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CGR Friday 050523 Part 1 Pastor Greg The Late Dr Tom Barrett Robert Mueller Treason Sedition

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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May 5, 2023 8:16 am

CGR Friday 050523 Part 1 Pastor Greg The Late Dr Tom Barrett Robert Mueller Treason Sedition

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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And now, Chosen Generation where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical classes. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day and I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio. My sincere apologies for jumping in here a little bit late this morning.

I had just a lockup with a particular program on my system and yeah, there you go. Anyway, great to be with you. Thanks again for tuning in.

I've got a great program lined up for you. We're going to kind of take a step backwards in time a little bit and I'm going to play for you a few older pieces but I want you to see how nothing's changed. And what you see on your screen right now if you're watching is a picture of my dear friend, the late great Dr. Tom Barrett. He was the founder of Conservative Truth and he died suddenly just a couple of years ago. And we miss him tremendously. As a matter of fact, tonight, this is Friday, so tonight, we will be putting a well in India in his honor.

We'll be drilling into the ground and his precious widow, Anna, has given funds for a well to be dedicated in the name of Dr. Tom Barrett in Punjab, India. A couple of other things you might notice on your screen. One of those is a particular face and let me see if I can clear it up, yeah. So that down below here was my face. Look at this. Do you see this? That was my face four years ago. And this is that same face today. Look at that difference.

Look what God has done. All right, I'm gonna jump out of the screen and I'm gonna go ahead and play this piece for you. This was Dr. Barrett talking about the upcoming end of the Mueller trial and some of the pieces associated with that. I wrote in as part of the description today that it is a sad day in America. For those of you who may not have observed it or may not have seen it, there were four individuals, five individuals, I guess, total that were charged. Four were charged with a charge of seditious behavior related specifically to January 6th.

And folks, what a sad day. This was the trampling of our First Amendment, our Fourth Amendment, our Sixth Amendment. We went through it yesterday with David Chistokas, our constitutional attorney, Dr. Tom Barrett. This is talking about what they were doing to President Trump. And remember, they've said, you know, you can't challenge a legitimate president. Well, we know that there's real serious issues with the election of 2020. These are facts. But yeah, and so 2016, remember, they said Trump's victory, it didn't even matter. It didn't matter that the people voted for him.

They considered it illegitimate. Listen to this. And welcome back to Children's Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Thanks so much for being here today. I greatly appreciate it.

Hey, I again want to you I know I got to plug this though. Listen, I really, really, really, really, really, really, really could you really, really, really good use that I say that enough, your support in getting to CPAC this year. So any any gift that you'd like to give towards that? I want to thank Diane Rodriguez for her $25 gift that she gave greatly appreciate that.

My friend Paul for his for his gifts. But you can go just go to the website and you can make it it's a tax deductible donation. Also want to give thanks to Rosalynn and Wayne Dozier for your $25 gift as well towards our DC lodging. I greatly appreciate it. And that's what it's going for, folks, is this to cover our lodging while we're there.

So anything you can do to help will be most greatly appreciated. And again, go to the website click on the donate button and make your tax deductible donation today. All right. Hey, I'm really excited to be broadcasting live. Yeah. From CPAC, right? Yes, I am.

I am. I'm really excited because you're going to learn a lot. I've been to CPAC before. You're going to learn a lot from a lot of great people and and be able to share it on the program. So yeah, this is my fourth, third, fourth No, this will be my fourth CPAC.

I've been I've been this will be the I've been to four in a row now. And blessed to be able to broadcast from Radio Row and you're right, Tom. Look, the opportunity to be there is great. And what you learn, but I'm at a place now where I'm also going to be able to have an influence and bring the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the conservative movement. And to impress upon those there, how critically important that foundation is to conservatism as a whole, because conservatism wouldn't be conservatism if it didn't have the Judeo-Christian biblical foundation. That's where you find the principles of conservatism. If you take the Bible out of conservatism, it basically doesn't exist anymore. So no, it doesn't.

It really doesn't. So anyway, and that's why I believe that it's so important that I'm there. And I carry a message that that nobody else does.

I died four times. God sent me back four times to deliver this message and showed me things each time relative to delivering this message. So I'm telling you, I got to be there.

Have to. And folks, if I could just throw this in, um, they're listening and thinking and praying about supporting this, um, this trip, uh, we all can be there. I was just telling Greg before we got online, but I would love to be there, uh, when I can, we can all be there, but he can be there.

