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CGR FRIDAY 060923 Part Two

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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June 9, 2023 9:00 am

CGR FRIDAY 060923 Part Two

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for a World War II defending our country. Today, we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

I am Patriot Mobile. That was a shooting gallery up there. I could hear the tremble in his voice. She suffered a very severe being. The video is pretty graphic.

Justice for us seems almost impossible. It's not fun to watch somebody die, and they knew she was in mortal peril. They had not asked the hard questions. Why was the Capitol intentionally unsecure that day? The FBI had information about security concerns before January 6th. They're out for blood, and they're getting it. They appear to be winning. Were the actions of the Capitol Police out of line?

Were there violations in use of force? Now I describe it as an inside job. I'm ready to do whatever God calls me. There's an old Chinese saying my ancestors learned before the Communist Party took over our country. The family is the essential unit of human society, and that you must have honor and defend your family. But it's not always easy to do.

When the regime gives the order, you have to kill. Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system. I felt my body bouncing and twisting on the floor. They put numbers on our shoulders, then separated us into rows of even and odd numbers. I was number nine.

My brother, he's still in prison, and my sister, she was sent to a labor camp without a trial. Thank you for calling the RTIR Guest Center. To ensure quality service, calls are recorded. Please wait a moment while we transfer your call to the guest or their contact person. I left everything behind.

If I can't expose what they did to us, then all of our suffering would be for nothing. Please leave your message for- Hi, this is Valerie. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young.

Hi, Valerie. Pastor Greg here. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should chew forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light, which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy. And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses.

And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. Welcome to Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses, which in time past were not a people, but were not a people, but were not a people. And now, Pastor Greg, welcome to Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses, which had not obtained mercy, but were not a people, but were not a people, but were not a people, but were not a people. lives and we should follow biblical precepts. This is not legalism or works but a life lived out in love and honor towards the one who died for my sins.

Faith without works is dead and is no faith at all. I believe that we will fall and that we need to have a repentant heart and that God will ultimately bring us into perfect action through Jesus Christ, spirit man perfected and soulish man in progress. I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame when we fall but we repent and get up and move closer to Jesus. I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness that God will heal our land.

I believe that as a Christian I must occupy until He comes and that to call evil wicked and to warn about those evil acts is a part of the mandated Christianity. That to love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront a friend with the truth in hopes that their heart will be turned because their life matters even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me. It means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth and that I can never sit silently by while evil attempts to conquer the world. God is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life. That does not make me weak but strong, not silent but bold and not fearful but courageous. Therefore if you are my friend while we may not fully agree know that I share what I share because I care.

If you strongly disagree with these beliefs they are not debatable for me and you can if you choose unfriend me. I do not say this in anger but in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and that God not man gets to decide what is truth, life and the way. God bless you. And welcome back to Children's Generation Radio where no topic is off limits.

Everything filtered through biblical glasses. Hour number two and not able to reach our guest. So got a couple of things to share with you. Again reminder If we're going to fight this fight, the good fight, we need our health in order to be able to do it. So I just want to encourage you that you know these products that we talked about in the last hour, Vibe being one of them, I take this on a regular basis.

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They share those things you can find that publicly. So anyway just encourage you again that's why I have them up on the shelf behind me. Let me see try to know my left from my right here. Resvante, ultra shot, vibe and flex. Those are the four liquids that I take every day and that's why they're back here on the shelf. These are the ones that are for show.

I rotate them out and usually I put the flex in first because the flex is the one that I use once a day and then ultra shot I use twice a day and resvante and vibe I use three times a day. So there you go. All right now on to another topic. I've been talking about moral foundation and the significant importance of moral foundation. I went in a little bit with the issue of Dennis Prager and him talking about you know decent people and not decent people but here's the danger of what he shared and so the danger is this. Who is deciding what's decent?

And he elevated, he called it gay, it's sodomite behavior, it's habitual sin and he elevated that and said that habitual sodomite sinners can be decent people. I know that there's going to be those that are going to take offense, take up an issue. Facebook just hit me because they said that something I said probably along this same line violates their community standards. It's interesting that this behavior this very violent behavior doesn't violate the standards. They have all kinds of pornographic, they have all kinds of pride pages on Facebook showing what they do at their pride parades flaunting nudity and so on and and abhorrent sexual behavior and and little boys dressed up as drag queens. This that's perversion that that actually is child abuse and Facebook puts that up on their pages but if I say that it is if I call it out somehow I'm the bad guy and so when Mr. Prager says that because that's all part of that world understand that it's a part of that world well I don't agree with but you do and and and it's it's a part of the agenda.

