Their problem was this a date they were excessively familiar with Jesus.

Amen Jesus grew up in our house. He was there when he was we lost him of the temple. He he was a teenager.

He helped his dad whatever whatever we we know who years and we don't think he is who he claims to be both these four groups of people were not evil. They were what you would call churchgoing folks, but their hearts were not open to what Christ was teaching. Listen again to verse 13 very important. Therefore Jesus said, I speak to them in parables who is them y'all still awake listening who is them. The Pharisees describes the Sadducees in his own family.

This reduces therefore I speak to them in parables, why, why do you speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see in hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand and in them. This is very important, and in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled now is a prophecy of Isaiah. During Isaiah's time same thing that happened there were people who were listening to what God was saying, but they were not getting it. Their hearts had become dulled what Jesus is saying is the same thing that happened in the time of Isaiah is happening now with the Pharisees with the scribes were the Sadducees and with my own family members hearing, listen to this verse 14 hearing you will you will hear, and shall not understand seeing you will see him shall not proceed for the hearts of the people have grown dull while I'm preaching to you if somebody has spoken to you and somebody has twisted your mind or your heart is full of sin, bitterness, anger, resentment toward somebody if you messing with pornography.

If you messing with some less than adulterous habits and behavior. If you have pride in your heart if that's what's happening in you what I'm saying to you is good to get more and more confusing. But if your heart is open to the things of God and you come in this morning and said God work in my heart. It will be crystal clear's like a lot, but don't think it. I don't understand why they can get it hours that was wrong with them. The parables were Jesus's tools simple stories, a sower went out to so the good Samaritan, the lost coin, the law, simple stories in the Pharisees were going. I don't get it.

The scribes were like auto neither Sadducees. I think we gotta get killed because of this Jesus family. Can we just go home. Could you embarrassing us in the disciples the multitudes the tax collectors and the prostitutes the blind and mute. The demon possessed her saying wow this is God. God speaking to us a listen. This matters if your heart is closed off at you know your some people go to church and always have a better church. The North right is like Outlook but is is a churchy and if you have that kind of an attitude.

You will never get anything out of this. If you are mad at somebody in the church you will get anything out of it. If you are disobeying God.

If you are not tithing. I'll even put that in their view. If your pocketbook is still stuck to you and you can give this this will be just gibberish as wide people can walk down the island and in give their hearts to Jesus or sit over there and pray for me are going out. Don't know what exactly is making them do that. I don't God is working. Apparently there's a blockage. Apparently there's a dullness this morning which group do you belong to the ones who were close to Jesus and they were getting more and more what he was saying for the ones who were there still couldn't understand what kind of a hard do you have thank you so much for joining us for this message. Parables that Jesus used were way to perform heart, examine his listeners. If the content made sense to them and their hearts were attuned to the things of God but the parables were confusing hearts were hardened, dull, unable to perceive spiritual things with the condition of your heart the things of God make sense to you is your heart even beating in order to have a spiritual heart is alive need to first accept Christ as your Savior.

If you haven't done so do that today. For more information visit us and for the sermons, notes, check out Hazor shahs blog had been on

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