Number one, not just representing the Lord, but representing us, uh, his audience, but also, uh, he can learn things there that he can share with us. So it'll almost be like being there. Yeah, absolutely. And I'm bringing both Colin and Jacqueline with me. Jackie was in the accident with me. Colin has been my assistant who's been with me there the last three years.

Um, and she's incredibly effective in getting around and, and you know, the networking, there's going to be three of us that are going to be there that are going to be able to, uh, do some networking. Um, hang on one second. That's great. Hello. Hey, is this Pastor Greg? This is Pastor Greg. Hey, this is Ian Hurley. How are you?

This is who now? My name is Ian Hurley. I'm a partner of Jevon and Jordan's, uh, I saw, I'm, I'm actually over, uh, tripping and, uh, you know, brought it to fulfillment over here. I just, I saw your email that you wanted to, uh, get a four ounce Kana and a, another one of ours. Okay. Well, let me call you back in, uh, in about 45 minutes. Okay. Perfect.

All right. That's a, that's our desert stone. That's our sponsor with desert stone.

If you're looking for something that'll help, uh, deal with your pain, uh, I'm telling you, uh, Tom, it's, it's a CBD product with no THC that could be, you know, you can get in anywhere in the country. Um, but man, I'll tell you what, this stuff really works. It's incredible. Really? Yeah. Yeah. It really is.

I I've started using it a few weeks ago and, uh, you know, that in conjunction with, uh, of course the, uh, product that you introduced me to, but I'm telling you, it has made a world of difference. I'm doing, I'm doing laps now behind my wheelchair. Okay. All right. You pulled my leg.

You pulled my leg. Oh my gosh. All right. So here, here's, here's what we're really hearing.

We're hearing that, that William Barr, the new attorney general, uh, may be, you know, bringing this thing to a close and basically giving a molar until this next week to, uh, to shut it down. Yeah. So that would be an amazing thing because, um, it just seems like it's going on forever. You know?

Yeah. Um, well, we've been two years, but it feels like a lot longer than that. Let me, let me, you know, this, this, and I know when we talked about this, that you were saying, you know, this isn't really something that you're, you're spending a lot of time on, because I know that you spend a great deal of your time on currency and cryptocurrency and things of that nature. And we're folks, we're going to get back to those things, uh, when we come back in, in March. Um, but you've been writing and you've had conservative truth for how many years now?

Right at 20 years. We're the longest running conservative, continuously published conservative website. All right. So, so, so I'm going to, I'm going to draw on, on, on that, on the, on the historical aspect of that, if you don't mind, Tom, because I think that's something that you can, you know, speak to with a tremendous amount of authority. Um, when you look at what the department of justice has apparently done and the intelligence authority, Brennan, Clapper, uh, Clinton, Obama, Lynch, Holder, all of these suspects, Comey, Rosenstein, and so on. When you look at that and even going back as far as, you know, Watergate, which we're both pretty familiar with, but in, in all of your experience with conservative truth over the last 20 years, have you, have you ever seen anything like this in American politics?

I never have. You know, I, I am personally against the whole idea of a special counsel. It almost creates a fourth branch of government and that's not the way things are supposed to be. Uh, you're creating this, this monster, this entity that can do anything at once, anytime at once, supposedly under the authority of the attorney general. But um, uh, you know, this thing was supposed to be about a Russia probe and it's ended up with tentacles everywhere, uh, except what they're supposed to do. The only people that have been dying to have anything to do with Russia are a bunch of people that will never see the inside of a courtroom because they're in Russia. So who knows if they're even valid, uh, indictments, uh, with the people that, uh, as, as we've heard, I don't need to repeat this, but I mean, the people that were even peripherally involved with the Trump campaign have all, uh, been coerced into confessing to what's called process crimes, you know, no crime, no collusion. But uh, maybe they didn't remember well, they were convicted of lying to the FBI, you know, and it's, it's just shameful the way he's, he's been able to use unbridled power.

Uh, supposedly the guys are Republican, uh, but he, he sure acts more like a Democrat and all of his key people are partisan Democrats who hate President Trump. So it's just out of hand. Yeah, and, and, and I'm looking here, I mean, you know, when you talk about these indictments, okay, Roger Stone, supposedly false statements and some other, uh, charge they're calling conspiracy to defraud the United States, they're going to have a hard time, you know, trying to make that one stick, um, uh, Paul Manafort, financial dealings, nothing to do with the president or, you know, the campaign, Michael, far, far before, uh, Trump was even running. We're talking two years before.