You know Milo when he was walking in that said some pretty poignant things relative to the fact number one he was absolutely even then he said this this is a sexual choice and it shouldn't you you can't codify you don't get you don't get rights when you're when you're making sex choices especially if you don't get an agenda. Let me see if we can get this to be not blaring and blaring in your ears. How about that? There we go.

123-123-123. How about that? All right. Great to have you. We're going to give this just a minute. Let a let a couple of people jump on. This message is entitled stop the hypocrisy sodomy and abortion are not conservative biblical values and going to wait just a minute and let a couple of folks jump on so we can share this message. You'll you'll recognize the face of the gentleman in the upper corner here least I think most of you will and and he made some really valid statements about this issue about the battle that we're in over the soul of our country the battle that we're in for the well for for our children for for our kids what they're doing to our kids the the the mutilation mutilation of children the the gender dysfunctional just junk that is going on the pornography the pornographic material that's being forced into our kids the fact that we went from 2% just 10 11 years ago roughly 2% identifying in the lgbtq to today according to george barnes most recent research 39% ages 16 to 25 now identify as lgbtq lesbian sodomite trans queer bisexual this is indoctrination this is years now of indoctrination this goes back to obergfeld this goes back to the legalization the codifying they didn't even need the respect marriage nonsense the non-respective marriage act so let me read you what the word of god says the word of god is evident in its view of homosexuality the commonly quoted scriptures are leviticus 18 22 you shall not lie with a male as with a woman it is an abomination or leviticus 2013 if a man lies with a male as with a woman both of them have committed an abomination and their blood is upon them jude one justice sodom and gomorrah and the surrounding cities which likewise indulge in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire romans 1 26 through 28 for this reason god gave them up to dishonorable passions for their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error and since they did not see fit to acknowledge god gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done and then finally but from the beginning of creation god made them male and female therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife and the two shall become one flesh so they are no longer two but one flesh that therefore god has joined together let not man separate homosexuality is clearly identified as something that is not in the will of god it is not god's plan god's purpose or or god's will uh for for one to participate in any of that now uh there's there's a couple of uh uh short videos actually that i that i found that i thought uh expressed this quite well in fact uh let me uh let me let me play one of those for you and then uh and then what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna play for you uh what what glenn beck had to say because i think that it's it's very valuable but then i also want to speak to something that is going on that i think is not valuable to be like him the male is a giver so if you look at the male's body there's nothing to receive is it clear this is an exit it is illegal to enter an exit and uh and then there's there's this which i thought was very powerful he loves you and wants a relationship with you i'm queer he loves you and wants a relationship with you that's the only thing we have to say to anybody that's an unbeliever i'm a crackhead he loves you and wants to have a relationship with you i'm a murderer doing life in prison he loves you and wants to have a relationship with you that's the good news right now if you accept that good news i got bad news if you accept that good news i got bad news and here's the bad news in the same way that he died for you now you got to die for him and if you accept him as lord and not just savior you have to die to your will you have to die to your way you have to die to your desires you have to die to your agenda and because this is a king and not a presidential candidate we cannot rewrite the constitution based on your feelings and your attraction i'm gay he loves you and wants a relationship with you i'm queer he loves you and wants a relationship so important to understand that message and so this is uh this is what uh glenn beck had to say check this out creating all of this chaos and confusion and policies that lead to death it's the same source it has always been the author of all lies we are not fighting against flesh and bone we are fighting evil once we get that you'll no longer be overwhelmed because you will understand this is a spiritual battle and if we understand it's a spiritual battle we will be able to fight it effectively we are now fighting this like it's flesh and bone it's not we're we're using a losing strategy understand this is a spiritual battle and begin to fight like that and we know how the story ends all right so it is a spiritual battle well the word of god also says this woe unto them that call evil good and good evil that put darkness for light and light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter check this out i'm pro-choice but a government that can force a group of let's let's let's hear that once again tell him what to do with his private business i'm pro-choice i'm pro-choice this is dave rubin pro-choice is murdering babies pro-choice is pro-abortion that's pro-choice folks pro-choice is pro-abortion you can say oh i don't care you know what the baker does and the government and i don't want the government interfering and you can say all of that you can be as libertarian as you think you want to be but biblical christian conservatism is not godless libertarians taking the position that sodomy is okay that sodomites adopting children is okay and that