Yeah. Many years, Michael Cohen, that's taxing medallions, uh, and, and an issue in New York with taxing medallions supposed false statements. And and then there was the campaign finance and I had a campaign finance expert on the program, Tom, who, who laid out why there it's not why it clearly isn't because first of all, you wouldn't give a prostitute $150,000 to be quiet out of campaign funds when in fact Trump would be doing, this would be a normal thing that someone of Trump's stature would be doing to do away with accusations that would tarnish the Trump name because the Trump name is, that's really what he's built up over the last 50 years is the Trump name brand. Exactly. He is $150,000 to him is pocket change.

He would have no need to try and use any kind of campaign money. That's just delusional. It's like a buck and a half to you and me. Okay. I mean, really, maybe even less.

Uh, okay. Uh, W Samuel Patton. I didn't even know who this guy is. I don't think he has anything to do with the campaign. 13 Russian nationals, Rick Gates, uh, I think he had some peripheral thing to do with the campaign.

Rick Gates. Is that right? Yeah, very, very limited contact and I think the president has never even met him.

Yeah. But false statements. Michael Flynn and Don gone. That one really ticks me off because I know Michael Flynn or I've, I've, I've interviewed Michael Flynn. I can't say I know Michael Flynn, but I feel like I know Michael Flynn. We spent some really neat time, uh, before and after the interview and then having the interview here on the program.

You know how I am with my guests, Tom. I mean, I, you know, and, uh, and, and so anyway, when a neat guy did get to visit with his son, another neat young man, and, and it was obvious the intelligence community went after him, um, and it was all false. He never even actually lied. The FBI said he didn't even lie.

Yeah. But they, they actually persecuted him. They bankrupted him, uh, with all the attorneys and so on like that.

And basically they said, you know, if you plead guilty or we're going to throw all kinds of stuff at you and it's, it's just like, it's almost like they do with, say they catch a kid with some drugs at a police station, they say, well, you flip on somebody and, and it will give you a good deal. You know, I mean, that's not the way justice is supposed to be done. And you know, this guy honorably served our nation.

He's a general. Uh, I mean, it was just shameful. Um, as soon as this thing is over, Mueller ought to be arrested, uh, in my opinion. Yeah, no, I, I, I couldn't, I couldn't agree with you more. It's, it's, it's really, uh, absolutely disgusting what has, uh, what has taken place there. Um, But the biggest thing to me out of the whole thing is McCabe, the top guy in the FBI, he was acting, but he was the top guy.

Yeah. And Rod Rosenstein, the assistant attorney general conspiring together to have a coup to bring down the president. I talked to a lot of people about this and I don't think people realize what the 25th amendment means.

It isn't just, well, you know, if we get enough people to vote, we can get the president out of office. Only the vice president and the cabinet members have anything to say about that. The justice department and the FBI are not allowed to be involved in any way.

It's nothing to do with them. And the vice president has to be on board and you know, that would never happen. But here they are in their little, uh, soundproof office conspiring about which people in the cabinet that they thought that they could get to vote against the president and declare him incompetent, which is insane. I mean the 25th amendment is so clear. It's only in case they're physically or mentally incompetent, not if you don't like the policies, not if you don't like the foreign policy.

The FBI is not supposed to be making foreign policy. Right. Right. Absolutely. Absolutely.

And, and you know, how, how incredibly sad, uh, you know, that we're, that we're watching this kind of nonsense take place. As far as I'm concerned, you know, some people got all upset when, when the president used the word treasonous, but what they were doing is treason. Okay.

Uh, you can't conspire to illegally bring down a properly elected president. And those are two guys that should be going to jail. Absolutely. Unfortunately, they're not at this point.

Yeah. Well, we can pray, especially that McCabe. I mean, he's so sanctimonious. He's been running around trying to sell his book, uh, inviting himself on every TV show around except Fox, of course. And he, you know, he looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

He has this little sweet at us that look at his face and he just can't understand why people are upset at him and it's like, Oh, I want to reach through the TV set and grab him by the deck. Yeah. Well, I, I, I completely understand that. I agree with you. Um, and it would be, uh, it would be, uh, nice to be able to administer justice that way. But of course we know, uh, we, we can't do that. Um, what we, what we can hope is, is that Barr is going to step in here and be the attorney general that we need.

Yes. Well, fortunately he's had experience. Attorney general is not a, not an easy job. And just the fact that somebody is a lawyer doesn't qualify him. Uh, the fact that he's been the attorney general, that he'd been through the flames, uh, I think he'll, he'll transition in and, and hit the ground running, uh, whereas almost anybody else that you could put there would, would have some time to, you know, just, just get to see Lake Sundry. Yeah.