baby killers belong on networks where the head of that network says we're in a spiritual war but hey you know what we're in a spiritual war but i'm still gonna put forward the most wicked and evil deception you could possibly believe and i'm gonna let that run on my network i'm gonna put a sodomite who believes in killing babies but we're gonna let him espouse certain values like small government and we're just gonna let him you know say those things listen i'm not saying shut everybody up or limit their speech but what i am saying is this if you're going to represent yourself as a network that's christian and biblical and bible-centered and you're going to get on and talk about the evil and the wicked that we're fighting today and it is it is evil it is wicked it is darkness that is what we're working against that is what we're fighting against but man if you leave your back door open you're gonna get blindsided and you're gonna get knocked out and you're not gonna have the protection of god because god cannot protect sodomites and baby killers i'm out so up next we have clan slight when you have different things like cancer and different diseases that are autoimmune related it can really help with inflammation because you're helping clean the body and clean slate is a formula that's made from a natural orthosyllic 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contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights i am patriot mobile you can support chosen generation and make a tax deductible donation by visiting and now back to chosen generation with pastor greg and welcome back to chosen generation radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses and you know in that last segment talking about uh you know uh what glenn beck had to say about the evil that we're fighting and challenging him as i as i'm challenging all conservatives we can't compromise you you can't open the door and compromise you you you can't cheer on sodomy and fight evil at the same time you can't do it and and we are we're selling people short then on their ability to gain the victory over the darkness by opening the door for darkness to continue to come in and my next guest has an incredible book called addiction steal kill and destroy john 10 10 written's agenda to terminate you a spiritual guide to overcome addiction and loss i want to welcome to the program valerie galloway valerie welcome good to have you hi thank you pastor great it's great to be here today well let's uh let's begin by uh letting people know how they can how they can find you and make contact with you and then and then let's talk about this this book that you've written and and the importance of understanding that there's a real enemy we're fighting a real enemy not not not make-believe right exactly so my website is mindset and empowerment so capital m i n d s e t and empowerment that's my website well i thought i had a long i had i thought i had a long website people tell me all the time they say pastor your websites you got a long website mindset and empowerment yes i'm on it and i'm going to put it up over here and and and cover me up and and there there okay there it is folks uh val galloway life coach mindset and empowerment coach peace after the five stages of grief yes and uh all right there we go good deal okay so let's uh let's talk about this what what was it that that got you engaged and involved in in this topic so as you had mentioned pastor greg my book addiction still kill and destroy john 10 10 savings agenda to terminate you um speaks to all of us you know um i don't know about you uh pastor gret but if you ever received a tragic devastating phone call you know out of the blue well for me wednesday april 17th 2019 it was around 11 pm my life forever completely changed in that one moment with with this crippling heart-wrenching phone call it was as if the world had completely stopped for me and i you know i just couldn't wrap my head around what was being said in that overwhelming overpowering shocking split second and so you know i know most of us can relate to this after receiving that kind of a phone call so you know i just remember screaming aloud and falling to the ground under the tremendous weight of such emotional grief agony and pain right so uh writing a book for me on this topic was was so crucial to help me get over to the other side of my grief so i wanted to use my book as an inspiration for others to be aware of how satan operates you know and i'm determined to make him pay because he stole someone from me who was so significant to our lives um you know and he lured him to his untimely demise basically so i wanted to retaliate against our arch enemy by exposing his evil deeds and maliciousness and he is uh he is malicious you know i i hear christians all the time uh kind of downplay it and and uh i'm trying to remember i um oh my goodness uh the the musician his last name was green he died in the in the in a in a plane crash but he did a song um and this was in the even in the 70s uh where where you know he played the role of satan basically saying you know um look at everything that i'm doing and everything that i could do because they don't believe in me anymore you know they they they they basically you know and and i've heard i've heard preachers say this i've heard preachers say well you know he's a he's a lion without teeth and he doesn't have any ability to do this or any ability to do that you know jesus wouldn't have spent as much time instructing us on spiritual warfare i think about the disciples you know remember when christ was walking on the water but the first thing that they thought was is oh it's an evil spirit i was their first thought and it's right there in the i mean it's right there in the gospels it says the the apostles thought sitting in the boat they thought oh this is an evil spirit that's coming towards us before so obviously they were very well aware that the enemy is real and that he that the that the that when peter says he roams about like a roaring lion you better believe that he does yes don't be afraid of him because we we we are armed and and and that is a powerful message to understand he who is in us is greater but we better understand that we have an adversary otherwise we won't use those weapons no so talk to me about how we use those weapons valerie well for me um as as i said uh pastor greg i wanted to retaliate against our arch enemy by exposing him you know all his wicked tactics to the world you know i wanted to warn the universe to beware of his malevolent agenda in in your life right and the destruction and chaos he causes to you and when i say you i mean everyone because he is lurking around all of us and and most people aren't even aware of this spiritual warfare that we live in daily you know and so you know as we all know our struggles are not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and and his satan lucifer the devil call him what you want his evil powers you know um for me my bereavement process today is still a work in progress however because i you know i believe grief is a transition from multiple stages but with the good grace of god i have now crossed over to the final stage of acceptance and peace and so i wrote my book passing reg uh for for three main reason you know first and foremost was because of my immense pain you know i was so overwhelmed with the tremendous sorrow and the anguish and the grief after because it wasn't just uh tony um who was my significant other it was three integral beings back to back um you know but the the first two were more natural causes but you know satan is always around us and so with that overwhelming what i call goliath of grief of mine resulting in the experience of absolute anger rate against this enemy of ours well and you know you you mentioned i i don't know your story folks so just so you know i i don't have i'm not pre-prepped here so what we're doing is is walking in accordance with what the holy spirit is showing and giving to me as we go but one of the things that i think about when you say the three i think about david and how he picked up five stones yes okay but you know he he he went in even though he knew he was facing goliath but he knew that goliath had brothers and he and and and so he he was preparing himself that if goliath's brothers showed up i'm not just going to take out goliath we're gonna we're gonna end this we're gonna take the other four guys down as well and when you when i when i hear what you're talking about relative to to you know picking up your stones because of of what the enemy did in in using these traumatic events and these this traumatic loss as and turning it almost as weapons against you you know yes you had to pick up your stones and and and be prepared to fight for your loved ones and and and for your own spiritual mental and emotional health yes so the backdrop behind uh this story is i lost uh someone to addiction and what transpired really was someone who sort of gave up um and because of the circumstances of his addiction issues uh he went down a path which i believe satan lured him towards because it starts with a depression right and that depression causes all kinds of conflicts in the family and ultimatums are given and that's what happened pastor graham i started to give him ultimatums to where uh you know when you're in the throes of that addiction you can't release it and so to me it's like the enemy tempts you he's like a temptress and and and the drugs become your lover and so when you're given this ultimate this is how i like to think of it when you're given these ultimatums you have to choose between your lover which are the drugs or your family well obviously he chose through satan's you know tempts to temptress his drugs and so i issued the ultimatum my son and i walked away and from there he he spiraled downwards to where he lost his job he lost his family he lost his home and had nothing left to live for and gave up and that was you know who's the arch enemy satan absolutely that's his agenda right well and and and and as you said we are responsible for our choices you know you you did what scripture tells you you have i mean you you fought and you fought but you said look we're over here you're welcome to come over here and be with us and then we will walk you out of what you've chosen but the first step is is you've got to admit you've got this issue and you've got to choose to turn your back on that and start walking so we can walk together because because and until you do that i i i remember years ago i had a gentleman that that attended our church out in california and he had an issue with drugs and alcohol both and and he would and he would do well for several weeks and then he would miss and when he would miss i would take and i would drop everybody else off that i was giving rides to and then i'd go to his place now he was he was repentant so again you know you walk right and and ultimately thank god uh we were able to i was able to share with him that you know he probably needed to get out of the environment that he was in don't live in that neighborhood anymore change your scenery and and thank the lord he did that and moved out of state and and that was the beginning of him you know starting to make it but i i had others that that didn't and and didn't make that choice yeah um and you know you know what happens though pastor greg is what happens is it becomes a vicious cycle so not only are they not only is satan after your loved one he comes after you yes through the depression and the guilt yes you know that you start to carry because in my case it was oh what if what if i didn't walk away from that relationship would he still be alive and so now i'm feeling i'm starting to go down that same decline because i'm feeling guilty for this death you know had i not walked away would he still be with us and so i'm now on this trajectory right towards depression and so with this absolute rage i began to experience i i started to fixate and ruminate on the devil and i said you're gonna pay so i wrote this book you know you know and call him whatever adjective you like and