Um, well, and, but I, I think that he, you know, like you said, he doesn't need that. Um, he clearly is able to hit the ground running. He knows who the players are. He knows the depth of the swamp.

It did bother me initially. Uh, I think it was Mueller's wife and his wife ran a Bible study together. No, that's, yeah, I believe that's correct. Let me look that up real quick.

Um, let's see here. Uh, Mueller and Mueller should never, ever have been in charge of the thing. He's besties with James Comey and James Comey, if things are done properly, he's a witness. He probably already has been interviewed. Uh, uh, Mueller was head of the FBI, uh, again, conflict of interest there, uh, he never should have been put in this position.

Let me, let me go back. I had, uh, John Milkovich, uh, who is, uh, running for Senate in Louisiana, uh, in the state, uh, race. But anyway, I had him on earlier this week and he's just come out with a, with a new book. It's titled, uh, Robert Mueller, uh, Aaron, the boy for the new world order. And let me give you a list. Let me give you a list of some of the things he was involved in, uh, in covering up, uh, Pan Am one Oh three, 270 deaths.

Uh, he sent the Iranian, the Syrian drug dealer and the crooked CIA agents out of the country. Uh, ever hear of Whitey Bulger? Oh yeah.

Yeah. Uh, guess, guess who covered up, uh, all of, all of Whitey's murders for all those years? Bob Mueller. Uh, how about this, uh, BCCI, uh, it was the largest defrauding of, of, uh, of American currency in, in our, in our history, Bush 41 was involved with it. And guess who helped push 41 to cover it up? Uh, now you're going to say Mueller.

Yep, the bank of credit and commerce international, uh, it was, it was, uh, I mean, it was a gigantic fraud scheme. Uh, let's see. How about this one? Uh, Ruby Ridge, Randy Weaver, uh, his wife was shot in the, in the head while holding their 10 month old baby Mueller covered it up. And he was incensed that the FBI was criticized about it.

Uh, Oh, this one's going to blow your mind. Nine 11 working for Bush 43. Guess who flew Osama bin Laden and the Saudis out of the country after nine 11. Not Mueller.

Oh yeah. That's, that's very hard to believe even as dirty as a guy is, I mean, how insane would that, what do you have to be to do something like that? I coined this term during our, our, uh, our, our radio interview, Mueller is the henchman of those who would destroy our constitution. Well, I definitely would have to Mueller, the henchman of those that would destroy our constitution.

I stop and think about this. Now I'm going present day that this was an interview I did four years ago, uh, with the late Dr. Tom Barrett, founder of conservative truth. And now we absolutely have 100% evidence that the Steele dossier was false.

It was erroneous. It was all made up, all created. Listen to that list that I just went through in that interview. John Mueller or Robert Mueller, I'm sorry, Robert Mueller, Aaron boy for the new world order. Uh, John Malkovich is the one who wrote the book about this, but he drew this all from publicly accessible documentation. He didn't just go in and say, Oh, I heard this rumor or that conspiracy or no. He went and, and looked up and found all of the legal documentation information. Bear in mind, he's a lawyer. And so if he had, if he had put all this into print and it was defamation, then Mueller would have sued him.

Mueller couldn't sue him, can't sue him because what he put out is actual and factual. And and now of course, what we know is, is that again, the dossier and the FBI knew it when all of this was going on, the FBI knew that this was all fake and all phony. The attempts to try to enforce the 25th amendment or threats thereof, look, they, they were planning and we know we, we know that they were planning and an armed insurrection against Donald Trump. Look what they did in these cities. Look at CHAS, look at what took place across this country in the summer of 2020. So yesterday, we have the proud boys are are convicted. And and folks, let's be clear, this is not a jury of their peers. This is a Washington DC District of Columbia jury. This is this is a jury of individuals that are just so woke out of their minds.

It's it's like they're from another country. I mean, they still believe this Steele dossier is true. They still believe that Trump was involved in golden showers. When when when all the evidence has come out.

And and think about what this means. Why have there been no prosecutions related to the issue of the promoting of this dossier? Why hasn't someone within the FBI been brought up on charges? That is sedition. That is sedition.

They were trying to take down the seated president of the United States. And there's been no charges, there's been no trial. Instead, there have been there were prosecutions against the president predicated on where's the FISA judge? Why hasn't the FISA judge brought criminal charges against those who presented him with a FISA warrant, where every single piece of documentation that was presented to get the permission of the judge to continue to do the spying that they were doing was all fabricated and lies and made up and and at the all of the evidence shows now we go to trial, but we should go to trial.

We should at least go to trial. All the evidence shows that these individuals knew that they all knew that that entire dossier was a paid for, made up propaganda, disinformation, political piece of garbage. And you have the United States Congress, the House, the Democrats in the House, who filed articles of impeachment against the President of the United States of America predicated on these lies.

I want you to, we need to understand this. And then the media and the rest have the audacity to go after members of America, citizens, not even members. These are just citizens of this country who showed up on January 6, who were standing in grounds that they had been designated were okay.

The leader of the Proud Boys wasn't even there that day. But nonetheless, these individuals, oath keepers, so on and so forth are all look, I'm going to tell you this is all manufactured nonsense. There's no justice in Washington, DC. And the fact that we have these individuals sitting in seats in Congress, who were participants in this in this impeachment farce against the sitting President of the United States. And that they have not been brought up on charges of sedition and treason and shackled and hauled off and tried in a court and then had whatever the the consequences are, I mean, treason, because it is treason. They have committed treason against the United States of America. And they violated their oaths of office, an oath that I took when I joined the military, an oath that I took when I joined the American Legion, folks, I just it it's it's stunning, stunning. And of course, you know, the media is going to be completely silent with regards to this.

They're not going to tell you, they're not going to say anything. You need to be burning up the phone lines right now 202-224-3121, 202-224-3121. And you need to call your Congress member and your two senators and demand, demand that charges of sedition and treason be brought against every member of Congress that voted for the impeachment of President Trump, everyone. Even those I mean, I mean, the impeachment trial those that that were anywhere on any of those documents need to be brought up on charges for sedition and treason and certainly must absolutely must be removed from their seats of office for violation of their oath. They're not fit to sit in those seats.

They're not fit to sit in those seats. And when you talk about what what is seditious, what is this seditious conspiracy? If if what we have just we're talking about there with Dr. Tom, if if if the Steele dossier in and of itself is not sufficient to bring about an understanding of what it is that's going on here. I mean, I just I there I have I have there's no faith left in in in any of this garbage that they're doing over there.

None. Call your member of Congress today. Call your senators 202 224 3121 202 224 3121 call them today, because they need to hear from you and they need to hear from you that that we are we are just we're done with their nonsense. We're just done with it.

It is it is absolutely and completely and totally unacceptable. This this the the issue of the Steele dossier. I know everybody see the thing is, is they beat this thing into the ground, they drug this thing out with Mueller and and they they've got the majority of people saying, man, we're just tired of hearing about it. Well, you can't be tired of hearing about it. You can't be tired of hearing about it because they continue to go after Americans. Man, look, the fact that I am suggesting that you should contact Washington, that you should demand of your member of Congress and your senators that charges of sedition and treason be brought against those who brought impeachment charges against the president, based on the fact that the Steele dossier was all a lie.

All a lie. McCabe should be that he was allowed to make any kind of plea deal whatsoever is ridiculous. McCabe should be locked up McCabe committed treason. Period and the story Mueller committed treason. Comey committed treason. Brennan committed treason. These clapper committed treason. These members of the intelligence community who wrote letters, claiming that President Trump was involved in Russia, Russia, Russia, when every single one of them, every single one of them knew the Steele dossier was a lie. It was a falsified document. And if they didn't know for sure, they had a real strong suspicion that it was and all they needed to do was make one phone call and they would have known. And more than likely they knew within 24 hours of releasing their letter, which means that every single one of them committed an act of treason and sedition against the sitting president against the elected president of the United States of America.

By lying and committing an act of espionage against the president and against the office of the president, the demands for his removal and so on were all based on lies, lies. And so now I go back and I close out what I'm saying by turning to this. You want to call a biblical worldview, God's laws, the fact that America was founded and begun on biblical principle, the fact that our founding fathers rejected the idea of kingship and gave all of the rights to we, the people, the individuals, so that we were the ones who could then delegate power to the government only predicated on the government doing the will of the people and they want to lump anything when you start talking about God and the Bible, oh, now you're just talking about social issues. Shut up is what I say to those people. Shut up, you're a fool. Bill Federer coming up in the next hour to talk about that foundation. More Children's Generation Radio coming up straight ahead. Call today, 202-224-3121. Demand of your member of Congress, demand of your senators. There must be charges of treason and sedition brought against all members of the House that were engaged in impeachment activities against Donald Trump immediately, immediately. I'll be back with more Children's Generation Radio coming up right after this break.
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