you hear my anger right yes ma'am lucifer is our arch enemy and he's the instigator the executioner of all of our lives and i had equated him with all of my torment and pain and my loss and i became obsessed with understanding who he is and why he causes such detrimental damage and destruction and the negative consequences in all of our lives and and then how do we overcome that how do we win how do we defeat what it is he's doing and and and it is important you know jesus spent a lot of time sharing with us and exposing who the enemy is so we can have an understanding of how to defeat him it's it's it's important for us to realize that we really are uh fighting a a real foe uh you know uh principalities and powers and rulers of wickedness in high places i've been doing deliverance ministry now for over 20 years and so i have i have come into i get into direct contact with the demonic realm when we do our deliverances and and i have worked with people who were uh in into vampirism and witchcraft and uh and bestiality and i i mean pretty much you name it uh i've i've seen it satanic ritual abuse victims um you know the enemy hates us the devil hates us because we are the image of god yes it's real he's real he's real did you ever read a book by john ramirez the devil's cauldron i heard about that book i've heard about that book yes i've heard about that book yes yes yes so he was incorporated in this satanic underground world which exists you know and and the thing and the thing about it most people don't even realize how they open these doors these portals and what was revealed to me was you know back in the day pastor gregg and i know we we all have a past right and so for me it was going to psychics you know reading horoscopes uh you know things of that nature palm readers you know we're not aware that when we do these things we're opening those portals and allowing the enemy in we think about that it's like it's like what it's like white magic it's it's it's it's like you know light it we we yeah yeah we yeah the ouija board so i you know one of the things i mean when when we uh when we do our deliverance um we have a checklist that we have people list and and the ouija board all those things you just mentioned horoscopes all that stuff is one of the things that is confessed at the beginning and just say lord forgive me for this forgive me for engaging in this forgive me for participating in this and we know the blood of christ cleanses us from that but as he says if we confess and it's so important because the enemy as as i as i'm sure you know is a legalist he's he's a he's a contract guy is what he is and he knows the contracts better than we do generally speaking and so we need to understand how to unwind those contracts and jesus christ is the answer that's why it says that he took the curse upon him when he hung on that cross it's so important that we understand that christ has unwound those contracts but only only when we bring them to him yes yes yes yeah the good news and the biggest revelation for me of all times is you know you know whatever i seek for my life it has already been finished for me on that cross you know in the bible jesus expressed that you know an abundant life is what he promised we all can have and this was one of the reasons he came to earth to redeem us you know and so and so that's why john 10 10 spoke loudly to me when i when i wrote my book psalm 139 2 uh always speaks to me you know you are fearfully and wonderfully made and then he goes on to talk about that you know i've written out the days of your life and it helps us also i think in understanding the strategy of the enemy because we've got to remember that satan was not cast out before god was writing out the plans about us satan was cast out because he disagreed with god's decision to create us in the image of god that was that was his that was his big issue that was that was where he got prideful and arrogant and was like oh i got a better plan and and and god had to shut him down and a third of the host of heaven went with him but he was there so he has an understanding about god's plan for us yes but he doesn't have the ability to stop that plan provided that we get into alignment with the lord as we're walking that out yes exactly i've learned a lot uh pastor greg as a result of this death right um uh so so naturally after losing tony's name was is i like to think he's still with us uh tony but god has revealed to me more so within the last few years since uh tony's death who i am in him you know who i am in god and he's laid a foundation in me to utilize my gift and my purpose you know he has bestowed in me for his good and you know i feel blessed that i can confidently go to my grave knowing exactly what my purpose was and why i was put on this earth and that is to enlighten people as to who satan is and wake up you know we don't have long in this life and i think people take life for granted you know and i've come to fully understand the notion that the you know physical realm that we all live in you know cannot interact directly with god's spiritual realm you know we can't contaminate you know he is holy and completely pure and if we stay on the side of the enemy where we go no connection there's no yeah we we we yep we be we become at enmity with him as paul describes it and yet through christ and and you know i when i when i preach i do a lot of ministry in india but when i talk to the people over there you know we have to exchange the old nature for the new this this idea that well i'm still a sinner saved by grace you can't be because you can't still be a sinner and be in relationship with god the two are contrary one to the other you you you can't keep your old nature and be in relationship with him he has provided for you a new nature he takes your old man and he crucifies it on the cross and on the other side you are resurrected in newness of life old things having passed away all things becoming new how powerfully and incredible is it that now you can be free and we're afraid of that and i think we're afraid to confess that or or or speak that because the enemy doesn't want if you if you get that if you believe that now you're free from him now now he has no more control over you so he can't he can't allow you to think that christ has perfected you he can't let you think that yes and so he goes after you said it earlier he goes after god's people and he will make you pay i can't tell you how many times pastor uh greg within these last few weeks how the enemy do you know how he tried to shut me down through my technological contraptions my cell phone my my laptop my computer why because he knows i'm utilizing these resources to get you know to to get his name out there in the world against him right and if i'm going against him he's going to find a way to shut me down yeah and that's exactly i can't tell you how many times my laptop ended up in best buy because my computer crashed you know we we take these things for granted but that's how he operates oh no question no question i was doing a deliverance uh i don't know within the last six months and and that was one of the things that the demonic actually confessed because i had a problem my system locked up and and and and and after he got back you know that was exactly what the enemy said i i you know the holy spirit showed me and i said you did that and he said and they and they and he laughed and said yeah that was us yeah yeah we're the one yeah we did that but here's the thing my immediate response was in the name of jesus christ of nazareth who came in the flesh computer you will work yes i say that all the time i say i rebuke you satan you are not going to win you know i know who i follow and it's not you okay so god is is in my corner you know no weapon formed against me will ever prosper amen i live by that and it hasn't because you could try but you know god overrides in the end that's right absolutely 100 and he works all things together for good um you know i was given three to six months to live years ago uh and and and ended up in working with natural paths and using natural pathics but that's how i got into deliverance ministry as well and and then 13 years after that i was in this catastrophic car accident and i actually died four times saving my daughter's life and and here's the cool thing about that the natural pathics that i had been on being in my system at 55 years of age normally all of those nutrients and all of that stuff that i was taking at 55 you wouldn't have that in your body but because i'd been taking it it was there and my body was able to grab those things and start to rebuild amen amen yeah you you can't deny that we don't have physical problems right nor that the physical realm exists there is more than the physical world however this is what most people don't realize there's a spiritual world and you know that most don't seem to comprehend not only out there in the world is there a physical realm there's a a physical and a spiritual realm you know and um as a christian we have jesus's resurrection power you know when we tout the scripture isaiah 53 5 you know he was pierced for our transgressions you know he was crushed for our iniquities but he's with us throughout all of this you know he took he took our transgressions our iniquities so that we can have life and and in your case your life restored amen well and and you know i one of the things that uh that i confess all the time is galatians 2 20 i am crucified with christ nevertheless i live yet not i but christ lives in me and the life i now live in the flesh i live by the faith of the son of god yes who loved me and gave himself for me yes amen it's transformation it's transformation and we have to walk in an understanding that we've been transformed and then that as we walk on that correct path all the fiery darts of the enemy are then quenched by that shield of faith yes they're deflected right they're deflected he cannot pierce you he cannot touch you once you get that awareness it's a mindset shift you know that's where the transformation begins and i think you know what comes to mind the renewal of the mind scripture yes yes yes i'm renewing your mind daily putting on the mind of christ taking captive every thought yes really really critically important absolutely amen amen all right the name of the book addiction steal kill and destroy uh you can find it at barnes and noble you can find it also at amazon as well i imagine walmart say again and also walmart okay w-a-r-m-a-t oh walmart i'm so dingy walmart yes walmart it's it's that lovely accent that you have oh thank you what's what's left of it it's it's waned over the years and there's the website by the way as well um and and i think you can get there also at at val galloway life right yes yes yes okay val galloway life then there yep build awareness clarity and focus on transformational change uh she is a life coach as well and uh and and she'd be more than happy to make a connection with you and uh and and again you can uh you can get her book too um well we've we've we've come to the end of our time together but i'm so excited that you were able to be here today thank you oh no thank you it was my absolute pleasure to be here anything that glorifies our lord and savior i'm on board amen amen amen i'll have to i'll send you also uh well i'll get this to you out there but i'll send you a link to the deliverance ministry that i'm involved in i think you might find it very interesting please do please do love to all right valerie galloway again val galloway hang on i i had it up here just a second life there we go val galloway life all right we're going to take our break we'll be going into hour three don jans joins me on the other side we'll talk about marxism and how marxism is influencing our culture today and uh gordon chaps joins me at the bottom for uh about the persecution that's happening to christians in india which is horrific and uh we'll have that for you too i'm your host pastor greg you've been listening to show generation radio back with more coming up right after this
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